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The End of an Era?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

I’ve been questioning a lot lately if I’m writing for the love or for the glory. No doubt, it’s for the love, but I would like to have just a smidge of glory.

For whatever reason, reviews have always eluded me. I will release a book and it’ll debut in three Top 100 lists in Amazon but I’ll get next to no reviews. Like none. I’ve come to accept, at first, that maybe I’m just a big seller but no one wants to review me.

Then it became increasingly hard to accept.

It’s very humbling to go on Amazon and see your book listed next to your contemporaries and fellow authors, but their books have 20, 30, 50, or even 300 reviews. And not one of your own has 100. And each release has less reviews than the one before. The more book reviews I have, the more books I’ll sell, the more I’m inclined to write/finish others. You see how this works? Ask any other author; they’re bound to tell you the same.

Then I’ll get the questions -

When is S&M coming out?

When will Eli and Faith’s (D’Amato Brothers) story be out?

And I’ll wonder…if I release this book, what are the odds of you reviewing it? I bet some of you now can’t honestly say you would.

There are three camps of Vera supporters – the ones that review everything good and bad, the ones that review what they’ve read, and the ones that don’t review at all. And I know the third party exists because they have told me they don’t review. Not sure if I’m the special one or if they just don’t review any author.

It’s discouraging. Some people will only review if they know they’re getting something in return. I used to offer snippets and sometimes, free books. Then I stopped. And maybe I shouldn’t have started to begin with. How many times can I prostitute myself in order for someone to review? I actually had someone say had she known a free book was going to be offered, she would’ve reviewed Anticipation.

Then I started to question my allegiance to the IR/MC category. Being in an interracial relationship, it was nice to write and read about my own since I can fully relate. But I wondered, what was/is my overall goal? Do I want to be known as a great IR/MC author? Or do I want to be known as a great author, period? Do I still want to cater to a category that shows me little to no love? At what point do I say, ‘I’m going to be faithful to my people even though they’re starving me’ and ‘You know what? These White people are making me fat so I’m going to keep entertaining them?’ Where do I draw that line? Why should there even be a line? 

It’s an issue I’ve addressed all year so I’m not sure why the surprise of me leaving, should I follow through with it, is there. I’ve come to accept that I was either heavily ignored or many of you honestly thought I was full of shit. Worst case scenario, and probably the true one in this situation, it was a combination of both.

I have several Vera projects in process so I’m debating if they’ll get a release date. I’m more saddened by the end of the D’Amato Brothers for the fact I had eight books total planned (only four have been released) so I’m trying to accept that there might not be another D’Amato Brothers. I actually wrote to my editor and canceled the date I was going to send Love and War to her. Yeah, it’s that serious.

As far as S&M, I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable knowing the very last S&M storyline was in Wait for Love and there are a lot of unanswered questions with that but I’m very hesitant to release anything else.

Honestly, we need to start supporting our own. We are so quick to put each other down and so slow, so very slow, to support each other when needed. The IR/MC category should be flourishing like the YA genre, like the regular erotica category, etc. But there’s too much shadiness and infighting not only amongst ourselves but some readers are pitting author against author. A lot of us have never even met each other. Like seriously, people, we can be our worst enemy.

I personally, have only spoken with and consider to be friends with a small handful – Jamallah Bergman, Ancelli, and Francette Phal. I don’t know the others. I wish I did. Maybe it’s too late.

In conclusion, I’m not quitting writing; I have too much love for it. But I’m not too sure if I’ll release anymore IR/MC books. After a while, the begging and pleading for reviews gets old. Maybe the lack of reviews just tells me it’s time to move on to something where Vera and the Vera brand will be appreciated.

And there you have it,


Back to the Basics: Behind the Pen – Author Edition

I have a series of short stories coming out soon, along with two major novels. For one of the projects, I decided to go back to basics…

When I first started writing the S&M series, it was just me and my imagination. It eventually grew to several beta readers and two editors. I decided, however, for the latest installments, to go back to where it all originally started.

Just me. And one of my editors.

It was nice, for a change. No pressure. Not a lot of voices telling me where I needed to take the story. It was…a breath of fresh air.

For the past couple of years, I’ve struggled with the S&M series. Not necessarily writing it but getting excited about writing it. Each time I did get excited about writing the story, I would share my enthusiasm, which I have learned now, was a mistake. Immediately I was flooded with what I should do, what needs to happen, what should’ve happened, etc. The voices became loud and quite unbearable to hear.

And if it weren’t the suggestions, it was trickery. I even had one reader, who I’ll call Basic Bitch, tell me how poorly written To Love and Obey was just so I could hurry up and finish S&M IV and she even sent me suggestions on what I should do. (Facts: S&M 1 and 2 weren’t edited at all, To Love and Obey has outsold the entire S&M series, and S&M IV was originally supposed to come out spring 2013. For all, this is a good lesson – one bad apple really does spoil the bunch.)

So I decided to go back to basics. All Vera. All alone.

It was nice. I was under no pressure and no one other than my husband and my editor knew what I was doing. It was just plain and simple. My thoughts, my imagination, and music was really all I needed to write a good story.

Oh, actually I had two other people – my real-life Zerrin and Stacey, who are a part of my beta-read team. They’re also my fact-checkers.

There’s no purpose for this post other than that. I thought it was something interesting so I decided to share. :)

Anticipation is out NOW.

Anticipation Web

Love & War Snippet

Let’s kick off this week with a bang! 


“Am I the only one seeing any of this?” Tony asked.

“Seeing what?” Eli questioned. “Fool, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Are you for real?” Tony moved his cards around. “Wow…”

“Tony, I really don’t…”

“Simone and Faye got pregnant around the same time, bro. If I remember correctly, the time between Faye and Darren breaking up and her reconciling with you were only a matter of days.”

Eli settled his cards down and took a long swig of beer. “You just need to hurry up and say it.”

“Say what you’re already thinking and feeling?” Tony questioned. “Say what everyone else in the room is probably wondering? You don’t want me or anyone else saying it because if we do, it means the possibility is there and let’s be real for a moment, Eli, can we? Let’s be real for just one moment. While you hope Faye can forgive the fact you might have an outside child, you and I both know…hell, everyone in this room know, that there is no way in hell you’d be able to forgive an outside child by her.”


Love and War release date TBA soon. (I might make it a pre-order but I’ll let everyone know once I’m completely finished with the book.)


Anticipation – Release Day!

I decided to do a soft release on this short story. Not that I’m anti-promotion but honestly, I’m really busy with an infant and working on multiple stories. I hope y’all understand.

Anticipation Web

We decided to go with a combination of To Love and Obey and S&M for Anticipation is a crossover novel of both books. Not a lot of thought was put into this, honestly. We just wanted something that represented both Doms.

The blurb:

She knew she was in over her head the moment she saw Them both.

Krista Allen recently became fascinated with BDSM by reading a flurry of romance novels on the subject. Deciding she read enough about it and wanted to experience it for herself, she headed to one of New York’s finest BDSM clubs, hoping to encounter two of the most sought-after Doms. Little did she know, she would need to work hard if she wanted her fantasy to come true.

Scott Reed has a submissive specifically picked out for Him by His Mistress but He wants a bit more experience before He turns all of His attention to her. When He sees Krista at The Dungeon, He helps her understand the BDSM lifestyle and show her a little bit of what it is about in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Saint Nick doesn’t have a lot of time to spare between his profession and nurturing His two submissives, Stacey and Whitney. When his good friend from Los Angeles comes out for a favor, Nick is very grateful and advises Scott on his issue with Mariana, his maid. He also returns a favor to Scott for his time as well.

Anticipation is the first D’Amato Brothers/S&M crossover novella. It deals with BDSM, D/s relationships, trust, and commitment issues.

This is the first book in a two-part novella series and the lead-in to the sixth D’Amato Brothers novel, due in 2015.


The first few pages is available on goodreads here.

Amazon link

Smashwords link

All Romance link

Barnes & Noble link

Please leave a review. It helps. :)


Seriously, I need a title for this. Off to look at the various song titles in my iTunes library…

Enough babbling, onto the *unedited* story:


“Good Morning, piccina.” His deep baritone greeted her before she saw Him. Dressed in an open-collar grey dress shirt and matching slacks, Nick carried a tray full of breakfast and coffee and placed it on Whitney’s lap. “Buon Compleanno.

Grazie di cuore, Master.” She smiled at Him and He joined her in bed. He began to feed her strawberries and carefully blotted her mouth with a cloth napkin.

“What are your plans for today?” Nick asked as he fed her more fruit.

“I have a couple of classes today and then I’m free until this evening,” she paused momentarily before speaking, “thank you for letting me do this, Master. This girl is very appreciative of Your efforts to fulfill a fantasy of hers.”

“I’ll do anything to make piccina happy,” Nick smiled. He moved the tray to the floor and rejoined Whitney in bed. “Turning 25 is a huge accomplishment and you’ve been through a lot this past year. You’ve grown into a beautiful spirit and I’m very proud of you.”

Hearing Nick’s declaration of her was the best birthday gift ever. Everything else would just be a delicious icing on a cake. “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re very welcome,” Nick removed his clothing and helped Whitney undress. He reached for a condom and paused before he continued. “…unless you want to enjoy breakfast now…?”

Whitney took the condom from him and rolled it over his thick, hardened shaft before he mounted her. “I don’t mind eating a cold breakfast, Sir.”

Nick briefly sat up in bed and reached underneath a pillow to grab a blindfold and a scarf. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and tied her wrists to the headboard. “Use your safeword,” was all He’d instructed.

His lips crushed hers before He adjusted His positioning and entered her. Whitney broke away from the kiss with a hard gasp. No matter how many times they’ve had sex, she could never get used to Nick’s size. He was blessed with length and girth.

He moved inside her slowly, recoiling back until He was almost out before slamming back inside her again. He paused momentarily and just watched her. She looked so beautiful and at peace with herself. He was truly proud of her.

He began to thrust inside her again, setting a fast pace. His balls tickled against her wet slit as He buried Himself to the hilt. Every stroke He’d given her brushed against her clit and her body trembled in response. She was so hot and so snug…and she belonged to Him.

Whitney was never a moaner or a screamer, but she was vocal when needed to be and never held back for fear of disappointing herself or Nick. That morning, Nick had noticed, she was being unusually vocal. Not that she was faking it but rather, she finally felt free with herself and at peace with the person she’d become.

Her breathing became shallower and she struggled to stave off the orgasm. She was close, so close, and her pussy contracted in response. Her once-throaty moans became soft squeals and her legs trembled.

But she knew the protocol. She couldn’t orgasm without His explicit permission. It was like that from Day One and Nick wasn’t going to give her a break because it was her birthday.


to love - web



A few of the submissives gasped as they saw Master Scott walk into the room. Wearing a crisp white shirt with open collar and pleated black slacks, He walked over to Whitney and put His hands on her shoulders. Nick nodded to him, signaling it was time to start.

Scott massaged and pinched Whitney’s breasts as Nick grabbed a Hitachi vibrator and turned it on. “Tonight, we’re going to have Whitney climax in a variety of ways, giving her a full-bodied orgasm. She has allowed Us to use electro play on her, so hopefully We can be successful with that as well. For this demonstration, I will need absolute silence until the end.”

Nick placed the vibrator on Whitney and she softly jerked at the sudden buzz. The vibrator tickled her swollen clit and her body instantly reacted to the welcomed invasion. She lightly moaned and softly breathed as she was taken to different places. She had long dreamed of being dominated by two men – Master Scott and Saint Nick, specifically – but this was taking her above and beyond what she could imagine.

She felt the vibrator turned on to a higher speed and her pussy responded by jerking upwards to get more of the wonderful sensation. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her breathing became increasingly labored, and her senses were heightened due to the restraints and blindfold.  She felt the orgasm crawl all over her body before she finally exploded into a loud cry.

“Now that she’s nice and slick,” Nick took out a butt plug and lubed it up with Whitney’s juices, “we’ll start the scene.”

to love - web




Yeah, this story is untitled like all of my other ones until the very last-minute. I don’t know why I do it like that. I guess I focus more on the story and think of some catchy title later.

Anyway, as mentioned on the Facebook page, this  is going to be a very short MFM/BDSM story featuring my two most popular (and only, come to think of it) Doms – “Saint” Nick D’Amato and Scott Reed. Yes, a D’Amato Brothers/S&M crossover.

Enough babbling…onto the unedited snippet:

She felt exhilarated.

Stepping inside the club and looking around, Krista Davis finally felt at home. As close to home as she could get.

The club was dark, but not so much where she couldn’t see anyone or anything. Blue, green, and purple lights faded in and out as the heavy air conditioning unit blew overhead. There was a dance floor filled with sweaty bodies, bumping and grinding against each other. The thumping bass line of a slow R&B track tickled her ears as sumbissives and their Masters paraded in front of her. Some were on leashes. Some were collared. Some stood idly beside their Masters as they engaged in conversation with other fellow Dominants.

Krista was instantly jealous. She briefly closed her eyes and let out another breath. She didn’t come this far to be jealous and blow her chance at finding a real Dom before it was presented to her. No, she needed patience.

A lot of it.

She blamed her obsession with romance novels and movies that contributed  with all things BDSM. She would be a liar if she said she wasn’t just fascinated with the sex aspect but she knew there was more to it. The discipline. The surrender of everything she’d ever known about her willpower and spirit. The thought of having someone else cultivating her into a different person before her very eyes.

She’d searched far and wide for someone, going on numerous BDSM dating websites and even a few dates. No one could come close to what she wanted. Some wanted to have sex with her and Krista scoffed at the idea. If she wanted just a bed buddy, she had her pick of the litter in front of her in New York. Some men had no idea what it entailed in being a Dominant and she could tell they came from the whips and chains school of thought.

She knew what she wanted – someone to be her coach when needed, a shoulder to cry on when necessary, a sounding board when the opportunity presented itself. She needed someone to bring out the best in her and make her believe even if she couldn’t. Occasionally spanking her with a flogger and making her do unspeakable bedroom acts were just added bonuses.

One night out of boredom and maybe a bit too much wine, she came across a post on a BDSM lifestyle website talking about an event happening at the Dungeon that weekend. The Dungeon was a highly respected and well-known BDSM club that was owned by a mysterious woman named Sanora.

The post itself was about a certain event happening during that weekend, a medical demonstration by two Masters – Nick and Scott. Krista was about to bypass the thread until she saw the conversation about them from a variety of submissives.

“Can you believe both Master Scott and Saint Nick are going to be there? I’m climaxing just thinking about what they’re going to do to that lucky-ass bitch!”

“For Master Scott to be doing it, you know it’ll be hot. But with Saint Nick as well? OMFG.”

“I wonder if the poor girl is going to be able to walk when they’re done with her. My bets are that she won’t.”

Krista went from being a little interested to very curious to stalking her wardrobe and wondering if she needed to go buy a completely new ensemble for that weekend. She was going to see if “Saint Nick” and Master Scott were living up to the hype they had seemingly created in the throes of hungry submisssives on an online message board.

Or if they were full of shit – just like the countless other “Doms” she had encountered.

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