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Enough babbling, onto the *unedited* story:


“Good Morning, piccina.” His deep baritone greeted her before she saw Him. Dressed in an open-collar grey dress shirt and matching slacks, Nick carried a tray full of breakfast and coffee and placed it on Whitney’s lap. “Buon Compleanno.

Grazie di cuore, Master.” She smiled at Him and He joined her in bed. He began to feed her strawberries and carefully blotted her mouth with a cloth napkin.

“What are your plans for today?” Nick asked as he fed her more fruit.

“I have a couple of classes today and then I’m free until this evening,” she paused momentarily before speaking, “thank you for letting me do this, Master. This girl is very appreciative of Your efforts to fulfill a fantasy of hers.”

“I’ll do anything to make piccina happy,” Nick smiled. He moved the tray to the floor and rejoined Whitney in bed. “Turning 25 is a huge accomplishment and you’ve been through a lot this past year. You’ve grown into a beautiful spirit and I’m very proud of you.”

Hearing Nick’s declaration of her was the best birthday gift ever. Everything else would just be a delicious icing on a cake. “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re very welcome,” Nick removed his clothing and helped Whitney undress. He reached for a condom and paused before he continued. “…unless you want to enjoy breakfast now…?”

Whitney took the condom from him and rolled it over his thick, hardened shaft before he mounted her. “I don’t mind eating a cold breakfast, Sir.”

Nick briefly sat up in bed and reached underneath a pillow to grab a blindfold and a scarf. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and tied her wrists to the headboard. “Use your safeword,” was all He’d instructed.

His lips crushed hers before He adjusted His positioning and entered her. Whitney broke away from the kiss with a hard gasp. No matter how many times they’ve had sex, she could never get used to Nick’s size. He was blessed with length and girth.

He moved inside her slowly, recoiling back until He was almost out before slamming back inside her again. He paused momentarily and just watched her. She looked so beautiful and at peace with herself. He was truly proud of her.

He began to thrust inside her again, setting a fast pace. His balls tickled against her wet slit as He buried Himself to the hilt. Every stroke He’d given her brushed against her clit and her body trembled in response. She was so hot and so snug…and she belonged to Him.

Whitney was never a moaner or a screamer, but she was vocal when needed to be and never held back for fear of disappointing herself or Nick. That morning, Nick had noticed, she was being unusually vocal. Not that she was faking it but rather, she finally felt free with herself and at peace with the person she’d become.

Her breathing became shallower and she struggled to stave off the orgasm. She was close, so close, and her pussy contracted in response. Her once-throaty moans became soft squeals and her legs trembled.

But she knew the protocol. She couldn’t orgasm without His explicit permission. It was like that from Day One and Nick wasn’t going to give her a break because it was her birthday.


to love - web



A few of the submissives gasped as they saw Master Scott walk into the room. Wearing a crisp white shirt with open collar and pleated black slacks, He walked over to Whitney and put His hands on her shoulders. Nick nodded to him, signaling it was time to start.

Scott massaged and pinched Whitney’s breasts as Nick grabbed a Hitachi vibrator and turned it on. “Tonight, we’re going to have Whitney climax in a variety of ways, giving her a full-bodied orgasm. She has allowed Us to use electro play on her, so hopefully We can be successful with that as well. For this demonstration, I will need absolute silence until the end.”

Nick placed the vibrator on Whitney and she softly jerked at the sudden buzz. The vibrator tickled her swollen clit and her body instantly reacted to the welcomed invasion. She lightly moaned and softly breathed as she was taken to different places. She had long dreamed of being dominated by two men – Master Scott and Saint Nick, specifically – but this was taking her above and beyond what she could imagine.

She felt the vibrator turned on to a higher speed and her pussy responded by jerking upwards to get more of the wonderful sensation. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her breathing became increasingly labored, and her senses were heightened due to the restraints and blindfold.  She felt the orgasm crawl all over her body before she finally exploded into a loud cry.

“Now that she’s nice and slick,” Nick took out a butt plug and lubed it up with Whitney’s juices, “we’ll start the scene.”

to love - web




Yeah, this story is untitled like all of my other ones until the very last-minute. I don’t know why I do it like that. I guess I focus more on the story and think of some catchy title later.

Anyway, as mentioned on the Facebook page, this  is going to be a very short MFM/BDSM story featuring my two most popular (and only, come to think of it) Doms – “Saint” Nick D’Amato and Scott Reed. Yes, a D’Amato Brothers/S&M crossover.

Enough babbling…onto the unedited snippet:

She felt exhilarated.

Stepping inside the club and looking around, Krista Davis finally felt at home. As close to home as she could get.

The club was dark, but not so much where she couldn’t see anyone or anything. Blue, green, and purple lights faded in and out as the heavy air conditioning unit blew overhead. There was a dance floor filled with sweaty bodies, bumping and grinding against each other. The thumping bass line of a slow R&B track tickled her ears as sumbissives and their Masters paraded in front of her. Some were on leashes. Some were collared. Some stood idly beside their Masters as they engaged in conversation with other fellow Dominants.

Krista was instantly jealous. She briefly closed her eyes and let out another breath. She didn’t come this far to be jealous and blow her chance at finding a real Dom before it was presented to her. No, she needed patience.

A lot of it.

She blamed her obsession with romance novels and movies that contributed  with all things BDSM. She would be a liar if she said she wasn’t just fascinated with the sex aspect but she knew there was more to it. The discipline. The surrender of everything she’d ever known about her willpower and spirit. The thought of having someone else cultivating her into a different person before her very eyes.

She’d searched far and wide for someone, going on numerous BDSM dating websites and even a few dates. No one could come close to what she wanted. Some wanted to have sex with her and Krista scoffed at the idea. If she wanted just a bed buddy, she had her pick of the litter in front of her in New York. Some men had no idea what it entailed in being a Dominant and she could tell they came from the whips and chains school of thought.

She knew what she wanted – someone to be her coach when needed, a shoulder to cry on when necessary, a sounding board when the opportunity presented itself. She needed someone to bring out the best in her and make her believe even if she couldn’t. Occasionally spanking her with a flogger and making her do unspeakable bedroom acts were just added bonuses.

One night out of boredom and maybe a bit too much wine, she came across a post on a BDSM lifestyle website talking about an event happening at the Dungeon that weekend. The Dungeon was a highly respected and well-known BDSM club that was owned by a mysterious woman named Sanora.

The post itself was about a certain event happening during that weekend, a medical demonstration by two Masters – Nick and Scott. Krista was about to bypass the thread until she saw the conversation about them from a variety of submissives.

“Can you believe both Master Scott and Saint Nick are going to be there? I’m climaxing just thinking about what they’re going to do to that lucky-ass bitch!”

“For Master Scott to be doing it, you know it’ll be hot. But with Saint Nick as well? OMFG.”

“I wonder if the poor girl is going to be able to walk when they’re done with her. My bets are that she won’t.”

Krista went from being a little interested to very curious to stalking her wardrobe and wondering if she needed to go buy a completely new ensemble for that weekend. She was going to see if “Saint Nick” and Master Scott were living up to the hype they had seemingly created in the throes of hungry submisssives on an online message board.

Or if they were full of shit – just like the countless other “Doms” she had encountered.

So Unusual…

When it comes to the Vera Roberts brand, my hubby and I are part of a team that consists of roughly 5-7 people: I’m the writer, he’s the cover artist, we have an editor, and several beta readers. My husband’s job, if you can call it that, is pretty important; he’s responsible for what many would buy based on the ‘ooh, shiny’ factor.

Amongst authors and readers alike, there’s been a lot of discussion on if a cover truly helps a book sell well. The jury is still out. A sexy cover doesn’t automatically guarantee high sales. Contrarily, a plain cover doesn’t guarantee bad sales.  It really is luck of the draw.

I can present to you Exhibit A:

Wait for Love cover web

We kept going back and forth on whether to use a couple or an inanimate object for the cover. I usually try to pick models that look similar to who I wrote in the book. There have been times where I’ll actually change the look of a character to match the model on the cover if I’m certain that’s the cover I’m going to use.

Wait for Love is different.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a model that looked like my muse, Scott Eastwood. In case you don’t remember what Scott Eastwood looks like, here’s a refresher:


And I must say, I wrote his description pretty accurately. :)

So we brainstormed about it. I told Maks what the story was about and what both of the characters actually do for a living. The hero, Ryan, is the owner of several coffee shops. The overall theme of the story is going after love when you least expect it and even when you’re not entirely sure you’re ready for it.

Thus, the cover and title for Wait for Love was born.

The inanimate object cover is actually pretty common in the fiction world. In fact, it’s actually becoming more common in erotic fiction a la Fifty Shades of Grey. There are many covers that don’t even have objects, and just the words. It’ll be an interesting experiment. We’ll get to see if people will buy the book based on the fact it’s from me, it’s a well-written book, or that the cover (which I’ve dubbed as the ‘anti-cover cover’) will turn them off from purchasing.

Wait for Love is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. A sneak preview of the book is available at goodreads here.

#SexySunday: Wait for Love


Ryan woke up to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. He briefly searched from Alyssa in his bed and quickly realized it was Alyssa in the kitchen and not a dream about his childhood.

Chocolate chip cookies? He knew there was no way they would be the typical gooey Nestle Tollhouse, still piping-hot from the oven and go great with a big glass of ice-cold milk. Alyssa was a vegan and a serious one at that. She didn’t do it part-time like some people he knew. From her hair and body products to the vitamins she consumed, Alyssa was very serious about her health and lifestyle. Ryan found himself oddly curious about how the cookies would taste.

He quickly grabbed a pair of lounge pants and put them on before he made his way to the kitchen. Bouncing her ass around as she danced to Bell Biv Devoe, there was the love his life. A cookie sheet of hot cookies fresh out of the oven was on the stove, while she was making another batch on the counter.

Ryan’s only thought was perfection.

“You always make cookies after sex?” He inquired.

“Jesus!” Alyssa dropped the spoon and turned towards him, grabbing her chest as her heart nearly beat out of her skin. She turned down the radio as Ryan offered a mea culpa. “Next time warn a sista when you’re about to sneak up on her like that!”

“Mmm, if I warn you…” He grabbed her waist from behind and nibbled on an earlobe. “…I can’t sneak up on you like that.”

Alyssa felt her knees become weak and her heart soaring up to the heavens. It was exactly like those sappy love songs she’d heard on the radio all of her life. She honestly thought the singers were just full of it and mainly wrote the songs to give hopeless saps something to fantasize about.

Now she was one of the hopeless saps. A bubbling, cheesy-grin, sore-between-the-thighs hopeless sap.

“Sooooo…” He buried his face into her neck and nuzzled against it. “….you’re going to explain to me how you made vegan chocolate chip cookies.”


He rocked her side to side. “Now.”

Alyssa felt Ryan’s erection poking into her. “Like this?”

Ryan pulled down a strap of Alyssa’s cami tank top. “Like this.”

“Well,” she swallowed and concentrated on the ingredients in front of her, “I make flax eggs.”

“Now what are flax eggs?” He kissed her shoulder.

“Flax eggs I construct with one tablespoon of flax meal and three tablespoons of water for each egg I want to use.”

“Got it,” he pulled down the other strap. “Then what?”

“Then,” Alyssa cleared her throat, “I beat the vegan butter and white and brown sugar together. Then I add in the vanilla extract.”

“Mmm…” Ryan lifted up Alyssa’s top and caressed her breasts, gently squeezing and cupping them. “…then what?”

Alyssa felt her pussy contract and leaned into Ryan as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Electricity soared through her body and she was barely hanging on by a thread. “Then I add in the flour, baking soda, and baking powder.”

“Ooh,” Ryan placed a trail of kisses down Alyssa’s back until he reached the top of her underwear. He then pulled them down her legs as he kissed her ass, gently biting each cheek. “So when do you add in the chocolate chips?”

“They’re the last thing I add,” she whimpered, gripping the counter hard. “And then I get the tablespoon and scoop some up and drop them on the cookie sheet.”

Ryan nudged Alyssa’s legs apart and played with her wet heat.  He kissed the nape of her neck and gently sucked on it.  He turned her around and sat her on top of the counter, spreading her legs apart. His lips moved from her neck to Alyssa’s lips, devouring her as he continued to play with her pussy.

“Hold onto me, baby,” he murmured.

Alyssa wrapped her arms around Ryan’s neck as he played with her. She moaned into his mouth, silently begging not to stop as her hips moved to the rhythm of his fingers. She felt him insert two fingers in while his thumb circled her swollen nub. He moved his fingers inside her faster until she was shaking uncontrollably and climaxed all over his fingers, the same time the buzzard for the cookies went off.

“I’ll get those.” He smiled.


Wait for Love will be out the week of August 17th. It’ll be priced at $3.99.


It’s interesting to take a look back at what many deem as my most controversial book to-date. Personally, I don’t find it that controversial; if anything, I think the S&M books are much more controversial (nigger bitch, anyone?) but that’s for another topic.

I fondly remember it – it was one o’clock in the morning and I just finished To Love and Obey. Donell Jones’s Where I Wanna Be came on the stereo and the idea hit me like a bolt of lightning. I ran it past my husband, Maks, and he said I should go for it. After a moment of silence, he said the following words:

“You know people are going to hate you for this, right?”

I’ve always played it safe in my life. I’m really the typical goody-goody nice girl you always hear about. In fact, if any of you personally knew me (and a few do), you wouldn’t think I’m a writer. And you definitely wouldn’t think I’m an erotica writer. Still, I don’t like playing it safe in my fiction. Drama happens in real life and drama sometimes happens to good people.

The reaction to WIWB was interesting. I had people say it wasn’t a romance but an urban fiction. I’m almost positive those same people have never read an urban fiction. I’ve had people give it a bad review because it simply reminded them of their own situations or someone they knew. I’ve had people tell me that they could predict what was going to happen in the sequel, despite me not having written a single word. Some people who cheer for Olivia and Fitz every week on Scandal, justifying their affair, slammed Eli’s and Simone’s. The same people…the same people…who want Mariana to cheat on her boyfriend with Scott.

Yeah, you read that right. How is one better than the other? Isn’t it still cheating? Oh, because it’s two people that they liked, it’s okay, right? Gotcha.

What saddened me about some of the negative reaction was that people were so heated about what Eli did, they failed to see the story for what it was worth – a man getting a second chance to start over. Really, it was a Coming of Age tale. There were many issues in the book – when an affair happens is it really the protagonist’s fault? What about the third party? What about the “innocent” party? The light skin-dark skin color issue that was clearly present and no one mentioned. How a parent’s actions can affect a child’s life much beyond their elementary years. How a wife can push her husband away little by little. Why being the side piece isn’t what it’s cracked up to be – both male and female.

The negative reaction was interesting and honestly, quite comical. So many people were angry at me for writing a book. But…they would watch this very story in movie theaters (Unfaithful, Temptation, Fatal Attraction, etc). They would watch this on TV (Scandal). They would watch this on trashy talk shows (Maury, Jerry Springer, etc.). But they don’t want to read about it.


I still believe in my heart of hearts that the reason for the negative reaction is because I took a full-length mirror, placed it in front of you, and outlined all of your faults. Honestly, if you did that to me, I probably wouldn’t like you very much, neither.

On the contrary, many loved the book. Many praised that it was finally a real book that dealt with real issues. Many clamored and are hungry for the much-anticipated sequel due out this fall. This book is for you.

So what’s in store for Faith, Eli, and Simone? Well, quite a few things. The story picks up after Eli and Faith reconcile and Simone has moved back to Houston. Not all is kosher with the aforementioned parties. In fact, there is a lot of regret with everyone involved. A lot of tears. A lot of fighting. A lot of ‘What ifs?.’ Darren, the star quarterback, is still in the picture. And his role might be surprising to many.

The drama really starts when Simone re-enters the picture with Elena and all hell breaks loose. Many things are different – Eli is richer and more famous. Things between him and Faith are stable and stronger than ever. A lot more is at stake. Simone’s timing couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Expect guest appearances from the S&M characters – Scott, Mariana, and Sanora. 

And there you have it,


It’s always fun to create a new heroine. I usually like to base her on someone I know or gather parts of people I know. Sometimes I use a name of a good friend or borrow someone’s name that is pretty exotic (Nikkia, Liane, Zerrin, etc.).

Enter Alyssa.

Alyssa McHale is not your typical heroine. She may come off as a bitch but really, she’s just guarded. I guess her male counterpart would be Scott Reed without the BDSM. She doesn’t have the typical long, flowing hair that so many heroines seem to have. Nah, this sista rocks her natural locs. She’s also a vegan.

Yeah. Vegan. Not a typo.

She’s the first vegan heroine I have written. I’ve noticed in a lot of romance fiction, the heroine is assumed to be a meat eater. I don’t think I’ve ever read a vegetarian heroine, come to think of it. Anyway, back to Alyssa. She’s based on someone I know – a good friend, Natalie. At first I wasn’t going to write a heroine who was vegan or make her vegan lifestyle a key part of the story. Then I thought about it – if this is her, why wouldn’t this be a major part of her story? If I were a vegan, I would think everyone would know about it and respect my way of life.

It’s interesting doing research on a Black vegan. I found a few blogs (Thug Kitchen is pretty entertaining if you want to take a peek and BlackVeggieVegan is also another good source) and follow a few people on twitter. But there’s not a lot of resources for a Black person to research the vegan lifestyle if they choose to go down that path. And I’m not talking just clothing and food but also hair care. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me.

In terms of Alyssa’s looks, I actually had one person in mind when I write her. I’m trying to imagine her with locs -


Ryan’s character was a little easier to figure out:

eastwood18f-5-web eastwoodtwo

That’s Scott Eastwood, as in Clint Eastwood’s son.

The yet-to-be titled fic should be out sometime in July, hopefully. As with all fiction, this book is estimated to be around 50K words and will be priced somewhere between $3.99 and $4.59.

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