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This unedited snippet comes from S&M IV. A full snippet will be included in Love & War, the followup to Where I Wanna Be.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Sheree stepped aside and the other female interns followed her lead. “Who is that?”

Mariana turned around and saw Scott talk outside of his office. She hated he happened to look just a little extra fine that day with a white open collar and black dress slacks. He went over a portfolio with some other executives from a visiting company, while he smiled and laughed at their jokes. Mariana knew Scott well enough to know he probably hated their corny jokes and only smiled and laughed because he wanted the account and money.

She briefly closed her eyes and pursed her lips together as she remembered the spicy cologne he wore that morning. She would never forget it since she bought for him. She briefly wondered if he truly liked the cologne or he was teasing her by wearing it.

She crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her stance. If she concentrated hard enough, she could see the outlining of his cock inside his slacks. Her mind briefly drifted into memories of when he would call her into his office and they would fuck like it was going out of style. One day she wore a pencil skirt and when she walked just right in those Louboutin shoes he’d bought for her, her ass would sway from left to right, almost taunting him.

No, she was taunting him.

She then remembered how sore and red her ass was from him spanking her with his hands, then with a variety of implements he kept in a hidden drawer underneath his desk. At the end of the day when all of the employees left, she was spread eagle on the desk; bound and gagged as Scott fucked all of the aggression out with his cock and his magical fingers circled her swollen clit. And how her pussy clenched around His cock, milking Him. And how His tongue dived into her pussy over and over, claiming her as His woman and begging her to come for Him, bringing Mariana to orgasm several times. She lost count after six.

From that moment, she needed special permission to wear that skirt because she knew whenever she wore it, she was going to be fucked until she couldn’t walk.

“Do you want to come for your Master?”


Scott’s tongue traced the hollow of Mariana’s neck as a free hand squeezed her breast and He continued to thrust inside her. “Beg for it…”

“Mariana?” Sheree asked and Mariana’s attention snapped back to the present.

“That is Scott Reed – the Reed in McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard.”  Mariana cleared her throat. There went those feelings of want building inside her panties and her pussy fluttered with excitement and desire. It didn’t help matters the last time she had sex was before B. left for his tour and the fact Scott asked her out to a friendly dinner didn’t sit well with her. She was really wondering if Scott’s offer to take her out to dinner was as chaste as he made it seem. Granted she wasn’t obligated to go to dinner with him and she was positive his offer was nothing more than just two friends catching up with each other.

She just didn’t like the thought of leaving her panties at home when he would pick her up later. Mariana bit the inside of her cheek and silently groaned in frustration at her stupidity. Now she felt like an asshole for entertaining the idea of cheating on her boyfriend. Lord help me… “He’s the Executive Creative Director and partner. Every decision and detail goes through him. If he doesn’t see it, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick in the hospital or on vacation, he will approve every single ad. If he doesn’t approve the ad, you will do it right until he does. Great guy if he likes you and you don’t disappoint him. The biggest asshole you’ll ever meet if you do disappoint him.”

Another female intern chimed in. “Asshole or not, I’ll ride that motherfucker until the sun comes up.”


Author’s Note: I am curious to see how many will cosign Mariana cheating on B. with Scott if that does occur.

S&M IV will be out this year. Release date TBA.




As I work on the long-awaited and highly overdue follow-up to the S&M serial, I decided to answer some questions about the books. In no particular order, here they are:

Are you going to kill off Scott?

No. I said that to see if anyone was paying attention to what I post on the blog.

Why is there such a long break between books?

Writing the S&M serial is very exhausting and I have to get into the mindset of many characters and figure out if something would actually work. While I did receive a lot of flack of not ‘finishing’ up Vol. II, I also think many readers didn’t realize there were five S&M books within a year. I think the real question is do you want me burnt out and put out crap or do you want me refreshed and take my time?

Did Mariana get pregnant at the end of Vol. II?

I will say this: her pregnancy, if there is one, won’t be viable. Mariana or Mother Nature will put a stop to it.

Is both Scott and Mariana appearing in Love and War?

Yes, they are.

In some of the sinppets, it seems as if Scott is holding it against  Mariana for their break when he broke it off with her. He didn’t trust her. So why he is putting her through the ringer and shoving Dove in her face when it was his fault.

Oh my dear Scott (in my Sanora voice)…

It’ll be explained further in IV, but in I Need You, it was heavily implied (and confirmed by Mariana) that after the bathroom incident, Mariana moved on with B. rather quickly; if not the same night, maybe a very short time later. I think that bruised Scott’s ego more than he’s willing to admit. His attitude went from ‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to get Mariana back’ to ‘All right, she wants to play games, I’ll play games with her and win.’

Scott does become a bit of an ass towards her but he never blatantly disrespects Mariana. He doesn’t call her out of name or make her life hell at work. But he does little things that will make you wonder why Mariana would want to be with him after everything is said and done – Dove is a prime example of that.  Some of the readers might be rooting for Mariana to be by herself or with another Dom.

Are you going to write another side book like Discipline and I Need You?

I plan to.

Does Scott and Mari have anal sex in IV?

LOL. Um…

Is Sanora getting her own book?

I’m not sure. Originally she was, but I think I can tell her story in IV.

Will Scott and Mariana have a threesome with Dove?


Will Scott finally get his happy ending?

Of course. I’m a big believer in HEAs.

If you have any more questions (of course none of them can be about the release date as explained in this post, please send them to me at eroticamistress@gmail.com).




Unedited Excerpt:

It was painful how much she’d missed him.

Day and night, Angela thought about Enzo. What he was doing. What he was wearing. What other Hollywood stars he was meeting with. The power lunches. The fitted suits. The movie sets. The screenplays.  The movie premieres.

When her chaste thoughts about him disappeared, they were replaced with erotic images of them together – naked and sweaty with tongues entangled, fingers interlocked, thrusting and grinding under the moonlight as their moans became the soundtrack to their lovemaking.

Angela crossed her legs on the thought of seeing Enzo naked again. She felt her clit pulse in desire and need.

It had been a week since she’d last heard from him and Angela wondered if Enzo was going to attempt to come back over. A part of her wanted to see him. A part of her didn’t want to see him. She wasn’t sure if she could act the part of stranger towards him yet again.

Granted, he wouldn’t be a stranger the second go-around. Though she’d had frequent repeat customers who’d specifically requested her, it was just way too dangerous for Enzo to show up again. Angela couldn’t guarantee she’ll be on her best behavior without wanting to peel off his clothing and lick every crevice of his body.

She groaned in frustration. She hated this feeling. It was more than lust. It was the wonderful taste of freedom and the feeling of starting all over. She was young enough where it wasn’t too late and with the right person backing her, the possibilities were endless. Enzo promised her everything and she had to bide her time until he made a move. The thought of just leaving Jackson without looking back crossed her mind more times in the past week than it had in the past four years. One recent morning, she almost did when he took Vanilla out shopping. She told Jackson she was going to go the library and catch up on some reading and he wished her well.

Then a funny thing happened. Angela had an unnerving feeling she was being followed. She turned back often to see if her senses were right but there was no one. She concluded that maybe the thoughts of seeing Enzo again clouded her senses and it was just wishful thinking on her part.

Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling that not all was kosher. Jackson gave her freedom to leave the home but he always wanted to know where she was. Before, he didn’t care where she went because she’d always come home. Now it seemed he was determined to not have her leave – at all.


Daddy’s Angel is scheduled to be released this month. (Hopefully!)

My fellow author and good friend, Kiru Taye, has an upcoming release and I’m so jazzed to share a snippet and cover reveal for you all!



Keeping Secrets is scheduled to be out on May 12, 2014.


And the snippet…

KeepingSecrets_Snippet2 (1)


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It has been four years since Eli made the biggest mistake of his life – and it’s about to come back to bite him in his ass.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has finally found happiness: his marriage to Faith is stronger than before, they’ve expanded their family, and Madre’s is doing better than ever thanks to a very popular reality show featuring all five brothers. But when a blast from Eli’s past comes back – with an unforgettable gift – will he once again be tempted by what could’ve been?

When Eli decided to work on his marriage, Simone Harris couldn’t get out of New York fast enough. The only problem is she has a constant reminder of what she wanted with Eli – her daughter, Elena. When Elena keeps inquiring about her father, Simone is put in a precarious position – to reach out to Eli or forever burn his memory. A return trip to New York will prove to be disastrous – and a blessing in disguise.

Faith D’Amato is a forgiving Christian woman who doesn’t believe in divorce. Years of therapy plus two additional children has made her marriage to Eli solid. But when Simone reappears in town with a daughter claiming to be Eli’s, Faith finds her belief system severely tested – and she’s not sure if she can weather this storm.

Love and War is the sequel to Where I Wanna Be and the fifth book in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book that deals with forgiveness, trust, and commitment.

Unedited EXCERPT:

Everything, on the surface, was perfect. Her little girl was due to arrive any day and she couldn’t have been happier. Well, no, that wasn’t entirely true. She could’ve been happier. Things happened the way they were supposed to, she guessed. It was what it was.

“Have you heard anything from the baby’s father?” Meredith casually asked.

Simone glanced down at her feet. She successfully told the story that the baby’s father abandoned her the moment she got pregnant, forcing her to move back to Houston. Surprisingly, everyone bought the lie – even her nosey-ass, forever-instigating sister, Alicia, who was currently on baby daddy number three – a poor sap named Spencer, who Simone believed had a bra cup size that rivaled her own. Alicia openly bragged about having a good man as much as she could in front of Simone, seemingly rubbing it in that no matter how much money and success Simone accumulated, she would still be a single mother.

Melodramatic sister and baby father drama aside, Simone was too busy being focused on her problems. Throughout the pregnancy she contemplated contacting Eli to let him know what was going on with her, and possibly, with them. Each time she had the phone in her hand and ready to dial his number, she chickened out. Would he care about her still? Would he care about them? The way he discarded her throughout their relationship and didn’t bother to call her the morning after their breakup, told her everything she needed to know about his true feelings toward her. It didn’t take a genius to figure out if Eli ever wanted to leave Faith, he would’ve left her. It also didn’t take long to determine Simone played a perfect role in Eli’s intentions – a nice, new, shiny fuck toy.

At one point Eli did care about her and Simone was certain, that moment was sometime back in high school. Her heart burned with anger and she often silently wondered what Eli would do if she were to suddenly show up at his doorstep again with a baby – his baby – in tow. “No, I haven’t.”


Love & War release date TBA soon.  It is a crossover novel with the S&M serial.


Angela McCool had always wanted to be a movie star. She’d pictured her name in bright lights, signing autographs, and giving press interviews. A one-way trip to Hollywood was going to be her big break. Many auditions and failed opportunities later, Angela was saved by a man named Jackson under one condition – that he owned her.

Jackson Fischer was a businessman who saw money at every opportunity. It was fate that he met Angela one night and it took little convincing to make her go home with him. Now came the bigger challenge – to keep her.

Enzo De Laurentis is an agent to the stars and had dealt with many insane requests over the past several years. He also knows talent when he sees it. When he meets Angela, he knows he can turn her into the Next Big Thing – as long as he gets her away from her pimp.

Will Angela be able to escape Jackson before it’s too late? Is Enzo really her saving grace?

Daddy’s Angel is a sensual/erotic book that deals with prostitution, empowerment, and trust issues.


Unedited SNIPPET:

It was no surprise that Jackson toed the line of sweet angelic son in front of his parents and hell raiser in the community. With his mother emotionally absent and his father physically gone, it was money who’d really raised Jackson. Whenever Jacqueline wanted him out of the home, she literally threw dollars at him so he could go ‘be busy somewhere and out of her sight.’ Don would shower Jackson with expensive and rare gifts whenever he felt guilty about his actions and fortunate for Jackson, that was often.

It was his nanny, Miss Celia, an older Southern Black woman who nourished him and taught him right from wrong. She was the one that took him to his baseball games on the weekends and picked him up from school during the weekdays. She helped with his homework and found tutors for him when the assignments were beyond her reach. If Jackson was being rowdy, she was the first to swat him with a wooden spoon she kept tucked away in her apron. Jackson felt closer to her than to his own mother – a fact that had never left his thoughts once he reached adulthood.

When Celia died years ago, Jackson was crushed; crying for days and huddling into his room. He cried at her funeral and found comfort in Celia’s family when his mother shunned him, stating she didn’t want him to ruin her cashmere sweater with his tears.

Jackson should’ve not been so surprised when the very next day, a new caretaker by the name of Ana, showed up at his front door as if Celia and her many years of work had never existed. Jackson could honestly say it was that moment troublemaker Jackson died and a new rebellious Jackson was born.

He was in and out of trouble starting in his late teens – smoking pot, staying out past curfew, and petty theft. Each time he had gotten caught by the police, Jacqueline would simply roll her eyes and drag herself back upstairs to consume more pills. Don sweet talked whatever police officer caught Jackson and offer some bribes. And Ana played the role of good house servant and kept her mouth shut.

Jackson decided to get even bolder with his antics, going as far where he needed an attorney to answer to charges of DUI while joyriding in his father’s fancy cars. All the attorney did was keep him out of jail and running an expensive tab for Don.

Some called it White privilege or affluenza. All that Jackson knew was he was a rich White kid that had a lot of money and time.

It also made him feel invincible and untouchable.

He grew up watching many of his classmates grew up to become reality stars or famous in some other aspect. Whoever didn’t become famous, became lawyers, doctors, or executives.

And then there was Jackson – rich and bored. His intelligence could’ve gotten him into any prestigious school in or out of the United States and his wealth would’ve kept him afloat forever. Jackson didn’t want to be like everyone else. He just didn’t know what it was that was his passion.

He could vividly recall the moment his life changed forever. One of his friends became a world-famous actor, and hired Jackson to be his personal assistant. Jackson ran errands and did whatever his friend wanted from grabbing lattes to picking up designer suits for award ceremonies to making late-night drug runs. In exchange, Jackson had unlimited access to other celebrities. He quickly discovered that behind the stage makeup, designer wardrobe, and numerous awards were people who were broken and battered – fragile egos damaged by horrible childhoods and haunting career choices.

He also discovered the same people had kinks that needed to be met.

It was one night after a sex marathon with a Hollywood starlet that a new untapped resource was born. “Jackson,” the young woman moaned and writhed beneath him as he kneaded his hands into her supple flesh, “you have the hands of an angel. I would pay to keep you around just to massage me.”

It was an idea Jackson wished he’d thought of sooner. He loved sex and he loved massages. What better way to combine them both?

So it began – a quest to make his prostitution business legit. First, he would have to become certified in massage therapy. Then, he would have to find the perfect women. They would have to be weak, down on their last dollars, and desperate. Mentally-strong women wouldn’t do because he didn’t want to keep a rotation. No, he wanted these girls to need him and be the brain when they didn’t want to think. He would also have to approach these girls as someone who would legitimately help and not hurt them.

It was by luck that he looked like a Ken doll – blonde hair, cobalt blue eyes, a muscular tawny build, and a schoolboy charm that would make any woman want to drop her panties for him. Many of the items he owned – clothing, cars, and expensive trinkets – were given to him for free, simply because of his looks.

No woman would look at him and think he was a fast-talking pimp who had hoes on a corner. Instead, they looked at Jackson as the guy next door. He was convincing, letting the girls that he was only trying to help and if they wanted to leave, they could anytime they wanted. He was the shoulder to cry on, the counselor whenever there was a problem, the disciplinarian whenever there was an issue with the girls. With the perfect smile and soft dimples in his face, Jackson looked endearing and safe.

Of course, being wreckless in bed didn’t hurt, either. Jackson had a reputation of bringing his conquests to multiple orgasms and making them sore for days long after a night with him. His oral skills were legendary as his cock, making a woman sing as she held his face down in her nectar and rode his tongue to many orgasms throughout the night.

He wasn’t a pimp. He was a stockbroker, if you will. Just as a person would watch the stocks to see how their money is doing, Jackson eyed his girls to make sure they acted right. To him, he was merely a protector of his investments.

And his investments were managing his personal massage business. High-class executives, Hollywood actors, musicians, athletes, and regular Joe Schmoes would call up Jackson’s service to set up an appointment. The girls would go to the client’s house, render any services, and return home to Jackson, with a large wad of cash in tow. It was always discreet and untraceable, especially back to Jackson. He was sure some person in a white coat with a couple of letters at the end of their name would tell him that his issues with women were related to his mother and the massage business was a fuck you to her in some form. They were probably right.


The first half of Daddy’s Angel will be available for FREE (20K words) next week with the full book out (PAID) in late April.


Daddy’s Angel is a two-part book that I’m releasing soon (soon as in the first part will come out next week). The first part is 20K words and FREE. The second part will be the whole book (50K) and paid.


Angela McCool had always wanted to be a movie star. She’d pictured her name in bright lights, signing autographs, and giving press interviews. A one-way trip to Hollywood was going to be her big break. Many auditions and failed opportunities later, Angela was saved by a man named Jackson under one condition – that he owned her.

Jackson Fischer was a businessman who saw money at every opportunity. It was fate that he met Angela one night and it took little convincing to make her go home with him. Now came the bigger challenge – to keep her.

Enzo De Laurentis is an agent to the stars and had dealt with many insane requests over the past several years. He also knows talent when he sees it. When he meets Angela, he knows he can turn her into the Next Big Thing – as long as he gets her away from her pimp.

Will Angela be able to escape Jackson before it’s too late? Is Enzo really her saving grace?

Daddy’s Angel is a sensual/erotic book that deals with prostitution, empowerment, and trust issues.

Unedited SNIPPET:

It felt, oddly enough, like a date.

He specifically chose a restaurant overlooking Hollywood Hills. They had a private booth and champagne service. He held the doors opened for her and pulled out her chair. When the waiter came by, Jackson ordered for her. They talked about everything from music to politics. Jackson was charming, smiling often and sharing antidotes about growing up. He was the complete antithesis of what Angela thought what a man like him in his profession should be.

His profession…what was his exact profession?

“What’s on your mind?” Jackson’s baritone interrupted her thoughts.

There was a lot on Angela’s mind and she wondered where she should start. She chose the slow approach. “Do I call you Daddy in public or private?” She asked.

A husky laugh escaped Jackson’s mouth and Angela found it to be sexy. “You can call me Jackson for now.”

“So tell me about Jackson.”

“I grew up rich and privileged.” Jackson gave a slight shrug. “I had everything at my disposal and then some. Parents were absent, emotionally and physically. My mom was too busy staying drugged up on whatever cocktail she could get her Botoxified hands on.”


“Was a traveling CEO who was never home and never cared. I can actually count the number of times on one hand my dad showed a slight interest in anything that I did. Once I was out of high school, my dad announced to my mother that he was finally trading her in for a new model. The marriage been over for years but he waited so he wouldn’t have to fork over child support in addition to alimony.” Jackson shrugged, seemingly sloughing off the obvious hurt and frustration in his voice.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Angela frowned.

“It is what it is.” He leaned over and grabbed Angela’s hand. “Tell me about Angela.”

A surge of electricity shot up Angela’s back. She wasn’t supposed to feel a connection to a man she barely knew and was scared of. “I grew up in Troy, Michigan with my mother. We eventually moved down to Atlanta during my teenage years. My mother was obsessed with Hollywood and everything about it, but she never wanted to become an actress. I guess her obsession trickled down to me except I wanted to become an actress. I still do in some ways.”


“Never met him.” Angela shrugged. “It was just me and mom growing up. When she died a few years ago, I had relatives promise to look after me but they all say that to make themselves sound like they’re decent human beings who care but they don’t. I’m lucky if I get a Christmas card.”

Jackson felt Angela’s sadness. She was truly all alone without anyone to care about her. His timing in her life couldn’t have been more perfect. “Have you been on any auditions?”

“A ton of them.” She revealed a small smile full of half-hope and half-regret. “There’s not much work for a Black woman in Hollywood.”

“I don’t know about that,” Jackson replied and rubbed his five o’clock stubble, “Angela Bassett and Halle Berry seem to be doing fine.”

“Yeah, they are. And so are Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and all of the other White actresses out there as well.” Angela wryly smiled. “The roles for a girl like me are few and far in-between.”

“So you were between auditions when we met the other night?”

“Something like that,” she replied, resting her neck in her palm, “I audition during the day and work at night, hustling whatever I can.”

“You know I can help you with auditions?” Jackson revealed.

Angela’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Really.” Jackson replied. “Let me make a few phone calls and I’ll see what I can do.”

The smile in Angela’s eyes turned into a frown. If Jackson had Hollywood connections, there was a price for that access and Angela wasn’t sure it was something she could afford. “You don’t have to.”

“I don’t see why not. You’re beautiful and I’m sure you’re talented enough.” Jackson’s eyes once again swept over. “Why not make a few phone calls to some friends who can help you with that dream?”

Angela wanted to jump at the chance feet first without looking to see how deep and warm the water was but something told her to dip a toe in. “What do you expect from me in return?”

Jackson took another sip of beer and rubbed his stubble again. “Loyalty.” His answer was authoritative and direct.

Jackson may not have said it directly but Angela knew there were strings attached to his message and Jackson was the one pulling them. It was time to stop playing games and get down to business. “I know what you are, Daddy,” Angela loathed calling him that name but did it to prove a point, “you don’t have to pretend with me.”

Jackson leaned back in his chair. “And what am I?”

Angela contemplated what she really wanted to say. They both knew it was on her mind and on the tip of her tongue. She wondered how angry he would get in a public place. “A pimp,” her voice was above a whisper.

Jackson grinned and took another sip of beer. “I’m not a pimp.”

Angela’s eyes narrowed and locked with Jackson’s. He said it so fluidly, for a moment she thought she misheard him. “Then what are you?”

“I’m a business man, that’s all.” Jackson answered.

“That’s a very politically correct answer.” Angela surmised.

“Pimps force their hoes to perform sexual acts. They disrespect the women, calling them bitches and hoes and tricks. They humiliate the women. I don’t force the girls to do anything. They do whatever they want and they can leave whenever they want.”

“Can they really?” Angela objected. “It doesn’t seem that way.”

“There are no bars on the windows. I don’t keep the girls locked in their rooms. They can leave whenever they want.” Jackson’s eyes sparkled. “I don’t keep them hostage by no means whatsoever.”

“But they give you all of their money,” Angela met his challenge.

“They also live in a very nice home and wear the finest designer clothing. A chef prepares all of their food. If they want a spa day, they get one. If they want to go to Disneyland, they can. They want plastic surgery, it’s paid for. Whatever they want in terms of jewelry, accessories, and the like, they have to do is ask and I’ll get it for them. They’re not being denied.” Jackson reasoned. “How many pimps do you know do that for their bitches?”

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