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#TBT: Love

Love large

Sunlight woke up Eli from his slumber. He cracked his eyes open and yawned before rubbing his eyes and looking for the nearest clock. It was only eight o’clock. Shit. He had to get home, check e-mail, and sleep a bit more before he picked up the boys from Faith’s home for the weekend. Knowing his kids, he wasn’t going to get any sleep at all.

The aroma of coffee wafted in the air and he followed the scent to a smiling Erica at the door. “I didn’t mean to wake you up,” she offered, “you just looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind a beautiful woman waking me up.” Eli motioned her to join him in bed. She put the coffee mug on Eli’s a nightstand and joined her paramour. “How did you sleep last night?”

Erica chuckled. “What sleep?” The pair went through Eli’s two condoms plus an additional two Erica had in her nightstand. Despite the soreness between her thighs, Erica could go another round with him. “We had the Sexual Olympics last night.”

“But did you gold medal, though?” His tongue darted out to wet his lips.

“You know I did,” Erica lost count of the orgasms she had. She couldn’t decide if her favorite way to climax was by Eli’s fingers, his shaft, or that incredible tongue of his. She was getting hot and bothered just thinking about it. “Anyway, I need to go to the hospital later and start my shift. I don’t want to make this a big deal and you feel you have to see me or call me because what happened last night. Whatever’s clever.”

Eli kissed Erica before falling back into bed. “How about this?” He snuck in kisses. “Let’s be friends with some wonderful benefits? No pressure on either of us. We’ll go at the pace you’re most comfortable with.”

Erica reached over for another condom. “I’m pretty comfortable with hard and demanding right now.”

Eli moved Erica onto her back and mounted her. “That sounds great.”


“You look like hell.”

Eli yawned as he sat in Faith’s kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and held E.J. It was already his second cup that morning. While he took out all of his frustration on Erica the night before, he sacrificed any sleep doing so. “And Good Morning to you, Faith.”

She laughed as she grabbed her coffee from the Keurig machine. “You wanted me to be open and honest about my feelings so there it is.” She joined her ex at the table. “Is everything okay, though? I know with wedding season coming up, everything is starting to become crazy again.”

“It’s always crazy at the shop but nothing we can’t handle,” he flashed his trademark smile, “how are you doing? Is everything okay here?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “the boys are great. Everything is working and there are no problems I can think of.”

“Cool. Just let me know if there are any issues and I’ll send someone over to fix things,” he nodded.

“Actually, there is something you can help me with,” Faith slid her hand over her ex’s. “There is something you can definitely fix.”

Eli glanced at Faith’s hand over his and smiled. “I thought we learned in therapy sex doesn’t fix everything, Faith?”

“Sex doesn’t fix everything but it does help with some things, yes.” She mentioned.

Eli kissed her hand. “When the time’s right.”

Faith visibly shivered when Eli kissed her hand. It was then she realized how much she truly missed his touch. “When will that be?”

“You tell me. You’re holding the strings and I’m just your marionette.” Eli heard the hustle of Nathan down the stairs and the child rushed over to hug his father. “Hey, little man!”

“Hey Daddy!” Nathan tightly hugged his father.

“Are you ready for the week?” Eli asked.

“Yep! I’m ready!” Nathan yelled.

“All right, let’s go.” Eli stood up and put E.J. in his car seat. Faith followed them outside to his truck and helped them buckle up. “So next Friday afternoon is still good for drop off?”

“Um, yeah.” She walked over to the driver’s side and leaned into the window. “I started reading the marriage book.”

Eli’s face noticeably lit upon Faith’s admission. “Really? What do you think?”

“It’s pretty good. I learned a lot about myself and things I need to work on. I guess I’ll talk to you about it at some point.” She shrugged.

“I would really like that.” Eli started up the truck and smiled back at her. “Nathan, say goodbye to Mommy.”

“Bye, Mommy!” He shouted from the backseat.

“Bye, baby!” Faith waved to him. “Bye to you, Eli.”

Eli motioned for Faith to come closer to him and she leaned in the driver’s window. Their lips met each other and a flurry of emotion passed between the pair. She softly moaned when his tongue entered her mouth and quietly protested when he withdrew it. “When the time’s right,” he whispered. “Have a great weekend, Faye.”

Faith stood in the middle of the street, holding her cheek and smiled from ear to ear as she watched Eli leave. He called me Faye.

There was some hope for her marriage after all.


“All right, listen up, people. Listen up!” Joey instructed at the weekly Madre’s meeting. “We have a huge week ahead of us. The cameras will be here in about an hour! Again, if you don’t want to be filmed, just say the word and we’ll blur your faces out. Are we good? We’re good. Let’s go!” The employees filed out of the conference room, leaving Joey, Nicola, and Eli. “We have one of the craziest weeks coming up so it’s going to be a bit of a madhouse here but nothing we can’t handle.”

“That’s good to hear. I have a luncheon to prepare for Donne Forti, so I won’t be around. I think the cameras will be there and that’s good. It’ll give the women an extra confidence boost knowing they’ll be on TV. ” Nicola smiled. “How are you doing, Eliodoro?”

“Great,” he replied, “I have the boys for the week so it’ll be a little crazy but nothing too bad.”

“How’s Faith?” Nicola asked.

“She’s doing really well,” he nodded, “she started reading the marriage book and wants to talk to me about it.”

“Really?” Joey commented. “That’s great! That’s really great!”

“It is. I think there just might be a chance for us, after all.” Eli sounded hopeful. “But I told Faith it’s up to her if she wants to make this work. I’m also happy the way things are.”

“Hmm…” Nicola sipped her coffee. “A man would only say that if there was someone else in the picture.”

Joey turned to his younger brother. “Oh?”

“I’m seeing someone, yes.” Eli revealed. “We’re just friends.”

“Okay,” Joey smiled. He knew a tired sex yawn when he saw it.

“Does Faith know?” Nicola asked.

“Of course not,” Eli replied. Erica reminded him he was still a man with urges but Faith had his heart. He briefly touched his lips, thinking about their shared and heated kiss that morning. “It’s not serious enough to tell her. We only went out on one date. But I dig her. She’s a really sweet woman with just a big heart.”

“How did you meet?” Joey asked.

“At the hospital when Nate had a fever. She was his doctor.”

“A doctor!” Joey almost shouted. “It’s about time one of us dated a doctor!”

“Joey,” Nicola warned, “your brother is still married.”

“Yes, and your son is separated because of your daughter-in-law,” Joey reminded. “So tell us more about Lady Doctor.”

“Here’s a pic of her,” Eli pulled out his phone and showed them the selfie he and Erica took the night before, “that’s Erica.”

Joey and Nicola were impressed with Erica. She was beautiful with a smile that traveled up to her eyes. “Very pretty, Eliodoro.” Nicola approved. “Very pretty.”

“So yeah, I’m just seeing where it goes before I tell Faith.” Eli sent a quick text to Erica. “It might be nothing or something.”

“She deserves to know soon,” Nicola advised. “You shouldn’t lead her on to get her hopes up if you’re seeing someone else.”

“I know. I’m going to tell her when the time’s right. Hopefully soon.” Eli replied. “She has a right to know.”

“Eli,” Maria opened the conference door, “I’m sorry to interrupt but there’s a lady out in front asking to see you.”

“Who is it?” He asked.

“She says her name is Katilyn,” Maria shrugged.

“Katilyn?” Eli got up and followed Maria out of the room. “I’m not familiar with a Katilyn.”

Joey waited a few moments then chuckled. “You know how to keep silent when the mood suits you, Ma.”

“What do you mean?” She jotted some notes down. “I merely said his new girlfriend was pretty.”

“And you and I both know Erica is a carbon copy of Faith,” Joey smiled. “Eli certainly has a type.”

“I’m wondering what Erica thinks of all of this,” Nicola mentioned. “She doesn’t seem like the type who wants drama.”

“How would you know? Some Type A women want drama in their lives.”

“No, not doctors,” Nicola shook her head, “they don’t have time for that. They’re too busy saving lives to worry about what the next person is doing.” She stopped writing. “There’s a saying I like, ‘Water often rises to its own level.’”

“Birds of a feather flock together,” Joey replied.

Nicola nodded. “Erica won’t last long because she doesn’t want drama and your brother is full of it. Simone never had a chance because she would try to create the same drama he had with Faith.”

“But Faith is perfect because…”

“Despite how much your brother claims he’s tired of her dramatical, as he calls it, he’s used to it. Faith brings a certain element to Eli’s life that no other woman could or ever will.” Nicola smiled. “They’ll be back together and I have a feeling, relatively soon. Sometimes people are put together because God ordains it and no one can come between that.”


A character profile featuring all of the brothers will be on sale tomorrow for 99 cents.

Part Two of Eli’s character profile will be posted on the blog tomorrow.

Love is available now.

War will be out this spring.

#ThrowbackThursday: Love

Love large

“Gather around, gentlemen. Gather around,” Nick dealt out cards as the brothers and Art gathered for their poker game. “This is New York style poker. If you ain’t got the goods, please take your ass home and let the big boys play.”

“I got your big boy right here,” Tony added as he perused his cards, “one month of shave, mani and pedi, and cut.”

“What?” Joey sat back and the others looked at Tony, astonished. “Someone ain’t playing tonight!”

“I’m feeling myself, I’m feeling myself.” Tony replied. “What’s up? Put up or shut up.”

“Okay, I got you four tickets to any Broadway play,” Joey added. “Let’s go!”

“No waiting list to any restaurant in New York,” Eli quietly replied and the others sat back in their chairs. “Yeah, this reality show bullshit came in handy.”

“Two months of Sunday dinners,” Nick added and everyone knew he was serious. It was no secret Nick threw down in the kitchen. “Yeah, I’m not fucking around tonight.”

“I got you one month of maid service and an additional month of child care,” Kieran placed his bet. “Top that.”

“A trip to Italy for an entire week,” Art added and all of the brothers fell silent. “Daddy’s home.”

“So how is everything going, Brother Eli?” Nick began as he studied his cards. “It seems awfully quiet on your part.”

“Everything’s going great.” He smiled. “The baby’s keeping us up but that’s to be expected. But no complaints here.”

“That’s all good but I think he means the other thing,” Joey chimed in. “She Who Shall Not Be Named with a Lifelong Package That Should Not Be Discussed.”

“You can go ahead and say their names. They’re not lepers.” Eli defended.

“Any news on that?” Kieran asked. “Last time I heard anything, you wanted a DNA test.”

“I did ask for one several times.” Eli tossed out two cards. “She’s slow going on it.”

“Slow going?” Art repeated. “She doesn’t want the test?”

“I don’t know what she wants. First, she wanted just me to be involved in Elena’s life. Then, when I went to visit her in Houston, she tried to fuck me…”

“What?” Joey laughed. “She still want that old thing back?”

“I have no idea what the hell is going on,” Eli shook his head. “So I told Ma about it and she was the one that demanded the DNA test.”

“Well, Mom’s about that money.” Nick added. “She ain’t trying to give it away.”

“Damn straight!” Joey scoffed. “After all the shit I went through to make sure our great-great-great-great grandchildren will be set for life? Bullshit that bitch is getting our money!”

“Hmmph…” Tony harrumphed.

Kieran looked over to his brother. “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“Am I the only one seeing any of this?” Tony asked.

“Seeing what?” Eli questioned. “Fool, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Are you for real?” Tony moved his cards around. “Wow…”

“Tony, I really don’t…” Eli began.

“Simone and Faye got pregnant around the same time, bro. If I remember correctly, the time between Faye and Darren breaking up and her reconciling with you were only a matter of days.” Tony added.

Eli settled his cards down and took a long swig of beer. “You just need to hurry up and say it.”

“Say what you’re already thinking and feeling?” Tony questioned. “Say what everyone else in the room is probably wondering? You don’t want me to say it or anyone else because if we do, it means the possibility is there and let’s be real for a moment, Eli, can we? Let’s be real for just one moment – while you hope Faye can forgive the fact you might have an outside child, you and I both know…hell, everyone in this room know, that there is no way in hell you’d be able to forgive an outside child by her.”

“Dude, you don’t think I haven’t thought of that?” Eli replied. “You don’t think I look at E.J. and wonder if he’s truly mine? You honestly think I’m just going around with my head in the clouds?”

“You’ve been pretty vocal about Simone, bro,” Nick chimed in as the others agreed, “we didn’t know what to think.”

“Simone coming back is funny as all hell and anyone can see that,” Eli acknowledged, “but it doesn’t take away from the elephant in the room known as my wife and her little friendship with the quarterback.”

“You said it yourself Faye started talking to Darren again while she was pregnant with E.J. Why else would a married pregnant woman, committed to working on her marriage, would be in contact with her ex-boyfriend during that time?” Kieran asked.

“They have a point, Eli.” Nick added. “It is suspect.”

“I’m just saying…” Tony placed his bet. “…if Elena is getting a DNA test, so should E.J.”


Wouldn’t that be something if Eli was the father of Elena but not E.J.? *smile*

Love is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords. Soon to Kobo, and selected local libraries. Print version coming soon to Amazon.

& War…the follow-up to this will be out sometime this year. (I’m purposely not announcing the release date but it’s sooner than you think.)

#TeaserTuesday: Sweet Spot #contemporary #sportsromance


Unedited Snippet: 

“I’m so gonna hit you in the face!”

Bobbi stood a safe distance from Quinn in his large backyard as she casually bounced a baseball in her hand. Quinn squatted lower and held the catcher’s mitt out from his face. “No, you won’t.”

“Dude, if I break your face, the Dodgers are going to kill me.”

“You’re very confident in your pitching,” Quinn nodded. “I like a woman who’s confident.”

“Whatever!” Bobbi laughed. “Here it goes but if I poke your eye out, you better not blame me.” She wound back her arm and threw the ball. It bounced and limped over to Quinn.

Quinn still had his arm out, despite the baseball was ten feet from him. “Okay, that’s a good start. Let’s try another one.”

“I was distracted!” Bobbi defended and laughed. “Too many pancakes.”

“It’s okay you suck, honey.” Quinn smiled. “We can’t be good at everything.”

“Oh, what?” She smiled. “For your information, I’m good at a lot of sports like tennis, basketball, and I can even play a little football.”

“And apparently you suck at baseball,” Quinn nodded.

Bobbi narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend. “I got something for that ass.”

“I sincerely hope you do!” Quinn hit the mitt and extended his arm again. “Let’s go.”

Bobbi wound her arm back and threw another pitch. The ball landed in the mitt and Quinn nodded. “That’s my girl. Let’s keep it going.”

For the next several minutes, Bobbi threw pitch after pitch to Quinn. Finally after the last one, she was exhausted. “Dude, my arm is jelly.” She sat down on the plush grass. “How do you do this every night?”

Quinn grabbed a couple bottles of water and sat next to her. “For the love of the game. Plus, your techniques really do work some magic.”

“That’s why they’re paying me the big bucks,” she took a swig of water, “I can do it when no one else can.”

“You are one of the best,” he looked over at her, “why did you go into physical therapy?”

“I wanted to become a doctor but I couldn’t handle the thought of surgery. I wanted to show there are other ways to relieve pain without relying on painkillers, especially in athletes where the rate of addiction is super high.” She shrugged again. “So I went into physical therapy. I was contemplating opening my own clinic when I got the call from the Dodgers.”

Quinn nodded. “Do you think you’ll still open your clinic?”

“I don’t know,” she looked out into the bright Los Angeles sky, “traveling during season takes up a bunch of my time and the off-season is very short. I know it’ll be successful as all heck but it’s just a matter of putting that much effort into something. I wouldn’t be able to travel with the Dodgers or any other team. I would have to stay put here.”

A brief silence passed between the pair before Quinn spoke again. “I don’t want be a reason you don’t open your clinic.”

He was and they both knew it. Opening her clinic meant she would have to quit the Dodgers and be in Los Angeles full time while Quinn traveled during the season. She knew how long, grueling the schedule was, and maintaining a commitment long-distance relationship was hard on any couple.

Bobbi exhaled a deep breath and chewed her lips. “I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to.” He looked over at her. “But I’m putting it out there in case that is an issue. I don’t ever want to be a reason why you don’t pursue your dreams.”

Bobbi wasn’t sure how to respond to that. She’s never had a man who was fine with her goals and dreams, and didn’t mind playing a background role so she could pursue them. It made her feel surprisingly uncomfortable. “Okay,” she took another swig of water and stood up, “ready to start pitching again?”

Quinn caught Bobbi’s deflection and let it slide. They’ll revisit the conversation again when she was ready; he just hoped it would be soon. “Let’s go.”


In the back of the D’Amato Bros. novelette will be an extended sample of the next sports romance, featuring Quinn Riordan. He made guest appearances in the Breakaway series and The Ex-Factor (Scott & Mariana).


#ThrowbackThursday: Love #romance #contemporary

Love large

In front of Erica was one of the most extravagant flower designs she’d ever seen. She recognized the hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. There were a host of other flowers she didn’t recognize. Included in the arrangement were small personal effects –miniature versions of Louboutins, a cell phone, tablet, and a Doc McStuffins character. “It was the closest thing we had in the shop of a Black doctor so we’re working on that,” he snuggled against her neck, “so I hope it’s not too cheesy for you.”

Erica turned around with tears in her eyes. Eli wasn’t sure if they were of excitement or frustration. With women, it was always hard to tell. “I fucking love it! I normally wouldn’t say the ‘f word’ but I really do love this!”

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “I’m really glad to hear that.”

Erica stepped back and undid her halter. With a quick movement, the dress fell to the floor. She wore her finest V-string and high heels. “Can I thank you now?”

She was a goddess. Her supple skin shimmered in the light and Eli felt the heat emitting from her body. A yearning stirred inside him again and this time, it was louder and deafening. She made him realize something he’d long buried and didn’t want to remember. Eli picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Oh, yes you can.”

They fell on the bed and Eli took a moment to just look at the beauty of Erica. Her breasts reminded him dark chocolate teardrops. He caressed her taut stomach and she shivered at the touch. He kept one hand on her midsection while slowly tracing her white lace panties with his free hand. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Erica squirmed beneath him, frustrated she had to keep still but secretly liked the torture. “Eli…”

“Shh…” He closed his mouth on hers. Slowly, he tasted her, pushing his tongue inside to explore more. She tasted of wine, sugar, and coffee. She reminded him of old feelings and took him back to when he was young and free of responsibilities and commitments. He felt lost within her and he’d barely touched her.

His hands caressed her thighs, moving down to the balls of her feet and slid his hands back up to her waist. She felt comforting and her body responded with every caress and exploration.

Erica closed her eyes and felt she was sent to a long fantasy, somewhere far away. Eli’s hands were magical and surprisingly gentle. She felt every emotion as it entered her body and soul – need, impatience, lust, and desire. Her skin was hot to the touch and she felt She briefly wondered how it would be when he was finally inside her.

Eli suddenly pulled her up and he quickly undressed in front of her; his eyes never left hers. Erica almost gasped at the beauty of him – a muscular build complemented with strong arms and a six-pack she’d already imagined tracing her tongue over it. His abs led to strong legs and a very impressive and hardened cock between them.

“On the bed,” he demanded, and Erica quickly climbed back on it. Eli joined her again, placing a series of small kisses all over her body before meeting her lips once again. His hands traveled down to her heated, wet slit. He heard an audible gasp and soft moan as he began to play with her.

His mouth captured one of her breasts, tracing her nipple with his tongue before he gently nipped at it. “So beautiful,” he moaned as his fingers kept stroking her sex, “so damn beautiful.”

“Don’t stop, Eli…” She moaned. Her skin was hot to the touch and her normally calm, collected, and cool personality flew out of the window. She was always a good girl and did everything by the letter and by the book.

Then Eli…he didn’t even say a word to her. He didn’t force himself or made any snide remarks and Erica gave up the panties without a request. She could finally see what every woman in world did.

She breathed in short pants before the orgasm washed over her body. “That’s it,” his deep voice whispered as she moaned into his mouth, “that’s it.” He withdrew from her and got off the bed. He retrieved the condoms he brought with him and sheathed one on.

He pulled Erica by her ankles and ripped her panties off before he kneeled on the bed. He ran his cock up and down her wet slit before he slowly entered her. She felt so tight and welcoming like a velvet glove. He felt like heaven.

He slowly drove into her as he studied her reaction. Her full lips cooed and gasped with each thrust. Her pussy contracted and clamped down with each movement and Eli thought he was about to lose it. Erica made him feel alive and reborn, a feeling he’d long forgotten about.

Eli brought Erica up to his level and they rode each other as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They pressed foreheads together and locked eyes, moving as one and moaning into each other’s mouths. Erica was close, so close, and she wouldn’t be able to stave off the orgasm any longer. Eli felt it too and rocked her harder on his cock before she finally came. Her body shook and her screams filled her apartment.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned as he thrust a few more times and met his own release. They tightly held onto each other as her pulsating pussy milked his cock. They fell back onto the bed, still entangled with each other and lightly covered with sweat.

Erica chuckled. “You probably lost all kinds of respect for me now.”

Eli shook his head and caressed Erica’s cheek. “You saved my son’s life. I’ll never lose respect for you.”


Erica’s making a comeback….

Love is available NOW everywhere; print version coming soon.

#TeaserTuesday: Super Rich Kids #YA #contemporary


She never understood the addiction to coffee until she became old enough to enjoy it.

As Coco nursed her second iced latte of the day, she worked on yet another hacker project. Some kid in Chicago wanted his report card of C’s and D’s to turn into A’s and B’s. Coco had to reason with him; if he barely went to class, didn’t do any homework, and hardly participated in class projects, no one was going to buy he was a stellar student.

I can change everything into five B’s and one C. She said over text.

Deal. The guy replied. All that for five hundred?

Oh no. You want me to walk on water. Two Thousand minimum.

I don’t have Two thou.

Then you’re repeating the 11th grade.

A few minutes passed before Coco received another text. Deal.

Good. Here’s my routing number. I expect the money within five days. Once I get the money is when you get new grades. If it takes you more than five days, don’t contact me again.

She put away the burner phone and calmly sipped her iced latte. It was so hard being a boss chick at times.

“Excuse me?” A blonde girl approached Coco. “Are you PharanØid?”

Coco could never tell if it was someone who needed her help or someone who was acting undercover. “Is the sky falling?”

“No,” the girl brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, and sat down at Coco’s table, much to Coco’s dismay, “I was with the group the other day.”

Coco stared at the blonde girl for a long moment and wondered how badly did she wanted to get ethered on the spot. “I’m not your Negro.”

“No, I want your help.” The blonde paused for a beat. “I actually need it.”

“I already outlined my rates and services the other day and I don’t like to repeat myself so if this is concerning that…”

“Actually, it’s concerning this…” The blonde slid a document over to Coco. “My father was in the news recently.”

Coco stared at the blonde again before she took the document against her better judgment. She cautiously opened it and saw media villain Kaili Sam’s face. He famously hijacked the price of a life-saving device to unaffordable costs, causing international outrage. “What’s love got to do with it?”


Meet Coco, the non-binary computer hacker when Super Rich Kids drops this spring.

#TeaserTuesday: War

A small silence passed between the men. “Doesn’t it bother you, Eli? Before me, you were the only man Faith was ever with. She had nothing and no one to compare anything to. Now each time you make love to her, in the back of her mind, she’s comparing us and wondering which one stacks up.” Darren slowly sipped his coffee. “That would bother me.”

“Actually, it doesn’t,” Eli leaned forward and Darren raised a surprised eyebrow. “You see, Faye had her fun with you but she came back home. She came back to Daddy. So it doesn’t matter if she compares the two of us forever. Whatever you did during that weekend clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy her for the rest of her life.”

“She still contacts me, Eli.” Darren taunted.

“No, she did contact you but you know why she stopped, don’t you?” Eli smiled. “She saw the game you were running on her and she quickly realized you were a nice fantasy but absolutely nothing like the reality she has every single day.” He softly chuckled. “Oh, you’ve seen her naked but can you tell me her dreams? Can you tell me a story about her that doesn’t involve you? Can you tell me her fears, her hopes, her aspirations? No, you can’t. You want to know why? Because you don’t care.

“You may have been infatuated with my wife at first, I’ll give you that much. But after a while, it became a game to you. She played a role that you made you dick-hard to direct. What we both know and Faith is slow to catch on is she’s another chick to you. She’s Harlem girl. What about the one in Miami? What about the one in San Francisco? Oh yeah, you want to be Faye’s white knight and take her away from her big, bad husband but my man, you’re no better. You’re actually worse.

“I swear you white guys slay me with your bullshit sometimes. You get a show like Scandal on TV and now every motherfucker thinks he can be president and bang a black chick on the side because that’s what’s trendy. Let me ask you, Darren…did you actually want my wife or did you want to channel your inner Thomas Jefferson fantasies with a modern day Sally Hemings?”

Darren stood up and Eli calmly sipped his tea as he watched the man stand over him.

“I wish you would,” Eli softly replied.

I should preface this with I’m not entirely sure when this book is coming out. Details of the book release are in the back of Nothing Even Matters.

#TeaserTuesday: Superpower


The way she walked into the firm, she’d turned heads. She was lithe, but the only thing small about her was her size. She exuded power and wealth.

He watched her from his corner office as he strolled towards him. Dark, round shades covered her eyes as well as a wide-brimmed hat. She carried a Chanel clutch and he was certain her entire ensemble was rather expensive.

She never did anything cheap. Her clothing, her homes, her lifestyle…even the people she’d upgraded all came with a steep price.

They never bothered each other unless it was necessary. It was part of the reason why they meshed. They never had time for mindless bullshit chatter. Get straight to the point and tell me how much this is going to cost. No need to beat around the bush.

Now she was standing in front of him. “Hello, Scott.” Sanora held onto the S.

Advertising wunderkind Scott Reed kissed his mentor’s hand and led her into his office. He closed the door behind him and fixed her a drink. She always had a penchant for whiskey and was one of the few women who did.

“Okay, Scott, I’m done.” A woman came into the main office from the side room. She had blonde hair, a boyish figure, and a rather adventurous tone of voice. “Oh, hello. I didn’t know you had company.”

“Jennifer, this is my mentor, Sanora. Sanora, this is my IT executive, Jennifer.” Scott introduced the women to each other.

“Pleasure to meet you, Jennifer.” Sanora shook the younger woman’s hand.

“Pleasure is all mine!” Jennifer cheered. “I need to head back to my desk now. It was lovely to meet you.” She waved bye as she left.

Sanora waited for the door to close behind before she spoke. “That was a rather colorful individual.”

“That was Jerry.” Scott caught himself. “I’m sorry, Jennifer. She’s transitioning.”

Scott was a Southerner who was liberal in some aspects but very conservative in many others. “I’m honestly surprised you’re that open-minded to hire a trans person,” Sanora smiled.

“I knew her as Jerry, and she was honest she was transitioning. I asked if it was going to affect her work at all and she said no, so I told her spare me the details.” He waved a hand in the air. “I’m going to be honest, I still don’t get it but it’s not my place to judge.”

“Good for you and good for her.” Sanora was pleased. “But I’m here for something else.”

“Ah, yes.” Scott took a sip of whiskey and set the tumbler down. “Caleb Kelly.”

“I need someone to handle Caleb’s PR. He’s being pulled in many different directions and I need someone to push him into the right direction.”

“There’s a reason you chose this firm, though,” Scott replied, “you could’ve chosen any firm out there and you chose this one.”

“Your firm has a diversity that cannot be matched. There is literally something for everyone here. Straight, gay, trans. Black, White, Latino, Asian. Male, Female. You have everything and that’s what I like about it.” Sanora sensually grinned. “But I’m here for a specific person.”


“You’re brilliant, Scott. The campaigns you come up with and approve are amazing. I really enjoyed what you did with Sydney and Dean Winchester. But I need someone different for Caleb.”

“You need someone who’s not White?” He replied.

“Preferably and we both know why.” Sanora slowly blinked and smiled at her former lover. “I need someone to soften his image. I need someone to tell him it’s okay to post about police brutality and talk about the vegetarian pasta he had the other night. I need someone to balance him and handle his accounts.”

“I have a list of employees who can do just that,” Scott replied, “this would be the perfect setting for any of them.”

“I don’t want just any of them,” Sanora turned to her protégé. “I want Mariana to handle Caleb.”

“My girlfriend?” Scott blinked at her.

“A Black woman needs to handle Caleb’s account and I chose her for that reason. She’s smart, beautiful, and articulate. She can be his eyes and ears while he focuses on football.” Scott’s face was blank and Sanora sensed there was an underlying issue. “Is that a problem?” She inquired.

“No,” Scott supported Mariana’s newfound activism from a silent perspective. He wasn’t sure how he felt about her bringing it home. “I’ll talk to her about it today.”


Superpower (State of Affairs #2) is out now. Part 3 will be out this spring.

A new Scott & Mariana book will be out in a few weeks. More details to come.


#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way


“So,” he played with my fingertips with his, “did you want to go back inside and try again?”

I hoped this time around was more pleasurable than last night but I also didn’t want to go through that ever again. “I’m nervous,” I admitted, “last night was quite painful.”

He nodded. “I know but the more you do it, the easier it’ll become,” he smiled at me, “we need you to become more comfortable with your body and everything it can do. I’m sure you know it pretty well already with practice.”

“Practice?” My eyes narrowed at him. I hope he doesn’t mean if I…? “Playing with myself?”

Ian simply blinked at me as if I asked a question with an obvious answer. “Yes.” He read my face to look for confirmation but all he received was confusion. “You’ve never masturbated?”

“No, never.” I admitted. I don’t know why the thought makes me ashamed. I’m sure there are a lot of women who’ve never masturbate at all and they have happy sex lives. I’m also pretty sure the same people still use VCRs.

“You should. You’ll get to know your body very well.” Ian replied. “You’ll find out what you like and don’t.”

The thought of fingering myself didn’t sound appeasing to me. Nor did sticking some foreign apparatus in me. “Okay.”

I felt Ian’s glare as I became lost into my thoughts. He wasn’t convinced I wouldn’t do the homework he’d assigned. The look on his face was hard to read. He was either frustrated or…determined.

“Come inside.” He got up and went back to his bedroom, only to reappear a short time later. I followed him inside and stayed put in the living room. He had some large device in his hand I would later discover was the Hitachi. “Come here and take off your jeans,” he ordered me.

I did just that and walked up to Ian. He hoisted me up on the counter. He reached up and pulled down my panties, tossing them aside. His eyes had a devilish twinkle in them as if he knew he was up to no good and wanted me to come along for the ride. Somehow, I didn’t think I would mind riding shotgun (his).

He kissed me, sweeping his lips across mine before he softly played with my tongue. “Spread your legs,” he commanded and I complied. “Look at me.”

I held his gaze. His blue eyes were intense, his nostrils were slightly flared, and an erotic current flowed between us. I had a feeling he didn’t want me to look anywhere else and I wasn’t about to disobey him. It was so hot.

He turned on the Hitachi and placed it on my sex and I immediately yelped. “Take it,” he softly spoke. “Keep your eyes open and focused on mine.”

I nodded and bit my lip as the pleasure coursed through my body. He dragged the vibrator against my opening and held it there. It was intense. It was wild. It was everything.

He turned the vibrator onto a higher speed and I moaned, calling out his name as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I obeyed him; I didn’t remove my eyes from his. I felt every emotion and energy exchange between us like never before. He took me to a higher plane, to something unknown and erotic.

My sex fluttered on the first taste of climax. “Ian…” My voice came out light and wispy. “I’m about to come.”

“I know,” his authoritative voice drove me wild with lust, “I want to see how many times you’re going to.” He increased the speed again and I shrieked with a muffled cry as the orgasm washed over my body. “Good. That’s one.”

His lips crushed mine as he closed the distance between us. My sex thumped against the Hitachi and I squirmed on his counter. His lips trailed down to my neck and gently sucked on it while my arms wrapped around his neck. “Ian…Ian…” My legs uncontrollably shook and it felt like I had no control of anything anymore.

It was part of Ian’s game. He wanted to be in absolute control, a silent power exchange that only needed to be understood and not spoken aloud. I couldn’t get enough of it.

“Seeing you come is so beautiful,” Ian moaned against my ear, “you don’t know what it does to me to see you in such pleasure created by me.”

Coherent sentences simply couldn’t come out of me. I felt the heat rise in my belly. I trembled, heavily breathed, and squirmed on the counter. I was actually trying not to come again but my body betrayed me.

The orgasm ripped through my body like a current and this time I screamed out Ian’s name. Sweat formed on my body and my legs finally stopped buckling. It was so good and we were finally done.

That’s what I thought until I felt Ian turned the vibrator onto the highest setting. Apparently, we weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

“I don’t think I can come anymore,” I breathed against him.

“Yes, you can and you will.” He growled against my ear. “I want to see you fall apart against me.”

Moans and grunts came out of my mouth in all forms of pitches and registers. I couldn’t even recognize the raspy, breathy, and desperate moans came out of me. Who was this person? Where did she come from?

Ian’s free hand squeezed my breasts, tweaking the nipples while the other hand steadily remained on the Hitachi. My sex moved in tandem of the vibrator, wanting more of it.

“I thought you said you didn’t like toys?” Ian teased me. Damn him.

“I…I…” The words could barely come out of my mouth. “I like…th-th-this one…”

I felt powerless as I repeatedly begged him, crying out his name. I never knew such pleasure from a simple toy, yet it was beyond my wildest dreams. It was a conundrum of sorts – I wanted the torture to end but I never wanted it stop at all.

On Ian’s kitchen counter, with his windows open, his neighbors heard me climax for the third time that morning.

I wrapped my arms around his neck so hard, I put him in a headlock. I shrieked and cried as the third orgasm crashed into my body like a giant wave. I was dizzy, breathless, and completely incoherent and bumbling. I’m sure I also drooled over Ian’s expensive shirt.

He picked me up and carried me back to bed and laid down next to me. He snuggled next to me as my head rested on his chest. I felt the soft thump of his heartbeat while his fingers threaded through my curls as sleep found me.

Ian was my everything. And I was his.

#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way


I can imagine showing up with Ian at the next Thanksgiving. My family accepts all (well, most) and his race wouldn’t be a factor. His wealth, however, might make Sam cry. “Well, my family gets down,” I proudly smiled, “I’ll send them your regards.”

“Always, always.” He chuckled. “What did you cook?”

“I don’t cook,” I shook my head, “I bake.”

“Okay, what did you bake?” He folded his arms.

“The best Duncan Hines yellow cake ever.” I nodded. “With the chocolate frosting to boot.”

“Duncan Hines yellow cake?” He repeated with obvious question marks floating in his irises. “I don’t believe I’ve heard of it.”

Ian is so down-to-Earth that sometimes I forget when people are in a different tax bracket, they’re not familiar with the same things we are. What’s normal to us – going to the bank, eating at McDonald’s, shopping at the mall – is completely foreign to them.

I have a feeling I’m going to be teaching Ian a whole lot about how the other side lives. “Let me get you a slice.” I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of the Duncan Hines. I also poured a small glass of milk because I know he’s going to need it. “Try it and see.” I handed him the plate and glass.

Ian examined the cake like it was a science experiment before he took a bite. He didn’t have the same orgy-in-my-mouth reaction to my family’s food, but he didn’t hurl the cake across the room, neither. “Not bad. Maybe a bit sweet for my taste.” He sipped the milk. “How come you don’t cook?”

“Lazy,” I admitted, “between school and studying, I just don’t want to.”

“You should. It’ll save you a lot of money.” He mentioned. “Try cooking three times a week and work up to five.”

I nodded. Three times a week? Just the number of it sounded nuts. At least I could try. “Okay.”

Ian glanced down at his super-expensive watch as the clock slowly ticked to ten o’clock. I could tell it was because it looked like a clock straight outta Disney. Instead, this wasn’t Cinderella and I don’t have any glass slippers.

Though, Ian might be my Prince Charming. What? No, he isn’t. A man who has admitted to dating (or just sexing; I tend to believe it’s the latter and not the former) two women in the month I’ve personally known him. Who knows how many are truly out there?

“I should get going. I’m sure you have a lot of things planned for tomorrow.”

Yeah, I planned waking up to online shop. No way I’m hitting those crazy crowds on Black Friday. “Not really. Just movies and hot chocolate.”

“How do you make hot chocolate?” He asked. “With water or milk?”

“Just water. You can make it with milk?”

“It’s the only way to make hot cocoa. With marshmallows and whipped cream.” He flashed that beautiful smile again.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” A small sensual air passed through us. Or maybe it was just me remembering to breathe when I’m around him. “You can stay if you don’t have any plans.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Are you asking me to spend the night with you?”

Shit. I did just ask that, didn’t I? Crap. That sounds bad. “Well, I don’t mean it like that! I mean, if you want to stay longer and watch movies or a TV show with me, we can do that.” As well. We can do that as well. You know, in addition to the other things we could do.

Ian slightly chuckled. Either at my stupidity or well, just my stupidity. “Are your roommates coming home soon? I don’t want to be burned or shanked.”

I smiled at the inside joke. Look at us, we have our own inside joke now. Geez, I’m a bigger noob than I thought. “No, Helen and Michelle are gone for the weekend. Helen lives up in the Bay and Michelle is about an hour or so in Riverside so it’s just me.” It’s just us.

“Sure,” he pulled out his Bentley key and wallet. “I would love to stay longer and watch movies with you.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of thirsty is needing water. According to street slang, however, thirsty means too eager to get some play or being rather desperate.

Is it possible I’m a little bit of both right now?


Feeling Some Type of Way is available NOW. To purchase, click here.