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New short release – Hurricane!

As I’m writing Finesse #4 (there will be five books total in that one), I decided to release a series of shorter works in the meantime.

I posted a snippet of this book on Medium (click here), and the extended snippet is on wattpad (click here). So, here’s the blurb and a sexier snippet here:


Home is where one starts from. And sometimes, it’s where one ends. 

Hunter Calhoun is the antithesis of his father, Foster, an old-school cowboy with old-school ways. When Foster died and made Hunter and a co-executor in charge of the family ranch, Hunter had to reassess what home actually meant to him. 

Larissa “Lari” Belvedere has seen her fair share of cowboys, ranchers, and city slicking-know-it-all. When her mentor/surrogate father left her in charge of the family ranch along with his eldest son, it made her wonder if there was still a spot at the place she’s called home for years. 

Worlds collide and sparks fly when Larissa and Hunter realize they are each other’s definition of home, even if they don’t realize it. 

Hurricane is an erotic romance novella about death, forgiveness, and moving on. 


Being the CEO of a very successful brand had its challenges. There were no more than thirty different types of honey on the market and Larissa always had to justify why anyone should shell out money for her premium honey. Why was hers so different from the store-bought ones? Why was hers better than the other organic brands? 

More often than not, she was challenged. Competitors thought she was overhyped. Partners wanted her to be nicer in the boardroom. No one could believe everything was her idea and not Foster’s.

Larissa was bored with all of it.

She’d spent most of her life proving people wrong to the point it was a regular pastime for her. Dare she thought, she also spent time proving Hunter wrong. 

Still, she loved the way he made her feel. She didn’t know the stark difference between being wanted and needed until him. Did she want him? Of course. But did she need him? Even Larissa couldn’t deny that.

She’d plenty of money to walk away and not look back. She chose not to. She loved Silverlake too much. Furthermore, she wanted to see where everything would go with Hunter. Could they stay professional, even if things didn’t work out? Or would he leave the first moment things became too hot? 

“May I bother you?” Hunter asked as she turned around. He stepped out into the balcony with a glass of wine and a bottle in his hand. “You were just too damn beautiful to be here alone and I wanted to interrupt you.”

“By all means.” Larissa watched him take her glass and refill it as he poured one of his own. “How was your day, baby?”

The way she said baby made Hunter’s cock twitch. Sultry, smoky, and breathless. “It was…” He clinked glasses with her. “…an adventure. I’ll meet with Savior in the morning about my role in the firm. I’m prepared to give up everything if I have to.” 

The news surprised Larissa. Hunter didn’t seem like the type to give up a career so easily. “Really? I thought you loved being a lawyer, Hunter?” She scrunched her forehead. “What about the families involved and other cases?”

“I do love being a lawyer. I’ll still handle their cases, but I wouldn’t take on new ones.” He revealed. He leaned over the balcony and breathed in the salty air. He would miss it but not as much as he already missed the quietness and peace Lockridge gave him. “But the ranch is my home. It’s my life. Working alongside you at Silverlake and learning about Sweetness did something to me. It made me realize there’s more to life than just paperwork and lawsuits.” He curled a lock of her hair behind her left ear and Larissa kissed his inner wrist. “I just…I need to be with you, Larissa.” 

“I’m not a California-type of girl, Hunter.” She replied, her voice was soft. “I came from here, but this is not me anymore. It’s fun to visit but that’s all I’ll do.” 

Hunter felt his heart about to leap from his chest. “I don’t mind that all.” 

“You’re going to give up this home?” She looked towards the mansion. It was three stories tall with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Every room had a different theme but it was aligned with the home. “It’s a beautiful home, Hunter.”

“I can rent it out or keep it for vacations.” He stepped closer to her. He put their wine glasses down on the table and turned his attention back to her. “I just want to be with you in Montana.” He eyeballed Larissa’s hair. “I never asked this because it’s truly none of my damn business, but it is okay I yank your hair tonight?”

Larissa’s eyes widened as pleasure hummed underneath her skin. A carnal need took over, making her grab Hunter by his neck and kissed him hard. He returned the favor by picking up Larissa and carrying her inside to the living room and laying her down on the sofa. He reached up her dress and pulled down her panties, tossing them over his shoulder. 

He looked down at Larissa and saw how beautiful she looked, spread out just for him. Her pussy had a light covering of hair. The folds were nice, slick, and tight. He reached up and unbuttoned the yellow sundress, exposing her full breasts, and he unclasped the bra. They fell right into his hands. 

Larissa let out a soft moan when she felt Hunter’s mouth cover one breast and then the other. Her body tingled with anticipation when she felt his hand crawl down to her sex and played with her budding clit. She gasped at the invasion of one finger inserted, then another.

“So fucking tight for me,” Hunter moaned before he sucked on Larissa’s neck, “so unbelievably tight.” He fingered her softly. “Did you want to feel my cock inside there, baby?”

Oh, fuck!” Larissa moaned as her body writhed underneath him. It was a pleasure she’d never felt before, and her mind was on overload.

“Is that a yes?” Hunter inserted another finger as his thumb massaged her clit. “I need a yes, baby.”

Ohmygod!” Larissa arched her body off the sofa. The orgasm seized her body before she could even get a response out. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. Damn that man and his fingers. 

“I take it as a yes,” Hunter chuckled and turned her over. He flipped her dress over her ass and quickly undid his slacks, pulling out his hardened cock. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet slit before he slid inside. Her pussy gripped so tight, so warm. “Fuck, Larissa…” 

Hurricane will be exclusive on Kindle Unlimited for a short run before made available everywhere else.

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News You Can Use

Hello Everyone!

I would say Happy 2022, but it’s already on that bullshit. So, I will say, I hope your 2022 is wonderful and prosperous.

I had a rather difficult 2021. I’ve always been a private person so I won’t divulge what it was, but it was very tough year. But now things maybe on the up and up so now, let’s get into it.

Short stories:

I started writing short stories again and it’s been hella fun. For now, I’m releasing them on Medium (click the link to view). Just something to do as I write the longer stories.

Scott & Mariana:

After a long hiatus, this couple is coming back and nastier than ever. A lot of current events will be worked into the story such as race relations, social justice, and BDSM with the Master/sub dynamic. It’ll be explosive.

This series will be wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

State of Affairs:

Briana Gooding is finally coming back this year. She was supposed to out last year but offline issues prevented that. Expect this series to be racially-charged, sexy, and full of surprises.

This series will be wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

D’Amato Brothers:

Tony/Krista: They will not have a full conclusion. I attempted to give them a book – Stay With Me – that was going to be the first part of a two-part series. I wanted to explore Krista’s background and how she came to be how she was and then, I wanted to explore the changes of sudden motherhood did for her in the follow-up. Well, my plans were great but the execution, not so much, lmao. That book didn’t do well at all. At all. So, they won’t have a legitimate story conclusion.

Faith/Eli: I only plan to have one more book of this couple. I’ve been told by a few readers my books are too long (not sure what that means since other authors write much longer works but it is what it is), so I’m breaking up Faith and Eli into smaller novellas, short stories. The good news with that is the stories will come out much quicker and they’ll be in succession, meaning you can’t really read one without reading what came before it.

The bad news: they’ll cost more and no, they will not start at 99 cents.

The Faith/Eli books will be available wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.


I fixed the issue with Book 2 (the wrong manuscript was uploaded so it’s all good now). The short story novella I just released – Run This Town – is doing so-so. I’ll have to wait and see if it picks up. If it does, A Boy is A Gun will come out as scheduled this spring. If it doesn’t, it stops at Run This Town. I’m okay with that.

New couples/new stories:

I have a lot of new stories coming out. A lot of it will not be as hardcore as some of the others. Think The Nanny, think the Breakaway series. I’m very excited about these super brand-new characters.

That is all. I hope you all are doing wonderful and great.



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#SundaySnippet: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse #3)

Unedited Snippet:

Checking my cell phone for the umpteenth time that day, there was no word from Taylor at all. I wanted to chalk up her emotions to the pregnancy and she was just all over the place. I knew that was bullshit. 

She really didn’t want to be with me at all. 

I wish I could say I didn’t know what the hell happened but I know better. Once Taylor had calmed down and got some clarity about everything, she packed up and left. No good-bye note. No big dramatic exit. No cursing or fighting. She packed up her shit and left. 

I can’t say I blame her. I put her and the baby in real harm and they could’ve been killed. Could’ve been. I knew they weren’t going to be and Taylor now knows that. But if she wanted to leave, she was going to leave no matter how I felt about it. 

I gave up the life for her and Taylor still left me on read. I love Taylor and want to be with her. She’s also having my baby. I need them both in my life. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get them back and I will. 

I walk back outside in the blazing Atlantic City heat and hopped into the awaiting Escalade, where Que is in the backseat. He’s on the phone with another contact and I just let him talk. He’s running things now and I’m just along for the ride. 

“Keep me posted.” He gets off the phone and tosses it on the seat. “We got a problem.”

“Oh?” I motion to the driver and he puts the truck into drive. 

“Atlanta P.D. has a newfound interest in the Administration because of what happened to Jacqueline. She was their contact for a lot of stuff.” Que scrolled through his phone. “To say they’re a little upset with her death is putting it nicely.”

I shrug. “Tell me why I should care.” 

“She had a contact with the police department, who has a contact at the DEA…” Que trails off and pauses for a moment. I don’t rush Que because I know he’s trying to collect his thoughts. He doesn’t like to repeat himself and always makes sure he says something one time with enough explanation where no one could be confused as to what he said. “…how close are you with your Pops?”

The hair on my neck stands up. My father and I have a complicated relationship. We’re close but it’s still a question if we’re close because we’re related or we’re keeping track of what the other does. I think it’s a combination of both. After all, how many fathers and sons can honestly say they’ve fucked the same woman?

Once my father got wind of me being a street pharmacist, he didn’t give me the good ol’ Just Say No speech that was so damn popular when white people in the White House were sprinkling crack in the Black neighborhoods, but didn’t want their white kids doped up.  

My father decided he wanted in and he was willing to do whatever he could to make sure he succeeded. 

A fellow Congressman has a cocaine habit? My father got the best, purest coke from me to convince his enemy to sign a bill that would cause more harm than good. Another senator loved molly? My dad always had a little something for him on the golf course in exchange for some lobbyists.

My only caveat was I don’t sell in the Black neighborhoods. I just don’t. It’s not a political thing, but rather, a monetary advantage. When a white person wants to get high, they’re willing to do anything and sell anything for that hit. I can make ten times as much off one white junkie than I do off 20 Black addicts.

I support my father in public, though I don’t agree with a damn thing he does with his politics. I know his reputation both in Congress and in Atlanta. When my father isn’t actively trying to go back to the glory days of segregation, I know he is dipping his dick in anything that wasn’t white. I also know my mother, Heather, couldn’t care less because nothing was going to ruin her All-American housewife image.

My empire has laced my mother with the finest and the best. Her home is filled with Hermes, Baccarat, and Lalique. Her closet is equally expensive with Gucci, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen. While other people try to downplay their wealth, my mother wants everyone to know how rich she is. 

Que asking me how close I am with my father has nothing to do with love or loyalty for that matter. He’s asking me in not so many words would I be okay with potentially murdering my father, Senator Eric Page, for betraying me? 

And honestly, I have to think about it. “Tell me everything you know in as much detail as possible now.” 

Release date TBD. Cover reveal coming soon.

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FREE Summer Read!

I’m back on wattpad (okay, I never really left) with a free summer read!

This story picks up where Stealing Home left behind. Really surprised at the response of Stealing Home. So amazing and thank you to everyone who read it!

I hope you enjoy!!

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#SexySundaySnippet: Wifey (Finesse #2)

So, this book was supposed to come out last month. Due to a family emergency, it didn’t. I’ll make an announcement on when it’ll be released.

For the time being, the first book will be listed at 99 cents for those interested. (You might have to wait a couple of days for that to be reflected on the site you purchase from.)

Here is an exclusive snippet. Enjoy!


He came back into my life, but we both know he never really left. 

It’s different now – in order to protect me, I have to be under his watch. The lifestyle I wanted nothing to do with, I’m fully a part of. 

He promised he would take care of me as long as I don’t get involved. When danger knocks at your front door, you have no choice but to open it. 

Everyone knew me as Taylor. In Finesse’s world, I was simply Wifey. 


“If someone disrespects you, angel, they disrespect me.” Cameron’s voice is steady, though the anger is bubbling at the surface. “No negotiation on that.” He holds my face up to his. “That was beyond calling you a bitch, Tay. I knew those men. They wanted to kill Que and me, put you out on the street, and sell you to the highest bidder. Their business was sex trafficking along with drugs. Some guys around here do that and see no issue; I do.”

The realization hits me. There was a reason why Lexus and his friends stalked me like an obsessed fan that particular night. I thought they were checking me out, but it was way more than that. Cameron literally saved my life. 

“Drug lords have morals?” It comes out as a half-chuckle and we both smile. 

“Some of us do.” He grins at me. “I promise I’ll never get you involved in anything. I don’t want you to be. But there will times where I can’t tell you anything because I know people are watching me and in turn, they’ll watch you. The less you know…”

“…The better off we’re both are.” I finish his sentence and he nods. “I don’t like this, Page. I just don’t.”

“I know and I doubt you’ll ever will. Keep your focus on the shops and I’ll take care of the rest.” He kisses my forehead before he wraps his arms around me. His body is lean and firm as he presses into mine. “I’ll take care of you, angel.”

My eyes close as I hear the nickname all over again. It’s full of love, hope, and promise. “Okay.” I shake my head. “This is not a yes.” 

Cameron pulls away and cups my face. “It’s not a no, neither.” He slants his lips over mine and my body goes limp in his arms. He holds me tight as he kisses me deeper, playing with my tongue, and reclaiming me.

He lifts me up and puts me on his desk as we continue to kiss. It’s passionate. It’s desperation. It’s love. We’re both greedy for each other and don’t want to stop. He takes control of the kiss and I gladly let him. 

He gently pulls on my hair and trails his tongue down my neck, lightly sucking on it. Moans escape my mouth as I feel my pussy becoming wetter with each moment. Cameron’s strong hands claim my thick thighs and pushes them open before he slides a finger inside my slick, wet pussy. 

I gasp. He smiles. 

“Angel missed me,” he taunts as he fingers me, “your tight cunt is so greedy for me, isn’t it?”

My mind went delirious as Cameron kept fingering me. My legs naturally opened wider to give him more access and I already knew it was a mistake. Once again, I was conceding to him. I’m robbed of any sanity as something wicked awakens within me. 

It’d been a year since I laid down with him, yet my body remembers it like yesterday. He knew how to stroke me, how to play my body like a finely tuned instrument that he’d memorized. 

I locked eyes with Cameron and shocked to see the emotion in his. His brown eyes darkened with lust as he kept fingering me. A free hand slips inside of my dress and pinches my breast through the bra. He manages to pull it out right before he suckles on it. 

Fuck, I love his mouth. I love how attentive he is to my needs and knows what I want before I can ask. His mouth feels so damn good on me and I don’t realize how much I missed him. How much I missed this. How much I need him inside me. 

Cameron opens my legs wider and pulls my panties off. He lowers himself down and stares at my snatch. “God, I missed this pussy.” He whispers before he pushed his tongue in, licking all of me. 

I gasped as my hips rode the rhythm of his tongue, begging for more. His long, pointy tongue flickered over my swollen clit, making me scream in the library. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the oak desk. The moans left my mouth nonstop as Cameron kept licking me, making me beg.

“Cameron…” I panted. “…please…” My breath came out in harsh, animalistic groans. His tongue flicked against my clit and my legs began to tremble. My feet curled into tight balls within my high heels as heat rose in my belly. 

The orgasm was quick, hard, and rippled through my entire body. Cameron, oh fuck…” I screamed his name as I climaxed all over his tongue. 

Cameron gives a sexy chuckle and kisses the inside of my thighs before he stood back up. I see the obvious outline of his hardened cock in his slacks but he’s not getting undressed or pulling it out. 

He removes my panties from my ankle and stuffs them in his pocket. He straightens his tie and helps me off the desk. “You’re moving in this weekend.” He looks into my eyes, caressing my lips with his fingers. “Just to be clear, it’s not a request.”

To read extended snippets of Wifey (Finesse #2), click here.

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So About The Dude Named Scott…

Courtney P.,
You asked a while back (I just saw the notification so I apologize for responding late), on who was my muse for Scott Reed? Scott is a combination of a lot of people I know. His hobbies remind me of one guy, his fitness dedication remind me of another, his insane work ethic remind me of someone else.
So, there isn’t just one muse for him. He’s a personality-driven character and what I mean by that is I’m more focused on his character development and how he responds as oppose to how he looks.
There was a model who I felt looked very close to what I think he looks like in my mind. However, Scott Reed is one of those characters where anyone can portray him.
Scott Reed is an interesting character because this is a man, a very White one, who loves and appreciates Black culture, loves Black women, and is very aware of his Whiteness (if that’s a term).
So, he’s not trying to be Black (and he doesn’t want to be). Scott does use his privilege to his advantage and help others. He speaks AAVE when he’s around certain people (you may have noticed he spoke quite a bit of it in The Ex-Factor). He knows when to turn it on and turn it off. It will be interesting to see how Scott acts around his White girlfriend in S&M IV, Part 2.
I can honestly say Scott Reed is one of my wokest and feminist characters. The others being Nick D’Amato and Senator Jay Edwards.
I mentioned a while back how Michael Fassbender was my muse because I saw him in the Steve Jobs movie and thought, ‘Wow, he could make an amazing Scott!’ Of course, Joe Manganiello’s body is always an inspiration.
In Discipline, during the Halloween bar scene, a patron asked Scott if he dressed as Patrick Bateman (American Psycho). That kinda gives you an idea of how I saw him at the time.
Again, Scott Reed is pretty fluid so I always encourage the reader to visualize who they think will fit him best.
In terms of his accent, Matthew McConaughey was a muse. It sounds a little lazy, laid-back, until you actually listen to what Scott says and you’re like, ‘Oh, he means business.’
Imagine that Southern accent in your ear as you two are…well, you know.

Scott & Mariana suggested reading order:
III, Vol. 1
III, Vol. 2
IV, Part 1
I Need You
(IV, Part 2)
The Ex-Factor
If anyone has any other S&M-related questions hit me up on here or shoot me an email. I’m happy to respond. 🙂
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Behind the Pen: Scott’s new girlfriend (spoiler alert)


It’s occurred to me that posts re Scott and Mariana get the most mileage so I figure, I’ll cater to what the blog audience wants.

Recently, I posted this picture (same one on the tumblr account) of actress Laura Prepon with the caption she’ll be Scott Reed’s new girlfriend. The reaction was…well, how can I say this gently…interesting.

The character, who hasn’t yet been named, is the best friend of Scott’s racist sister, Christine. The new girlfriend is also into kink. I’ma let you marinate on that for a minute and see where this is going.


Now I’m not going to explain nor waste time trying to convince you, the reader, why this is a good idea. Either you think it’s brilliant or stupid.

A part of me does wonder if the visceral reaction, which was far bigger than Scott’s pairing with Dove, has anything to do with the fact that his new girlfriend is a white girl, and many don’t want like consider Scott to actually date one. (I should note, given with Scott’s very open sexual and dating history, he’s probably dated a wide range of women from different backgrounds and ethincities.)

There are a few things that readers should note:

  1. Scott and Mariana are not a couple again…yet.
  2. Mariana is/was pregnant. (The storylines in I Need You and Wait for Love are very telling if you pay close attention to them.)
  3. Um…didn’t I just post that snippet of Scott proposing to Mariana? LOL

Scott’s new girlfriend will make her debut in Part 2, release date TBD.

And there you have it,


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Behind the Pen: Scott & Mariana #nook #kindle #ebook #fiction


I always like to share little details that inspired some of the scenes in the series, like this one:

He saw her the moment he walked into EMK.


Scott briefly glanced at the DJ booth and saw B. spinning some tunes while Mariana sat behind him and twiddled something on her phone. She always had a bad habit of being on her phone, as if the damn device was glued to her fingertips. He was particularly annoyed that she would always be on her phone as they watched a movie. Then he discovered how well she could multitask and decided if she wanted to stay busy during a movie, she could blow him as well.

He blinked the memory out of his mind and motioned for one of the waitresses to tend to him upstairs in the main office as he waited for Jeff and Eric to arrive. He turned one of the cameras onto Mariana and hated the fact it was only a black and white camera. It was okay. He could use his imagination and strong memory to decipher what she wore.

She had on a dress with a plunging neckline and he remembered it was probably the one she wore to one of the charity functions she often accompanied him to. He imagined the bra and panty set she wore underneath was something he’d picked out for her. The black lacy set? Maybe. The white lacy set was actually his favorite and he loved the contrast against her dark skin.

Now another man was reaping benefits from seeing her naked. Another man was enjoying her incredible fellatio skills. Another man was riding in the car that he’d paid for. Another man would receive gifts from the money Scott had given Mariana for completing her tasks, assignments, and duties.

For the first time in his life, Scott could totally understand why OJ did it.

This scene was inspired by this skit:

S&M IV, Part 1 is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Part 2 release date TBD.

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Behind the Pen: So what’s on the menu? #YA #NA #nook #kindle #ebook


Well, a lot.

The goal is to release a new book every month for the rest of the year so I hope to stay pretty busy. I have a few books in mind and I’ll talk about them a little here:

The Breakaway series – this is my little series that could. It’s a been a sleeper success as I go into a new category and audience. There’s one more book in the trilogy and that’s it. Sydney and Dean will go off somewhere and ice-skate to HEA. The overall story so far is 42,000 words and it’s only two books. So yeah, you’re getting a full-length novel for very cheap. Consider yourself lucky.

Blow by Blow – as I mentioned before, I’m giving this book a makeover and making the heroine White like I originally had her. This will be out soon. It’ll be a New Adult erotica.

Jackson & Liane trilogy – Working on it as I speak. This is IR multicultural. There are two more books in the series. The second book should be out relatively soon.

Love & War – same as above. It’ll be tentatively priced between $7.99 and $9.99 USD. (I should note the success of other stories will be a strong factor in how much Love and War will cost, so yes, it could be even cheaper than the starting price of $7.99.) I’m struggling with pairing Tony with a Black woman for his story so I consider Love & War to be the final IR book in the D’Amato Brothers until I’m convinced otherwise.

Soul Infinity Crew – this is the S&M YA spinoff, though the lead character is a Black female and not Scott and Mariana’s daughter. This will be out later this year.

Untitled boxing story – this is a story I had in mind last year and it’ll be a joint effort with my husband since he’ll help me a lot with the translation. I’m not sure what the heroine looks like quite yet.

This is in addition to other books I plan on releasing under a different pen name. I’ve already released a few and they’re doing pretty well! (For obvious reasons, that pen name will remain a secret.)

Um, that’s about it.

Happy Loving Day!


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Behind the Pen: Where I Wanna Be and Love and War


I contemplated whether this blog post was even a good idea. I have a history, and not necessarily one I’m proud, of writing detailed blog posts that tend to go ignored by a large majority. It’s interesting. With as much traffic this blog gets on a daily basis, there are a few that will just flat-out ignore it. But then, unbeknownst to me, are shocked by some revealed details in a long-awaited book. Go figure.

Anyway, I decided to take the chance and talk about the love quadrangle of Eliodoro, Faith, Simone, and Darren.

Two years ago, while I was pregnant on bed rest, I was a little surprised to see the visceral reaction of Where I Wanna Be. It was immediately slammed and I got called all sorts of wonderful little ditties. (Everyone’s a thug behind a computer.) A few months later, another author wrote a similar book and hers was praised. And of course, so was she. The butthurt was real, yo.

I remember one reader in particular tried to argue with me on this very blog about what my intention was and how she could predict the next story, which is hilarious since at that point, I hadn’t even outlined it. And that’s when I thought…why is this particular book causing this reaction?

What was it about this book that people got their panties all up in a bunch but they cheer for the union of Olivia and Fitz on Scandal every week? Why do people justify affairs in one area but not in another?

I think so many were so upset by the book (or in some extreme cases, with the author) that I do feel a lot of people missed the point. The book was about love and redemption. Forgiveness. Growing up and even growing a pair. The book never promoted adultery nor did it justify.

I don’t know…it just seemed all of it was emotionally-based. I’m still not sure if it was the subject itself or the fact that I wrote it (I think it was the latter and not the former) that caused the hysteria. Still, two years later (and even several months later when I said I wasn’t going to write the continuation…more on that in a bit), it amuses me. The same critics who slammed me are the very ones looking forward to the sequel.

Well, now that I got your attention, let’s begin…

Writing a sequel to a controversial book took a lot of soul-searching. Not so much my meltdown but rather was this something I really want to go through again. While I laughed it off and vigorously defended it the first time around, did I really want to do that again? Motherhood changes things, namely attitude towards situations and even how much time I spend online. I also learned to ignore a whole lot. It’s better to make the haters starve than to feed them.

So anyway, I decided to finish up this story and the other D’Amato Brothers book (Tony’s story, though Tony’s story will be regularly priced at $4.99). I’m finishing up the books for the readers who wanted it. A few years ago, because I was receiving a litany of unfair negative reviews, I offered a free copy of Love and War to anyone who left a positive one. Well, I’m holding to that. If you left a positive review, you’re getting a free copy of the $7.99 Love and War book. There’s about 10 people who took me up on that offer and I still have your email addresses. As many people can attest to, I’m a woman of my word. The offer still stands, by the way.

Love & War picks up four years after everything. The D’Amato Brothers are worldwide famous now due to their reality show. Think Kardashians level of fame, that’s where they are. They’re global and have a chain of Madre’s flower shops. Everyone loves them, they’re richer than before, and here comes Simone sweeping into Eli’s life like a hurricane. And she’s not alone.

Darren is like Tom Brady (deflategate aside) so he’s more popular than before and for whatever reason, Faith still has his number (and he has hers, don’t trip). And of course, there are special guest appearances from Sanora, Scott & Mariana, since someone has to clean up the potential PR disaster.

I haven’t decided if Eli is Elena’s father or not. At first, he was. Then I decided he wasn’t. Now I’m undecided. I do know, however, whatever Eli decides to do in terms of Elena, he’s going to make somebody unhappy (Faith or Simone).

Oh, and one of the D’Amato couples might be divorcing.

Okay, I spilled enough and possibly too much. It’s going to be a wild ride, I will say that. I hope you all enjoy it. Even you too, critics.

And there you have it,