Caught between choosing me and running his empire, I knew which way he would lean. He was the most powerful man in East Atlanta and I was his. He laced me up with the finest and I never had to ask for anything; it was just given to me.

With every corner on lock, my mind couldn’t ignore the destruction and devastation he’d caused even in his own family. My body yearned to have him and every lonely night was a reminder of what was.

He promised he would take care of me forever as long as I looked the other way. The other way, however, is harder to look at if blood splatters your feet.

I knew him as Cameron but the world knew him as Finesse.


“Tell me about your past relationships.”

It wasn’t what I liked to call small, sexy talk between trysts. As we laid tangled and sweaty in the darkness, Cameron surprised me with playing 20 Questions. 

I’ve grown accustomed to this is how Cameron likes to get to know me. He likes to get personal and intimate in different ways other than the physical. It goes beyond What’s your favorite color? Or the ever-dreadful What famous person would you like to have dinner with and why? 

He’ll tell me random things about why he thinks Luther Vandross’s songs have staying power long after his death or why he could never get into Friends despite it was made for people who look like him or why he still eats hot dogs knowing what they’re made of. 

Now he’s asking about my past. 

In all of our conversations, we never talked about our past relationships. He never brought it up and neither did I. It wasn’t that I wasn’t curious but it wasn’t something that was…important, I guess? I mean, the past is in the past. Except now. 

It’s very much in my present. 

I’m laying next to Cameron, facing him. The city lights of New York twinkle outside and I feel Cameron’s calm heartbeat. He’s content and it shows. He wants us to be more open with each other. 

“I had a boyfriend back in high school. I guess he was my boyfriend. I guess we were friends with benefits and he took advantage of that. I lost my virginity to him but I can’t say he taught me anything about sex.” He told me I was horrible at giving head so I stopped trying. He never liked eating me out so he didn’t do it. 

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wet enough a few times we had sex and it was over before I could fully enjoy it. I think one time I must’ve patted his head like when a person does when they give their dog a treat. Good boy.

“I’ve been more or less the Kissing Bandit.” I reveal. “Kissed a lot of guys but haven’t hooked up with anyone else. I’ve been on a lot of dates with weird guys.” 

“What was the weirdest date you’ve been on?” I giggle and Cameron presses the issue. “Come on…tell me about it.”

“This guy took me to the Rainforest Café. He tells me ahead of time he was going to order a dish they don’t make anymore; it’s not on the menu. But he says if he asks the waitress to do it, she would oblige like they do at the other cafes.” I roll my eyes thinking about the memory. I don’t know why he couldn’t just order something different like a normal person, but hey, what do I know? “So, the server comes by to take our orders and sure enough, Genius Man orders the thing they don’t make anymore. The waitress politely tells him they don’t make it, and he makes a big fuss over it for about five minutes.” Cameron laughs at the ridiculousness of it. “The waitress goes back to talks to whoever, I guess the manager, and comes back to tell the guy they’ll make the dish, and he smirks as if saying, told you so.” I huff out a frustrated noise. “I never saw him again. Big ol’ glass of wack juice.” 

“Wack juice?” Cameron laughs even more.

“A big ol’ glass of it!” I counter. “What about you? What was your worst date?”

“Prom, senior year.” Cameron shakes his head. “Was going out with this girl for a few months. We did everything but the deed. We finally decided to be like those other clichéd stereotype couples and have sex on prom night. Except she went and got shitfaced drunk with her girls.”

“Oh no!” I gasped.

“Yeah. I spent most of the night outside of the women’s restroom, checking to see if she’s okay.” Cameron scoffs. “Finally, after ruining my prom and I’m taking her home, she asks if she could give me a blow job as if that was going to make up for the entire night?”

“I’m surprised you didn’t take up on her offer?” I question and Cameron shrugs. 

“It didn’t feel right and honestly, if I’m going to keep it one hundred, I didn’t want my dick smelling like vomit.” He laughs.  

I crack up at his words. Cameron can be so brutally honest yet keep it so calm and collected. I’m sure he gets tired of being prim and proper with every opportunity being a photo-op.

“What’s your favorite slow jam of the eighties?” He changes the subject. “There are so many.”

“Hmm…” I think of one. “I’m not sure if it’s an 80’s song. Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever.” I love that song.”

“It’s ’87.” Cameron rattles off the year like it’s some vintage wine. “He debuted in 1987. It counts.”

“You know so much about the eighties music.” I smile as my hand roams his back. He moans to my touch. 

“I like going back and getting lost in certain decades.” His brown eyes sparkle and I see a hint of a twinkle within them. “Watching 80’s movies, the music, the shows with the Very Special Episode foreboding.” I giggle and he rubs my bare back. “I don’t remember any of it, but it’s fun to explore.”

“It is.” I scoot closer to him. His cock is hard again and is slightly waving at me. “Your friend down there likes to explore. He’s been exploring all night.” 

“Mmm…he particularly loves the sweet and tight space he fits in.” Cameron’s hands travel down to my ass and he gives it a light squeeze. 

A soft moan escapes my lips and I feel my pussy eager to feel him inside again. It seems my body stays aroused whenever I’m around Cameron. “…if his master gives me some pointers, I would love it if he could explore my mouth?”

Cameron’s lips turned into a sensual curve and he kisses me. “I’m sure that can be arranged.” He gets on his back and I scoot down to where his thick, hardened cock awaits me. My eyes widen upon looking at the length of it. I’m not entirely sure what the hell I was thinking about offering Cameron some dome, but I want to try at least once.

I’ll either love it or hate it. There really is no in-between when it comes to head. 

“I’ve been eager to taste your dick all night,” I moan as I kiss the mushroom tip, emitting a low moan from Cameron. His cock is hot and soft. He smells like him and me, too, for that matter. It’s an arousing scent I can’t get enough of. 

“I love to hear that,” Cameron glances down at me. “I’ll teach you as you go along. You’ll be an expert by the end of this weekend.”

“Or a dick-hungry fiend?” I raise an eyebrow. 

“That too.” He softly replies. “Too many women think head and hand jobs are on the shaft. No, it should be focused on the head. That’s why it’s called head. Your hand and mouth should always be closer to the head as possible. A man will come so quickly with that.” He rubs my hair. “You don’t need to open your mouth super wide. Just enough to fit the head in, plus a couple of inches. That’s it.” 

I lick my lips and began to suck off Cameron. I taste the salty pre-cum and am a little daunted by it. I truly wasn’t expecting to taste it so soon. It’s not disgusting but it is unexpected. I hold the base of his cock with both hands as I focus my mouth on the tip. 

“Good girl,” he purrs, “suck slow, not too hard.” I follow his direction and he moans his appreciation. “Just like that. Switch it up a little. Add your tongue. Spit on it.”

I immediately stop sucking him and look Cameron into his eyes. “Did you just tell me to spit on your dick?”

“Yes.” His voice is flat. “The dick shouldn’t be dry or barely wet when you suck on it. It won’t be pleasurable for neither one of us.” 

“Okay.” It sounds weird and kinda gross but I trust him. After all, he’s giving me instruction on how to suck his dick and I think he would know what he likes more than I would. I quickly spit on it before I begin to suck on it again. Now I see what he’s talking about. It’s much easier to take in now. 

I swirl my tongue around it, playing with the peephole as more precum oozes out. It tastes salty, yet sweet. Flicking my tongue against his shaft, I make my way down halfway before I gag. It’s too much too soon. 

“Take your time, baby.” He encourages me. “Relax your throat.”

I take Cameron’s advice and take a deep breath while his cock is still in my mouth. I can fit a couple more inches before it’s too much. I pull up and focus on the head, sucking and slurping on it. He’s turned me into a cock-hungry whore already. 

“Play with my balls,” he moans.

I cup his balls and feel how heavy they are. They’re tight and eager to explode. He grows harder into my mouth and he thrusts up a little, fucking my face. I try to take as much as of it as I can before I gag. I would need to practice a lot more and I’m sure Cameron would be a great instructor. 

“When your mouth gets tired, you can always jack me off, baby.” He breathes heavily. His head is tilted back and he gasps for air a little. I’m rocking his world and surprisingly, it’s making me more aroused to do so. “You can always alternate.”

“I like sucking you off.” I begin to stroke his cock faster, paying closer attention to the mushroom tip like he taught me. Cameron’s legs are shaking and he’s gripping the sheets. “I love seeing you like this as well.” 

As I continue to stroke him, I lean back down to suck Cameron off some more. My mouth becomes greedy for his dick as it slides in and out of my mouth. He’s thrusting his hips, fucking my hot mouth.

My other free hand cups and massages his balls as Cameron hisses and moans his appreciation. His balls start to tighten and I think he’s about to come. Should I swallow? Spit? Pull back and have him shoot all over me? What’s a girl to do right now? 

“I’m about to come, baby.” Cameron thrusts more into my hands. His head is thrown back into the pillow and his breathing is sporadic. His cock is super hard now and he’s bout to explode. “Where do you want me to come?”

“My tits.” I quickly answer. It’s not my mouth and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, honestly. I suck him off more before Cameron pulls out and shoots all over my tits, coating them with his hot, white come. 

“Fuck!” His eyes roll back into his head and he breathes intensely, but sounds relieved. He’s spent, yet his cock is still hard. I wonder if Cameron ever goes soft. 

“I need to clean myself off.” I began to get up and Cameron stops me. 

“I’ll do it. Lay down.” He instructs. He gets out of the bed and walks into the bathroom. I never noticed how nice and firm his ass was. I could watch that man walk all day. He comes back a short time later with a wet towel to clean off my chest. He’s gentle about it and takes extra care to get everything off. It’s…dare I say, romantic.

 He discards the towel and lies next to me. “What are you thinking now?”

“I’m thinking I should probably brush my teeth,” I laugh. “I’ll be right back.” I quickly brush my teeth and rejoin him on the bed. “Much better.”

“I wouldn’t have cared but thank you for the concern,” he rubs my shoulder as I snuggle up to him. “What did you think about it?”

“I enjoyed it but I’m still iffy about the swallowing part. I did like it when you shot all over my titties, though.” I admit. “That was pretty hot.”

“Oral is an acquired taste and it’s not something everyone is instantly good at.” He kisses my forehead. “You were amazing, though.”

I kiss him again and settle into his body. “I had a great instructor.” 

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