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What happens when you hate someone so much you end up connecting with that person?

Senator Jacob “Jay” Edwards is a force to be reckoned with. With White House aspirations and a powerful wife by his side, he could only go up. When a national tragedy puts the spotlight on him, he’ll need to make it go away as soon as possible. He has his eye on the very person to help with him that.

Briana Gooding is tired of protesting, hashtagging, and being angry whenever a case of police brutality happens. When the opportunity to put a dent into Senator Edwards political dreams occur, she moves full throttle. If he won’t listen to her speaking demands, he’ll definitely listen to her in the bedroom.

State of Affairs is an erotic short that deals with race relations, police brutality, and bedroom politics.


Chapter One:

What a fucking disaster.

Republican Senator Jacob “Jay” Edwards calmly stood in front of the flat-screen TV in his bedroom as he watched the protests outside of his Newport Beach office. The city that was as diverse as the cast of Friends, was broadcasted all over the world as people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds came together for a one purpose:

Vote Jay out of office.

He softly sighed as the camera panned to different protestors. The pro-choicers were in full effect. The gun control screamers had plenty to say. The non-English speaking immigrants carried their signs – ¡Come mierda y muerte! – which Jay translated to “Eat shit and die!” He was proud his fluency in Spanish did pay off, after all.

It was the other group of protestors – Sisters United – that struck his attention. They carried numerous picket signs that held a picture of the newest victim of police brutality, Courtney Stevens, a sixteen-year-old high school student. It was bad enough the shooting happened, to which Jay considered a terrible tragedy. Once word picked up how he was connected, it became a PR disaster and his time in office was in danger.

“Well, aren’t you popular?” Jay’s wife, Jessica, approached him from behind. A svelte beauty with dark hair that matched her dark eyes, she was a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m going to kick Matt’s ass,” Jay calmly replied, “this is a complete fucking disaster.”

“Aren’t you going to meet with him shortly?” She asked. “I’m sure he’ll explain his side of the story.”

“I don’t want to know his side of the story. I’m afraid it’ll make me kill him.” Jay sighed. “I need to see my parents before we leave for the convention in a few hours so maybe once I see Matt, I’ll feel better.”

“You’re still stressed?” Jessica asked. “I thought you would be feeling better by now.”

“I was uptight ten minutes ago, but not so much now.” Jay looked down at their submissive, Aileen, as she gave him head. He loved seeing her full lips wrapped around his cock. “Our girl is doing a great job.”

“I believe so,” Jessica nodded, and winked at them both. “I found information on your other girl.” She handed him a dossier. “She’s a stunner. I can see why you’re attracted to her.”

Before Jay was a color close-up of his latest target. Briana Gooding. 23 years old. Born and raised in Inglewood. An only child of parents who never married but were no longer together. A degree in Political Science she’d never used and settled for a series of odd jobs.

She had an athletic build from long hours in the outdoor gym in the park nearby. Long, flowing locs. Dark chocolate skin. Full kissable lips. Intense brown eyes. He still wasn’t sure if her fiery attitude was a deterrent or an arousal. “Not sure if it’s really attraction or I just want to shut her up with my cock.” Jay flipped through it. “But I want to hear her point of view.”

“What do you think will happen after you two meet?” Jessica asked. “I doubt she’ll change her tune because you fucked her.”

“If I’m predicting her in person the same way I see her on TV, she won’t.” He calmly remained as he emptied into Aileen’s hungry mouth. He steadied his breathing as the orgasm coursed this his body, releasing all tension he’d previously held. He glanced down at his girl, who winked and smiled at him as she cleaned him off with her tongue. “After we meet, we’ll see.”

Aileen cleaned him up and put his cock away before she stood up. Jessica kissed Aileen, savoring her husband’s taste on Her girl’s lips. “You have fun with Matt today.” Jessica interlocked hands with Aileen and led her to the enormous four-poster bed behind them. “We’ll have fun while you’re away.”

Jay turned around and watched Aileen undress his wife before laying her down. Aileen proceeded to lick Jessica’s wet slit while Jessica played with her breasts. He felt his cock hardened again and the relaxed feeling was replaced with biting anger.

Now he was really pissed off he had to go away for a meeting.



Chapter Two:





Briana Gooding stood in front of a large and diverse group of protestors as she held up a picture of Courtney Stevens. A bubbly, smiling teenager who loved life and everyone. A straight-A student who loved reality shows and was learning to code, was gunned down by a trigger-happy policeman.

As she stood by Courtney’s mother, Leslie, Briana spoke on her behalf when the older woman was too overcome with emotion to speak. “We need to make an example of Senator Edwards now!” She roared to a cheering crowd. “He may not have pulled the trigger, but trust and believe, he is pulling the strings to make this go away. We will not stand for corruption anymore!”

Briana’s locs swayed with each movement as her dark skin, slathed in a cocoa and shea butter combination, shone by the hot Orange County sun. While others wore sunglasses, Briana didn’t shield her eyes. She wanted everyone who saw her, to be reminded of the pain, anguish, and hurt in her eyes.

“We demand Senator Edwards to take accountability for his brother’s actions!” She yelled as a crowd roared in cheers and applause. “This has got to stop! They are killing our babies! Our children! They are wiping Black people off from the face of the planet! We demand justice now!” The crowd once again erupted into applause as people chanted “Black Lives Matter!” along with “Justice Now!”

Once the rally closed up, Briana stayed behind to answer some questions and fellowship with other protestors before she headed to her car. Once she got in the almost broken-down Ford Explorer, she headed back to her home city of Inglewood. She entered her apartment on the top floor, opened every window, and turned on every fan.

The weather reporter predicted a scorching week with temps nearing 100 degrees. She could turn on her AC unit but she knew it was going to be a bill she wouldn’t be able to afford, so she suffered with the low-rent fans and prayed for cooler weather.

She took a pull of her ice cold water, rested her head against the back of her sofa that had seen better days, and closed her eyes. No little girl grows up to become an activist.

Briana could remember the days of Doug, Rugrats, and Powerpuff Girls filling up her innocent childhood before news of police brutality, injustice, and racism took over her thoughts. Hearing cases of police brutality every so often was bad but seeing them in frequency was national tragedy.

She had the calling to become an activist in her teen years, leading the Black Student Union at high school and in college. She’d been arrested more times she could remember, always for unlawful protest deemed by the police, and she didn’t doubt she was Public Enemy Number One on their radar. The threats she’d received from her YouTube channel and verified Twitter account made it clear she was not wanted.

As she looked around her almost bare apartment that only had two chairs in the makeshift dining room, a broken-down washer and dryer unit that simply held recyclables, and a too-small kitchen, Briana didn’t have to wonder why the authorities never made a visit to her place – she was already living in her personal hell.

A sudden knock at her door raised an eyebrow and Briana double-checked to see if she had her knife stashed away in her pocket. She doubted whoever visited her was about to harm her but she could never be too sure. Too many stories of friendly strangers visiting people, who ended up turning up dead, filled her mind.

Briana cautiously walked to the door and looked through the peephole. A nicely-dressed pair of a black woman and blond white man stood next to each other. They must be lost or they’re Jehovah Witnesses. Briana cracked up the door and stared down at the two. “May I help you?”

“No, we can help you.” The woman had a Caribbean accent and let herself inside. “Our bosses sent us here to deliver a gift to you.”

Briana steadily kept her hand on the pocket that contained the knife. “I’m not interested.”

“Oh, you will be,” The man spoke, and handed Briana a large envelope. “For you.”

Briana eyeballed the pair before she reluctantly accepted the package. She opened it up and saw a large amount of cash along with three airline tickets to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Briana wanted to go so she could protest in person but couldn’t afford to. Now she had the opportunity of a lifetime.

She cautiously looked up at the pair, who remained emotionless. They didn’t look like any police or FBI informants. In fact, neither looked like they worked a hard day in their lives. “Who sent you?” She softly asked.

“Our bosses,” the woman replied, “the tickets are for your friends, whoever you want to choose. Courtney’s mother received a similar package and she should be calling you soon with details.”

“And the money?” Briana asked. “What’s that about?”

“To do something with your life,” the man looked around, “starting with furniture.”

Briana hardened her gaze but the pair remained unbothered. As predicted, her phone rang and it was Courtney’s mother. “I need to get that.”

“Have a fun trip in Cleveland.” The woman nodded before she and her partner left.

Briana answered her phone and no surprise, it was Courtney’s mother on the other end, exclaiming how good God was to give her tickets and a pile of money to help her. “Did a man and a woman visit you?” Briana asked.

“No, just a single man.” Leslie replied.

“Okay,” Briana watched the pair get inside what she believed was a Bentley before they sped off. “How much money did you receive?”

“Twenty thousand dollars!” Leslie exclaimed.

Briana fell off her chair. Twenty thousand dollars? She looked inside her envelope and was sure it was the same amount. A note was attached to the money. With much more to follow if you comply.

Briana went from feeling blessed to not that impressed. Someone was trying to silence her. Someone with very big pockets and connections.

Now it became the question of who?


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