Boo’d Up



The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James is a known sex blogger under the pseudonym Aura Sky, dishing out sex advice and test-driving sex toys. When she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend having sex, and blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box.

Blake Hutchinson loved three things: sex, women, and cars – and not necessarily in that order. When he and his girlfriend decided to role-play one night, Blake could’ve sworn he felt another set of eyes watching from afar and enjoying the action herself. When a coworker talks about the hot sex blogger speaking about her recent voyeurism experiment, Blake discovers Savannah’s secret identity – and is determined to get to know more about her.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more sex toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


Chapter One: 

In the middle of the night, all a lonely woman had was her thoughts. And if she’s lucky, maybe a good vibrator.

As Savannah James sipped on her chamomile tea and listened to the sounds of The Internet’s “Come Together” from her computer, she stared aimlessly at her computer. It was a cozy 50 degrees outside in Orange County, though some parts of the country would be grateful for such high temperatures.

Orange County, California. It was the home of Disneyland, illegal immigrants, and hardcore Republicans. It was the case of two Orange Counties, Savannah had learned: North Orange County was more liberal and progressive with several colleges in between the cities.

Southern Orange County was completely conservative and almost whitewashed. The type of people who listened to country music and complained about the brown people taking over yet had no problem with hiring those same brown people to cook, clean, and watch their children.

Savannah was fortunate enough to live on the cusp of the two counties in quiet Tustin, where most people pass on their way to work or go to school somewhere else.

She loved her adopted city and found the usual quirks that would make a girl’s life easier. She knew what lady to go to get her eyebrows waxed. She knew where to get the best Chinese food. She knew what place had the best sushi.

She knew how to be hidden and blend in a sea of people. That quiet anonymity was a factor for Savannah in starting her sex positive blog. She could park herself at the nearest Starbucks and no one would know she just explained how to do the grapefruit technique to a fifty-year-old woman. Instead, anyone saw her as a college student who was probably wasting time on Twitter and whatever new social media app. They weren’t half-wrong most of the time.

Hey Aura, I think you look like Zoe Saldana.

I think you’re petite with big tits and a big ass? Am I close?

Aura, when are you going to post a picture of you?

Savannah giggled as she typed in the response on her Tumblr. Um, that would probably be never.

She had fooled many people in her life. No one quite knew her identity other than she was Black and that was about everything anyone needed to know. She had received plenty of guesses, though. Someone described her as having long, ebony hair, thin but buxom like Dorothy Dandridge or today’s Beyoncé.

Another guess had her being an older woman with years of sexual experience and knowledge. Well, Savannah did have years of sexual experience and knowledge but probably too much at her young age of 24. Her number of sexual partners had long surpassed two hands.

Savannah smiled as she read some of the replies. She looked nothing like the guesses. Not even remotely close. If someone guessed she looked like a black hipster nerd with coily brown hair and wore leopard print frames, they would be on the money. Her hair was not curly but a cross between 4C and oh-what-the-hell-I-guess-I’ll-be-wearing-a-wig-today.

She was full-figured – in her mind that was the politically correct term of telling a woman she’s fat – at a size 14. She kept to herself and prided on making sure people didn’t quite know exactly what was going on with her. Her family knew she was a college student and that was good enough.

The less people knew, the less bullshit and drama she had to deal with.

Her life was a façade, Savannah smiled as she researched vibrators and dildos. Online was her home away from home. She was a freelance writer who often did projects for separate websites and magazines. She used her real name when she wanted recognition and payment. When she wanted anonymity, she hid behind a carefully crafted pen name

Aura Sky.

Savannah came up with the name after one night of too much vodka and too much porn. She decided sky was the limit of where she wanted to go with her career. Aura because she had an aura about her that many described as being carefree and quirky.

She made some nice change as herself but her bread and butter was Aura. Aura gave sex advice, maintained a blog, and was a proud reviewer of over 100 sex toys and counting. Aura had many friends and fans. Aura was a goddess. Aura made Savannah a lot of money every month.

Aura was the person Savannah wished she could be in real life. Oh, to be so carefree and bitchy.

“Oh yes…oh…that’s it, Blake…”

Savannah glanced up at the wall and blinked at the noise. The telltale knocking of a headboard on the other side of the wall broke Savannah’s concentration shortly. She completely forgot her roommate’s brother was staying over, though it was very clear he was not going to sleep. Neither was Savannah for that matter.

“Just to let you know, I love my brother dearly but Blake is a ho.”

Savannah remembered how Courtney politely told Savannah the deal with one Blake Hutchinson.

He moved recently from the devil’s asshole of Las Vegas and was crashing with Courtney and Savannah for a few weeks before he found a place. While Courtney was spending her summer visiting her German boo thang and traveling the world, Blake took over Courtney’s place and made good use of her Ikea bed frame, much to Savannah’s dismay.

Savannah didn’t know how many women Blake had brought home but she was sure, Hugh Hefner was somewhere smiling and applauding.

She put her headphones on and blasted her iPhone as she continued to research. She had to review a new sex toy and she was starting to get drained from them. They all promised the same thing. They all guaranteed exquisite pleasure.

All of them, despite how shiny and new, were not real dicks. No matter how good and life-like a dildo claimed to be, it was nothing compared to the real thing. It didn’t compare to a man coming from behind, grabbing her throat, and asking Savannah if she was going to take that dick.

It didn’t compare envisioning a man coming up from her thighs with her essence on him, and licking his lips. It didn’t compare to a man pushing her legs behind her ears, feeling his balls pound against her sex, while he grunted in her face.

It was nothing like a man talking that shit in her ear, telling her to take all of his dick, kissing her hard, and moaning inside her mouth as he filled her completely with his love.

The real thing, Savannah reminisced, boy, do I need to get laid. It’s been about…wait a minute…

Had it really been that long? Savannah looked up from the computer screen and counted on her fingers. “Wait, is that even possible?”

The timeframe was even a shock to her. She thought back to the last time she had sex and was saddened to realize it wasn’t even a good lay. Yep, it’s been that long. Eight months. Not even a glorious eight. She became more depressed when she realized the last time she’s had goodsex was even longer.

It wasn’t lack of choices or opportunities; Savannah lost interest in trying to get some. If she wanted to, she could join one of those booty-call advertisements she had seen on late-night TV and have a revolving door of men at the rented townhouse her and Courtney shared.

Instead, she chose another approach: the safest (and sometimes best if she were toot her own horn) was with herself.

The headboard knocking grew increasing faster and completely stopped. Savannah looked at the time on her iPhone. Not even 10 minutes. She wasn’t sure to feel sorry for Blake’s flavor of the night or laugh. She then thought about the length of time it took her to get off and Savannah stifled her chuckle. Maybe Blake knew what he was doing and didn’t want to postpone the inevitable.

A frustrated groan escaped Savannah’s throat. How was it possible to be both horny and jealous at the same time? She put away her laptop and pulled out one of her many toys. It was a pink rabbit vibrator whose name changed on a regular basis depending on what celebrity crush she thought about that night. “Let’s see…are you Bradley Cooper?” She examined her dildo. “Oh, are you The Rock? Are you Idris? I think you might be Idris tonight.”

Maybe Blake influenced Savannah more than she realized. When she undressed, her dark cherry nipples were already hardened. Her breathing was a bit labored and her heat was already moistened. Getting aroused and wet was never a problem for her; it hardly took any effort if someone knew what they were doing.

She put a condom on the dildo and went to work. Her walls immediately clenched around the lifelike toy and Savannah gasped at the sudden pressure. She moved it inside her, slow at first but quicker with each passing stroke.

She turned on the vibrator and immediately the bunny ears tickled her clit as Savannah arched off the bed. Her heart rapidly beat and her skin was warm to the touch. She moved the toy deeper and deeper inside of her, wanting it to comfort her aching pussy.

And then it began. The orgasm started at her feet, which curled upon impact. It moved up past her thighs which locked and stayed still. It went past her belly and shot up through her lungs and out of her mouth until it exploded in a muffled cry through a pillow.

Savannah suddenly wasn’t jealous of what her roommate’s brother was doing.


“Like, I hope we didn’t keep you up last night,” a petite woman named Irina asked Savannah over breakfast the next morning. Irina was a Russian-American girl who stood about five feet tall and probably weighed 115 pounds soaking wet with two bricks.

She had shoulder-length black hair and sometimes rolled into a Valley Girl talk due to living in Southern California for so long. She was often mistaken for a teenager and it never bothered her until she was getting carded everywhere. Then she found it just plain annoying.

She had the look that signified she was…well, kinda. She was kindainto video games. She was kindainto dance clubs. She was kinda into eating food without the thought of purging immediately afterwards.

“Oh no, it didn’t bother me. I slept with my headphones on.” Savannah replied as spread jelly on her toast. The headphones story was a little white lie to keep Irina from feeling bad. If Irina and Blake had sex more than once, Savannah surely slept through it. After she got off, Savannah dozed off into some of the best sleep she’s had in a week.

“Good to know,” Irina smiled. She took out a carton of orange juice and poured two glasses. “I know Blake can get a little crazy sometimes.”

Savannah smiled to stifle her impending laughter. She predicted the sexual trysts Irina and Blake had without even seeing them up close and personal. Missionary, girl on top, doggystyle, any variation of the aforementioned positions. Maybe a blindfold or two if they really wanted to get “freaky.”

Savannah knew she had seen freakier shit on the many porn websites she had visited and bookmarked. Recently she became a fan of Hentai porn. Something was wickedly appealing about Japanese cartoon porn.

“It’s a new,” Savannah offered her unsolicited advice and drank her morning coffee. Blake had been staying over for two months and this was the first conversation she’s had with any woman he’d brought home. Savannah normally wouldn’t have cared but the girl acted like she as going to be around for a while. Po dat.“You’re going to be freaky-deeky and do all types of crazy stuff.”

“You want to hear what we did that’s really crazy?” Irina giggled.

Savannah didn’t care but she needed blog material for the week. “Humor me.”

Irina briefly looked around to see if Blake was paying attention to their conversation. Now Savannah became very curious. “Blake blindfolded me,” Irina whispered.

Savannah choked on her orange juice. Maybe she was psychic. “Really? You don’t say?”

“It was so freaking hot!” Irina smiled a big smile. “I have never done anything like that before.”

“Good for you,” Savannah’s mind briefly wandered into BDSM but she knew that was extreme for her. A blindfold was a good start.

“So what about you?” Irina inquired. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Savannah was so picky about who she dated, she couldn’t remember the last time she’s had a boyfriend. She was quiet and assuming and often spent a lot of time in her bedroom. It wasn’t like she was some homely-looking woman who was practicing for a gaggle of cats she’ll have in the future.

She was a big girl, but she was capable of getting dates and keeping them. She recently ended a relationship because the guy sucked in bed and not in a good way. She spent more time masturbating than thinking about riding his dick.

But Savannah was just so, what’s the term, bougie? Yes, she was bougie. Being bougie also meant she wasn’t going to give up the heaven between her thighs just because some hungry dude wanted a taste. Her bed had seen more than its fair share of action and Savannah bristled when she thought about the number of partners she’s had.

If it meant she had the persona of being dull, boring, and lonely, Savannah went with it. Bars and the club scene weren’t her thing. “What about me?” Savannah replied a bit of bass in her voice. This was the part of Savannah’s life she particularly didn’t care to share. She felt a woman was only interesting if she was screwing someone. No one cared about her otherwise. The stats on her blog proved that theory.

“Aren’t you getting off?” Irina gesticulated.

Savannah did. Once that night before and twice that morning. “Excuse you?”

“No, like,” Irina sighed, “you need to go out and get laid for once.”

Savannah found it comical Blake’s flavor of the day was more concerned about her sex life than she was. “You just had some great sex and yet you’re concerned if I’m getting dick?”

Irina frowned. “I don’t like seeing you lonely and frustrated.”

Savannah was entertained by watching Irina digging a hole for herself. “I’m alone and I’m certainly not frustrated.”

“You know what I meant,” Irina pressed as she chewed on a bagel, “I want you to be happy.”

Savannah silently reminisced to her session the night before. That rabbit did just the trick. It was going into the archives. “Girlfriend, I’m so happy you don’t even know.”

After her breakfast date, Savannah went into her bedroom and started the transition of becoming Aura. She put on some HAIM, lit some incense, and even poured out a glass of wine despite it only being 10:30 in the morning. Hell, it was noon somewhere.

Savannah checked her Facebook page and interacted with Aura’s fans. A few more people ‘liked’ her page overnight. Good. The word was getting out.It was only a matter of time before she hit it big, so to speak.

It wasn’t a dollar figure or amount of readership. Some writers write for the publicity and money which Savannah thought was amusing. Writing was a form of BDSM with more pain than pleasure. It was a humbling profession that caused her to get leg cramps from sitting down too long and the occasional bad review that made her wonder why she even bothered.

It was her love and passion. One day, she’ll become a world-famous editor to a magazine and people would clamor over her. One day. But until that day would come, she would entertain her sweetlings and angelswho visited her blog on a daily basis. Savannah knew when she ‘made’ it.

She was about to log off when she caught an interesting question from a fan:

Hey Aura, have you ever watched anyone have sex? How did you like it? What didn’t you like about it?

Savannah thought about her sexual deviants. She had seen a lot of things she loved (like vintage porn) and some things she wished she could forget (like the time she stumbled on Ghetto Gaggers). But live porn? That was something new.

She surmised she could go to Vivid Entertainment and ask the porn studio if she could sit in on a movie but she already knew that wouldn’t work. For starters, she was sure they didn’t just let anyone off the street to watch live porn in their studios.

Even if they did, Savannah had heard many stories from porn stars themselves that a porn set is not as glorious as it appeared to be. The stench of sex was something to get used to. Secondly, she was pretty sure they would ask her to star in a movie. Third, she knew she would probably do it.

The only other option was to watch a couple have sex and it didn’t take long to figure out who were good candidates for her. Irina and Blake. They seemed to be making their regular porn every other night Blake was at their townhouse.

Savannah furrowed her eyebrows and leaned back in her chair. How is this going to work? she wondered. Trying to “accidentally walk in on them” was going to take some acute planning.

Savannah would later realize she would hardly have to plan at all.


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