Wifey (Finesse #2)


He came back into my life, but we both know he never really left. 

It’s different now – in order to protect me, I have to be under his watch. The lifestyle I wanted nothing to do with, I’m fully a part of. 

He promised he would take care of me as long as I don’t get involved. When danger knocks at your front door, you have no choice but to open it. 

Everyone knew me as Taylor. In Finesse’s world, I was simply Wifey. 


Swallowing what’s left of my resolve, I clear my throat and turn the knob. Upon entering, my breath is stolen. The feeling of my heart leaping out of my chest and breakdancing is something I had forgotten. Cameron quickly reminded me. 

He is dressed like a business executive. He’s wearing a three-piece suit and dress slacks. He wore a bluish-silver tie with a brilliant white shirt, bringing out the natural tawny hue of his complexion. 

He sat perched on a corner of his desk, reading a manila folder. When he looked up at me, my body jerked to a halt, captured by his stunning gaze. His brown hair was cut close to his scalp, with luscious wayward strands falling in front of his face. 

His brown eyes darkened to an almost black color, looking right through my body, and reading my soul. His sensual lips curved into a delicious smile and I felt my resolve dissipate. His eyes revealed he was in a good, yet contemplative mood.

He was a bad boy. He was my bad boy. 

He looked every bit as a powerful drug lord billionaire. Not a single hair was out of place. His suit was expensive as with that intoxicating cologne that wafted in the air. The way he looked at me made my heart race.

His gaze was intensely hot and focused. I remember that look – it was the same look he gave me when he was on top of me, when I was on top of him, when he told me to ‘take this dick’ and slap my ass as I rode him. 

My hands gripped my clutch for dear life, as to remind me why I was there. It wasn’t a happy reunion. It wasn’t going to be reminiscing about old times. I needed to return his car and be done with Cameron for good, forever. 

What’s worse about this reunion is Cameron is playing “Make It Last Forever” by Keith Sweat. Ugh. I hate this man has love for 80’s R&B just as much as I do. His music selection isn’t lost on me.

“Angel,” his voice came out like a smoky, breathless whisper and my knees buckled. His sensed my need before I realized it. My body yearned for him and my heart more so. “Come here, baby girl.”

My feet remain planted on the ground as I continued to stare at Cameron. My body became so aware of him with each passing moment as my throat was parched. There was a sexual magnetism radiating between us that was undeniable. He was making him want him so bad I almost forgot why I shouldn’t. 


Cameron’s eyebrow rose and he licked his lips, in a challenge accepted mode. “Please come here, Taylor.”

It may have sounded like a polite request and no one would have thought otherwise. I heard the bass in his voice when he said my name. It was a warning shot; he wasn’t going to ask again. 

My heart pounded as I walked over towards him, stopping at about six feet. I was so used to the social distancing guidelines, it was second nature. With Cameron, I don’t have that option. He stared into my eyes and gave a small smirk, as if he knew the game I were playing. To my amazement, he didn’t press the issue.

I know I’m lying to myself. My reluctance to go any further has nothing to do with the pandemic; I wouldn’t even be here if I actually believed that. Desire washes over my body and blood rushes into my ears. I want him and he knows it, too. 

“What brings you here, angel?” He sets the folder down and gives me his full attention. “I see you drove the car. Did you like it? Smooth ride?”

It was the smoothest ride I ever had. I loved how my body melted into the seats. I felt like one of those rich socialite, influencer-types I see on IG all the time. “That’s why I’m here.” I pull the keys out of the clutch. “To return it.” 

Cameron glances down at the keys before he looks up at me, softly shaking his head. His lips pursed into a tsk sound, as if he was a parent disappointed with a child. “I told you it was a gift and it’ll remain one.” 

The bass of his voice has me shook but I remain firm. “The gift will make me a target. They’ll know what to look for and who’s driving it.” I point out. “I’m better off with the car I have.”

“I’m sure they know about that car as well.” He didn’t bother correcting me when I talked about the imaginary they. We both know they exist, even if we don’t know who they are. “What happened to your father’s other cars?”

I bite my lip and let out a small breath. My father had three cars – a Toyota Matrix he used for business, a low-rider he brought around friends and family, and a Mercedes he used to impress the ladies. All of the cars are gone. “I just sold them.”

It was a decision I didn’t want to make but needed to. The amount for each car was a blip on the overall debt I owe Cameron, but it was something I could present to him to show him how serious I was. I took out the cashier’s check and presented it to him. “It’s for you.”

Cameron sighs and folds his arms. He shakes his head, refusing the money. “That was the last thing I wanted you to do.”

“I did it so I don’t owe you anything.” My voice is stern. “I did it so we can be good. A clean, even break. I don’t owe you anything and you don’t hold anything over me.”

Cameron chuckles and my body becomes so aware of him. It’s a deep, confident chuckle. A man who knows the value of time is more precious than money. He has so much power and control over me, it’s unnerving. “You think I would hold what I did over your head? Constantly remind you why I did something? So you don’t forget it?”

“Yes.” I nod. “I feel that’s exactly why you bailed me out. You. Belong. To. Me. You forgot that already?” 

“You belong to me, not you owe me.” He corrects and for a moment, my cheeks blush in stupidity. He stands up and walks over to me with the manila folder. “Open this.”

I stare into Cameron’s deep brown eyes and wonder why type of game he was playing. I called his bluff and open the folder. My eyes widen as I stare down at my credit file. Everything I own, I owe, and the various loans I’ve applied for. Also included are my bank statements and flipping through them, they go back several years. “I shouldn’t be surprised you have this.”

“You shouldn’t be.” He agrees. “It’s also the same thing the bank you just went to looked at. It’s also the same thing they’re going to deny you for.”

Tears fight my eyes and I shake my head. Of course, Cameron had me followed. I’m not even surprised he had someone at the bank working on his behalf. He did warn me he had someone in every pocket of East Atlanta and I was a fool to not listen. “My credit is pristine. I have very little debt. Why would they deny me? Because of you?”

“Partially, but that’s only the second reason.” He closes the distance between us. “They’re not going to give a million-dollar loan to a young, Black entrepreneur especially during these times. The same struggles your father had have not improved over the years. Lamont kept money in that particular bank, because it was closest to the main shop and he didn’t want to travel too far with the money. He kept the majority of his money in another bank, a Black-owned one, so he felt he was giving back to his community even more.”

“I’m well-aware of what my father did,” Indignation flies out of my mouth. “I didn’t come here for a history lesson on him.” Angry tears stream down my face. “I came here to be free of you, Page. I came here because I don’t want to be caught up in whatever is you’re doing! That shootout was the last straw, okay? You might not have a problem stringing out your sister-in-law, but I do!”

“You think I got her hooked on drugs?” He looks down at me and thumbs away my tears. “I’m not the reason Claire is addicted, Tay.”

“No, but you’re the reason why she’s not kicking the habit!” My voice is harsh and angry. “I saw the way you treated her. I saw the way you treated your brother! It wasn’t love.”

“It was tough love.” Cameron’s voice is low and authoritative. “Someone else supplied her the drugs and got her hooked. I’ve been trying to get her off. It was coke, and she was going a mile a minute. I’ve paid for her to go to rehab several times. She keeps relapsing. She’ll be fine for a few weeks, even several months. Then she’ll be with the wrong people. Someone will slip her a pill, and that would be it.

“And it’s not junkies she’s hanging out with. It’s the women on the PTA. It’s the women at the country club she goes to. It’s the women at the ballet practices.” Cameron holds me close and strokes my hair. “She’s on Adderall now but I’m trying to wean her off that.” 

Cameron’s revelation explains his tone that particular night. He was beyond frustrated and I can only imagine the gymnastics his entire family goes through just to keep everything a secret. 

I pull apart from him just enough and read his eyes. They’re clear and he’s looking at me directly. “How do I know you’re not lying?”

“I can present the receipts to the numerous and very expensive rehab centers.” He states with a sad smile. “I’ve done a lot bad and evil shit in my life, angel, but I would never lie to you about what’s going on with Claire.”

Cameron’s eyes are sincere with regret. Now I feel even more foolish for the way I acted that night. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You were so mad and I thought it was best to let you cool off. I was going to tell you the entire story and well…” He lets out a deep sigh. “…things happened.”

Did they ever. Our supposed reconciliation ended in gun violence. “And the violence?” I ask. “You can’t promise me there won’t be anymore bloodshed, Page. I can’t have another child being an orphan because someone called me a bitch.”

“If someone disrespects you, angel, they disrespect me.” Cameron’s voice is steady, though the anger is bubbling at the surface. “No negotiation on that.” He holds my face up to his. “That was beyond calling you a bitch, Tay. I knew those men. They wanted to kill Que and me, put you out on the street, and sell you to the highest bidder. Their business was sex trafficking along with drugs. Some guys around here do that and see no issue; I do.”

The realization hits me. There was a reason why Lexus and his friends stalked me like an obsessed fan that particular night. I thought they were checking me out, but it was way more than that. Cameron literally saved my life. 

“Drug lords have morals?” It comes out as a half-chuckle and we both smile. 

“Some of us do.” He grins at me. “I promise I’ll never get you involved in anything. I don’t want you to be. But there will times where I can’t tell you anything because I know people are watching me and in turn, they’ll watch you. The less you know…”

“…The better off we’re both are.” I finish his sentence and he nods. “I don’t like this, Page. I just don’t.”

“I know and I doubt you’ll ever will. Keep your focus on the shops and I’ll take care of the rest.” He kisses my forehead before he wraps his arms around me. His body is lean and firm as he presses into mine. “I’ll take care of you, angel.”

My eyes close as I hear the nickname all over again. It’s full of love, hope, and promise. “Okay.” I shake my head. “This is not a yes.” 

Cameron pulls away and cups my face. “It’s not a no, neither.” He slants his lips over mine and my body goes limp in his arms. He holds me tight as he kisses me deeper, playing with my tongue, and reclaiming me.

He lifts me up and puts me on his desk as we continue to kiss. It’s passionate. It’s desperation. It’s love. We’re both greedy for each other and don’t want to stop. He takes control of the kiss and I gladly let him. 

He gently pulls on my hair and trails his tongue down my neck, lightly sucking on it. Moans escape my mouth as I feel my pussy becoming wetter with each moment. Cameron’s strong hands claim my thick thighs and pushes them open before he slides a finger inside my slick, wet pussy. 

I gasp. He smiles. 

“Angel missed me,” he taunts as he fingers me, “your tight cunt is so greedy for me, isn’t it?”

My mind went delirious as Cameron kept fingering me. My legs naturally opened wider to give him more access and I already knew it was a mistake. Once again, I was conceding to him. I’m robbed of any sanity as something wicked awakens within me. 

It’d been a year since I laid down with him, yet my body remembers it like yesterday. He knew how to stroke me, how to play my body like a finely tuned instrument that he’d memorized. 

“Fuck, I forget how wet you get for me,” he moaned and my body responded, “still as tight as I remembered.”

I locked eyes with Cameron and shocked to see the emotion in his. His brown eyes darkened with lust as he kept fingering me. A free hand slips inside of my dress and pinches my breast through the bra. He manages to pull it out right before he suckles on it. 

Fuck, I love his mouth. I love how attentive he is to my needs and knows what I want before I can ask. His mouth feels so damn good on me and I don’t realize how much I missed him. How much I missed this. How much I need him inside me. 

Cameron opens my legs wider and pulls my panties off. He lowers himself down and stares at my snatch. “God, I missed this pussy.” He whispers before he pushed his tongue in, licking all of me. 

I gasped as my hips rode the rhythm of his tongue, begging for more. His long, pointy tongue flickered over my swollen clit, making me scream in the library. His tongue swirled around my pussy, gently sucking on my clit as I rode his face. 

My body became rigid as my knuckles turned white as I gripped the oak desk. The moans left my mouth nonstop as Cameron kept licking me, making me beg.

“Cameron…” I panted. “…please…” My breath came out in harsh, animalistic groans. His tongue flicked against my clit and my legs began to tremble. My feet curled into tight balls within my high heels as heat rose in my belly. 

The orgasm was quick, hard, and rippled through my entire body. Cameron, oh fuck…” I screamed his name as I climaxed all over his tongue. 

Cameron gives a sexy chuckle and kisses the inside of my thighs before he stood back up. I see the obvious outline of his hardened cock in his slacks but he’s not getting undressed or pulling it out. 

He removes my panties from my ankle and stuffs them in his pocket. He straightens his tie and helps me off the desk. “You’re moving in this weekend.” He looks into my eyes, caressing my lips with his fingers. “Just to be clear, it’s not a request.”

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