Vera…The Vision

bellybuttonSo…what is the Vera Vision?

Vera Vision is pretty much what I see at the moment. It can be a song, a show, a conversation, a mood, a feeling that inspires me. Sometimes it takes me five minutes to write a story. Sometimes it takes me 10 weeks. It all depends on what the vision is and how I want you to see it.

Not all of it is sexual, though there is plenty of it. The majority of the writing is sensual and thought-provoking, making you feel emotions you never knew existed.

For the month of August, I’m going to do *daily* (I say, daily but sometimes real life gets in the way of writing) short stories. The reason for this is to test to how well I can write short stories. A 2nd reason for doing this is for another project that I can’t really give out too much information right now. (It’s good news, trust…) Depending on how successful the Visions are, I just might continue the series.

So relax and enjoy…and share my Vision with me.


I'm in your thoughts so tell me how you really feel...

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