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#TeaserTuesday: I Forgot You Existed #kindle#nook #romance #shortreads



They promised each other forever and then he went ghost on her.

Well, did he really?

Jennifer Winters knows exactly what Trevor Ashley has been doing since they ended their romance some years ago. After all, it’s hard to miss a guy who’s the number one hip-hop artist in the world. Everywhere she turns, someone is quoting his lyrics, talking about his videos, and gossiping about who he’s been with.

Now he has returned for reasons Jennifer is not sure she cares about.

Trevor Ashley knows behind the bling, women, and fame, he’s bored. Every IG hottie says the same thing and they all want the same thing – clout. What he does want is an old love who wants nothing to do with him.

Can Trevor convince Jennifer the past is just that? Or will she unknowingly contribute to another hit song by him?

I Forgot You Existed is a standalone erotic novella that deals with long-lost love, forgiveness, and starting over.

Unedited Snippet: 

“I hear Ash’s back.”⁣⁣⁣

Jennifer shrugged. Trevor Ashley or otherwise known as hip-hop star Ash, is the success of the small town of Palm Springs. A city world-renowned from being a Hollywood hotspot and host of the annual Coachella fest. ⁣⁣

Families felt safe raising their children in the city. A burgeoning gay community could be as loud and proud as they want to be. It was an Instagrammer’s dream vacation. The city could add one more bragging right to its history: ⁣⁣

It produced one of the best rappers in the world. ⁣⁣

Jennifer paid no attention to Trevor or anything connected to him for the last six years of her life. One, she didn’t really listen to any rap music unless it was old-school, so Trevor clearly didn’t fit the bill. ⁣⁣

Most importantly, why would she want to listen to music from a man who eviscerated her heart? ⁣⁣⁣

“That’s lovely,” Jennifer restocked the shelves at Fresh Espresso. ⁣⁣

Hayley turned towards her best friend. Her face was stoic as she concentrated on putting the coffee bags just right. Jennifer always had a bit of anal retentiveness when it came to her business and it paid off. It was voted the most successful shop in the Coachella Valley.

Hearing Ash’s name clearly bothered Jennifer more than she wanted to admit. “You’re okay with him being in town?”⁣⁣

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Jennifer asked. ⁣⁣

“Well, the fact you two used to date…” Hayley began. ⁣⁣

“That was a long time ago,” Jennifer stated. ⁣⁣

“And the fact you have straightened out the same cupboard for the past ten minutes.” Hayley folded her arms and watched as Jennifer stood back and realized her mistake. “I mean, how many times are you gonna stack the same shelf, Pooh?”⁣⁣

I Forgot You Existed, a short romance novella, will be out this month. ⁣⁣⁣

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Chapter 1: When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #ebook #nook #kindle #romance #fiction


Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she discovers not just Enzo but a blast from her past followed her. In order to protect herself, she needs to save Jackson first. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


Chapter 1:

It was official – Enzo was a boil on the asshole of life.

Jackson calmly sat at his mahogany desk as he peered out the window. Years ago, Enzo pulled out all of the stops to destroy him and he nearly did. He had to pack up and leave Los Angeles, starting afresh on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Now Enzo was back.

It was comical, Jackson thought. He and Enzo were the same and yet both men had a thick contempt for each other. It wasn’t about Angela and if Jackson wanted to be honest, it was never about her.

It was about power.

Enzo was the most powerful man in L.A. and he’d spent several years to maintain that title. His resume boasted of huge box office returns and everyone on his roster was an A-lister in some way, including Angela. She’d recently landed a new starring role in a political drama that became an instant hit.

It wasn’t enough for Enzo and that was clear. He hated the fact Jackson bounced back and became even more popular than before. In addition to the brothels, he’d opened up a nightclub and was expanding his reach once again to L.A. He was going to open an adult bookstore. He was sure Enzo was well aware of it.

Jackson was powerful in his own right – catering to politicians, law enforcement, actors, musicians, and athletes. Everyone knew who he was and spoke in hushed tones about what he could offer. Drugs? Not a problem. Jackson knew dealers. Fetishes? Not a concern, he had girls that catered to every kink.

On second thought, maybe Jackson was a pimp; he’d certainly pimped out Los Angeles for everything she had to offer.

As long as Enzo minded his business and kept out of Jackson’s, there were no problems. Now there was one – Liane.

Jackson never inquired if she was still friends with Enzo and honestly, didn’t care. Liane wasn’t his girlfriend and he had no right to tell her who she should associate with. Now Enzo was inserting himself in business that had nothing to do with him. If Enzo wanted to play games with Jackson, he’d better make sure he was going to win or it was going to be a very embarrassing loss.

Fuck this, Jackson promptly got up and stretched. There was a gorgeous woman entertaining herself in his living room and he was currently moping in his office. He was going to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying her company. Then come Monday, he was going to pay a nice visit to Enzo.


He lied to her.

Something was definitely wrong with Jackson and the phone call he’d received proved that very fact. When they arrived back at his home, Jackson headed straight into his office and stayed in there a long time while Liane kept herself entertained with TV. She was curious about the urgency of Jackson’s phone call and how a switch seemed flipped on after he’d received it.

Her paranoia made Liane wonder if the phone call had something to do with her. No, that couldn’t be it. No one knew she was there and she went through many safeguards to make sure no one could trace her to Jackson. She never kept his phone number stored and if she did call him, she used a burner and quickly got a new one at the end of the week.

Still, the questions exploded in her head. Was Jackson purposely hiding something from her? Was she involved in some way? Did she need to leave?

She decided to turn on Maury and immerse herself in some baby mama drama. It would at least take her mind off any troubles with Jackson.


“You never told me why you needed all of this space.”

Jackson’s glacier blue eyes did a quick scan around his estate. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms. A swimming pool and sauna. Mediterranean-style with many items imported from other countries. A man cave for him, his friends, and a small barbershop.

Truth was, all of his homes were designed in similar styles. The million-dollar apartment in New York. The beach house in Miami. The summerhouse in the Hamptons. They all had plenty of room for Jackson and his guests, though sometimes he’d traveled alone when he went out of town.

He knew the real reason for the space – in the off chance he would finally settle down, become a faithful husband, and have a gaggle of kids. He still held onto the fantasy, though Jackson could admit he didn’t know how realistically his dreams were.

“I like the room,” he finally answered her.

“Do you really need all of this space?”

“I probably could downsize, but I think it’s perfect. My friends and family often come to visit me and I want everyone to be comfortable.”

“Your family comes here to the ranch?” She pointed out.

“Never to the ranch but here, yes. They stay here. My little brother and sister stay here, though they’re not so little anymore. They’re practically grown. Aiden just graduated from high school and Kayla is about to start her senior year.”

“Has Aiden expressed an interest in what he wants to do?”

“He wants to go into the family business,” Jackson smirked.

“Let me guess,” she smiled, “not your father’s?”

“He doesn’t realize how much hard work I put into this. I have accountants, bookkeepers, several employees, and subjected to random visits from the authorities to make sure no laws are being broken. He sees the money, fun, and bitches. He doesn’t see the hard work.”

“It’s because you make it look flawless. It’s a well-run ship, J.” Liane admitted. “I would’ve never guessed how much work that goes on behind the scenes.” His revelation did more than open her eyes about his business. It made her wonder if he was really wiling to sacrifice everything that consumed much of his energy on a daily basis.

“Like I’ve said, it’s hard work.”

“I see,” her eyes sparkled, “that’s why you invited me here specifically?”

“You were more interested in seeing what I was about, baby,” his words were coated with honey, “I wanted to accommodate.”

Liane didn’t like it when Jackson called her baby. It made her thighs tingle with pleasure and a jolt of sexual current raced up her spine. “Thank you,” was all she could muster.

“Anytime,” he smiled.

“So do you want to tell me what all of that was about?” She asked. “I know it wasn’t just business.”

Jackson’s chest pinched in anger as he thought about the phone call and how it practically ruined a perfect weekend. He didn’t want Liane to worry about it, at least not yet. Not until he was solid in his plan. He needed to make a trip to L.A. anyway and Enzo simply made it easy for him. “It’s being handled,” he answered.

Liane smiled as a manicured fingernail circled the wine glass before her. Jackson knew how much to answer without giving away too much or in some cases, hardly anything at all. He built a wall around himself and barely let anyone in. Liane knew enough about his past to understand why.

Yet, she wondered if he’d always be like that with her – let her in the front door but she wouldn’t be able to explore the home. “Okay,” she dropped the subject. She knew she wasn’t going to get any answers and there was no point in debating him.

“Let’s go out,” he suggested. “One of my friends is opening his club tonight and he invited us to the grand opening.”

“You do clubs?” Liane raised an arched eyebrow.

“No,” Jackson shook his head, “but I know you love to dance.”

A soft smile formed on Liane’s face. She knew Jackson didn’t do nightclubs or bars. Despite his public persona, he very much preferred staying indoors and entertaining at home. “I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

Jackson smiled. A few minutes meant he’d better get comfortable on his sofa. “Sure.”

After a few minutes, Jackson could no longer wait. He went into his bedroom and heard the shower running in the bathroom. She stripped off his clothing and joined Liane in the shower. “I think I need to get ready.”

Liane laughed as she rinsed off her hair. “Ready for what?”

“Our date tonight,” he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple, “I want to look good for my girl.”

His girl. She loved the way it sounded. She hated how her heart jumped for joy. “You always look good, J. You know this.”

“I try,” he kissed her cheek, “I certainly try.”

Liane stepped aside so she could let Jackson rinse off. She loved how the water clung to his washboard abs, muscular thighs, and impressive cock. She felt her mouth water and softly bit her lip. She’d always enjoyed sex but her drive became insatiable since being with Jackson as if she could never get enough of him.

She stood behind Jackson and grabbed the soapy loofah. She spread it all over his body, paying careful attention to his waist, legs, and private area. With her free hand, she began to stroke him with the soapy water while her other hand caressed his body. She quickened her strokes as he became harder and thicker in her hand.

“Damn, baby…” Jackson breathed as Liane continued to stroke him. “…fuck, don’t stop.”

“I’m not going to,” she stroked him and walked in front of him. She rinsed off his cock before she lowered herself down to the floor. With Jackson steadying her, she began to suck the engorged head. She licked the underside of the thick length before wrapping her lips around him. Slow and hard. Fast and light. She alternated between ministrations and just when Jackson thought he could predict what she would do next, she surprised him again.

She briefly looked up and saw Jackson’s head resting against the shower wall. His jaw clenched while he took deep, long breaths. He was in ecstasy and it was because of her.

She relaxed her muscles, and inhaled the full length of him until he hit the back of her throat. She withdrew from him and a loud hiss emitted from Jackson. “Shit, Liane,” he breathed.

“I want to taste your cum,” she stroked him with her hands, and took him back into her willing and hungry mouth. She wrapped her lips around him again, taking the full length of him, and Jackson lost control. She swallowed all of him, continuing to suck and stroke him until he stopped her.

He helped her stand up and promptly kissed her, tasting himself on her tongue. “You’re incredible, Lee.”

“I don’t necessarily like giving blow jobs but for some reason, you made me a believer.” She winked.

“I hope I can convince you to do other things,” He smiled.

“Maybe,” she smiled before she turned around to rinse off, “so what’s the game plan for today?”

Jackson grabbed the loofah and began to wash Liane. “You have a spy here.”

Liane laughed as Jackson scrubbed her body. “Oh really? A Double-O Seven is here?” When she was met with Jackson’s silence, she turned around. His cobalt blue eyes hardened. “Are you serious?”

“Someone spotted you with me and reported back. It’s still unclear if they followed you here or they just happened to see you. But your people know you’re here.”

Liane felt her heart almost pound out of her chest. Her people could mean her family, her colleagues, her boss, and her friends. “Who?”

Jackson almost didn’t want to say his name but he had no other choice. “Enzo,” his baritone echoed in the bathroom.

Liane felt relief. She also felt incredible anger. The lunch conversation she had with him just before she left started to make more sense. “I don’t understand…why would he—”

“Trust, it makes perfect sense,” Jackson felt his anger boiling and sharply exhaled to release the frustration. Enzo got what he wanted with Angela and now he was interfering with Liane’s life. That was a no-no in Jackson’s book. “I’m going to talk to him.”

“Jackson,” she warned, “I don’t want trouble.”

“You will have trouble regardless if you want it or not,” he countered, “I’m going to make sure you won’t have anymore of it from him.”