#SundaySnippet: Her Soul (Ellison Brothers #5)



I almost ruined his reputation because of a printed lie. Yet, he saved my life.

I was wounded and vengeful, from a past that jaded my present and future. Soul vowed to protect and heal me, despite how much damage I’d inflicted on him.

He was my mirror and I was his reflection. He knew me, accepted my demons as his, and loved me unconditionally.

He was my everything.

He was My Soul.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Her Soul, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, the #metoo movement and finding love in unexpected places.

Unedited Snippet: 

He was not just a person; Soul was a vibe, a mood, a lifestyle. He was everything and more. I became an addict to him in the worst way. I began to become so wrapped into him, I didn’t know what I even liked any more.

This man had swagger by the bucket loads and nothing was ever too much for him. It was never too much food. It was never too many gifts. It was never too clean. It was never too messy. It was never too much love. It was never too much sex.

Except me. I was too much for him.

He brought me pain and pleasure, and turned my world onto its axis and left an indefinable mark. So naturally, I ran. I ran as far as I could. I’d been burned before and Soul witnessed it. I couldn’t let him finish it.

I hear a knock at my door and stupidly answer it. As I stand within the door jamb of my living room apartment, the energy and love from the man who I betrayed not once, but twice, hits me like a Mack truck. There’s anger swirling in his eyes and his lips are pursed together.

My heart lurches forward and my breath is caught in my throat. I swallow the bile that threatens to come out, though my body is so perfectly attune to his with a yearning only he could bring out.

Soul is stunningly gorgeous with dark hair and light eyes that alternate between light blue and grey. All of the Ellison brothers are easy on the eyes, but Soul had a swag that was cultivated by the streets. He didn’t try to pretend he was rich, because he was wealthy. He didn’t act like a billionaire, though he was certified.

He was the prime bad boy combination that made my knees weak and my panties wet – a man who was street smart but also had the mindset of a Wall Street investor. He would be comfortable watching the Knicks just like he would be at an opera, though we both knew he would’ve preferred being at courtside.

He smells absolutely wonderful, like musk and a little bit of wealth he occasionally flashes. He’s wearing a business casual black suit with a white open collar shirt. His hand tattoos are clearly visible though his sleeves are fully covered.

No dress shoes. No matter where he goes, Soul is always in his sneakers. He once said he would wear sneakers on our wedding day and I wasn’t even mad at that. I would’ve been upset if he didn’t.

Thoughts of Jordan almonds and frilly dresses escape me as I stare at my ex. A lot has changed within the two years since our breakup. He’d grown more successful and well, I’m just scraping to get by at times.

I don’t talk about him ever. Not online, not to friends, and not even to anyone who knew we were together. The past was just that.

So I thought.

He’s beyond pissed at me and I can’t blame him. He introduced me to his world and I still left. There was no room for me there and we both knew it. It wasn’t smart to waste anyone’s time when we both knew what the end result was going to be.

I fold my arms and lean against the door jamb. He won’t intimidate me with his wealth or presence. Not before. Not again. I say that to myself, though my body is responding quite differently. “Soul…” His name escapes my lips.

He holds out his hand and I look down at it. Just like I remembered, it was warm and full of life. Not a single callous on those strong hands that once caressed every crevice of my body. “I’m here to take you back home.”

I let out the sigh I didn’t know I held. My tongue briefly wets my dry lips and my shoulders relax. This man had a strangulation hold on me and I know that’s not good. I also know I don’t want him to ever let me go.

He closes the distance between us and sweeps his lips over mine. He kisses me with a possession that silently declares who I belong to and why I will never seek any other. His mouth is hungry for mine; his tongue is playfully and full of desire.

I whimper against his mouth and sigh into it. He answers me with a welcome groan and his hands that were respectful and still at his body, now explore all of me. My nipples tighten and my sex softly thuds against the small dampness in my panties.

I welcome his love back again, though it had never left. It will never leave. “Where’s home?” I breathlessly ask.

Soul cups my face within his hands and touches his forehead against mine. I feel his heart pound against his chest, though his breathing is calm and collected like nothing major just happened. I melt into his body, and feel the warmth encompassing both of us.

He finally speaks and says the only thing that matters: “Harlem.”


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#TeaserTuesday: Her Soul (Ellison Brothers #5)



I almost ruined his reputation because of a printed lie. Yet, he saved my life.

I was wounded and vengeful from a past that jaded my present and future. Soul vowed to protect and heal me, despite how much damage I’d inflicted on him.

He was my mirror and I was his reflection. He knew me, accepted my demons as his, and loved me unconditionally.

He was my everything.

He was My Soul.

Bestselling and USA Today featured author Vera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Her Soul, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, the #metoo movement and finding love in unexpected places.

Unedited Snippet:

“Ari, do you know where I got the inspiration for the dog collars from?” Soul asks me, lightly rubbing his goatee.

“I’m aware of it,” I hastily defend, “Snoop Dogg. It wasn’t cool that he did it, neither.”

He leans forward and stares into my eyes. His eyes are a brilliant light color, alternating between bluish-green to cobalt blue depending on how emotional he becomes. They’re stunning against his pale skin tone and fade. Add in his tattooed sleeve and roughneck demeanor, it’s not a surprise this particular Ellison is highly sought after by every woman.

I would put myself in that category but I’m not sure if I even like this dude yet. He’s intelligent and calculating but he’s also frustrating as all get out. What’s even worse is that he’s one of the sexiest men I have ever laid eyes on. I’m at the crossroads between wanting to fight him and wanting to ride his tongue.

“Do you know how many non-black women objected to what Snoop Dogg did?” He asks me. I shrug. “Absolutely zero.” He pauses and takes a sip of his coffee before he settles back into the booth. “Before you go fighting for all women, make sure all women are also fighting for you.”

“Oh, so because white women weren’t mad at a black man parading two black women around like dogs, you think the same should go for you?” I retort.

Soul briefly looks out the window and continues to rub his goatee. He lets out a small deep breath and I briefly get a whiff of his intoxicating cologne. Damn, he’s so incredibly sexy yet there’s a quietness about him. It’s clear he’s choosing his words very carefully. Not because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings but rather, he doesn’t want to repeat a word.

“When Snoop Dogg pulled that stunt, the only complainers were black women. They still complain about it. They get shut down every time they do. When I did it, the complainers were white women. Now all of a sudden, I owe them an apology they’re not going to get. They cite my parents, my brothers, and I say, ‘Your point is what…?

“Everyone wants to act like they’re some liberal yet gentrification is happening everywhere you look. What’s the first thing the gentrifiers want to do when they move into your neighborhood? Change it. They don’t want to embrace. They want to change what they don’t like. And the first thing they change? What their neighbors look like. Are they trying to help you find affordable housing? Are they scoping leads? They don’t care.

“A little black girl goes missing damn near every day in this country; not a peep on national news. Her story is forgotten as soon as it’s opened. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Karen with the brown freckles and curly hair has the FBI, a story on Dateline, and search dogs.” Soul chuckles and shakes his head. “Ida B. Wells fought for all women; Susan B. Anthony only fought for white women. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. are considered ghetto while Miley Cyrus is the hottest thing since sliced bread. A black woman started the #metoo movement and yet the primary faces of it are white women.” Soul leans forward and stares into my eyes. “So while you’re doing the ‘all women rah rah rah’ chant, the others aren’t thinking about you and they never will. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

2003 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Her Soul will be out next week.

Now Absolutely FREE: Her Savior (Ellison Brothers #1)

announcing themarriage of


I need to get out of the hood.

Like pronto.

Like expeditiously.

Interning at a law firm where there are nothing but white folks and very few black faces may not be my ticket to go. I don’t want to get trapped somewhere between a Pumpkin Spice Latte convention and the Sunken Place.

Yet, when I do cross paths with him, well, it’s game over.

Every girl has that line they will not cross. Savior Ellison was that line.


“Why are you here?” I ask him. Might as well get straight to the point without the bullshit.

“I’m here because I was curious if there was anything I can do to convince you about my offer,” he slowly turns to me, “I want you and I won’t stop until I actually have you.”

“Why me?” I ask. “Why not some other down on her luck, round the way girl here. There’s a dime a dozen here for you to choose.” I pause briefly. “Since you seem to be into that type of thing.”

“That type of thing?” Savior repeats. “What do you think is going on here?”

“Rich white boy sees poor black girl as a personal fuck toy and will give her some money for her services when he’s done,” I stare at him dead in his eyes, “it’s prostitution under the guise of charity.”

“You think I do this all of the time?” Savior chuckles.

I don’t like that he’s laughing. It already tells me I’m dead-ass wrong. I personally don’t like his chuckling because it’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. But mama didn’t raise a punk and I’m not about to back down. “Yes.”

“Do I look like the type of guy who will spend a lot of time here in Inglewood?” He counters. “Look at me. Do I look like I come here all of the time trolling for pussy?”

Savior is dressed down in a sweater and jeans, both which are perfectly tailored to his fit body. He looks and smells wealthy, expensive, and my personal new favorite, just plain masculine. He could get any woman he wanted and according to Google, he just about has.

He’s been linked to Hollywood starlets and other wealthy socialites. He even has a few fan pages on tumblr and Facebook, though I get the feeling he doesn’t care about any of that. “Why me?”

“Ever since I saw you, I can’t get you out of my mind. When we ran into each other, my only thought was to see how you would sound and feel beneath me. And I need to see if this is real or just a fantasy.”

I’m ignoring the sensations created by my body and trying to focus on the task itself. “You do this with all of your interns?”

“No, you’re the lucky one.” He counters.

“Am I really?” I grin.

“Yes,” he states. He was about to continue when the all-too familiar sounds of a siren interrupts his train of thought.

“You get used to it,” I reply, “it could be an emergency, it could be a gang member, it could be a GTA, and that’s normally what it is.” I shrug. “This is my life, Savior. Ain’t no pussy worth coming over here and possibly getting shot up because someone sees your ride parked out and think they want that now.”

“Your life is more in danger than mine, Keisha.” He replies. “I’m a rich white man in Inglewood. They won’t harm me because they know how fast the cops would be here if they do.” His finger caresses my face and my body warms to it. “You’re more in danger for just stepping outside of your home.”

The man has a point. “What is that you want from me?” I repeat.

“I came over to see if you made any progress on what you wanted in exchange. I know my offer was generous but I’m sure you have an equally-good counter offer.” He pauses. “I also hope maybe my appearance would be able to make you see things my way.”

“I haven’t thought about what I would like in exchange.” The images of floating money enter my mind but I have to snap out of it. I already feel like a low-rate prostitute for entertaining white boy’s offer and I’m not about to make it official.

“How about…” He lies down on my bed and pulls me along with him. “…a new car?”

My little Honda Civic is only five years old. It has decent mileage and I’m a bit ashamed to say how often it was used as a getaway car for some shit Jalen has done. “Maybe.”

Savior’s hands travel up my midsection and under my shirt. He softly kisses my neck and a small moan comes out of me. “A new wardrobe?”

“Forever 21 is just fine,” I thought about what he asked and thought I could use fresher clothing for the law firm, “I can use a few more slacks.”

“New sneaks?” He whispers. “Tasha told me you were a sneakerhead.”

I slowly nod as I feel my jeans becoming undone and Savior’s slips a hand inside them. He’s rubbing my pussy through the soft pink fabric of my panties. “I love Jordans.” I sigh.

Savior’s lips caress mine again and he softly explores my mouth with his tongue. His tongue is skillful, delirious, and hungry for me. I lose my fingers within his silken locks and wonder if this is really happening.

Savior slides his body down mine and pulls my jeans off me. He lays between my thighs and pulls my panties aside to see my almost-bald snatch. Without saying another word, his tongue caresses my clit and I’m sent home to glory.

“Oh fuck!” I cry out as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my pussy closer to his face. His tongue is delectable, greedy, and just fucking wonderful. My body starts riding his tongue with every stroke and lick.

His tongue softly flicked my clit back and forth as I felt the stubble on his face. His tongue circled me and I felt the emotion down to my spine. My soft mewls became throaty moans and I was so thankful Tasha and SoundCloud were not at home. I would’ve never heard the end of it from those niggas.

The fire slowly builds in my tummy. It started at the pit of my stomach and traveled up until I scream out my climax. Flashes of white light compound me and my body is in a vise of pleasure.

I feel Savior pull my panties down and gets off my bed. I slowly open my eyes and see him in front of my mirror, straightening out his sweater and fixing his hair. “I hope I made my point,” he turns back to me and winks. “It’s Saturday afternoon now. You have until Monday morning to decide what you want.” He grabs my Wal-Mart panties and stuffs them in his pocket. His phone rings and he answers it. “I’ll be out now.”  He stuffs the phone into his other pocket and pulls out his car keys. “In case you need more convincing, I left you a brand-new gift.” He tosses the keys over to me. “I hope you enjoy it.”

I pick up the keys and they’re to the BMW SUV parked outside. What I thought was just a sexual relationship is starting to turn into something more and I’m not sure if my black ass actually likes that. “Savior, I can’t…”

He sweeps his lips over mine. I taste him and myself on his tongue. His kiss is demanding, but not overbearing. He means business and I can tell this is going to be an arrangement that will be deeper than what both of us expected it to be.

He pulls back from me and stares into my eyes. “Monday at eleven is your deadline. You’re already on my schedule.” He kisses me again. “I’ll see you then, Keisha.” He leaves.

I already have a car and tuition that will be paid for should I finally take him up on the offer. Of course, the boss bitch in me wonders if the car has my name on it or if it’s just loaner until later. I’m not worried about that, though. I’m more concerned about the specific details of this arrangement.

I’ll guess I’ll find out on Monday. This could be everything or the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Only one way to find out.


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The newly-released version of Her Savior will include snippets of Simply Complicated (Ellison Brothers #2) and Her Ocean (Ellison Brothers #3).

#TeaserTuesday: Watercolors (Ellison Brothers #4)

Baby Boy!


Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Ocean picked up Aaliyah, carried her upstairs, and laid her down on the bed. He climbed on top of her and nestled himself between her thighs. She raked her hands up and down his back and they both were still fully clothed.

“O,” she purred, “what are we doing here?”

Normally, Ocean would crack a joke about what they were doing or trying to do. He knew what Aaliyah meant and how serious her eyes had become. They acted like a simple couple doing a routine familiar to them.

They were anything simple and basic. Even when they made love, every thrust, push, and stroke took them to a new level unknown. They explored each other like long-lost lovers and connected on a spiritual level.

The odds were stacked against them from the jump and even Ocean had to wonder if pursuing the relationship was really worth it. He couldn’t see himself other than Aaliyah but how would she fit into D.C. life?

Would she be okay hosting dinner parties and meeting with various Heads of State? Would she actually give up her business to support Ocean and his dreams? Would she be fine sending their children to the best private schools and Ivy League colleges because of their status?

Would Aaliyah still change for him like she wanted to do a few years ago?

“I don’t know what we’re doing,” he honestly answered, “I can’t say it’ll be a piece of cake because I know it won’t be. I can’t say we’ll beat the odds because I don’t know. I can’t promise you the press will leave you alone once we do confirm our relationship. I can’t guarantee anything, baby. I can only guarantee what you’ll allow. The moment it’s not fun for neither one of us anymore, that’s when it’ll end.”

He promised her everything and nothing at the same time. “Will you protect me?” She asked. “As much as you can?”

“With everything.” He declared with such authority, Aaliyah shivered again. “Nothing is more important than you, than this, than us. Absolutely nothing.”

Aaliyah wanted to believe him but the threat of skeletons long buried in her closet threatened to come out. “O, my past…”

“Shh…” He swept his lips over hers and silenced her with his tongue. He pulled back and Aaliyah moaned at the loss. “…we’ll deal with it when the time comes. Right now, I’m only concerned with what’s going on between us right here and right now.”

Aaliyah caressed Ocean’s face and ran her fingers through his hair. “Don’t hold back on me. I want to love it, I want you to hurt it.”

“Your wish,” Ocean pulled off his shirt and Aaliyah followed with hers, “is my command.”

Their lips found each other once again, tasting and exploring each other. Ocean consumed Aaliyah with his mouth, then his tongue. He kissed her hard as if he would never see her again. She returned the favor with gratitude.

They peeled the remaining clothing off and laid side by side next to each other in bed. His fingertips crawled up her boyish frame while hers explored the quiet masculinity of his body. The nervousness, the unknowing, the confusion between them…it was gone.

Ocean rolled on top of Aaliyah and stared down at her briefly. Her brown eyes trusted him and her lips slightly parted open to reveal a smile. Never had a woman brought out the fire and intensity within him. She was the air he breathed. She was the reason he got up in the morning.

She was breathtakingly beautiful in her natural state. She was completely raw, vulnerable and Ocean had an overwhelming need to protect her. She’d weakened his resolve; something no woman had ever done. No other woman ever will.

He slid down Aaliyah’s body, kissing every curve along the way until he found her entrance. He parted her thighs and slipped his tongue inside. She was already hot and slick with desire for him.

“O…” She whimpered.

Ocean gathered Aaliyah’s ass and pulled her cunt closer to his face. He licked her hard and swift, tasting every part of her. Her moans encouraged him, drove Ocean mad, as he held her down on the bed.

She climaxed a short time later with a muffled cry and he kissed the inside of both thighs. He gently rubbed the stubble of his five o’clock shadow against her and Aaliyah giggled. Ocean could hear her voice all night.


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Watercolors is now LIVE!



Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


It was like they never left each other at all.

Aaliyah and Ocean explored Atlanta and everything it had to offer. She took him all of the touristy spots like the Georgia Aquarium and Botanical Garden. She also took him to hidden gems like Junkman’s Daughter. They stopped by Fresh Nectar, a clothing brand co-owned by Ocean’s brother, Soul, and received free clothing.

Aaliyah didn’t typically wore a lot of urban clothing but saw a super cute hemp bracelet and matching necklace, so Ocean got it for her. She also picked up some waist beads at another local shop.

“What do the waist beads do?” Ocean asked.

“Well, these promote energy and healing,” Aaliyah replied as she admired the turquoise and purple beads, “good vibes all around.”

“Mmm,” he snaked an arm around her waist and kissed her temple, “I like that how that sounds.”

Aaliyah shivered as Ocean touched her. She would never get over feeling Ocean on her body. She almost forgot why they finally escaped her condo. Ocean’s surprise phone call from his mother wasn’t a surprise at all. She reminded him about Briana Gooding’s fundraiser that weekend. “I don’t have anything for this weekend’s fundraiser.”

“I thought that’s why we’re out shopping right now?” He asked. “You wanted to buy a gown since you didn’t have one?”

“I do but…” Aaliyah paused. “…are you sure you want to make a public appearance like this so soon?”

“You wanted to be a part of my life, rainbow.” He politely reminded her as they walked down the street. “This is my life now.”

“I know that and I get it but we’re still trying to figure things out between us. A public appearance might tell people something.” She countered.


“We’re together,” she replied, “and you still haven’t figured out how you were going to handle your father with that info.”

“He’ll deal.” Ocean stated.

Aaliyah didn’t like how lackadaisical Ocean was about his father’s power. Ocean may have been used to it but Aaliyah never could be. “You’re willing to risk me being told off by your father in front of the wealthy and elite?” Aaliyah asked. “How romantic of you.”

“He wouldn’t do that.” Ocean reassured. “He has too much pride to do something that despicable.”

“Does he now?” Aaliyah asked. She folded her lips together and refrained from saying anything further. “Okay.”

“The fundraiser is for Briana Gooding,” Ocean replied, “so, my father will not make a scene when it’s a fundraiser than benefits her and the rest of the Democratic party.”

“You sure you want me there?” Aaliyah looked over at him. Even with the bright sun shining down on them both, Ocean was gorgeous as ever. “I might make things uncomfortable for everyone.”

“If you’re going to be with me, I’m not going to hide you.” He lifted up her hand and kissed it. “Besides, I’m sure you want to see everyone again.”

“If you mean your brothers, yes.” Aaliyah smiled.

After a day of shopping, the pair returned and watched TV while catching up on their respective work. Ocean went over another bill while Aaliyah finished working on the lion’s head tattoo.

They settled back into a quiet familiarity with each other. Being in the same space, yet doing their respective interests. It felt warm, and at home, as if they’d always done this routine and it was just another day in the Ellison household.

Aaliyah briefly wondered if it would be like that once they’re married. “What made you go into civil rights service?” Aaliyah asked as she sat at her dining room table.

“A part of it was seeing how my father interacted with the community. Despite his personal misgivings, he was about equality and justice for all.” Ocean said as he prepared dinner. “He was about Black Lives Matter before it became a hashtag. I had a lot of black friends when I went to college and just hearing their stories about being followed in a store, harassed by the police, and automatically being assumed they’re criminals when they’re working on their degrees?” He shook his head. “I had to get involved and I did.”

“Were your parents okay with it or were they like, ‘Stay out of this, this is not your fight’?”

“My mom was gung-ho and my father was to an extent,” Ocean replied, “my father went through a lot back then with people calling him all sorts of names ranging from nigger lover towigger to everything else under the sun. I’m not sure if it ever bothered him but I do know he didn’t want us to be subjected to that as well.” He paused for a beat. “Which is why he didn’t want us to have black girlfriends.”

Everything began to make perfect sense to Aaliyah. It didn’t matter if she came dressed as nun or if she presented her true self to Thomas, he wouldn’t have accepted her, anyway. “Yet, you and your brothers all have black girlfriends?”

“When you make something forbidden, you naturally want it more.” He replied. “I’m attracted to most women regardless of race.”

“But you dating black women gave you a satisfaction that this will piss off your father?” She stated.

“I learned a valuable lesson one day some many years ago,” Ocean stated, “that at one point, I have to live my life for myself. I can’t live it for them or for anyone else. My mother got that memo, but my father…” He shook his head and his shoulders dropped. “…it’s going to be a lifelong challenge.”

Aaliyah noticed the somber change in Ocean’s mood. It seemed the father-son relationship between him and Thomas was as good as it was going to be. Ocean spoke fondly of his father at times, though there was a sharp undercurrent of disappointment and anger.

Aaliyah decided to change the topic before she completely ruined his vacation. “Do you still give medical advice?” Aaliyah asked

“Always,” Ocean continued to prepare dinner. “After every floor meeting, I have at least two or three senators coming into my office, asking me to check their heart rate.”

“Ouch.” Aaliyah bristled. “I didn’t realize how stressful politics could be.”

“It’s not so much it’s stress but rather people don’t know how to act.” Ocean tossed the Brussels sprouts. “Everyone is friendly when they’re off the floor but when they’re on it, everyone’s a bully.”

“Including you?” She glanced over at him.

“Only when I’m pushed. People leave me alone for the most part.” He added. “But politics isn’t a profession where you’re going to leave with clean hands. Everyone gets their hands dirty one way or another. You do things you thought you would never do and make deals with people you had long despised to get what you want. It’s not a profession for anyone who is innocent.”

Aaliyah removed her glasses and looked at Ocean. She knew he could’ve been talking about anyone but she had a feeling he was specifically referring to himself. “What things did you had to do and what deals with unsavory people did you make them with?”

Ocean immediately thought of Jay. He still couldn’t get over at what a conniving asshole he was behind closed doors but America’s Favorite Uncle in the general public. If there was a true definition of Jekyll and Hyde, Jay certainly fit the bill.

Ocean also made a life changing deal with his parents. “You know that song by Garth Brooks? He speaks about low friends in high places? That’s why I had to deal with.”

Aaliyah shook her head. The Ocean she knew hated politics and often talked about his own struggles working the city council to get proper funding for certain things. Now Ocean was the one thing he hated. “So why are you involved? You gave me a canned response before but I don’t believe that was the real reason.”

Ocean stopped cooking and locked eyes with Aaliyah. “Sometimes, baby, to get what you want, you have to get your hands dirty.”

Aaliyah was a little frightened by Ocean’s closet notoriety. She also found herself very much attracted to his cutthroat and powerful attitude. A deep yearning stirred within her and her mouth suddenly became hungry for him. “Oh, is that so?”

“That’s so.” He smiled. “Politics isn’t a game for boys or girls, rainbow. Either you go hard or you go home.”

Aaliyah got up from her seat and walked over to Ocean. She grabbed his dick print through his slacks and he immediately became hardened within her hands. “Go hard or go home, eh?”

Ocean set the spoon aside and licked his lips as Aaliyah stroked him through his grey sweatpants. A low moan rumbled in his throat as she nibbled along his jawline. “I’m hungry,” she breathed.

“Mmm….” Ocean’s breathing became heavy and his eyes, dark. “You should probably eat something.”

Aaliyah lowered herself down to her knees and pulled Ocean’s sweatpants down to give her enough access. His hard cock jutted out and Aaliyah rolled the cock over her lips and mouth. She loved the scent of him; the musky aroma made her slick and hot.

Before Ocean could say anything more, Aaliyah wrapped her full lips around his cock. She steadied one hand on the back of Ocean’s thighs while the other fisted his cock as she sucked him. The soft hardness of him fit snugly within her warm mouth and she moaned with each motion.

Ocean looked down and gasped as he watched Aaliyah suck him off. She didn’t go through the motions of giving head. She thoroughly loved it and got off by hearing him lose control. She was an amazing lover like that – she loved to give just as much as she loved to receive.

“Baby,” Ocean caressed her cheek.

Aaliyah grinned and hollowed her cheeks to suck him harder. She let go of his cock and wrapped both hands around his legs as she began to deep throat him. Ocean gasped and his knees buckled when she took him deep the first time.

The second time, he made a sound filled with angst and agony.

The third time, he bit his fist and breathed hard through his nose.

The fourth time, he begged her to not stop sucking him.

All Aaliyah thought was, I got your ass now, boo.

Her head bobbled as she sucked him more. She used a little saliva to lube him up and combined both hands to make a twisting motion as she sucked. Ocean grew harder and thicker within her hands and mouth. He held her steady as he began to fuck her mouth.

“Damn Liyah,” Ocean moaned as he fucked her mouth, “you suck me so good, baby. You like sucking this dick? You like to take it all in your mouth?”

Aaliyah went crazy. All she could think about was pleasuring Ocean, her man. Just thinking how it looked between them – she in her bohemian attire while Ocean was in a tank top and sweatpants, while she sucked him off with reckless abandon.

She cupped Ocean’s balls and felt how tight they’d become. He was close to climaxing and she was too greedy to wait. She sucked him harder and eased up when Ocean released a loud moan and emptied in her mouth.

He continued to fuck her while his cock throbbed and twitched with every release. The come hit the back of Aaliyah’s throat and she opened as wide she could to take all of him. Ocean’s body shuddered and he spoke in tongues, promising her everything in between.

She licked him clean and put him back. Aaliyah went to get some iced water and gave Ocean a glass. “That was fun.” She said after a gulp.

Ocean finished his glass and set it aside. “It was.” He backed Aaliyah over to the table and bent her over. He lifted up her skirt and pulled down her bikini underwear. “This will be more fun.” He relieved his cock from his sweatpants and slid inside Aaliyah, who gasped and moaned. “That’s it. That’s my pussy right there.” He bent over and kissed her ear as he fed his cock into her. “You love this dick, huh?”

“Yes!” Aaliyah moaned. Ocean increased his thrust and she felt his balls slap against the wet slit of her pussy. She tried to ease away from it but he pulled her back.

“Ooh, where you going, boo? Don’t run.” He licked her earlobe. He reached over and cupped her small breasts as he pushed harder inside her. “Take this dick.”

“Ocean!” Aaliyah breathed. He’d given her deliberate thrusts inside the depths of her pussy and she couldn’t take it. The ecstasy he’d given her took her to another plane and her breath quickened as she clenched tighter around him. She lost her mind and a voracious vixen took her place.

“Your pussy feels so good,” Ocean growled. He pounded her harder and felt her pussy quiver along his cock. She was about to come and he wanted to feel all of it. “Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours!” She cried.

“Say my name!”

“Ocean!” The orgasm washed over Aaliyah and she trembled against her table. The orgasm tore into her, splitting her apart, and Aaliyah felt more connected to him than before. Her emotions were everywhere and she didn’t know how to feel or even what to think. She was dazed, but not confused.

Ocean came a short time later and emptied inside her. He lifted her shirt and kissed her back. He eased himself out of her and retrieved a wet washcloth to clean her up. He tossed it aside and straightened Aaliyah up. He turned her around and gave her a bruising kiss before he pulled away. “Dinner’s ready.” He slapped her ass.

Baby Boy!

To purchase Watercolors, click here.


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Her Ocean large


Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Aaliyah got out of the tub and prepared herself for bed. The playlist switched to Aretha Franklin’s “Wholy Holy” and Aaliyah closed her eyes to feel the spirit of the gospel hymn. Everything was going to be okay no matter what happened between her and Ocean.

Her doorbell suddenly rang and startled Aaliyah out of her thoughts. It was already midnight and she knew better to answer her door at that time. She lived in an area where many people didn’t get lost and asked for directions. She purposely chose to live some place where unless one lived or were making a delivery of some sorts, it wasn’t an area anyone would venture off into.

She checked the doorbell app on her cell phone and received the shock of her life when it was Ocean behind the door. “What in the hell?” Aaliyah quickly covered herself with a robe and raced downstairs.

She opened the door and found a smiling Ocean behind the door. “Next week?” She leaned the door jamb.

“No,” he pushed himself inside and kicked the door behind him. He circled Aaliyah’s hips with his thumbs and pressed her against the door. Her robe opened and revealed her nude body. “Tonight.”

Aaliyah felt Ocean’s smooth hands smooth over her breasts, circle her taut stomach and touch her everywhere but where she needed it the most. Her body immediately attuned to his as if he was the missing piece in the puzzle.

She was naked and bare, while he was once again still fully clothed. She recognized it was his silent way of telling her she was in control of their narrative. If she didn’t want anything to progress, it stopped right then and there. If she wanted more, he would go all night until they were both exhausted.

“Liyah…” His warm breath coated her neck as he gently sucked on it. “…I want you.”

“O…” She moaned. She closed her eyes as she felt how soft and warm his lips were. “…this is a bad idea.”

“Why?” He asked. “I don’t want to wait any longer to declare you’re mine, Liyah.”

“Because it won’t work.” She pushed him away and covered herself. “It just won’t work! You’re in D.C. and I’m here! That’s a long distance, O.”

“It’s a two-hour flight.” He stepped closer to her but kept his distance. “And I can make that flight often if need be.”

“You expect me to fly in and out every night to see you?” She shook her head. “Now I officially know you lost your damn mind.”

“I expect you to see me as often as you’re able to and if I’m paying for the flights, it shouldn’t be an issue.” He closed the distance between them and she let him. He unwrapped her robe again and let it fall down to the floor. “But I’m not leaving here until everything is settled between us.” He swept his lips over hers. “And I want you tonight. Please?”

The feeling of love, mixed in with lust became too much to overcome. Aaliyah’s breathing became hitched in her throat and the longing in her body completely took over. Aaliyah wrapped her arms around Ocean and nodded. “Take me. Now. Now!”

She pushed Ocean back and fumbled with his clothing until he was naked. Aaliyah gasped at the sight of him. Ocean had always been fit but now he was just a beautiful, muscular man. Golden skin, tanned to perfection, covered his muscles with small patches of soft, brown hair.

The air was heavy with need and want as they spoke no words. Ocean stood before Aaliyah, raw, naked, and unashamed. He never hid his emotions. He never brushed off anything. He was honest, no matter how much the truth hurt.

Now all Aaliyah wanted was for Ocean to be inside her. Her sex clenched and became slick with wetness as it wanted to be completely filled with Ocean’s thick shaft. She knew if she slept with him, she could no longer claim he was her ex, though the exact title was unclear.

Aaliyah would worry about that later as she watched Ocean produced a condom and quickly slid it on. Aaliyah felt her brain become dizzy under Ocean’s intensity. The air became thin as the sexual heat turned up between them.

He backed her against the wall and curled one of her legs around his waist. He kissed her hard, almost bruising her lips. He slid inside her and they both gasped at the delicious friction. He wasn’t completely inside her and Ocean already filled Aaliyah.

“Damn, baby.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Your pussy feels so fucking good.” He moved slowly inside her as Aaliyah softly moaned in his ear. “I thought about fucking his pussy again for so long and now I am.” He pushed in harder and faster, filling her to the brim as the gospel song became louder.

Ocean lifted Aaliyah and walked her over to the dining room table. He laid her down on the messy table full of papers and documents and didn’t bother to clear them off. He spread her legs apart and drove his thick, hardened cock inside her.

“Fuck, Liyah,” Ocean’s breath came out in ragged spurts as he moaned. He wrapped his arms around her legs and closed them against his chest for deeper penetration. Raw and ethereal emotion took over and Ocean didn’t hold anything back. He slammed into Aaliyah over and over again, causing her to have multiple small orgasms.

“O…O…” She gripped the table as she felt getting close again.

“We’re together now. I’m going to love, protect, and honor you. No more games, okay? No more bullshit.” His thrusts became harder with each word. “We’re meant to be.”

Aaliyah was in a daze. It had been a long time since a man gave it to her the way Ocean did and she never knew when it would happen again. She had to stop playing with her emotions and realize they were meant to be together. It wasn’t going to be easy and she didn’t know how long they would actually last.

They both had to try again just to say they gave it one final shot. They both deserved that of themselves and each other.

Aaliyah felt her body tightening up and the small coils of an impending orgasm. Her pussy suckled Ocean’s thick length. Ocean steadily pounds away at her, ripping more orgasms from her body.

“Come for me, baby.” He purred. “I want to feel your hot come all over my dick.”

“Fuck!” Aaliyah’s body lifted off the table and slammed hard back down. Her body shook involuntarily on its own and trembled against his relentless thrusts.

“That’s my baby,” Ocean thrust a few more times before he was met with his own powerful orgasm. His body stilled and he dropped Aaliyah’s legs around his waist. He collapsed on top of her and breathed against her body. Aaliyah wrapped her arms and legs around Ocean and neither spoke.

There was absolutely nothing to be said.


Watercolors will be out this weekend.

To read the first several chapters, click here.

And yes, this is the song they did it to:

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Her Ocean large



Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Unedited Snippet:

“Ocean,” a smiling Senator Jay Edwards approached him with his wife, Jessica. They were branded as America’s favorite couple with endless comparisons to the Kennedys and Camelot. “pleasure to see you here.”

“Jay,” Ocean shook the older man’s hand and kissed his wife’s cheek. “Pleasure to see you and Jessica here tonight.”

Jay glanced down at Ximena, who stood up next to Ocean. “And you brought a guest.” He smiled. “This is…?”

“Ximena Montez, daughter of Ricardo Montez.” She introduced herself before Ocean had a chance to. “And you are Senator Jay Edwards, Republican out of Orange County, California.”

“I see the lady has done her research.” Jay nodded down to her. “Lovely. I hope you are enjoying your evening thus far. I need to borrow Ocean for a moment.” He grabbed Ocean by his elbow and led him to a private corner. “So, you’re going to explain to me why Lupe and not Lupita is here tonight?” Jay asked.

Ocean didn’t want to acknowledge Jay’s racist remark. “I think we both know why Ximena is here instead of Aaliyah.”

“If you want another term, she won’t work.” Jay glanced behind him. He glanced over to see his wife engaged in a conversation with Ximena and smiled. His wife was a natural charmer. “Your approval rating shot through the roof on the pics of you and Aaliyah. Black men will vote for you again in the next election because of your daddy and they love Soul. Black women will vote for you because you just proved you’re about Black Lives Matter in the sheets as well. You need to keep that momentum.”

“I’m not trying to date my ex for approval ratings,” Ocean said in a low, angry voice. “I don’t give a damn about what the public thinks.”

“But you care about what a certain member of your family thinks, yes? If you want another term, you need to get rid of Conchita.” Jay’s eyes cut to Ocean. “They don’t care if you have a Latina wife if you’re not Latino yourself.”

“I thought I needed the Latino vote?” Ocean asked. “What’s the truth here?”

“Latinos are naturally conservative and will vote Republican, even if it’s against their best interests. They don’t care how Republicans fuck over other races as long as theirs is not being affected.”

Jay was a senior senator and considered to be a quiet expert in voting patterns. He’d successfully predicted the last several elections and advised his party to campaign in certain areas to ensure victory. His record of accomplishment was unmatched.

He was also a hardline Republican who never waivered on his stances, no matter who he offended. It was both infuriating and charming. “DACA?” Ocean replied.

“And they’ll still vote Republican.” Jay answered. “Not all Latinos are for illegal immigration. In fact, those who came over the legal way do not care for those who are hop, skipping, and jumping over the damn border. Unless you plan on marrying Selena Gomez over there, the voters are going to have a short-term memory in four years and I need eight to get into the White House.”

“You never told me why you’re so interested in the White House,” Ocean met Jay’s threat. “Why should I care about your plans?”

“Remember that school you wanted that’s currently being built or did you forget about that? I can always halt construction and you get to tell the wonderful residents of Watts, Willowbrook, Compton, and the rest of South L.A.’s poorest who campaigned on your behalf why you just fucked them over.” Jay smiled like he won the lottery. “You gave a cute speech to the reporters about the illegal immigrants being held in detention centers here. I, for one, don’t give a fuck if they’re kicked like soccer balls back over the goddamn border.” Jay stepped closer to Ocean and whispered in his ear. “Get rid of her tonight.”


The Notorious J. A. Y. strikes again.

Watercolors (Ellison Brothers #4) will be out next month.

Jay Edwards appears in the following books/series:

Scott & Mariana

Feeling Some Type of Way

D’Amato Brothers (War)

State of Affairs


#TeaserTuesday: Watercolors (Ellison Brothers #4)

Her Ocean large


Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.

Unedited Snippet: 

Aaliyah got up and straightened her shoulders. She tucked her towel in more and walked squarely to her bathroom door, where she opened it to face a smiling, sultry Ocean.

My heart…Aaliyah’s eyes took a quick stock of Ocean’s body. He stood over six feet tall, with dark brown hair, and dazzling blue eyes. He was dressed in dark slacks and a white open collar shirt that conformed to his magnificent body.

His hair was a messy bed head style, appearing as he just put some water in it and ran a hand through it a few times. He was never about the glitz and glamour and hated even to wear makeup when had to do appearances. Lowkey was always his style.

Ocean wasn’t just attractive; he was flat-out delicious.

His blue eyes were focused on her brown ones as he let himself into her bathroom and carefully stalked her as Aaliyah walked backwards and sat down on a vanity chair. No man had ever shook her to the core the way Ocean did.

She honestly doubted no man ever will. “I’m still getting dressed.” She held his gaze.

Ocean stood by the bathroom door and folded his arms, though Aaliyah wasn’t sure if it was because he was comfortable or annoyed. His stance gave no indication what way he leaned. “Am I wasting your time being here?” His voice was calm, but his mouth was a straight hard line.

“What gave you that impression?” She crossed her legs and folded her arms to match. “I’m getting dressed.”

“No woman takes over an hour to shower,” Ocean’s face revealed nothing.

“This woman does.” Aaliyah softly replied. She thought she was being facetious in her reply but an sexy curve of Ocean’s lips revealed he loved the challenge. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to see if you were okay, that’s why.” He replied, keeping his distance at the door. “And if you needed anything.”

“No,” she held up a hand, “why are you here? Like here in Atlanta, here. What’s your purpose of being here?”

“I thought I explained that back at the shop?” Ocean’s eyes revealed a smidgen of annoyance. “Was I not clear enough?”

Ocean’s lips were perfectly clear. As they took control of Aaliyah’s, his tongue played with hers with expert precision. Only a whiteboard with black lettering would be clearer. “What are you going to tell your father about us?”

“His opinion has never mattered,” Ocean replied.

“But it does, Ocean. It does.” She replied. Aaliyah’s heart burned with anger as she remembered how smug Thomas looked as he informed her she was no longer needed in Ocean’s life. If he got up and sucker punched her, the impact might have been less than the verbal blow he’d delivered. “Your father won’t hesitate to destroy me so he can get what he wants and if he wants you in the White House, I’m a distant memory.”

“I don’t want to run for the White House.” His blue eyes turned dark. “I have no desire to ever run for the presidency. I’m not even sure I want to go beyond a first term here.”

“Bullshit,” Aaliyah snapped, “you’re likable and quiet. You’ll get re-elected based on that alone.”

“I thought you didn’t care what I was up to?” His blue eyes crinkled.

Aaliyah bit her lip and looked away. “My point is, no one is going to elect you with me on your arm.”

“Contrary to your popular belief, no one cares about senator’s wives.” He walked closer to her. “And you’re giving yourself way too much credit for something that may not even happen.”

Aaliyah felt the smoldering heat between them as Ocean closed the distance. He smelled wonderful and his newfound swagger made him even more delicious. Her heart rate shot up and was deafening in her ears. A part of her wanted to cave in and begin a new relationship with him. A part of her wanted him to suffer for all of the hurt and anguish he and his family did to her.

The Petty Pendergrass in Aaliyah was about to come all the way through. “You don’t even want me any more. I’m not your type.”

“My type?” His cocked his head to the side. “My type is what?”

“Blonde, leggy, and curvy.” She noted. “I’m none of those.”

“I thought you didn’t care what I did?” His eyebrows rose.

“When the gossip pages talk about your dates,” Aaliyah stood against Ocean’s raw masculinity that encapsulated his over six foot frame, “I can’t help it.”

The longer Ocean was in Aaliyah’s presence, the more she revealed about what she knew of him. She claimed to not have cared about anything he did for the past several years since their breakup, but she knew a whole lot about the women he was seen with.

It briefly made Ocean wonder what else did Aaliyah know about him. “How about you’re everything to me? Is that better?”

Aaliyah swallowed and looked away before Ocean tilted her head towards his. He took her mouth again, drinking from her as his hands cradled her hips. She felt so warm and soft within his touch and he felt his cock harden at the thought of being inside her again.

His tongue tangled with hers and Ocean almost lost control when he heard her sweet moans. His hands crawled up to her towel and undid it, revealing a nude, decorated body. She had a few more tattoos added, but the rest of Aaliyah was astounding.

Her legs were muscular. Her torso was tiny with a small piercing. Her small breasts were perky and mouth-watering.

She was perfect for him in every way.

“Let me show you something.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of the wall mirror. He stood behind her as Aaliyah tried to cover herself up with her arms. “No,” he set her arms down, “I want you to see what I see.”

Aaliyah held Ocean’s gaze. His eyes were intense and full of heat. “What do you see?”

“I see love. I see beauty.” He kissed her neck. “I see power. I see us.” He locked eyes with her. “What do you see?”

Aaliyah shivered at the passion of Ocean’s words combined with his smoldering look. He was dark and dangerous; a deadly combination for her heart. The earth stood still for them and the only thing that mattered was whatever was happening in that very room.

“Well?” He asked again. He held her waist and nuzzled his lips against her neck. She smelled delightful and addicting. His blue eyes darkened to an almost black color as he reached up and caressed her breasts. “What do you see?”

Aaliyah swallowed and blew out a breath. Her sex became slick with desire and tightly clenched in response of him. Her heart raced uncontrollably fast and her palms became sweaty. The only man that could knock the wind out of her without saying much.

Ocean had a quiet sensuality to him that was irresistible. He never flashed his wealth or dropped names to impress anyone. Either someone liked him or they didn’t. Take him or leave him.

She hadn’t physically seen the man in years and there was an intimacy and closeness between them like if they had never separated at all. Ocean promised everything but guaranteed absolutely nothing.

Aaliyah felt her lungs suffocate her and the words became lodged in her throat. She swallowed once, then twice before she finally spoke. “I see uncertainty. I see scrutiny. I see a horrible crash that would leave me gutted yet again.”

“You really see all of that?” He kissed her neck and felt her shiver underneath. “I see protection. I see a guaranteed bet.” He turned her towards him and looked into her deep, brown eyes. “I see me loving you with everything I have until I can’t possibly love you any harder than this.”

Ocean had always made Aaliyah feel like she was the only woman in the world. It was no different two years later. “Ocean, I…”

“We’re going to be late for our dinner.” He backed away and turned Aaliyah to face him. “You have ten minutes. If you’re not dressed by then, you’re going to the restaurant in an outfit I picked out or you’re going naked. I’ll be waiting.” He left.


Watercolors will be available next month. A bonus snippet of Ellison Brothers #5 will be included.

To check out the prequel, click here.

#TeaserTuesday: Boo’d Up




The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James dishes out love and relationship advice, while keeping her identity a closely guarded secret. When she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend being intimate, and blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box. It’s all good until…the subject of said blog post reads about it.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more adult toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


The pair was mostly silent during the car ride to Vegas, with Savannah staring out of the window for the most part. She didn’t even dare to look at Blake’s face when they arrived at a private garage located in the desert.

“I think…” Blake leaned forward to look around. There were no markers or anything to indicate if he even arrived at the right place. “…we’re here?”

Savannah didn’t like the turn the trip had taken. They were literally in the middle of nowhere and the cell phone reception was poor. Yep, it was official – she was about to die. Blake was going to turn all Michael Myers on her and Savannah could already hear the Jaws theme song somewhere in the background. On second thought, she thought she just mixed up two movies.


She blinked the horrendous thoughts out of her mind and turned towards Blake. His eyes alternated between a grey and green color, almost like a lake. His eyes were intense, hypnotizing, and completely focused on her. His mere presence pulled her in, and Savannah long forgot about her silly perceived danger based on too many horror flicks.

Now she felt safe and comforted. “Yes?”

“We’re here.” Blake grabbed her hand as he struggled to read her face. There was confusion within her eyes. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She shook her curly locks. “Where are we?”

“I believe we’re at the place I’m supposed to deliver this car,” Blake’s eyes scanned the location. He was told by Soul’s assistant to deliver the car to a warehouse and that was it. He would’ve freaked out if it wasn’t for the chilly reception he received from Savannah. “But I wanted to talk to you about what happened back there.”

“Nothing happened,” Savannah shook her head.

“Oh, I believe you’re on that bullshit so we will talk about it.” Blake took off his seat belt and turned towards her. “What happened?”

“Nothing happened, Blake.” Savannah gritted her teeth. “That’s all.”

“I can ask a woman why she’s mad at me and I get the ‘nothing happened’ or ‘everything’s fine’ and next thing I know, I’m starring on a very special episode of Snapped.” He sighed. “Why do I even bother?”

“Blake, why did you bring me here?” Savannah asked. “What was your intention?”

“My intention?” He repeated. “To have fun.”

“You didn’t bring me here because you’re on the rebound, you saw my sex toy collection, and you wanted to have a taste?” She narrowed her eyes.

“For Christ’s sake,” Blake rolled his eyes, “that’s what this is about? Savannah, if I wanted to bang you, I wouldn’t have taken you on a trip with me. I would’ve just stayed home and tried to do it.”

Savannah felt her cheeks tinged with pink. He had a point, despite how crude it came out. “I guess so.”

Blake realized his faux pas and cursed at himself. “You know what I mean. I brought you with me because I think you’re beautiful and cool.” He paused for a beat. “Even though I’m not sure if you’re into to anyone.”

Savannah was still on the high of Blake’s compliment until the backhanded comment. “I beg your pardon?”

“I’ve never see you with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, for that matter. You stay sequestered.” He replied. “I don’t care about your toys but toys only do so much.”

“So, you think me being a big girl means I can’t get dick?” She shot to the point.

“What?” Now it was Blake’s turn to feel embarrassed. “I never said that!”

“Just because I’m a big girl, it doesn’t mean I can’t take dick.” Savannah folded her arms. “Listen, Blake, I understand you’re used to thin women. I totally get that. But underneath this pouch of belly is some good pussy.”

A slow smile curved Blake’s lips. “Was that an invitation?”


Boo’d Up is available now! To purchase and read an extended snippet, click here.

Boo’d Up is now LIVE!



The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James is a known sex blogger under the pseudonym Aura Sky, dishing out sex advice and test-driving sex toys. When she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend having sex, and blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box.

Blake Hutchinson loved three things: sex, women, and cars – and not necessarily in that order. When he and his girlfriend decided to role-play one night, Blake could’ve sworn he felt another set of eyes watching from afar and enjoying the action herself. When a coworker talks about the hot sex blogger speaking about her recent voyeurism experiment, Blake discovers Savannah’s secret identity – and is determined to get to know more about her.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more sex toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.



Savannah was surprised at the diversity of the club and how it really wasn’t what it appeared to be. Here she thought she was about to become a viral sensation because she knocked out Becky with the Cell Phone Calling the Police on Black People Who Just Want to Live when really, Savannah didn’t have to worry about any of that.

Once again, she misread Blake. Once again, he silently proved a point to her regardless of her feelings.

Savannah quickly flagged down a waitress and ordered one of the strongest drinks she could think of – Adios, Motherfucker! She needed to get wasted and drink Blake out of her mind. The trip hadn’t been a disaster but she wasn’t about to run any victory laps.

They still had a flight home the following evening. It was about to be a long 24 hours.

“Did I piss you off?” Blake turned towards her. “I’m getting a chilly reception from you that’s colder than a diss record.”

“I just…” Savannah thanked the server as she brought over her drink. She quickly finished it and Blake’s eyes widened. “…let’s dance!”

Blake followed a buzzed (he thought?) and kinda weird (he knew for certain) Savannah onto the dance floor, where they grinded against the heavy bass line of G-Eazy’s “Drop.” Savannah turned around and shook her ass against his crotch before she stood up and licked her lips.

Blake blinked once and then twice as he tried to keep up with Savannah’s newfound…sexuality, the thought? He knew it was the alcohol talking and that she wasn’t being this expressive on her sobriety. But when she hooked her leg around his waist and ground harder into him, Blake temporarily forgot he was trying to be her voice of reason.

He really just wanted to bend her over and fuck the soul out of her.

They danced to another trap song before the DJ interrupted the patrons. “We are now taking contestants for our bull-riding contest! If you want to show your stuff, sign up at the DJ booth!”

“That’s me!” Savannah pulled away from Blake and headed over to the DJ booth, where she signed up.

Blake stood in the middle of the dance floor and just stared at his date. There was a connection they both felt, yet she was trying her best to fight it. Maybe he should just let her go since it was clear she didn’t want him. He didn’t want to waste her time so maybe it was for the best.

He gathered by the large circle and stood outside of it as he awaited Savannah’s turn. The other girls were hot, drunken messes who only did it so it was something to boast about on their various Instagram pages. He received no fulfillment out of watching them.

Savannah, however, he paid close attention. He wanted to know if she would be like her predecessors or if she could ride a bull. He briefly wondered how she would ride him.

Blake shook his head to relieve it of such nasty thoughts. Savannah didn’t want him, no matter how much her eyes and body responded differently. He couldn’t change her mind on that and Blake was pretty sure he didn’t want to try just to be rejected. They would be friends and that’s it.

Even he couldn’t buy what he thought.

“Next up,” The DJ announced, “is Savannah!”

Blake stood to attention as he watched Savannah climb the bull and be strapped in. Snoh Aalegra’s “Walls” filled the speakers and the singer’s smoky, seductive voice traveled throughout the floor. The bull started slowly and Savannah rode her body along with it, feeling the motion of the device.

One hand was free, while the other tightly held onto the rope. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be lost into another dimension, somewhere far that wasn’t Las Vegas. Another plateau of freedom and ecstasy.

All Blake could focus was Savannah. He no longer heard the whoops and hollers from the surrounding crowd or the snarky comments from the other women regarding Savannah’s size and her thick thighs.

All Blake saw, all he wanted was her. He imagined himself as that mechanical bull, Savannah’s thick thighs cradling his as she took his cock over and over. He imagined curled toes, hands gripping the sheets, and moans from both of them as sex filled the air.

As the song neared the halfway point, Savannah stayed on the bull, impressing everyone despite at how fast it went. She was a pro at riding and Blake felt a bit more energized by her performance. He was going to give it another shot. He would be damned if he was leaving Las Vegas without Savannah as his woman, his lover. He wanted her in his life and that was that.

He was going to prove it to her that night.

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