Vera Vision—The Curious Experiment, Pt. 2


It wasn’t the first time Leah had a request from a straight woman to make love to her. It was the first time Leah actually took the request seriously.

Leah got all sorts of clients. Men who were in denial about their sexuality were her regulars. Then there were the occasional high-profile rap artists, who paid her big money to their sexuality a closely-guarded secret. Occasionally, she’ll get married men who wanted something more than just a run of the mill prostitute. So when Denise answered Leah’s ad, she breathed a sigh of relief. Fucking a woman was not new to Leah; she’s done it plenty of times during her vanilla life. But after getting a little bored with the influx of cocks on a regular basis, it was time to spice it up.

The women chatted a little on the sofa while sharing wine and cheese. A few glasses later, inhibitions were relaxed and heat took over. Once business was taken care of, it was time for Denise’s curiosity to be finally satisfied. Kissing a tranny was no different from kissing a man or a woman. However, Leah was surprisingly gentler than Denise was expecting. She was very sensual, sucking gently on Denise’s bottom lip as their tongues intertwined. Leah pulled Denise’s tank top over her head and immediately cupped the bouncy C-cups that were perky by the cold breeze. Even her tits were gorgeous. Almond-colored with two chocolate-chip colored nipples to match.

Immediately, Leah began to suck on Denise’s breasts. They were soft and supple, like a baby’s behind. They were mouth-watering delicious and Leah felt she could suck on them forever and Denise wanted her too. Leah’s mouth and tongue was magical and Denise felt she was about to orgasm just on the feeling alone. She also felt the twitching bulge caused by Leah’s cock pressed against her thigh. Just when Denise thought she was about to sent over the edge, Leah stopped. She pulled back and smiled as if it was she teasing her lover.

“Let’s take this back there,” she motioned towards the bedroom.

Denise led Leah back to her bedroom where she sat down on the bed with Leah standing over her. Leah then instructed Denise to take off her pants and she complied. If Denise’s top half was beautiful, it was nothing compared to her lower half. She wasn’t wearing any underwear so her snatch was on full display. The light mocha folds were in beautiful contrast to her chestnut skin. For a split second, Leah had to wonder why Denise even bothered to pay for it when it was clear to anyone she was a knockout. But there was another time for in-depth discussions about one’s insecurities. Leah was paid to do a job and she wasn’t going to disappoint.

Leah then removed her skinny jeans and tank top. Immediately, her cock jumped out from the excitement. Leah’s cock was a nice and thick size; Denise estimated it to be around 6 inches. It was just as it was pictured in the ad and even more impressive in person. Leah quickly put on a condom and crawled in between Denise’s legs. She eased her cock inside Denise’s tight and wet snatch, feeling her delicious heat. Fuck, she felt amazing. The women pressed their bodies against each other and moved in unison as Leah slowly fucked Denise.

Tired of the easy lovemaking, Denise encouraged Leah to fuck her harder, to which Leah responded with faster thrusts. She put Denise’s legs on her shoulders and wrapped her arms around them as she thrust harder inside her. Meanwhile, Denise was in heaven as her body rode waves of ecstasy. Leah was fucking her perfectly; better than any man ever had. Just when she think she couldn’t take it anymore, her body tensed up. Denise clawed at Leah as she screamed out, letting her orgasm wash over her body. Leah soon came afterwards and collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of Denise.

The women would make love again that night before Leah had to return home. It was a nice start to a very fulfilling business partnership.

Vera Vision Sneak Peek–The Curious Experiment

Denise always wanted to test the waters of her bi-curiosity. She knew there was something more than just the idea of wanting to do something. She actually wanted to fuck a woman to see what it was like. But she was apprehensive. She didn’t have a certain type and didn’t want to go out just to fuck anyone. Some butches were a bit too aggressive for her taste. Some of the Lipstick girls might not even give Denise the time of day. But flipping through the ads on craigslist made her try to test something else instead.

She was going to get a tranny.

Transsexuals usually catered to men who wanted to be with a man that looked like a woman. Denise, naturally, was going to do something similar—sleep with a man who had tits but still had a dick. It was something she was sure she wanted to do. Now it was a matter of putting on her big girl panties and doing it.  Or maybe it was taking off her big girl panties and doing it.