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Zerrin swallowed her pride. “The other night, Nick. I just want to say thank you for the other night. For what happened.” She waited for his response. Instead she was met with cold eyes and an equally cold front. “Thank you. I’ll be going now.” She began to leave.

“Have you ever been spanked?” Nick’s voice echoed in the classroom and made Zerrin stop in her tracks. She heard his footsteps walk over to her. She felt his strong presence directly behind her. She felt his eyes boring into her, drinking her in, and holding her steady.

“What?” Her voice cracked.

“Have you ever been spanked?” He asked again.

Nick stood close—too close—and it made Zerrin uncomfortable; her heart seemed to be skipping several beats and her throat suddenly became dry. She managed to find the strength to steady her breath, inhaling and exhaling through her nose, though she regretted that action. Each time she inhaled, she was blessed with the delicious musky cologne Nick was wearing.

It was at that moment Zerrin realized exactly how long it had been since she’s been with a man. Weeks morphed into months and Zerrin lost track. The last time she had sex was a long time ago and the last time she had good sex was even longer. It was too long and the sensations she was getting from her neck down to her core were making her head spin.

Still, she managed to find a few words. “No, I haven’t.” She shook her head. “Not yet.”

Nick walked over to the desk and sat down in the chair behind him. “Lift up your skirt and bend over my knee,” He ordered.

Zerrin hesitated. Did he just ask her what she thought he asked her? And at school? What if someone came in? What if a student spied on them? “Here?”

“A true submissive would just do, not ask,” Nick’s voice was stern. “Thank you, Zerrin. You can be on your way now.”

“Wait!” she interjected. She swallowed her pride and walked back to Nick and lifted her skirt, exposing her ass cheeks through her tights. She bent over his lap and again felt Nick’s eyes on her. He steadied her body, putting one hand on the small of her back while the other hand rubbed her ass, feeling how soft and supple it was.

Her heart was pounding, and her mind was racing; going a mile a minute. She lightly swallowed a few times, wondering what Nick was going to do to her. Was he going to hurt her? Was he going to harm her? She wished she had kept her mouth shut and avoided him for the rest of the year.

Smack! The sharp thud of Nick’s hand against her ass woke Zerrin up. Her eyes widened and her mouth gasped open in shock and pain. Smack! The second swat made her body tingle and the pain vibrated throughout her body. Smack! The third swat, however, created a hot sensation in her sex. Desire coursed through her body as her toes curled and Zerrin’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips. She swallowed a few times to steady her breath. Was she breathing? She stopped breathing upon the anticipation of everything. She finally let out a small breath through her nose and closed her eyes.

That was where she belonged. She felt needed. She felt at home. “If you want guidance, I can give it to you. If you don’t want guidance and prefer the bullshit that happened back at the club, we’re done here,” Nick quietly spoke as his hand circled her ass, causing shivers running up and down Zerrin’s spine. “The choice is yours.”

Zerrin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This is what she wanted, right? She wanted a real Dom. She wanted someone to teach her, train her, and instill values in her. She wanted someone she could submit to. She wanted someone to own her mind and body. “I want this.”

“Why do you want to be a submissive?”

“I think it’s sexy, and I like the power exchange.”

Nick wasn’t convinced about Zerrin. He had witnessed too many women reading a romanticized tale of BDSM and the complicated D/s relationship, thinking that it was just one big orgasmic session after another. The same ones were usually surprised once they realized there was a lot of servitude and obedience expected from them, then they start screaming about Women’s Rights and referencing the suffrage movements as they hurriedly put on their clothing and raced out of his home. “There’s more to being a submissive than just being tied up and a guy fucks you with a dildo. There’s a lot of service and submission that is involved.”

“I realize that,” Zerrin was uncomfortable having a conversation with Nick while she was still bent over on his lap. There was something almost humiliating about the act. “I want to be a submissive to a Dom and cater to him.”

Nick walked his free hand down the curvature of Zerrin’s cheeks, feeling how soft her behind was. The emotions she brought out in him were almost feral, as if she brought out a need within him that even he didn’t realize he had. Oh, he was going to have a lot of fun flogging her. “Why do you want to be My submissive?”

Zerrin stilled her body. Nick was already testing her. He wanted to know her needs, her fears, her emotions. “I want You to teach me. I want You to properly teach me how to submit and be submissive. I want to sit at Your feet. I want to wear a collar. I want to serve You. I want to please You. I want You to own me. I want You to own this.

“Shhh…” Nick helped Zerrin stand up. He straightened her skirt out before he lifted her chin to read her eyes. They were willing and trusting. They weren’t naïve or innocent, something he had encountered in the past and was not willing to deal with again. “You’re jumping ahead of yourself, My pet. We need baby steps with you.”

“I’m not a child, Nick,” Zerrin replied.

Nick looked at her with serious eyes. “It’s Master to you.”

Zerrin felt the heat of her body rise. Hearing Nick telling her how to properly address Him was sexy. His voice was authoritative, yet respectful. It was the start of a new relationship, a new ownership between them. They would never be the same again. “I’m capable of holding my own, Master.”

“You came in here to apologize to Me, remember? Zerrin, if I hadn’t been there the other night, there’s no telling what that asshole would’ve done to you. The Lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Not every guy who likes to be called Master is a true Dom. Not every woman who likes to play with a whip and wear leather thigh-high boots is a true Mistress. There are a lot of phonies and copycats out there.”

“That’s why I want You to teach me and guide me. Show me the way, Master.” Zerrin clarified. “Am I asking too much?”

“I want you to understand that what you’re asking for isn’t something that is for everyone. Once we get started, your life will never be the same again. I’m not going to be easy on you and have you take shortcuts because you’re too tired or because of our working relationship. I’ll be just as strict on you as I am on the others,” He whispered in her ear, his deep voice making her quiver, “Is this something you want?”

S&M II – Final Sneak Peek

I really like to thank everyone for being so patient. Promoting one book, writing another, and starting to promote another is no easy task to do and definitely not easy for the friends and family of person doing it. Part II is dedicated to you, my lovelies, dahlings, and freaks. Thank you for all of your support, words of encouragement, wonderful written (or spoken) reviews. 

But just thank you for tolerating my crazy ass! LOL. It’s much appreciated. 

Enough babbling, onto the sneak peek…


Mariana pulled down her pajama bottoms and stepped out of them. She was naked underneath them. She bent over Scott’s lap and steadied herself with her hands. “Where are you?” He asked.

Mariana knew what he was referring to. Her tolerance level. She wanted to lie and say red. For some reason, the truth came out. Maybe she did want to get spanked again. “Green.”

“Good girl,” Scott raised his left hand and crushed it against Mariana’s ass. She whimpered. “That’s for leaving without saying goodbye.” He slapped her ass again, this time a bit harder. “That’s for leaving your gifts behind that I spent a lot of time and money picking out.” He slapped her ass again, harder than the last time. A moan escaped Mariana’s lips. “And that’s for lying about me to your roommate.”

Mariana’s ass stung with pain yet all she felt was pleasure. Her body was on fire and all she wanted was Scott inside her. She completely forgot she was pissed off at him. “I’m sorry, Master.

“You’re forgiven.” He lifted his girlfriend back up. “Now, go put on your pants and clean the kitchen.”

“Yes, Master.” Mariana pulled up her pants. She gathered up some plates and went into the kitchen. She filled up the sink with soapy water and began scrubbing.

“Mariana?” Scott ordered.

She stopped scrubbing and walked over to him. She kneeled at his feet. “Yes, Master?

“I want that kitchen spotless.”

She nodded in agreement. “Yes, Master.

“And if you do it right, I’ll give you a reward when you’re finished,” He said. “Now, go clean.”

“Yes, Master.” She got up and went back to the kitchen while Scott enjoyed his coffee and read the morning paper.

Spying from her bedroom door, Sarah caught the interaction between Mariana and Scott. Although it was clear there was some sort of a relationship between them, Sarah didn’t know what level. One thing Sarah did not like, however, was the feeling she had by watching the pair. She was aroused. “What in the blue hell is going on there?”

BDS&M II: Safe words and Impact Play


“Good girl,” He kissed her forehead. He reached down and grabbed the yellow scarf and turned her around. His lips brushed her earlobe. “We’re going to have safety words whenever we play. A safety word is something creative that doesn’t involve any form of ‘no’, ‘stop’ and ‘don’t.’ It’ll have to be something so outrageous I will have to stop if I’m going too far. Since you’re a novice to The Lifestyle, I’ve taken the liberty to give safety words for you. Green means you like what I’m doing and want to keep going. Yellow means you like what I’m doing but you’re almost at your limit. Red means I need to stop. Just like the traffic lights.”

“Yes, Master,” Mariana felt a growing desire inside her.

“So, let’s begin,” Scott slowly wrapped the scarf around Mariana’s head, covering her eyes. He tied it in the back. “How are you doing?”

“Green, Master.”

“Good girl. Now get on the bed.” He instructed and Mariana complied. He took off His clothes and unlocked the top drawer. He pulled out a heart-shaped paddle and a small box of Magnums. He walked over to the bed and joined Mariana. “Get on all fours.”

Mariana repositioned herself for a doggystyle position.  Scott kneeled behind her and rubbed her ass. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good.” He lifted the paddle and slapped it against Mariana’s ass. “Does it hurt?”

Mariana winced a little. The paddle did sting but it wasn’t very painful. She actually preferred the paddle as oppose to Scott’s hand. “No, Master.”

“Good girl.” Scott slapped it against Mariana’s ass a few more times. Her chocolate brown cheeks had a nice shade of rose to them now. “Slowly, get off the bed and wait for my next command.” He ordered.


Safe. Sane. Consensual. These are the three words that describe the BDSM lifestyle. Any and all play needs to be consensual to be enjoyed in a D/s relationship.

A key factor of BDSM play is safe words. Safe words are words used to determine the level and amount of play a Dom/me will give their sub. As you have seen by the above example, the traffic light system is popular. There’s no mistake what one means when you shout ‘Red!’ in the middle of play. While Scott and Mariana used three words, two safe words are standard: one to indicate you want to keep going but you’re almost at your limit and one to completely stop the play.

Safe words, albeit popular, are not necessary in some forms of BDSM. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t been in the lifestyle that long. There are some incidences where safe words are not even allowed, such as extreme forms of sadomasochism play.  For the most part, however, safe words are recommended for any type of power play. Better to know where you stand and where your Dom stands.

Of course I can’t mention safe words without mentioning impact play. Impact play is when the sub (or bottom) is struck by the Dom (or top). Impact play comes in many forms but the most common one incorporates erotic spanking. The submissive is spanked either by bare hands, a cane, flogger, or other items. I’ve heard of subs being spanked with rulers, shoelaces and sandals. Impact play usually occurs in BDSM play as a little extra (re spanking during oral sex or a sexual position) or it can occur in the form of discipline to instill values and rules within the sub to please their Dom.

I, for one, prefer the paddle. One, it’s soft. Two, it doesn’t have the same stinging impact as a bare hand. Anything else, I’m not sure if I’m ready for. Not sure if I want the Mr. to beat my ass with shoelaces.

Isn't that cute?

I do encourage you, the reader, to incorporate a little spanking into your sexual activities. Spank your partner and have your partner spank you. You just might discover either you’re sub or a Dom/me.

And there you have it,


Sex and the Married Woman: Spank Me, Daddy!

Sophie Howard doesn’t play…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really into BDSM. I’m not going to say what level I am, but let’s just say I know a little too much about medical equipment and how it can be used for sexual gratification.

Told you I was a freaky bitch.

So after being married for about five months, I decided it was time for me and the husband to get acquainted with BDSM. So during one of our recent sex sessions, I bent over and asked him to spank me. The reaction I received wasn’t what I expected. I think it was something like this:

Okay, so maybe my husband didn’t look exactly like a pumpkin but you get the idea. He was kinda unsure about what he should do. After all, it was the first time he actually had to spank a female.

Alright, let’s try this again. I told him, ‘Spank me!’ and my husband gave complied…kinda. He gave me a small slap on my right cheek. What? What the fuck is that? No, I need a spanking, boo, not a pinch. So I started again: ‘Spank me!’ He gave me a slightly bigger slap.

Okay, we have some work to do.

That’s when it occurred that incorporating BDSM in sex isn’t what the movies and Skinimax like to portray. There isn’t always a willing partner and sometimes there needs to be a bit of convincing. After all, you are giving your partner PAIN. Now there is a ‘good’ pain that will turn you on and there is a bad pain that’ll make you slap your momma. But no matter how you look at it, it’s still pain and it fucking hurts.

Got that? It fucking hurts. I don’t know any person who has had rug burn and thought that shit felt great the entire time. I’ve had rug burn several times in my past (and present) and let me tell you, taking a shower with that shit is not fun. But I’m getting besides myself here. I need to school some of my readers on what BDSM is. Are you ready? Taking notes? Here we go:

BDSM stands for Bondage-Discipline (B&D, B/D, BD)-Domination-Submission (D&s, D/s, Ds)- Sado-Masochism (S&M, S/M, SM). Now you’re probably wondering why Ds is abbreviated like that. Well, in the BDSM culture, the Dominant is always capitalized while the submissive is not. It’s out of respect and power.

About two years ago, I met a guy online who introduced me to the wonderful world of BDSM. I learned about pleasure, pain, punishment, and excitement. I was his Goddess and he was my slave. I was hooked and wanted more. But I also made a conscientious decision: if I was going to be truly freaky, I needed to be married. I don’t get freaky with just anyone now. So I kept my BDSM fascination under wraps until I met my husband, Max. And then I shared with him my BDSM fantasies. His reaction was something like this:

And no, that wasn’t an exaggeration.

Okay, so let’s go back to the present. He’s interested in spanking and I want him to spank me, so where in the fuck did we go wrong? Well, I realized that just because one of you is BDSM freak doesn’t necessarily equate the other automatically is. I’m BDSM and he’s Vanilla (a term used to describe anyone who is not a part of the BDSM lifestyle). So I need to turn my Vanilla boy into my BDSM freak-daddy. Still bending over, I demanded to him to spank me harder. Max raised his hand up high and let it crashed down hard on my ass. The pain reverberates throughout my body and I’m feeling all sorts of tingly. A-ha! Now we got it!

This new adventure is going to be fun. Stay tuned…

And there you have it,


Vera Vision—The Secretary, Pt. I


*As I was editing this story, I made some changes. It was too good to pass up so I decided to re-post the new and improved (if there is such a thing) version. It’s a longer story with a bit more detail. Enjoy!*

Being a secretary is more than just answering phones; you’re getting paid to be someone’s bitch. And if Jenna had to fax one more asinine contract, she knew whose ass it was going to get shoved up first.

A secretary and boss relationship is very sadomasochist of its own. Even though the boss is the Dominant one, there is no question on who really rules the roost. The submissive secretary controlled everything and if she was good enough, she also controlled exactly when her boss was able to take a shit. There’s a lot of trust involved but there’s also a lot of discipline. The secretary has to rely on the boss to give her implicit instructions on what was needed. Likewise, the boss should depend on the secretary not to make any crucial mistakes that would cost several dollars and much time to repair. It was a lesson that Jenna knew very early in her job career. Professionalism and discipline were required. But she also knew if she fucked up enough times, the punishment could be sweet.

Jenna didn’t know exactly when the D/s play began; it was a natural occurrence. A raised voice here; a stern look there. A strict warning behind closed doors occasionally. But Max never threatened to fire Jenna; there was no need to. She was one of the best assistants he had ever had and it would be completely foolish of him to fire her. But Max was a smart man. Jenna was a perfectionist and often re-did things before she even presented him her work. When she messed up, it was once in a blue moon. However, Max began to suspect she was starting to fuck up on purpose because she liked the punishment he dished out. Gradually it moved to spanking; first, with a bare hand, but now, with paddles. Jenna was wondering when the whips were going to come out. She knew that was the next level.

Once again it was a late night at the office. Jenna was going over the same spreadsheet for about the 30th time, trying to figure out where the discrepancies were coming from. Budgeting for the fiscal year is never easy, especially if there isn’t much money to begin with. What’s worse was the fact the marketing department was several thousands dollars over where they should’ve been and no one wanted to cut even a dollar from their own budgets for various reasons. It was going to be a long night, indeed. Standing up to stretch, Jenna cracked her neck to relax her muscles. Her salary was quite nice for her job even though Jenna thought she was getting severely underpaid. It did come with a lot of perks that she enjoyed. Of course, none of them were quite as nice as being spanked on occasion.

Jenna grabbed the spreadsheet from her desk and presented it to Max, who greeted her with a smile. She waited patiently as he read the results of her findings. It was any moment he was going to see she miscalculated the budget and made an easily fixable mistake. But she couldn’t let Max know that. She tried to wipe the sly smile that was appearing on her face and continued to wait. She was curious to see what the punishment was this time around. Just when she thought Max had glossed over the budgets, his face appeared from the budget spreadsheet. Annoyance was the look he was wearing and it wasn’t fashionable. Jenna couldn’t tell if that was a look of ‘You’re about to get it!’ or the dreaded ‘You’re about to get fired!’ She hoping it was the former, not the latter.

“Come here and bend over,” he quietly demanded.

Jenna got up from her chair and walked over to Max. She got down on her knees and waited. The waiting part was the worse. She didn’t know if he was going to hit her immediately or wait several minutes. When he did decide to hit her, it always shocked her because she never quite expected it. So, the waiting began. Five minutes. 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes. Jenna began to wonder if Max was going to punish her at all. Her back was starting to hurt and her knees began to feel weak.

Maybe fucking up on the spreadsheets wasn’t a smart idea after all.


Vera Vision—And the sub Becomes a Dom, Part 2

“What are you doing?”

Andrea nearly jumped out of her skin when her roommate, Herchelle, sneaked up from behind. She clutched her chest and breathed a few Hail Marys as Herchelle offered a wimpy ‘My bad.’ Andrea was so caught up in researching BDSM, she didn’t hear the door open. From the art of spanking and safety words to the proper manner to reward the sub and punish him, Andrea was fully engrossed in becoming a Dom. The hard part was keeping her newfound passion a closely guarded secret. If Herchelle found out, Andrea would never hear the end of it. She could already imagine the jokes and questions.

“So do you tie him up? Do you have chains and all that stuff?”

“Can I borrow your paddle?”

“Are you going to spank me? I’ve been a very bad girl.”

Andrea shook her head just thinking about the bullshit. Herchelle couldn’t know shit as far as Andrea was concerned. She quickly closed her laptop and smiled at her roommate. “Researching for class.”

“I thought you were done with your finals? You only had that paper, right?”

“I needed to add more stuff to it,” Andrea quickly covered, “there’s a lot more research I haven’t done.”

“Ohhhh,” Herchelle nodded in agreement as she put away groceries, “just when you think you’re done, you never are.”

“Uh-huh,” Andrea nodded. She got up from the bar and tried to rush into her bedroom to continue the research. She was far too invested in it to just stop and make small chatter. But Herchelle had other plans.

“Stay hungry!” She yelled from the kitchen. “I’m making spaghetti for dinner! It’ll be ready in an hour!”

Andrea stopped in her tracks and cringed. She didn’t want to do anything but hole up inside her bedroom to study more about the wonderful and kinky world of BDSM. But she had to keep all appearances together. Absolutely, positively no one had to know about what she was doing. There was too much at stake. “Sure thing!”


After an uneventful dinner with small chatter, Herchelle spent her evening online shopping while Andrea went back into her bedroom to finish her work. The more websites she visited brought out an unusual hunger inside of her. Was she really a freak? She never spanked anyone before and balked at the idea of an ex-boyfriend spanking her during sex. Still, Jason introduced her to something that not only did she think she would loathe, but was in heavy anticipation to learn more. The question of the hour was could she go through with it?

Andrea logged into her IM account and was happy to see Jason was already online. After a little small talk about each other’s day, Jason dived right into the main focus of their conversation.

Did you read the literature I sent?

Read it all day.

Oh? I take it you’re interested.

A little.

A little?

Well, maybe a lot.

So what do you think?

I’m not sure.



Well, we can stop right here. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.

No, it’s not that. I’m just not sure if I can go through with it.

Like I said, if you don’t want to, we don’t have to.

No, it’s not that.

I can’t read minds, Andrea.

I guess what I’m saying is…


Can you help me?

I thought you would never ask…

Andrea slid her chair away from the computer as shock froze her body. Un-do and re-do buttons were not available and she found her mouth writing a check she wasn’t sure her ass would be able to cash. “What in the hell did I just do?”

Vera Vision Sneak Peek–And the Sub Becomes a Dom…

Andrea liked being submissive. It was easy to do. Just follow someone’s orders and keep your mouth shut. Maybe she liked the controlling aspect of the relationship. Maybe she was inherently lazy and didn’t want to take the lead. Whatever it is, Andrea was very content to just only give her opinion and not have too much more expected from her than that.

So when her newest online crush asked her to spank him, Andrea almost fell off her chair.

Jason was a contractor by day. Picking up heavy machinery and building homes was his forte. It wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life but it was something he was good at for the time being. But it was his online persona that told a different story. He loved to be dominated. Pleasing a woman a woman and being her own personal slave made Jason completely happy. Ever since a former girlfriend turned him out, being a sub was all Jason ever wanted.

But for every fetish fantasy, there was always a catch to it. Jason didn’t want someone experienced to put him in his place; what was the fun in that? He wanted someone new and every inexperienced. Someone who could be taught to be a Dom and would relish in it.

Someone like Andrea.