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#SnippetSunday: Clouded

As I’m waiting for all of the purchase links of Wifey (Finesse #2) to be available, here is a new story I am working on. The working title is Clouded.


She’s one of the nation’s most ruthless divorce attorneys, bringing financial justice to her clients. He’s one of the wealthiest Las Vegas casino magnates who always gets his way. When their worlds collide, it’s more than just wealth and reputation at stake. 

Love is always a gamble to take. 

Unedited Snippet:

“Isn’t it the Devil himself?”

Nico smiled upon hearing Kaitlyn’s voice. It was smoky, but not whispery. Affirmative, but not bitchy. His mind instantly wandered to how she would sound beneath him but he stopped those thoughts. The last thing he needed was obvious evidence being around her. 

He turned around and quirked an eyebrow at her attire. She wore a black pinstripe business suit, with Louboutins on her feet. Past paramours often complained about their feet after walking in them. Kaitlyn looked like she could probably run a mile in those shoes, no sweat. 

Nico admired Kaitlyn’s toned legs that led up to a svelte figure and straightened dark, long hair. Her face was natural, almost innocent. Nico realized it was intentional – she wanted her opponents to think she was weak, before she destroyed them. 

Nico walked up to Kaitlyn and stood at a comfortable distance. “Ms. Dixon, pleasure to see you.”

“I would say the same.” She smarted.

“But you won’t and I oblige.” He grinned, shoving his hands into his pockets. “How may I help you?”

“I told you what you could do and refuse.” She declared as she held her briefcase tighter. “So, there’s that.”

“Refusing?” Nico chuckled and Kaitlyn became so aware of what he did to her body. “No, I didn’t refuse. I told you I didn’t care. That’s not refusing.”

Kaitlyn hated he was right. She hated the fact she was becoming more attracted to him even more. It was all the reason she needed to destroy him. “You’re protecting your old, dead boss against his family.” She stepped up to him. 

“Which one?” Nico shot back. “There are two.”

If she rolled her eyes any harder, they would be permanently stuck in the back of her head. “You know exactly who I’m referring to,” she interrupted, “his real one.”

“His real one, huh?” Nico chuckled. “I’m sure Robert thought otherwise hence his will.”

“I’m sure Robert was coerced hence the contest.” She smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. 

Nico shrugged. “You can’t prove he was.” 

“And you can’t prove he wasn’t.” She hardened her stance. “So, here we are.”

“So, there you are.” He corrected and she cocked her head at him. The valet pulled up with Nick’s car and he briefly saw the small surprise written across her face. He didn’t know she expected, but he was pretty sure she didn’t expect him to ride in a Rolls Royce SUV. 

Kaitlyn knew Nico was wealthy. Her extensive background check on him pulled up many investments and businesses that proved to be fruitful at such a young age. While some men were still figuring out what to do with their lives at 35, Nico successfully owned two casinos, in addition to a laundromat, and a dollar store. 

He was a frequent courtside guest at many NBA games and often traveled back to his native New York to watch his favorite teams along with his cousins from the famed D’Amato family. 

Despite how friendly he was, there was something underhanded about Nico Giordano. There were too many whispers of Mafioso connections for Kaitlyn to ignore. He’d never been charged with a crime, but that didn’t mean anything. With the right lawyer, anyone could get off. 

Kaitlyn knew she was going to have fun taking the notorious Nico Giordano down. No man ever intimidated her and he wasn’t about to be the first. “Do not get too comfortable, Mr. Giordano. It doesn’t look good on you.”

“You would look good on me.” He promised. 

Kaitlyn ignored her pulse throbbing through her wrist. She was immediately drawn to his allure, a sexiness that was only acquired from experience and not contrived. She also remembered why men like Nico were bad for her or for any woman. He was the type of guy who would get with a good woman who had everything together, just to ruin her life at the end. 

“I’m not flattered.” Kaitlyn pushed out. 

“Mmm…” Nico purred as he eyeballed her attire. If she looked that beautiful fully clothed, he could only imagine what was beneath everything.  “I do have to try harder.” 

Thoughts of Nico showing how much he would try immediately flooded Kaitlyn’s brain. She thought about him being naked more than she was comfortable admitting. “Your car is ready for you, Mr. Giordano.” Kaitlyn motioned. “Good-bye.”

Wifey (Finesse #2) is available at Amazon. To read an extended snippet, click here.

Clouded will be out in April 2021.

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#SexySundaySnippet: Wifey (Finesse #2)

So, this book was supposed to come out last month. Due to a family emergency, it didn’t. I’ll make an announcement on when it’ll be released.

For the time being, the first book will be listed at 99 cents for those interested. (You might have to wait a couple of days for that to be reflected on the site you purchase from.)

Here is an exclusive snippet. Enjoy!


He came back into my life, but we both know he never really left. 

It’s different now – in order to protect me, I have to be under his watch. The lifestyle I wanted nothing to do with, I’m fully a part of. 

He promised he would take care of me as long as I don’t get involved. When danger knocks at your front door, you have no choice but to open it. 

Everyone knew me as Taylor. In Finesse’s world, I was simply Wifey. 


“If someone disrespects you, angel, they disrespect me.” Cameron’s voice is steady, though the anger is bubbling at the surface. “No negotiation on that.” He holds my face up to his. “That was beyond calling you a bitch, Tay. I knew those men. They wanted to kill Que and me, put you out on the street, and sell you to the highest bidder. Their business was sex trafficking along with drugs. Some guys around here do that and see no issue; I do.”

The realization hits me. There was a reason why Lexus and his friends stalked me like an obsessed fan that particular night. I thought they were checking me out, but it was way more than that. Cameron literally saved my life. 

“Drug lords have morals?” It comes out as a half-chuckle and we both smile. 

“Some of us do.” He grins at me. “I promise I’ll never get you involved in anything. I don’t want you to be. But there will times where I can’t tell you anything because I know people are watching me and in turn, they’ll watch you. The less you know…”

“…The better off we’re both are.” I finish his sentence and he nods. “I don’t like this, Page. I just don’t.”

“I know and I doubt you’ll ever will. Keep your focus on the shops and I’ll take care of the rest.” He kisses my forehead before he wraps his arms around me. His body is lean and firm as he presses into mine. “I’ll take care of you, angel.”

My eyes close as I hear the nickname all over again. It’s full of love, hope, and promise. “Okay.” I shake my head. “This is not a yes.” 

Cameron pulls away and cups my face. “It’s not a no, neither.” He slants his lips over mine and my body goes limp in his arms. He holds me tight as he kisses me deeper, playing with my tongue, and reclaiming me.

He lifts me up and puts me on his desk as we continue to kiss. It’s passionate. It’s desperation. It’s love. We’re both greedy for each other and don’t want to stop. He takes control of the kiss and I gladly let him. 

He gently pulls on my hair and trails his tongue down my neck, lightly sucking on it. Moans escape my mouth as I feel my pussy becoming wetter with each moment. Cameron’s strong hands claim my thick thighs and pushes them open before he slides a finger inside my slick, wet pussy. 

I gasp. He smiles. 

“Angel missed me,” he taunts as he fingers me, “your tight cunt is so greedy for me, isn’t it?”

My mind went delirious as Cameron kept fingering me. My legs naturally opened wider to give him more access and I already knew it was a mistake. Once again, I was conceding to him. I’m robbed of any sanity as something wicked awakens within me. 

It’d been a year since I laid down with him, yet my body remembers it like yesterday. He knew how to stroke me, how to play my body like a finely tuned instrument that he’d memorized. 

I locked eyes with Cameron and shocked to see the emotion in his. His brown eyes darkened with lust as he kept fingering me. A free hand slips inside of my dress and pinches my breast through the bra. He manages to pull it out right before he suckles on it. 

Fuck, I love his mouth. I love how attentive he is to my needs and knows what I want before I can ask. His mouth feels so damn good on me and I don’t realize how much I missed him. How much I missed this. How much I need him inside me. 

Cameron opens my legs wider and pulls my panties off. He lowers himself down and stares at my snatch. “God, I missed this pussy.” He whispers before he pushed his tongue in, licking all of me. 

I gasped as my hips rode the rhythm of his tongue, begging for more. His long, pointy tongue flickered over my swollen clit, making me scream in the library. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the oak desk. The moans left my mouth nonstop as Cameron kept licking me, making me beg.

“Cameron…” I panted. “…please…” My breath came out in harsh, animalistic groans. His tongue flicked against my clit and my legs began to tremble. My feet curled into tight balls within my high heels as heat rose in my belly. 

The orgasm was quick, hard, and rippled through my entire body. Cameron, oh fuck…” I screamed his name as I climaxed all over his tongue. 

Cameron gives a sexy chuckle and kisses the inside of my thighs before he stood back up. I see the obvious outline of his hardened cock in his slacks but he’s not getting undressed or pulling it out. 

He removes my panties from my ankle and stuffs them in his pocket. He straightens his tie and helps me off the desk. “You’re moving in this weekend.” He looks into my eyes, caressing my lips with his fingers. “Just to be clear, it’s not a request.”

To read extended snippets of Wifey (Finesse #2), click here.

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#TeaserTuesday: Finesse

A/N: This was supposed to be live already but it’s not. So, until then, I’ll post another snippet and will send out the buy links.

Shout-out to the wonderful ladies who served as betas. You are the best!


Caught between choosing me and running his empire, I knew which way he would lean. He was the most powerful man in East Atlanta and I was his. He laced me up with the finest and I never had to ask for anything; it was just given to me. 

With every corner on lock, my mind couldn’t ignore the destruction and devastation he’d caused even in his own family. My body yearned to have him and every lonely night was a reminder of what was. 

He promised he would take care of me forever as long as I looked the other way. The other way, however, is harder to look at if blood splatters your feet. 

I knew him as Cameron but the world knew him as Finesse. 


“Is there a reason why I had to be blindfolded for this?” I hold onto Cameron for dear life as we walk down a quiet alley. I’m not a fan of being blindfolded, even though that’s Cameron’s kink. And I’m not a fan of being blindfolded in an unfamiliar place. I clearly trust this white boy too much. 

Cameron sent the driver back to the hotel to drop off my bags as we went to our last adventure. We had dinner at another great restaurant and I took some pictures for the ‘Gram to showcase my beautiful meal. 

We walked around the city with Cameron’s security not too far from us at any given time. He showed me different parts of Harlem he was very familiar with. I asked him the different places he’d visited and was very impressed by his passport stamps. 

He’d lived in a variety of places in just a short time and had that little bit in common with Laurie, my mother. He’d learned to read people well, and scope out an area before fully coming into it. He never liked being blindsided by something or someone. 

Cameron’s demeanor changed depending on whom he was with. When he was with his boys, he could be serious or playful, but never both. With me, he was boyish, funny, and romantic. With his parents, always respectful and acquiescent. 

It was something he’d learned from his father and studied very well. They were alike in many ways. They had the same charming smile, the way they could start a conversation with just anyone and have that person be enamored with them; how they knew the most random facts and completely useless information yet made it all seem like it was something everyone had to know. 

They both enjoyed a good, expensive Cuban, and Eric taught Cameron how to golf because that was expected growing up wealthy. They didn’t spend a lot of time with each other but when they did, it was always barbeques, watching a game (usually in person and always, front row seats), and taking time for the regular photo-ops for their fans.

They were also different in many ways. Eric was very traditional in his appearance and was rarely caught without wearing a polo or his Oxfords. Cameron loved his Jordans and jeans, and rarely strayed away from them. 

Eric’s friends and associates looked exactly like him, thought like him, and acted like him; Cameron was the white dot in a sea of chocolate and it seemed he preferred it that way. Cameron never spoke slang, not because he didn’t want to offend me but rather, he just didn’t want to. Eric was the probably the type that still said getting jiggy with it.

I still couldn’t help the obvious contrast in their lives. Sons rarely strayed away from their fathers in both attitude and lifestyle, yet it seemed Eric accepted it. Eric and Cameron were thick as thieves and were each other’s biggest fans.

I spent more time wondering about that more I was comfortable with. Cameron was taking me to a private place and I’m blindfolded walking down Harlem. I heard whispers and not-so private comments about what was going on. On-lookers were surprisingly respectful, though I get the feeling they had to be, not necessarily they wanted to. 

“We’re here.” Cameron’s deep voice brings me back to my senses. We’re inside a shop and I honestly can’t tell what kind it is. It’s awfully quiet and I don’t hear any other voices with the exception of one. I heard Cameron talking to someone in the distance. 

“Just lock it up when you’re done, kid.” An older man tells Cameron. “Have fun.” He leaves. 

I don’t know if I should stand or sit so I just fold my arms and hope I don’t look too stupid. “Where are we?” I finally ask after a long silence. 

“Take off the blindfold, baby.” He instructs me and I hurriedly take it off. I look around see it’s a record store. I shrug. 

“Okay?” I question. “Why are we here?”

“My, your memory is surely going at your old age.” Cameron chuckles at me and I stick my tongue out. He lays down a few blankets and I see a picnic basket to the side. He lays down on the blankets and motions for me to join him. “I do recall a certain young lady wanted to lay down and listen to records all night. So, you have your pick of the litter.” He pops open a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. “We have the whole store to ourselves. Security will be outside guarding it and we can leave anytime you want to head back to the hotel.” He hands me a glass and clinks it. “To you, baby. Happy Birthday. I hope it’s the first of many more we’ll celebrate.”

And so it began, we spent the evening listening to old records and enjoying each other. Shalamar serenaded us with “This is for the Lover in You” as we fed each other strawberries. The System warmed our bodies with “Don’t Disturb This Groove.” We talked about Prince’s genius pen when “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan was played. 

We must’ve listened to dozens of songs and yet, it felt like we just got started with our night. When I excitedly explained how much I loved “Groove Me,” Cameron didn’t make fun of my choice. Instead, we went into a lengthy discussion about Teddy Riley.

We slow danced to “Whip Appeal” and made out during “Sweet Love.” It was so romantic, so perfect, and so…everything I’ve ever wanted. 

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FINESSE Cover Reveal!!

I decided to keep the title after all.

Anyway, here it is.

Short and sweet, isn’t it?


Caught between choosing me and running his empire, I knew which way he would lean. He was the most powerful man in East Atlanta and I was his. He laced me up with the finest and I never had to ask for anything; it was just given to me. 

With every corner on lock, my mind couldn’t ignore the destruction and devastation he’d caused even in his own family. My body yearned to have him and every lonely night was a reminder of what was. 

He promised he would take care of me forever as long as I looked the other way. The other way, however, is harder to look at if blood splatters your feet. 

I knew him as Cameron but the world knew him as Finesse. 


His cock is hard again and is slightly waving at me. “Your friend down there likes to explore. He’s been exploring all night.” 

“Mmm…he particularly loves the sweet and tight space he fits in.” Cameron’s hands travel down to my ass and he gives it a light squeeze. 

A soft moan escapes my lips and I feel my pussy eager to feel him inside again. It seems my body stays aroused whenever I’m around Cameron. “…if his master gives me some pointers, I would love it if he could explore my mouth?”

Cameron’s lips turned into a sensual curve and he kisses me. “I’m sure that can be arranged.” He gets on his back and I scoot down to where his thick, hardened cock awaits me. My eyes widen upon looking at the length of it. I’m not entirely sure what the hell I was thinking about offering Cameron some dome, but I want to try at least once.

I’ll either love it or hate it. There really is no in-between when it comes to head. 

“I’ve been eager to taste your dick all night,” I moan as I kiss the mushroom tip, emitting a low moan from Cameron. His cock is hot and soft. He smells like him and me, too, for that matter. It’s an arousing scent I can’t get enough of. 

“I love to hear that,” Cameron glances down at me. “I’ll teach you as you go along. You’ll be an expert by the end of this weekend.”

“Or a dick-hungry fiend?” I raise an eyebrow. 

“That too.” He softly replies. “Too many women think head and hand jobs are on the shaft. No, it should be focused on the head. That’s why it’s called head. Your hand and mouth should always be closer to the head as possible. A man will come so quickly with that.” He rubs my hair. “You don’t need to open your mouth super wide. Just enough to fit the head in, plus a couple of inches. That’s it.” 

I lick my lips and began to suck off Cameron. I taste the salty pre-cum and am a little daunted by it. I truly wasn’t expecting to taste it so soon. It’s not disgusting but it is unexpected. I hold the base of his cock with both hands as I focus my mouth on the tip. 

“Good girl,” he purrs, “suck slow, not too hard.” I follow his direction and he moans his appreciation. “Just like that. Switch it up a little. Add your tongue. Spit on it.”

I immediately stop sucking him and look Cameron into his eyes. “Did you just tell me to spit on your dick?”

“Yes.” His voice is flat. “The dick shouldn’t be dry or barely wet when you suck on it. It won’t be pleasurable for neither one of us.” 

“Okay.” It sounds weird and kinda gross but I trust him. After all, he’s giving me instruction on how to suck his dick and I think he would know what he likes more than I would. I quickly spit on it before I begin to suck on it again. Now I see what he’s talking about. It’s much easier to take in now. 

I swirl my tongue around it, playing with the peephole as more precum oozes out. It tastes salty, yet sweet. Flicking my tongue against his shaft, I make my way down halfway before I gag. It’s too much too soon. 

“Take your time, baby.” He encourages me. “Relax your throat.”

I take Cameron’s advice and take a deep breath while his cock is still in my mouth. I can fit a couple more inches before it’s too much. I pull up and focus on the head, sucking and slurping on it. He’s turned me into a cock-hungry whore already. 

“Play with my balls,” he moans.

I cup his balls and feel how heavy they are. They’re tight and eager to explode. He grows harder into my mouth and he thrusts up a little, fucking my face. I try to take as much as of it as I can before I gag. I would need to practice a lot more and I’m sure Cameron would be a great instructor. 

To read an extended snippet, click here.

Finesse will be available everywhere next Tuesday.

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Vera Commentary: The Erotica Nazi!

I love Seinfeld, can't you tell?


Is erotica bad for you? Well, not really. But some people like to think so.

Over the weekend, I received an e-mail from one of the distributors I use to publish my titles. The distributor, Smashwords, pretty much said in so many words that PayPal was threatening to stop their services if certain erotica titles didn’t disappear. These titles are of the incest, pseudo-incest (Step-Daddy, Step-Brother, etc…) and rape, bestiality kind. I, for one, have seen all of these titles published on Smashwords and other distributors such as Amazon.

Naturally there was a bit of an uproar in the writing community. Some were claiming conspiracy theory involving Amazon. Some were claiming another conspiracy theory involving other distributors. Some were claiming their freedom of speech was being violated. Some were saying erotica was being targeted (which isn’t necessarily a stretch of the truth). Some were implying other literary genres will be attacked soon enough.

My stance might surprise you: I think it’s a good move by Smashwords. Now hear me out.

Erotica has been around for ages, even dating back to the Bible. (Don’t believe me? Read Song of Solomon and see what you find.) The genre has grown over the past several years and there are many sub-categories within it. Interracial, fetish, rubenesque, BDSM, etc. Some like straight erotica, while others like the taboo stories (such as the pseudo-incest that is quite popular). Now do I judge those who write the taboo stories? No, but I choose not to read them.  However, I do believe it is the taboo stories that give all erotica writers a bad name. I’ve seen stories that had a rape association with them. I’ve seen stories that had a child molestation element to them. I’ve also seen stories that claim to be BDSM and they were non-consensual stories. And yes, these were on Smashwords.

Now these stories are different from let’s say, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, where there is a major storyline involving incest. And these stories are different from A Time to Kill by John Grisham where a major storyline involves child rape. What about Gone with the Wind? Feminists have argued for years that Rhett Butler didn’t ravish Scarlett, he raped her. I can go on and on with plenty of other examples but the point is, the aforementioned books use those taboo subjects as a means to further other storylines in the book; they are not the only storyline.

When people hear erotica, they immediately associate it with porn. Erotica is not porn and porn is not erotica. Let’s be clear on that:

Porn: Boy Meets Girl. Boy Does Girl. The End.

Erotica: Boy Meets Girl. Girl’s not sure if she likes Boy. Boy proceeds to chase Girl. Girl lets Boy chase her. Eventually, Boy gets Girl and gives her the hot luscious. The End.

Lastly, BDSM is always, always consensual. Safe, sane, consensual. BDSM comes in many forms and is particularly hot and passionate when the parties involve love each other. My husband and I have been a part of the Lifestyle for several years now and we’ve seen a lot in the scene. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are authors who write porn and I know a few. There are authors who write erotica and I’m one of them. Erotica is beautiful. There is nothing wrong expressing your love (or lust) to someone by written word. To me, erotica is no different from a Barry White or Marvin Gaye song. In fact, one of the most sensual love songs that is played all the time, Crusin’ by Smokey Robinson, is about sex. The pictures I have posted on this blog are examples of erotica. Could I post hard-core porn stills on here? Sure. But if you want to see porn, there are plenty of other sites for that. This isn’t one of them.

I’m all about the First Amendment and people should have the right to publish whatever they want, no matter how stupid I think it is. 🙂  However, I also have the same right to not read it. And publishers have the same right to not publish it.

And there you have it,


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S&M (Scott & Mariana) Sequel Sneak Peek

As promised on Facebook, in celebration of hitting 50 ‘likes’ on my page, here is a sneak peek of the sequel. I’m really, really surprised on how well the book was received. And it’s still selling! Holy smokes!

I know a few of the S&M readers didn’t like how it ended on a To Be Continued note and that’s because I needed to put something out immediately and didn’t have the time to sit down to write a full-fledged novel. Truth to be told, I still don’t have that time but I’m going to make an exception. I don’t have a set release date even though I’m aiming for late summer/early fall. To be honest, don’t expect this before September 2011. 

I’m a woman of my word. Here’s a sneak peek to Part II. Enjoy! 


You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.

Mariana thought about to the conversation she overheard at Starbucks. “Have you slept with anyone since that night?” She had to know.

“No.” He was telling the truth. “Have you?”

“No.” Mariana was shocked. Scott entertained at least two or three women weekly. “How many others are there?”

“None. I don’t keep a team full of available players if that’s what you’re implying.” The answer even surprised Scott. He was getting used to that whole thing called monogamy.

Mariana wasn’t sure what to do with the new information she learned. But she had one last question to ask him. “I know you don’t do all of this for your other dates so the natural question is why me?”

Scott nursed his vino.  It was a question that was bugging him since he left the store. “I don’t know.”

It was an answer Mariana was not satisfied with but it would suffice. “That’s all for now.”

“Good,” Scott poured himself another glass of wine, “well, I like to keep my end of the bargain. You can decide to leave now if you want.”

Scott wasn’t playing when he told her he was giving her an out. If Mariana wanted to leave, now was her chance. “And what happens if I do?”

“Our relationship goes back to being professional and I will treat it as such. It would be as if what happened a month ago never took place.”

Mariana found herself surprisingly cautious. She couldn’t understand why. He was what she wanted wasn’t he? “And if I stay?”

He circled the wine glass with an index finger. “We just have to see what happens, don’t we?”

Mariana thought long and hard about her answer. Scott wasn’t promising her anything but multiple orgasms. If that was all she was going to get from him, she’ll accept it. “I guess I’m staying.” Mariana finally felt at ease for the first time since being over at Scott’s house.

“Good to know,” Scott stood up and walked behind the sofa. He retrieved three packages – small, medium, and large – and placed them in front of Mariana on the dining room table. “Open them.”

Mariana looked at the packages. “What are these?”

“If you would open them, you’ll find out. Open the large one, then the small one, then the medium one. It’ll all make sense if you do it in that order.”

Mariana reached over to open the large package. She tore open the gift-wrapping like if it was Christmas. She stared down at the contents of the box. They were glittered, open-toed Christian Louboutins. “I hope I got the size right.” Scott sipped his wine.

“How did you…” Mariana stopped. Scott must’ve seen her shoe size from a month ago. He remembered?

“Open your next gift, baby.” He motioned to the small package.

Mariana set aside the high heels and opened the wrapping on the small box. Her mouth dropped to the floor once she recognized the pale blue Tiffany’s was known for. She carefully undid the satin wrapping and opened the box. Staring back at her was a pair of heart-shaped diamond earrings. “Scott, I can’t…I can’t accept this.”

“Okay,” He sipped his wine, “I’ll take them back.”

“No!” Mariana almost shouted to Scott’s amusement. “I meant…these are really expensive and you barely know me.”

“I know you well enough to know you deserve them. If I gave you those gifts as your boss, you wouldn’t hesitate to take them.” He pointed out.

“So that begs the question,” Mariana took a sip of wine to prepare herself for rejection, “what are you giving me these gifts as?”

The word boyfriend was stuck in Scott’s throat. He didn’t want to call himself that despite the fact it was exactly what he was. A man doesn’t spend thousands of dollars on just a female friend. “Your lover.”

She knew he wanted to say boyfriend but Mariana would accept it anyways. “That works.”

“If it will make you feel better, the last gift only cost five dollars,” he smiled, “open it.”

Mariana hurriedly opened the last gift. It was a yellow satin wrap. She looked inside the box to see if it was covering something more expensive but that was all there was to it. For some reason, Mariana felt cheated. “What? What’s this?”

Scott got up from his chair and walked over to his girlfriend. He gestured her to stand up and he stood behind her. “The satin wrap goes around your eyes,” He explained, “what you have there is an ensemble and all you’ll be wearing for the rest of the night. I suggest you hurry up and change. It’s been a month since I last had sex and quite frankly, I’m getting impatient.”


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So About That Writing Thing I’m Known For…

So a few of you may have noticed I haven’t posted any new fiction on here in a while. Well, there’s a reason for that. This, being one of them:

The other reason being, well, it’s nice to get paid to do what you love. So I’ve come up with a solution: I’ll post my new (yes, new) stories on and Why those places? Well, all of you are privy to Vera Roberts but not many other people are.

I want to expand my base and reach as many people as possible but the blog is only a small part of the overall ‘V-Spot Vision.’ Oh yes, there’s a lot more to come. I can’t say or even give a hint but things might will be poppin’ off this year.

So that’s that. As far as the Sex and the Married Woman series, well, I’m working on plans for that as well. I will post a brand-new one this weekend.  I ask that you be patient with me as I’m tackling a lot of stuff (seemingly all at once) but the blog is still my baby so I won’t ignore it.  Everything will pay off even bigger than it did last year.

And there you have it,