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It’s quite humbling to know that a blog you created just for fun several years ago reached its 1,000,000th visitor just recently. And it’s been a ride. Lot of ups. A few downs. But I don’t regret any of it nor am I apologetic for some things.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The Intoxication started off an ode to the Black woman. I see so many blogs dedicated to women of other races and showcasing their beautiful bodies and sexuality. I thought, ‘Well, why isn’t there one for Black women? We’re sexy. We’re beautiful.’

I used to highlight women who were Playboy models…

Renee is known as the first Black Playmate to have the honor of Playmate of the Year

Renee is known as the first Black Playmate to have the honor of Playmate of the Year


celebrities that have posed nude…


Jayne Kennedy


or just beautiful Black women in general as my cover model, the incredible Jessica Drue, highlights…


As my writing took off, my audience changed a bit. Though the audience for this blog is still predominantly male, quite a few women read this and honestly, I’m not sure if they would like to see a Black playmate bunny in their inbox (or would you? Show of hands, anyone?). I’m still on the fence of posting the female nudes again. Granted, it is my blog and people don’t have to look at them if they don’t want to. Hmm…on second thought, I think I will start up again. LOL.

I plan to have more guest bloggers in the future, both male and female, to talk about things near and dear to them of the erotic variety. And maybe a few of that not-so erotic variety. I do plan to post a few more snippets, though I have made a deal of sorts to have exclusive snippets of certain stories solely here.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for helping me grow and flourish.

And there you have it,


Wildin’ Out Wednesday – S&M II

I was late posting a Teaser Tuesday so here’s a Wildin’ Out Wednesday post…



He stared at her playing with her food for a few minutes before he spoke. “There are starving children on Skid Row who are jealous of your food, Mari,” Scott said over dinner.

“I’ll eat. I’m just not very hungry.” She twirled the spaghetti around her fork.

Scott wiped his mouth. “Is it work-related?”

“No, it’s not that,” Mariana sighed, “I got into it with Sarah so I’m just a little blah.”

“What happened?”

Mariana briefly contemplated telling Scott what really happened. She was so used to his ‘Ice’ demeanor, she wasn’t sure if he would care. She decided to chance it. “She doesn’t like you.”

“That’s not it,” Scott saw through Mariana’s half-truth, “what else is there?”

Mariana let out a heavy sigh. “She thinks you’re beating me.”

Scott thought back to the other day when he spanked Mariana at her apartment. From his peripherals, he saw Sarah cracking her bedroom door a little just to see what was going on. Her eyes were focused on Scott the entire time and even though he wasn’t certain, Scott could’ve sworn he saw her licking her lips. She wants me. “I’m assuming you told her I’m not?”

“Of course I did. I just…we’ve known each other since the ninth grade and this is our first big fight.” Mariana gave up on dinner and pushed the plate away. “I’m sorry I’m not a good date tonight.”

“There’s more to what you’re feeling, Mari,” Scott pressed, “speak.”

Mariana took another sip of liquid courage. B.’s words to her had more of an effect than she cared to admit. “I understand us keeping what we do a secret at work and I respect that. But I’m not your girlfriend, Scott. We both know that. You barely wanted to admit it the other night. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want to acknowledge he has a girlfriend, even if he doesn’t admit it in public.”

“That’s why I want to make it official tonight…”

“And because of that, I just can’t…” Mariana finally understood what Scott said. “Huh?”

“Get up,” he directed to her and Mariana followed. Scott walked over to her. “I don’t want to keep us a secret anymore. At work, we have to be discreet, yes. But in private, I don’t care who knows. You’re mine, Mari, and I’m yours.” He declared. There was no way in hell anyone was going to fuck her while he was with her. Damn the Golf Boys.

Mariana didn’t want to get too excited. “Is that your way of telling me we’re a couple?”

“What else did you want me to do? Hand you a note, ‘Would you like to be my girlfriend?’ with two checkboxes for yes and no?” Scott winked.


“Yes, that is true, and by the way, you owe me a dollar.” Scott led her to the living room by the cackling fire. He sat next to her on the sofa where they had made love previously. “You deserve more than just being a fuck buddy or my sub. You deserve the best and I’m willing to give it to you. All I ask is that you be completely loyal and devoted to me only. I’m going to need to trust you. The moment I can’t, it’s officially over between us.”

Mariana didn’t understand why Scott had to tell her that. She thought it would be the other way around. “That won’t be a problem.”

“Good to hear.” Scott dug underneath the sofa for a package. He set it on the coffee table in front of his girlfriend. “I’m going to need you to trust me.”

Mariana looked at the package and back at Scott. The last time he presented her with gifts, she had a hard time walking the next day. Just like the last time, she was hesitant. She bit her bottom lip and contemplated her actions. She wanted him and no one else. He wanted her and didn’t want to share her with anyone else. A sure smile formed on her face. “I do trust you.”

Scott smiled. The biggest part of BDSM was trust. Now that Mariana completely trusted him, he was free to do whatever he wanted with her. The timing for the second gift couldn’t have been more perfect. “Open your gifts, baby. The larger one first.” He winked.

Mariana rubbed her hands in anticipation as she opened the first gift. A long sturdy rope was wrapped around a large package. She tore open the gift and saw a new Chanel bag in front of her. “You’re too kind,” she whispered in awe.

“You needed something to go with your Louboutins.” Scott winked. “I hope you liked the gifts.”

“The gifts?” Mariana asked. “What gifts? I only see the purse.”

“The other one is there, you just haven’t realized it yet.”

Mariana looked inside the Chanel dust bag and didn’t see any other gift. She then looked around her and saw nothing but a piece of rope. “Scott, the only thing I see here is…” She looked at him and saw the twinkle in his eyes. It then dawned on Mariana why Scott gave that soliloquy of a speech about trust and commitment. He was about to tie her ass up.

Mariana shook her head and was pretty emphatic about what came out of her mouth next. “Oh hell no!”


S&M II is available via e-book and print form.

S&M IV will be out very soon. Pre-order details will be made available very shortly.

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“You know what’s heaven?” Mariana sat up on Scott’s lap and grabbed a small handful of grapes. She leaned against his knees and began feeding him.

Scott folded his arms behind his head as he admired a naked Mariana feeding him after a lengthy lovemaking session. “What’s heaven, baby?”

“This.” A slow smile spread across Mariana’s lips. “This is heaven.”

“Explain.” He replied.

“Is this a pop quiz?” She asked.

Scott’s hands caressed Mariana’s sweat-coated torso and traveled up to her breasts, where he gently twisted her nipples. Mariana squirmed in pleasure. “It just might be.”

“Everything. The romantic date at the park, the freedom of being myself, no holds barred with you. It’s not even the fancy jewelry, the car, and all of the other nice things, which I like, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… it’s just…”

“It’s just what, baby?”

Mariana leaned down and locked lips with her boyfriend. “You have made all of my dreams come true. And I can never thank you enough.”

“Baby girl, I’ll promise to give you everything and more.” His hands caressed her arms. “I never want you to feel unsafe with me.”

“I feel totally safe with you, honey.” Mariana smiles, her eyes beaming with joy. “I want to be with you forever.”

Scott briefly thought about the engagement ring stuck in his messenger bag. It would’ve been the perfect time to propose. It was the most romantic day in the year, with a romantic picnic in the park and topped off with an incredible lovemaking session.

He then thought about the current mood. They were both naked and entangled with each other. Was that a story he wanted Mariana to share with friends and family, hopefully omitting the BDSM session they just had? Mariana was such a hopeless romantic who believed in love; she was better than a naked and sweaty proposal. She deserved a proposal in Paris, a romantic journey in Italy, or a sightseeing tour in Spain.

Something other than both of them naked and their bodies still moistened from their last romp. Was she really going to share that with her mother? “How did Scott propose?” “Well, after he bound and gagged me and fucked me ten ways from Sunday, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his slave for life!”

“Honey?” Mariana studied his sharp green eyes, wondering where his mind went. “Is everything okay?”

Scott blinked quickly and smiled back at his girlfriend. Her long ebony hair was starting to frizz. Her skin was shiny and sticky, remnants of the sessions they just had. Her eyes, however, sparkled with love and trust. He’d never felt more sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He just thought of the perfect day to propose to her—her birthday. He was going to take Jeff’s advice and whisk Mariana away somewhere romantic and unforgettable. If he can only wait another month… “Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” He adjusted his position and slid inside Mariana once again. “But for now, let’s pick up from where we left off.”

“Ooh…” Mariana slid her body down Scott’s shaft. “This is shaping up to be my favorite Valentine’s ever.”

“I can always tell when you’re somewhere else,” Elissa’s voice snapped Scott out of his daydreaming, “because you get that glassy-eyed look, like a mannequin. Am I really that boring?”

“I was thinking about tonight,” he finally answered her.

It was a day Scott Reed hated.



There weren’t enough synonyms to describe how he truly felt about that particular day of the year.

Not his birthday. He loved celebrating his birthday. Getting drunk and getting head was always a great thing.

Not Christmas. He loved spending the holidays with his family back in Georgia.

It was a holiday that made no sense to him when he was younger and damn sure didn’t make any more sense when he was older.

Valentine’s Day.

Every year at McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, Scott had to watch employees squeal in romantic delight over the flowers, chocolates, and other surprises their lovers had lined up. He had seen more than his fair share of proposals. He had witnessed one too many romantic gestures in the form of paid singers, unsigned rappers, and other hungry talent looking to make an impression with the recipient and McCormick executives.

So, it wasn’t all bad. Whatever leftover chocolate some employees had, they offered it to him. He had a smile on his face whenever an employee showed off her new engagement ring. When he overheard the ladies in the lunch room talking about their romantic evenings, he was proud that they found a great partner to share their lives with.

Still, the romantic day didn’t change Scott’s view that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. Truth was he’d always had those feelings, with the only exception being the one he’d shared with his ex-girlfriend. The moment the relationship ended, however, those feelings resurrected in full force, along with a thick taste of bitterness and regret. “I was in deep thought,” he explained.

“You work too hard and you work too much,” Elissa replied.

Scott briefly glanced up at his assistant and cracked a small smile. “You always say that.”

“And lo and behold, I’m always right,” Elissa replied. “You have plans tonight?”

“Taking her to a nice dinner and maybe a drive up the coast,” Scott played with a pen, “nothing too special.”

Her. It was Scott’s new girlfriend, if he would call her that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she knew it as well. They were in an arrangement, both sanctioned and approved by Sanora, only on the condition that Scott returned her in the same condition that Sanora loaned the woman to him.

Her name was Dove but Elissa had another nickname for her—Suicide Blonde, just like the song. There was something about her that seemed sweet yet sinister at the same time, as if she was trying to hide who and what she really was.

All Elissa knew was she didn’t particularly care for the young woman. She’d grown quite fond of Mariana and silently hoped the ex-couple would come to their senses and finally get back together. They acted like everything was normal and kosher, as they should at work.

But there was tension—yes, sexual tension that was thick and prominent between the pair, that neither could deny no matter how far apart they both sat in meetings. “You don’t sound overly excited about it,” Elissa picked up her boss’s tone, “that’s different.”

“Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday so the chocolatiers, florists, and restaurateurs can profit off poor and stupid saps trying to impress their girls by telling her, on that one day out of the entire fucking year, how special she is when they should be telling her that every single day.” Scott finally tossed the pen on the desk.

“Yes, I know your warped view of Valentine’s Day,” Elissa smiled, “I just remember last year a certain somebody didn’t think it was a fake holiday… maybe because he was celebrating with another certain somebody.”

Scott’s heart warmed up as he remembered the elaborate Valentine’s celebration he made for Mariana. He made a call to a close New York friend, Nick, and made arrangements to have flowers delivered from the floral shop his family owned. He paid Elissa’s relatives to serenade Mariachi songs. The evening ended with the two making love in every conceivable position by the fireplace at their home.

What a difference a year made. Though Mariana returned to McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, the dynamic between the pair had drastically changed. Mariana was no longer Scott’s would-be fiancée and intern; now she was a paid employee and ex-girlfriend. They used to sneak off into his office for afternoon quickies. Now they avoided each other whenever possible, only speaking when they absolutely had to.

It made Scott sick to his stomach. It made him even sicker knowing that he was the cause behind it. “That was last year.” He spat.

“You can always change the course of the future if the past bothers you,” Elissa suggested.

“I’m in the process of doing that now,” Scott replied. Becoming a co-owner in EMK was one of the best business and personal decisions he had ever made. He could keep tabs on Mariana’s new boyfriend while increasing his fortune. It was a win-win.

Elissa read the sudden gleam in her boss’s eyes. She had worked for Scott when he was nothing and watched him gradually become the man every guy at work wanted to be and some desperately emulated in some form and fashion. She remembered the beat-up Lexus he once drove; now he drove a money-green Maserati. She remembered the suits he had to get re-sown over and over because he didn’t have enough money to get better ones. Now his closet boasted of the biggest fashion houses and his cheapest suit still cost more than her monthly mortgage payment.

She admired his determination and persistence, starting as a wet behind the ears employee and working his way up to partner. In other words, whatever plans Scott had for getting Mariana back had everything to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with her boyfriend. If Elissa didn’t know any better, she would assume that the poor sap was just merely in the way of Hurricane Scott. “You’re up to something. I feel it.”

“I need a favor from you,” Scott began over dinner with his Mistress.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Sanora circled her wine glass with an index finger.

“I need to prove a point.” Scott’s green eyes flickered. “I need someone to help me emphasize that point.”

“Mariana?” Sanora asked and Scott nodded. “It depends on what reaction you want,” Sanora lightly shrugged. “Do you want her to hate you or hate her?”


“Dove,” Sanora said pointedly. “By the way, Mariana doesn’t hate you.”

“Okay.” He replied without emotion.

“She doesn’t. I know Mariana and I know how women are. She doesn’t hate you.” Sanora took a sip of wine. “She might, however, after this stunt you’re about to pull.”

Scott smiled as the dinner conversation faded into the background. He closed his Macbook and stood up. “I’m always up to no-good. You should know that.”


I Need You is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

It All Comes Full Circle…


Prince Dimitri Papadakis felt pressure to be married since the moment he turned 21. Much to his parents’ dismay, he would rather court and play the field than to participate in an arranged marriage. That was, until he saw his queen on a magazine cover…

Akira Lakes had a secret admirer who spared no expense in sending her the most extravagant gifts from around the world. So when she finally meets her match, well, fireworks weren’t an apt description…

Caprina Waters wonders who is out to get her. She had been a model citizen and her only fail in recent memory was Scott Reed, who she still wants as her greatest accomplishment. But someone is trying to destroy her and she is not going down without a fight…

Scott Reed regrets hurting his live-in girlfriend and forcing her into the arms of another man. But if Scott has his way, she won’t be seeking comfort for very long. It is only a matter of time before Mariana is back in his arms and underneath him…

Sarah Roberts wants what she can’t have. With a baby on the way and an impending marriage to one of the country’s most eligible bachelors, Sarah wonders why she is so bored in her relationship and hopes Scott can quench her thirst…

Eric Whitmore is a great athlete and overall good guy. He has the model looks, the charismatic personality, and brains to match. It took careful planning for him to carefully create that image. There is no way Sarah could truly know the real him…

Mariana Harlow is finally free from Scott Reed. After he’d unceremoniously dumped her, she can date and sleep with whomever she wants. But what her brain says is a solid choice, her heart tells her it’s the wrong man…

Sanora. She only needs one name and that’s good enough. She has spent her entire life plotting revenge for her mother’s death and the taste is so sweet. But when things don’t exactly go her way, well, it’s time to get very creative.

Sex, lies, and videotape. It all comes full circle.

S&M is a BDSM love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fourth part to the S&M series and a follow-up to I Need You.

#ThrowbackThursday: S&M III #erotica #kindle #nook #bdsm


It was New Year’s Eve and the air was already thick with excitement.

Eric had been invited to many parties and after-parties and wondered how he was going to fit a guest appearance at all of them before the night was over. He had a lot to celebrate: he had just gotten engaged, his girlfriend was going to have his baby, and he was regularly being scouted by several NBA teams. He was going to enter the draft after graduation.

He couldn’t have pursued his dream without Sarah by his side. She was his everything. She supported him when he doubted himself and was his biggest cheerleader. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and there wasn’t a second thought about it.

But he knew something was lacking. How Sarah got pregnant was something short of a miracle. She had lost interest in sex recently, and they had only made love a handful of times. He didn’t know how a woman’s body worked, but he knew enough about biology to know that it only took one time for a girl to get pregnant.

Sarah was feeling tired, and Eric offered to stay home with her but she insisted that he go out and make an appearance. “It’ll be good for your image later on,” she pressed, “to show everyone you’re not a homebody. You’re out there with the people.”

Damn I’m lucky, Eric wondered. “Okay, I got the water out for you and plenty of healthy snacks, all right?” Eric mentioned. “None of that junk food for my Jordan in there.” He pointed to Sarah’s stomach.

“I’m sure Anja will be just fine,” Sarah smarted.

Eric leaned over and kissed Sarah’s forehead. He leaned down and kissed her stomach. “I’ll be back soon. Just a little after midnight, I promise.”

“Take your time, baby,” Sarah yawned, “we’ll be fine. Now go and enjoy your night!”

Eric smiled back at his girlfriend and left her apartment. Sarah waited to hear the engine of Eric’s car starting and she raced to the window. She watched him pull out of the parking lot and speed off.

Sarah hustled to their bedroom and lit candles. She put on some soft music and took off her clothing. She reached into her naughty bedside drawer and pulled out her large dildo. She kissed the mushroom tip and then eased the soft head into her mouth and cupped the silicone balls at the base of it.

She thought of Scott and imagined it was Him.

“That’s it, my slut,” He stroked her head as His thick cock slid in and out of her inviting mouth. “Suck My cock.” He nodded.

Sarah had a blindfold around her eyes and her hands were tied behind her back. She was kneeling on the cold, hardwood floor. Her knees hurt and her back was starting to ache from being in a kneeling position for so long. But it didn’t matter. She would be comfortable once she knew He was pleased. Pleasing Him was all that mattered.

“Do you want My cock inside you?” He asked.

“Yes, Master,” Sarah nodded.

Scott untied Sarah’s hands. “Say it.”

“I want Your cock inside me, Master.”

“Good slut. Stand up,” Scott ordered, and Sarah did as she was told. Scott led her against a wall and lifted one of her legs up. He rammed His cock inside her. “Don’t you dare scream!” Scott barked. “Don’t you dare!”

Sarah wrapped her arms around her Master’s neck and braced herself for the fucking of a lifetime. She burrowed her face into his neck and inhaled His woodsy scent. “Yes, Master…”

“You like how My cock feels inside you, don’t you? You like how your Master is fucking you, don’t you, slut?” Scott grunted.

“Yes, Master,” Sarah moaned.

Scott’s mouth traced the hollow of Sarah’s neck and a low, guttural moan escaped her lips. “Say it.”

“I like how Your cock feels inside me, Master,” Sarah panted. “I like how You’re fucking me, Master.”

“Good slut,” Scott kept moving inside Sarah. He removed her blindfold with a free hand. “Open your eyes and look at Me.”

Sarah opened her eyes and was startled by a naked Eric climbing on the bed. “I didn’t mean to scare you, baby,” he crawled towards her. “I forgot my VIP pass, so I came back and I heard you in here. I decided to join you tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

Sarah was pissed off. Her boyfriend was ruining her fantasies. “No, baby. Not at all.”


Manic Monday: I Need You


I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my way in the end.

Senator Jay Edwards smiled as he remembered the famous quote made by Margaret Thatcher. He was considered to be one of the most welcoming and nice people in office, as long as no one crossed him. Many didn’t. Those who did made sure not to make the same mistake twice.

His patience had paid off, winning yet another election this past November with loud whispers of a future White House run; his party already started the campaigning, though the election wouldn’t be for another two and a half years. He didn’t mind soaking up the limelight, though. If his face being plastered all over TV, internet, and magazines meant more attention to the causes he was so passionate about, it was great.

The Beautiful Asshole. It was a nickname he didn’t coin himself but rather, some fellow female colleagues in office. The beautiful part was due to his dashing movie star looks—he stood over six feet tall, kept his ebony hair trimmed, and had a shade of blue eyes that alternated between cobalt and sea blue. His smile boasted of perfect teeth and he made sure he flashed it often; he never knew when there would be a potential photo-op.

The asshole part of the nickname wasn’t too hard to figure out and it was due to his take-no-prisoners attitude. Did he consider himself an asshole? Well, it depended on the definition. He wasn’t a pushover and he occasionally (in truth, it was often) used emotional and political blackmail to get what he wanted with no fights or complaints. That nickname from his own party, he didn’t mind.

It was the other nickname—The Breck Girl, after the old beauty advertisements showcasing illustrious hair and styling—that made his anger quiver with impatience. His political rivals called him that at every opportunity and Jay thought it was cute at first until one of them threw shade at him by mentioning a certain time of the month and maybe he should go buy some Tampax. Jay made a silent note—that rival was not only going to be politically killed, Jay was going to make sure he would be burned alive.

All of that would have to wait until the next day. One of Jay’s biggest supporters was holding a special Valentine’s Day fundraiser for him and while Jay was annoyed it was being held on what he considered to be the most romantic day of the year, it was too important for him to skip it. The excuse of wanting to make love to his wife all night just wouldn’t fly, though it sounded right in his head.

It was Valentine’s Day and he had planned a special dinner with his wife, Jessica. “Special” as in they both would rather be anywhere else other than attending a fundraiser in his honor. But, money talks and it is quite loud when it wants to be, especially with whispers and nudges of a potential presidential run.

Pleasing his constituents was in the back of Jay’s mind, though. His only concern was pleasing his wife this particular night. She’d made specific orders—no gift over $25 and Jay could admit he was stumped. Granted, they didn’t need more extravagant and expensive purchases in their homes and they desperately needed to downsize. But a $25 gift was something he hadn’t done since his college days, and even then it was a hard task.

“Shouldn’t you be getting home to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your wife, Senator?” Jay’s assistant, Aileen, peeked into his office. She glanced at her diamond-encrusted watch, a gift from the senator for her services, and eyeballed the time. “If you leave now, you’ll be able to make the fundraiser on time.”

“I plan to be fashionably late,” Jay replied, with slight annoyance in his voice. “Who in the hell throws a fundraiser on Valentine’s Day, anyway?”

“The ones with the biggest mouths and deepest pockets,” Aileen smiled. “Besides, with all of that talk about you being president in a couple of years, it’s better for you to go out now and mingle with all the folks who can make a difference.”

“Aileen, come here for a minute, will you?” He beckoned her and she closed the door behind her. She sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Do you think I’ll make a good president?”

“I think so,” she tilted her head slightly; letting the moonlight hit the amber of her eyes, making them sparkle. “You’re intelligent, have a lot of charisma, and it seems both parties like you. You have the support of the veterans because you are one. You have the support of the inner-city because of all of the work you do there. I’ve heard very few bad things about you.”

“Bad things about me?” Jay raised an eyebrow. “What bad things? I’m an angel!”

“I know that and you know that, but sometimes…” Aileen’s voice trailed off.


“You’re a little rough around the edges, Sir.” She addressed him properly. “You can be a bit of a hardass if you don’t get your way.”

“I’m supposed to be,” Jay rubbed Aileen’s back, “you see, if I’m weak, people will take advantage. But, if I tell them to fuck off, no one messes with me.”

“Very few do, Sir.” She smiled again.

“And I hope it stays that way,” Jay replied. “But enough about my political ambitions for a short while. I need you to help me with something.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“I have a task for you. A very short notice task. You need to get this done tonight, before your Mistress and I arrive home.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You know what your Mistress likes, right?”

“Yes, Master.” Aileen replied.

“So what in the hell do I give her?” Jay chuckled. “I guess I could run out to the local pharmacy and pick up a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. It might be slim pickings but it’ll do.”

“May I offer a suggestion, Master?” Aileen offered.

“You may.”

“Look in that drawer right there, Master,” she nodded to a lower left side drawer. “There’s your gift to Mistress.”

Jay reached down and opened the drawer. A bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, and card awaited him. “You’re a lifesaver, caramellino.”

“I’ll do anything to please you, Master.” She ran a hand through his hair. “Making you happy is all this girl wants to do.”

Jay kissed His submissive, their lips meeting over and over in a twist of hunger and desire. “I love that My girl wants to keep Me happy.”

“Is there anything else this girl can do before You leave for the night?”

“I know I probably shouldn’t spoil my appetite before dinner,” Jay snapped his fingers and Aileen immediately kneeled before Him and began to unbuckle His pants. She unzipped His trousers and pulled out His hardened cock. She wrapped her lips around Him and began to please her Master. “But I think if I have a small bite, it won’t hurt…”


I Need You is available in e-book form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

Get to know Sanora and Jay’s polyamorous D/s dynamic when S&M IV is released very soon.


to love - web



A few of the submissives gasped as they saw Master Scott walk into the room. Wearing a crisp white shirt with open collar and pleated black slacks, He walked over to Whitney and put His hands on her shoulders. Nick nodded to him, signaling it was time to start.

Scott massaged and pinched Whitney’s breasts as Nick grabbed a Hitachi vibrator and turned it on. “Tonight, we’re going to have Whitney climax in a variety of ways, giving her a full-bodied orgasm. She has allowed Us to use electro play on her, so hopefully We can be successful with that as well. For this demonstration, I will need absolute silence until the end.”

Nick placed the vibrator on Whitney and she softly jerked at the sudden buzz. The vibrator tickled her swollen clit and her body instantly reacted to the welcomed invasion. She lightly moaned and softly breathed as she was taken to different places. She had long dreamed of being dominated by two men – Master Scott and Saint Nick, specifically – but this was taking her above and beyond what she could imagine.

She felt the vibrator turned on to a higher speed and her pussy responded by jerking upwards to get more of the wonderful sensation. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her breathing became increasingly labored, and her senses were heightened due to the restraints and blindfold.  She felt the orgasm crawl all over her body before she finally exploded into a loud cry.

“Now that she’s nice and slick,” Nick took out a butt plug and lubed it up with Whitney’s juices, “we’ll start the scene.”

BONUS #SexySunday Snippet: S&M IV

Here is another unedited snippet from S&M IV…

“Mari, you look like hell,” Victoria noted, “are you okay?”

“I did something really stupid last night,” Mariana yawned, “really stupid.”

“Girl, what did you do?” Bella asked. “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

Mariana sighed, then looked up to her friends. “I accidentally fucked Scott last night.”

“Now I don’t have a college degree so can someone explain to me how can someone accidentally fuck another person?” Bella asked.

“What happened?” Victoria asked.

What happened? Everything, Mariana wanted to say. Everything from the past two years. Everything from before. A clean slate? Maybe. Promising? Hopefully.

The biggest mistake of her life thus far? Most definitely.

Last night, she didn’t know her left from her right and she couldn’t blame an excess of alcohol in influencing her decision to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. Repeatedly. All night. Numerous positions. Multiple orgasms.

“What’s my name?”


Smack! “What’s my name?”


She swallowed the memory along with a big gulp of wine. Maybe it would calm down her throbbing clit, desperate for another visit from Scott’s tongue.

She was sure her ass was red from the times he’d slapped it. She was positive her thighs were going to be sore for days from being spread eagle.

“Mari…” he moaned as his hands ran through her hair, softly bouncing against her shoulders as she bobbed up and down on his cock. “Damn, baby…”

Fuck! Mariana downed her glass of wine, shaking off another memory from the night before. She hated Scott. Yes, she hated him. She hated how charming he was. She hated how his Southern drawl could make her tremble.

And she especially hated that he remembered how she liked to be fucked. “I went over to his house and…”

To be imitated is a form of flattery…

Or fuckery in this case.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m the not best writer out there and I’m constantly trying to improve by writing a lot and reading a lot. The two go hand-in-hand. While I do appreciate some people giving me a nod to their work, I really don’t appreciate thieves.

A couple of years ago, I dealt with this problem when someone copied Blow by Blow verbatim, changing only the character names and some other details. I, along with others, confronted that person and her story was pulled down. I’m asking you all, my reading warriors, to do the same again.

Nene King, I believe is a corporation. She operates under the pen names Sasha Stark and Daniel Newheart.

During the past week, it has come to my attention, along with everyone else in the IR/MC writing world, that Nene is a thief. She has stolen a book by Renee Phillips and it was taken down due to a copyright infringement claim by Renee.

Ms. King made the mistake of stealing from me.

S&M was written in 2011. Nene and her multiple personalities’ books were written this year.

S&M is 30 pages. Each and every single one of Nene’s books that has the S&M storyline is 30 pages.

The storyline behind S&M is a woman discovers a kinky secret about her boss when she cleans his home. Nene’s and her schizo personalities have the same book here, here, and here.

I’ve asked Nene nicely to pull down the book before I filed a copyright infringement claim. She refused. Therefore, I am taking matters into my own hands.

I’m going to embarass the shit out of her.

Here is her email: She did tell me she was going to get another one and once I get that one, I’ll post it here and again on my Facebook page.

And here is a very lovely e-mail she wrote to me:

You’re a moron.

Good luck wasting your time “chasing” me, because Amazon is NEVER going to take my book down.



Because it’s not plagiarized you mouth breathing idiot. I noticed the similarities between my book, Lassoed By Love, and Renee’s. I PULLED THE FUCKING BOOK ONCE SHE ASKED ME TO!

It was an HONEST mistake. I admitted to it and pulled the book. Now you cretins are ruining my livliehiid. Sister on sister hate, due to ONE mistake. Have you never made a mistake?

Now you people are just posting shit everywhere. I WROTE DOCTORS SECRET (and every other book I have written) from scratch. STOP THINKING THE WORD REVOLVED AROUND YOU…

Here’s what’s going to happen.

1) I am not pulling the books
2) Amazon is not going to pull them. Why? Because they are NOT plagiarized and if they did pull them, I would sue them for discrimination. Why? BECAUSE THE BOOK IS MINE YOU BUFFOON.
3) You idiots will keep posting “reviews”
4) I will close this email accounts so I never have to deal with you people again. Also, I will stop reading the nonsense you post on my current books.
5) You will continue running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and waste your time.
6) I will stop writing for a time and go back to living off my rich WHITE husband. Right now he’s laughing at how Black women go at each others throats and make up drama so they have things to do.

So, for the last time Vera, goodbye. You can do ANYTHING you want. The books are staying up…I will NOT be bullied into anything else.

If the harassment continues on any level outside of email (which I won’t be monitering) my husband will contact our attorney and have you brought up up slander charges.

Can you afford a good attorney?

Because I assure, we can.



Funny how her profile claimed she was a single mother. Now all of a sudden she’s married to a rich, white dude? Also, suing Amazon for discrimination? Based on what? Does she even know what discrimination is? But she’s going to threaten me with a lawyer? Someone should’ve hit her with a smart book because it’s clear she doesn’t have any.

Andplusalso….how in the hell are you writer but your e-mail to me is full of typos and grammatical errors? But you want me to believe you didn’t steal any books? 

I encourage everyone to spread the word that Nene King, along with her multiple personalities, is a thieving ‘artist’ and I’m very lightly using that word. One-star her book, letting everyone know it’s theft and to purchase S&M for the real story.  

You see, what “Ms. King” doesn’t understand is that, once people know she has stolen, people won’t purchase her books. They’ll read the reviews indicating it’s a stolen book and they won’t purchase it. Her reputation in the IR/MC world has already plummeted. I have let my author friends know. I have let my readers know. So if she wants to keep the book up on the sites, but will it sell?

I have contacted several sites behind the scenes where her books are up and filed a copyright infringement claim against all of them. I have been successful before in taking down books that have violated my copyright and I will be successful again.

Nene King, et al is a fraud, a thief, and a poor excuse for a human being. She should be ashamed of herself. She is a horrible writer and honestly, just a horrible, horrible person. She will reap what she sows.

And there you have it,




S&M IV/Love & War Sneak Peek #ebook #kindle #nook



This unedited snippet comes from S&M IV. A full snippet will be included in Love & War, the followup to Where I Wanna Be.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Sheree stepped aside and the other female interns followed her lead. “Who is that?”

Mariana turned around and saw Scott talk outside of his office. She hated he happened to look just a little extra fine that day with a white open collar and black dress slacks. He went over a portfolio with some other executives from a visiting company, while he smiled and laughed at their jokes. Mariana knew Scott well enough to know he probably hated their corny jokes and only smiled and laughed because he wanted the account and money.

She briefly closed her eyes and pursed her lips together as she remembered the spicy cologne he wore that morning. She would never forget it since she bought for him. She briefly wondered if he truly liked the cologne or he was teasing her by wearing it.

She crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her stance. If she concentrated hard enough, she could see the outlining of his cock inside his slacks. Her mind briefly drifted into memories of when he would call her into his office and they would fuck like it was going out of style. One day she wore a pencil skirt and when she walked just right in those Louboutin shoes he’d bought for her, her ass would sway from left to right, almost taunting him.

No, she was taunting him.

She then remembered how sore and red her ass was from him spanking her with his hands, then with a variety of implements he kept in a hidden drawer underneath his desk. At the end of the day when all of the employees left, she was spread eagle on the desk; bound and gagged as Scott fucked all of the aggression out with his cock and his magical fingers circled her swollen clit. And how her pussy clenched around His cock, milking Him. And how His tongue dived into her pussy over and over, claiming her as His woman and begging her to come for Him, bringing Mariana to orgasm several times. She lost count after six.

From that moment, she needed special permission to wear that skirt because she knew whenever she wore it, she was going to be fucked until she couldn’t walk.

“Do you want to come for your Master?”


Scott’s tongue traced the hollow of Mariana’s neck as a free hand squeezed her breast and He continued to thrust inside her. “Beg for it…”

“Mariana?” Sheree asked and Mariana’s attention snapped back to the present.

“That is Scott Reed – the Reed in McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard.”  Mariana cleared her throat. There went those feelings of want building inside her panties and her pussy fluttered with excitement and desire. It didn’t help matters the last time she had sex was before B. left for his tour and the fact Scott asked her out to a friendly dinner didn’t sit well with her. She was really wondering if Scott’s offer to take her out to dinner was as chaste as he made it seem. Granted she wasn’t obligated to go to dinner with him and she was positive his offer was nothing more than just two friends catching up with each other.

She just didn’t like the thought of leaving her panties at home when he would pick her up later. Mariana bit the inside of her cheek and silently groaned in frustration at her stupidity. Now she felt like an asshole for entertaining the idea of cheating on her boyfriend. Lord help me… “He’s the Executive Creative Director and partner. Every decision and detail goes through him. If he doesn’t see it, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick in the hospital or on vacation, he will approve every single ad. If he doesn’t approve the ad, you will do it right until he does. Great guy if he likes you and you don’t disappoint him. The biggest asshole you’ll ever meet if you do disappoint him.”

Another female intern chimed in. “Asshole or not, I’ll ride that motherfucker until the sun comes up.”


Author’s Note: I am curious to see how many will cosign Mariana cheating on B. with Scott if that does occur.

S&M IV will be out this year. Release date TBA.