#FlashFriday: Unravel Me


Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is the sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.


Unedited Snippet:

“Everything was fine between us until Mr. Kneeling came into the picture.” Scott tightened his lips. “After that, it’s been a struggle.”

“Mr. Kneeling?” Dr. Burton asked. “Caleb Kelly?”

“He’s the one that started that ridiculous bullshit so yes, him.” Scott’s voice was clipped.

“I thought you and Caleb had an understanding why he’s kneeling?” Dr. Burton scrolled through her notes.

“Just because I understand something, it doesn’t mean I agree with it.” He defended. “There are many other ways to protest police brutality without disrespecting the flag.”

“You admitted yourself, Scott, America had a lot of work to do when it came to acknowledging and recognizing the struggles of all. We still have a lot of work to do and many marginalized communities are still in peril. Wouldn’t protesting the flag, a symbol that everyone is free and treated equal, a symbol of that?”

“So, what’s the point of having elections to put people in office to represent our voices and interests? What’s the point of all of these groups working overtime so those marginalized can have a fighting chance?” Scott felt his anger quiver and he gripped the rock tighter. “What is the point of doing all of that if all I can do is just kneel in front of a flag?”

“Your anger isn’t about Caleb kneeling in front of the flag,” Dr. Burton met Scott’s tone, “your anger is about the ad Caleb did with Mariana. It bothers you she finds Caleb attractive.”

“Mariana finds a lot of men attractive. She constantly talks about how hot this actor and this singer are.” He glanced down at the rock he held. It read patience. “I don’t care. I never said I’m the only one she should be attracted to.”

“But it’s Caleb, specifically that bothers you?” Dr. Burton pressed. “If it was another actor or singer, you wouldn’t care because it wouldn’t be someone you interact a lot with.”

“I interact a lot with Dean Winchester and I don’t care that Mariana finds him attractive.” He defended. “She was jumping over joy in seeing Dean and his wife, Sydney, have sex in front of us.”

“But Dean Winchester is a white man who supports Caleb’s protest, though he hasn’t done it himself.” Dr. Burton replied. “Scott, be real with me…is the real reason you don’t like Caleb Kelly is because you wish you were him?”

Scott gave a contrite smile. “Couldn’t one say the same thing to him? I’m the antithesis and everything what’s wrong with this country according to him and those who think like him. Everyone wants to be a social justice warrior behind the computer screen, create memes, quote real leaders who did the work, but no one wants to do the same. I say it goes both ways. If anyone thinks I wish I were him, it can easily be said he wishes he could be me.” His eyes gleamed. “Hasn’t it been said that straight black men are the white people of black people?”


Unravel Me will be out sometime this month.

Caleb Kelly appears in the State of Affairs series.

For the article that inspired that scene, click here.

Her Ocean is now LIVE!

Her Ocean large


She freed her mind. He soon followed.

Aaliyah Smith never fully recovered from the devastating heartbreak her ex gave her years ago, going as far as moving out of the state and into a completely different time zone. Aaliyah knows as much as anyone, no matter how much white sage she burns, when the universe speaks to her, she needs to listen.

Ocean Ellison made the biggest mistake of his life when he left his ex without so much as saying a goodbye. Now he’s back to reclaim her and have her by his side as he solidifies his family’s legacy in the nation’s capitol.

He wants to unbreak her heart. She’s not sure if he deserves the privilege.

Her Ocean is a prequel erotic novella to Watercolors.


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#TeaserTuesday: Pressedt and Shook – WIP #contemporary #romance

“I get it, Krista. I truly do. You were used to being dogged out, you couldn’t think for a moment that someone with my reputation would change. I get it. That’s why when you went through my phone, I didn’t say anything. When you demanded you smell my dick, I thought, ‘Wow, my girl is kinky and weird as all shit. I kinda dig this’ but I didn’t say anything. Because I knew you had some trust issues from your past and I was determined to prove to you I wasn’t like the others.

“And it’s kinda funny when you think about it. I remember this one guy you dated; this supposed “baller.” He always made excuses for why he had to cancel dates, why your weekend trips were always short, why he had to do this and he had to do that. He was so busy trying to build his brand, he couldn’t afford to call you back?

“Our family could’ve been like those other numerous lottery winners. We could’ve blown through the money and be back where we started. Luckily, God felt otherwise for us. The money my mother gave me, I tripled due to my hard work and Joey’s business acumen. Eli designed the flyers and business cards. K and Nicky spread the word amongst their friends about their little brother doing hair cuts. I had a brand before I even opened my first shop.

“And guess what? I’m at a two-star Michelin-rated restaurant, spending an ungodly amount of money on food and services with a woman I still love, even though I shouldn’t,” he revealed a slow and sexy smile, “and I have all of the time in the world for her but she playin’.”


Honestly, I’m not sure if this is the actual title but I’m keeping it for now.

A D’Amato Brothers short story coming by the end of this month. Next post will be release date and details on where to purchase.

#SnippetSunday: Beauty is Her Name #romance #newadult #wattpad

Beauty Is Her Name - medium

“…and real quick, let me give a shoutout to my girl, Beauty! Keep your head up, baby girl! You got this, aight? You got this! The whole world is praying for you!”

“….I just spoke with a representative of the Whalen family and she told me Bobby and Samantha are in good spirits despite the prognosis of Beauty. They hope she’ll wake up soon. They thank everyone around the world for their continued prayers and support…”

“…we just want to say we love you to Beauty! She’s one of our best friends and biggest supporters! When we first arrived on the scene, she wrote to us, and gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going. She really is beautiful….”

It had been a long and excruciating week for the Whalen family.

As Bobby and Samantha kept vigil at their daughter’s bedside at home, an investigation was launched by the LAPD regarding Beauty’s illness. All of the alcohol was tested, the servers’ backgrounds were checked, footage was reviewed numerous times.

Everything and everyone checked out.

Numerous tests came back clean and Beauty had no underlying illnesses. She was in perfect health.

Bobby walked into the room, kissed his wife’s temple, and rubbed her back. A commanding figure with dark hair, a matching soul patch, and muscular build, Bobby was used to getting everything his way. If he wanted something, he had it. If Beauty or Samantha desired anything, he moved mountains to make sure they had it.

Now all he wanted was for his only child to recover and it was something he wasn’t sure he could have.

“You need your rest, Sam,” his deep voice reverberated throughout the room, “you’ve been up all night.”

Samantha grabbed Bobby’s hand and kissed it. “I keep hoping this is a nightmare, you know? Like I’m going to wake up and find out this was just a cruel joke. And each time I wake up, it’s just one more reminder I can do something my baby girl can’t do right now.”

Bobby silently nodded. To say he didn’t feel the same way was an outright lie. “You need your rest, Sam. She’s depending on you.”

“I’ll go to sleep,” Samantha conceded and got up. “Wake me if there’s any change.”

Bobby gave his wife a sensual kiss and held her for a long time. “We’ve been through so much and we’ll get through this.”

“I hope so,” Samantha sniffled as she wiped a small tear. “I just don’t know what I would do without her.”

Bobby pulled away and thumbed Samantha’s tears away. “Hey, don’t think that. We’re going to find a cure for our baby girl and she’ll get better.”

“Promise?” She faintly smiled.

Bobby gave a small sigh. It was a useless promise and they both knew it. But they needed something to keep going. “Promise.” He kissed her again. “Now go. Get some rest.”

Samantha walked to her bedroom and sat down on the bed. She had a flurry of text messages but disregarded them as she held Beauty’s phone. The locked screen showed an old image of all of them together as they celebrated Beauty’s third birthday. Her daughter was so full of life and carefree even as a child and she didn’t change very much when she became an adult.

She just wanted her baby girl to be okay again.

A notification went off on Beauty’s phone and Samantha opened it. It was an e-mail from her mysterious pen pal.

From: ASwaggaCalledP

To: SlayingBeauty

Subject: (No Subject)

Hey B,

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I don’t know you’ll even get this. I don’t know if you’ll able to understand this even if you do get it.

I’m losing my mind here. I’ve followed every news story about you. I’ve watched Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Access Hollywood, and all those girly talk shows to get some sort of update on you. No one knows anything. It’s like you fainted and fell asleep. No one can understand it. Some have even coined you “Sleeping Beauty” because that’s what you’re doing; just asleep.

I am glad you’re not sick or otherwise ill. I just wish there was something I can do to help you and your family. Your parents seem like really good people who only want the best for you. Despite their wealth and status, they seem really humble. I see where you get it from.

Anyway, this is probably too long. Geez, I’m talking to you as if you’re still here. Well, you are but you know what I mean.

I guess this isn’t the appropriate time to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Yeah, I know saying I love you was supposed to be romantic and like in the movies but this will have to do for now. I hope I can tell you I love you in person.

Please wake up,


Samantha read the e-mail twice. She walked back into Beauty’s room and found Bobby holding their daughter’s hand. “Baby, there’s something you need to take a look at.”


To read the rest of Beauty is Her Name, click here.



Breakaway snippet #newadult #romance #contemporary #ebook #nook #kindle


In Chicago, she was pretty sure it was some insane degree below zero and she didn’t dare to think how far below it was. Just feeling her teeth clack inside her mouth told her plenty about the weather.

Now there she was, looking like a California snow bunny with as much snow gear anyone could possibly put on, watching Dean built a makeshift snowman in between snow-covered cars. “You’re actually building a family?” She commented.

“Hell, yeah!” Dean smiled as he put the finishing touches on the bigger snowman. It was a family of four and he was thankful he was able to convince the hotel kitchen to give him the spoiled carrots and olives he needed for the eyes and nose. Next time he would ask for tomatoes to complete the mouth. He stepped aside and nodded at his creation. “What do you think?”

Sydney shook her head. She watched with awe and a bit of amusement how serious Dean was about his snow family. They weren’t big but that was beside the point. He took care into building them as if he was creating a masterpiece. It was charming. “You’re insane. That’s incredible.”

“You should try.” He glanced over to her. “Just gotta create a couple of snowballs and stack them on top of each other. “

“I never made snowballs before.” She shrugged.

“What?” Dean had a disgusted face as if he tasted some horrible food. “What do you mean?”

“I just never had the opportunity.” She shrugged again, wondering why what she said was so shocking. “I can’t miss something if I never did it.”

“All right, we’re changing that today.” He walked over to her and picked up a small pile of snow. He nodded to her to do the same and Sydney complied. “Just watch me. You move your hands like so as if you’re molding dough.”

Sydney watched Dean make a snowball and followed his lead. When he placed his snowball on the ground, she placed hers on top of his. “Like so?”

“Yeah, like so!” He smiled. “You’re a natural already!”

“Not bad for a roo –whoa!” Sydney slipped on some snow and lost her footing before Dean caught her.

Dean looked down at Sydney. Her cheeks were flushed with a deep pink color, though he couldn’t tell if it was the weather or her makeup doing that. He did know, however, she looked like a snow goddess to him. “Are you okay?”

Dean felt so wonderful and comforting. His strong arms cradled her body and she quickly got used to how amazing he felt. His eyes glittered in the sunlight and he looked amazingly hot. While she loved, highly admired, and respected the fact he was being a perfect gentleman, Sydney was getting a little tired of the gesture. “I’m good. Thanks.”


Breakaway is available NOW for 99 cents at Amazon, All Romance, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

#ThrowbackThursday: The Painter #erotica #nook #kindle #short stories

Ethnic heterosexual sensual couple in love

Annabelle and Bethany arrived at Michael’s studio not knowing what to expect. Bethany arrived with cell phone fully charged and ready to go; she was going to snap up as many pictures of Michael for her blog. Annabelle, on the other hand, was a bit more nervous. Getting naked so a guy could use her as his muse sounded great in theory but the action was full of self-doubt. “I’m not sure about this,” Annabelle admitted.

“Well then, let’s go home,” Bethany began to turn around.

“No, wait!” Annabelle was disappointed on how quick her best friend agreed to her idea without even a discussion. “You’re not going to talk me out of this?”

“Talk you out of what?” Bethany asked. “You said you weren’t sure and that tells me you don’t want to do this. Let’s stop wasting time and get the hell out of here.”

“No, I want to do this,” Annabelle was firm, “I just…I’m getting naked.”

“I don’t have to be there if you don’t want me to be,” Bethany consoled her best friend. “It’s not like I’m seeing something new for the first time.”

“Fuck you,” Annabelle smiled.

“Eh, you’re not my type,” Bethany grinned. “Listen, let’s go up to his studio and I’ll see if everything looks legit. If it does, I’ll be at the bookstore around the corner from here. I won’t be too far away.”

“I like that,” Annabelle nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

The women arrived at Michael’s building and went up to his studio on the seventh floor. His door was already opened. The women briefly looked at each other and went inside. While Bethany checked for hidden doors and compartments, Annabelle looked around at the downtown loft and was pleasantly surprised.

It was extravagantly simple, a term her parents used to call her. It had large windows that led outside to the busy downtown streets. In one corner was a bedroom of sorts, only distinguished by a sheer white canopy surrounding a bed. Close to the bedroom was a sizeable bathroom.

She continued to walk through the loft, almost getting lost in it. She suddenly stopped when she saw the back of Michael’s head. He was sitting on a stool and appeared to be doodling on a canvas. He was singing softly to a song that Annabelle heard before but never knew who sung it.

“The Doobie Brothers,” he answered as if he was reading her thoughts, “What a Fool Believes.”

Annabelle shook her head. “What?”

“The song is by The Doobie Brothers,” he finally turned around and greeted her with a smile, “do you like their music?”

Truth to be told, Annabelle didn’t know who in the hell they were but didn’t want to upset Michael by starting off the session on the wrong foot. But her music history was caught off-guard by Michael’s face. The pictures didn’t do him justice. He was gorgeous. He licked his full lips slowly, moistening them just a little.

He was a tall, muscular man with short brown hair and warm blue eyes. His tawny skin was soft and smooth, as if it was always buttered with lotion. There was a softness to him that didn’t come from other men Annabelle had been around. He was, what she would later describe to her friends, a quiet sexy. He knew he had it going on and left it at that. He didn’t need to brag to the world about it. “Um, sure.”

Michael knew she was being polite but didn’t want to embarrass the poor girl any further. “You must be my newest muse,” He smiled at the Black beauty. “I’m Michael Taylor.”

“I’m Annabelle Johnson. And over there, checking for trap doors and booby traps is my friend, Bethany.” She pointed to the blonde. “She just wanted to see if you’re legit. Don’t mind her.”

“Not at all,” Michael waved at her. “So, I should go over some basics with you. Normally I take pictures of the models before we start so I have something to work with later after you leave. I’m not going to post them online or show them to my friends; you get all the negatives and originals when I’m done. You can take as many breaks as you like, just tell me when.” His voice was deep and inviting. “Is there anything else you want to know?”

Annabelle was already mesmerized by Michael. He wore a white tee that outlined his body and showed off his muscular build. He was fucking hot and she felt tingly between her thighs. “Nope, that’s it.”

Bethany appeared beside Michael. “He’s good and legit,” she snapped a picture of him. “It’s for my blog.” She turned to her friend. “Did you still want me to stay, Belle?”

“No, I’m good.” Annabelle softly nodded. She was more than good but what she was really feeling was inappropriate to say. “You can leave now. I’ll meet you in a couple of hours.”

“Okay, see you later.” Bethany then left.

Michael turned back to Annabelle. He smiled and pointed to the couch that sat behind his easel. “Please?”

Annabelle walked over to the sofa and shed her clothing. She wore just a basic red dress, something easy and simple to get out of. She then sat on the sofa and waited for Michael’s direction. Getting naked in front of a complete stranger wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. Maybe it was the thought of never seeing him again that made it easier.

The moment Annabelle took off her dress, Michael was already in lust with her, and he felt his cock jump in anticipation. She had an athletic figure but curvy. She had dark skin – not quite mocha but not quite café au lait. It was a nice and delectable brown. Her breasts were full and soft with dark cherry nipples. Her taut stomach had a simple belly ring and her legs were toned like a dancer’s that seemed to go on for miles. That’s exactly what she was: a long, chocolate mile.

Focus, you idiot, he warned himself, she’s your muse, not a new fuck toy for your dick.


The Painter is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. It is a standalone erotic short.

#TeaserTuesday: Fire We Make #nook #kindle #ebook #romance

Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

He dived into her, his stubble tickling against her skin. His hungry lips attacked her neck, trailing his tongue down to her collarbone before he stopped at her breasts. He circled the nipples and lightly suckled on them, once again leading his tongue down her navel and to her sex.

He spread her legs open and gently bit the inside of one thigh. He moved to the other thigh, inhaling her scent, and licking his lips in anticipation. He briefly looked up and saw Liane cupping her breasts, and pursed her lips together in anticipation. He smiled at her, and smirked.

He focused back on her wet slit and swollen clit peeking out from the folds. He sucked hard on the clit, his tongue circling it before he lapped up more of her. Her taste, her smell…the way her body rode his tongue made him want her even more.

Liane gasped at the pleasure. Her body arched at his touch, sending her emotions into overdrive. She promised herself the reason for her visit was to end his hold on her. They were not good for each other and it had been proven repeatedly. The truth was, they were good for each other, almost perfect. She gave him what he wanted and he brought out what she thought she needed.

How could it work? Was Jackson honestly going to give up everything for her like he’d once promised? Liane didn’t believe and furthermore, she didn’t think Jackson would be capable of doing so. She was just going to enjoy him for the time, and push back all nagging thoughts about their doomed relationship.

Jackson’s tongue was magical and his hands were heaven-sent. Her fingers entangled in his hair as he relentlessly teased her with his tongue. He once again found her clit and sucked hard on it, causing Liane to arch off the bed and call out to the heavens. She collapsed back on the bed, her body trembling with pleasure, and her mind clouded with emotions.

Her eyes flew open when Jackson entered her and swallowed a couple of times to adjust to his size. “Shh…” He purred. “…I won’t hurt you.” He slowly moved inside her, his thick shaft buried to the hilt as she clench against him. Their kisses were short, wild, and full of passion as his thrusts sped up. She whimpered and writhed beneath him as he moaned against her.

They interlocked hands and they both knew it wasn’t over; it couldn’t be, not by a long shot. There was too much emotion, too much history, and too much love between them. They didn’t know how it would work or if it could work. All they both knew was that it had to work. There was no other option.

They moved together faster and harder, both anxious to reach the climax. When it happened, Liane’s body stilled as the orgasm washed over her. “Jackson…” Her whimper came out barely a whisper.

Jackson moved faster; his balls tickled with each thrust and met Liane with a climax of his own. His body shuddered against hers and a low moan escaped his lips. He softly kissed her again, cupping her face with one hand as he shifted his weight off her.


“How come we didn’t work out?” He asked.

Liane slowly opened her eyes as she felt the soft rise of Jackson’s chest underneath her head. Their reunion was so wonderful with the sex being hot and unpredictable as before. He took her to new heights and made her body sing with each stroke and thrust. It was a familiar dance between them with the same moves but things were different. There was more passion, more intensity. More love.

She loved him; there wasn’t a doubt about that. She couldn’t see herself with anyone else and wanted to be with him forever. And she knew, by his actions, he definitely felt the same. The truth was their professions didn’t allow them to be anything more than just fleeting partners in the night. Liane wasn’t going to give up her pursuit of captain and Jackson wasn’t going to give up his hoes, despite proclaiming, he would for her. “You’re joking, right?”

“I don’t joke about wanting to be with you,” he murmured.

Liane let out a quiet sigh before she turned over and faced the starry night. Jackson’s hand crawled up Liane’s leg and he moved it inside, resting comfortably between the warmth of her thick thighs. She moaned in appreciation as he cupped her sex. “Jackson…”

“What?” He softly demanded. “It’s an honest question.”

“No, it’s a silly question and you know this.” She attempted to move his hand away from her heat and he wouldn’t budge. The next sigh was in frustration. She should’ve known the orgasmic bliss was going to be a short-lived affair. Why couldn’t they just be regular people with the friends with benefits arrangement? Get together every once in a while, hook up, and go about their business with no stress and most importantly, no bullshit. “We can’t work.”

“We can’t work…” He softly kissed her shoulder. “…Or you don’t want us to?”


Fire We Make (Jackson and Liane #1) is available now at Smashwords, Amazon, All Romance, and Barnes & Noble.

Part 2 of the three-part series will be out this spring.