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#SnippetSunday: Untitled D’Amato Brothers Book

This is so untitled, I don’t even have a blurb for it! LOL.

This snippet is longer than I usually post, but you’ll understand why.

Unedited snippet:

“First and foremost, when did this incident happen?” Scott asked as he jotted down notes. His best friend, Nick, called him for an emergency meeting and Scott flew in with his protégé, Ana. “It was right after the affair but I need a timeline.”

“It happened five years ago,” Eli admitted as he sat around the long conference table at Madre’s, “the day after I left her, I came home, we got into it and I just lost my cool.”

“And have you ever acted like this before?” Scott asked and Eli shook his head. Ana quickly jotted down notes. “You two reconciled, and had two more children, right?”

“Right,” Eli nodded.

“And there have been no fights like that one since?” Scott clarified and Eli shook his head. Scott looked down at the paper. “Okay. Do you think Faith intentionally leaked the story?” 

Eli’s heart thundered against his chest and he felt his stomach coil up in tight knots. The only people who knew about the fight was Eli and Faith. Eli was so embarrassed about his behavior, he didn’t tell anyone – not even his brothers or mother.  “I don’t know.” 

“You don’t know?” Tony interjected. “Dude, come on! If it wasn’t Faith, you know it was Krista!”

“Who’s Krista?” Scott asked. 

Tony began. “Krista is Faith’s best friend.” 

Ana continued to type in her Macbook. “…that you used to date.” She looked up and locked eyes with Tony. “I see your relationship worked out well.” 

“So, Faith and possibly her best friend might have leaked the story.” Scott leaned back in the leather chair. “Do you think Faith is capable of doing so?”

Eli stopped bouncing in his chair. His honest answer was anyone was capable of anything. There were many ways Faith wanted to hurt Eli; the massive alimony and child support was proof of it. 

Would she go as far as destroying his reputation and hurting the rest of the D’Amatos in the process? He wasn’t sure. Then again, the way Faith had been acting lately, Eli wasn’t sure if he knew her at all. “I honestly don’t know.” 

“Okay,” Scott scribbled a few more notes and dropped his pen. He let out a small sigh and rubbed his beard as he figured out the next action plan. “Okay, the good news is this – because the incident was a one-time thing and happened long ago, before the reconciliation and children, we can play that angle. We can also say Faith never filed charges, Eli’s record is clean, and it was all rumors. There is plenty of evidence backing this up.” 

“Okay,” Eli agreed, “I like that.”

“Now, there’s one more thing we do need to handle,” Scott began, “I need to know how you feel about your ex-wife.”

Eli shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Faith is in vendetta mode, which means she’s capable of anything. She may not have leaked the story but her slow response to it tells me she gave the okay to whoever did.”  Scott explained. “Therefore, we need to make sure she doesn’t feel she can do a little bit more with some other things.” 

“What do you want us to do?” Tony asked. “We can’t just go up to her and tell her to stop?”

“Even if we could, she wouldn’t listen,” Kieran shook his head, “and it’ll just add more fuel to the fire.” 

“The only people Faith needs to talk to, at this point, are her parents and her attorney.” Scott advised. “It would behoove all of you to ban communication until this is settled. This also goes for your wives.” He turned back to Eli. “I need an answer from you.”

“Does it matter?” Eli shrugged.

“Actually, it does,” Scott leaned back into his chair, “if you still care about the mother of your children, it’ll tell me how to proceed in protecting your brand without any damage to hers. I’ll still fire a warning shot just so she knows she won’t pull this shit again.” 

“And if he doesn’t?” Joey asked. 

“I will destroy her,” Scott said nonchalantly. 

The ice in Scott’s tone caught Eli by surprise and he glanced up at him. “Destroy her? On what? The only thing in Faye’s…” He paused and swallowed his emotions. “…the only thing in Faith’s past are parking tickets.”

“He’s not talking Faith in particular,” Nick chimed in, “Scott’s referring to her father.”

“Famous preacher of a megachurch will have a lot of buried secrets…” Joey began. 

Eli shook his head and held up a hand. “Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold up now.” Things were very rocky between Eli and Faith, but he couldn’t in his right mind go after David, especially after what the older gentleman had done for him. “Are you serious now?”

“Eli, you hired me to protect your brand, save your reputation, and put your ex-wife and her people in check. You did not hire me to play patty cake with them,” Scott’s tone hardened. “That being said, how you feel about Faith will determine my course of action. If your question is how would I be able to sleep at night after destroying another human being, the answer is very well.” 

Release date TBD.

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And it’s LIVE – Run This Town!

I tried to stay away from him, but I just couldn’t. The way he moves, the way he runs things, and the way he loves me. He chose the streets over me, and I’m a mistress to his money.

I knew him as Cameron, but the streets knew him as Finesse.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:


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…Fall in Love? is LIVE now!

The long-anticipated sequel to Why Don’t We…? is available now on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time!


When you wish upon a star…

Kaitlyn Dixon knows fairytales only exist in Disney movies and her life is far from one. She’s one of the nation’s most ruthless divorce attorneys, bringing financial justice to her clients. The only wishing Kaitlyn hears about is how her opposition wishes she were dead. 

Domenico “Nico” Torres is one of the wealthiest Las Vegas casino magnates who always gets his way. Coming from a long line of an organized crime family, Nico wishes his opposition wouldn’t make his life so hard with their threats.

When their worlds collide, it’s more than just wealth and reputation at stake. Will Kaitlyn realize her dream man comes as a ruthless executive? 

…Fall in Love? is the conclusion of Why Don’t We… and is part of the Torres Crime family series. 


The venue went dark, and the screams were at fever pitch, both male and female. The excitement was at a fever pitch, and it seemed to get higher with each passing second. The curtain rose, and the band appeared on stage to blistering screams and hollers. 

They merely looked around at the audience with their eyes, not moving their heads. Nico was still and calm with the electric guitar in his hands. He didn’t say a word and only the movement of his chest rising told everyone he was alive. 

It was at that moment when the Nico Kaitlyn thought she knew was transformed into a different person. He was a rock god in the flesh and her body became so alert just by staring at him. 

Kaitlyn rubbed her arms and felt the goosebumps formed. She was nervous. She was excited. She waited on bated breath for Nico to do something, anything… she needed to hear that note, that chord, that guitar riff, and her life would be perfect. 

Nico closed his eyes and then…a guitar riff erupted the crowd and Kaitlyn thought she climaxed. 

He sang with the intensity of a seasoned performer. His hard body twisted with every fluid movement, like he was simply responding to the beat. Every line, breath, and guitar lick felt like Nico was taking to the audience–their hopes, their fears, and their love.

They played original songs. They played cover songs. They played songs from old acts like Fleetwood Mac, Guns N’ Roses, and Genesis, to some of the newer acts like System of a Down. 

The crowd knew every lyric of Black Sonic’s original music. Every verse, every chord had the crowd of a thousand-deep shouting back to them. Nico had them on a string they wanted to bounce on. 

When the band took a break, Kaitlyn watched with the intensity of a groupie as Nico sat down on the stage and strum the acoustic guitar. His chest was coated in sweat and he smiled occasionally, as his name was called out by random audience members. 

It was only him on the stage. He stopped to drink from a bottled water before he continued. Some members asked him questions, and he answered as he strummed. 

“Can I get a free room?”

“What’s it in for me?”

“Whatever you want, Nico!”

“I need better negotiating deals than that.” He replied, and the audience laughed. 

“Are you going to perform my favorite song tonight?”

“What’s your favorite song?”

“That Taylor Swift one! I like your version better!” 

Nico smiled. The song in question was “Lover.” He never fancied himself much of a Taylor Swift fan and was hard-pressed to call himself one, but when he first heard that song, he immediately loved it. 

It was the simplicity of the song that drew him in. A song about two people connecting and reconnecting. It was a song anyone could relate, and he suddenly admired Taylor’s penmanship. 

He strummed the guitar and adjusted the microphone. He searched the audience to see if he could spot Kaitlyn and a soft smile formed on his face when he did. He continued searching the crowd and saw his parents canoodling with each other. 

His plan worked. He was winning Kaitlyn over and his parents were reconciled. “This one is dedicated to all the lovers tonight…” The crowd hollered and shouted his name as Nico played on. 

“He dedicated that to everyone, but you know it’s about you, right?” Amber leaned over to Kaitlyn. 

Kaitlyn didn’t respond. She recognized the song and felt her heart about to leap out of her chest. There was no way Nico could have known that was one of her favorite songs. It didn’t matter if he had a dossier on her the size of an encyclopedia; no one could have known that. 

It was at that moment, in front of hundreds of strangers who liked the music and lusted after Nico, when Kaitlyn realized she was in love with the man.


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#ThrowbackThursday: S&M IV #nook #kindle #ebook


Scott felt a chilly front from his ex and it was colder than the air conditioner in his car. “So why are you still mad at me?”

Really? Mariana folded her arms and concentrated on the outside view. “Let’s not go there.”

“Oh,” Scott softly replied, “I touched a nerve.”

“After everything you have done to me…” She muttered. “I bet your favorite song is ‘Wake Up Alone.’”

“Actually it’s 99 Problems,” he retorted, “followed by my new favorite, ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.’” Scott pulled over to an empty parking lot and parked the car. He turned off the engine and got out of the car. Mariana promptly followed. “Let it all out,” He gesticulated.

“You implied you cheated on me and you didn’t give me a straight answer,” she chose her words carefully, “so while you might be telling the truth about Sarah, you never said Erin was lying. That’s why I don’t like you.”

Scott looked into the windows of Mariana’s soul. “That’s rich.”

Mariana saw the bait Scott laid out and ate it. “How?”

“I caught you on a date with Bernard but yet the thought of me being unfaithful to you somehow got you shook,” his voice was calm as if they were discussing the weather. “I never cheated on you, by the way. Thank you for the trust in me.”

“It wasn’t a date,” she defended, “and I explained that already.”

“It was a date and your deer in the headlights look when I caught you two explained everything,” he replied, “and yet you’re going out to lunch with me?”

“Free lunch and you’re buying,” she countered, “I would be stupid to turn that down.”

“You didn’t have to come at all, you know this.” He slightly raised his voice. “You could’ve hung up on me.”

“And you would’ve called and called until I spoke to you,” she met his glance, “am I right?”

“I know my limits, Mari,” he shrugged, “believe it or not, when a woman says no, I do listen.”

“Is that right?” She smirked.

“Have you actually said no to me?” He asked. He waited a few moments and Mariana’s silence was deafening. “I thought so.”

“I can say no in different ways without actually saying it,” Mariana thought of their BDSM play. She’d only muttered the word red once and Scott firmly stopped. “So yes, I have said no to you.”

“I can turn around now and take you back to work,” his voice was rife with irritation, “I didn’t offer to take you out just to argue on how big of an asshole I am. We both know I am.”

“You want to know why I’m pissed off at you, Scott?” She yelled.

“Please?” He yelled back.

“I’m pissed because you left me high and dry, not once but fucking twice! Come to think of it, you did that our entire fucking relationship! When I finally get back on my feet, you sweep in like you’re a fucking white knight and then you disappear like you’re fucking Casper the Asshole Ghost! And you do this repeatedly; you keep stringing me along without stating exactly what it is that you want. And then you helped me to get a job that I don’t even want and once again, there goes Scott the Almighty doing something for Mariana the Weakling! I hate you and you can kiss my Black ass! Fuck you and your fucking White privilege!”

“Me and my fucking White privilege helped your Black ass a lot, didn’t it?” He sharply replied. “I did things for you because you deserve it, not because I expected anything in return. You could’ve turned down the Molina & Prior position. You could’ve declined every motherfucking gift I have ever given you. I don’t see you writing a check for – how much money was in your account, again? – oh, that’s right…for the fucking fifty thousand I had given you. So fuck me? No, Mariana, fuck you!


This is still one of my favorite scenes in the series.

S&M IV, Part 1 is available now.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out next year.

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Love (D’Amato Brothers V) #ebook #nook #kindle #romance

Love large

“Now lean over until your comfortable,” Eli guided his girlfriend as she straddled him, “and do a rocking motion.”

Faith followed her boyfriend’s lead and slightly leaned over him, while he guided her hips. She was on spring break from college and spent the entire week having sex with her boyfriend. He introduced her to porn, sex toys, and massage oil. She was officially turned out.

Now he introduced her to new positions. She loved it when he was on top of her but her favorite was when he was behind her. She loved how he took control of her body and mind. She’d especially loved it when he held one of her arms behind her back as he thrust into her from behind.

This time, howver, he wanted her on top.

Her girlfriends told her how many wonderful orgasms they had while being on top and Faith was curious enough to try. She felt self-conscious being on top and so exposed. Being so vulnerable and emotional; almost ashamed. Once Eli told her she had nothing to be afraid of, her inner vixen came out.

Her pussy clamped down on his shaft as they passionately kissed. Oh, she didn’t know if she would ever get used to his thick cock. The only man she’d ever been with and his cock was well above average. She was blessed in many ways her girlfriends weren’t.

“Eli,” she cooed as she buried her face into his neck. Eli took the lead and drove upward into her.

“Baby, your pussy feels so good,” he moaned as he guided her faster on him. He wrapped his arms around her back and placed soft kisses on her neck. “Fuck, you feel like heaven.”

“I’m about to come…”Faith panted as she rocked hard. “I’m about to…oh God, oh God…”

“Ooh, come on, baby girl…”

“Fuck!” Her world shattered as she collapsed on top of him with Eli soon following her.

They laid in that position, spent, and did not move for a long while. “Can we just stay like this forever?” Faith laughed.

“Forever, I’m yours.” He promised.

That was only 12 years ago. It felt like forever but to Eli, it seemed like it just happened yesterday.

“I’m never getting married again,” Eli suddenly spoke as the memory faded into the background.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Joey replied.

“How would you know?” Eli asked. “You don’t even want to get married.”

“Well, Kieran and Nick like that shit so I figured it can’t be that bad.”


The Love book is currently available at Amazon and Smashwords. It’ll be on Barnes & Noble shortly.

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S&M IV – Scott


Dove and Aileen were godsends.

Dove was an immaculate beauty with intricate tattoos all over her body. Pear-shaped with a knockout body and submissive attitude to match, she was willing to please her Masters, no matter the task. Long, blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and sweet eyes, Dove was the epitome of a submissive.

Aileen was a vixen with an hourglass shape and quiet demeanor. She had long, wavy brunette hair, soft brown eyes, and full, pouty lips. Her thick, long legs were often hidden under work attire but when her Masters wanted her to show them off, she never hesitated.

They were the perfect medicine for Scott.

The women helped Scott off the sofa and escorted Him to His bedroom. They undressed Him before leading Him into the shower, where Dove turned on the water. They all stepped inside and bathed each other, sneaking in kisses as they pressed their soapy bodies against one another.

“What do you want us to do, Master?” Dove asked.

“Everything.” He replied.


Have you picked up your copy?

S&M IV available NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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#FlashFriday: S&M IV #bdsm #erotica #nook #kindle #ebook


She felt a blindfold slid over her eyes and braced herself. She took several calming breaths. She needed to relax her mind before it was going to be an uncomfortable scene for both of them.

She felt the soft brushing of a flogger against her inner thighs. She bit back a moan and let out another exhale. She couldn’t wait to feel the small leather straps against her skin and…


The sudden strike surprised her, though she’d expected it. She gasped upon feeling the pain.


The second strike made her feel all sorts of tingly inside and she softly moaned.


The third strike aroused her spirit and her body came alive. Her clit fluttered with anticipation and she wanted more. “Ooh,” she moaned.

“Ah, My pet likes the flogger,” Scott nodded, “but I need to hear more of a reaction.” He brushed the flogger against her wet slit. “I need to hear you scream.”





A rain of swats coated Mariana’s body as Sir flogged her. Each swat brought an electric current with it, creating little zaps of pleasure. She was on pleasure overload. Her head was spinning, her body was on fire, and she felt she reached her orgasmic peak. A few more swats from Sir and Mariana loudly moaned in response and breathed hard. Her sex was dripping wet as she gripped the table.

“Good girl. That’s one.” Scott brought a vibrator to the table and turned it on. He placed it against Mariana’s slit and held it there with a wooden plank. He walked over to her mouth and inserted His hardened cock. “You can come as many times as you want; I don’t care. The only rule is that My cock has to be in your mouth when you come.”

Mariana moaned and writhed as she felt the intense buzz of the vibrator in combination with pleasing her Master. He fucked her face, not holding back, and going as deep as her throat would take Him. Meanwhile, her body began jerking in response of the vibrator. She cried and whimpered, feeling helpless as she was strapped to the table and He completely dominated her.

The second orgasm shot through her body and her legs shook in response. “Good girl,” Master nodded, “that’s two. Let’s see how many more you’re capable of.” He pushed His cock into her more and held her shoulders down. “Take it.”

Mariana nodded as she opened her mouth wider. She relaxed her throat and took more of Sir’s cock inside. She felt her eyes water and she breathed hard through her nostrils. Sir’s hands squeezed her breasts, playing with the puckered nipples as He moved His cock deeper insider her willing mouth.


S&M IV, Part 1 is available now in ebook form on Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance.

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#ThrowbackThursday: The Painter #erotica #fiction #newadult #ebook #kindle #nook

Ethnic heterosexual sensual couple in love

Michael walked over to the kitchen and retrieved two water bottles for him and his muse. He instructed Annabelle to lie on her back and look up at the ceiling. He told her it was okay if she fell asleep because it was going to be awhile and she might get bored. He then sat back at the canvas and began to draw. There was complete silence in the loft with the occasional interruption of Michael’s soft cursing whenever he made a mistake.

After two hours, he called for a break. He went downstairs to gather lunch as Annabelle waited upstairs. Curiosity got the best of her and she was eager to see exactly what he drew of her. She sneaked over to the canvas and took a peek. She was absolutely astonished. What would take an artist days and weeks to perfect, Michael did it in a matter of hours. He drew Annabelle to a tee, from her soft brown curls to her full breasts. Maybe it was too perfect. He also included her cottage-cheese thighs.

Michael returned to see Annabelle spying on his art. “It’s not done yet,” his quiet voice booming in the large loft.

“What do you mean? It’s perfect!” she exclaimed.

Michael put down the food and walked over to Annabelle. “I just have to smooth out some edges here and there and some over here.” His fingers traced the outline of the drawing and imagined it was her body. He had to simmer his erection. “And then I’ll be done.”


The Painter is a New Adult erotica available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance.

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Manic Monday: S&M IV #bdsm #interracial #nook #kindle #erotica #ebook


“Honey!” Mariana quickly covered her chest and looked behind him to see if anyone saw him enter the room. “What are you doing in here?”

Scott moved closer to his girlfriend, like a cat stalking its prey. He closed the distance between them and Mariana inhaled his intoxicating scent. It smelled of earth, wood, and just plain masculinity. He softly kissed her lips, tasting the fruity champagne on hers. His eyes sharpened as he backed her against the wall. “I want to fuck my girlfriend,” he huskily said.

All Mariana heard was her rapid heartbeat pounding in her ears. All she smelled was her boyfriend, with his spicy cologne embracing her nostrils. All she wanted was him inside her, buried to the hilt and filling her completely.

She heard the snap of her panties as he ripped them off before he pulled out his hardened cock. He lifted her up against the wall and slid inside her. She gasped at the sudden invasion and he crushed his lips against hers. They moved together at a quickened pace as she clawed at his back. Small zaps of pleasure surged through her as she tightly gripped around his cock. He was demanding with his thrusts as he claimed her over and over.

“Is this pussy mine?” He whispered in her ear.

“Yes, Sir.” She swallowed air and a soft moan briefly escaped her lips.

“Are you going to keep it wet just for me?” He murmured.

“Yes, Sir!” She cried and hoped no one on the floor heard them.

“Those girls out there are jealous of you because they want to be you. They want be here fucking me just like you are. They know what we’re doing here and I’m sure they’re close enough where they can hear us.” He moved faster inside her. “But I don’t care. You’re mine, Mariana.”

“And I’m Yours, Sir.” She whimpered.

“Good girl.” He tightened his grip on her ass as he released a flurry of hard thrusts inside her. When she finally climaxed, she shuddered against him as soft murmurs escaped her mouth. She felt him stiffen and let out a low guttural moan as he came.

He quickly put himself back together and gave her a one last and longing kiss before he went back out to the floor. When Mariana emerged from the dressing room, she saw Scott flirting with a girl at the register. He stopped mid-sentence to acknowledge Mariana, winking at her and blowing her a small kiss before he resumed his conversation with the employee.

It was then Mariana knew she could never be jealous of any woman being around her boyfriend. They were lucky enough to be around him just for a few moments and feeling like they’re the only girls in the world. Mariana felt that way all of the time.

That only took place just months ago. Now months later, it was just a nice fantasy.

Available NOW at Amazon and Smashwords. Soon on Barnes & Noble.

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Author interview – Areya Branxton-Chase @AriBChase!

In continuation of supporting the latest S&M book, I present to you another good friend and fellow erotica/BDSM author, Ms. Areya Branxton-Chase.

Areya and I go back several years; ten, actually! So we know each other pretty well. Believe it or not, this is our first author interview together. She’s going to share a little bit about herself, what she really feels about the 50 Shades phenomenon, and why people should mind their own damn business when it comes to how she parents her daughter.

Ms. Chase…the floor is yours.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a simple girl I think. In fact in a lot of ways, I’m pretty normal. I’m 32, mom of 1, a reader, a writer, an entrepreneur, a friend, daughter, a sister. I sell sex toys and other adult accessories and I write erotically. I can say I’m not that complex a girl.

What made you become involved with the Lifestyle?

There’s the textbook answer of I always knew I was different and in a way I did. But I was told that people of color did not do the things I like to do sexually. I was told that the lead that I wanted the men in my life to take, the amount of control I wanted to give was not conducive to a grown woman. When I found a group of my peers that replicated what I wanted I ran in head first. I wouldn’t that though.

There are different dynamics – Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, polyamorous, etc. Explain why you chose your particular one and why it’s a great fit for you.

I chose the polyamorous Master/slave dynamic. Being a collared slave is freeing to me. The boundary is the sky for us. It’s a good look that someone has the confidence to push me the beyond my comfort level but it is also scary to have someone make the decisions that would affect me the rest of my life but He does it well. I don’t want the burden of life without structure. I can admit it was hard finding a Master that was in harmony with a polyamorous heterosexual female slave…but He understood my needs to have more than one love and respected it as I respected His need for more than one slave. I don’t have to me one man’s everything I can be strong where I am strong and don’t have to worry about whether or not His needs will be met they will be, within the safety of our family…and He doesn’t have to be everything for Me though for right now He is….He’s always going to be my number 1 though and He knows that.


There is a lot of misperception of erotic humiliation. Some find degradation of a person to be a horrible act, while others find it empowering. Could you explain your experience with it? Be as detailed as possible.

There is a huge difference between erotic humiliation and erotic degradation. Erotic humiliation takes what embarrasses a person most and sure they face it, often, consistently and blatantly. Erotic degradation strips a person, it is debasing and yes it is a dark and desolate. It takes what someone is most afraid of and throws it in their line of vision at the most inopportune times. It’s scary and it’ll do one of two things…break down or break through. I have been through both…humiliation I enjoy thoroughly. Degradation left me dazed and confused and horny as hell. It’s not on the top of my list of things to do again but it made for one hell of a hot scene.

Describe your Master. For those who have never met Him, how would you describe Him?

He is tall, dark and handsome. Thick, muscular with a voice that would put Barry White and Joe Morton to shame with piercing brown eyes and incredibly sexy lips. He’s witty and intelligent, silly and confident to a fault. He has the kind of aura that makes panties wet from across the room, I call it a quiet aggression. He reminds me of a first generation vampire…silent, deadly and sexy as fuck. He’s gentle and comforting, strict and structured, demanding and talkative as hell. He has a savage tenderness I crave.


What is a typical day like in your dynamic?

Wow it depends. We have a very hectic life with four adults and multiple children, so it depends on what we have going on. We get up, we the kids together, we check our respective itineraries and report back to Him. We have our assignments for the day and we go to work. We are all working professionals. We make sure we eat as a family as often as we can as well as support our local BDSM community.

You have a young daughter who you take care of full-time. I know you’ve personally told me that some people have given you some flack for ‘exposing’ your daughter to the Lifestyle. What do you say in response?

I tell them to not stand in judgment of which they cannot conceive. If by exposing her to the lifestyle they mean I am exposing to her to a stand up man, who takes care of her, who shows her what responsible men do in terms of taking care of the family, if they mean having a house full of people who care for her, love her, honor her, help her and teach her then yeah…I think more kids could benefit from it. I think people think that we are swinging from the chandeliers every day, that is an unrealistic thought process to have. Most days, sex is the last thing on anyone’s mind when they have school, work, kids, PTA, booster club and extra curricular activities only to have to come home and get our domestic on. We are normal, we are no different than any other family with multiple people living under one roof. We expose no child to what happens in our bedroom any more than vanilla people…so don’t speak unless you know is always been my motto.

In the writing world, particularly those who write BDSM, there’s the argument based on 50 Shades of Grey, whether we should entertain or educate. Some say it’s possible to do both, while others, like myself, say you can focus on one really well and possibly sacrifice the other. Where do you stand?

We can definitely do both. The issue with 50 Shades is it is a double edged sword. The complete and utter lack of research that EL James did in terms of what it is we do cuts one way for it did NOT shed us in the best of light, it cuts the other ways because it did shed light on an underground lifestyle….we are invited to the table where we once were not even allowed in the room. We can now educate as well as entertain. I like to think I do both in my series.

I’ve read a couple of books in your Days series. D’Aren a very complex character and even I had to admit, I wondered why in the hell was she still with Master when it wasn’t clear He was just as devoted to her as she was to Him. (I’m referring to the part re the canceled vacation.) Can you explain the mindset behind her devotion to Master?

Her devotion to Master should be like any slave’s devotion: deeper than the skin. A lot of people hear Master and envision a man or woman with a willing and pliant subject that will do anything to please, and they are right. But they usually also envision that the Master will do anything to amuse themselves, think the Coming to America scene when Eddie meets his new queen, which is furthest from the truth. When one decides to dedicate all that they are to someone, to be used and molded and presented to One’s liking, they must understand they may not always like it. This is not all fun and games, it is work. And sometimes Masters will test to see how deep one’s devotion goes and the canceled vacation was a test…did it suck? Like a well paid stripper…was it to prove a point? Absolutely. Lord knows I don’t agree with everything my Master does, I don’t have to. I have to trust that everything He does is to my betterment and the betterment of this family. De’Aren had to learn that same lesson, granted a canceled vacation was minor and she should’ve kept her cool, I wanted to illustrate how sometimes life can suck for a slave. And I can’t say that De’Aren’s Master isn’t as dedicated to her as she to Him, it merely looks different.


Last question – Many people, like yourself, live and breathe BDSM 24/7. For those who are interested but don’t know where to start, what advice can you give them?

Read. Read until your eyes cross, and then, uncross them and read some more. Get out and into your local community and around some people who have done this longer than five minutes. Vet your ass off…vet often and vet thoroughly. There are a LOT of people coming up off the sidewalks talmout…yep…talmout LOL, they have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years and yet no one in the lifestyle has ever heard of them. Ever. Especially in the BDSM hot spots, LA, Vegas, the DMV, Atlanta, Florida, Texas…you’ve been participating in this lifestyle and no one, not one soul can vouch for your as a Master…or as a slave? Haul ass! Experienced Dominants and Masters, submissives and slaves come with a community behind them, no matter how small, to be able to vet with. They usually suggest people you should talk to to vouch for their character. If they cannot? Run…quickly.

This can be a great lifestyle for those of us that honor the traditions and protocol and rich history associated with it. It can be disastrous for those that think that what they see in porn is a way of life. Learn first, this lifestyle has been here for years…it’s not going to tuck its tail and run any time soon. Take your time.

Thank you to Areya for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to chat with me!

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