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Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is a sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.


Mariana felt her heart burn with a quiet anger. “You want to sabotage my ad just so you can get back at Caleb.”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” Scott admitted to Mariana’s shocked expression. “But I won’t do that to you. If I did, it would show favoritism and I give no one any favors at work no matter how well they suck my dick.”

Mariana narrowed her eyes. She loved how honest Scott could be, despite how much of an asshole he sounded. He never yelled at her when his calm voice and cold words cut straight to her soul. “Thank you for that.”

“You know what I meant by that. If I gave you any favors, it would create unfair competition and your colleagues will resent you. That’s not fair to any of you.” He held her back. “I would rather have one person hate me than a thousand.”

“I don’t hate you, honey,” Mariana pleaded. “I just wish this wasn’t an issue between us. I’ve apologized for the ad, there’s still a distance between us, and I can’t shake it. We haven’t made love in a week, Scott. That’s unusual for us.”

“I wanted to blow your back out before work a couple of days ago and you declined.” He pointed out. “That wasn’t my fault.”

“That’s different because I was running late for work and you know it,” she argued, “I’m talking about the other thing.”

He shook his head. “I can’t read minds, Mari.”

“The BDSM.” She pointed out. Scott’s face remained impassive. “Other than a few times, you only did it lightly with me.”

“We went over this,” Scott replied. “We’re not there yet.”

“No, I’m there. I’m waiting for you. Then again, that’s always how our relationship has been like. I want something first and I have to wait for you to play catch up.” The anger in her heart came out in her voice.

It wasn’t a potential argument but now a full-blown one. “Mari, you know that’s not what’s going on.”

“Oh?” She questioned. “One of the best Doms in the world doesn’t even want to tie up his girlfriend and I’m supposed to think there’s not a fucking problem with that?” Mariana pushed him away and swam over to the ladder. She got out of the pool and dried off. She headed inside the home and made her way to the master bathroom.

Scott sighed and looked up at the sky. Moments ago, he wanted to fuck Mariana loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Now he had to calm her heart before things became worse between them.

He got out of the shower and followed Mariana into the bathroom where she rinsed off in the shower. He stepped into the shower and followed her lead. “You’re asking me to kidnap you, tie you up, and fuck you. You’re asking me to intentionally harm you, that’s a hard limit of mine, and something you are well-aware of.”

Mariana knew about Scott’s hard limits. Humiliation and intentional pain were them. He never resorted to choking or anything more painful than a few slaps on her ass. “Ever since we got back together, you been hesitant to give me what I want.” She turned toward him. “It’s always something, Scott. First, it was the engagement. Now, then it was us reconciling, now it’s this. What is your issue with me? Why am I constantly proving myself to you?”

“You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Scott’s voice was low and raspy; his Southern drawl murmured in Mariana’s ears. “I love you more than anything. I have issues I need to sort out.”

“Is it me? Is it Caleb?” She begged. “Is it the baby? What is it? You have this wall between us and I want to know how to fix it!”

“I’m fixing it,” He pressed his body against hers and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her temple and closed his eyes when he felt her back shudder from crying. “I’m fixing it. I’ll fix us.”


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#TeaserTuesday: Unravel Me


Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is a sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.

Unedited Snippet: 

It was the first thing he saw when he entered the room: Mariana in a tight, shirtless embrace with Caleb.

Scott felt his nostrils flare up and his heart rate speed to uncomfortable levels. America’s Pariah was holding his girlfriend. At that moment, Scott could honestly say why he understood the need for an AR-15.

When Mariana dated other men during their breakups, Scott never paid them any mind for he knew they weren’t going to last long. Caleb represented everything to Mariana and her newfound activism that Scott still wasn’t sure how he felt about. It was one thing if she protested outside of work; it was another thing if the activism came to his desk.

Maybe Carl Thomas was on to something when he sang how he wished he never met her. “What’s the issue?” Scott asked.

“The advertising of this ad,” Mike kept flipping through photos. Some sexier than others, but all pretty spicy. “We need to market to an adult audience, but we need to make it clear it’s not porno.”

“Cut the ad to just when you see their collarbones.” Scott went over to the computer and trimmed the ad. “There you have Mariana’s and Caleb’s faces – along with their hair –front and center, which is what the ad is focused on. If you want to do an ad for the body butter….” Scott switch it to a different photo with Mariana’s legs wrapped around Caleb’s waist as he embraced her. He felt the anger boiling inside of him. “…this would be a great one to use on Instagram and Twitter. You would need to do the campaign before the ad airs during the SuperBowl. Have it be revealing little by little, use the power of social media. Once the ad airs, it’s all everyone will talk about. Let’s use this to our advantage.”

“And this is why you make big bucks, kid!” Rich laughed and clapped his hands. “This is brilliant.” He turned to Chris and Mariana. “Do you agree?”

“Yes, I love it.” Chris clamored. “What about you, Mariana? Do you like it since you’re the star of the ad?”

Mariana noticed Scott never once looked in her direction. She knew they were trying to keep things professional and private at work, but she couldn’t help but to feel the silent anger coming from him. “I think it’s brilliant.”

“Good,” Scott took a silent, deep breath, “Mariana, do you have a boyfriend?”

Was that a trick question? Mariana chewed on her lips and briefly contemplated her answer. “Yes, I do. Why do you ask?”

“I have to admit if I had a girlfriend who did an ad like that I would’ve been more pissed than a motherfucker.” Scott still didn’t look in her direction. “Kudos to your boyfriend, Mariana, for being calm about this and not making a fuss, though I’m sure he wanted to. He deserves everything you give to him with no questions asked.”

The message was louder than a sonic boom and Mariana felt it on a spiritual level. “He’s an amazing man.”


Okay, seriously this time, it’ll be out next Tuesday. Check back on the blog for cover reveal and first chapter exclusive.

#FlashFriday: Unravel Me


Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is the sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.


Unedited Snippet:

“Everything was fine between us until Mr. Kneeling came into the picture.” Scott tightened his lips. “After that, it’s been a struggle.”

“Mr. Kneeling?” Dr. Burton asked. “Caleb Kelly?”

“He’s the one that started that ridiculous bullshit so yes, him.” Scott’s voice was clipped.

“I thought you and Caleb had an understanding why he’s kneeling?” Dr. Burton scrolled through her notes.

“Just because I understand something, it doesn’t mean I agree with it.” He defended. “There are many other ways to protest police brutality without disrespecting the flag.”

“You admitted yourself, Scott, America had a lot of work to do when it came to acknowledging and recognizing the struggles of all. We still have a lot of work to do and many marginalized communities are still in peril. Wouldn’t protesting the flag, a symbol that everyone is free and treated equal, a symbol of that?”

“So, what’s the point of having elections to put people in office to represent our voices and interests? What’s the point of all of these groups working overtime so those marginalized can have a fighting chance?” Scott felt his anger quiver and he gripped the rock tighter. “What is the point of doing all of that if all I can do is just kneel in front of a flag?”

“Your anger isn’t about Caleb kneeling in front of the flag,” Dr. Burton met Scott’s tone, “your anger is about the ad Caleb did with Mariana. It bothers you she finds Caleb attractive.”

“Mariana finds a lot of men attractive. She constantly talks about how hot this actor and this singer are.” He glanced down at the rock he held. It read patience. “I don’t care. I never said I’m the only one she should be attracted to.”

“But it’s Caleb, specifically that bothers you?” Dr. Burton pressed. “If it was another actor or singer, you wouldn’t care because it wouldn’t be someone you interact a lot with.”

“I interact a lot with Dean Winchester and I don’t care that Mariana finds him attractive.” He defended. “She was jumping over joy in seeing Dean and his wife, Sydney, have sex in front of us.”

“But Dean Winchester is a white man who supports Caleb’s protest, though he hasn’t done it himself.” Dr. Burton replied. “Scott, be real with me…is the real reason you don’t like Caleb Kelly is because you wish you were him?”

Scott gave a contrite smile. “Couldn’t one say the same thing to him? I’m the antithesis and everything what’s wrong with this country according to him and those who think like him. Everyone wants to be a social justice warrior behind the computer screen, create memes, quote real leaders who did the work, but no one wants to do the same. I say it goes both ways. If anyone thinks I wish I were him, it can easily be said he wishes he could be me.” His eyes gleamed. “Hasn’t it been said that straight black men are the white people of black people?”


Unravel Me will be out sometime this month.

Caleb Kelly appears in the State of Affairs series.

For the article that inspired that scene, click here.

#FlashFriday: Unravel Me

Short blurb:

Sometimes people need to go back to where it all started…

Unedited snippet:

“I want to be kidnapped, tied up, and fucked. Is that too much to ask?”

He stared at her eyes and read the seriousness within them. She wasn’t joking. It wasn’t a fantasy she’d vocalized before, but it didn’t surprise him where her mind was. She was his classy and sophisticated woman in public. She was his nasty, dirty whore in private.

He was captivated by her beauty, and felt a small tightness in his chest thinking about how wonderful and patient she was with him. She knew his strengths and rose up to the challenge to keep up, to be on his level. Truth was, she was always on his level, even if she didn’t believe it.

She was emotionally raw and vulnerable, yet an insatiable need existed within her. Now she was asking him not to push her, but to break her. His body became restless while his heart and mind were filled with anxiousness.

For the first time in his life, he had reservations about meeting her requests.

“If you want me to do this, I need to go full throttle. I can’t back out because you feel it’s too much or you’re at your limit.” He met eyes with her. “Do you trust me with your life?”

She blinked once, then twice. Did she trust him? He’d proven many times why she shouldn’t. He’d also proven why she should. She knew he would never put her life in harm’s way, despite the dangerous and insane request.

If she didn’t trust him, she would need to leave him alone. “I do.”

“Okay,” he replied with a tone above a whisper. “I’ll see what can be done.”


I should note this will be a very short story and it’ll be on sale for $2.99 sometime within the next week.

The couple in question is them:



I hope you all enjoy!


#ThrowbackThursday: The Ex-Factor #contemporary #romance #diversebooks

The Ex-Factor Medium

“There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” Scott turned to her. “What is it, baby?”

“I want to submit to You again,” she admitted. “I miss being a submissive. I miss being Your submissive. I want to do a boot-blacking session. I want to learn how to do a chado tea ceremony. I miss you giving me assignments and disciplining me whenever I mess up. I want to be at your beck and call.” She kneeled in front of Scott. “I miss serving You, Sir.”

There was something so sweet, yet sexy hearing Mariana call Scott Sir. Her voice was full of love and need, with the desire to whatever He wanted, at His bidding and pleasure.

The timing was off. The universe had a funny way of putting them together for things to never quite pan out the way they should. He pushed her away due to his own issues, but once those were quickly resolved, another prominent one came in:

She needed to learn her worth without his influence.

He spoiled her endlessly and without care, treating her to the finest restaurants and lifestyle. He’d replaced her cubic zirconias with brilliantly cut diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Her worn-out sneakers were thrown away as several pairs of Jordans claimed space. Her old car that gave her numerous problems was donated to charity when he purchased the stunning Mercedes.

What did she do in return? Simply love him. No, it was more than that. She practically worshipped the ground he walked on. Serving him was her life’s calling and she would do it forever. His pleasures were bigger than hers. His needs were stronger than hers. She took care of him before she even took care of herself sometimes. He would never find another like her.

And how he did he repay her? He treated her like that morning’s trash.

Guilt plagued him and he poured all of his energy into work, creating brilliant campaigns and being on top of his game. A recent contract with NHL wunderkind Dean Winchester would solidify Scott’s legendary status.

Everything was coming together for the two of them but Scott knew the timing was off. He wanted Mariana to submit to him but only when it was perfect. It was far from it.

“I can’t have you do that,” he shook his head, “not yet.”

Scott’s words shocked Mariana upright. Her brain went into various directions. Her body shook from sadness and hurt.

Her heart was incredibly and possibly irrevocably broken.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. After everything they’d experienced that week? After the promises he’d given her? “When?” She begged, her voice cracked with tears. “Why not now?”

“You’re not ready,” he stated and she shook her head in silent protest. Her eyes watered and her mouth quivered. Scott felt like shit but he needed to explain to her. “You’re not ready.” He repeated.

“Okay,” she sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands. She sniffled at first before she could no longer contain the emotions and profusely sobbed. Her chest burned with anger and humiliation. Her emotions choked her and she felt it difficult to breathe. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks and her cries echoed throughout the hotel room.

All she wanted to do was to submit and please Him, Sir, and He denied her the privilege.

Was there something wrong with her? Was she no longer worthy? Why did He have to do that to her? Why?

“Mari,” Scott sat next to her and she turned away from him. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. “Mari, I need to explain.” She violently shook her head. “No, I need to tell you why. It’s not that you’re not worthy of submission or I’m not into it anymore. We both know that’s not true. I want you to fully explore your sexuality and maybe, that means taking a backseat on the domination and submission aspect of our relationship for a while. The past three years of your life have been consumed with me and what I’m doing but very little about you and your needs. I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for us.”

“All I want is to serve You,” she cried.

“And you will but not yet. This isn’t a punishment or some fuck you to get back at you.” He rubbed her back. “It’ll happen but not now. You have a major account you’re doing and I want your focus on that. I don’t want to impede in any way, shape, or form. After the campaign is done, then maybe, we’ll explore BDSM again. But for now, we need to keep this vanilla.” He rubbed her back as he felt her become limp against him. He hated seeing her so upset and really felt like a class-A asshole for making her feel horrible.

“I want you to explore you, you got that? I know you want to submit to me, but I need you to get everything out of your system before you can do that. You said there was a lot more you wanted to explore and I want to help you with that before you return as a submissive.” He pulled away from her and thumbed away her tear-stained cheeks. He pressed his forehead against hers. “It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you, baby. I love you with everything. But I want us to work up to the D/s relationship we had instead of jumping right into it like before. I want things to be different between us. I don’t want to give you a reason to leave nor do I want to push you away ever again.”

“I won’t ever leave you,” Mariana sniffled.

“And I won’t ever leave you,” Scott promised. “But I want us to take it slow this time.”

“Slow?” She looked up at him.

“Slow-ish,” he gave a soft chuckle and she smiled. “As slow as we can go knowing us.”

“I like that,” she spoke softly.


The Ex-Factor is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords. It’ll be available very soon on iTunes and your local library.


#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You


“You know what’s heaven?” Mariana sat up on Scott’s lap and grabbed a small handful of grapes. She leaned against his knees and began feeding him.

Scott folded his arms behind his head as he admired a naked Mariana feeding him after a lengthy lovemaking session. “What’s heaven, baby?”

“This.” A slow smile spread across Mariana’s lips. “This is heaven.”

“Explain.” He replied.

“Is this a pop quiz?” She asked.

Scott’s hands caressed Mariana’s sweat-coated torso and traveled up to her breasts, where he gently twisted her nipples. Mariana squirmed in pleasure. “It just might be.”

“Everything. The romantic date at the park, the freedom of being myself, no holds barred with you. It’s not even the fancy jewelry, the car, and all of the other nice things, which I like, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… it’s just…”

“It’s just what, baby?”

Mariana leaned down and locked lips with her boyfriend. “You have made all of my dreams come true. And I can never thank you enough.”

“Baby girl, I’ll promise to give you everything and more.” His hands caressed her arms. “I never want you to feel unsafe with me.”

“I feel totally safe with you, honey.” Mariana smiles, her eyes beaming with joy. “I want to be with you forever.”

Scott briefly thought about the engagement ring stuck in his messenger bag. It would’ve been the perfect time to propose. It was the most romantic day in the year, with a romantic picnic in the park and topped off with an incredible lovemaking session.

He then thought about the current mood. They were both naked and entangled with each other. Was that a story he wanted Mariana to share with friends and family, hopefully omitting the BDSM session they just had? Mariana was such a hopeless romantic who believed in love; she was better than a naked and sweaty proposal. She deserved a proposal in Paris, a romantic journey in Italy, or a sightseeing tour in Spain.

Something other than both of them naked and their bodies still moistened from their last romp. Was she really going to share that with her mother? “How did Scott propose?” “Well, after he bound and gagged me and fucked me ten ways from Sunday, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his slave for life!”

“Honey?” Mariana studied his sharp green eyes, wondering where his mind went. “Is everything okay?”

Scott blinked quickly and smiled back at his girlfriend. Her long ebony hair was starting to frizz. Her skin was shiny and sticky, remnants of the sessions they just had. Her eyes, however, sparkled with love and trust. He’d never felt more sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He just thought of the perfect day to propose to her—her birthday. He was going to take Jeff’s advice and whisk Mariana away somewhere romantic and unforgettable. If he can only wait another month… “Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” He adjusted his position and slid inside Mariana once again. “But for now, let’s pick up from where we left off.”

“Ooh…” Mariana slid her body down Scott’s shaft. “This is shaping up to be my favorite Valentine’s ever.”

“I can always tell when you’re somewhere else,” Elissa’s voice snapped Scott out of his daydreaming, “because you get that glassy-eyed look, like a mannequin. Am I really that boring?”

“I was thinking about tonight,” he finally answered her.

It was a day Scott Reed hated.



There weren’t enough synonyms to describe how he truly felt about that particular day of the year.

Not his birthday. He loved celebrating his birthday. Getting drunk and getting head was always a great thing.

Not Christmas. He loved spending the holidays with his family back in Georgia.

It was a holiday that made no sense to him when he was younger and damn sure didn’t make any more sense when he was older.

Valentine’s Day.

Every year at McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, Scott had to watch employees squeal in romantic delight over the flowers, chocolates, and other surprises their lovers had lined up. He had seen more than his fair share of proposals. He had witnessed one too many romantic gestures in the form of paid singers, unsigned rappers, and other hungry talent looking to make an impression with the recipient and McCormick executives.

So, it wasn’t all bad. Whatever leftover chocolate some employees had, they offered it to him. He had a smile on his face whenever an employee showed off her new engagement ring. When he overheard the ladies in the lunch room talking about their romantic evenings, he was proud that they found a great partner to share their lives with.

Still, the romantic day didn’t change Scott’s view that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. Truth was he’d always had those feelings, with the only exception being the one he’d shared with his ex-girlfriend. The moment the relationship ended, however, those feelings resurrected in full force, along with a thick taste of bitterness and regret. “I was in deep thought,” he explained.

“You work too hard and you work too much,” Elissa replied.

Scott briefly glanced up at his assistant and cracked a small smile. “You always say that.”

“And lo and behold, I’m always right,” Elissa replied. “You have plans tonight?”

“Taking her to a nice dinner and maybe a drive up the coast,” Scott played with a pen, “nothing too special.”

Her. It was Scott’s new girlfriend, if he would call her that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she knew it as well. They were in an arrangement, both sanctioned and approved by Sanora, only on the condition that Scott returned her in the same condition that Sanora loaned the woman to him.

Her name was Dove but Elissa had another nickname for her—Suicide Blonde, just like the song. There was something about her that seemed sweet yet sinister at the same time, as if she was trying to hide who and what she really was.

All Elissa knew was she didn’t particularly care for the young woman. She’d grown quite fond of Mariana and silently hoped the ex-couple would come to their senses and finally get back together. They acted like everything was normal and kosher, as they should at work.

But there was tension—yes, sexual tension that was thick and prominent between the pair, that neither could deny no matter how far apart they both sat in meetings. “You don’t sound overly excited about it,” Elissa picked up her boss’s tone, “that’s different.”

“Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday so the chocolatiers, florists, and restaurateurs can profit off poor and stupid saps trying to impress their girls by telling her, on that one day out of the entire fucking year, how special she is when they should be telling her that every single day.” Scott finally tossed the pen on the desk.

“Yes, I know your warped view of Valentine’s Day,” Elissa smiled, “I just remember last year a certain somebody didn’t think it was a fake holiday… maybe because he was celebrating with another certain somebody.”

Scott’s heart warmed up as he remembered the elaborate Valentine’s celebration he made for Mariana. He made a call to a close New York friend, Nick, and made arrangements to have flowers delivered from the floral shop his family owned. He paid Elissa’s relatives to serenade Mariachi songs. The evening ended with the two making love in every conceivable position by the fireplace at their home.

What a difference a year made. Though Mariana returned to McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, the dynamic between the pair had drastically changed. Mariana was no longer Scott’s would-be fiancée and intern; now she was a paid employee and ex-girlfriend. They used to sneak off into his office for afternoon quickies. Now they avoided each other whenever possible, only speaking when they absolutely had to.

It made Scott sick to his stomach. It made him even sicker knowing that he was the cause behind it. “That was last year.” He spat.

“You can always change the course of the future if the past bothers you,” Elissa suggested.

“I’m in the process of doing that now,” Scott replied. Becoming a co-owner in EMK was one of the best business and personal decisions he had ever made. He could keep tabs on Mariana’s new boyfriend while increasing his fortune. It was a win-win.

Elissa read the sudden gleam in her boss’s eyes. She had worked for Scott when he was nothing and watched him gradually become the man every guy at work wanted to be and some desperately emulated in some form and fashion. She remembered the beat-up Lexus he once drove; now he drove a money-green Maserati. She remembered the suits he had to get re-sown over and over because he didn’t have enough money to get better ones. Now his closet boasted of the biggest fashion houses and his cheapest suit still cost more than her monthly mortgage payment.

She admired his determination and persistence, starting as a wet behind the ears employee and working his way up to partner. In other words, whatever plans Scott had for getting Mariana back had everything to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with her boyfriend. If Elissa didn’t know any better, she would assume that the poor sap was just merely in the way of Hurricane Scott. “You’re up to something. I feel it.”

“I need a favor from you,” Scott began over dinner with his Mistress.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Sanora circled her wine glass with an index finger.

“I need to prove a point.” Scott’s green eyes flickered. “I need someone to help me emphasize that point.”

“Mariana?” Sanora asked and Scott nodded. “It depends on what reaction you want,” Sanora lightly shrugged. “Do you want her to hate you or hate her?”


“Dove,” Sanora said pointedly. “By the way, Mariana doesn’t hate you.”

“Okay.” He replied without emotion.

“She doesn’t. I know Mariana and I know how women are. She doesn’t hate you.” Sanora took a sip of wine. “She might, however, after this stunt you’re about to pull.”

Scott smiled as the dinner conversation faded into the background. He closed his Macbook and stood up. “I’m always up to no-good. You should know that.”


In case some of you need a reminder how it came to be that Dove was in the picture…

I Need You is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and some select libraries. Check your local library.

Stronger than Pride, the next installment in the S&M series will be out sometime this month.

#TeaserTuesday: Stronger than Pride

“Now I definitely know you were very popular back in college!” An employee commented.

Scott smiled and shook his head as his fingers played on the ivories. “Thou shall not speak of the past.”

A small group of employees, mostly female, gathered around Scott as he played a little on the grand piano between the conference rooms. Once Mariana and Chris were done with their meeting, they joined him at the piano.

“Are you classically trained?” An employee asked.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Scott chuckled, “I was forced to play piano growing up. Hated every moment of it. Now I can appreciate it.”

“Did you know he could play the piano?” Chris whispered to Mariana.

“He has one at his home but I honestly thought it was just a fancy decoration for pictures,” she shrugged, “I’ve never seen him play it at all.”

“Learn something new every day, huh?” Chris asked.

Seeing Scott playing the piano caused crazy emotions within Mariana. She didn’t know if she overwhelmed with love or lust. “No kidding.”

“Let’s switch it up a little,” Scott stopped playing Beethoven and stretched his fingers, “do you recognize this song?” He began playing a different tune.

“I know this white boy ain’t playing ‘Can You Stand the Rain?’” A black female employee whispered to another.

“This was one of the first commercial songs I had to learn,” Scott began to play another song. “It wasn’t by a music teacher. I wanted to impress a girlfriend of mine.”

“Is that the Force MD’s?” Anika folded her arms.

“Tender Love,” Stephanie mouthed the lyrics. “Still one of my favorite songs.”

“Now this song I’m about to play…” Scott paused for a brief moment. “…to answer your question, Daniel, this was the song that made me popular back in college.” He began playing again.

“Oh. M. Fucking. Gee.” Stephanie replied. “Is he really playing Guy?”

There was silence when a soulful voice started singing. It occurred to Mariana the soulful voice came from Scott. She walked closer to the piano and felt her ovaries go into overdrive. As Scott sang, he only made eye contact with her.

Suddenly the room felt empty and it was only the two of them in the large building. As “Piece of my Love” came out of Scott’s voice, she knew it wasn’t just a song and he wasn’t singing just because.

Scott had declared to everyone he belonged to Mariana and only her.

A raw and emotional energy’d circulated between the two of them. As Scott told Mariana she could have all of him, Mariana’s heart pounded out of her chest. This man would fight her, for them, and all she had to do was love him.

It was then Mariana realized her Caleb crush was just that. Scott may never be so open with his protests but he showed his love to her in other and more fulfilling ways.

“Scott,” his assistant, Elissa, came over and tapped him on the shoulder, “Coca-Cola is here.”

Scott abruptly stopped and the ladies groaned in disappointment. “Sorry, ladies. Always business, never personal.” He winked at them before he left.

Stephanie and Anika met up with Mariana. “Can you believe what just happened here? Now I know he’s dating a sista! I know he is! I mean, Force MDs? Guy? New Edition? No white girl is bringing that out of him!”

“Hey!” Chrissy gasped. “That’s offensive, thank you very much! Lots of white people like those artists!”

“C’mon, Chrissy,” Anika explained, “if he played Richard Marx, yes, I see your point. I know you’re down with us but you have to admit, he was highly influenced by #teammelanin.”

This scene was highly influenced  by this.

I decided the book is going to be a S&M/State of Affairs crossover since the series are connected.

The book is a standalone. I’m debating how long it’ll be. The release date is approaching super quick so I’ll give more details when that’s available.

State of Affairs 3 will be out later this spring.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out sometime this year. I think.


#ThrowbackThursday – I Need You


The collar had a diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped key locket that sparkled whenever Dove made a slight movement. Mariana wondered how serious Dove and Scott were in their relationship for him to collar her. She wanted to think that maybe he did that with all of his girlfriends; that she and Dove were just women in a long line of forgettable women that Scott made that promise to.

Mariana knew it was a lie.

Scott took being a Dominant just as seriously as he took his career and money matters. He wouldn’t be a Dominant to just anyone and he wouldn’t just pick any woman to be His submissive. She’d have to have a certain quality about her that he could nurture, develop, train, cultivate…

Was Mariana looking at a Caribbean blonde version of herself?

“There you go,” Mariana finished tying up Dove’s dress, “it’s a really beautiful gown you’re wearing.”

“Thank you!” Dove smiled. “Scott picked it out for me. In fact, he dressed me this evening! Can you believe that?”

Actually, yes, I can. Scott used to pick out every outfit Mariana wore, only the best that would accentuate her features. Part of it was to show her off to everyone. The main reason was to boost her confidence and self-worth. Mariana had never felt so sexy and… boss. “That was sweet of him!” Mariana once again forced a smile. Her cheeks were starting to hurt. “I didn’t know he had such great taste!”

That was an unconvincing lie. She knew all about his taste. The Gucci suits, the Burberry ties, the Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, and the Breitling watches. Even when he shopped at Target, Scott’s clothes were still of nice quality.

“So do you and B. have any plans after you leave here tonight?” Dove asked.

“I don’t know. The night is still young.” Mariana contemplated asking the next question for fear of an answer she wasn’t going to like. Curiosity still got the best of her. “What are you and Scott doing?”

“We’re going to go back home and probably get romantic and cozy.” Dove sighed. “Have you ever been with someone with whom you just gelled with sexually, so that you crave that person even though you just had them?”

God, yes. Mariana could vividly recall Scott forcing his cock into her hungry mouth, holding her steady by his hands on her shoulders as he pumped in and out of her. Then when he came, he wiped his cock with her lips, smearing his seed all over her mouth before she greedily took his cock in again.

That didn’t count the times where he fucked her so hard, she was paralyzed with ecstasy as they climbed new heights of passion and desire. Just thinking about his moans, whispering in her ears, his strong hands wrapped around her body as he thrust inside her, him slapping her ass asking her if she belonged to him…“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

“Yeah…” Dove leaned against the sink and lightly shook her head. “…girl, I wish you could understand what I’m going through. Each and every time he makes me climax. Each and every time. He is amazing.

Bitch. No, she’s not just a bitch. She’s a basic bitch! “It sounds like he makes you happy.” Bitch.

“He does. He travels a lot but he always makes it up when he comes home with gifts.” Dove smiled as she played with the dangling gold bracelets on her right wrist. “Anyway, I need to get back to him. You have a great night, Mari!” Dove once again air-kissed her and left.

Mariana let out the deep breath she’d been holding in for the past several minutes. Before Scott, Mariana realized she had settled. Even if the guy didn’t give her the butterflies in her stomach, the heart-stopping desire, and the toe-curling orgasms, he was ‘good enough.’ After Scott, it became pristine clear – she was settling once again.

Her mother was right. She wasn’t over Scott. Not even close.


Dove walked back to her table and sat on Scott’s lap. “All done, Sir.”

Scott gently kissed Dove’s back. “How did it go?”

“I stunned her,” Dove leaned over and took a bite of cheesecake, “she hates me.”

Scott chuckled. “Good girl. You’ll be greatly rewarded later.”

“I will admit, Sir, I’ll be sad when my assignment ends. I’ve really enjoyed myself.” Dove fed Scott a bite of cheesecake. “I never thought manipulating someone’s emotions could be fun.”

“Well, we’re not manipulating her emotions,” Scott said through fed bites, “merely bringing out the emotions she’s denying, that’s all.”


I’m sure a few of you felt like this:


I Need You is available everywhere.

So About The Dude Named Scott…

Courtney P.,
You asked a while back (I just saw the notification so I apologize for responding late), on who was my muse for Scott Reed? Scott is a combination of a lot of people I know. His hobbies remind me of one guy, his fitness dedication remind me of another, his insane work ethic remind me of someone else.
So, there isn’t just one muse for him. He’s a personality-driven character and what I mean by that is I’m more focused on his character development and how he responds as oppose to how he looks.
There was a model who I felt looked very close to what I think he looks like in my mind. However, Scott Reed is one of those characters where anyone can portray him.
Scott Reed is an interesting character because this is a man, a very White one, who loves and appreciates Black culture, loves Black women, and is very aware of his Whiteness (if that’s a term).
So, he’s not trying to be Black (and he doesn’t want to be). Scott does use his privilege to his advantage and help others. He speaks AAVE when he’s around certain people (you may have noticed he spoke quite a bit of it in The Ex-Factor). He knows when to turn it on and turn it off. It will be interesting to see how Scott acts around his White girlfriend in S&M IV, Part 2.
I can honestly say Scott Reed is one of my wokest and feminist characters. The others being Nick D’Amato and Senator Jay Edwards.
I mentioned a while back how Michael Fassbender was my muse because I saw him in the Steve Jobs movie and thought, ‘Wow, he could make an amazing Scott!’ Of course, Joe Manganiello’s body is always an inspiration.
In Discipline, during the Halloween bar scene, a patron asked Scott if he dressed as Patrick Bateman (American Psycho). That kinda gives you an idea of how I saw him at the time.
Again, Scott Reed is pretty fluid so I always encourage the reader to visualize who they think will fit him best.
In terms of his accent, Matthew McConaughey was a muse. It sounds a little lazy, laid-back, until you actually listen to what Scott says and you’re like, ‘Oh, he means business.’
Imagine that Southern accent in your ear as you two are…well, you know.

Scott & Mariana suggested reading order:
III, Vol. 1
III, Vol. 2
IV, Part 1
I Need You
(IV, Part 2)
The Ex-Factor
If anyone has any other S&M-related questions hit me up on here or shoot me an email. I’m happy to respond. 🙂

#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You #erotica #bdsm #contemporary


The Nook was a private room inside their home, located in a secluded and hidden area that was only accessible through the walk-in closet in their master bedroom.

Other people in the scene referred to their private rooms as dungeons and chambers. Others referred to their rooms with fancy names like Domination Palazzo or Den of Sin. But Sanora wanted something softer and, dare she think, friendlier. Nook sounded like a cozy, warm place out in the country. Let’s go to the nook. Oh, we have a nook in Georgia.

Cozy. Quaint.

The room itself was very much a nook with cream walls, lush carpeting, and vaulted ceilings. The room contained hidden walls and with the push of a button, it revealed various implements, restraints, and a bed that was custom-built specifically for BDSM activities.

Tonight was going to be a special night for the both of them. When Jay arrived at the Nook, he was greeted with a massage table in the middle of the room. Candles were lit everywhere and he briefly wondered if wax play was going to be on the menu tonight.

“Lay on the table, baby boy,” Sanora instructed.

Jay lay down on the table. He kept his eyes open until he was instructed to close them. He knew the protocol. Whatever She said, went. Nothing was up for debate or discussion.

Not that he ever had an issue with anything She did to him. He wanted her to push him to the limit and bring him back from the abyss. Humiliation was the norm between them and Sanora degraded Jay every chance she got, and there were a lot of them.

But it was what he wanted. Being in power all day and calling the shots with their shared submissives, Jay needed a reminder that he wasn’t anything and was the lowest of the low. Other politicians used reminders to keep them in check—an old photo of the first home they grew up in; a reminder of a worn suit that had seen better days; a strong memory of when they went hungry and didn’t eat for days.

For Jay? His reminder was his Domme wife. He could remember a time she made him wear her lace panties and garter to a presidential inauguration. He itched and the panties chafed him all day, causing red welts around his groin.

He loved every minute of it.


Get to know Senator Jay Edwards when the erotic short, Power, is released later this month.