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#SundaySnippet: Truly, Madly, Deeply by Clare Dugmore #amazon #lgbt #romancebook

I’m highlighting one of my good friends newest work! I’ve been friends with Clare for years…like dating back to our fan fiction days, I believe? So I’m super jazzed to promote her book!

TMD Cover Official 2020_Paperback


Rule Number One: Don’t fall for one of the parents of a kid you coach.

Rule Number Two: Don’t fall for a straight woman.

Rhiannon O’Bryan finds herself breaking both those rules when she meets single-mom Sabrina Thompson on the first day of fourth-grade soccer practice.

Sabrina Thompson has enough complications in her life. Her ex is a nightmare and her boss is a pervert, the last thing she needs is her budding friendship with fellow single-mom Rhia throwing her entire life into confusion.

But as their ten-year-old daughters Teagan and Piper spend more and more time with each other, Rhia and Sabrina become close. Rhia thinks she’s deluding herself by lusting after a straight woman, and Sabrina has never considered herself to be anything but straight before.


“I feel like a total bitch,” I say to the computer screen. My laptop is propped open on the coffee table, and I have a bottle of beer in one hand as I chat to my brother who is over three-thousand miles away.

Adding to my guilt, I also feel like a total cow for waking him up at two in the morning, but I know I won’t be able to get any sleep until I’ve spoken to someone about this, and no one knows me better than Mac. So, after Teagan was settled in bed, I opened a beer and text my brother telling him I desperately needed to talk, and like the sweetheart he is, he replied saying he’d be on Skype in ten minutes.

On the screen is a video image of Mac, wrapped in his wife’s fluffy dressing gown and sipping from a cup of tea. His blond hair is sticking up at odd angles, and he looks very far removed from the usual immaculately put together image my brother usually projects. It’s a sign of how much he loves me that he’s not only awake at 2 a.m. but also that he’s allowing someone other than Kate to see him in anything less than a perfect state.

“Why, because you lied about not being able to find a sitter? Or because you’re not replying to her messages?”

I’ve already explained to Mac what exactly is bothering me – Sabrina. Sabrina and my feelings for her. When she text me to tell me about deciding to go back to college I’d been so happy for her all I’d been concerned about was that she should celebrate. But her suggestion that we go out for dinner or something that weekend sounded a little too much like a date. Only it wasn’t a date, and it never would be. It was just a single mum wanting to hang out with another parent. Like a coward, I’d avoided answering her message, and then pretended to be busy when she collected Piper from football practice. Then when she’d suggested going out again, I’d lied.

“All of it. I’m such a bitch. She’s a really nice person, and probably just wants a friend, but I can’t handle it. God, this is stupid, Mac. I feel like a teenager with a crush.”

On the video call, my brother grins at me over the rim of his cup. “It’s adorable, that’s what it is. And how do you know she’s not interested in dating you?”

“Erm, because she was married. To a man.”

“Right, but has she actually ever said she’s only interested in men? You never know.”

I take a swig of beer and reply, “I told her about Beth and she didn’t say anything then.”

“Right, because when someone tells you their wife died is the perfect time to bring up that you’re not straight yourself. She was just been sensitive of your feelings. Ask her out. What’s the worst that will happen?”

In my head, I imagine Sabrina rejecting me, and my chest tightens. Damn, who knew I’d fallen this hard?

“She can say no. That’s what. If she tells me she’s straight, or worse she is into women too, just not me, how will I ever look her in the eyes again?”

“And what, that’s better than lying to her and ignoring her?”

“Sure. I’ll get over this dumb crush eventually.”

Mac puts his teacup down on the table and shuffles closer to the screen. “Is that what you really want? To get over her?”

“Yes, then I can think about finding someone who is actually into women.”

“Well, you know what you’ve got to do then? Hook up with someone else. And if you’re still thinking about Sabrina after hooking up with someone else, you’ll know this is more than a simple crush.”

I scoff at his suggestion. “Mac, this isn’t high school.”

“You got a better idea?” When I don’t answer, he smiles smugly. “Didn’t think so. And I want to get back to bed. So take my advice: Either ask her out and risk rejection, or sleep with someone else and get her out of your system.”

“That’s your only advice. Risk rejection or sleep with someone else? Fat lot of good you are!”

“It’s 2 a.m. for Christ’s sake. You want better advice, call when I’m not asleep.”

I bow my head. “I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. Give my love to Kate, too.”

“I will, and I love you too. Tell Tea I love her as well.”

“I will. Talk to you soon.”

“Talk soon.”

Mac ends the video call, and I close my laptop lid, lean back against the couch, and drain my bottle of beer. There’s no way I’m asking Sabrina out. Like I said to Mac, if she rejects me, how will I ever be able to face her again? And, as juvenile as Mac’s other suggestion is, maybe getting out and meeting someone new will help me get over my crush on Sabrina. In fact, that’s probably it … I’m not really into her, I’m just lonely, and she’s pretty. And funny. And interesting to talk to…

Fuck. I’m screwed, aren’t I?

I pull out my phone and text Dana, my former friends-with-benefits turned wing-woman, and all-round awesome person.

>Fancy heading to Electric Six tomorrow?<

>Why? You looking to hook up?<

I have to laugh. Dana always knows when I’ve got one thing in mind.

>Yeah. The trusty old vibe isn’t cutting it these days.<

>LOL I hear ya, sister! Meet you in the city about 8? We can grab some dinner first?<

>Sounds like a plan.<

With the arrangements made, I text Beth’s parents to double check they’re still happy to have Teagan for the weekend, which of course, they are. Beth’s parents try to see their granddaughter at least once a month, and are always happy to have her stop a night or two if I need a break.


To pre-order your copy, please click the following links:

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Thank you to Clare for letting me promote her work! She’s been a great friend and I’m so happy to return the favor to her!

Show her some love!

About The Author:

Clare Dugmore is a writer, bookworm, and daydreamer from the West-Midlands, UK.

Clare’s love of literature not only motivates her career as an author but influences her desire to help other writers get their work out to the world.

She is the author of one novel and two short stories, with other projects in the works.

Clare is currently working as a freelance ghostwriter. In addition, she is a freelance proofreader, as well as a personal assistant for co-op publishers Snowy Wings Publishing and Crimson Fox Publishing.

Clare is a thirty-something, married, mother of two from the West Midlands, of England.

In her spare time, she enjoys binge-watching shows with her hubby, spending time with her two sons, and playing video games.

Author Link:


Profile Oct 2019

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#FlashFriday: Stealing Home

A Vera Roberts Novel


First rule of being a sports physical therapist: Do not sleep with an athlete.

The second rule of being a sports physical therapist: Do not fall in love with an athlete.

The third rule of being a sports physical therapist: Ignore Rules #1 and #2.

Bobbi Gibson has enough on her plate with her new position of being a physical therapist to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dealing with egos and injuries, and sometimes not sure which is the bigger headache, the last thing she needs is distraction from the rising pitcher who simply goes by The Answer. Yet, he’s the only sane human in her crazy world.

Quinn “The Answer” Riordan knows he’s not like most pitchers. After all, most pitchers don’t know every Backstreet Boys song by heart nor do they sleep with a stuffed giraffe at night.

He also knows most pitchers can’t easily throw a record-breaking and break-neck speed pitch of 100 mph on a regular basis. But what Quinn does know is he’s head over heels in love with the new physical therapist. Now just he has to convince her she feels the same.

Stealing Home is a standalone baseball romance. It features an *NSYNC v. Backstreet Boys battle, late-night drive-thru runs, more giraffes than Geoffrey at Toys R Us, and how Legos are the best invention ever.


Bobbi hardly knew anyone on the team other than the president and her supervisors. Quinn truly was her only friend and she was a long way from L.A. It wouldn’t hurt to hang out a little with a guy she still had feelings for but denied him like a maxed-out credit card.

“What did you have in mind? Besides, a movie?” She asked.

“We can take a walk around Glendale. The other teams would be arriving today and tomorrow so it’ll give us a chance to just have some quiet time before it becomes crazy.” He offered. “We don’t have to go to each other’s rooms.”

“That works.” She agreed. “You wanna meet downstairs at seven?”

“Sure, seven, it is.” Quinn walked up to Bobbi and stared into her eyes. Her eyes were warm. Her lips slightly parted open with a small grin forming on the corners. She was happy and he wanted her to stay that way.

“I’ll be on my best behavior tonight. I promise.” He caressed her cheek.

Bobbi bit back a moan that threatened to come out. Her body loved the way Quinn touched her, no matter how innocent it was. “You were on your best behavior the other night and you still got me underneath you.”

“Maybe I can be two for two?” His eyes twinkled.

Bobbi sighed. Just being in Quinn’s presence had her mesmerized. He demanded her attention and wouldn’t stop until he had her again. When he was off the field, Quinn was all fun and games. When he was on it, he put the fear of God into every opponent.

When it was time for getting what he wanted from a woman – specifically, her – there was no need to play around.

Bobbi could admit if they weren’t colleagues and she was a run of the mill groupie, she would acquiesce to Quinn. His willing tongue. His long, and thick cock. His strong, big hands. His long and skilled fingers. The way he sounded as he first entered her and how his body shuddered when he climaxed.

They made love several times that night, with each experience hotter and animalistic than the last. They fed each other. They loved one another. He gave her life. She gave him hope and need.

Bobbi had to act like none of that ever happened. Quinn’s attitude screamed arrogance, yet Bobbi found herself to be even more attracted to him. “I have a hard and fast rule I don’t sleep with athletes I treat. I just treated you so there goes that.”

“Hard and fast, huh?” He stepped closer to her. “If I remember correctly, that’s how you fucked me, wasn’t it? You got on top and you rode me as if your life depended on it.”

Bobbi swallowed and blew out a sharp, soft breath. Her head spun. Her breathing became more sporadic. No man ever made her feel that way and she didn’t want it to stop, no matter how much trouble they both would be in. “Quinn…” Her voice came out as a whimper.

Quinn put his hands on her waist. He leaned down and tickled her earlobe with his mouth. His voice was deep and rich with lust. “I’ll be good tonight. I won’t disrespect you in any way and anytime you want to go home after I finish beating the breaks off you at karaoke, we can do it.” Quinn stepped away and winked at Bobbi before he left her room.

Bobbi leaned against a wall and grabbed her chest. Every time she was near Quinn, she became dizzy and little goosebumps formed on her arms. Her hands were a bit clammy and her mouth felt like she ate cotton balls for all three square meals.

She still smelled his cologne in the room and on her. The citrusy fragrance suddenly became a new favorite of hers. Bobbi didn’t even agree to the outing – it most certainly wasn’t a date – because Quinn knew she would. He left her a speechless, bumbling fool.

It wasn’t until five minutes later when Bobbi understood the depth of what Quinn stated. “KARAOKE?”


Stealing Home will be out next week. Finally.

For a sneak preview, click here.

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#FlashFriday: Feeling Some Type of Way III #newadult #romance #contemporary

“And…ohhhh…” Ian’s mouth formed a small O. He slowly turned to Nick, who had raised eyebrows and shook his head.

Zerrin, however, was a bit more vocal. “Mari’s gonna kick Scott’s ass!”

“I’m sorry,” I’m confused as ever, “can someone enlighten me what’s going on?”

Before anyone could answer, Scott walked up to the woman, gave her a deep embrace, and kissed her. I was taken aback by the kiss because Mariana is his girlfriend and I get the feeling they don’t really share. That kiss with Mystery Lady With the Nice Titties wasn’t platonic or just two old friends saying hi.

If I didn’t know any better, I would assume they were probably fucking.

Scott motions Nice Titties to a chair that’s directly in front of Mariana’s sex. He simply snaps his fingers and immediately the woman starts licking Mariana’s slit. Mariana gasps and softly moans while Scott massages her breasts.

I’m leant over as far as possible I can be without falling down and breaking my nose. I have no interest in being with another woman, nor do I have any interest in participating in a threesome.

But what I’m seeing in front of me right now is just so damn hot, I’m on fire. I feel my sex softly contract and thump against my moist panties. My breathing has become restricted and a bit shallow. I’m squeezing the life out of Ian’s knee as he softly caresses my back.

I’m feeling everything at once – happiness, horniness, amazement, disbelief, greediness – in abundance. I want to see more. I want to experience more.

“Oh God, yes!” Mariana cries out and I think I just came with her.

“You like what you’re seeing, angel?” Ian’s deep voice breaks me out of my concentration and for the first time, I’m rather pissed at him. Weird.

“Um, yeah,” I manage to lay back in my seat and he wraps his arms around me, “I’m fine.” I softly point to the demonstration and watch Nice Titties caress Mariana’s legs, “I don’t understand what’s going on here, though? You and Saint Nick seem shocked at it, Master.”

“The woman currently pleasuring Mari is Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Dove,” Ian softly nodded, “Mari hates Dove, and Dove is rather nonchalant.”

“Why does Mari hate Dove?” I ask. “Because she dated Scott?”

“Part of it. Dove represents everything Mari wishes she could be. The funny thing is she is actually everything Scott wants, she just doesn’t realize it yet.” Ian studies my face and I feel the intention of his words in the pit of my stomach.

I’ll admit being jealous over Sydney was stupid and silly but I couldn’t help it. Sydney was spirited and carefree, thought about the consequences later, and I could see why Ian was attracted to her.

I’m determined a new Domi will mean very little jealousy in the future. I’ll still get jealous but at least I’ll be smarter about it. Ian loves me and has proven that day in and day out.

I have no reason not to trust my man.

“This, however,” Ian motions back to the demonstration where I watch Mariana’s legs shake as Dove holds them up in the air, while she’s furiously licking her, “this is just Scott being messy.”

“I’m here for it,” Nick chimes in.


The third installment in the Feeling Some Type of Way series will be out later this summer.


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#TeaserTuesday: War #contemporary #romance

“Eli’s girlfriend called me,” Faith began as she stirred her chai tea, “she wants to come in to get her braids done.” She glanced up at her mother.

Amy softly raised an eyebrow. “Okay. How do you feel about that? Does Eli know about it?”

“I’m assuming he does. I don’t know, he refuses to talk to me still.” Faith tried to shrug off the hurt. Faith was pretty sure he blocked all of her numbers because whenever she called him, it went straight to voicemail. Any return calls from Eli were handled through his attorney. “So, it’s interesting his girlfriend wants to see me. There are so many hairstylists in Harlem and she can get her hair braided by any of them.”

“But you know why she chose you, right?” Amy pressed. “Erica’s a smart woman and she knows what she’s doing. Did you speak to her?”

“She personally called me. She was as sweet and likeable as before. Like, ugh…” Faith chuckled. “I wish I could hate her but I can’t. She’s not some ghetto bird like Simone was.” She briefly looked up at the ceiling. “Erica’s a good girl. She’s a great woman. I just…” She let out another sigh. “…I hate she’s with my ex-husband.”

“But why do you care, Faith?” Amy asked. “You’re with that basketballer…Jeremy’s his name, right? He seems like a nice guy.”

Jeremy was going to be in town for a couple of days. Faith was going to leave with him to spend a few days in Los Angeles. “He is. Jeremy’s a great guy.”

Amy reached over and grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Talk to me, Faith Marie. What’s going on? This is beyond Erica calling you up to get her hair done.”

Faith’s eyes threatened tears. “I pushed Eli to hate me. After he apologized for everything and was seemingly husband of the year, I still wouldn’t forgive him. He asked for DNA tests for all of the kids and I just lost it. I can understand E.J., but for Nate and Aubri?” She softly shook her head. “It’s like he doesn’t trust me at all. He was the one that stepped out and yet I’m the one still being punished.”

“Are you?” Amy softly countered. “Faith, you admitted you still talked to Darren while you were pregnant. Eli found out things about your relationship through the press, hun. You weren’t forthcoming about any of it and you still held a grudge against him for his affair. How much longer do you want to hold a grudge before you realize you’re the only one suffering while the other person moved on?”

“I’m not holding a grudge,” Faith met eyes with her mother, “I’m moving to L.A.”

Amy read her daughter’s eyes. Something about them changed for the worst. They used to be filled with love, hope, and maybe a bit of defiantness. Now she seemed glossy-eyed and stone cold.

Faith had always liked material things but she seemed increasingly boastful about what she owned and acquired. She spent more time away from her salon, and away from Harlem, while she traversed with Jeremy’s friends and family.

When Eli finally left Faith for good, it spurned something inside the young woman that Amy couldn’t pinpoint. Faith used to quote the Bible and lean on Him during all times. Now she barely showed up in church. When she did go, her skirts and dresses barely covered her.

That wasn’t the worse of it. Amy heard a whisper Faith might have been messing with the nose candy but she didn’t want to believe it. Seeing how thin her daughter had become – Faith didn’t look like she weighed a hundred pounds – Amy wondered what else was her daughter hiding.

“How long has this been in the works?”

“Just recently,” Faith blurted, “Jeremy wants me to move to L.A. with him.”

Faith never liked Los Angeles and preferred Harlem no matter where she went. Amy knew she wasn’t going to survive very long there – literally. “And the children?” Amy asked. “How does Eli feel about this?”

“I don’t care,” Faith shrugged, “I guess his attorney will let me know how it goes.”

Faith wasn’t just holding a grudge against Eli; she was effectively punishing him for leaving her. What better way to do that than by moving across the country and taking the children with her.

Amy remembered what the D’Amatos did to Simone and Darren and feared they would act the same – if not worse – towards her daughter. It was Amy’s cue to intervene before things became worse between them. “Okay, Faith.”


Makes you wonder what the D’Amatos did to Simone and Darren, doesn’t it?

War will be out later this spring. Release date and possible pre-order information will be available soon.

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#TeaserTuesday: One More Chance #romance #contemporary

Once More Chance - 1400x2100

“Yo, if you want to talk about chemistry? Let’s talk about McNulty and Bunk, for a minute. One scene and they only said a variation of fuck. You cannot get more brilliant than that!” Tony exclaimed. “Do you honestly think people are still talking about a controversial scene from Breaking Bad? No. Why? Because no one cares about a white dude who has terminal cancer and wants to see the world burn. If anyone praises Breaking Bad the same way they praise The Wire, it’s a clear bias. Fuck outta here.”

Krista giggled. Tony was always so passionate about his shows. His DVR recordings were sometimes astronomical and she wondered if he had any time at all to watch through all of them. It then occurred to Krista, Tony had time for everything that interested him.

Including her.

“So, where he is tonight?” Tony finally asked between bites.

Krista lightly shrugged. “He had a business meeting to attend to so there’s that.” She loved Marc’s hustle and in turn, that made her hungry for more. She also hated how lonely she became in the process. He always made up for his absence in the forms of lavish gifts and trips.

Krista soon realized while she might have been materialistic in the past, she most certainly wasn’t in the present or future. A closet full of designer wear meant nothing if the man giving them to her was always gone. “I’ll see him when he gets back.”

“The most romantic day of the year and he’s not with his girl?” He held her hand and softly kissed it. “Shame. I would’ve never left you alone tonight.”

Tony’s declaration sent a shiver down to Krista’s spine, causing all sorts of pinpoints prickling up on her skin. “I thought you hated me, though.”

Tony slowly leaned back into his seat and licked his lips. “Once upon a time.”


I should note people should pay close attention to some details in this book. It reveals several storylines regarding Eli and Faith.

One More Chance is available NOW. To purchase, click here.

It’ll be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other select sites soon. Will post when it becomes available there.


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#ThrowbackThursday: Love #romance #contemporary

Love large

In front of Erica was one of the most extravagant flower designs she’d ever seen. She recognized the hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. There were a host of other flowers she didn’t recognize. Included in the arrangement were small personal effects –miniature versions of Louboutins, a cell phone, tablet, and a Doc McStuffins character. “It was the closest thing we had in the shop of a Black doctor so we’re working on that,” he snuggled against her neck, “so I hope it’s not too cheesy for you.”

Erica turned around with tears in her eyes. Eli wasn’t sure if they were of excitement or frustration. With women, it was always hard to tell. “I fucking love it! I normally wouldn’t say the ‘f word’ but I really do love this!”

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “I’m really glad to hear that.”

Erica stepped back and undid her halter. With a quick movement, the dress fell to the floor. She wore her finest V-string and high heels. “Can I thank you now?”

She was a goddess. Her supple skin shimmered in the light and Eli felt the heat emitting from her body. A yearning stirred inside him again and this time, it was louder and deafening. She made him realize something he’d long buried and didn’t want to remember. Eli picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Oh, yes you can.”

They fell on the bed and Eli took a moment to just look at the beauty of Erica. Her breasts reminded him dark chocolate teardrops. He caressed her taut stomach and she shivered at the touch. He kept one hand on her midsection while slowly tracing her white lace panties with his free hand. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Erica squirmed beneath him, frustrated she had to keep still but secretly liked the torture. “Eli…”

“Shh…” He closed his mouth on hers. Slowly, he tasted her, pushing his tongue inside to explore more. She tasted of wine, sugar, and coffee. She reminded him of old feelings and took him back to when he was young and free of responsibilities and commitments. He felt lost within her and he’d barely touched her.

His hands caressed her thighs, moving down to the balls of her feet and slid his hands back up to her waist. She felt comforting and her body responded with every caress and exploration.

Erica closed her eyes and felt she was sent to a long fantasy, somewhere far away. Eli’s hands were magical and surprisingly gentle. She felt every emotion as it entered her body and soul – need, impatience, lust, and desire. Her skin was hot to the touch and she felt She briefly wondered how it would be when he was finally inside her.

Eli suddenly pulled her up and he quickly undressed in front of her; his eyes never left hers. Erica almost gasped at the beauty of him – a muscular build complemented with strong arms and a six-pack she’d already imagined tracing her tongue over it. His abs led to strong legs and a very impressive and hardened cock between them.

“On the bed,” he demanded, and Erica quickly climbed back on it. Eli joined her again, placing a series of small kisses all over her body before meeting her lips once again. His hands traveled down to her heated, wet slit. He heard an audible gasp and soft moan as he began to play with her.

His mouth captured one of her breasts, tracing her nipple with his tongue before he gently nipped at it. “So beautiful,” he moaned as his fingers kept stroking her sex, “so damn beautiful.”

“Don’t stop, Eli…” She moaned. Her skin was hot to the touch and her normally calm, collected, and cool personality flew out of the window. She was always a good girl and did everything by the letter and by the book.

Then Eli…he didn’t even say a word to her. He didn’t force himself or made any snide remarks and Erica gave up the panties without a request. She could finally see what every woman in world did.

She breathed in short pants before the orgasm washed over her body. “That’s it,” his deep voice whispered as she moaned into his mouth, “that’s it.” He withdrew from her and got off the bed. He retrieved the condoms he brought with him and sheathed one on.

He pulled Erica by her ankles and ripped her panties off before he kneeled on the bed. He ran his cock up and down her wet slit before he slowly entered her. She felt so tight and welcoming like a velvet glove. He felt like heaven.

He slowly drove into her as he studied her reaction. Her full lips cooed and gasped with each thrust. Her pussy contracted and clamped down with each movement and Eli thought he was about to lose it. Erica made him feel alive and reborn, a feeling he’d long forgotten about.

Eli brought Erica up to his level and they rode each other as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They pressed foreheads together and locked eyes, moving as one and moaning into each other’s mouths. Erica was close, so close, and she wouldn’t be able to stave off the orgasm any longer. Eli felt it too and rocked her harder on his cock before she finally came. Her body shook and her screams filled her apartment.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned as he thrust a few more times and met his own release. They tightly held onto each other as her pulsating pussy milked his cock. They fell back onto the bed, still entangled with each other and lightly covered with sweat.

Erica chuckled. “You probably lost all kinds of respect for me now.”

Eli shook his head and caressed Erica’s cheek. “You saved my son’s life. I’ll never lose respect for you.”


Erica’s making a comeback….

Love is available NOW everywhere; print version coming soon.

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#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You


“You know what’s heaven?” Mariana sat up on Scott’s lap and grabbed a small handful of grapes. She leaned against his knees and began feeding him.

Scott folded his arms behind his head as he admired a naked Mariana feeding him after a lengthy lovemaking session. “What’s heaven, baby?”

“This.” A slow smile spread across Mariana’s lips. “This is heaven.”

“Explain.” He replied.

“Is this a pop quiz?” She asked.

Scott’s hands caressed Mariana’s sweat-coated torso and traveled up to her breasts, where he gently twisted her nipples. Mariana squirmed in pleasure. “It just might be.”

“Everything. The romantic date at the park, the freedom of being myself, no holds barred with you. It’s not even the fancy jewelry, the car, and all of the other nice things, which I like, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… it’s just…”

“It’s just what, baby?”

Mariana leaned down and locked lips with her boyfriend. “You have made all of my dreams come true. And I can never thank you enough.”

“Baby girl, I’ll promise to give you everything and more.” His hands caressed her arms. “I never want you to feel unsafe with me.”

“I feel totally safe with you, honey.” Mariana smiles, her eyes beaming with joy. “I want to be with you forever.”

Scott briefly thought about the engagement ring stuck in his messenger bag. It would’ve been the perfect time to propose. It was the most romantic day in the year, with a romantic picnic in the park and topped off with an incredible lovemaking session.

He then thought about the current mood. They were both naked and entangled with each other. Was that a story he wanted Mariana to share with friends and family, hopefully omitting the BDSM session they just had? Mariana was such a hopeless romantic who believed in love; she was better than a naked and sweaty proposal. She deserved a proposal in Paris, a romantic journey in Italy, or a sightseeing tour in Spain.

Something other than both of them naked and their bodies still moistened from their last romp. Was she really going to share that with her mother? “How did Scott propose?” “Well, after he bound and gagged me and fucked me ten ways from Sunday, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his slave for life!”

“Honey?” Mariana studied his sharp green eyes, wondering where his mind went. “Is everything okay?”

Scott blinked quickly and smiled back at his girlfriend. Her long ebony hair was starting to frizz. Her skin was shiny and sticky, remnants of the sessions they just had. Her eyes, however, sparkled with love and trust. He’d never felt more sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He just thought of the perfect day to propose to her—her birthday. He was going to take Jeff’s advice and whisk Mariana away somewhere romantic and unforgettable. If he can only wait another month… “Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” He adjusted his position and slid inside Mariana once again. “But for now, let’s pick up from where we left off.”

“Ooh…” Mariana slid her body down Scott’s shaft. “This is shaping up to be my favorite Valentine’s ever.”

“I can always tell when you’re somewhere else,” Elissa’s voice snapped Scott out of his daydreaming, “because you get that glassy-eyed look, like a mannequin. Am I really that boring?”

“I was thinking about tonight,” he finally answered her.

It was a day Scott Reed hated.



There weren’t enough synonyms to describe how he truly felt about that particular day of the year.

Not his birthday. He loved celebrating his birthday. Getting drunk and getting head was always a great thing.

Not Christmas. He loved spending the holidays with his family back in Georgia.

It was a holiday that made no sense to him when he was younger and damn sure didn’t make any more sense when he was older.

Valentine’s Day.

Every year at McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, Scott had to watch employees squeal in romantic delight over the flowers, chocolates, and other surprises their lovers had lined up. He had seen more than his fair share of proposals. He had witnessed one too many romantic gestures in the form of paid singers, unsigned rappers, and other hungry talent looking to make an impression with the recipient and McCormick executives.

So, it wasn’t all bad. Whatever leftover chocolate some employees had, they offered it to him. He had a smile on his face whenever an employee showed off her new engagement ring. When he overheard the ladies in the lunch room talking about their romantic evenings, he was proud that they found a great partner to share their lives with.

Still, the romantic day didn’t change Scott’s view that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. Truth was he’d always had those feelings, with the only exception being the one he’d shared with his ex-girlfriend. The moment the relationship ended, however, those feelings resurrected in full force, along with a thick taste of bitterness and regret. “I was in deep thought,” he explained.

“You work too hard and you work too much,” Elissa replied.

Scott briefly glanced up at his assistant and cracked a small smile. “You always say that.”

“And lo and behold, I’m always right,” Elissa replied. “You have plans tonight?”

“Taking her to a nice dinner and maybe a drive up the coast,” Scott played with a pen, “nothing too special.”

Her. It was Scott’s new girlfriend, if he would call her that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she knew it as well. They were in an arrangement, both sanctioned and approved by Sanora, only on the condition that Scott returned her in the same condition that Sanora loaned the woman to him.

Her name was Dove but Elissa had another nickname for her—Suicide Blonde, just like the song. There was something about her that seemed sweet yet sinister at the same time, as if she was trying to hide who and what she really was.

All Elissa knew was she didn’t particularly care for the young woman. She’d grown quite fond of Mariana and silently hoped the ex-couple would come to their senses and finally get back together. They acted like everything was normal and kosher, as they should at work.

But there was tension—yes, sexual tension that was thick and prominent between the pair, that neither could deny no matter how far apart they both sat in meetings. “You don’t sound overly excited about it,” Elissa picked up her boss’s tone, “that’s different.”

“Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday so the chocolatiers, florists, and restaurateurs can profit off poor and stupid saps trying to impress their girls by telling her, on that one day out of the entire fucking year, how special she is when they should be telling her that every single day.” Scott finally tossed the pen on the desk.

“Yes, I know your warped view of Valentine’s Day,” Elissa smiled, “I just remember last year a certain somebody didn’t think it was a fake holiday… maybe because he was celebrating with another certain somebody.”

Scott’s heart warmed up as he remembered the elaborate Valentine’s celebration he made for Mariana. He made a call to a close New York friend, Nick, and made arrangements to have flowers delivered from the floral shop his family owned. He paid Elissa’s relatives to serenade Mariachi songs. The evening ended with the two making love in every conceivable position by the fireplace at their home.

What a difference a year made. Though Mariana returned to McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, the dynamic between the pair had drastically changed. Mariana was no longer Scott’s would-be fiancée and intern; now she was a paid employee and ex-girlfriend. They used to sneak off into his office for afternoon quickies. Now they avoided each other whenever possible, only speaking when they absolutely had to.

It made Scott sick to his stomach. It made him even sicker knowing that he was the cause behind it. “That was last year.” He spat.

“You can always change the course of the future if the past bothers you,” Elissa suggested.

“I’m in the process of doing that now,” Scott replied. Becoming a co-owner in EMK was one of the best business and personal decisions he had ever made. He could keep tabs on Mariana’s new boyfriend while increasing his fortune. It was a win-win.

Elissa read the sudden gleam in her boss’s eyes. She had worked for Scott when he was nothing and watched him gradually become the man every guy at work wanted to be and some desperately emulated in some form and fashion. She remembered the beat-up Lexus he once drove; now he drove a money-green Maserati. She remembered the suits he had to get re-sown over and over because he didn’t have enough money to get better ones. Now his closet boasted of the biggest fashion houses and his cheapest suit still cost more than her monthly mortgage payment.

She admired his determination and persistence, starting as a wet behind the ears employee and working his way up to partner. In other words, whatever plans Scott had for getting Mariana back had everything to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with her boyfriend. If Elissa didn’t know any better, she would assume that the poor sap was just merely in the way of Hurricane Scott. “You’re up to something. I feel it.”

“I need a favor from you,” Scott began over dinner with his Mistress.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Sanora circled her wine glass with an index finger.

“I need to prove a point.” Scott’s green eyes flickered. “I need someone to help me emphasize that point.”

“Mariana?” Sanora asked and Scott nodded. “It depends on what reaction you want,” Sanora lightly shrugged. “Do you want her to hate you or hate her?”


“Dove,” Sanora said pointedly. “By the way, Mariana doesn’t hate you.”

“Okay.” He replied without emotion.

“She doesn’t. I know Mariana and I know how women are. She doesn’t hate you.” Sanora took a sip of wine. “She might, however, after this stunt you’re about to pull.”

Scott smiled as the dinner conversation faded into the background. He closed his Macbook and stood up. “I’m always up to no-good. You should know that.”


In case some of you need a reminder how it came to be that Dove was in the picture…

I Need You is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and some select libraries. Check your local library.

Stronger than Pride, the next installment in the S&M series will be out sometime this month.

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#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way


“So,” he played with my fingertips with his, “did you want to go back inside and try again?”

I hoped this time around was more pleasurable than last night but I also didn’t want to go through that ever again. “I’m nervous,” I admitted, “last night was quite painful.”

He nodded. “I know but the more you do it, the easier it’ll become,” he smiled at me, “we need you to become more comfortable with your body and everything it can do. I’m sure you know it pretty well already with practice.”

“Practice?” My eyes narrowed at him. I hope he doesn’t mean if I…? “Playing with myself?”

Ian simply blinked at me as if I asked a question with an obvious answer. “Yes.” He read my face to look for confirmation but all he received was confusion. “You’ve never masturbated?”

“No, never.” I admitted. I don’t know why the thought makes me ashamed. I’m sure there are a lot of women who’ve never masturbate at all and they have happy sex lives. I’m also pretty sure the same people still use VCRs.

“You should. You’ll get to know your body very well.” Ian replied. “You’ll find out what you like and don’t.”

The thought of fingering myself didn’t sound appeasing to me. Nor did sticking some foreign apparatus in me. “Okay.”

I felt Ian’s glare as I became lost into my thoughts. He wasn’t convinced I wouldn’t do the homework he’d assigned. The look on his face was hard to read. He was either frustrated or…determined.

“Come inside.” He got up and went back to his bedroom, only to reappear a short time later. I followed him inside and stayed put in the living room. He had some large device in his hand I would later discover was the Hitachi. “Come here and take off your jeans,” he ordered me.

I did just that and walked up to Ian. He hoisted me up on the counter. He reached up and pulled down my panties, tossing them aside. His eyes had a devilish twinkle in them as if he knew he was up to no good and wanted me to come along for the ride. Somehow, I didn’t think I would mind riding shotgun (his).

He kissed me, sweeping his lips across mine before he softly played with my tongue. “Spread your legs,” he commanded and I complied. “Look at me.”

I held his gaze. His blue eyes were intense, his nostrils were slightly flared, and an erotic current flowed between us. I had a feeling he didn’t want me to look anywhere else and I wasn’t about to disobey him. It was so hot.

He turned on the Hitachi and placed it on my sex and I immediately yelped. “Take it,” he softly spoke. “Keep your eyes open and focused on mine.”

I nodded and bit my lip as the pleasure coursed through my body. He dragged the vibrator against my opening and held it there. It was intense. It was wild. It was everything.

He turned the vibrator onto a higher speed and I moaned, calling out his name as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I obeyed him; I didn’t remove my eyes from his. I felt every emotion and energy exchange between us like never before. He took me to a higher plane, to something unknown and erotic.

My sex fluttered on the first taste of climax. “Ian…” My voice came out light and wispy. “I’m about to come.”

“I know,” his authoritative voice drove me wild with lust, “I want to see how many times you’re going to.” He increased the speed again and I shrieked with a muffled cry as the orgasm washed over my body. “Good. That’s one.”

His lips crushed mine as he closed the distance between us. My sex thumped against the Hitachi and I squirmed on his counter. His lips trailed down to my neck and gently sucked on it while my arms wrapped around his neck. “Ian…Ian…” My legs uncontrollably shook and it felt like I had no control of anything anymore.

It was part of Ian’s game. He wanted to be in absolute control, a silent power exchange that only needed to be understood and not spoken aloud. I couldn’t get enough of it.

“Seeing you come is so beautiful,” Ian moaned against my ear, “you don’t know what it does to me to see you in such pleasure created by me.”

Coherent sentences simply couldn’t come out of me. I felt the heat rise in my belly. I trembled, heavily breathed, and squirmed on the counter. I was actually trying not to come again but my body betrayed me.

The orgasm ripped through my body like a current and this time I screamed out Ian’s name. Sweat formed on my body and my legs finally stopped buckling. It was so good and we were finally done.

That’s what I thought until I felt Ian turned the vibrator onto the highest setting. Apparently, we weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

“I don’t think I can come anymore,” I breathed against him.

“Yes, you can and you will.” He growled against my ear. “I want to see you fall apart against me.”

Moans and grunts came out of my mouth in all forms of pitches and registers. I couldn’t even recognize the raspy, breathy, and desperate moans came out of me. Who was this person? Where did she come from?

Ian’s free hand squeezed my breasts, tweaking the nipples while the other hand steadily remained on the Hitachi. My sex moved in tandem of the vibrator, wanting more of it.

“I thought you said you didn’t like toys?” Ian teased me. Damn him.

“I…I…” The words could barely come out of my mouth. “I like…th-th-this one…”

I felt powerless as I repeatedly begged him, crying out his name. I never knew such pleasure from a simple toy, yet it was beyond my wildest dreams. It was a conundrum of sorts – I wanted the torture to end but I never wanted it stop at all.

On Ian’s kitchen counter, with his windows open, his neighbors heard me climax for the third time that morning.

I wrapped my arms around his neck so hard, I put him in a headlock. I shrieked and cried as the third orgasm crashed into my body like a giant wave. I was dizzy, breathless, and completely incoherent and bumbling. I’m sure I also drooled over Ian’s expensive shirt.

He picked me up and carried me back to bed and laid down next to me. He snuggled next to me as my head rested on his chest. I felt the soft thump of his heartbeat while his fingers threaded through my curls as sleep found me.

Ian was my everything. And I was his.

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#SnippetSunday: Untitled #romance #contemporary #ebook #kindle

Photo by Tobias Keller

She opened the door to her townhouse and sleepily grinned at the sight before her. Wearing the hell out of jeans and a fitted top, Steve was better than coffee, which he carried. “Good Morning, stranger.”

“Good Morning.” Steve loved how Aliana greeted him. Her head was wrapped up in a bold, multicolored print. Her face still had a small imprint from the pillow. Her body was only covered by a small black tank top but somehow he felt she wore too many clothes. He loved it when she was dressed to the nines but there was something refreshing about seeing her raw and bare.

Despite her appearance, Steve’s eyes focused on Aliana’s tank. In bold, white lettering was the phrase, ‘Jesus is my Nigga.’

“Interesting tank top you’re wearing,” Steve raised an eyebrow, “Jesus is My a-word-I-can’t-say-because-I-don’t-want-my-ass-kicked.”

“Ah, very smart choice of words.” She grinned.


Untitled (still deciding on a title) should be out late next month. It’s a sensual contemporary romance.

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#FlashFriday: Untitled #contemporary #romance #nook #kindle #ebook

Yes, I know this is yet another untitled book. I have a few working titles but I don’t know where I’m going with them quite yet. I’m leaning towards a variation of Favorite Mistake (His Favorite Mistake/Her Favorite Mistake/Their Favorite Mistake).

Blurb to come later. It’s a May-December romance so my characters are a bit older than what I usually write and the age gap is wider.

I did find a muse for my heroine when she was younger:

Model @misskellykel

Isn’t she gorgeous? Of course, the newest picture of Adina Howard brought me to my knees and inspired me for my muse when she’s older in the story:


Yeah, she’s 43. Won’t. God. Do. It?

So, the story is an interesting one. I won’t reveal too much but I will say it does take place at one point in the characters lives and then restart again at a more recent point. So, you could say it takes place over 20 years. But yeah, it’s a different type of story. It probably won’t be erotic but very sensual, with a few naughty bits. It definitely won’t be an erotica.

Enough babbling, onto the snippet…


It was a little after six in the morning when Aliana arrived back home.

It wasn’t her intention to stay with Steve as long as she did. She wanted to lie and said it wasn’t her intention to sleep with him again but it was bullshit. Shit to the bull. The moment she picked him up at the airport and the subtle ‘fuck me’ eye exchanges to each other told her everything.

As she pulled into her garage and turned off the engine, Aliana sat in silence. The cardinal rule was broken. Things were better between them now. Things were actually worse in other ways. At some point, her and Steve were going have to have a Come to Jesus meeting about their relationship but it was too soon for that.

She leaned forward and draped herself over the steering wheel as soft flashbacks struck her.

“God, I missed this pussy,” he moaned in her ear as he drove into her. He trailed his tongue from her ear to her neck, increasing his tempo as she softly moaned and clawed at his back.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

“Yeah, fuck me is absolutely right,” Aliana shook her head. It was perfect. From the moment he mounted her to the various position changes to Steve pounding her so hard, they banged the headboard against the wall. He was rough when he needed to be and gentle when she wanted him. They interlaced fingers when he was on top of her and again, it was her turn to ride him.

She let out another sigh. She always got into the most precarious relationships with troubled men. It was like there was a magnet on her forehead that glared out, ‘I will fix your problems for just a good dickdown’ and they all came running to her. They all were very different – John, Dave, Jeff, and Steve. They all, however, were very much alike. They were broken in some form and she often played therapist in addition to girlfriend.

As much as she wanted to blame the men, Aliana also knew she was the culprit. She was the common denominator in all of the relationships. Self-awareness could be a bitch at times, knocking a person cold on their behind as reality delivered blow after blow.

Truth was, she’d never eradicated Steve out of her system, not with their storied history. Only a few close people knew and the number was less than a hand count. Not even her exes knew out of fear loose lips would ruin Steve’s reputation more than hers. She felt an innate need to protect him more than the others.

She wondered what was going to happen between them now that something big happened. Making love one time might have been a mistake, but they went at it four times. That was officially a habit.


Untitled is scheduled to be released sometime in August. Details to come.