Guest Blogger XXX Racer on Pubes or Go Hairless, Pt. I

Note from Vera: 

As promised for the past 87998032432 weeks, I am featuring a male guest blogger to give a male’s POV on all things sexual. Sure, it’s nice to hear from me, but I love to hear what a man thinks. 

Introducing a good friend of mine, who goes by XXX Racer. He is well-known and famous in his field so I’m keeping his real identity a secret (so, no pictures….boo). But I promise you he’s a very attractive man and does know what he’s talking about. 

Please leave comments and stories! He would love to hear from you!  


Pubes or Go Hairless?
In this day and age, more and more women are shaving their jungle of love for many different reasons. Many are doing it for their man who enjoys going down on a smooth hairless pair of wet lips aching to be touched, licked and probed. In the past, women really never gave it much thought about shaving their pubic hair. There was no reason too. Until the bathing suits got smaller and skimpier, so trimming the access jungle in order to hide the rest of the bush inside her bikini bottoms.

Of course it is easy to look toward the porn industry that has sparked many trends. It was easier to shave a woman so you could see her bare pussy lips stretched around a large throbbing cock. This not only gave men the idea to ask their women to shave, but for women to shed some inhibitions about being totally naked and in full view of their man or girlfriend.

I have come across many women who have different views on having pubic hair and others to be completely shaven. I rarely find a woman who is still doing the ‘landing strip’. I find the landing strip a throw back to the 80’s and Miami Vice t-shirts. Either trim the bush or shave it completely. Even though a landing strip that “V’s” upward on a tall woman is very sexy indeed.

My girlfriends who choose to keep their pubic hair or at least trimmed somewhat do not like the ‘little girl look’ and feel somewhat embarrassed about keeping a hairless morsel in their panties. Others find it too time consuming to shave, so they just keep it trimmed from time to time. I do find as a woman gets in her 50’s she needs to keep it closely trimmed or shave completely. Their pubic mounds aren’t as thick as when their were younger. So it only makes sense for them to shave or keep it trimmed.

Now my girlfriends who are hairless, I find are more animalistic in bed. They love to fuck, regardless the time of day. They enjoy fingering themselves every chance they get…even at work. Because a hairless pussy is a horny pussy. Their naked clits rubbing up against their panties keep them horny and they love the feeling. Their panty of choice is smaller, sexier, bright colors, boy-shorts, thong or even nothing at all. They also take more pride in their appearance and exercise than my girlfriends who keep a rug. Some shave their pussies themselves everyday while others every couple of days. I know a few who shave before going out on a date just in-case they get laid. Some will go get waxed. Some laser as they no longer want to have to keep shaving. Just keep it smooth. A lasered pussy keeps me hard all the time. The smoothness is as if they never grew hair at all. Truly an amazing feeling.

I had a girlfriend ask me what do I prefer. Pubic hair? Hairless? Well, to complicate the question even further…let me explain why I like both and why not all women should go hairless.


There will be a Part II to this. Please leave comments below! -V. 

Playboy Model Karin Taylor (NSFW)

It’s been a while since I posted one of these (if you want to be technical, it’s been a while since I posted period), so I figured what way to make a comeback of sorts is bringing it back to why some of you liked to visit the blog to begin with…

Say hello to Karin…

Karin will be the Playboy model spotlight for this week. You’re welcome.

Vitruvian submissive (via Erotixx photoblog)

I just love this photo. Gosh, I love all things (well, most things) BDSM.

Vitruvian submissive                       via Jeremy Howitt, photographer … Read More

via Erotixx photoblog

Candy bondage (via Erotixx photoblog)

This is so cool and very sexy at the same time.

Candy bondage Well, how sweet can one be… by ~RavenLeFaye … Read More

via Erotixx photoblog

The Sunday goodie bag of ebony queens

Ok it’s the last day for me at Vera Roberts blog. I thought the last day is a good day to post some of my absolute favourite black girls, mainly singers though.

And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

fixing the hairhip girl

Some vintage and some hip above…

and the girl below, I think she would be great in my harem…

ryan lue clarkesportythe forms (2)tumblr_ljxatr3qPJ1qh2x1so1_500 l7EpuxYtNq20la1nPS9yuXOLo1_500tumblr_ln3zqblNiI1qh2x1so1_500

Feeling naughty?

naughty schoolgirl




This is sexy model Monee Wess in a lovely school girl outfit but just to show she is definitely not one, have a gander at the photo at the end, hubba hubba… Open-mouthed smile