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Red Floral Romance Wattpad Book Cover


Love, honor, and respect.

The motto has maintained the Torres crime family for decades. It’s why they were always ten steps ahead of their adversaries. It’s also why they were the most-feared crime family in all of New York. It’s also why there was such a brotherhood between Pablo Torres, and his right-hand man/best friend, Clyde Lewis.

The two men formed a solid bond when their children became best friends, attending each other’s birthday parties, graduations, and other celebrations in a twenty-five year time span. The sons grew up to become mafia dons in their own right, controlling all of Harlem.

But all good things must end.

When an associate of the Torres’s mistakenly takes out a member of the Lewis family, all love, honor, and respect is thrown out of the window and is replaced with hate, disappointment, and revenge.

But what happens when the grandchildren of the rival families fall in love with each other?

H.E.R. is a series of small novellas dealing with revenge, true love, and if time really heals. It’s a modern-day remix of Romeo and Juliet.


Unedited Snippet:

He smelled like earth and rain, with a touch of sandalwood. His lips went everywhere on her body – each cheek, her neck, that spot behind her ear and finally making their way back to her lips.

“I could kiss you all night,” he whispered.

Julia shivered beneath his touch. “I hope you do.”

Roman trailed his fingers along the hem of Julia’s skirt before he fisted the fabric into his palm, inching her skirt up. She naturally parted her thighs for him and his fingers explored her. She was hot and ready for him; her sex almost quivering along his fingers.

Julia folded her lips as she felt him enter her. His fingers were long, skillful, and knew exactly where to touch her. He didn’t jam them in. Instead, he beckoned her like he was softly strumming a guitar.

She wrapped her arms around him, raking her fingernails along his back as Roman’s fingers went deeper inside her, creating a rhythm compounded by her moans. She inhaled his cologne, felt the strength along his muscular back, and wondered how could she ever think about another man.

He made her feel amazing, so good, and so delicate. Julia was no longer afraid or felt awkward. Roman didn’t treat her like the girl he knew from a long time ago. Instead, his lips softly kissed her neck as he whispered Spanish nothings along the way.

Te gusta eso?

Si, mi amor.

Julia tangled her fingers within Roman’s dark hair, removing the tight bun as his curls fell around her hands. She felt the tightness of his chest as he growled his approval, kissing behind her ear, and drove his fingers deeper inside her.

Julia shivered with anticipation and the aching feeling of need. She needed Roman to give her more pleasure, to seek out that release that held her captive. She ached, trembled against him, and whimpered how much more she wanted it.


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H.E.R. will be out later this month and available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and select local libraries.

#FlashFriday: First 3 Chapters of Scoring Chance!

As promised, here are the first three chapters of Scoring Chance! Cover reveal coming soon!!

Scoring Chance will be out on September 6th.


#FlashFriday: Scoring Chance (Breakaway V) #newadult #contemporary #romance

“I’m cutting my hair and dying it,” he turned down the stereo, “something different.”

“You’re what?” She questioned. “What color and why in the hell are you ruining my fantasy?”

“Your fantasy is right here,” he chuckled, “something different. Dying it a darker color. Just something different for once.”

“You’re honestly going to keep that up during the season?” She asked. “That’s a lot of upkeep.”

“It’s for Nike,” he replied, “they want me to do an ad where different sides of me are being shown. Kinda like a stripped down and naked type of venture. Everyone keeps talking about my hair and my eyes and we thought it would be fun to do something different. Freak people out a little.” He glanced over at her. She still wasn’t sold on the idea. “I see it’s working.”

“They have wigs, you know?” She ran her fingers through his hair. It was as soft as corn silk and just as shiny. “You don’t have to cut and dye it!”

“It’ll grow back, Syd.”

“That’s what they all say,” she shook her head, “and then you’re going to be channeling your inner Britney Spears meltdown and shave it all off before you beat up a poor van with a defenseless umbrella.”

“And what the hell?” Dean laughed and Sydney joined in. He wagged an index finger at her. “No more pop music for you!”

Sydney touched Dean’s thigh and he moved his hand on top of hers. He gave it a quick squeeze before moving her hand to his lips and gave it a soft kiss. Things felt right.

They felt…normal.


To read the first snippet, click here.

Scoring Chance will be out September 6th.

#TeaserTuesday: Scoring Chance #newadult #nook #kindle #ebook

“What is all this?” Dean asked. “I get a call you’re getting married and I need to rush to Vegas? What’s up with that?”

“I didn’t want to date for years and years, wondering when the right time was. She’s the air I breathe, the light to my fire.” Jameson fixed his bowtie but decided to not wear it after all. He decided an open collar look was best. “So, why wait?”

“But it’s so soon?” Dean asked. “I mean, you’ve only known each other three months.”

“So?” Jameson asked. “You asked Sydney to move in with you after three.”

Dean wanted to retort but he was caught. He moved equally fast. “You caught me.”

“Dude, why wait?” Jameson snapped his fingers and pointed over to Dean. The assistants immediately began to work on Dean’s suit. “If it’s right, it’s right.”

“Okay, but your wealth, though?” Dean asked. Jameson’s family fortune was in the billions.

“Whatever my queen wants, she can have.” Jameson replied. “Money comes and goes. A love like this only comes once.”


“I never thought I would be getting married before you,” Sarah remained as seamstress snapped buttons on her wedding dress. She went for a A-line white cocktail dress and blue Christian Dior suede pumps. She opted not to have a veil and instead, a large white flower in her hair. “The universe is someone’s bitch.”

“Well, hey, I’m happy for you!” Sydney kept still as another seamstress worked on her dress. She wore the same thing as Sarah, except in purple. “Marcello is a really sweet guy and I think you two will have a wonderful marriage!”

“That’s nice and all, but I don’t care,” Sarah deadpanned and Sydney’s eyes widened, “no, not about that. I care about that. I want to know what’s going on in the Days of Sydney’s and Dean’s Lives. You two have more drama than Roman and Marlena.”

“We came here together,” Sydney admitted, “and we’re committed to working things out. We had a nice long talk on the way here and Dean accepts Ian is my manager, though he’s not too thrilled about it. But he’s also no longer threatened by him.”

“He shouldn’t have been, anyway,” Sarah shrugged, “Ian cares more about your art than your relationship.”

“And he’s made that evidently clear,” Sydney replied, “but the show is in a few weeks so maybe I can convince Ian to let Dean back on the Ferguson property.”

“He will. If he wants to keep his number one artist happy, he will. What about the loft? Are you going to stay there?”

“For now, yes.” Sydney waited for the makeup artist to finish applying her lip color. “Dean’s going to buy it off Ian and give it to me so I can be on the deed.”

“Funny how it took another man buying you a loft to get Dean some much-needed Act Right in his system,” Sarah shook her head, “I wonder about men sometimes. They act like you’re never going anywhere and you’re always going to tolerate their shit until you leave. Funny how that works.”


Scoring Chance in the fifth book in the Breakaway series. It’ll be out this fall.

#ManicMonday: Power Play #nook #kindle #ebook #contemporary #romance #newadult

powerplay-mDean set the bouquet down, walked over to Sydney, and sat her down on the pool table. Their bodies were pressed together and she could feel his heart pounding through his chest. No matter how many times she’d seen him in his naked glory, there was something so spectacular about Dean. His muscular and broad chest that led down to strong legs. He was tanned, sun-kissed by God, but not obscenely gross. He was, by far, the most beautiful man Sydney had ever seen.

She moaned a little as his lips touched the hollow of her neck. His quick tongue flicked while his moistened lips lightly sucked her flesh. He gave her small kisses as he began to undress her, exposing her taut nipples to the coolness of the air conditioner. “You’re wearing too many clothes right now.”

A slick dampness formed between Sydney’s thighs as she felt Dean’s hardened shaft poking between them. Her mouth slightly opened, inviting him to take control and he didn’t hesitate, playing with her tongue and gently sucking on her bottom lip. “I need to talk to you, babe.” Sydney whispered. “It’s kinda important.”

“Oh?” Dean snuck in another kiss before he removed Sydney’s shirt. His mouth became greedy and hungry for her as his fingers became lost in her hair. “What is it?”

“I was thinking,” she snuck in a kiss, “we can do something that would make our wedding night hotter.”

“Ooh,” Dean caressed her arms, “I like the sound of that already. Do tell.”

“Well, I was thinking,” Sydney softly moaned as Dean dived into her neck, placing a series of heated kisses all over, “I was thinking we could become celibate.”

Dean immediately stopped kissing and stared at his fiancée. “Wait, what?”

“Hear me out, babe!” Sydney saw the worry in his eyes and had to act fast. Dean without sex was akin to a person without air. “Think of how romantic it would be?”

“Forced celibacy?” He made a face.

“That we waited for each other!” She pressed. “And how we have a bit of a courtship as we look forward to our wedding day!”

He nodded and Sydney thought he understood where she was going. “Wait, what?”

“We can cuddle.” She revealed a big smile. “We can Netflix and chill like my friends do!”

“Okay, Syd…Netflix and chill actually means…” Dean shook his head. “…never mind. Where did this come from?”

“Well, Jane suggested…”

Dean never cared for Jane and she reinforced why. “Of course she did.”

“She said she did it with her husband and it made them closer!” Sydney pulled him in for another smoldering kiss. “So what do you say?”

“Um…” Dean tried to think of the most polite way to say hell no to his fiancée without starting a fight. They averaged three times a week and even then he didn’t think it was enough. One time he was jonesing for her so bad, he flew her out to a city he was playing in so they could have sex and sent her back on the next flight home. He wasn’t a cad about it, though. When Sydney arrived home, there were dozens of roses waiting for her. “…when does this supposed celibacy start?”

“Not until it’s closer to our wedding day, silly!” She laughed. “We’ll start 30 days before.”

“30 days, huh?” Dean thought about the wedding. It was tentatively scheduled to happen in six months. “Great.” He laid her down on the pool table and nestled between her thighs. A hand found her heated sex and he inserted a finger inside, causing Sydney to gasp. “I have a lot of work to get in.”

His lips crushed her neck as he continued to play with her. Sydney placed her hand on top of his while he massage and quietly encouraging Dean to not stop. “We’re going to ruin this pool table…” She moaned.

“Like we haven’t numerous times, already?” He chuckled.

Power Play is available at the following locations here.

The next book in the Breakaway series will be out this fall.


#SnippetSunday: Beauty is Her Name #romance #newadult #wattpad

Beauty Is Her Name - medium

“…and real quick, let me give a shoutout to my girl, Beauty! Keep your head up, baby girl! You got this, aight? You got this! The whole world is praying for you!”

“….I just spoke with a representative of the Whalen family and she told me Bobby and Samantha are in good spirits despite the prognosis of Beauty. They hope she’ll wake up soon. They thank everyone around the world for their continued prayers and support…”

“…we just want to say we love you to Beauty! She’s one of our best friends and biggest supporters! When we first arrived on the scene, she wrote to us, and gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going. She really is beautiful….”

It had been a long and excruciating week for the Whalen family.

As Bobby and Samantha kept vigil at their daughter’s bedside at home, an investigation was launched by the LAPD regarding Beauty’s illness. All of the alcohol was tested, the servers’ backgrounds were checked, footage was reviewed numerous times.

Everything and everyone checked out.

Numerous tests came back clean and Beauty had no underlying illnesses. She was in perfect health.

Bobby walked into the room, kissed his wife’s temple, and rubbed her back. A commanding figure with dark hair, a matching soul patch, and muscular build, Bobby was used to getting everything his way. If he wanted something, he had it. If Beauty or Samantha desired anything, he moved mountains to make sure they had it.

Now all he wanted was for his only child to recover and it was something he wasn’t sure he could have.

“You need your rest, Sam,” his deep voice reverberated throughout the room, “you’ve been up all night.”

Samantha grabbed Bobby’s hand and kissed it. “I keep hoping this is a nightmare, you know? Like I’m going to wake up and find out this was just a cruel joke. And each time I wake up, it’s just one more reminder I can do something my baby girl can’t do right now.”

Bobby silently nodded. To say he didn’t feel the same way was an outright lie. “You need your rest, Sam. She’s depending on you.”

“I’ll go to sleep,” Samantha conceded and got up. “Wake me if there’s any change.”

Bobby gave his wife a sensual kiss and held her for a long time. “We’ve been through so much and we’ll get through this.”

“I hope so,” Samantha sniffled as she wiped a small tear. “I just don’t know what I would do without her.”

Bobby pulled away and thumbed Samantha’s tears away. “Hey, don’t think that. We’re going to find a cure for our baby girl and she’ll get better.”

“Promise?” She faintly smiled.

Bobby gave a small sigh. It was a useless promise and they both knew it. But they needed something to keep going. “Promise.” He kissed her again. “Now go. Get some rest.”

Samantha walked to her bedroom and sat down on the bed. She had a flurry of text messages but disregarded them as she held Beauty’s phone. The locked screen showed an old image of all of them together as they celebrated Beauty’s third birthday. Her daughter was so full of life and carefree even as a child and she didn’t change very much when she became an adult.

She just wanted her baby girl to be okay again.

A notification went off on Beauty’s phone and Samantha opened it. It was an e-mail from her mysterious pen pal.

From: ASwaggaCalledP

To: SlayingBeauty

Subject: (No Subject)

Hey B,

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I don’t know you’ll even get this. I don’t know if you’ll able to understand this even if you do get it.

I’m losing my mind here. I’ve followed every news story about you. I’ve watched Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Access Hollywood, and all those girly talk shows to get some sort of update on you. No one knows anything. It’s like you fainted and fell asleep. No one can understand it. Some have even coined you “Sleeping Beauty” because that’s what you’re doing; just asleep.

I am glad you’re not sick or otherwise ill. I just wish there was something I can do to help you and your family. Your parents seem like really good people who only want the best for you. Despite their wealth and status, they seem really humble. I see where you get it from.

Anyway, this is probably too long. Geez, I’m talking to you as if you’re still here. Well, you are but you know what I mean.

I guess this isn’t the appropriate time to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Yeah, I know saying I love you was supposed to be romantic and like in the movies but this will have to do for now. I hope I can tell you I love you in person.

Please wake up,


Samantha read the e-mail twice. She walked back into Beauty’s room and found Bobby holding their daughter’s hand. “Baby, there’s something you need to take a look at.”


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Beauty Is Her Name is Completed!! #newadult #free #contemporary #romance

Beauty Is Her Name - medium

It was such a challenge in writing a short story in just a short amount of time but it was so worth it. So again, promoting the heck out of this title, head on over to wattpad so you can read it. It’s absolutely free and all you need to do is sign up! That simple!

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Beauty Is Her Name COVER REVEAL

Normally, I wouldn’t do a cover reveal of a free short story but I love this so very much. My hubby really slays these covers, huh?

Beauty Is Her Name - medium

Again, it’s a FREE story on wattpad. I hope you’re enjoying it!

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Beauty Is Her Name #newadult #contemporary #romance #fairytale

Just a friendly reminder, my “clean-ish” modern-day fairytale romance is over at wattpad.




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#TeaserTuesday: Beauty is Her Name #newadult #contemporary #wattpad #romance

So, as I spoke before, I’m doing a clean-ish remake of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale over at wattpad. I just posted the first chapter so go check it out! It’ll be a very short story and will be completed, hopefully, this week!

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