#TeaserTuesday: H.E.R.



Love, honor, and respect.

The motto has maintained the Torres crime family for decades. It’s why they were always ten steps ahead of their adversaries. It’s also why they were the most-feared crime family in all of New York. It’s also why there was such a brotherhood between Pablo Torres, and his right-hand man/best friend, Clyde Lewis.

The two men formed a solid bond when their children became best friends, attending each other’s birthday parties, graduations, and other celebrations in a twenty-five year time span. The sons grew up to become mafia dons in their own right, controlling all of Harlem.

But all good things must end.

When an associate of the Torres’s mistakenly takes out a member of the Lewis family, all love, honor, and respect is thrown out of the window and is replaced with hate, disappointment, and revenge.

But what happens when the grandchildren of the rival families fall in love with each other?

H.E.R. is a series of small novellas dealing with revenge, true love, and if time really heals. It’s a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Unedited Snippet: 

When Roman turned back, Julia disappeared. His eyes searched for her all over the room. She seemingly vanished. “Damn it,” he cursed himself, “now I need to try to find her.”

“Find who?”

Roman slightly jumped and turned around. Staring at him with wide eyes and a bright smile was his new muse, Julia herself. Her face was completely made up and the bronze brought out the best in her rounded cheeks. She looked stunning. “You,” he gave a smile.

“Roman,” she returned his smile, “I’m so glad you came!” She leaned in and gave him a big bear hug.

Lord have mercy. The god sister who was a little nerdy, a little awkward, and a little unconventional grew up to become a grown-ass woman. She wore a simple, black dress with too loose spaghetti straps that kept falling down her bare shoulders. He suddenly wanted to kiss her just right there.

Julia was tall and her brown skin, a rich sepia color, shimmered beneath Roman’s skin. He felt his breath lodged in his throat when he wrapped his arms around her back. Jesus. She smelled like strawberries and mangoes. Suddenly, Roman was hungry for just that.

Roman wanted to think pure thoughts but feeling Julia’s breasts pressed against him made all X-rated fantasies suddenly appear. When she pulled away, he inwardly growled at the loss of her.

Roman suddenly reminded himself who he was and who Julia was. She was his god sister. He was her god brother. They were family. They grew up playing Sega Genesis and Crash Bandicoot. They had birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s together. They were each other’s first kiss.

Now all he wanted to do is pin her beneath him as he thrust into her, begging her to submit while she cried and begged him not to stop.

“It’s great to see you,” her voice was soft, yet smoky. “I’m glad you were finally able to come here, Mr. Fashion Designer. Big fan of yours, by the way. No one believes me when I tell them we used to play together.”

Roman felt his cheeks turn hot and beet red. He’d heard that compliment numerous times over the years yet it sounded different from Julia. He wanted to play with Julia, all right, and it wouldn’t be GTA V. “Vanessa was like a mother to me. I couldn’t miss this for anything.” He looked around and saw everyone was talking in their own groups. He suddenly had an idea. “Do you want to go somewhere private?”


“Gosh,” Julia dragged her bare feet along the sand at the nearby playground, “I haven’t been here in so long. I’m glad they still have this.”

“Remember how we used to play here all the time?” Roman chuckled. “You always were so mean to me in tag.”

“It’s not my fault, you couldn’t hang with the big kids,” she stuck out her tongue.

“You’re only eight months older than me. Only.” He shook a finger as he lightly swung. “Even though you often acted like my big sister.”

“I guess I was protective of you.” She glanced over at him. “Now I see I didn’t have any reason to be.”

A sensual air passed between the pair and Roman cleared his throat. “So, how’s L.A.?”

H.E.R. will be out later this  month.

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What About US is now LIVE!

What About Us 1400x2100


When Kristin Singletary moved to Atlanta, she thought she left her past behind. Her YouTube hair tutorial channel was blowing up, her hair and body care line was gaining even celebrity fans, and she’s a young mother to a toddler son.

Then, against her better judgment, she went to a wrestling show and saw him. It was then Kristin realized that maybe, her past had some unresolved issues.

Luke “Storm” Clayton is a force to be reckoned within the squared circle. A large fanbase of millions plus a budding acting career has made Storm one of the most sought-after men in the world.

Then he saw her. His muse. The one he let get away.

They say time heals all wounds but what heals time?

What About Us? is a novelette about second chances, old romance, and getting that old thang back.


It was a little after six in the morning when Kristin arrived back home.

It wasn’t her intention to stay with Luke as long as she did. She wanted to lie and said it wasn’t her intention to sleep with him again but it was bullshit. Shit to the bull. The moment she saw him at the convention center and the subtle ‘fuck me’ eye exchanges to each other told her everything.

As she pulled into her garage and turned off the engine, Kristin sat in silence. The cardinal rule was broken. Things were better between them now. Things were actually worse in other ways. At some point, her and Luke were going have to have a Come to Jesus meeting about their relationship but it was too soon for that.

She leaned forward and draped herself over the steering wheel as soft flashbacks struck her.

“God, I missed this pussy,” he moaned before his tongue dove into her. He flickered his tongue, suckling on her clit, and felt her cunt quiver beneath his mouth. The way she smelled, the way she tasted, could drive a sober man to drink.

The wetter she became, the harder Luke’s grow grew. He needed to be inside her, to feel her tightness wrapped around his cock again, to have her scream his name.

“I’m going to come,” she cried and moments later, her body shook, and twisted all over the bed.

Luke climbed up to Kristin and pressed his body against hers. He softly kissed her, letting her taste her own juices from his lips and tongue. He adjusted his position and slid his shaft inside her tight heat.

“Fuck,” he felt her clamp down hard on his cock, suckling along the girth.

“Luke!” Kristin moaned as she clawed at him.

“Cinnamon, baby.” He whispered in her ear as he drove into her. He trailed his tongue from her ear to her neck, increasing his tempo as she softly moaned and clawed at his back. Luke gathered Kristin’s legs, held them against the headboard, thrust hard into her.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

“Yeah, fuck me is absolutely right,” Kristin shook her head. It was perfect. From the moment he mounted her to the various position changes to Luke fucking her so hard, they banged the headboard against the wall. He was rough when he needed to be and gentle when she wanted him. They interlaced fingers when he was on top of her and again, it was her turn to ride him.

She let out another sigh. She always got into the most precarious relationships with troubled men. It was like there was a magnet on her forehead that glared out, ‘I will fix your problems for just a good dickdown’ and they all came running to her. They all were very different. They all, however, were very much alike. They were broken in some form and she often played therapist in addition to girlfriend.

As much as she wanted to blame the men, Kristin also knew she was the culprit. She was the common denominator in all of the relationships. Self-awareness could be a motherfucker at times, knocking a person cold on their behind as reality delivered blow after blow.

Truth was, she’d never eradicated Luke out of her system, not with their storied history. Only a few close people knew and the number was less than a hand count. Not even her exes knew out of fear loose lips would ruin Luke’s reputation more than hers. She felt an innate need to protect him more than the others.

She wondered what was going to happen between them now that something big happened. Making love one time might have been a mistake, but they went at it four times. That was officially a habit.

“No, not anymore and not again,” she shook her head. There were at different parts of their lives now and they wouldn’t fit in each other’s worlds.

They were too different.

They were very much the same.

Kristin quickly got out of her car and quietly entered her home. She checked on Ethan, who slept with Farrah in the guest room. Kristin went to her bedroom, shed her clothes and got underneath the sheets. She had a few hours of sleep before Ethan woke up and even though it wouldn’t be enough, it would have to do.

Maybe she could sleep Luke out of her system.


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#SexySunday: Untitled #newadult #romance

Photo by Jacob Culp on Unsplash
She slowly opened her eyes upon recognition of his voice. No, she would never forget his voice. It warmed her spirit like a sunny day. She could remember how he would nibble on her earlobe as he wrapped his legs and arms around her as they laid in bed, engulfing her frame with his massive one. She easily remembered as he kept moaning it over and over as she laid underneath him.
Kristin’s body felt every syllable of the word cinnamon and for a brief moment, her knees buckled. He was the only man that called her that and the only man she would ever allow to say that name to her. He gave the nickname because her complexion reminded him of the spice.
A man she hadn’t seen in well over five years could still affect her like they saw each other the day before.
“Luke,” his voice came out like a harsh breath on a cold day. Her heart slammed against her chest and it seemed the earth stood still.
He was back, though she wondered, had he ever left.
She knew what their relationship was and never pursued anything more of it. They made a clean break from each other years ago and completely swore off all contact. Now he was in front of her and his eyes demanded answers she didn’t quite have.
“Cinnamon,” his deep voice blanketed her heart like a summer breeze, “I was wondering if you would be here.”
Kristin gave a nervous chuckle and briefly looked away before meeting his gaze again. Damn it. She shouldn’t have done that. His brown eyes sparkled with a bit of mischief. Long, wavy golden brown locks cascaded against his neck.
He stood well over six feet tall and was pure muscle. Not bulky like a bodybuilder, but not too trim, neither. He had a quiet masculinity about him that made him a man’s man.
The type to drink beer, chop down trees, and listen to hard and fast music. He spent most of his spare time outdoors, exploring the earth, traveling, and even camping in weird and exotic places.
Luke was rather…perfect.
He had energy and drive about him that only CEOs could rival. If something wasn’t available, he would find a way. If a door was closed, he went through the window. He created opportunities when none were given.
It was why he was a box-office draw. It was why he had a top-rated show on cable television. It was why men wanted to be just like him, and women who wanted to be underneath him.
Luke Clayton aged like a fine wine and probably tasted just as delicious.
No, no, NO!
Kristin was not going to do that. She was not going to think that. She was not going to imagine him hovering over her, staring into her eyes as he thrust into her. She was not going imagine him forcefully pulling her body down on his as he told her to “take this dick.” She was not going to imagine the numerous times she sat on her sofa as he practiced the alphabet on her sex then fucked her into oblivion.
She was not going to waste her time.
She was going to be like a normal woman and just wait until she got home and play with her battery-operated boyfriend. “Here I am.”
New novelette coming this week. Still working on a title. 

#SexySunday: Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III)


The famous rapper, Khia, always says to ‘Get Money, Bitch!’

Now I finally understand what she means.

As I become more engrossed into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, traveling all over the world, laughing at quirky Friends references even though I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, and introduced to how the one percent really lives, I’ll finally realize what it’s really like to be so rich, you downplay the wealth.

I also realize what it’s like to be so rich, you might forget who you are and where you come from.

I don’t want it all. Hell, I don’t even want the majority of it, though I wouldn’t mind having the latest Chanel clutch that is guaranteed to take me to the Promised Land. But I do want something that will ensure we’re on as even of a playing field as we could be.

And if Ian won’t give me that, I will have to walk away.

Nobody puts Domi in a corner.


Ian walks over to a nearby drawer and grabs a blindfold. He slides it over my eyes. “Now you won’t be so distracted.”

I gulp. I only hear my pounding heartbeat and the sound of the AC. I’m getting performance anxiety and this isn’t good. “I need music,” I say. “I can’t do this on my own without anything.”

“Any requests?” He answers.

“Something slow and sexy,” I reply, “something that would make my hands perform.”

Ian chuckles. “It’s not a performance, angel. If you can’t do this, I’ll be glad to help you.” He turns on some music and I’m pleased to hear “Father Figure.” “Is this a good a choice?”

The song describes our relationship to a tee. I’m not sure if that was an intentional choice on Ian’s part. “That’ll work. Thank you, baby.”

I feel the synthesizer and keyboard permeate my body, followed by the haunting bass line that reminds me of a heartbeat. I forget Ian is in the room as my hands explore my body like never before.

My breasts are pillow-soft and full. My nipples are hardened from just thinking about what I’m going to do. My tummy is a little round, but not flabby. My mound has a small patch of hair on it. My pussy is warm, wet, and eager.

I spread my legs and bare myself all to Ian. He’s never seen me like this nor have I ever been like this. So open and so wide, as he watches me.

My fingers are clumsy and shake a little. Am I really doing this? Is this really happening? How would I know how to rub myself just right? What if my nails hurt when I insert them?

The song’s chorus stirs something inside of me and I feel my pearl peeking through my wet slit. I take two fingers to my lips and briefly wet them, lightly sucking on them before taking them back down to my sex.

I circle around it and my body responds, by first a soft jerk, then relaxation. My fingers quickly work to keep up with the haste tempo of the chorus. My body rides the wave of ecstasy building inside me.

My free hand caresses my other body parts, working its way up to my nipples and softly pinches both of them. I slightly bite my finger before I insert it inside my mouth, pretending it’s Ian delicious cock.

Pressure billows my core as heat spreads throughout my body. This orgasm is coming hard and fast. My mouth gasps and soft moans come out as I don’t try to control them. My body begins to shudder and shake as my fingers circle faster and faster.

The orgasm rips through my body like a harsh current. I scream at the top of my lungs, as my body is lightly covered with sweat and collapse back down on the bed. It’s another out of body experience for me and I’m completely spent.

Ian joins me on the bed and kisses my forehead just as the song ends.


Tomorrow, everywhere.

Not About That Life

To read the first sample chapters, click here.

#TeaserTuesday: Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III)

Walking into the penthouse this time around is different. The air is thin. I’m a bit lightheaded but steady. My stomach is coiled up into tight knots and my legs are a bit wobbly.

Tonight, Ian wanted to practice on me. BDSM.

I’ll admit I don’t know squat about it other than what I’ve read in a few ebooks and the movie. What I do know is that when Ian tied my wrists behind my waist and fucked me from behind, I couldn’t get enough of it.

I guess a part of me liked feeling helpless as I begged him to not stop fucking me. A part of me loved relinquishing that control, exchanging the power, and submitting to him completely.

Hmm…maybe I am a submissive?

There’s not a question on whether I like it – he’s already tested the waters with spanking me and tying me up – now he wants to go further. Am I really ready for it? Can I handle it?

We just have to see. Find out on the next episode of Young, Loaded, and Kinky.

I don’t know why I’m scared. I guess it’s that weird feeling of the unknown. You want to take the first toe dip into the water to see how warm it is before you dive in. You want to see if your body can withstand the coldness of the water or it’ll be just too much.

That’s where I was – dipping my toe into a pool of the unknown.

I remove my shoes as I enter the foyer and am immediately greeted by the sounds of Teddy Pendergrass. I’m legit surprised Ian knows about him. Then again, this same man declared his love for Diary of a Mad Band so I can’t be too surprised by anything he does anymore.

I search for him, knowing he’s nearby. I don’t see him, but I feel him. I feel his energy, his presence, and his love. My eyes follow the trail of rose petals and candlelight to the open French doors leading to the wide and spacious balcony that overlooks Los Angeles.

I don’t think I can ever get used to this.

Ian slowly turns around and he’s still dressed in the same casual outfit from before. His eyes are softened to a sky blue and he pours a glass of champagne as I greet him. “Angel,” the word barely comes out as a whisper.

He wraps his arm around me and gives me a deep, bear hug. The type of hug that only your lover could give you. The type that says, ‘I’ll forever protect you and honor you.’ He looks down at me and just smiles as he mouths along to the lyrics. “You’re more beautiful than the Mona Lisa…”

I immediately take the glass and set it aside. I forcefully grab Ian by his neck and pull him down to my level. My lips are hungry for his and my tongue is anxious to play. I know he had romance in mind but sometimes a girl just needs to be fucked. And hard.

What Ian did for me tonight was just too beautiful and I’m ready to give him this work.


Not About That Life will be out the week of August 15th.

#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way III

“You never tried masturbating?”

I felt his words in my core, the heat in my belly, and the intensity of his blue eyes as they focused on mine. I’m not ashamed I’d never done it; I’m sure a lot of women haven’t.

I grew up with the thought of doing so was unpure, nasty, and potentially harmful. Classy and educated women didn’t masturbate. Those who did would be out in the streets, jumping at anything that walked past them. I didn’t want to bring shame to my family or somehow destroy the Kimbrough name by doing so, so I’d never attempted.

It wasn’t that I wanted to. I read enough trashy e-books to get my fill there and very few of them had the heroine masturbating, so I thought women just didn’t do it. Those who did do it, were sex experts. I was definitely not that.

Ian was willing to teach me everything he knew and then some. I had no reason to be afraid and for some odd reason, I felt a bit empowered by his boldness. “No, I haven’t,” I quietly answered.

“I want you to,” his voice matched mine. “Now. In front of me.”

I swallowed. Twice. “Now?”

“You liked it when I did it to you, yes?” He asked. “I want to see what you look like when you give yourself that same pleasure.” He stands behind me and slowly unzips the gown. He pulls down my body, caressing it along the way and helps me step out of it.

Ian slowly removes the expensive La Perla thong but leaves the pantyhose and garter belt on me, along with the bra. I feel the coldness of the air conditioning on my heated sex, and my body responds. Desire races throughout my body like a maze, and unrelenting pleasure takes over. I look at him through the full-length mirror in our bedroom, and his intense eyes are fixated on mine.

He’s not just watching me; he’s studying my reaction, my every movement, and bidding his time on what he should do next. He wants me to become more open for him, more exposed and vulnerable. To be willing and eager for the experience, no matter how scary it could be.

We’ve played the roles since we’ve been a part of each other’s lives – he leads and I follow. Except now, he wants me to lead. He wants me to show him where it feels good. He wants me to show him how I give myself pleasure, how I make my toes curl, how I can myself scream out in orgasm.

Could I? Could I really do such an intimate act?

“You knew what you were doing, though.” I weakly reply.

The thought frightens me. It sounds silly to think I had no problem doing a pole dance in front of millions around the world. I share a bit of my world on Instagram every day. But the thought of masturbating…doing such a private act in front of my lover? I don’t know.

Ian kisses the back of my legs and I go weak as they softly buckle. He wraps his arms around my body to keep me from falling as he moves upward. He places two small kisses on each cheek before moving to the small of my back. His tongue traces up my spine and finally and the small of my neck, my weak spot.

“No, I didn’t,” he purrs in my ear, and softly nibbles on it. I close my eyes and lean back against him while his hands slither all over my body. “I didn’t know if you would like me playing with your pussy. I do, now.” He stops kissing my ear and my eyes open. I meet his eyes in the mirror staring back at us. His right hand travels to my sex and cups it, feeling the soft thumping against his palm. “What are you afraid of?”


The third installment will be out next month.

#FlashFriday: Feeling Some Type of Way III

“I need to learn how to deep throat but I’m daunted by Ian’s size,” I begin, “each time I try to go deeper, I end up gagging.”

“You need to learn how to relax,” Zerrin’s voice was smooth as melted butter on a warm biscuit, “it’s not a race to the finish. It’s like eating a lollipop when you were little. You didn’t rush to finish it. You wanted to enjoy it as much as you could, right?”

She’s right. The difference is, however, I only dealt with Tootsie Pops. I never had to deal with one the size of a cucumber. “I guess I need to watch more porn and get an idea.”

“Porn helps,” Zerrin nods, “but I think watching another couple will also help you.” She softly blinks at me.

Is she…? Am I going to…? Oh shit… “Huh?”

“I need to ask Sir if it’s okay with Him, but I don’t see why He would turn down a teaching moment.” She softly smiles. “Would you and Ian be okay watching us?”

My mouth felt cottony and I swallowed a few times. Zerrin is the epitome of God Herself with her long braids, dark skin, and thick but toned body. Nick, with his Mediterranean devilish looks and muscular frame, would make any woman drop to her knees.

And I get to watch them fuck? Oh hell yeah! “I wouldn’t mind. I doubt Ian would, either.” I quietly reply though I’m totally marking the hell out inside.

“It’ll be intense,” she quietly poured the tea, “you might have to watch us a few times to get the idea of what it’s like being a submissive to a Dom. It’s nothing like you’ve read in the books and seen in the movies. There’s a lot of power exchange that has nothing to do with sex. In fact, sex is a very small part of it.”

It sounds intriguing, I’ll silently admit. It still sounds very daunting. “I get the feeling this wouldn’t be the first time Ian has participated in BDSM.”

Zerrin softly chuckles and places petite fours on small plates for us. “What has Ian told you about his past?”

I slightly shrug. “The generic. Many partners, threesomes, he’s dabbled in BDSM.”

Zerrin’s eyes sparkle with intrigue. “Dabbled, huh?”

My eyebrows rise. Oh? “He lied about his BDSM involvement?”

“This is probably not my place to say but I’m willing to take the punishment because I’m looking out for your best interest,” Zerrin hands me the plate of treats, “Ian’s considered one of the best Doms in the world, Dominique. If you want to get technical with it, he’ll be considered within the top five.”

If I wasn’t sitting down, I would’ve fell off any seat. The top five? Oh Em Gee.

It explains why Ian didn’t tell go into great detail about his sexual history. He probably didn’t want to scare me. To be honest, I might have been a bit intimidated but I think I would’ve gladly gone along for his hard and thick ride. When I am not horny?

So much I want to ask. So much I want to explore! I loved it when Ian tied my hands behind my back as he fucked me from behind. I loved it when he slapped my ass. I love he wants to teach me more things about my body.

I want him to pull my hair, lightly choke me, tie me up, spank me until my ass is nice and pink, and force-feed me his cock until I gag. I want him to take me to the brink of an orgasm, only to deny me of it because I need to be taught a lesson. I want to watch more couples. I want other couples to watch us.

Okay, I think I need to change my name from Domi to Horny because apparently, this is a new me.

As all of this is running through my mind, I politely take a bite of one of the petit fours and softly chew it as the chocolate cream melts in my mouth. “Oh, I see.”


Saint Nick returns…

The yet-to be titled third book in the Feeling Some Type of Way series will be out in a few weeks. It’ll be available everywhere.

#TeaserTuesday: Bad and Bougie (Feeling Some Type of Way II) #romance #contemporary #newadult


I’m almost tempted to ask him exactly how wealthy the Fergusons are. Actually, to hell with temptation. I’ll just go ahead and ask. “How rich is your family, baby?”

“Short answer, I don’t know.” He casually replies. “Long answer, I can’t even fathom how much we have.”

It’s an honest answer and I have to be content with it. They own so many properties all over the world, Ian’s probably right that he doesn’t know. I don’t know why I care so much about his money. I never cared about this before.

Then again, we never had an issue of a prenup prenup.

“So, is this mine to keep? Forever? Forever ever? Forever ever?” I not-so patiently ask.

Ian’s eyes narrow at mine. “Outkast…”

“It’s a reference to Outk…” I suddenly stop as I realized Ian knows who I’m talking about for once. “What you know about Outkast?”

“Not much.” He admits. “I just remember that one video they did with that one gorgeous woman and I damn near lost my mind.”

I search my brain for an idea. “The Way You Move?”

“I think that’s the one. All I remember she wore a bikini and heels and I was like, ‘That should be the standard for any woman.’”

I chuckle. “You’re such a misogynist.”

“No, not really. I’m honest.” He replies. “Her body type made me realize I like my women…” His eyes slowly undress me. “…thick.”

I audibly sigh to keep the temperature from reaching a boiling point. “You’re going to make me blow you in this car.”

“I most certainly hope so,” he grins.



Ian has great taste in women…

Bad and Bougie will be out on June 23rd.

#SundaySnippet: Bad and Bougie (Feeling Some Type of Way II)


Now is the biggest test – actually sucking him off. I clearly can’t get all of him inside my mouth at this moment and I’m not about to attempt. But I want to see how far I can go and if I could make him come.

I kiss the mushroom tip and taste his essence that spilled out. Salty and unique. I’ve never tasted come before so I don’t know what to expect. I would definitely say it’s an acquired taste. I can see why all those porn stars spit that shit out.

I open wide and clasped my mouth around the head as I lower myself down. I try to remember the notes Adrienne gave me. I try to remember how Vanessa Del Rio did it when I watched her videos.

I take another inch inside and to my surprise, I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’m actually enjoying this. I feel Ian’s eyes on me but I’m afraid to look up because again, I’m trying to remember all 50-11 things running through my head and seeing him might break my concentration.

Is he enjoying this? How long am I supposed to do this? Am I playing with his balls enough?

No biting. No teeth unless I know for sure what I’m doing. Slow suction. Hard and fast at moments. Use hands if I get tired. Use my tongue if my mouth gets tired.

Too many fucking things to remember just to suck dick!



Bad and Bougie will be out June 23rd.

#FlashFriday: Bad and Bougie – Feeling Some Type of Way II #newadult #romance

I look up and lock eyes with Ian.

I freeze for a split second as we read each other. He’s holding tumbler full of brown liquid. He’s still fully dressed but gone was the quiet anger from before. Instead, his lips have a smirk to them. His eyes sparkle like if he’s happy to see me.

He doesn’t say a word; he just sits down at the sofa across from me. He wants to watch me. I’m the distraction he needs and I’m glad to be that for him.

I find the resolve to continue my impromptu dance and climb back onto the pole. I slowly kick my legs as if I’m riding a bicycle before I bend over and twirl around, only the strength of my thighs keeping me from falling.

I slowly slide to the bottom head first, almost reaching the floor but never touching it. I grab the pole with both hands and spread my legs apart, closing them like a fan and re-opening them. I hold one leg to my face and twirl around to face Ian, once again locking eyes with him. It’s an invitation to him to do whatever he wants to me tonight or forever, for that matter.

I ease myself down onto the floor. It’s a bit cold yet my body quickly warms it up. Ian’s eyes are still on mine and I move my body against the floor, circling it with my body, desperate to feel his touch all over me.

Ian finishes his drink and slouches back on the sofa. He approvingly nods and is still silent. He slowly moves two fingers towards him, beckoning me to stop dancing and I’m happy to oblige.

Keeping my eyes on Ian, I crawl to him. It’s a sign of submission and respect. I’m telling him for tonight, he’s in control. My body, his command. Whatever he wants and however he wants it, I’m willing to do. It’s something we both understand and respect without saying a word.

When I reach him, I undo his dress pants and his hardened shaft jumps out at me. I slowly ease myself up and he helps me. Ian reaches up my cocktail dress and pulls down my panties and I step out of them. He hoists my dress around my waist and pulls me down on his lap.

Our lips slowly kiss each other. Deliberate. Methodical. Intense. It’s not just sex between us now and we both know it. We’re exchanging energy. I’m taking away his pain and frustration. In return, he’s giving me nothing but pleasure and love.

I’m already aroused when I ease myself down on him. I gasp at the thickness and wonder if I could really take all of him. Ian kisses my neck and caresses my back as I pulsate around him. He knows this is new for me, for us, and he’s willing to be a patient teacher.


Bad and Bougie will be out in two weeks, on June 23rd. Cover reveal coming soon.