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Cover artist is my hubby. 🙂

Blow by Blow III will be out in late October.

Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse Photos, Pt. II (Definitely NSFW)

Again, these are NSFW. Just WOW!




The rest of these pictures are just Vanessa by herself. She had quite the body back in the day:

And yes, in case you’re wondering, there is a part III to this series. She loved being naked back in the day.

Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse Photos, Pt. 1 (DEFINITELY NSFW)

So a while ago, I posted a sneak peek of Vanessa Williams’ infamous nude photos that cost her the Miss America crown back in 1984. If you need a refresher, click here.

Since those photos have been one of the highest viewed posts on the blog, I decide to give the viewers what they want: the full photo shoot. Now, I must warn you, these photos are very explicit.



Lord have mercy…

Vera Short: The Show, Part IV (NSFW)

The worst thing about the unknown is the feeling everyone knows a secret but you. Trina was there.

She stood in the center of the room, staring at the empty spotlight before her. Whoever that Tamran chick was had no respect for time or other people’s feelings, Trina bristled. But that was part of the game. Trina was the newcomer, the virgin. She shuddered at the thought. Was she really doing all of this shit? Was she really standing there?

What the fuck was she thinking?

Anticipation soon became annoyance and frustration. Standing still in five-inch stilettos was making her feet hurt. She found her throat was exceptionally thirsty despite having two glasses of champagne earlier. Come on, where is she? Trina soon got her answer.

The middle of the dance floor opened up and a long silver pole appeared. Trina instantly recognized it. Stripper pole. It was a stripper’s lifeline as much as stiletto heels. A thundering bass line reverberated throughout the room. And then she appeared.

She was an older woman, probably in her 40s. She had long, auburn hair that softly swayed.  She wore a dress that left very little to the imagination with high slits up her thick thighs and a deep V-cut which guaranteed she wouldn’t make too many sudden movements.  But it was her heat that made everyone stood still. She owned the room from the moment she appeared. Tamran was an amazon.

From the first sight, Tamran already knew breaking Trina in was going to be fun. She just hoped she wasn’t too rough for the virgin. “You’re Trina,” her voice was soft but authoritative.

Trina swallowed hard and started to look behind her but felt her head suddenly heavy and frozen. “…yes.”

Tamran slowly walked to Trina, stalking her like a cat. She circled around the young woman at least five times before she stopped behind her. Trina felt Tamran’s eyes pierce through her soul. She had probably seen other women like Trina. They were probably just as brazen. They all probably have been shut down just as bad.

Trina suddenly felt a pair of hand snake around her waist. “Don’t worry, baby,” Tamran whispered, “this will only hurt just a little.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Trina’s voice unintentionally cracked.

Tamran slid her hands up Trina’s arms. “Everything,” she purred.  She cued the music. It was a song Trina wasn’t familiar with but would later discover to be Tina Turner’s “Whole Lotta Love.” Eventually, it became one of her favorite songs for other reasons. Tamran led Trina to the stripper pole and made her lean against it. She pressed her index finger against Trina’s.

“Enjoy,” she mouthed.

Trina clutched onto the stripper pole. She was no longer scared but quite intrigued. Still, it was the fear of the unknown in front of a room full of people that still didn’t sit well with her. She took a deep breath and let her body relax. After the past hour of back and forth, she needed this. Whatever “this” was.

Trina looked up and locked eyes with Tamran. The older woman became an instant goddess within seconds. Tamran rocked her body to the rhythm slowly as the emotion poured over her. She closed her eyes while her hands roamed her body. She felt her breasts, spread her legs and ran her hands over her pussy.

Trina stood in awe, completely hypnotized. Good. It was exactly what Tamran wanted. Within seconds, Tamran’s eyes opened and her clothing peeled off her body. Her physique was of a mythical goddess with thick curves.  Her breasts were about a full B-cup Trina guessed. But it was Tamran’s ass and thighs that caught Trina’s attention. They were delicious. They were heavenly. They were soon wrapped around her waist.

Everything happened so fast, Trina felt she was in a rollercoaster. Her head was spinning with emotion. Her body was overwhelmed with heat and desire. Her head was tilted back as she felt Tamran’s tongue assault her lips then her neck. She was so turned on she didn’t realize Tamran had completely undressed her. The only thing Trina was wearing were her stiletto heels.

Tamran’s hands explored every part of Trina’s body from her breasts to her thighs. But it was Trina’s landing strip on her pussy that caught Tamran’s attention. Too many women were shaving it all off and Tamran longed for the days of peach pussy fuzz. Unbeknownst to Trina, she made Tamran’s wish come true.

To be continued…

A Vera Short: The Show, Pt. III (NSFW)

“Trina,” their escort extended her hand, “we’re ready for you.”

Trina turned to look at Darryl who nodded in agreement. He planned this for how long? “Ready for what?”

“You’ve come this far,” the escort encouraged, “you can decide if you want to participate or not. It would be silly if you didn’t.”

“That sounds like a threat,” Trina shot back. The escort smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind Trina’s ear. She walked up to Trina and stood inches from her. Their lips were touching and the heat between the women steadily rose. “Think of it more as a promise, if you will…”

“You talk a lot of a shit for a girl,” Trina replied. Even though the heat between her legs were telling a different tale, she couldn’t let the escort know that.

“Sweetheart, I’m not that much younger than you. You may beat me in age but it’s a fucking guarantee I can make your head spin when it comes to experience.” The escort’s admission made Trina quickly shut up.  “I talk a lot of shit, yes,” the escort grinned, “and you know and I both know I can back that shit up in a heartbeat.”

“I didn’t come here to see a goddamn lecture for fuck’s sake!” A male voice shouted from above.

The younger escort looked up and pointed at the man. “And you won’t see anything else tonight, either,” she directed security to promptly remove the man.

Trina was astounded. What was going on there? Who was that young woman? Did she really have that power and influence?

“My house,” the younger escort seemed to have read Trina’s mind, “my rules.” Her focus turned back to Trina. “Are you going to play or leave?”

Trina felt the weight of the entire mansion on her shoulders. There was an unspoken pressure on her to participate. Truth to be told, she wanted to play. The moment she stepped foot inside, she wanted to watch, encourage others, and maybe participate. She and Darryl flirted with exhibitionism in the past by having sex outdoors and Trina wearing next to nothing on some dates. She considered herself the freakiest of her girlfriends and was proud of that fact.

Maybe she talked a lot of shit.

Trina’s mind flashed back to the countless number of times she had told her girlfriends to try something and why they were ‘pussying out’ on exploring their sexuality. How the tables have turned. The kettle calling the pot, she thought.

Clearly, everyone who was in the room had to have been a newcomer at one point or another; it was an exclusive club. Trina wanted to have sex but doing it in front of  fifty people watching her was more than a little intimidating.  She felt like she was being singled out and her cheeks were on fire from embarrassment.

But if she didn’t perform in front of everyone, her time at the mansion was going to be incredibly short. It was her initiation night and Trina felt like a virgin all over again. “I’ll play.”

The younger escort smiled. “Good girl. Correct answer,” she brought Trina to the middle of the floor where the spotlight was. “Wait here. Tamran will be up shortly.” She disappeared into the shadows.

Tamran? Trina began to think. Who the fuck is Tamran?

To be continued…

A Vera Short: The Show, Part II (NSFW)

The mansion was something Trina imagined she only saw in movies. The dark and mysterious hallway with faint candle lighting. The chilly and inexplicable breeze that seemed to come out of nowhere. The uneasy feeling of someone always watching her every step. It was creepy and Trina silently thanked God Darryl was with her.

But it was the sounds that fucked up Trina’s mind. The moans, coos, and screams that made Trina hot. It was one thing to watch porn at home; it was completely different to watch live sex in front of her. Should I participate or just watch, she silently wondered. On top of everything, Trina was particularly mad she had to wear that silly mask. It was giving her tunnel vision. Little did Trina realize it would come in handy later that evening. “Where are we going?” she finally asked.

The young woman smiled. “We’re almost there.”

Trina walked briskly down the hall. She didn’t realize how cold the mansion was until she saw her breath. She quickly rubbed her hands up and down her arms to get just a bit of warmth in them.

“You won’t notice the chill later,” the younger woman appeared to have eyes in the back of her head, “in fact, you’ll be thankful the place is so cold.” She suddenly stopped at a curtain and appeared to turn around in slow motion. “We’re here.”

Trina looked behind the young woman. There wasn’t a door in sight. “Where are we?”

The younger woman pulled the curtains back. “We’re at the show…”

Behind the curtains was a large room that appeared to be a stage.  There was a big spotlight shining down in the center of the room.  Guests were lined up against the wall in various states of undress from completely nude to partially dressed.  Their faces were stoic and appeared focused just on the spotlight as if they were attending a lecture or a study.

Trina looked around the room and tried to contain her emotion, not wanting to look like the odd woman out with her mouth gaping open. But her mind couldn’t stop racing. Where were they? Who are these people? How long had Darryl known about this place? What other secrets was he keeping from her? So many questions and Trina contemplated how badly she wanted to know the answers. She quickly concluded some things were left best as rhetorical questions.

“Trina,” their escort extended her hand, “we’re ready for you.”

Trina turned to look at Darryl who nodded in agreement. He planned this for how long? “Ready for what?”

“You’ve come this far,” the escort encouraged, “you can decide if you want to participate or not. It would be silly if you didn’t.”

“That sounds like a threat,” Trina shot back.

The escort smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind Trina’s ear. She walked up to Trina and stood inches from her. Their lips were touching and the heat between the women steadily rose. “Think of it more as a promise, if you will…”

To be continued…

Vera Vision—Lady Cab Driver, Pt. II

In her years as a cab driver, Natalia had seen some pretty freaky shit going on in her cab. Drug use, fights, sexual play; you name it, she saw it at least twice. Some very famous people had ridden in her cab and she was almost embarrassed to admit she took them to the places that got them in the headlines the next morning. It was then Natalia realized she had to keep her emotions at home when it came to driving a cab. It was already bad enough to be a female cabbie in a world full of men. Concentrate on the job and getting the money, worry about stuff later, she told herself. But when she was offered a chance to view a lesbian sex show, well, that was new.

The fact she was still getting paid for it just made her day. She was already going to make a bit of money just taking the women to their destination. With the meter running as they performed their show for her, Natalia was already planning out what bills she as going to pay. She was going to get a show she would never forget and quite frankly, wouldn’t want to. Seeing live sex was nothing new to her; having a bonus to see it was quite exciting.

Natalia pulled into a secluded alleyway and parked the car. She turned off the lights and kept the engine running. “Here we are,” she spoke quietly without turning around.

Lisa handed Natalia a plug. “Can you put this in the auxiliary plug right there?” She motioned to the stereo.

Natalia grabbed the cord and put it in the auxiliary plug. “Alright,” she wasn’t sure if it was okay for her to turn around.

Alex softly laughed at Natalia’s shyness. “It’s okay to turn around.”

“Yeah,” Lisa chimed in, “we’re just horny lesbians.”

Natalia smiled at her own naïveté and adjusted her position so she was sitting sideways. She turned to face the women who acknowledged her before turning the focus on themselves. Lisa’s legs were spread open and her wet pussy was exposed. Her legs kept twisting from side to side, possibly to control the rising heat that was forming in between them. Alex rubbed her hands over Lisa’s nipples and gently twisted them, causing an ‘ooh’ to emit from Lisa’s mouth.

“Look at me,” Alex demanded.

Lisa blinked once and looked into her lover’s orbs. Her heat completely took over her body and she couldn’t even think straight. She simply nodded as a ‘yes’ and let her girlfriend do whatever she wanted. For Alex, it was the signal she needed. She turned on the iPod to Nine Inch Nails and powered on the OhMiBod vibrator. She smoothed the vibrator over Lisa’s throbbing clit lightly, just enough to give her a taste of what was to come. Lisa’s body twitched due to the motion. No longer was she concerned about Natalia; Lisa just wanted to get fucked.

“Enough with this teasing shit,” she breathed, “just fuck me already.”

A smug grin formed across Alex’s lips. She had her girlfriend exactly where she had her. It was now officially show time for Natalia. Holding the iPod in her hand, Alex turned the song to Nine Inch Nails “Closer.” It was the couple’s favorite sexy song and it was about to become memorable for another reason. The sensual bass line reverberated throughout the tiny cab, almost drowning Lisa’s moans as Alex inserted the vibrator inside her.

Because the OhMiBod was attached to the iPod, it vibrated to the music. Alex suckled on Lisa’s tits as she moved the vibrator inside her girlfriend faster. Her free hand concentrated on Lisa’s clit, bouncing between a flickering and rubbing motion. Lisa’s body began to shudder and her breathing became sporadic. The feeling started in her thighs, a gentle shaking and spread to the pit of her stomach. Her murmurs soon turned into loud moans, almost competing with the music.

“Oh my God…I’m…I’m coming…”she moaned.

A few more flicks of Alex’s fingers and Lisa came all over her girlfriend’s fingers and the OhMiBod. She quickly brushed Alex’s fingers away from her very sensitive clit. Alex quickly pulled out the vibrator and turned it off along with the iPod. She leaned over and kissed her girlfriend, stopping to ask if she was okay. Lisa was still reeling from her orgasm but nodded she was. Alex then turned her attention to Natalia.

“How much do we owe you?” She asked.

Natalia was blown away by what she witnessed. She had never seen something so erotic and was slightly embarrassed she noticed her panties became wet. “I think I should pay you instead….”

A treat for today…

I love Vanessa Williams. She’s a great singer and actress and I have to admit, I do aspire to be like her. But before she became the class act we all know like below:

She was on the freaky-deeky tip….like this:

Her famous (or should I say infamous) Penthouse pose that cost her the Miss America crown back in 1984. But I do believe she did pretty well for herself (albums, movies, TV), so don’t feel too bad for her. 🙂

Vera Vision—Lady Cab Driver


  “Have you ever watched two women get off?” Alex asked the cab driver, Natalie.

    “On porn,” the shy cabbie replied.

    “Wanna have your first experience with it being live?” Lisa asked.

    Natalie’s night started off normally. She picked up a few customers and followed his normal routine. Nothing was out of the ordinary and seemed unusual. However, it was a special stop to pick up a party from Sapphire’s, a well-known strip club, which made her night unforgettable. Even her cab buddies thought she was full of shit until he presented the solid evidence. Then he began to get requests to switch routes.

    Alex and Lisa was a playful couple who had a very active sex life. From experimenting with BDSM to using different strap-ons, the women knew how to get each other off without too much effort involved. It was Alex’s idea to bring the vibrator with them to the clubs that night in case they wanted to get freaky and didn’t want to wait until they got home. But it was Lisa’s creative thinking that made the women try something radically different. On their way to another club, Lisa spotted an auxiliary plug-in. her mind spun in excitement as she reached into Alex’s purse and pulled out the OhMiBod. “I wanna try something,” she whispered to Alex.

    Lisa leaned over to the protective window that separated the driver from the passengers. “Excuse me, I have a huge request. Can we borrow your auxiliary plug-in for a few minutes? I need to charge up something.”

    Natalie didn’t seem the harm in the request and complied. Lisa slipped her the iPod cord and Natalie slipped in the auxiliary plug. She thought the ladies were simply charging their phone or mp3 player. She soon realized it was neither with the soft moans filling up the small cab space. Natalie adjusted her rear-view mirror and was almost startled by what she saw. Alex had Lisa’s blouse unbuttoned and was fondling her breasts. Alex trailed her tongue from Lisa’s neck down to her breasts and began suckling on them. Lisa’s legs naturally opened for more and Alex wasted no time playing with her girlfriend’s clit.

    During the heated moment, Lisa caught Natalie watching them through her mirror. She motioned to Lisa and whispered to her. Natalie quickly looked away and focused her attention on the road. She focused as much as she could, that is. It was very hard to concentrate after seeing two hot women going at it. “Have you ever watched two women get off?” Alex asked.

    “On porn,” Natalie shyly smiled.

    “Wanna have your first experience with it being live?” Lisa asked.

    The million dollar question. If she pulled over, Natalie would still have to charge the women for time spent. “It’ll cost you,” she quietly warned.

    “We’ll give you a good tip,” Alex smiled.

    With that, Natalie pulled over into a secluded area.

    To be continued….