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#TeaserTuesday: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse Series) #amazon #irromance #contemporaryromance #newadultromance


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him. 

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and so do I. 

To protect my sanity, I had to break free from him finally. But now the question is, for how long? 


Cameron pulls his chair over to me and has me sit on his lap, facing him as he feeds me. I feel every inch of him pressing against me, but he’s not aroused yet. We’re so intimate, and shame on me for wearing yoga pants instead of a skirt. 

I swallow the fruit tart and feed Cameron one. His face is euphoric as he takes a bite. His face is the same look as he enters inside me every time. “How do you know Ayesha?” 

“I didn’t. She came as a recommendation from Tesh. I trust Tesh more than anyone, so I didn’t question it.” He takes a bite of the cream puff with hazelnut. “She lives in another guest house on the property. She also likes her own space, but she and Tesh often hang out. They’re best friends.”

There’s a closeness in Cameron’s home that cannot be unmatched. Everyone gets along, and they have a close kinship outside Cameron. I imagine it’s just the way he wants it. “Everyone’s family here,” I mention, and Cameron nods.

“You’re still young, but you’ll understand that sometimes family isn’t who you’re related to, but who has your back no matter what.” His voice is low and sexy, though I know that wasn’t his intention. “Some people will be down with you forever, and some will be down with you because they benefit in some way.” He feeds me another tart. “But family will never turn their backs on you, and family will never sell you to the highest bidder.”

I can’t help but think of the apparent contrast between his street family and his blood family. I don’t doubt Eric and Heather love Cameron, but it’s a little different when the son can give them a lifestyle they could only dream of. “Is that why you’re still loyal to your parents even though they’re questionable?” I carefully ask, and he nods. 

“I don’t like what they stand for, and sometimes, I’m not entirely sure I like them. But they are my parents. My mom sometimes gets on my nerves with her bullshit, but she does mean well. My father drives me crazy with his antics, but if I need him, he’s there.” He takes a breath before he continues. “It’s like what you and Laurie had before you two made up. You didn’t hate her, but it took time to say you loved her.” 

The last few days I spent with my mother seemingly made up for all the years she was gone. We got incredibly close in just a few weeks; it was like we had always been that close. 

And just as quickly, she was permanently gone. “But you love your parents.”

Cameron winks at me. “At times.” He feeds me a cream puff. “You like that, baby?” He studies my face and watches my reaction. “How does that taste?”

“Delicious,” I moan. Fuck. Cam may not be aroused, but I sure am. I squirm a little on his lap, trying not to make it too obvious, and he holds me steady with a free hand. His cock hardens, and I don’t doubt this is about to be a quick dessert.

“Good,” he feeds me the Jamaica rum cake. His lips trail my jawline, and his free hand goes up my shirt and rubs my back. He leaves a trail of kisses down my neck and gently sucks on it. “I want to make you feel good.” 

I grab the back of his head and give him more access to my neck. I know Hayley is going to tease me about the hickey. “Is this about food, still?” 

He smiles back with a wink. “Maybe.” 

I look around to see his bodyguards posted. They turned their backs to give us privacy like they had all night. I’m sure they’re also scoping out for any potential threats. I wouldn’t mind being a little freaky with my man in public, but the underlying thought is making my coochie dry. “Here? With them?”

“They will not watch, and no one else will see this but us.” He pulls my shirt off. “Now that we’ve had dessert, I’m in the mood for something more.” 

Before I could protest, Cameron covered my lips with his, and our tongues tangled. My mouth yields to his, and let him take control as he has for the duration of our relationship. 

I feel many emotions: vulnerability, eagerness, and arousal. Cameron’s lips are soft, yet demanding. I’m lost within him, yet I still have all of my faculties. Now, I don’t even care about the guards or the cameras. I want Cameron. 

I press my body against him, wanting more, and Cameron chuckles at me. “My angel is anxious,” he teases. “Be a good girl and take your panties off.” 

Available now on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

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A Boy is a Gun (Part I) is LIVE! #kindle #amazon #smashwords #hoodnovel #interracialromance

And it’s LIVE: (not available on Kindle Unlimited since this is a wide release):


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him.

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and so do I.

To protect my sanity, I had to break free from him finally. But now the question is, for how long?



“Ethan is a longtime family friend, Cam. He practically raised me alongside my dad. They were best friends. He went to every game and every performance, gave me a police escort on prom night, and was there at my graduation. He gave me money for my college graduation. He’s like another uncle to me. I can’t just turn my back on him.”

“I’m not asking you to,” Cameron eats another bite of cheese. “I’m telling you, your uncle ruined one of the best days of our lives because he wanted to get me in handcuffs in any way possible, and there’s a price to pay when you’re wrong.”

The question is on the tip of my tongue and my heart. I know Cameron is capable of anything, but I have to know for sure. I have to know for my sanity. “Are you going to kill him?”

“That’s not a question you ask, angel,” Cameron locks eyes with me, “it’s also not a question I would answer.”

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:


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#SundaySnippet: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse #4) #kindle #nook #ebook #contemporaryromance #irromance

A/N: Still no word on when this will be released but it’ll happen probably around the first week of September.


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him. 

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and in turn, so do I. 

To protect my sanity, I had to break free from him finally. But now the question is, for how long? 


“Well?” She asks as I remain silent. “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“Congrats,” my voice is flat. Not sure what she thought I was going to say. It took a lot for me to say that much. 

She’s silent for a long while before she speaks again. “Wow,” she sips her wine and shakes her head, “I thought you would be happier than that. Shame on me.”

“I’m happy you found someone. There, I said it.” I swallow. “I’m not sure what else you want me to say. You know what happened on the day of Mia’s birth, and yet, that didn’t stop you from being with him.” I shrug. “So, congrats to you both.”

“Oh, screw you, Cameron,” Jamie shakes her head at me. “You have a lot of nerve to act like I’m the reason you were arrested on your daughter’s birth.”

“I’m not blaming you for the arrest,” I counter, “I’m blaming you for choosing him over family. That’s what I’m blaming you for.”

“Fuck you, Cameron.” She leans over, and I see the anger in her eyes. “Let’s not forget what you did!”

“And what did I do?” I challenge her. 

“Oh, we’re playing this game?” She removes her napkin and slams it on the table.

“Yes, we are.” I talk over her. 

“Fine, I’ll bite.” She stares me down. “Let’s talk about how you brought home Dad’s mistress as your new girlfriend to dinner, Cam. Do you want to talk about that? How that woman kept making comments all night, and Mom just had to take it?

“Do you know what that did to Mom when you pulled that stunt, Cam?” Her voice is cracking, and Jamie’s on the verge of angry tears. “Mom cried for hours, Cam! You might think it was funny that you’re bringing home the same woman Dad banged in his office, but for Mom, it was much more than that. Jacqueline did something to Mom that night. She destroyed her. ‘I fucked your husband and now your son, too, bitch.’” Jamie pauses and looks away. She takes a few deep breaths as she collects her thoughts. She turns back to me with fire in her eyes. “Jacqueline wanted to be Mom. She wanted her position, her power, her everything. When Dad ended the affair, you honestly thought Jacqueline just took it quietly? No, she went for the next best thing! You!”

“You think I have no idea about any of this?” I’m trying in vain to restrain the anger and I’m not sure I’m doing a good job of it. “I know what Jackie did. I also know how she was trying to screw me as she was screwing me. She stole money from me, and she was trying to steal property from me as well. If I didn’t stop her, she was going to going to wreak havoc until she got what she wanted. She wanted to destroy our family, Jamie. I know it’s not something you want to hear, but me sleeping with her stopped all that.”

“It didn’t stop a damn thing,” Jamie screeches, “all it did was give her more perceived power. She went to the same women’s group as Mom did. The same brunches. The same teas. Mom had to see her every chance Jacqueline got for years, Cam! She threw it in Mom’s face, and there was nothing she could do about it! Sure, she told her friends, and they could only do so much before Jacqueline started fucking their husbands, and they had no choice but to allow her in.”

“Is your anger really towards me?” I ask her with a slight cock of my head. “Because it sounds like Daddy issues.”

Jamie sips her wine and swirls the liquid as she contemplates if she wants to throw it at me. “See, you don’t like me because I see right through you. I see everything. I see the hurt, the insecurities, and the reckless taste for power. Taylor only sees the shiny part and thinks that’s how everything will always be. You always wanted a puppy to play with, and you got one in Taylor.”

I love my sister dearly, but she’s not above getting murdered in the worst way possible. I’ll move heaven and earth for Taylor, and likening her to a lovesick animal is beyond reproach. “Watch your mouth, and that is the last time I will say that.”

She smiles at me and shakes her head. “Your girlfriend is brainwashed by you. You have her believe that you are her only saving grace. Her mother’s, her lawyer’s, and her father’s deaths were completely out of your hands. And if she’s with you, she’ll be protected. Sure, she did that silly-ass kidnapping thing, but it made you a bigger mark.”

“And you know what, James?” I call her by the nickname she’s always loathed. “I can say the same thing about you and Ethan. You honestly think he’s with you because he loves you, or he wants another way to get back at our family, and fucking you was the smartest way?”

Jamie is holding back because she knows if she even does what she’s thinking about, I’ll have her murder look like an unfortunate suicide. She looks away and shakes her head again. “You are with someone public, Cameron. You’re not dating someone who has no social media profile and can keep to herself; like that would make any difference. You’re dating someone well-known not just in Atlanta but worldwide. And now you two have a child together. So, Taylor is no longer the target, which is great for you both but guess who is? Mia.” Jamie leans in closer to me. “The moment something happens to Mia, Taylor is gone for good, and there won’t be a damn thing you can do to get her back.”

“Then I guess your little boyfriend better play nice,” I warn her, “because if he’s the reason I can’t protect Mia and Taylor, you both will feel my fucking wrath.” 

Awe, sibling love is just so beautiful, isn’t it?

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COVER REVEAL – Finesse #4

I haven’t nailed down a release date, but it’ll be very soon. More details to come. It won’t be available on Kindle Unlimited, but it’ll be a wide release – Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and regular degular Kindle.


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him. 

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and in turn, so do I. 

To protect my sanity, I had to finally break free from him. But now the question is, for how long? 

To read an extended snippet, click below:

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#FlashFriday: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse #4)

Unedited Snippet:

“I just…” Ethan shakes his head. “…never mind.”

“Ethan, if we’re going to be playing this game, this is about to be a long holiday for both of us.” I kindly warn him. “So, if there’s something on your mind you need to spit it out before I don’t care anymore.” 

Ethan gives another sigh. “What kind of family thinks it’s okay to take a baby away from their mother during the holiday season?”

“The same kind of family you’re willingly marrying into. The same kind of family you like to take a blind eye to on certain things except for the one thing that is important to you.” I add. “That family.” 

I hit a nerve because Ethan slowly turns to me. “This has nothing to do with Jamie.”

“This has everything to do with Jamie. Just like this has everything to do with my association with Cameron.” I sip my hot chocolate. “You’re leaving Eric out of this conversation and we both know why.”

Ethan contemplates for a moment. “The Page family are not good people,” he quietly warns me, “you already knew this and you still went ahead and had his baby. You honestly thought he was just going to pay child support and leave you alone?” I look away to the distance. Now it’s my turn to feel uncomfortable. “You are the best thing that’s happened to that family. Any claims of racism will be shot down with a PR photo of Eric and Heather with Mia. Photo-ops at Fresh Espresso. Heather will try to sneak in a photo of you and her together.” He pauses for a melodramatic effect. “How much are they paying you?”

“Nothing in comparison to what they’ll pay you,” I play his game. “You’re the police; they’ll pay a lot more for your privilege than anything I could ever offer them. You honestly think any investigation you make on Cameron is going to go anywhere?” I immediately think of the conversation I had with Senator Edwards. “Nothing will happen to Cameron, but Eric will make sure everything will happen to you.” 


A Boy is a Gun will be available this summer on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, and (possibly) Google Play.

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#WIPWednesday: Tesoro Mio

This is the continuation of a short story I posted on Medium, featuring many reader’s favorite couple – Nick and Zerrin.


She knew Nick D’Amato. She did not know Saint Nick.

When Zerrin Campbell-D’Amato discovered an illicit secret about her husband, she doesn’t feel jealous or betrayed. Instead, she feels intense arousal. She also knows her husband is reluctant to fulfill a new request unless she asked.

Professor Nick D’Amato is renowned as Saint Nick, one of the best Doms in the world. He’d trained many submissive and Doms and was well-respected. When his wife finds out a secret of His, He wonders if she could really handle everything she asks for.

Did Zerrin bite off more than she could chew? Can Nick treat her like He has with His other submissives?

Tesoro Mio is an erotic novella; a continuation of To Love and Obey. It’s about trust, love, and the Dom/sub dynamic.

Unedited snippet:

“I never tried it with you, Zerrin, because I didn’t think you would like it. It has nothing to do with some weird Madonna-whore complex you think I might have.” He clarified and Zerrin raised a brow. “I didn’t do it simply because I didn’t think you would be able to handle what I wanted to do.”

Zerrin was annoyed; pissed-off, even. Everything her husband, her Dom, wanted her to do, she did without hesitation. Now He questioned if she was really about that life? “Sir, I allowed You to use knives on me. I allowed you, Sir, to mummify me to the point I couldn’t even walk. Now, you’re questioning if I would’ve been able to handle a little violence?”

“It’s different, tesoro, and we both know this.” His voice was firm, but soft. “It’s different when I order you to do a bootblacking session for a fellow Dom. It’s another different ballgame if I want to use a rose vibrator on you while you’re being choked.” 

To read an extended snippet, click here.

Tesoro Mio will be out later this month.

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New short release – Hurricane!

As I’m writing Finesse #4 (there will be five books total in that one), I decided to release a series of shorter works in the meantime.

I posted a snippet of this book on Medium (click here), and the extended snippet is on wattpad (click here). So, here’s the blurb and a sexier snippet here:


Home is where one starts from. And sometimes, it’s where one ends. 

Hunter Calhoun is the antithesis of his father, Foster, an old-school cowboy with old-school ways. When Foster died and made Hunter and a co-executor in charge of the family ranch, Hunter had to reassess what home actually meant to him. 

Larissa “Lari” Belvedere has seen her fair share of cowboys, ranchers, and city slicking-know-it-all. When her mentor/surrogate father left her in charge of the family ranch along with his eldest son, it made her wonder if there was still a spot at the place she’s called home for years. 

Worlds collide and sparks fly when Larissa and Hunter realize they are each other’s definition of home, even if they don’t realize it. 

Hurricane is an erotic romance novella about death, forgiveness, and moving on. 


Being the CEO of a very successful brand had its challenges. There were no more than thirty different types of honey on the market and Larissa always had to justify why anyone should shell out money for her premium honey. Why was hers so different from the store-bought ones? Why was hers better than the other organic brands? 

More often than not, she was challenged. Competitors thought she was overhyped. Partners wanted her to be nicer in the boardroom. No one could believe everything was her idea and not Foster’s.

Larissa was bored with all of it.

She’d spent most of her life proving people wrong to the point it was a regular pastime for her. Dare she thought, she also spent time proving Hunter wrong. 

Still, she loved the way he made her feel. She didn’t know the stark difference between being wanted and needed until him. Did she want him? Of course. But did she need him? Even Larissa couldn’t deny that.

She’d plenty of money to walk away and not look back. She chose not to. She loved Silverlake too much. Furthermore, she wanted to see where everything would go with Hunter. Could they stay professional, even if things didn’t work out? Or would he leave the first moment things became too hot? 

“May I bother you?” Hunter asked as she turned around. He stepped out into the balcony with a glass of wine and a bottle in his hand. “You were just too damn beautiful to be here alone and I wanted to interrupt you.”

“By all means.” Larissa watched him take her glass and refill it as he poured one of his own. “How was your day, baby?”

The way she said baby made Hunter’s cock twitch. Sultry, smoky, and breathless. “It was…” He clinked glasses with her. “…an adventure. I’ll meet with Savior in the morning about my role in the firm. I’m prepared to give up everything if I have to.” 

The news surprised Larissa. Hunter didn’t seem like the type to give up a career so easily. “Really? I thought you loved being a lawyer, Hunter?” She scrunched her forehead. “What about the families involved and other cases?”

“I do love being a lawyer. I’ll still handle their cases, but I wouldn’t take on new ones.” He revealed. He leaned over the balcony and breathed in the salty air. He would miss it but not as much as he already missed the quietness and peace Lockridge gave him. “But the ranch is my home. It’s my life. Working alongside you at Silverlake and learning about Sweetness did something to me. It made me realize there’s more to life than just paperwork and lawsuits.” He curled a lock of her hair behind her left ear and Larissa kissed his inner wrist. “I just…I need to be with you, Larissa.” 

“I’m not a California-type of girl, Hunter.” She replied, her voice was soft. “I came from here, but this is not me anymore. It’s fun to visit but that’s all I’ll do.” 

Hunter felt his heart about to leap from his chest. “I don’t mind that all.” 

“You’re going to give up this home?” She looked towards the mansion. It was three stories tall with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Every room had a different theme but it was aligned with the home. “It’s a beautiful home, Hunter.”

“I can rent it out or keep it for vacations.” He stepped closer to her. He put their wine glasses down on the table and turned his attention back to her. “I just want to be with you in Montana.” He eyeballed Larissa’s hair. “I never asked this because it’s truly none of my damn business, but it is okay I yank your hair tonight?”

Larissa’s eyes widened as pleasure hummed underneath her skin. A carnal need took over, making her grab Hunter by his neck and kissed him hard. He returned the favor by picking up Larissa and carrying her inside to the living room and laying her down on the sofa. He reached up her dress and pulled down her panties, tossing them over his shoulder. 

He looked down at Larissa and saw how beautiful she looked, spread out just for him. Her pussy had a light covering of hair. The folds were nice, slick, and tight. He reached up and unbuttoned the yellow sundress, exposing her full breasts, and he unclasped the bra. They fell right into his hands. 

Larissa let out a soft moan when she felt Hunter’s mouth cover one breast and then the other. Her body tingled with anticipation when she felt his hand crawl down to her sex and played with her budding clit. She gasped at the invasion of one finger inserted, then another.

“So fucking tight for me,” Hunter moaned before he sucked on Larissa’s neck, “so unbelievably tight.” He fingered her softly. “Did you want to feel my cock inside there, baby?”

Oh, fuck!” Larissa moaned as her body writhed underneath him. It was a pleasure she’d never felt before, and her mind was on overload.

“Is that a yes?” Hunter inserted another finger as his thumb massaged her clit. “I need a yes, baby.”

Ohmygod!” Larissa arched her body off the sofa. The orgasm seized her body before she could even get a response out. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. Damn that man and his fingers. 

“I take it as a yes,” Hunter chuckled and turned her over. He flipped her dress over her ass and quickly undid his slacks, pulling out his hardened cock. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet slit before he slid inside. Her pussy gripped so tight, so warm. “Fuck, Larissa…” 

Hurricane will be exclusive on Kindle Unlimited for a short run before made available everywhere else.

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#TeaserTuesday: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse #4)

Unedited Snippet:

“You honestly didn’t think I was going to spend one night in prison, did you?” I smile at Ethan. 

Ethan walks closer to me and there’s already a divide between us in the courthouse. “The moment I find out you had a role in witness tampering, it’s over, Page.” Ethan warns me. 

It’s over, Page.” I mock as the fellas snicker behind me. “You’ve been saying the same shit since I was 16. All that jacking off you do over me, I hope you’re washing your sheets.” 

Ethan’s eyes narrow at me and I know that asshole is just itching to do something. He won’t do anything here at the courthouse because well, that would be spectacularly stupid of him. He’ll wait when we’re alone and the prospect of him not going to jail would be on the table. “If I were to raid Fresh Espresso, how quickly do you think Taylor will change her tune about you?” He smiles. 

“If you were to raid Fresh Espresso, how quickly do you think Taylor will change her tune about you?” I smile back. 

Ethan sighs and shakes his head. “Page, I know you. I know everything about you. Please don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” He begins to walk away. 

“Detective,” I call out to him and he stops. “You graduated summa cum laude from University of Georgia back in 1996. You always knew you wanted to be a cop and you wasted no time in becoming one. You were at the top of your class at the police academy. You worked your way up to detective, working long 12-, 14-, and even 16-hour days. You know how to read the mind of a criminal so well that other police departments from around the nation call you for expertise.

“You love to listen to old-school R&B and have gone to many a concert featuring acts you’ve grown up listening to. You sometimes go out and get coffee, but you tend to make your own at home. You also try to watch your diet so you don’t really stop by for junk food as much as you used. When you go home at night, you sometimes get a beer from the fridge. If it was a really hard case, like the ones that involve children, you tend to go for whiskey neat. You love Uncle Nearest whiskey, it seems to be your favorite.

“You might watch a little T.V., but if you do, it’s really background noise as you flip through your phone. Judging how much you swiped, I can tell you were on the dating scene for a while. You stop swiping when you started dating someone and would spend an unhealthy amount on the phone with that person. Eventually, she started to come over.

“And you two have gotten rather serious rather quickly, right?” I nod as Ethan turns to face me. “She did live out of state, but she made the hard sacrifice to move in with you. And she wasn’t on good terms with her family, was she? But now things are getting better with them. Her mother comes over a lot more and they do vlogging videos because they both love to cook. She’s still on iffy terms with her father but you know that. Her father’s a bit of a cad.

“One brother, she pretends she knows nothing of his wife’s addiction and tries to do holistic methods to get her clean. It works. The wife is more into that Dalai Lama bullshit than anything else. But her relationship with the other brother…” I walk closer to Ethan. His nostrils flare out and we both know I’ve crossed a line. Little does he know, I’m about to hop, skip, and jump over that motherfucker.  “…now that’s the tricky one, isn’t it? Because that brother…well, he takes care of everyone in the family, even when they pretend they hate what he does. After all, he was the reason why the sister was able to move within a 24-hour notice and hmm…you didn’t think anything strange about that, didn’t you? 

“And just think, if you and baby girl work out? That means the tricky brother, well, he’ll be up and down and inside your home. After all, you love to barbeque and host as you often have many members from the squad come over for gatherings. And how would that look?” I cock my head to the side. “The one cat you’ve been chasing for over a decade is at the grill flipping burgers while you have to explain to your colleagues it’s not what it seems.” I sigh as Ethan is doing whatever he can to restrain himself. “Did you honestly think you were going to fuck my sister and I wouldn’t know every single thing about you?”

A Boy is a Gun release date TBA.

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New erotic short story – Triple Play! #nook #kindle #erotica #shortstory

A brand spanking new erotic short was just released today! Here are the deets:


They thought they could quit each other. They thought wrong. 

Quinn “The Answer” Riordan is one of the Dodgers’ best pitchers, throwing a mind-staggering 100 mph regularly. While pitching is a breeze for him, it’s a certain trainer that makes him confused.

Bobbi Gibson is the Dodgers’ newest physical trainer. After a brief dalliance with Quinn, she decided she’ll never get involved with another athlete ever again. And then one night occurred.

Triple Play is a short erotic story that deals with rekindled romance. It is an offshoot of Stealing Home. 


“So, let’s cut to the chase,” Quinn chalked his stick, “why do you hate me?”

Bobbi almost snorted beer. “What?”

“I figured now’s the time to get it all out.” He shrugged as he watched her lean over for the break shot. He tried very hard to focus on her shot and not her ass. “I have an idea but I really don’t.” 

Bobbi turned to him. “Are you serious?”

Quinn met eyes with her. “As cancer.” He put a ball away in the corner pocket. 

Bobbi stared into Quinn’s deep blue eyes. Normally, she would’ve been in a puddle of emotion, but she wanted to read his emotions. “If I ask you when was the last time you had sex, what will the answer be?”

Quinn maintained a poker face and swallowed. “That’s not a fair question, Bobbi. It’s been months since we…”

“Since you led me on and acted like I didn’t exist?” She nodded. She realized she could’ve been at home binge-watching Love is Blind. On second thought, maybe she could sign up for the show. Her luck with men would clearly be better than what was happening in front of her. “Got it.”

Quinn stared at Bobbi for a long moment. She was so damn sexy when she was mad. “Can I ask you the same or is that not allowed?” 

Bobbi circled the pool table and sunk in another ball. “You never did answer the question.” 

Quinn didn’t want to. “There was someone, yes.” He admitted. “It happened and that was it.” He took a pull from his beer and he watched her miss a shot. “You?”

Bobbi thought about what she wanted to say. She had a moment of weakness and called up someone who was disastrous in every form except the bedroom. All she needed was to get broken off a little and that was that. 

In all honesty, it was truly none of Quinn’s business but if they needed to work through everything if they wanted to have a great season. They were being blatantly honest with each other, almost to the point of hurtful – her more than him. “Yes.” 

Quinn felt his gut wretch with anger and jealousy but he maintained his cool. “Someone I know?”

“Why?” Bobbi ate a cheese fry. “So, you can hit him with a fastball?”

“You know what? That’s an excellent idea.” He nodded as he made a shot. “I will keep that in mind.” 

“You wouldn’t do that.” Bobbi replied, damn well knowing Quinn would. He may have played the cheeseball character to a fault but she knew everyone had their limits. “You love baseball too much to get in trouble and fined like that.”

“Give me a reason and I most certainly would.” He sunk another shot. “It’ll be a small price to pay but I’ll do it.” He missed a shot. He walked up to Bobbi and stood before her. “So, it’s someone from the League?”

Bobbi noticed how Quinn’s blue eyes softened. She suddenly remembered how tense they became when he was inside of her, on top of her. She swallowed. “I didn’t say that.”

He brushed a wayward hair from her face. “You didn’t have to.” 

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As I mentioned on Facebook, I’m working on a new short story that’ll be out around Valentine’s. It’ll feature new characters and a new whole setting – Montana. Yep. I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately.

Anyhoo, here’s a snippet. I hope you enjoy!

“I don’t know how much time Dad has left but I reckon it’s not very much,” Luke sniffed. “Dad went through all the legal stuff a while back and only let me and Larry know about it after the fact. I don’t know even know what’s in what.” 

There went the angry feelings again. Foster could’ve given Hunter all the legal paperwork or recommend someone from the firm to handle it without his input. A sharp reminder he wasn’t even close to being a favorite son. “A will?”

“Will, trust, estate issues, the family business….all that was handled by a gaggle of lawyers.” Luke revealed. 

“I want to see everything before it gets filed into probate.” Hunter replied. “I’m sure there are copies of everything somewhere.” 

“Well, we need to get Larry’s input on this.” Luke replied. “Larry was dad’s right hand. Nothing even went to dad without Larry seeing it first.” 

Hunter’s eyebrows quirked at the information. What was once his position was quickly replaced without a second thought. “Larry?” 

“Larry,” Luke repeated. “Toughest SOB I’ve ever encountered. Could wrangle bulls, milk cows, and herd cattle like it was no one’s business. Took care of the farm and is the reason why it’s doing so well right now.” 

Hunter considered the revelation. “If it’s doing so well, why did Dad want to sell it?”

“He didn’t,” Luke turned towards him, “but he knew you did.”

Hunter heard the bass in his younger brother’s voice and decided against a response. The only response – his fist to Luke’s face – wasn’t appropriate. At that time. “Where is this Larry person? I want to have a few words with him and see what he’s about.” 

Luke smiled. “That’s the thing about Larry. Larry’s a…” 

Hunter looked away and Luke turned behind him. A Black woman of average build and shiny long, ebony hair waltzed into the conference room. She dressed like an executive – a pinstriped suit, high heels, and a handful of silver bracelets on her wrist. Her light brown eyes sparkled, as if she was always thinking of something wicked and delicious.

She looked like a model, with her full lips and high cheekbones. Her hair – he didn’t want to make any assumptions about it – flowed down her back in numerous curls. 

“Luke,” the woman’s voice was smoky and breathless. Hunter felt his cock twitch in response and took a deep breath to calm it down. She approached his brother and gave him a big hug, yet Hunter felt a simmering jealousy. Was Luke and this woman intimate? How did he pull someone like her? 

“Larry,” Luke replied as he held her. “I’m glad you could make it.” 

Larry? Hunter thought. That’s Larry?

“I don’t like going into the city, but I know this meant a lot for your father.” She pulled away and met eyes with Hunter. “I take it you’re Hunter Calhoun.” 

Hunter thought he knew cowboys. They dressed the same. They talked the same. They walked the same. There was nothing fake or fancy about them. Sure, they knew how to clean it up when it was appropriate, but they never strayed away too far from cowboy hats and boots if they could help it. 

This Larry – he had difficulty with the name – looked nothing remotely close to that. She was polished like she belonged in the law firm with him and Savior. There was nothing rough around the edges about her. He wasn’t too sure if she even knew any country songs. 

He was sure, however, the shift in the air surrounding them. There was a small current of electricity followed by something he could only describe as flutters. Heat radiated between them between them and Hunter shook off the feelings before it became obvious. 

“Yes, I am.” Hunter cleared his throat. “And you must be…”

“Larissa Belvedere.” She smiled at him. “But you can call me Larry.” 

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