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Love, honor, and respect.

The motto has maintained the Torres crime family for decades. It’s why they were always ten steps ahead of their adversaries. It’s also why they were the most-feared crime family in all of New York. It’s also why there was such a brotherhood between Pablo Torres, and his right-hand man/best friend, Clyde Lewis.

The two men formed a solid bond when their children became best friends, attending each other’s birthday parties, graduations, and other celebrations in a twenty-five year time span. The sons grew up to become mafia dons in their own right, controlling all of Harlem.

But all good things must end.

When an associate of the Torres’s mistakenly takes out a member of the Lewis family, all love, honor, and respect is thrown out of the window and is replaced with hate, disappointment, and revenge.

But what happens when the grandchildren of the rival families fall in love with each other?

H.E.R. is a series of small novellas dealing with revenge, true love, and if time really heals. It’s a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Unedited Snippet: 

When Roman turned back, Julia disappeared. His eyes searched for her all over the room. She seemingly vanished. “Damn it,” he cursed himself, “now I need to try to find her.”

“Find who?”

Roman slightly jumped and turned around. Staring at him with wide eyes and a bright smile was his new muse, Julia herself. Her face was completely made up and the bronze brought out the best in her rounded cheeks. She looked stunning. “You,” he gave a smile.

“Roman,” she returned his smile, “I’m so glad you came!” She leaned in and gave him a big bear hug.

Lord have mercy. The god sister who was a little nerdy, a little awkward, and a little unconventional grew up to become a grown-ass woman. She wore a simple, black dress with too loose spaghetti straps that kept falling down her bare shoulders. He suddenly wanted to kiss her just right there.

Julia was tall and her brown skin, a rich sepia color, shimmered beneath Roman’s skin. He felt his breath lodged in his throat when he wrapped his arms around her back. Jesus. She smelled like strawberries and mangoes. Suddenly, Roman was hungry for just that.

Roman wanted to think pure thoughts but feeling Julia’s breasts pressed against him made all X-rated fantasies suddenly appear. When she pulled away, he inwardly growled at the loss of her.

Roman suddenly reminded himself who he was and who Julia was. She was his god sister. He was her god brother. They were family. They grew up playing Sega Genesis and Crash Bandicoot. They had birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s together. They were each other’s first kiss.

Now all he wanted to do is pin her beneath him as he thrust into her, begging her to submit while she cried and begged him not to stop.

“It’s great to see you,” her voice was soft, yet smoky. “I’m glad you were finally able to come here, Mr. Fashion Designer. Big fan of yours, by the way. No one believes me when I tell them we used to play together.”

Roman felt his cheeks turn hot and beet red. He’d heard that compliment numerous times over the years yet it sounded different from Julia. He wanted to play with Julia, all right, and it wouldn’t be GTA V. “Vanessa was like a mother to me. I couldn’t miss this for anything.” He looked around and saw everyone was talking in their own groups. He suddenly had an idea. “Do you want to go somewhere private?”


“Gosh,” Julia dragged her bare feet along the sand at the nearby playground, “I haven’t been here in so long. I’m glad they still have this.”

“Remember how we used to play here all the time?” Roman chuckled. “You always were so mean to me in tag.”

“It’s not my fault, you couldn’t hang with the big kids,” she stuck out her tongue.

“You’re only eight months older than me. Only.” He shook a finger as he lightly swung. “Even though you often acted like my big sister.”

“I guess I was protective of you.” She glanced over at him. “Now I see I didn’t have any reason to be.”

A sensual air passed between the pair and Roman cleared his throat. “So, how’s L.A.?”

H.E.R. will be out later this  month.

To read the first few chapters, click here.

#SexySunday: Love Book (D’Amato Brothers V) #romance #contemporary #nook #kindle #ebook


It was moments like this when Nick hated being the voice of reason among his brothers.

Being the oldest, Nick was used to playing two roles – pseudo father and older brother. He helped raised his brothers not only financially but also providing the emotional support they all needed as they grew older. That part, Nick didn’t mind so much. It gave him a sense of pride that his brothers valued his opinion so much and often made decisions based on his sound advice.

It were the other times – playing referee and therapist – that made Nick consider changing his phone number and living far, far away.

He felt the problems his brothers – namely Eli and Joey – had were their own and anything that came out of said disruptions were solely their issues. Still, condescending thoughts and facetious attitude aside, Nick was willing to help his brothers out with whatever problems that arose be it women, money, or other things. Family always came first and blood was thicker than water. They only had each other growing up and that is how it has always been and will be.

The Quiet One.

Nick smiled at the label he was given by the producers of Madre’s. Eli was the Charismatic One. Kieran was the Sensitive One. Joey was the Business One. Tony was the Lovable One.

And then there was Nick. He kept his business to himself, only revealing he had a wife, a son, and another baby on the way.

When Hollywood approached them for a reality show, Nick was very happy to stay out of the limelight and only posed for a national magazine cover because the whole family was doing it. He didn’t want to be bothered with a camera crew following him around everywhere, re-takes of him walking across campus, and scripted conflict because a “storyline” was needed for a particular week’s episode. Everyone in the family vouched that Nick was very private and didn’t want to appear on camera.

Of course, the real reason Nick refused to participate was he definitely didn’t want the intrusion in his personal life. He spent many years creating the persona known as Saint Nick and he didn’t want any disturbance to that. He could already imagine how many eager, willing, and quite frankly, stupid women would know that he was in BDSM and he would be flooded with asinine requests to spank them and get “a little kinky with the hair-pulling and ass-slapping” and blah blah blah bullshit.

The Love book will be available for pre-order soon (TBA).

The Love book will come out on Thanksgiving.

#ManicMonday: When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #nook #kindle #ebook #romance

He claimed her lips with his, pushing his tongue inside her needy mouth. It was then Liane realized how much she needed J, and didn’t necessarily want him. Desire coursed through her body as his lips trailed down to her neck, lightly sucking and biting it before moving back to her lips.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said in a way that told Liane he wasn’t asking for permission. “Do you want me to?”

Liane’s mind was spinning and she felt clouded. She was afraid to say the words. She was afraid of what the request really was. She was afraid…

…of falling in love with him.

Just a minute ago, she wanted to break up with him and cease all communication. Now she wanted him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

“Please,” her breath came out just above a whisper.

She gasped upon Jackson’s sudden thrust inside her. Her pussy clamped down around his cock and guided him in as he drove hard into her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and they moved together as one, creating a natural rhythm. In and out. Push and pull. Coming together over and over, forgetting about the past and even the future, only focusing on the moment.

He fucked with reckless abandon, claiming her with each thrust and almost daring her to say otherwise. They both knew what it was between them and he was willing to walk away from it all just for her. Liane couldn’t imagine giving her career for any man yet one was willing to do it for her.

It made her feel vulnerable.

They panted and moaned against each other as they moved faster and faster. Liane held onto Jackson tighter as the emotions took over her body. Elation. Worry. Orgasmic. Denial.

Did she want this?

Did she want him?

Could she handle everything?

When Love Calls will be out on September 30th. Yeah, seriously this time.

Fire We Make (Jackson and Liane I) is available now.

Daddy’s Angel is available now.

#TeaserTuesday: Face-off #newadult #contemporary #romance #kindle #ebook

Face-off large

When they arrived at his home, he carried her upstairs to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. When she began to sit up, he gently nudged her back down and pinned her underneath him. He interlocked fingers with her and held them above her head. His long blonde locks cradled her face as he stared into her eyes, making Sydney feel uneasy.

“What?” She smiled.

Dean shook his head. “Nothing. I just can’t get over how incredibly lucky I am to have you, that’s all.”

Sydney felt her heart bursting through her chest and it was by the Grace of God she was able to contain it. “I’m the lucky one.”

Sexual heat crackled between them as he lowered his mouth to hers. Their tongues danced as they tangled, emitting a growl from him and a soft moan from her. He pulled himself away from her long enough to strip naked.

Dean had the body of a Greek god. Chiseled, hardened, and just flat-out beautiful. Strong, muscular legs led up to a washboard stomach and broad chest. His hardened shaft jutted out and Sydney felt her mouth water. She was about to follow his lead and strip before Dean held up a hand. “I want to do it,” he replied.

Fire raced throughout Sydney’s body before it pooled at the heat of her thighs. She remained perfectly still on the bed as she watched him slowly crawl onto the bed, stalking her like an animal about to feast on its prey. He stopped at her jeans and unbuttoned them. He slowly pulled down the zipper as his eyes remained focused on her. He lifted her legs up so her feet were on his shoulders and he reached down to get her jeans over her hips. He caressed and kissed her legs before he softly sucked her toes.

Dean’s name came out in a harsh breath from Sydney’s mouth. Heat surged through her body and she clenched the comforter as she arched off the bed. No man had ever created such a wild desire within her. She wasn’t herself; she was some unknown being that was foreign to her. She felt him put her legs down and nudged her thighs open so he could nestle between them.

“Tell me you want it,” He commanded.

Face-off is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance and Barnes & Noble (soon!)

A/N: I’m so grateful and humbled by the mind-blowing success of this series!  I took a risk in creating younger characters and the audience responded. I’m so thankful to all who have read and supported! Thank you so much, it means the world to me! 

Stay tuned for Roman’s story as well as Sarah’s and Jameson’s. 🙂 

Face-off #newadult #contemporary #romance #kindle #nook

Face-off large

“I’m really glad you liked it because if you didn’t, I was about to burn it. And when I say burn it, I mean I was about to take a match, some lighter fluid, and it was about to be the Fourth of July in my backyard.”

If there was one solid thing Dean was good at, it was relieving stress.

He had a carefree vibe about him that was both endearing and annoying. It almost seemed he never worried about anything. Or maybe, Sydney really suspected, he only worried about the right things.

He was a world-renowned hockey player with a multimillion-dollar contract on his shoulders and all he cared about was if his new expensive mattress wasn’t a complete waste of money. He revealed he was suckered into those late-night infomercials one evening and he felt like spending money.

“It’s a very comfortable mattress,” Sydney revealed as they strolled around the Conservatory of Flowers, “it holds up my knees very well.”

Dean chuckled. “I love that position,” he remembered how he kept putting her in doggy style. He loved seeing her ass jiggle as he thrust into her. “I love them all but I really love that particular one.”

“Oh, look over here,” she deflected as her cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson. She led them to an area that showcased Venus flytraps. She’d never seen any in person before. “These are so cool looking!”

“They are,” he agreed, “they remind me of Plants v. Zombies.”


“It’s an addicting game you play on your phone, you’re supposed to fight off these zombies with your plants, and there’s this one really cool plant that eats the zombies These remind me of those.” Sydney turned to him as Dean sheepishly smiled at her. “What?”

“You’re such a nerd!” she laughed. “I love that about you. You’re so normal.”

“You keep saying that,” he mentioned, “what were you expecting me to be?”

They began walking again. “I deal with a lot of hotty-totty bitches at Macy’s. Women whose faces are so pulled back, they look like if they stepped outside into the sun, they’re going to melt. I see them with their high heels, their little toy dogs…their whole outfit that’s probably worth more than four months my rent. And they have an air about them. They’ll give an attitude and all you did was just say hello. They know they’re better than you. They don’t come out and say it. In fact, they’ll never say it. But they’ll give you that look. They’ll think that way. ‘Oh, poor little girl who’s working at Macy’s meanwhile my husband just bought me my ninth Mercedes.’” Sydney vividly recalled. “So if I sound redundant about you being normal, you have to excuse me. I’m used to otherwise.”

“How do you deal with it?” He asked as an image of Rebecca ran across his mind.

“I suck it in and smile,” she shrugged, “nothing else I can do. I say something back, I’ll be written up no matter how much of it wouldn’t be my fault. So I just deal with it.”

“And you want to stay in retail?” He genuinely asked.

“No, I don’t,” she revealed. They stopped walking and she turned to him. “I want to move in with you. I don’t know how soon and I haven’t figured out all of the details but I want to be with you. Now and forever.”

“Break your lease and I’ll pay for everything. The moving trucks, the airfare, everything,” he cupped her face, “I don’t want money to be a factor in your decision. I don’t want you to worry about how you’re going to afford lunch or if you can afford to get a nice purse you’ve had your eye on. I’m going to take care of you, Syd.”

Sydney felt suffocated with joy and relief. Her chest cinched in love as she blinked back tears and tightened her lips. “No one has ever promised me that,” she sniffled.

“Good,” he thumbed away her falling tears, “the others didn’t deserve you.”

Face-off is available at Amazon, All Romance, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

It is the final book in the Breakaway series.

#SexySunday: Face-off #newadult #contemporary #romance #ebook #kindle #nook

Face-off large

Dean had the body of a Greek god. Chiseled, hardened, and just flat-out beautiful. Strong, muscular legs led up to a washboard stomach and broad chest. His hardened shaft jutted out and Sydney felt her mouth water. She was about to follow his lead and strip before Dean held up a hand. “I want to do it,” he replied.

Fire raced throughout Sydney’s body before it pooled at the heat of her thighs. She remained perfectly still on the bed as she watched him slowly crawl onto the bed, stalking her like an animal about to feast on its prey. He stopped at her jeans and unbuttoned them. He slowly pulled down the zipper as his eyes remained focused on her. He lifted her legs up so her feet were on his shoulders and he reached down to get her jeans over her hips. He caressed and kissed her legs before he softly sucked her toes.

Dean’s name came out in a harsh breath from Sydney’s mouth. Heat surged through her body and she clenched the comforter as she arched off the bed. No man had ever created such a wild desire within her. She wasn’t herself; she was some unknown being that was foreign to her. She felt him put her legs down and nudged her thighs open so he could nestle between them.

“Tell me you want it,” He commanded.

Sydney forced her eyes open and locked them with his. It was just them in the universe. No hockey deals. No meddling exes. Nothing but them in that moment.

“I want it,” she pleaded, “I want you.”

He stripped off her top and bra before he lowered his mouth to one breast. His tongue played with the hardened nub as a free hand caressed the other. He then moved his fingers to Sydney’s mouth and she willingly suckled on them, anxious to feel his shaft in her. He trailed his tongue down her chest to her navel and finally ended at the beginning of her pink lace panties. He lowered his head and briefly sniffed her essence and sighed. He loved the way she smelled, tasted, and tightly felt around him.

Dean hooked his thumbs underneath her panties and slowly pulled them down before he climbed back to the slick dampness of her. He opened her thighs and began to pleasure her, enjoying her while a free hand held her down.

Face-off is available NOW at Amazon. To purchase, click here.

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Touch Me, Tease Me.

“You were always so difficult to read. Like you purposely built this Teflon exterior around you so no one can get in. And when things don’t go your way, you shut people out like they never existed at all. And you wonder why things ended up the way they did between us?” She gave a slight smile. “You are truly your worst enemy.”

“I’m not difficult to read, Mari,” he countered, “the problem is you’ve always read me very well. You just didn’t like what you’ve read. In terms of what had happened between us, I’ve owned up to it several times and to your face. Yet, you are so bent on being angry with me as if your anger towards me is feeding some unmet need in your life. You see, if your ex apologizes for all of the wrongs he’s done, well, that’s boring. But if you hold some sort of resentment against him, hmm…things are juicy now, aren’t they?” He got up, walked over to her, closing the distance, and backed her against the wall. He caressed her cheek and stared into her brown eyes, as a thumb softly played with her lips. “Aren’t you tired of always being so angry with me?”

Mariana took a few small breaths and hardened her eyes. His six-foot plus frame towered over hers. She read his eyes; they’d softened to a light green. He wasn’t angry with her, that she could tell. He was, if she dared thought, rather amused by what she was doing.

She didn’t like how his spicy cologne filled her nostrils, nor did she appreciate the fact she could see a small patch of hair peeking through his open collar. She felt his raw, sexual energy and her panties dampen with need and not the usual want.

She needed to keep this…whatever this was…professional. She came back to McCormick under the pretense that they would be professionals, despite any personal connections. They were never alone together and any group functions, they purposely stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible. For a while, it worked like a charm.

Now, she wasn’t so sure. She wanted to feel him inside her, on top, behind, and underneath her. She wanted to scream his name and beg for climax. Damn being nice for appearances sake. Damn their professionalism and keeping it strictly business. Damn it all.

She was about to open her mouth to welcome a kiss when he suddenly pulled back and opened the door for her. “Have a nice rest of the day.”

S&M IV, Part II. Release date TBD. Price TBD.

Let the courtship begin.

ThirstyThursday – S&M IV #nook #kindle #ebook #nook


Caprina sipped a cup of tea. “They were never true fans to begin with. All I can say is fuck them. They need to talk about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves no one would give a fuck.”

“But doesn’t this concern you?” Sheree leaned forward. “That you’re being dragged like this by those who supposedly supported you?”

“Everybody is not a fighter. Everybody is not a shooter. But everybody is tough behind that computer.” Caprina rhymed.

Sheree smirked. “That was a cute rhyme.”

“It was a true one.” Caprina had just about enough of Sheree and her incessant questions. It seemed she asked the same question over and over, to the point of insanity, and was begging Caprina to give her some sort of sound bite. The woman asked for it and Caprina was about to grant her the wish. “Can I address the camera?”

“Most certainly!” Sheree pointed to the camera for Caprina.

Caprina turned to the camera. “I mean you go on and on and on. You spend most of your free time online; not with your families, friends, or any loved ones. If you have a job, surely you’re ignoring it. And for what? To talk about someone who for one, doesn’t know who you are and most importantly, doesn’t know you even exist. You probably know my schedule better than my manager does. I bet you check all of my pages and websites more than my actual fans do. I don’t understand how you say you don’t like me, yet, you track every fucking move I do. I mean, how does it feel knowing I live rent-free in your head?

“Let me ask you if the following applies to you. Do you go online often during the day, sometimes interrupting work and other pressing matters? Do you argue with complete and total strangers about your point of view? Do you bad-mouth someone you never met, probably will never meet, and who is probably doing better than you? Are you overweight? Do you have a belief in God and claim to be religious yet you slander someone the moment opportunity presents itself? Does any of that apply to you? If so, I’m afraid you suffer from Bitter Cunt Syndrome. But, there is a cure! You know what that cure is? I’ll tell you what that cure is! Mind your own fucking business.

“If you don’t like me and you’re still watching everything I do,” Caprina smiled to the camera, “then bitch, you’re a fan.”


Have you picked up your copy?

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She felt a blindfold slid over her eyes and braced herself. She took several calming breaths. She needed to relax her mind before it was going to be an uncomfortable scene for both of them.

She felt the soft brushing of a flogger against her inner thighs. She bit back a moan and let out another exhale. She couldn’t wait to feel the small leather straps against her skin and…


The sudden strike surprised her, though she’d expected it. She gasped upon feeling the pain.


The second strike made her feel all sorts of tingly inside and she softly moaned.


The third strike aroused her spirit and her body came alive. Her clit fluttered with anticipation and she wanted more. “Ooh,” she moaned.

“Ah, My pet likes the flogger,” Scott nodded, “but I need to hear more of a reaction.” He brushed the flogger against her wet slit. “I need to hear you scream.”





A rain of swats coated Mariana’s body as Sir flogged her. Each swat brought an electric current with it, creating little zaps of pleasure. She was on pleasure overload. Her head was spinning, her body was on fire, and she felt she reached her orgasmic peak. A few more swats from Sir and Mariana loudly moaned in response and breathed hard. Her sex was dripping wet as she gripped the table.

“Good girl. That’s one.” Scott brought a vibrator to the table and turned it on. He placed it against Mariana’s slit and held it there with a wooden plank. He walked over to her mouth and inserted His hardened cock. “You can come as many times as you want; I don’t care. The only rule is that My cock has to be in your mouth when you come.”

Mariana moaned and writhed as she felt the intense buzz of the vibrator in combination with pleasing her Master. He fucked her face, not holding back, and going as deep as her throat would take Him. Meanwhile, her body began jerking in response of the vibrator. She cried and whimpered, feeling helpless as she was strapped to the table and He completely dominated her.

The second orgasm shot through her body and her legs shook in response. “Good girl,” Master nodded, “that’s two. Let’s see how many more you’re capable of.” He pushed His cock into her more and held her shoulders down. “Take it.”

Mariana nodded as she opened her mouth wider. She relaxed her throat and took more of Sir’s cock inside. She felt her eyes water and she breathed hard through her nostrils. Sir’s hands squeezed her breasts, playing with the puckered nipples as He moved His cock deeper insider her willing mouth.

The vibrator continued its relentless assault on her clit and before Mariana knew it, she had another climax. Her screams were muffled as she continued to pleasure Sir.

“That’s three,” Sir was pleased as He fucked her mouth, “so far, so good.” He suddenly pulled out and Mariana breathed hard. She heard Him walk back to the foot of the table and He removed the vibrator from her. She briefly wondered if maybe, Sir was going to take a small break.

She felt a straw by her lips and she naturally sucked on it. The cool ice water trickled down her throat, which felt raw. “Drink up,” Sir gently spoke, “you need it.”

S&M IV is available NOW on Amazon and Smashwords. It’ll be available soon on Barnes & Noble.

S&M IV #nook #ebook #kindle #erotica #fiction #bdsm


She felt a strong hand pat her head and a smile grew on her face. He was pleased she was there and that made her heart sing. It didn’t matter if He didn’t speak to her for the rest of the night or they didn’t participate in a scene at all. The fact she was available for Him, and He wanted her there, pleased her to no end.

Some women couldn’t understand why any sane woman would want to be a submissive and serve her Master. They were in love with the kinky sex idea but not the service and submission. They wouldn’t understand why she wanted Him to make all of her life decisions. They refuse to comprehend why she needed Him to show her guidance. They flat-out refused to entertain the thought she took care of any household needs while He handled all business affairs for them both. Mariana didn’t have time to explain to anyone who didn’t want to know the Lifestyle or simply couldn’t understand it. All she knew, all she wanted, was Master. No one would do – ever.

“Stand up,” He quietly spoke.

Mariana stood up but kept her eyes downcast. Master didn’t tell specifically to look at Him and she didn’t want to disobey Him.

“Undress,” He ordered.

She didn’t question if He wanted her down to her undergarments or completely naked; she knew exactly what it was. It was protocol she had to follow and she took explicit care to make sure she did it in the right order. First, she slid off her shoes and carefully placed them in a nearby corner. She removed her slacks and neatly folded them before putting them in a chair. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and that was when she made eye contact with Master for the first time.

She saw the fire burning in His eyes and a slow nod of His head as a tongue darted His lips. He enjoyed the show without vocalizing it. Once her shirt was unbuttoned, she slowly removed the material and folded it nice and neat, setting it on top of the slacks. Her bra and panties came off next and they too were also neatly folded.

She walked back to the corner where she kept the shoes. It was an intentionally short distance. Master wanted to see her ass jiggle as she walked and she willingly obliged His request. They both knew she belonged to Him and she wanted to show off just for Him. She bent over to slide on the shoes and walked slowly back to Him, dragging her hips with each step.

She finally stopped in of Him. Her arms were to her side and she stood straight up, perfect posture. She simply awaited His next instruction.

It felt like minutes before Master acted, but it was really just a few seconds. He wanted to admire the beauty of her nakedness. The way her breasts looked like perfect tear drops. Her toned stomach. Her caramel skin that glistened under the moonlight. Her long legs that wrapped so nicely around His waist.

She was a goddess and only belonged to Him.

He loved how she felt when she underneath Him. When her feet were tied up, her free hands clawed at His back, digging into His skin as He thrust deeper into her. He loved the way her face morphed when she was on top, full of ecstasy, and moaning His name. He loved the way her ass jiggled when He was behind her, pounding into her with everything He had and shooting His seed over her back, marking her as His.

It wasn’t just sex. He loved seeing her smile when she was happy. He loved seeing her sleepy eyes when she woke up in the morning. He loved her intellect in their business meetings.

He truly loved her.

“Stand by the window, baby.” He ordered her and she complied. He forcefully spread open her legs and placed her hands above her on the glass. He stood behind and rubbed His hands up and down her body.

She welcomed the sudden invasion and rested her head against His muscular chest. Oh, Master knew what she needed before she did. Her thighs tingled with delight and her slit became wet with desire. It pained her to not touch and hold Him but she needed to follow direct orders if she wanted her reward.

“There’s a man right across the window from us…you see him?” He quietly asked. His hands moved up to her breasts and played with the stiff rosebuds.

Mariana nodded. He was a middle-aged man who was working on a computer and appeared to be the only one on his floor at the moment. “Yes, Sir.”

“He can see us just like we can see him.” Sir’s fingers traveled down to her sex and He began to play with her swollen nub. Her body naturally responded and moved with the motion of Sir’s fingers. “Does pet want Me to fuck her in front of him?” He breathed into her ear.

She feverishly nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl,” He purred. He unzipped His slacks, freeing His stiff cock. He sat back in His chair and sat Mariana on top of His cock. He swiftly entered her and her body stilled, adjusting to His size. He eased her body up and down on His shaft. “Your pussy is so sweet, hot and tight. Is it just for Me?”

“Mmm…yes, Sir.” She nodded as she moved on Him.

“Say it.” He ordered.

“This girl’s pussy is just for her Master.” She moaned as Sir guided her to ride Him faster.

Sir leaned her back against Him and captured her lips with His. Their tongues intertwined as He fingered her yet again. He trailed His wet fingers and circled her nipples with her moisture before bringing a finger to her mouth. “Suck it like it’s My cock.” He directed.

Mariana twirled her tongue around Sir’s finger as she continued to ride Him, tasting her essence. Sir’s moans in her ear made her even more aroused than before and a fire formed in the pit of her belly.

“Is our friend watching?”


S&M IV, Part 1 is available on Amazon and Smashwords. It’ll be available on Barnes & Noble this weekend.