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#FlashFriday: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse #4)

Unedited Snippet:

“I just…” Ethan shakes his head. “…never mind.”

“Ethan, if we’re going to be playing this game, this is about to be a long holiday for both of us.” I kindly warn him. “So, if there’s something on your mind you need to spit it out before I don’t care anymore.” 

Ethan gives another sigh. “What kind of family thinks it’s okay to take a baby away from their mother during the holiday season?”

“The same kind of family you’re willingly marrying into. The same kind of family you like to take a blind eye to on certain things except for the one thing that is important to you.” I add. “That family.” 

I hit a nerve because Ethan slowly turns to me. “This has nothing to do with Jamie.”

“This has everything to do with Jamie. Just like this has everything to do with my association with Cameron.” I sip my hot chocolate. “You’re leaving Eric out of this conversation and we both know why.”

Ethan contemplates for a moment. “The Page family are not good people,” he quietly warns me, “you already knew this and you still went ahead and had his baby. You honestly thought he was just going to pay child support and leave you alone?” I look away to the distance. Now it’s my turn to feel uncomfortable. “You are the best thing that’s happened to that family. Any claims of racism will be shot down with a PR photo of Eric and Heather with Mia. Photo-ops at Fresh Espresso. Heather will try to sneak in a photo of you and her together.” He pauses for a melodramatic effect. “How much are they paying you?”

“Nothing in comparison to what they’ll pay you,” I play his game. “You’re the police; they’ll pay a lot more for your privilege than anything I could ever offer them. You honestly think any investigation you make on Cameron is going to go anywhere?” I immediately think of the conversation I had with Senator Edwards. “Nothing will happen to Cameron, but Eric will make sure everything will happen to you.” 


A Boy is a Gun will be available this summer on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, and (possibly) Google Play.

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#SnippetSunday: Wifey (Finesse #2)


He came back into my life, but we both know he never really left. 

It’s different now – in order to protect me, I have to be under his watch. The lifestyle I wanted nothing to do with, I’m fully a part of. 

He promised he would take care of me as long as I don’t get involved. When danger knocks at your front door, you have no choice but to open it. 

Everyone knew me as Taylor. In Finesse’s world, I was simply Wifey. 


We managed to finish dinner and enjoyed a shared dessert. Daryn drove us back home and I settled in the backseat next to Cameron as he held me. My life had been a complete whirlwind and my brain is dizzy just thinking about everything. 

Three times already, Cameron saved my life. He killed the men who targeted my father and me. Those are the ones I know about. I’m sure there are others I don’t know and honestly, I’m fine if I never know about them. 

Now, I’m no longer just Cameron’s girlfriend. I’m an accessory to murder and just about every illegal activity he’s involved in. I know how long RICO charges go for and if Cameron were to ever get caught, he would be facing decades in prison unless he makes some type of plea deal. 

I already knew what side of the law I was on and I no longer struggled with straddling the fence. I’m sure Daddy is turning over in his grave at what I’m doing. Hopefully, he would understand I’m doing everything to ultimately fight for his legacy. 

My hand wrapped around Cameron’s waist as I felt his calm heartbeat in my ear. It was a serene silence between us and probably the most peace our relationship had since we reunited. 

I don’t know if the peace is because we both have an understanding of each other now or if I finally resigned to the fact this is who Cameron is and that’s it. 

Meli’sa Morgan’s “Do You Still Love Me?” softly played in the background during our ride. I closed my eyes as her soulful voice comforted me and I temporarily let go of all of the rollercoaster emotions of the day. 

I know this is my new reality – being a drug lord’s girlfriend. Cameron isn’t forcing me to be with him, yet I don’t want to be with anyone else. He’s saved my life in more ways than I can imagine and I don’t think I can ever thank him.

Warmth flowed through my body as my hand fell down in front of his zipper. I massaged his cock through his slacks and Cameron immediately hardened underneath me. A low growl escaped his lips as he rubbed my back.

I unzipped him and pulled his cock out, caressing it as it grew harder and thicker in my hands. Arousal shot through my body with an urgency I had never felt before. Taking his cock with both hands, I kissed the mushroom tip and Cameron moaned his approval.

“Suck me,” he ordered. 

I smiled at the demand and obliged. I swiped my tongue over the pre-cum that leaked out of the tip. I remembered how he taught me to suck him off and smiled at the lesson. He knew I was going to suck him off for as long as I lived and he wanted me to do it right. 

Hollowing my cheeks, I lowered my mouth around his cock. I sucked on him slow, savoring the musky taste and scent of him. My tongue played with the heavy veins that coursed around his cock, trying to find all of them in some erotic maze. 

“Ah, angel…” Cameron moaned. 

Giving Cameron pleasure aroused me and I was so eager to suck him more. I bobbed my head up and down along his shaft as Cameron pushed my head down. I became a greedy, cock-hungry whore and I couldn’t get enough of him. 

His breath became shallower as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock inside my mouth, fucking it. Cameron panted and moaned, pulling my hair to the side as he watched his cock go in and out of my needy mouth. 

“Taylor…” His voice was harsh and he tightened his grip on my head. “…I’m about to come, baby.” 

He came hard and fast in my mouth and I struggled to take all of it. I still milked him with my mouth as his cock wildly jerked inside of me. His body shuddered as he moaned my name over and over, a sign of defeat that I got him in a manner no one else was able to. 

I cleaned him off as much as I could and was surprised Cameron’s cock was still hard. He was capable of fucking me in the backseat and would’ve done so had Daryn not turned the corner leading up to his home. 

I adjusted my gown as Cameron tucked his cock back inside his slacks. He caressed my cheek before he kissed it. “Thank you.” His lips feathered my earlobe and I giggled.

To purchase, click here.

To read an extended snippet, click here.

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#SundaySnippet: Finesse #amazon #nook #kindle #smashwords #wattpad

Author’s Note: This story was originally titled Finesse, but I don’t know if I’m keeping the title yet. It’ll be out next month. 



After my father died, I took over his coffee shop and thought everything ran smoothly. That was until the new owners decided to jack up my rent at an unbeatable cost. Just when I was about to close down the shops and let go of the employees, I received numerous checks to keep me afloat.

Everything was going well until he showed up. He as in my ex.

After I cashed the checks, he demanded the payment in full as he reminded me what he signed on the memos:

The first one: You.

The second one: Belong.

The third one: To.

The last and final one: Me.

I knew my guardian angel wasn’t that generous without some invisible and thick strings attached. He doesn’t want money; he wants me. Unless something stops him, he will have me.

Finesse is a standalone erotic novella that deals with long-lost love, forgiveness, and starting over.

Unedited Snippet:

“Why did you choose that particular jewelry store?” I ask over dinner at Per Se.

Cameron swirls his wine glass as he watches the liquid slosh around. After our jewelry adventure, we went out to dinner at one of the most famous and exclusive restaurants in New York. We’ve dressed accordingly; Cameron is wearing a suit with an open collar. I’m wearing a bodycon dress with high heels.

We’re in a private room and it’s just the two of us. We have a private server that tends to us every ten minutes or so as we eat under dimmed light. It’s cozy and romantic. There’s no interruption of clinking glasses, chattering from other patrons, or rushed servers.

I can solely focus my attention on Cameron and study his reaction as I politely grill him about today’s events. After the jewelry store, we stopped by Sweet Nectar boutique where he laced me in tonight’s outfit, plus a few more for the weekend. I even got to meet the owner and creator, Soul Ellison.

Cameron takes a bite of his dinner and slowly chews it before he has a sip of wine. He meets eyes with me and I see small question marks appear within them as if he’s wondering how much he should reveal.

“I liked the jewelry and I was familiar with the store.” His voice is strangely calm and articulate as if he were giving a lecture. “Do you not like your bracelet?”

“No, I love it.” I quickly touch the jewelry I’m wearing. “It’s just…you were gone for a while in the back as I looked around the store.”

“I had some business I needed to take care of.” His voice is still calm and understated.

“The business from the plane?” I ask and Cameron blinks at me. I don’t know if I touched a nerve but he doesn’t seem in a rush to answer me.

“I don’t ever want you to worry about what I do when we’re together.” Every word comes out like a sentence. “I never want you to get tied up in whatever I’m doing.”

“But what is it that you’re doing?” It’s secretive, almost sneaky. Cameron wants me to know just enough but not a lot. I don’t know if it’s underhanded, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

His father is a well-known senator and who knows how many favors and polite threats he has made Cameron do on his behalf. Was that the game Cameron was playing? What about those dudes from mini-golf?

“I own a lot of businesses, Tay.” He re-emphasizes what he told me the first night we met. “And some of them are all over the country. Some are out. I have a lot of employees that I feed and house. It can be stressful.”

He still didn’t answer my question and I have a feeling he never will. Cameron also very politely told me in not-so-many words to mind my fucking business. Clearly, he’s doing well because my bracelet was five figures and Cameron paid that without blinking. I’m not a poor college student, nor am I starved to have a baller like Hayley.

I can’t shake the uneasiness about everything but I also can’t worry about it now. I have to grill Hayley when I get back. I know Que must’ve told her something. “Okay.” I drop the subject. “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Are you mad at me?” Cameron asks. His voice softened and there’s a genuine concern. “I apologize if I came off short.”

“No.” Mad? Not really. Very fucking uncomfortable is more honest. “I just wanted to know and you answered.” I smile as I sip my soda.

Cameron wipes his mouth and gets up from the table. He walks over to the window that’s practically a wall. “Beautiful, come here.”

I wipe my mouth and follow Cameron’s lead. I stand next to him and he quickly stands behind me and wraps his arms around me. The tension between us is gone and I feel safe and warm.

His muscular arms comfort me as I inhale his earthy cologne. He feels like heaven and everything I ever wanted. I’m pressed into his delectable body and feel the outline of his cock against my ass. “One day, beautiful,” he nibbles on my earlobe, “we’re going to own the world.”

I barely know Cameron. I just found out he likes coffee just a week ago. “You’re confident I’m the one.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? You’re everything.” His deep voice purrs in my ear and my body promptly responds. “I want to share my world with you. I need you to trust me first. Trust that I’ll always take care of you. Trust that I don’t want you involved with my businesses. Trust it’s just me and you baby, forever.”

I slowly nod my head. Is Cameron full of it? I don’t know. Only time will tell. For now, I have to trust him and just stay out of his way when it comes to dealing with his numerous businesses.

And just hope for the best.

New York really was a city that never slept. I could still hear the faint sounds of angry horns and angrier drivers from our penthouse suite. The cacophony of citizens frantically hailing cabs, traipsing across the street without a care, and some working off having a few too many as friends carried them.

The flow of traffic didn’t stop even at eleven at night. It seemed to just get started as I saw various yellow cabs and private vehicles ease in and out of traffic like breathing. It was a whirlwind to witness, coming from a girl who never traveled past Atlanta. Now I was experiencing a whole new world.

After dinner, we went straight back to the hotel suite. Cameron went into another room to handle some more business while I took off my heels and turned on the radio. It was late at night but yet, the night felt young.

“Yearning for Your Love” blared through the Bose speakers and it put me in a sensual mood. Hearing Uncle Charlie’s voice sends me back to a carefree time – cookouts with my family, my Daddy, and uncles playing spades and dominoes for the umpteenth time because somebody cheated. The aunties in the kitchen gossiping about who did what and with whom. Me and my cousins watching whatever movie in somebody’s spare bedroom.

My body swayed from side to side as I released the tension of the day. I still felt uneasy with Cameron’s secrecy on what was going on but I couldn’t worry about that. We only had a couple more days in New York and then it was back to finals at Howard.

I have to admit, this was a pretty awesome birthday. One of the best I’ve ever had.

The station switched to “Sign Your Name” and my body instantly responds. My eyes close as I feel the rhythm wash over me, dancing in the soft moonlight, and without a care in the world.

Everything will be okay. Cameron says it will be and I have to believe him, even if I’m still not sure.

I turn around and see Cameron watching me from the distance. He’s off his phone and he’s leaning against the wall with his arms folded. I beckon him to join me and he removes his shirt to reveal a white tank top underneath. He leaves his slacks on and I’m kinda wishing he didn’t.

We dance together in the living room, our bodies pressed together as fingers are interlocked. This is the most intimate I’ve ever been with anyone. Cameron’s heartbeat is in sync with mine and we’re staring into each other’s eyes. Just us, music, and opportunity.

Our breathing became shallower as the song progressed. We weren’t going to make it to the bedroom and that was fine by both of us. We softly kissed at first, tasting each other. Then it became an exchange of power and conceding to his demands.

Cameron picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the dining room table and sat me down, pulling my panties off, as he continued to kiss me. Slow, hot, and wet.

He stole my train of thought, my will to fight back, and replaced it with a desperate hunger that wanted more of those kisses everywhere. He faintly tasted of wine and some of the crème brulee dessert we shared.

Cameron’s slacks quickly came down and he slid his hard cock inside my aching, wet pussy. I gasped, he moaned. We moved in unison on the table as I held onto his neck. Unlike the plane sex, this time was hurried. Cameron was so deep inside my pussy, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Yet, it still wasn’t enough.

I fell apart in front of him, losing control when I felt his thumb circle my swollen clit. “Cameron…”

“Come all over my dick, baby girl.” He growled, pounding into me deeper and deeper.

I moaned and came harder than I ever had, my pussy quivering all over Cameron’s thick cock as he relentlessly pounded into me. I finally opened my eyes and watched Cameron fuck me.

His face morphed as he lost control. His lips were pursed and his face was full of agony; he wanted it to last but he wanted to come. He was barely holding on by a string and it was killing him.

“Taylor…” He violently came and his hips wildly hit against mine as he emptied his seed in me. He pressed his forehead against mine and breathed into me, coming back down to Earth.

We were raw, bare, and stripped. We stayed that for a long time before Cameron pulled out. He cleaned himself and me up before he carried me to our bedroom, where we made love again.

And I finally became an expert on giving head.


To read Finesse, click here.

Finesse will be out next month.


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Scott & Mariana V is now LIVE!



When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.



“Dove is one of the best submissives I’ve had because she lets Me do whatever I want to her. She’s a bad girl and likes to be punished for her sins or sometimes, My sins. I love to inflict pain – good pain – with her and she always takes it like a dirty, little whore she is.” Scott smiled as He caressed Dove’s pussy. She twisted her body in response. “The demonstration is over, but if you want to stay and watch Me torture her pussy, you’re more than welcome.”

Kimberly looked around. No one left.

Scott took out a cat o’ nine tails and brushed it against Dove’s body. He read her reaction to see if she was okay; she was. Scott nodded and before Dove could brace herself, He slapped the implement against her midsection.

Dove bent over and Scott barked at her to stand straight. He unleashed several whips across her back, her ass, and her breasts. He stood behind her and fingered her pussy as He whispered something in her ear.

Kimberly couldn’t take her eyes off Scott as He completely owned Dove’s body. Everything He did, Dove responded to it as if she was used to it. As He fingered her with one hand, He choked her with the other. Dove looked like she was about to lose her shit.

Dove came and her body convulsed. Scott slapped Dove’s breasts again as she squirmed against His body. He whispered something else in her ear and all Dove could do was nod. Kimberly squirmed a little in her seat as she felt her panties become soaked.

She wanted to be owned by Scott.

Scott was so mechanical, if she thought, about how he acted with his family. He wasn’t fake, but he didn’t show too much emotion. She knew what the deal was – they both were raised in high-society Southern culture. Appearances were everything and they both lived that to the day.

Even as a Dom, Scott was controlled.

Scott pulled out a Hitachi and turned it on the highest setting. He stood behind Dove and rubbed it against Dove’s pussy. Dove feverishly nodded and came again, buckling against the restraints. He slapped Dove’s breasts with His free hand and kept the Hitachi on her.

Kimberly watched as Dove came again.

And again.

And again.


To purchase:

Amazon US

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iTunes (coming soon)

Barnes & Noble (coming soon)

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#TuesdayTeaser: Scott & Mariana V


When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.



“That’s all I have for you now.” Chris gave Mariana that sympathy gaze she hated. “So, that’s all kiddo.”

“No, that’s not all kiddo,” Mariana lamented. “Why am I only working on yogurt and cat shit sand? I had major companies I worked on before…” She took a breather. Before she lost everything and had no idea who she was anymore. “…I had major clients I was in contact with.”

“And those have been reassigned. They understood and they’re working with your colleagues. These new brands need new ideas and a fresher face to help them. You would be perfect for them.”

“Obscure brands that no one will buy and would probably be gone in a few years?” Mariana let out a small sigh.

“It’s out of my hands, Mari.” Chris offered. “I was given this instruction for you.”

Scott. Of course he did. Why would Mariana honestly think Chris was behind all of this? “That’s all I need to know. Thank you, Chris.” She grabbed the yogurt and the cat litter. “I’ll get started on this right away.” She walked out of his office, dropped the items on her desk, and promptly walked to Elissa’s desk. “I need a word with your boss.”

Elissa smiled at Mariana. “He’s expecting you.”

Mariana felt her hands curl up into tight balls. Of course, Scott was. “Thank you.” She promptly walked into Scott’s office and found him casually leaned against his oak desk with his arms casually folded.

He looked, smelled, and embodied sex. Mariana didn’t know if she wanted to fight or fuck him. He wore a dark green V-neck sweater and khaki pants. His shoes were sneakers. He normally wore a variety of shoes, but it was clear Scott went for comfort that day.

His cologne was musky, with notes of earth and wood. It was a faint smell in the office, but strong enough to make Mariana walk closer to him instead of standing at a safe distance like she normally did.

Scott Reed. Her boss. Her former lover. The father of her dead child. And she currently hated him. Maybe he thought he was trying to help, but for Mariana, she was never too sure. Every time she thought Scott would finally trust her, he proved to her why he didn’t.

She wondered if this would be an ongoing battle between them forever. “Thank you for showing me once again how much you don’t trust me.” She walked up to him. She wanted to look him dead in his gorgeous eyes. “Thank you for taking away all of my major accounts and give me obscure brands that no one will ever fucking buy. Thank you for all the faith you’ve ever had in me to come back stronger. Much appreciated it.”

Mariana always looked sexier when she was angry. The way her body flexed underneath her work attire of slacks and blouse made Scott’s dick stir with attention. Her ebony hair was down in long waves. Her lips were painted in a shimmering brown color.

Scott was being polite and gentlemanly but even he could admit he just wanted to fuck Mariana until she couldn’t walk. “If this is your way of saying thank you, you’re welcome.” He countered. “Anything else?”

Mariana wanted to slap Scott and she was sure he wouldn’t have stopped her. “You’re giving me simple ads a teenager with an IG account and Tik-Tok could do!” Mariana lamented. “I wanted something juicy. Something I can sink my teeth into. I don’t want to tell pet owners what brand of cat shit sand Mr. Fluffy would like!”

“You were in charge of Old Navy, Mariana.” Scott answered her. “You saw the ad with the family and you flipped out, and rightfully so. You’re not ready for something bigger than that right now.”

“No, I am ready for something bigger than that.” She argued. “I need to be distracted and not constantly reminded why I don’t have a child and why my child’s father thinks I need to be handled with kid gloves!”

“You’re doing the brand strategy for Artisan Yogurt and Cute Kitty sand.” Scott countered. “Those are nationwide brands, Ms. Harlow. Not everyone gets those opportunities.”

Ms. Harlow. Whenever Scott was annoyed with Mariana at work, he always addressed her as Ms. Harlow, as if just calling her by her given name was too much for him to do. Mariana was almost positive Scott addressed her as Ms. Harlow so the real word he wanted to say – bitch – wouldn’t come out. “So, you’re saying I should be grateful that I’m doing the brand strategy for some goddamn cat food and yogurt?”

“Your last job had you being an underpaid administrative assistant whose highlight of the day was making sure there was enough foam on someone’s skinny soy latte.” Scott folded his arms and leaned against his oak desk. “And you’re saying me putting you in charge of two major accounts is a step down?”

Putting it like that did make Mariana sound like an ungrateful little…she folded her arms and huffed. “Fine, Mr. Reed. I’ll do the ads.”

“I’ll help you with the ads, Mari.” Mariana noticed Scott’s attitude towards her changed. Now he was softer and referred to her nickname. He stopped short of calling her baby, and Mariana didn’t realize how much she’d longed for him to address her as so. “I will never give you anything to see you struggle or have you purposely fail. That doesn’t benefit me in any way. I wouldn’t make life harder for you.”

“Except sometimes you do, Scott.” She emphasized his name and he raised an eyebrow. “You were always so difficult to read. Like you purposely built this Teflon exterior around you so no one can get in. And when things don’t go your way, you shut people out like they never existed at all. And you wonder why things ended up the way they did between us?” She gave a slight smile. “You are truly your worst enemy.”

“I’m not difficult to read, Mari,” he countered, “you’ve always read me very well. You just didn’t like what you’ve read. In terms of what happened between us, I’ve owned up to it several times and to your face. Yet, you are so bent on being angry with me as if your anger towards me is feeding some unmet need in your life.

“You see, if your ex apologizes for all of the wrongs he’s done, well, that’s boring. But if you hold some sort of resentment against him, hmm…things are juicy now, aren’t they?” He got up, walked over to her, closing the distance, and backed her against the wall. He caressed her cheek and stared into her brown eyes, as a thumb softly played with her lips. “Aren’t you tired of always being so angry with me?”

Mariana took a few small breaths and hardened her eyes. His six-foot plus frame towered over hers. She read his eyes; they’d softened to a light green. He wasn’t angry with her, that she could tell. He was, if she dared thought, rather amused by what she was doing.

She didn’t like how his spicy cologne filled her nostrils, nor did she appreciate the fact she could see a small patch of hair peeking through his open collar. She felt his raw, sexual energy and her panties dampen with need and not the usual want.

She needed to keep this…whatever this was…professional. She came back to McCormick under the pretense that they would be professionals, despite any personal connections. They were never alone together and any group functions, they purposely stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible. For a while, it worked like a charm.

Now, she wasn’t so sure. She wanted to feel him inside her, on top, behind, and underneath her. She wanted to scream his name and beg for climax. Damn being nice for appearances sake. Damn their professionalism and keeping it strictly business. Damn it all.

She was about to open her mouth to welcome a kiss when he suddenly pulled back and opened the door for her. “We can meet at my home to discuss the ads.”

His home. Where Scott currently had a not-so permanent roommate. Come to think of it, when was the last time Mariana saw Dove? Furthermore, why did she even care? “Will she be there?”

“No.” He replied. “I wouldn’t put you two in that position.” Scott knew the answer to that was not yet but he kept that private. “Seven? I’ll make dinner and we’ll discuss the ads.”

Scott was a wonderful cook and Mariana did miss his meals. “Seven it is.”


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#SundaySnippet: Scott & Mariana V

It just occurred to me I haven’t posted on here since September. My bad. 


When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.


The air crackled with sexual intensity and Mariana felt her body aflame. She wanted Scott on top of her, behind her. She wanted him to fill her up with His hot come, pound her pussy for hours, and make her beg.

She could smell how wet her pussy was for him, a mixture of sweet and hot desire. Her cunt was throbbing to be fucked and her nipples were hard and aching for His mouth. Her body was His playground and He delighted in the ownership.

His body healed her soul. His lips gave life to hers. He owned her and in turn, she happily served Him in every possible way. She had an insatiable need to be fed and He gave her everything she wanted.

With her back against the pole, Mariana ground against it. She slid down to the floor and crossed her legs in the air, slightly opening them ajar to beckon Scott to come closer. She twisted her legs then opened them wide.

She continued to dance when she saw Scott move to the kitchen. He took out a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne and corked it open. He slowly walked back to Mariana and smiled at her as she spun around the pole. He took a swig of the champagne and offered her some, which she took.

As Mariana slid down the pole again with her legs open, Scott poured the champagne all over her nude body. She held her position just above the ground as Scott kneeled before her. He lifted her pussy to his mouth and began to lick her. His tongue was slow and deliberate, enjoying the taste of champagne and her personal flavor.

Scott held Mariana’s ass as he continued to taste her love. A wax job made her pussy bare and smooth, and Scott relished in the delight of it. He tasted every part of her from the outer lips to the slick inner ones. How wet she became and the way she contracted with every lick he made.

He explored her pussy as Mariana held on for dear life. They both knew he wouldn’t let her fall, but they also knew it was a new position they’ve tried. During their play sessions, Scott always made sure Mariana was safe. Whenever she wanted to stop, she knew what to do and everything came to a standstill.

She didn’t want him to stop. Not now. Not ever.

Mariana’s body betrayed her. She came hard and fast against her Master’s tongue. He let down her easy on the floor and quickly shed his clothing. His cock was already hard and jutted out. He laid down on top of Mariana and quickly entered her.

Mariana gasped at Him. He felt so full and thick inside of her. No matter how many times they made love, fucked, or played, it still felt like a new experience every time. Scott didn’t let Mariana rest; he thrust hard inside her begging pussy.

He gathered one of her legs and held it up as He fucked her with no mercy. Mariana screamed as Scott grunted. No promises. No dirty talk. Just pure, hard sex.

Mariana’s body lifted off the ground as she came. Scott quickly pulled out and shot all over her body; streams of hot come glossing her mahogany skin. He collapsed beside her and kissed her forehead.

“I love you more than life,” He quietly spoke.

Mariana sensed the change in Scott’s tone and knew playtime was over. “I love you more than anything.”

“Sir?” Dove spoke.

Scott redirected his attention back to the present as the memory dissipated. He softly clapped as the pole dancers finished their performance. “Sorry about that.” He took a swig of champagne. “My mind was elsewhere for a moment.”


Scott and Mariana V will be out this month.

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#TeaserTuesday: Sweet Nectar #coverreveal

Author’s Note:

This is supposed to be live, like now, but it’s not. So once it does go live, I’ll post all available links. For now, enjoy an extended snippet and the cover, if you haven’t seen it already. xoxoxo


It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.




A part of me wonders if this was how Soul felt when I wrote that article on him. The anger before someone talked him down. He could’ve blown up at me and called me every name in the book. Instead, he confronted me head-on when I was at my worst and we became…

…more than friends.

My heart sighs as I think about the conundrum we’re in. We’re together but for how much longer? It’s clear I’m not wanted here so I doubt I’ll ever have family dinners with the in-laws. And Soul? He may be frustrated with his brothers and parents, but he’ll choose them over me any day of the week.

Why am I wasting my time with Soul?

The front door suddenly opens and I turn around to lock eyes with Soul. Whatever anger and heartbreak I had before, it dissipated once I looked into his eyes. The sultry look on his face returned and his full lips curved into a delicious smile.

He’s dressed in a business suit with an open collar. The open collar reveals enough of his tanned skin with a light dusting of hair across his chest. It’s not his usual attire of jeans, hoodie, and Timbs, yet it fits him so right.

He’s casually chewing a piece of gum and I see his defined jaw work in slow motion like it did on me all last night.  His blue eyes are staring right at me; alternating between cobalt and sky blue. His eyes are intense, but it’s all love, not anger.

“I was wondering if you kept your invisibility cloak on.”

I smile at the Harry Potter reference. “If only I had a flying car…”

Soul walks over to me and sweeps his lips over mine before I had a chance to protest. Not that I would’ve. His delectable lips sent shockwaves throughout my body. His wandering hands caressed and grabbed my ass, giving it a hard slap as he played with my tongue.

I felt lost within him. I wanted to drown in his love. I wanted to be covered and loved until I couldn’t want anything else anymore. I wanted him to have total and complete ownership of my body and soul and in exchange, I wanted his.

The question mark lingered – would he let me?

Soul pulled away, but only by reluctance. His blue eyes twinkled at me and I knew all was all right. “You good, shorty?”

“I’m good.” I nod. My eyes slant as I pay attention to his mouth for the first time. “You wore your grill at breakfast?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” He smiles at me and I shake my head. “Platinum and diamonds, baby. Nothing but.”

“You’re really about that life twenty-four-seven, huh?

“Not a second less.” His voice is deep and raspy. “Parents know what the deal is. So do my bros. I’ve always been like this. I’m not some wigger who likes the culture but says nothing on the issues. This is me.”

“That is you.” I smile before I pause. “I overheard the conversation with your family. That’s why I left.”

“That’s what I figured.” He sighs through his nose. “You weren’t meant to hear any of that. Savior and Ocean aren’t too happy with themselves about it and would like to apologize to you personally.”

“All is forgiven. I know they were looking out for their brother and it’s totally understandable.” I let out a soft breath. “Your father, though…”

Soul shrugged and leaned against the bar beside me. He briefly looks up and folds his arms against his chest. “I love my father for what he’s done for the country. He’s helped out a lot of people, got many laws passed, and sacrificed a whole lot. I mean, a whole lot. He was at odds with his own parents and siblings for a long time until they finally came around. They still don’t like my mom because they think she’s lowkey encouraging my father. I can’t say that’s false. She’s always had his back, even if it meant she looked like a fool.”

Starr and Thomas are the epitome of #relationshipgoals to some people but they also have a very dysfunctional marriage. Thomas’s numerous affairs have been well-documented while Starr often attends events with companions disguised as staff members.

“I hate my father for what he’s done to us. He has a couple of outside kids that everyone knows about but no one has confirmed. We all know the truth, though. The women have signed NDAs so they can never speak a word about it ever. If they decide to break it, the consequences are severe. I’ve never met those children and I’m not quite sure if I want to.

Soul sighs again and looks away. The pain is evident on his face, though he’s trying to put on a brave front. He’s too prideful to cry, though he’s not ashamed to reveal his pain. “I love my family, but sometimes I don’t like them. I brought you here because I didn’t want them to bring their bullshit to Harlem. I rather have it out in the open now and deal with whatever comes.” He turns towards me. “It’s going to take time, though. They’re not going to instantly love you because you are the press. Once they figure out they can trust you, it’ll be like you’ve always been a part of the family.”

I give a small grin. “Does this mean you accept me being a journalist?”

“It means I accept you being you. It also means we need to figure out what you’re going to do once you’re in Harlem.” He flashes his grill. “You still have a bit of time to figure out what you’re going to do.”

“We already know I’m going to live with you, Ellison,” I reply. “But I still need to figure out what I’m going to do when I get there. Maybe I can talk to Laura about something. I think she has some friends in the publishing industry I can talk to.”

“You do what you gotta do, but you’re not staying in L.A. much longer.” He cups my face and sweeps his lips over mine again. And once again, I fall harder for him. “I saw how you acted in Harlem. You were free. You were yourself. You loved Harlem and it loved you back. That’s where you need to be.”

“You make it sound like everything is going to be so perfect between us.” My voice is breathless.

He places his forehead against mine. “Everything already is.” He covers his mouth over mine and hoists up my dress. He pulls down my panties and cups my sex. “This is very perfect.”

My breath hitches in my throat. Soul lifts me up and places me on the stool. Draping one of my legs over his shoulders, Soul opens me wide and covers my sex with his mouth. His tongue rapidly flicked over me, teasing and tasting me as he gripped my bare ass.

We were in the guest house on his family’s property and yet, it didn’t matter to Soul. It didn’t matter last night when he kept me up all night. It didn’t matter when he told me to be still and ‘take this dick.’ It didn’t matter to him at all.

Pleasing me, giving me everything I could want or need from him…that’s the only thing that mattered.

My cunt throbbed against his tongue as I looked down and saw how calm he was. The softness of his beard tickled my inner thighs. His mouth and tongue were so greedy on my pussy, worshipping it and giving it much needed attention.

He sucked hard on my clit and I went home to glory, coming hard against his mouth.

Soul stands up and opens his zipper, letting his hard cock protrude out. I thought I would’ve been too sore to accept it, but I found myself hungry for it. He adjusted his position and slides his cock inside me and we both hum at the friction.

His strokes are fast and hard, driving his long, thick shaft in and out with the precision of a surgeon. His eyes are closed and ecstasy is all over his face. He loves how I’m making him feel. My pussy is doing that to him.

Fuck, Ari…” He moans and slides in and out faster. We’re shaking the bar stool, on the verge of breaking it, but I doubt Soul cares.

My pussy tightens around him and Soul growls. He pushes inside me harder and deeper before he comes; his cock jerking inside of me. He kisses me hard and fast and I return the feeling.

He places his forehead against mine while he’s still inside of me and we just breathe against each other. There is still a question mark in our future, but one thing is for certain: we’re going nowhere without the other.

Vera Roberts

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#TeaserTuesday: Quench My Desire #novella #newadult #rockstar



He summoned me to write a song for him. He ended up giving me so much more.

The media’s image of him was something crazy and completely different from the battered soul, who was mischievous and completely dynamic than anything I had ever encountered.

I was flawed and damaged; a consequence from having success at a super young age when most girls would’ve been playing with their Barbies and Bratz dolls. I was exposed to a lot before I old enough to get my driver’s license.

Yet, he was my savior. His age and experience showed me to be happy in an unknown world. My youthfulness and naiveté taught him there was still innocence in the world.

He was my fire. I quenched his thirst.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts brings a hot new novella with Quench My Desire, a sexy venture into the music industry, May-September romances, and vibin’ with one’s true spirit.

Unedited Snippet:

“I want to get back on top. I used to be a superstar. Crowds lined up for blocks to see me. People screaming my name and I barely said a word. Fans going out and buying my record the moment it dropped at midnight.” Jax’s eyes take a somber turn. This is the part of fame that people don’t realize. It’s not about bling and Bentleys when you’re a has-been before you’re 30. Some people take a break and can bounce back like nothing ever happened. And some people are still trying to recapture their glory days. “And then I messed it all up. I had the world eating at the palm of my hand and I just…I just blew it.”

“So what happened?” I know I’m potentially crossing a line between personal and professional but if I’m going to be working with ol’ boy on a song, I need to make it as personal as possible.

Jax releases a soft sigh and stares straight ahead at nothing. “I took a break to handle things.”

A break to handle things is one way to say it. What Jax didn’t bother to say because we both know was that he was regularly skiing down those cocaine slopes before he finally hit the proverbial tree.

Rock bottom with your face splattered and dick out all over TMZ and every other tabloid will make anyone seek Jesus. “Did you seek what you were finding?”

Jax looks at me with those hypnotizing brown eyes and I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. “I don’t know yet.” He softly bites his lip. “Maybe.”

I clear my throat and hope that somehow clears the sexual tension between us. “This song,” I turn back to the lyrics, “is about seeking that thirst in the middle of the night. That rainstorm after a long drought. The unfailing love after a series of horrible breakups.”

Jax quizzically looks at the lyrics. “I thought the song was about sex? I mean, right here you sing, ‘quench my desire.’ This part you sing, ‘do it to me.’ This part you sing…” Jax smiles as he turns to me. “…’give it to me.’”

I swallow and ignore the flames that are crawling up my body. My heartbeat is making me deaf. “I could’ve been talking about Whoppers, you know?” I laugh and he follows. “The radio is getting overplayed with that. No one wants to use innuendos or suggestive lyrics anymore. R&B has a lot of profanity and otherwise, disgusting lyrics in it nowadays. People want to be romanced. They don’t need an instruction manual on how to get it in.”

“I don’t think anyone needs instructions given this song.” His brown eyes stare at me as if he was staring through me. “But a woman singing this doesn’t have the same desperation as a man would. Sometimes the gender of a person singing a song makes a difference. Take for example, “Respect.” Otis Redding did it and did a great job of it. But when Aretha Franklin put her spin on it, she had every single woman in the world singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

He glances down at the lyrics and lightly sings them. His voice is smooth and soulful. Despite Jax’s issues, he hadn’t lost his touch. I always knew he was a great singer, but seeing him like this – raw, unfiltered, with authentic emotion – is what wet dreams are made of. “A woman would be considered desperate. A man would be considered hungry and longing for that one woman to satisfy him. This is why I need to record this song. I know it’ll be a hit.” He glances back at me. “Don’t you think so, Mia?”

The scent of his cologne is making me want to bottle it up and sell it to the highest bidder: my thirsty ass. Every time he exhales, I inhale. I want to feel him all over me. I want to feel him inside me.

This is going to be the longest recording session in the history of music. “Um, yeah…” My voice is choked with emotion and I clear it one more time for good measure. I should really get a throat lozenge.


Quench My Desire will be out this Friday everywhere. It is a New Adult novella.

D'Amato Brothers-3

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#TeaserTuesday: #legsandliquorstores



When you wish upon a star…

Sydney Winchester realizes there’s a spark missing from her marriage but she doesn’t know how to get it back. When her manager forces her to go on a vacation, it gets the wheels turning in her head on how to blow her husband’s mind. She can only hope it works or her Happily Ever After will become a distant memory.

Dean Winchester knows a challenge when he sees one and he knows his marriage is heading for trouble. A small break from hockey is exactly what he needs to revitalize his short marriage before it’s too late.

By marrying each other, their dream came true. Now they need to keep it alive.

#LegsandLiquorStores is a short novella in the new adult Breakaway series about recapturing the spark and reclaiming one’s identity.

Unedited Snippet: 

“Girl…” Sarah entered Sydney’s home with two coffees and donuts for them both. Sydney was typing away at her Macbook and Sarah made herself home, like she normally did. Sarah was over at Sydney’s home so much, she even had her own room. “…traffic was nothing short of insanity. Caffeinated is seriously just two miles away and it took almost 15 minutes to get there!”

She sat down at the dining table and began to take out the breakfast spread. “So I got your fancy, schmancy whatever the hell this is called for you. I like to refer it as the Sunken Place Pumpkin Spice Convention but I think too many special snowflakes will get offended by that.” Sarah pulled out her coffee and glanced at it. “Mine is in direct response to the #metoo bullshit and I call this #youbestnot.”

Sydney briefly glanced at her best friend. Sarah always kept it one hundred, even it was against her best interest. “I hope you didn’t tell them that at the shop, ‘Rah.”

“Girl, you know me…” Sarah smiled. “…you damn right I did.”

Sydney shook her head and took a sip of her overpriced and too-hot coffee. “What’s up?”

“Syd…” Sarah took a sip of her coffee and thanked the ancestors for a sense of humor. “…the shit Jameson pulled on me last night! Girl! He took that swing and tied me up in it, right? And then he fucked me as if his life was depended on it. Pulling my hair, slapping my titties, he forcefully grabbed my face and asked me if I was going to take that dick like the slut I was?” Sarah blew out a breath. She was getting aroused just thinking about it. “He fucked me as if he was punishing me for all of my sins and I’m pretty sure we did some shit that was more than a little illegal in a few states.

“I mean, he picked my big-ass up and slammed me down on the bed, spread my legs apart, and was like, fuck you! And laying down there, looking up at him, panting and stroking and I’m like, damn right, fuck me!” Sarah shook her head and fanned herself. “I don’t even know why I even have dildos because this motherlover knows how to work it like a Missy Elliott record.” Sarah glanced over at Sydney. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her eyes were just as narrowed.

“Have you listened to a word I just said?” Sarah asked. Sydney didn’t bother to look up once other than welcoming Sarah inside. She knew her best friend went through a professional and personal drought lately, but it was unusual what Sydney was doing. “You’ve been focused behind that computer screen and I’m trying to tell you all the freak-nasty shit me and Jameson did last night!”

“Give a minute,” Sydney typed in a few more words, “I’m trying to research something.”

“Research what?” Sarah blinked as she sipped her iced coffee. “How to ignore your best friend’s dick report?”

“No,” Sydney studied the Google results and slowly enunciated each word,  “how to get watercolor paint out of your vagina…”

Sarah’s eyes widened before they settled. “I’m glad you and Dean are getting back into a routine,” she stood up and picked up her purse. “but bitch, let’s go to the ER!”


*Note: I’m in the process of renaming the title. #LegsandLiquorStores is just a working one.

It’ll be out later this month.

To read an extended snippet, click here.

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#TeaserTuesday: Love’s Burden (H.E.R. 2)


Caught in the clash of two warring families, Romeo Torres will be forced to decide between protecting the woman he loves, and being loyal to the game. With time running out, Romeo must get creative with his girlfriend’s survival, even if it means he’llbecome a target himself by his own family.

Love’s Burden is the second part of the H.E.R trilogy. It deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals. It’s a modern-day remix of Romeo and Juliet.



Rodney scanned over his daughter’s IG page and could only shake his head. Julia was in London with Roman as he’d predicted. He wondered how she managed to leave her apartment undetected. He also briefly wondered if she had anything to do with Santiago’s recent murder attempt.

Rodney shook his head. Julia? His princess? There was no way she would’ve been able to get close enough to Santiago to shoot him. She would’ve been shot on sight by a litany of Santiago’s security, both public and hidden.

No, whoever shot him was someone he knew and someone who was able to get close enough to him. If Julia had been in London all this time, there was no way she would’ve been able to execute such plan.

He softly chuckled at the thought. His Julia being a killer? That was ludicrous. This was the same girl who wore loud colors, had a curious Gilmore Girlsobsession, and could recite facts about everything Michael Jackson.

Why would a girl who could dissect a song like “Stranger in Moscow” be a cold-blooded attempted murderer?

Rodney put his phone down and sipped his cappuccino. There was something unnerving about what was going on with his daughter, but each time he’d spoken with her, she gave no illusion there was anything sinister going on.

He knew the stress of losing her mother caused Julia to lose an extraordinary amount of weight. Her blog and vlog continued to be popular and Julia seemed to go on with her life.

There was something amiss about the whole ordeal, Rodney silently admitted. Things with Julia were too perfect. Not that he wanted her to be stressed out and defiant by seeing Romeo against his wishes. No, there was something more. There was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on but Rodney knew whatever it is, things might get worse.


The familiar smooth voice of his old friend greeted Rodney and he took a sip of his cappuccino. He nodded a seat for Santiago to sit down and a server came by to take his order.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the pair as they just stared at each other. Whatever brotherhood and kinship they had was long over.

“I’ll make the visit short and sweet. Thank you for the recent deposit of funds. I would like to continue to be a part of your business.” Santiago cautiously said.

Rodney slightly shrugged. “I have no problems with that. Is that all?”

“No, it’s not.” Santiago greeted the server as she delivered his meal of a croissant and a coffee. She quickly left. “Our children are dating again.”

“There’s nothing I can do about that. I told Julia to stay away from Romeo and she refused to listen.”

Santiago briefly looked up at the sky and decided how badly he wanted to play Russian Roulette with his life. He’d never been a punk so he wasn’t about to start. “When was the last time you’d physically seen Julia?”

“Why is this any of your business?” Rodney’s defenses went up. “You got your money and now you’re questioning my daughter’s motives for being with your son?”

“You’re not listening to me,” Santiago’s voice was low, “Vanessa was killed six months ago. Julia has been in London for a week now and I’m pretty sure she’s not going to return. What was she doing between the time of the funeral and before she left?”

“Whatever it is you want to say, Tee, you need to say it with your chest,” Rodney warned him, “I’m not repeating myself.”

“The person who tried to kill me – if that was her attention – was your daughter,” Santiago stated. “And I want to know what role did you have to play in that.”


Love’s Burden is available at the following links. This will be updated when the other links are live.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA



Barnes & Noble


To read an extended sneak preview of H.E.R., click here.