#FlashFriday: Unravel Me

Short blurb:

Sometimes people need to go back to where it all started…

Unedited snippet:

“I want to be kidnapped, tied up, and fucked. Is that too much to ask?”

He stared at her eyes and read the seriousness within them. She wasn’t joking. It wasn’t a fantasy she’d vocalized before, but it didn’t surprise him where her mind was. She was his classy and sophisticated woman in public. She was his nasty, dirty whore in private.

He was captivated by her beauty, and felt a small tightness in his chest thinking about how wonderful and patient she was with him. She knew his strengths and rose up to the challenge to keep up, to be on his level. Truth was, she was always on his level, even if she didn’t believe it.

She was emotionally raw and vulnerable, yet an insatiable need existed within her. Now she was asking him not to push her, but to break her. His body became restless while his heart and mind were filled with anxiousness.

For the first time in his life, he had reservations about meeting her requests.

“If you want me to do this, I need to go full throttle. I can’t back out because you feel it’s too much or you’re at your limit.” He met eyes with her. “Do you trust me with your life?”

She blinked once, then twice. Did she trust him? He’d proven many times why she shouldn’t. He’d also proven why she should. She knew he would never put her life in harm’s way, despite the dangerous and insane request.

If she didn’t trust him, she would need to leave him alone. “I do.”

“Okay,” he replied with a tone above a whisper. “I’ll see what can be done.”


I should note this will be a very short story and it’ll be on sale for $2.99 sometime within the next week.

The couple in question is them:



I hope you all enjoy!


#ThrowbackThursday: Love (D’Amato Brothers 5)

Love large

“Now lean over until your comfortable,” Eli guided his girlfriend as she straddled him, “and do a rocking motion.”

Faith followed her boyfriend’s lead and slightly leaned over him, while he guided her hips. She was on spring break from college and spent the entire week having sex with her boyfriend. He introduced her to porn, sex toys, and massage oil. She was officially turned out.

Now he introduced her to new positions. She loved it when he was on top of her but her favorite was when he was behind her. She loved how he took control of her body and mind. She’d especially loved it when he held one of her arms behind her back as he thrust into her from behind.

This time, howver, he wanted her on top.

Her girlfriends told her how many wonderful orgasms they had while being on top and Faith was curious enough to try. She felt self-conscious being on top and so exposed. Being so vulnerable and emotional; almost ashamed. Once Eli told her she had nothing to be afraid of, her inner vixen came out.

Her pussy clamped down on his shaft as they passionately kissed. Oh, she didn’t know if she would ever get used to his thick cock. The only man she’d ever been with and his cock was well above average. She was blessed in many ways her girlfriends weren’t.

“Eli,” she cooed as she buried her face into his neck. Eli took the lead and drove upward into her.

“Baby, your pussy feels so good,” he moaned as he guided her faster on him. He wrapped his arms around her back and placed soft kisses on her neck. “Fuck, you feel like heaven.”

“I’m about to come…”Faith panted as she rocked hard. “I’m about to…oh God, oh God…”

“Ooh, come on, baby girl…”

“Fuck!” Her world shattered as she collapsed on top of him with Eli soon following her.

They laid in that position, spent, and did not move for a long while. “Can we just stay like this forever?” Faith laughed.

“Forever, I’m yours.” He promised.

That was only 12 years ago. It felt like forever but to Eli, it seemed like it just happened yesterday.

“I’m never getting married again,” Eli suddenly spoke as the memory faded into the background.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Joey replied.

“How would you know?” Eli asked. “You don’t even want to get married.”

“Well, Kieran and Nick like that shit so I figured it can’t be that bad.”

Eli never cared about online gossip before and he certainly didn’t start when he became a pseudo-celebrity. Whenever a celebrity scandal broke out, he knew just as well as anyone, it was a one-sided sordid affair. Magazines and gossip boards catered to those who were ‘in the know’ and had screaming headlines to anyone willing to shell out dollars or worst yet, their time to read.

Eli wasn’t even a bit curious.

Him being in a bubble only intensified the media’s thirst for more answers and scoop on what went down between him and Faith. Work went on as scheduled at Madre’s as well as TV production. All future interviews were granted with a stern warning to not ask about the split. Madre’s employees were under strict rules to not say a word of what they knew or thought they knew or termination was guaranteed.

Just as the story erupted, it disappeared when a new celebrity scandal hit. It was perfect – How to Shut the Media Down 101.

He still had the issue of talking to Faith and coming to a reasonable agreement to their separation. Since he’d announced it to the world, Eli barely slept and his chest pinched in anger whenever he thought about his wife. No, that wasn’t good. He couldn’t be angry at the mother of his children, no matter how hurt he was. He needed to get over it and act like an adult, even if the child in him wanted throw the biggest tantrum.

It had been several long months since the split and while Eli informally took care of Faith, it was time to get everything in writing. They were no closer in working out their marriage than before and thoughts of divorce crossed Eli’s mind more than ever. It was partially why he suggested they met at his lawyer’s office in Manhattan instead of hashing out the agreement at their former shared home. He didn’t want to be on the receiving end of an angry Faith and a kitchen full of knives.

“I’m glad we’re all here together,” Eli’s lawyer, Sebastian, greeted everyone. On one side was Eli, Joey, and Nicola. On the other, it was Faith, her father, and their lawyer. Faith and Eli didn’t even look at each other. “I drafted a separation agreement and I hope it would be beneficial to both parties. Eli suggested he was open to a few suggestions but not too many so let’s not get carried away. Faith, you can take a look at this agreement and let me know if that’s to your liking.”

Faith read over the agreement and had no issue when it came to joint custody and child support. Her heart stopped when she came to the last amendment. “If we divorce, I can no longer go by Faith D’Amato?” She looked up at the D’Amatos across from her. “What’s that about?”

“It was a suggestion by Eli here,” Sebastian began, “we all feel that it’s best for all parties and…”

You suggested this?” Faith spoke directly to her ex, who met her stare for the first time that morning. “How dare you?”

“How dare me?” Eli scoffed. “Yes, because I’m the one still playing LOL smiley face with my ex.”

“Well, if you hadn’t fucked your ex, Darren would’ve never existed!” Faith’s voice raised and her father calmed her down. “No, he wants me to give up my last name because he’s mad at me. Just be honest, Eli! You’re mad that I was with Darren and there’s a comparison for now on!”

“This meeting is over,” Eli got up and buttoned his suit. “I’ll see you all at the shop.”

“You’re not leaving until you answer me!” Faith stood up and Eli stopped walking. “You will not do this to me!”

“You want an answer, I’ll give you one!” Eli yelled. “I’m ashamed. There? Happy? I’m ashamed I had the affair. I’m ashamed I forced you into another man’s bed. I’m ashamed I wasn’t good enough for you forgive me despite all of the goddamn therapy and prayer! You like that answer? Is that answer good enough for you? You busted my balls for the past two years and you finally got exactly what the fuck you wanted, Faith! You didn’t want to be married to me anymore and you wanted the fucking quarterback, well, you can have his sorry ass for all I care! I’m done here!

“In case you’re wondering, I protected you from having those photos printed!” Faith’s mouth dropped upon hearing the news. “Yeah, you didn’t know about that, didn’t you? One of my friends who works at the Post came to me with those photos and I asked her not to print them. How do you think that would’ve looked in the press? Famous preacher’s married daughter on a date with another man? Innocent Faith getting even with her husband in public?

“I’m giving you the car, the house, and more money than you know what to do with every month. All I’m asking in return is that I want my last name back. And then you’re going to tell me I have some nerve?” Eli smiled. “No, you do!” He slammed the door on his way out.

“Well, I guess we’re done here,” Joey got up and gathered his things. “I guess we’ll be in touch.” He helped his mother up and they began to leave.

“Nicola,” David Sheppard called after her, “ a word, please?”

Nicola nodded and turned to her son. “Go after your brother.” Joey left before Nicola addressed the reverened. “How may I help you, Pastor?”

“I don’t want to choose sides because I feel both of our children are at fault. I have told Faith many times I disagreed with her stance but, well, you know how stubborn she is.” David defended.

“Pastor, you don’t have to defend your daughter. You and the First Lady raised her well and brought her up right. How she is behaving now doesn’t erase what you’ve done,” Nicola replied. “Same goes for Eli. His mistake doesn’t erase everything he’s done. They’re both young in age and attitude. This is something they need to figure out and we shouldn’t get involved.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” David breathed an air of relief. “I wanted you to know where we stood.”

“Pastor, there’s a Bible verse I like – 1 Peter 4:8.”

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins,” he answered.

Nicola patted the reverend’s hand. “Our children love each other very much, though they’re both too angry and too hurt to admit it. Once the anger dissipates, the love will come through. They’ll be back together before the yearlong separation is up. I’m sure of it.” She then left the conference room with Sebastian.

David returned to the table with Faith and their lawyer. “What was that about?” Faith asked.

David smiled. “Just two adults praying for their children. That’s all.”

#ThrowbackThursday: Love #romance #contemporary

Love large

In front of Erica was one of the most extravagant flower designs she’d ever seen. She recognized the hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. There were a host of other flowers she didn’t recognize. Included in the arrangement were small personal effects –miniature versions of Louboutins, a cell phone, tablet, and a Doc McStuffins character. “It was the closest thing we had in the shop of a Black doctor so we’re working on that,” he snuggled against her neck, “so I hope it’s not too cheesy for you.”

Erica turned around with tears in her eyes. Eli wasn’t sure if they were of excitement or frustration. With women, it was always hard to tell. “I fucking love it! I normally wouldn’t say the ‘f word’ but I really do love this!”

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “I’m really glad to hear that.”

Erica stepped back and undid her halter. With a quick movement, the dress fell to the floor. She wore her finest V-string and high heels. “Can I thank you now?”

She was a goddess. Her supple skin shimmered in the light and Eli felt the heat emitting from her body. A yearning stirred inside him again and this time, it was louder and deafening. She made him realize something he’d long buried and didn’t want to remember. Eli picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Oh, yes you can.”

They fell on the bed and Eli took a moment to just look at the beauty of Erica. Her breasts reminded him dark chocolate teardrops. He caressed her taut stomach and she shivered at the touch. He kept one hand on her midsection while slowly tracing her white lace panties with his free hand. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Erica squirmed beneath him, frustrated she had to keep still but secretly liked the torture. “Eli…”

“Shh…” He closed his mouth on hers. Slowly, he tasted her, pushing his tongue inside to explore more. She tasted of wine, sugar, and coffee. She reminded him of old feelings and took him back to when he was young and free of responsibilities and commitments. He felt lost within her and he’d barely touched her.

His hands caressed her thighs, moving down to the balls of her feet and slid his hands back up to her waist. She felt comforting and her body responded with every caress and exploration.

Erica closed her eyes and felt she was sent to a long fantasy, somewhere far away. Eli’s hands were magical and surprisingly gentle. She felt every emotion as it entered her body and soul – need, impatience, lust, and desire. Her skin was hot to the touch and she felt She briefly wondered how it would be when he was finally inside her.

Eli suddenly pulled her up and he quickly undressed in front of her; his eyes never left hers. Erica almost gasped at the beauty of him – a muscular build complemented with strong arms and a six-pack she’d already imagined tracing her tongue over it. His abs led to strong legs and a very impressive and hardened cock between them.

“On the bed,” he demanded, and Erica quickly climbed back on it. Eli joined her again, placing a series of small kisses all over her body before meeting her lips once again. His hands traveled down to her heated, wet slit. He heard an audible gasp and soft moan as he began to play with her.

His mouth captured one of her breasts, tracing her nipple with his tongue before he gently nipped at it. “So beautiful,” he moaned as his fingers kept stroking her sex, “so damn beautiful.”

“Don’t stop, Eli…” She moaned. Her skin was hot to the touch and her normally calm, collected, and cool personality flew out of the window. She was always a good girl and did everything by the letter and by the book.

Then Eli…he didn’t even say a word to her. He didn’t force himself or made any snide remarks and Erica gave up the panties without a request. She could finally see what every woman in world did.

She breathed in short pants before the orgasm washed over her body. “That’s it,” his deep voice whispered as she moaned into his mouth, “that’s it.” He withdrew from her and got off the bed. He retrieved the condoms he brought with him and sheathed one on.

He pulled Erica by her ankles and ripped her panties off before he kneeled on the bed. He ran his cock up and down her wet slit before he slowly entered her. She felt so tight and welcoming like a velvet glove. He felt like heaven.

He slowly drove into her as he studied her reaction. Her full lips cooed and gasped with each thrust. Her pussy contracted and clamped down with each movement and Eli thought he was about to lose it. Erica made him feel alive and reborn, a feeling he’d long forgotten about.

Eli brought Erica up to his level and they rode each other as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They pressed foreheads together and locked eyes, moving as one and moaning into each other’s mouths. Erica was close, so close, and she wouldn’t be able to stave off the orgasm any longer. Eli felt it too and rocked her harder on his cock before she finally came. Her body shook and her screams filled her apartment.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned as he thrust a few more times and met his own release. They tightly held onto each other as her pulsating pussy milked his cock. They fell back onto the bed, still entangled with each other and lightly covered with sweat.

Erica chuckled. “You probably lost all kinds of respect for me now.”

Eli shook his head and caressed Erica’s cheek. “You saved my son’s life. I’ll never lose respect for you.”


Erica’s making a comeback….

Love is available NOW everywhere; print version coming soon.

#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You


“You know what’s heaven?” Mariana sat up on Scott’s lap and grabbed a small handful of grapes. She leaned against his knees and began feeding him.

Scott folded his arms behind his head as he admired a naked Mariana feeding him after a lengthy lovemaking session. “What’s heaven, baby?”

“This.” A slow smile spread across Mariana’s lips. “This is heaven.”

“Explain.” He replied.

“Is this a pop quiz?” She asked.

Scott’s hands caressed Mariana’s sweat-coated torso and traveled up to her breasts, where he gently twisted her nipples. Mariana squirmed in pleasure. “It just might be.”

“Everything. The romantic date at the park, the freedom of being myself, no holds barred with you. It’s not even the fancy jewelry, the car, and all of the other nice things, which I like, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… it’s just…”

“It’s just what, baby?”

Mariana leaned down and locked lips with her boyfriend. “You have made all of my dreams come true. And I can never thank you enough.”

“Baby girl, I’ll promise to give you everything and more.” His hands caressed her arms. “I never want you to feel unsafe with me.”

“I feel totally safe with you, honey.” Mariana smiles, her eyes beaming with joy. “I want to be with you forever.”

Scott briefly thought about the engagement ring stuck in his messenger bag. It would’ve been the perfect time to propose. It was the most romantic day in the year, with a romantic picnic in the park and topped off with an incredible lovemaking session.

He then thought about the current mood. They were both naked and entangled with each other. Was that a story he wanted Mariana to share with friends and family, hopefully omitting the BDSM session they just had? Mariana was such a hopeless romantic who believed in love; she was better than a naked and sweaty proposal. She deserved a proposal in Paris, a romantic journey in Italy, or a sightseeing tour in Spain.

Something other than both of them naked and their bodies still moistened from their last romp. Was she really going to share that with her mother? “How did Scott propose?” “Well, after he bound and gagged me and fucked me ten ways from Sunday, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his slave for life!”

“Honey?” Mariana studied his sharp green eyes, wondering where his mind went. “Is everything okay?”

Scott blinked quickly and smiled back at his girlfriend. Her long ebony hair was starting to frizz. Her skin was shiny and sticky, remnants of the sessions they just had. Her eyes, however, sparkled with love and trust. He’d never felt more sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He just thought of the perfect day to propose to her—her birthday. He was going to take Jeff’s advice and whisk Mariana away somewhere romantic and unforgettable. If he can only wait another month… “Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” He adjusted his position and slid inside Mariana once again. “But for now, let’s pick up from where we left off.”

“Ooh…” Mariana slid her body down Scott’s shaft. “This is shaping up to be my favorite Valentine’s ever.”

“I can always tell when you’re somewhere else,” Elissa’s voice snapped Scott out of his daydreaming, “because you get that glassy-eyed look, like a mannequin. Am I really that boring?”

“I was thinking about tonight,” he finally answered her.

It was a day Scott Reed hated.



There weren’t enough synonyms to describe how he truly felt about that particular day of the year.

Not his birthday. He loved celebrating his birthday. Getting drunk and getting head was always a great thing.

Not Christmas. He loved spending the holidays with his family back in Georgia.

It was a holiday that made no sense to him when he was younger and damn sure didn’t make any more sense when he was older.

Valentine’s Day.

Every year at McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, Scott had to watch employees squeal in romantic delight over the flowers, chocolates, and other surprises their lovers had lined up. He had seen more than his fair share of proposals. He had witnessed one too many romantic gestures in the form of paid singers, unsigned rappers, and other hungry talent looking to make an impression with the recipient and McCormick executives.

So, it wasn’t all bad. Whatever leftover chocolate some employees had, they offered it to him. He had a smile on his face whenever an employee showed off her new engagement ring. When he overheard the ladies in the lunch room talking about their romantic evenings, he was proud that they found a great partner to share their lives with.

Still, the romantic day didn’t change Scott’s view that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. Truth was he’d always had those feelings, with the only exception being the one he’d shared with his ex-girlfriend. The moment the relationship ended, however, those feelings resurrected in full force, along with a thick taste of bitterness and regret. “I was in deep thought,” he explained.

“You work too hard and you work too much,” Elissa replied.

Scott briefly glanced up at his assistant and cracked a small smile. “You always say that.”

“And lo and behold, I’m always right,” Elissa replied. “You have plans tonight?”

“Taking her to a nice dinner and maybe a drive up the coast,” Scott played with a pen, “nothing too special.”

Her. It was Scott’s new girlfriend, if he would call her that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she knew it as well. They were in an arrangement, both sanctioned and approved by Sanora, only on the condition that Scott returned her in the same condition that Sanora loaned the woman to him.

Her name was Dove but Elissa had another nickname for her—Suicide Blonde, just like the song. There was something about her that seemed sweet yet sinister at the same time, as if she was trying to hide who and what she really was.

All Elissa knew was she didn’t particularly care for the young woman. She’d grown quite fond of Mariana and silently hoped the ex-couple would come to their senses and finally get back together. They acted like everything was normal and kosher, as they should at work.

But there was tension—yes, sexual tension that was thick and prominent between the pair, that neither could deny no matter how far apart they both sat in meetings. “You don’t sound overly excited about it,” Elissa picked up her boss’s tone, “that’s different.”

“Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday so the chocolatiers, florists, and restaurateurs can profit off poor and stupid saps trying to impress their girls by telling her, on that one day out of the entire fucking year, how special she is when they should be telling her that every single day.” Scott finally tossed the pen on the desk.

“Yes, I know your warped view of Valentine’s Day,” Elissa smiled, “I just remember last year a certain somebody didn’t think it was a fake holiday… maybe because he was celebrating with another certain somebody.”

Scott’s heart warmed up as he remembered the elaborate Valentine’s celebration he made for Mariana. He made a call to a close New York friend, Nick, and made arrangements to have flowers delivered from the floral shop his family owned. He paid Elissa’s relatives to serenade Mariachi songs. The evening ended with the two making love in every conceivable position by the fireplace at their home.

What a difference a year made. Though Mariana returned to McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, the dynamic between the pair had drastically changed. Mariana was no longer Scott’s would-be fiancée and intern; now she was a paid employee and ex-girlfriend. They used to sneak off into his office for afternoon quickies. Now they avoided each other whenever possible, only speaking when they absolutely had to.

It made Scott sick to his stomach. It made him even sicker knowing that he was the cause behind it. “That was last year.” He spat.

“You can always change the course of the future if the past bothers you,” Elissa suggested.

“I’m in the process of doing that now,” Scott replied. Becoming a co-owner in EMK was one of the best business and personal decisions he had ever made. He could keep tabs on Mariana’s new boyfriend while increasing his fortune. It was a win-win.

Elissa read the sudden gleam in her boss’s eyes. She had worked for Scott when he was nothing and watched him gradually become the man every guy at work wanted to be and some desperately emulated in some form and fashion. She remembered the beat-up Lexus he once drove; now he drove a money-green Maserati. She remembered the suits he had to get re-sown over and over because he didn’t have enough money to get better ones. Now his closet boasted of the biggest fashion houses and his cheapest suit still cost more than her monthly mortgage payment.

She admired his determination and persistence, starting as a wet behind the ears employee and working his way up to partner. In other words, whatever plans Scott had for getting Mariana back had everything to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with her boyfriend. If Elissa didn’t know any better, she would assume that the poor sap was just merely in the way of Hurricane Scott. “You’re up to something. I feel it.”

“I need a favor from you,” Scott began over dinner with his Mistress.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Sanora circled her wine glass with an index finger.

“I need to prove a point.” Scott’s green eyes flickered. “I need someone to help me emphasize that point.”

“Mariana?” Sanora asked and Scott nodded. “It depends on what reaction you want,” Sanora lightly shrugged. “Do you want her to hate you or hate her?”


“Dove,” Sanora said pointedly. “By the way, Mariana doesn’t hate you.”

“Okay.” He replied without emotion.

“She doesn’t. I know Mariana and I know how women are. She doesn’t hate you.” Sanora took a sip of wine. “She might, however, after this stunt you’re about to pull.”

Scott smiled as the dinner conversation faded into the background. He closed his Macbook and stood up. “I’m always up to no-good. You should know that.”


In case some of you need a reminder how it came to be that Dove was in the picture…

I Need You is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and some select libraries. Check your local library.

Stronger than Pride, the next installment in the S&M series will be out sometime this month.

#FlashbackFriday: S&M IV


“Mari?” She heard His Southern drawl. “Come here, please.”

She logged out of her accounts and shut the computer down. She tried to wipe the smirk off her face as the butterflies danced in her stomach. She wondered what He was going to do to her. Was He going to take her on His desk? His sofa? Was He going to restrain her? Her mind went back and forth on what He wanted to do and what was actually going to occur.

Whatever she was feeling inside, she contained it outside. She made careful strides in her high heels and eyes downcast as she’d been instructed. Only look up at Master when He instructed.

When she arrived at His office, she made a beeline to Him and kneeled before Sir. Her eyes remained downcast and she used the time to calm her mind and clear her thoughts. Her only focus was on Him and only Him. She didn’t need to be worrying about school, dinner, or other nonsensical things at the moment. If she did, Sir would immediately notice and that would be the end of the scene. She slowly breathed fresh air through her lungs and out of her nostrils. Within seconds, she felt immediately better.

She felt a strong hand pat her head and a smile grew on her face. He was pleased she was there and that made her heart sing. It didn’t matter if He didn’t speak to her for the rest of the night or they didn’t participate in a scene at all. The fact she was available for Him, and He wanted her there, pleased her to no end.

Some women couldn’t understand why any sane woman would want to be a submissive and serve her Master. They were in love with the kinky sex idea but not the service and submission. They wouldn’t understand why she wanted Him to make all of her life decisions. They refuse to comprehend why she needed Him to show her guidance. They flat-out refused to entertain the thought she took care of any household needs while He handled all business affairs for them both. Mariana didn’t have time to explain to anyone who didn’t want to know the Lifestyle or simply couldn’t understand it. All she knew, all she wanted, was Master. No one would do – ever.

“Stand up,” He quietly spoke.

Mariana stood up but kept her eyes downcast. Master didn’t tell specifically to look at Him and she didn’t want to disobey Him.

“Undress,” He ordered.

She didn’t question if He wanted her down to her undergarments or completely naked; she knew exactly what it was. It was protocol she had to follow and she took explicit care to make sure she did it in the right order. First, she slid off her shoes and carefully placed them in a nearby corner. She removed her slacks and neatly folded them before putting them in a chair. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and that was when she made eye contact with Master for the first time.

She saw the fire burning in His eyes and a slow nod of His head as a tongue darted His lips. He enjoyed the show without vocalizing it. Once her shirt was unbuttoned, she slowly removed the material and folded it nice and neat, setting it on top of the slacks. Her bra and panties came off next and they too were also neatly folded.

She walked back to the corner where she kept the shoes. It was an intentionally short distance. Master wanted to see her ass jiggle as she walked and she willingly obliged His request. They both knew she belonged to Him and she wanted to show off just for Him. She bent over to slide on the shoes and walked slowly back to Him, dragging her hips with each step.

She finally stopped in of Him. Her arms were to her side and she stood straight up, perfect posture. She simply awaited His next instruction.

It felt like minutes before Master acted, but it was really just a few seconds. He wanted to admire the beauty of her nakedness. The way her breasts looked like perfect tear drops. Her toned stomach. Her caramel skin that glistened under the moonlight. Her long legs that wrapped so nicely around His waist.

She was a goddess and only belonged to Him.


I purposely chose this scene because they were going to be the third couple in Cuffing Season.

S&M will return at a date TBA.

#ThrowbackThursday – I Need You


The collar had a diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped key locket that sparkled whenever Dove made a slight movement. Mariana wondered how serious Dove and Scott were in their relationship for him to collar her. She wanted to think that maybe he did that with all of his girlfriends; that she and Dove were just women in a long line of forgettable women that Scott made that promise to.

Mariana knew it was a lie.

Scott took being a Dominant just as seriously as he took his career and money matters. He wouldn’t be a Dominant to just anyone and he wouldn’t just pick any woman to be His submissive. She’d have to have a certain quality about her that he could nurture, develop, train, cultivate…

Was Mariana looking at a Caribbean blonde version of herself?

“There you go,” Mariana finished tying up Dove’s dress, “it’s a really beautiful gown you’re wearing.”

“Thank you!” Dove smiled. “Scott picked it out for me. In fact, he dressed me this evening! Can you believe that?”

Actually, yes, I can. Scott used to pick out every outfit Mariana wore, only the best that would accentuate her features. Part of it was to show her off to everyone. The main reason was to boost her confidence and self-worth. Mariana had never felt so sexy and… boss. “That was sweet of him!” Mariana once again forced a smile. Her cheeks were starting to hurt. “I didn’t know he had such great taste!”

That was an unconvincing lie. She knew all about his taste. The Gucci suits, the Burberry ties, the Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, and the Breitling watches. Even when he shopped at Target, Scott’s clothes were still of nice quality.

“So do you and B. have any plans after you leave here tonight?” Dove asked.

“I don’t know. The night is still young.” Mariana contemplated asking the next question for fear of an answer she wasn’t going to like. Curiosity still got the best of her. “What are you and Scott doing?”

“We’re going to go back home and probably get romantic and cozy.” Dove sighed. “Have you ever been with someone with whom you just gelled with sexually, so that you crave that person even though you just had them?”

God, yes. Mariana could vividly recall Scott forcing his cock into her hungry mouth, holding her steady by his hands on her shoulders as he pumped in and out of her. Then when he came, he wiped his cock with her lips, smearing his seed all over her mouth before she greedily took his cock in again.

That didn’t count the times where he fucked her so hard, she was paralyzed with ecstasy as they climbed new heights of passion and desire. Just thinking about his moans, whispering in her ears, his strong hands wrapped around her body as he thrust inside her, him slapping her ass asking her if she belonged to him…“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

“Yeah…” Dove leaned against the sink and lightly shook her head. “…girl, I wish you could understand what I’m going through. Each and every time he makes me climax. Each and every time. He is amazing.

Bitch. No, she’s not just a bitch. She’s a basic bitch! “It sounds like he makes you happy.” Bitch.

“He does. He travels a lot but he always makes it up when he comes home with gifts.” Dove smiled as she played with the dangling gold bracelets on her right wrist. “Anyway, I need to get back to him. You have a great night, Mari!” Dove once again air-kissed her and left.

Mariana let out the deep breath she’d been holding in for the past several minutes. Before Scott, Mariana realized she had settled. Even if the guy didn’t give her the butterflies in her stomach, the heart-stopping desire, and the toe-curling orgasms, he was ‘good enough.’ After Scott, it became pristine clear – she was settling once again.

Her mother was right. She wasn’t over Scott. Not even close.


Dove walked back to her table and sat on Scott’s lap. “All done, Sir.”

Scott gently kissed Dove’s back. “How did it go?”

“I stunned her,” Dove leaned over and took a bite of cheesecake, “she hates me.”

Scott chuckled. “Good girl. You’ll be greatly rewarded later.”

“I will admit, Sir, I’ll be sad when my assignment ends. I’ve really enjoyed myself.” Dove fed Scott a bite of cheesecake. “I never thought manipulating someone’s emotions could be fun.”

“Well, we’re not manipulating her emotions,” Scott said through fed bites, “merely bringing out the emotions she’s denying, that’s all.”


I’m sure a few of you felt like this:


I Need You is available everywhere.

#TeaserTuesday: Zaddy (Cuffing Season) #romance #contemporary

“Truth is, I don’t deserve her. She was with me when I was poor and could barely afford lunch and stayed with me through the affair. It wasn’t easy on either one of us and we discovered a lot about each other; some good and some quite ugly. Even when we divorced, we couldn’t stand to be away from each other. Yeah, it was a break but it was too long, you know?

“And there’s a lot about her I can’t stand. I hate it when we’re trying to find some place to eat and she can’t make up her mind so I’ll choose something for us, only for her to complain she didn’t like what I chose. I hate it when I’m trying to play PS4 and she has to talk to me about some bullshit gossip about some people I don’t know and don’t care about. I hate it when she becomes extremely angry and cursing at me about every damn thing but the next minute, she gives the best blow job ever because she knew she was in the wrong. Okay, so maybe that one isn’t so bad.

“Honestly, I can’t see myself with anyone else. This woman prayed for me, for us, during our worst. Whenever I get criticism, she pulls out her Bible and shares a scripture about ignoring the haters. We lost several babies only to have God give us our blessings. We’re different, but we’re so similar, it’s nuts. And she’s the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


I’m still pushing for a Christmas release. If not Christmas, sometime around that timeframe.

More information on the other two couples in a few weeks.

#SundaySnippet: War

Love large

“You’re still mad I’m his wife, huh?” Faith smirked.

“Are you his wife?” Simone asked. “Or are you Eli’s mammy?”


I’m tackling the issue of online bullying in the War book. I’m seriously considering asking those who’s ever said a bad word about me to tell me via e-mail so I can put their name and quote in the beginning of the book.

I’m also asking other people name them and they’ll get a free book out of it. And of course, I’ll list the author and reading group where it was said.

Help me help you.

War’s release date TBD.

#SundaySnippet: The Ex-Factor #erotica #contemporary #romance

The Ex-Factor Medium

“We never made porn,” she quietly replied, “not saying we should now but we never did.”

“We watched ourselves a lot, didn’t we?” He played with her right nipple. “I loved looking over at the mirror and watch you suck my dick. It was one of the beautiful things I’d ever seen.”

She turned to him and softly kissed his lips, savoring his taste. “Tell me more,” she said in a tone above a whisper.

He returned the kiss and gently suckled on her bottom lip. “I loved seeing you on top. I loved seeing your titties bounce as you rode my cock. I loved watching your face knowing I was the one behind that pleasure.”

She rolled on top of him and sat upright. His cock was already hard and wavering against her ass. “I’m a fan of being on top.”

“Ooh,” he purred. He stretched out his arms and cupped both of her breasts. “I’m a big fan of you being on top.”

Mariana adjusted her position and sank down on him. Even though they’d just made love, it felt like a new feeling all over again as she wrapped tightly around him. She gave a soft sigh and squeezed her eyes shut, relishing the feeling of him. He was right, their sex was more than just physical; it was definitely on a spiritual plane that neither could explain nor want to.

Scott watched her reaction as she rode him. Waves of ecstasy covered her face as she softly bounced on his cock. Mariana was never patient for her orgasm and always wanted to get off as soon as she started, but Scott taught her the power of patience. She loved and hated the orgasm denial they often participated in, but she’d come to appreciate it.

“There you go,” he placed her feet on his thighs to give her more access. The change in position shocked Mariana and she squealed in pleasure. “Lean over,” he directed and she followed suit. “Grab my wrists.” He placed his hands over his head and Mariana grabbed his wrists. “Now fuck me.”

“Oooh, fuck!” She cried. Mariana was pressed against Scott’s chest as she happily bounced on his cock. It was more than just her being on top – he was willingly her submissive for the time and she took full advantage of it. She kissed his neck and felt her pussy become wetter as he moaned in her ear. She finally met his lips again and explored the inside of his mouth, drinking from him. He tasted sweet, with a touch of bourbon, and was just as hungry for her.

Her body began to shake as her moans turned into soft coos and small cries. Scott knew she was close and he encouraged her orgasm. Seeing her face when she climaxed was what heaven felt like. “Come for me, baby,” he purred, “I want to feel you come all over my cock.”


Have you picked up your copy?

The Ex-Factor is available NOW at Amazon, All Romance, and Smashwords. It’ll be available in print soon.

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#TeaserTuesday: The Ex-Factor #erotica #contemporary #romance #kindle

The Ex-Factor Medium

He appeared at her suite and Mariana opened the door. His breath was stolen when he saw her. She wore a white Herve Ledger bandage dress with matching Manolo Blahniks. The dress hugged every curve and accentuated her perfectly rounded ass and thick thighs. Her hair was in a half up-do and her signature loose waves flowed down her back. Her makeup was light and natural, with nudes and browns to highlight her complexion. “What do you think?” She smiled.

“Breathtaking,” he whispered.

Mariana swallowed her nerve. She expected him to say nice or lovely, even. But breathtaking? She felt she needed to change her panties already. “Thank you. Please come in.”

Scott entered her room carrying a small gift bag. “For you.”

Mariana gave a shy smile. Scott loved to spoil her and her closet was evidence of it. “You didn’t have to.”

“I know but I wanted to.” He handed her the gift. “Open it. I want you to wear it tonight.”

Mariana took the small gift bag and looked at the brand. It was from Solomon Brothers. She’d never heard of them but she knew Scott had exquisite taste. She took out the large velvet box and opened it. Her mouth dropped to the floor once she saw the amethyst and pave diamond pendant shining back at her. She didn’t know how much it cost but she was very sure it wasn’t cheap. “This is beautiful.”

“Only the best for you,” Scott sat beside her and removed the pendant from the box. Mariana held up her hair as he placed the necklace on her. “Go take a look at yourself, baby.”

Mariana walked over to the mirror and touched the pendant. It looked amazing against her light brown skin and added the pop of color she needed. “This is so beautiful, Scott.”

“You’re welcome,” he stood behind her with his hands in his pockets, “I love the way my money looks on you.”

She softly chuckled. She loved the way he spoiled her. It was something she’d quickly gotten used to. “Shall we go?”

He held out his arm and Mariana interlocked her arm with his. “Let’s go.”

Have you picked up your copy?

The Ex-Factor is available at Amazon, All Romance, and Smashwords. Still waiting for the Barnes & Noble link.