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#SundaySnippet: Scott & Mariana V

It just occurred to me I haven’t posted on here since September. My bad. 


When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.


The air crackled with sexual intensity and Mariana felt her body aflame. She wanted Scott on top of her, behind her. She wanted him to fill her up with His hot come, pound her pussy for hours, and make her beg.

She could smell how wet her pussy was for him, a mixture of sweet and hot desire. Her cunt was throbbing to be fucked and her nipples were hard and aching for His mouth. Her body was His playground and He delighted in the ownership.

His body healed her soul. His lips gave life to hers. He owned her and in turn, she happily served Him in every possible way. She had an insatiable need to be fed and He gave her everything she wanted.

With her back against the pole, Mariana ground against it. She slid down to the floor and crossed her legs in the air, slightly opening them ajar to beckon Scott to come closer. She twisted her legs then opened them wide.

She continued to dance when she saw Scott move to the kitchen. He took out a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne and corked it open. He slowly walked back to Mariana and smiled at her as she spun around the pole. He took a swig of the champagne and offered her some, which she took.

As Mariana slid down the pole again with her legs open, Scott poured the champagne all over her nude body. She held her position just above the ground as Scott kneeled before her. He lifted her pussy to his mouth and began to lick her. His tongue was slow and deliberate, enjoying the taste of champagne and her personal flavor.

Scott held Mariana’s ass as he continued to taste her love. A wax job made her pussy bare and smooth, and Scott relished in the delight of it. He tasted every part of her from the outer lips to the slick inner ones. How wet she became and the way she contracted with every lick he made.

He explored her pussy as Mariana held on for dear life. They both knew he wouldn’t let her fall, but they also knew it was a new position they’ve tried. During their play sessions, Scott always made sure Mariana was safe. Whenever she wanted to stop, she knew what to do and everything came to a standstill.

She didn’t want him to stop. Not now. Not ever.

Mariana’s body betrayed her. She came hard and fast against her Master’s tongue. He let down her easy on the floor and quickly shed his clothing. His cock was already hard and jutted out. He laid down on top of Mariana and quickly entered her.

Mariana gasped at Him. He felt so full and thick inside of her. No matter how many times they made love, fucked, or played, it still felt like a new experience every time. Scott didn’t let Mariana rest; he thrust hard inside her begging pussy.

He gathered one of her legs and held it up as He fucked her with no mercy. Mariana screamed as Scott grunted. No promises. No dirty talk. Just pure, hard sex.

Mariana’s body lifted off the ground as she came. Scott quickly pulled out and shot all over her body; streams of hot come glossing her mahogany skin. He collapsed beside her and kissed her forehead.

“I love you more than life,” He quietly spoke.

Mariana sensed the change in Scott’s tone and knew playtime was over. “I love you more than anything.”

“Sir?” Dove spoke.

Scott redirected his attention back to the present as the memory dissipated. He softly clapped as the pole dancers finished their performance. “Sorry about that.” He took a swig of champagne. “My mind was elsewhere for a moment.”


Scott and Mariana V will be out this month.

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#FlashFriday: Sweet Nectar is available NOW!

Vera Roberts


It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.


Soul’s back is facing me and he’s leaned over the glass window, resting his head on his forearm. I stop and stare at him for a moment and not say a word. What could I say? Am I allowed to talk? What’s the new protocol around here?

Instead, I stay within the moment. I feel his power, strength, and energy around me. This man is something addictive and I feel my body become so aware of the moment. My breasts become heavy and full. My nipples hardened and poke through the knockoff dress.

I’m speechless yet I don’t know if I would’ve been able to speak at gunpoint. My brain is confused yet my heart is in shock. They’re both telling me this is what I need. Soul is where I need to be.

“That dress you’re wearing,” his deep voice booms throughout the room, “is beautiful.” He finally turns around and my heart stops. Soul is stunningly gorgeous with dark hair and light eyes, that alternate between light blue and grey. Full lips and sculpted cheekbones complete his magnificent face.

He’s wearing a business suit and I’m surprised by the change in clothing. I’m used to him in jeans and Timbs, but that suit fits his body like it was made for it. It does nothing to hide the muscular physique underneath.

All of the Ellison brothers were easy on the eyes, but Soul has a swag that was cultivated by the streets. Two full sleeves and the tattoos even cover his hands. For any other man, it might look tacky and uncouth.

With Soul, however, they add an element of danger yet still classy. He doesn’t come off as some sort or criminal or a man with a shady past. He loves to decorate his body in both clothing and permanent ink.

He walks in long strides and before I know it, Soul is directly in front of me. His eyes darkened to a deep blue color and I feel the sexual energy transpire between us. “The dress would be more beautiful on the floor.”

I swallow hard and push the air that was holding my lungs hostage. My tongue briefly darts out to wet my lips and desire has taken over my body. “It’s only been two days, Soul. It’s also been two years.”

“I also have 28 days to convince you why you should return to Harlem with me,” he steps closer to me and slightly lifts up my dress. He then pulls my panties down to the floor and around my ankles. He lifts each leg to take them off and pockets the lacy pink underwear. “You don’t need this anymore.”

My voice is suffocated with shock and lust as they fight for dominance. Before I can fully process any thoughts, Soul crushes his lips upon mine. His mouth is so experienced and welcoming, while his tongue explores every corner.

He lifts me up and carries me over to a nearby desk. He lays me down and I watch as he slides his body down mine. He spits on my pussy, catching me by surprise, before he quickly goes down on me.

The extra lubrication did something crazy to me. It was unconventional and I certainly don’t need help getting wet. I’m more aroused than before. Soul brought out an animalistic yearning inside of me I never knew I had.

He licked me off to a mind-blowing orgasm and kisses the inside of my thighs. He produces a condom and rips it open. He takes out his hardened, thick cock and sheathes himself with the latex. “This is the last time I’m using protection with you,” he declares.

My body shivers as I think about making love to Soul with no barriers. I’m already addicted to him with boundaries set up between us, both physical and otherwise. I spread my legs wide open for him. I’m not just welcoming him back inside of me, but also back into my life.

He grabs my face and opens my mouth before he licks inside of it, letting me taste my love. He’s not being disgusting, but he’s marking me. He’s claiming me as his. I lightly spit it back, smearing it all over my mouth and wink at him. If he can be nasty, so can I.

Soul steadies himself and pushed inside of me, catching me off-guard. So thick and so full. I feel him throb deep inside of me and my cunt pulsates around him. “Soul…” My body moans.

Damn it, Ari.” He leans forward and pressed his forehead against mine. He softly kisses my lips before he pulls away. He moves slowly inside of me and I feel every inch and curve of his delicious cock. I feel like I’m about to be split into two, but I want more. I don’t think I can ever get enough.

Soul lifts up my legs and places my feet on his shoulders. He pushes all the way inside of me and I scream. “That’s my girl,” he purrs as he thrusts faster, “I want to hear you scream my name.”

“Soul!” I hold onto the desk as he rocks me. His thrusts are hard and fast, soft and slow, a combination of the above. Just when I’m used to one rhythm, he switches it up. He stroked into me, claiming me as his once again, and making sure I knew that with each thrust.

The quiver in my pussy throbbed around his cock and I was so close. I white-knuckled the desk and my back arched off it. I couldn’t stop the orgasm and it was driving me insane. Inch by inch, Soul thrust harder inside of me, splitting me apart, and owning my body.

Moments later, I finally came, screaming his name. It wasn’t a soft whimper or groan. It was a full-bodied scream from a woman who’d just received the fucking of her life. Yet, Soul didn’t stop. He still thrust inside of me.

This wasn’t a man in search of his own climax. This was a man who sending a message loud and clear to me. He owned my mind and now he was going to own my body. We both knew it, but he wanted to make sure I understood every delicious inch of his point.

I climaxed again and my body shook. Moments later, I feel Soul’s body tense up and a loud shudder from him. He gently sets down my legs and leans over me, still inside of me. He sweeps his lips over mine in a gentle way.





To purchase, click here.

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#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.

Unedited Snippet: 

“You knew I couldn’t have children and you still went and got somebody pregnant!” Krista pointed out. “Why aren’t you with her now? You two broke up and now you wanna come back?”

“Me come back to you? Oh, that’s rich.” Tony’s eyes darkened. “I wasn’t the one begging for forgiveness last night. Oh, where did that Krista go? When she was all over me last night, she couldn’t wait to break up with her boyfriend so she can finally ride this dick like she promised. But this morning, she’s no longer here because I have a daughter now?”

“This has nothing to do with the child, Tony. This has everything to do with us. How you know it’ll be hard for me to conceive a baby and you got someone pregnant. That’s the part that kills me.” Tears threatened to fall down but Krista’s pride wouldn’t let them. “So, where is she? Where’s the baby mama? Why aren’t you with her instead of entertaining me?”

“Because she’s dead,” Tony’s voice was cold and low. “Have anything else you want to say about the dead mother of my child?”



Stay With Me will be out by the end of this year.

I’m also looking for beta readers/brainstorming divas to be a part of a temporary group regarding this particular story due to the storyline and numerous issues/conflicts that will come with it. I’m looking for a maximum of 10 people. If you’re interested, just shoot me a line:


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#FlashFriday: Her Little Secret (Boo’d Up)

Photograph by Thomas Martinsen


The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James was a known sex blogger under the pseudonym Aura Sky. A reader challenged her to spy on a couple having sex, and it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. But when she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend and boyfriend having sex, and then blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box.

Blake Hutchinson loved three things: sex, women, and cars – and not necessarily in that order. When he and his girlfriend decided to role-play one night, Blake could’ve sworn he felt another set of eyes watching from afar and enjoying the action herself. When a coworker talks about the hot sex blogger speaking about her recent voyeurism experiment, Blake discovers Savannah’s secret identity –and is determined to get to know more about her.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more sex toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


Unedited Snippet: 

A voluptuous black woman opened the front door. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t skinny. She filled out her simple attire of blue jeans and a red sweater with pushed-up sleeves. She was hipper than what her age gave away because Savannah noticed the dark pink Gucci sneakers on her feet.

She was older and her hair showed signs of her wisdom, not age. She had small lines around her eyes but no wrinkles on her clean skin, blessed only by small freckles and moles. Her hair was in locs, with a mixture of grey, blonde, and black. What would look silly on someone else, looked elegant on her.

“Well, Blake…” The older woman’s voice was smoky and inviting. “…are you going introduce me to your friend?”

“My manners,” he smiled a charming smile, “Mom, this is my friend, Savannah. Savannah, this is my mother, Alicia Hutchinson.”

Savannah blinked several times and hoped the surprise in her mind didn’t appear across her face. Alicia was clearly a black woman. Blake was about as Orange County surfer dude as they come. And they were mother and son?

“Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Alicia.” Savannah stuck out her hand.

“Oh girl, give me a hug!” Alicia pulled her in and gave Savannah one of the biggest bear hugs she’d ever had. Alicia felt like Christmas morning, Southern hospitality, and Al Green songs. Alicia pulled away and just smiled at Savannah. “Oh, you’re just so beautiful! And your hair! I just love your hair, baby.”

It was a compliment Savannah didn’t know she needed. “Thank you, Ms. Alicia.”

“Now, do you eat soul food? You see I have to ask this because the last few times Blake brought home one of his things,” her eyes cut to Blake, who quickly looked up at the sky, “they didn’t eat. One time I made chitlins and I told the girl what she was eating after she finished a plate of them. Honey, she was stuck in the guest bathroom for an hour trying to throw it all back up!” Alicia chuckled. “It was the funniest thing in my entire life. I’m pretty sure if I made potato salad with raisins and whatever weird mess they put in there, she would’ve ate it all up.”

“Hmm,” Savannah agreed, “was her name Karen?”

“Why, yes it was, actually!” Alicia laughed as Savannah joined in. “Let’s see….there was also a Becky, and a Lisa and a Michelle…” Alicia’s voice became more Valley Girl-like with each girl’s name. “….and now I have a Savannah…hallelujah, praise God!” A proud smile curved Alicia’s lips as she turned to Blake. “What did I tell you, son? What did I tell you? I told you one day you were going to bring home a girl just like your mama and look at God! He answers prayers, you know?”

Blake was thankful he had a beard because the embarrassment caused by his mother made his cheeks feel pink. “Can we go inside, Mom?”

“Oh yes!” Alicia interlocked arms with Savannah and led her inside the home. “Let me tell you all about my Blake since I’m sure that boy hadn’t said a word about where he’d come from.” She shot a glance back at him.

Blake’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. “I love my mother. I love my mother. I love my mother…”


“Coming, mama!”


Alicia’s home was just like her. Decorated in soft hues of burgundy, tan, and olive, it felt welcoming from the jump. Oversized sofas were the centerpiece of the family room, which showcased a flatscreen TV on the wall and various family pictures.

Hardwood floors led to the many carpeted bedrooms and polished bathrooms spread across two stories. The kitchen had a country, rustic theme with old Mason jars that contained grown herbs and flowers.

The kitchenette was reminiscent of an old 1950s diner with a small, flatscreen TV in the corner; perfect for watching a daytime gabfest or a cooking show. The formal dining room was just that, and Savannah could tell it was only used for special occasions. It mostly contained storage for such events.

There was a touch of expensive items but nothing so drastic where Savannah felt she couldn’t even sit on the furniture. It was clear Alicia had money, and it was possible she was wealthy, but to what extent Alicia wasn’t sure. It was also very clear Alicia downplayed her wealth every chance she had.

As Savannah looked around the home more, she noticed the walls weren’t the standard stark white but a soft mauve color. Various family photos hung on the walls and Savannah smiled as she saw the transition of Blake from childhood to adult. Every photo he had with Alicia, and her husband, Willis, there was Blake with a huge smile on his face.

You’re always welcomed herewas the motto Savannah silently picked up from Alicia. Her demeanor, her home, and even her clothing. She wondered if it had something to do with the clear differences between her and Blake and Shana. Or maybe…the siblings were really taking after their mother.

“You’re probably wondering the one thing most of Blake’s girlfriends ask so I might as well address it now,” Alicia stood next to Savannah as she looked at a photo of Blake in his Little League uniform. “Blake and Shana are adopted. I had two sons and we wanted to have more children after them but we weren’t able to. So, we went to adoption agency and requested a black baby to adopt. They didn’t have any.” Alicia shook her head and gave Savannah a look that signaled, ‘You believe that mess?’

“So, I asked them, ‘Well, what do you have?’ and the lady said, ‘we only have white babies here.’ So, I asked, ‘Is there a law I can’t adopt a white baby?’ and she said, ‘No ma’am, but we currently have twins here. We told every prospective parent they have to adopt both but many wanted to separate them.’ And Willis said, ‘We’ll take them both.’” Alicia smiled. “I’m not going to sugarcoat and say it was easy. The twins got picked on a lot at school and both Willis and I had family questioning us for adopting two white kids. But as they grew older and we became more acquainted with our neighborhood, everyone knew us as a loving family who opened up our home to anyone. Ask Blake. Many of his friends spent the night here and stayed here when they had issues with their parents.”

Savannah smiled at the warmth Alicia and Willis showed their children. She knew it wasn’t easy raising two children who clearly didn’t look anything like them, but loved them as if they came from them. “How many children do you have?”

“Just those four and trust me, it’s more than plenty.” Alicia chuckled. “My boys – Derek, Dalvin, and Blake are very close in age. They’re only a year apart each. My food bill and my clothes shopping bill went through the roof during that time.” The older woman sighed as she reminisced. “I’m so glad high school and college is over.”

Savannah smiled. Blake was built like a UFC fighter yet his demeanor was warm like a children’s pediatrician. She definitely saw why he often kept a rotating door of female conquests. She also saw why he probably had no interest in her.

She quickly changed the subject before her heartbreak became apparent on her face. “What do your other two sons do?”

“Derek is a coach for the NFL,” Alicia proudly smiled, “he just won his first Super Bowl this past year. Dalvin is a music producer and does a lot of that rap stuff I don’t listen to. He recently worked with some guy named Dolce Gabbana, but I guess they did amazing work since they both won Grammys.” She softly put her hand on Alicia’s arm. “Willis and I went with him. We were his dates for the night.”

“And what does Willis do for a living?” Savannah asked. It quickly occurred to her that why Shana was pretty open with what her family did, Blake was more quiet and reserved about it.

“He’s a fire captain for the Las Vegas Fire Department.” Alicia replied. “He was a firefighter when we met thirty years ago. Every time he gets a call, I still get shakes wondering if he’s coming home. It only gets worse during fire season.”

“How do you manage?” Savannah asked.

Alicia gave her a sweet smile. “Prayer.” She paused for a brief moment. “And lots of wine.”


Her Little Secret will be out this month. It’s an erotic new adult novella.

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#FlashFriday: Watercolors #romance #bwwm

Her Ocean large

Unedited Snippet:

“Irreplaceable” was a fitting song.

As Beyonce’s angry and biting lyrics blared overhead, Senator Ocean Ellison sat in his ex-girlfriend’s living room. He noticed a distinct theme with the songs she’d played.

First, there was “Not Gon’ Cry” by Mary J. Blige.

Next came “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Rose Royce.

Then there was “Apologize” by One Republic.

Followed by “I Will Survive.” Not the upbeat version by Gloria Gaynor, but the quiet storm cover by Chantay Savage.

As Ocean listened to “Cry Me a River,” it became increasingly clear he had the work cut out for him. Aaliyah Smith was not a woman who easily caved in. She also wasn’t a woman who gave many second chances. She was stubborn to a fault, but generous with her love and time to those who deserved it.

Ocean knew he didn’t deserve even being at her home.

Aaliyah was angry. She was beyond pissed. The fire in her eyes only matched what she felt inside and Ocean knew she did everything she could to restrain herself from hitting him.

She, worst of all, was heartbroken. It was Ocean’s entire fault.

He felt his stomach coil up in tight knots and guilt choked him. If he had to be on his knees all night and wear out his best pair of Armani slacks, so be it. He was not leaving with Aaliyah, point blank period.

They had more in common than what appeared to be. She was a rocker chick who loved whiskey and Guns N’ Roses. He a wealthy doctor who enjoyed Blue Magic and the Chi-Lites. She lived fast; he loved the cautious and slow approach.

Their backgrounds were wildly different but when they connected, Aaliyah and Ocean were unstoppable. He was clean-cut and dare anyone thought, innocent. She was a bad girl with a past.

The odds were stacked against them from the start and they both treated their connection as a fling. When they made love, however, all sense flew out of the window. Her mouth was skillful and her tongue was hungry. Her hands explored every crevice of his body and demanded more from him.

They made love throughout the night. They fucked in every room of her apartment and his home. Aaliyah became Ocean’s fire. He became needy for her love and touch. He anticipated her needs before she spoke them.

The fire was still there and it smoldered between them, no matter how much they both denied it. All Ocean wanted to do was go upstairs and prove to Aaliyah throughout the night how much he was sorry and how much he’d missed her.

In due time. Everything in due time.

With his security detail waiting outside, Ocean took stock of Aaliyah’s condo. Decorated in muted colors like mahogany, cream, and peach, it was a far cry from Aaliyah’s old apartment in Los Angeles. Wall sconces gave the home a light, soft feel akin to being in a spa.

Her condo had several tall windows that gave natural light, and overlooked downtown Atlanta. Dark, hardwood tiles covered the floors, leading to plush carpeting in the bedrooms.

It was an expensive condo, Ocean concluded. It was decorated in quiet luxury that didn’t come out of an IKEA showroom, but pricey items that a certain economic threshold could afford. There were quirky items like an old, colorful credenza that sat her flatscreen TV. An equally colorful Indian rug laid under Ocean’s feet. He knew it came from a trendy store in West Hollywood because he had the same rug in his home.

Ocean’s stomach churned when he realized he was sitting in a condo his father bought and furnished.


Watercolors (Ellison Brothers #4) will be out in July.

To read the prequel, click here.


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Unravel Me is now LIVE!



Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is a sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.


Mariana felt her heart burn with a quiet anger. “You want to sabotage my ad just so you can get back at Caleb.”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” Scott admitted to Mariana’s shocked expression. “But I won’t do that to you. If I did, it would show favoritism and I give no one any favors at work no matter how well they suck my dick.”

Mariana narrowed her eyes. She loved how honest Scott could be, despite how much of an asshole he sounded. He never yelled at her when his calm voice and cold words cut straight to her soul. “Thank you for that.”

“You know what I meant by that. If I gave you any favors, it would create unfair competition and your colleagues will resent you. That’s not fair to any of you.” He held her back. “I would rather have one person hate me than a thousand.”

“I don’t hate you, honey,” Mariana pleaded. “I just wish this wasn’t an issue between us. I’ve apologized for the ad, there’s still a distance between us, and I can’t shake it. We haven’t made love in a week, Scott. That’s unusual for us.”

“I wanted to blow your back out before work a couple of days ago and you declined.” He pointed out. “That wasn’t my fault.”

“That’s different because I was running late for work and you know it,” she argued, “I’m talking about the other thing.”

He shook his head. “I can’t read minds, Mari.”

“The BDSM.” She pointed out. Scott’s face remained impassive. “Other than a few times, you only did it lightly with me.”

“We went over this,” Scott replied. “We’re not there yet.”

“No, I’m there. I’m waiting for you. Then again, that’s always how our relationship has been like. I want something first and I have to wait for you to play catch up.” The anger in her heart came out in her voice.

It wasn’t a potential argument but now a full-blown one. “Mari, you know that’s not what’s going on.”

“Oh?” She questioned. “One of the best Doms in the world doesn’t even want to tie up his girlfriend and I’m supposed to think there’s not a fucking problem with that?” Mariana pushed him away and swam over to the ladder. She got out of the pool and dried off. She headed inside the home and made her way to the master bathroom.

Scott sighed and looked up at the sky. Moments ago, he wanted to fuck Mariana loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Now he had to calm her heart before things became worse between them.

He got out of the shower and followed Mariana into the bathroom where she rinsed off in the shower. He stepped into the shower and followed her lead. “You’re asking me to kidnap you, tie you up, and fuck you. You’re asking me to intentionally harm you, that’s a hard limit of mine, and something you are well-aware of.”

Mariana knew about Scott’s hard limits. Humiliation and intentional pain were them. He never resorted to choking or anything more painful than a few slaps on her ass. “Ever since we got back together, you been hesitant to give me what I want.” She turned toward him. “It’s always something, Scott. First, it was the engagement. Now, then it was us reconciling, now it’s this. What is your issue with me? Why am I constantly proving myself to you?”

“You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Scott’s voice was low and raspy; his Southern drawl murmured in Mariana’s ears. “I love you more than anything. I have issues I need to sort out.”

“Is it me? Is it Caleb?” She begged. “Is it the baby? What is it? You have this wall between us and I want to know how to fix it!”

“I’m fixing it,” He pressed his body against hers and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her temple and closed his eyes when he felt her back shudder from crying. “I’m fixing it. I’ll fix us.”


To purchase:



Check the main page for updates and added links to other sites!

Thank you for your support!

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#FlashFriday: Unravel Me

Short blurb:

Sometimes people need to go back to where it all started…

Unedited snippet:

“I want to be kidnapped, tied up, and fucked. Is that too much to ask?”

He stared at her eyes and read the seriousness within them. She wasn’t joking. It wasn’t a fantasy she’d vocalized before, but it didn’t surprise him where her mind was. She was his classy and sophisticated woman in public. She was his nasty, dirty whore in private.

He was captivated by her beauty, and felt a small tightness in his chest thinking about how wonderful and patient she was with him. She knew his strengths and rose up to the challenge to keep up, to be on his level. Truth was, she was always on his level, even if she didn’t believe it.

She was emotionally raw and vulnerable, yet an insatiable need existed within her. Now she was asking him not to push her, but to break her. His body became restless while his heart and mind were filled with anxiousness.

For the first time in his life, he had reservations about meeting her requests.

“If you want me to do this, I need to go full throttle. I can’t back out because you feel it’s too much or you’re at your limit.” He met eyes with her. “Do you trust me with your life?”

She blinked once, then twice. Did she trust him? He’d proven many times why she shouldn’t. He’d also proven why she should. She knew he would never put her life in harm’s way, despite the dangerous and insane request.

If she didn’t trust him, she would need to leave him alone. “I do.”

“Okay,” he replied with a tone above a whisper. “I’ll see what can be done.”


I should note this will be a very short story and it’ll be on sale for $2.99 sometime within the next week.

The couple in question is them:



I hope you all enjoy!


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#ThrowbackThursday: Love (D’Amato Brothers 5)

Love large

“Now lean over until your comfortable,” Eli guided his girlfriend as she straddled him, “and do a rocking motion.”

Faith followed her boyfriend’s lead and slightly leaned over him, while he guided her hips. She was on spring break from college and spent the entire week having sex with her boyfriend. He introduced her to porn, sex toys, and massage oil. She was officially turned out.

Now he introduced her to new positions. She loved it when he was on top of her but her favorite was when he was behind her. She loved how he took control of her body and mind. She’d especially loved it when he held one of her arms behind her back as he thrust into her from behind.

This time, howver, he wanted her on top.

Her girlfriends told her how many wonderful orgasms they had while being on top and Faith was curious enough to try. She felt self-conscious being on top and so exposed. Being so vulnerable and emotional; almost ashamed. Once Eli told her she had nothing to be afraid of, her inner vixen came out.

Her pussy clamped down on his shaft as they passionately kissed. Oh, she didn’t know if she would ever get used to his thick cock. The only man she’d ever been with and his cock was well above average. She was blessed in many ways her girlfriends weren’t.

“Eli,” she cooed as she buried her face into his neck. Eli took the lead and drove upward into her.

“Baby, your pussy feels so good,” he moaned as he guided her faster on him. He wrapped his arms around her back and placed soft kisses on her neck. “Fuck, you feel like heaven.”

“I’m about to come…”Faith panted as she rocked hard. “I’m about to…oh God, oh God…”

“Ooh, come on, baby girl…”

“Fuck!” Her world shattered as she collapsed on top of him with Eli soon following her.

They laid in that position, spent, and did not move for a long while. “Can we just stay like this forever?” Faith laughed.

“Forever, I’m yours.” He promised.

That was only 12 years ago. It felt like forever but to Eli, it seemed like it just happened yesterday.

“I’m never getting married again,” Eli suddenly spoke as the memory faded into the background.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Joey replied.

“How would you know?” Eli asked. “You don’t even want to get married.”

“Well, Kieran and Nick like that shit so I figured it can’t be that bad.”

Eli never cared about online gossip before and he certainly didn’t start when he became a pseudo-celebrity. Whenever a celebrity scandal broke out, he knew just as well as anyone, it was a one-sided sordid affair. Magazines and gossip boards catered to those who were ‘in the know’ and had screaming headlines to anyone willing to shell out dollars or worst yet, their time to read.

Eli wasn’t even a bit curious.

Him being in a bubble only intensified the media’s thirst for more answers and scoop on what went down between him and Faith. Work went on as scheduled at Madre’s as well as TV production. All future interviews were granted with a stern warning to not ask about the split. Madre’s employees were under strict rules to not say a word of what they knew or thought they knew or termination was guaranteed.

Just as the story erupted, it disappeared when a new celebrity scandal hit. It was perfect – How to Shut the Media Down 101.

He still had the issue of talking to Faith and coming to a reasonable agreement to their separation. Since he’d announced it to the world, Eli barely slept and his chest pinched in anger whenever he thought about his wife. No, that wasn’t good. He couldn’t be angry at the mother of his children, no matter how hurt he was. He needed to get over it and act like an adult, even if the child in him wanted throw the biggest tantrum.

It had been several long months since the split and while Eli informally took care of Faith, it was time to get everything in writing. They were no closer in working out their marriage than before and thoughts of divorce crossed Eli’s mind more than ever. It was partially why he suggested they met at his lawyer’s office in Manhattan instead of hashing out the agreement at their former shared home. He didn’t want to be on the receiving end of an angry Faith and a kitchen full of knives.

“I’m glad we’re all here together,” Eli’s lawyer, Sebastian, greeted everyone. On one side was Eli, Joey, and Nicola. On the other, it was Faith, her father, and their lawyer. Faith and Eli didn’t even look at each other. “I drafted a separation agreement and I hope it would be beneficial to both parties. Eli suggested he was open to a few suggestions but not too many so let’s not get carried away. Faith, you can take a look at this agreement and let me know if that’s to your liking.”

Faith read over the agreement and had no issue when it came to joint custody and child support. Her heart stopped when she came to the last amendment. “If we divorce, I can no longer go by Faith D’Amato?” She looked up at the D’Amatos across from her. “What’s that about?”

“It was a suggestion by Eli here,” Sebastian began, “we all feel that it’s best for all parties and…”

You suggested this?” Faith spoke directly to her ex, who met her stare for the first time that morning. “How dare you?”

“How dare me?” Eli scoffed. “Yes, because I’m the one still playing LOL smiley face with my ex.”

“Well, if you hadn’t fucked your ex, Darren would’ve never existed!” Faith’s voice raised and her father calmed her down. “No, he wants me to give up my last name because he’s mad at me. Just be honest, Eli! You’re mad that I was with Darren and there’s a comparison for now on!”

“This meeting is over,” Eli got up and buttoned his suit. “I’ll see you all at the shop.”

“You’re not leaving until you answer me!” Faith stood up and Eli stopped walking. “You will not do this to me!”

“You want an answer, I’ll give you one!” Eli yelled. “I’m ashamed. There? Happy? I’m ashamed I had the affair. I’m ashamed I forced you into another man’s bed. I’m ashamed I wasn’t good enough for you forgive me despite all of the goddamn therapy and prayer! You like that answer? Is that answer good enough for you? You busted my balls for the past two years and you finally got exactly what the fuck you wanted, Faith! You didn’t want to be married to me anymore and you wanted the fucking quarterback, well, you can have his sorry ass for all I care! I’m done here!

“In case you’re wondering, I protected you from having those photos printed!” Faith’s mouth dropped upon hearing the news. “Yeah, you didn’t know about that, didn’t you? One of my friends who works at the Post came to me with those photos and I asked her not to print them. How do you think that would’ve looked in the press? Famous preacher’s married daughter on a date with another man? Innocent Faith getting even with her husband in public?

“I’m giving you the car, the house, and more money than you know what to do with every month. All I’m asking in return is that I want my last name back. And then you’re going to tell me I have some nerve?” Eli smiled. “No, you do!” He slammed the door on his way out.

“Well, I guess we’re done here,” Joey got up and gathered his things. “I guess we’ll be in touch.” He helped his mother up and they began to leave.

“Nicola,” David Sheppard called after her, “ a word, please?”

Nicola nodded and turned to her son. “Go after your brother.” Joey left before Nicola addressed the reverened. “How may I help you, Pastor?”

“I don’t want to choose sides because I feel both of our children are at fault. I have told Faith many times I disagreed with her stance but, well, you know how stubborn she is.” David defended.

“Pastor, you don’t have to defend your daughter. You and the First Lady raised her well and brought her up right. How she is behaving now doesn’t erase what you’ve done,” Nicola replied. “Same goes for Eli. His mistake doesn’t erase everything he’s done. They’re both young in age and attitude. This is something they need to figure out and we shouldn’t get involved.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” David breathed an air of relief. “I wanted you to know where we stood.”

“Pastor, there’s a Bible verse I like – 1 Peter 4:8.”

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins,” he answered.

Nicola patted the reverend’s hand. “Our children love each other very much, though they’re both too angry and too hurt to admit it. Once the anger dissipates, the love will come through. They’ll be back together before the yearlong separation is up. I’m sure of it.” She then left the conference room with Sebastian.

David returned to the table with Faith and their lawyer. “What was that about?” Faith asked.

David smiled. “Just two adults praying for their children. That’s all.”

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#ThrowbackThursday: Love #romance #contemporary

Love large

In front of Erica was one of the most extravagant flower designs she’d ever seen. She recognized the hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. There were a host of other flowers she didn’t recognize. Included in the arrangement were small personal effects –miniature versions of Louboutins, a cell phone, tablet, and a Doc McStuffins character. “It was the closest thing we had in the shop of a Black doctor so we’re working on that,” he snuggled against her neck, “so I hope it’s not too cheesy for you.”

Erica turned around with tears in her eyes. Eli wasn’t sure if they were of excitement or frustration. With women, it was always hard to tell. “I fucking love it! I normally wouldn’t say the ‘f word’ but I really do love this!”

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “I’m really glad to hear that.”

Erica stepped back and undid her halter. With a quick movement, the dress fell to the floor. She wore her finest V-string and high heels. “Can I thank you now?”

She was a goddess. Her supple skin shimmered in the light and Eli felt the heat emitting from her body. A yearning stirred inside him again and this time, it was louder and deafening. She made him realize something he’d long buried and didn’t want to remember. Eli picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Oh, yes you can.”

They fell on the bed and Eli took a moment to just look at the beauty of Erica. Her breasts reminded him dark chocolate teardrops. He caressed her taut stomach and she shivered at the touch. He kept one hand on her midsection while slowly tracing her white lace panties with his free hand. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Erica squirmed beneath him, frustrated she had to keep still but secretly liked the torture. “Eli…”

“Shh…” He closed his mouth on hers. Slowly, he tasted her, pushing his tongue inside to explore more. She tasted of wine, sugar, and coffee. She reminded him of old feelings and took him back to when he was young and free of responsibilities and commitments. He felt lost within her and he’d barely touched her.

His hands caressed her thighs, moving down to the balls of her feet and slid his hands back up to her waist. She felt comforting and her body responded with every caress and exploration.

Erica closed her eyes and felt she was sent to a long fantasy, somewhere far away. Eli’s hands were magical and surprisingly gentle. She felt every emotion as it entered her body and soul – need, impatience, lust, and desire. Her skin was hot to the touch and she felt She briefly wondered how it would be when he was finally inside her.

Eli suddenly pulled her up and he quickly undressed in front of her; his eyes never left hers. Erica almost gasped at the beauty of him – a muscular build complemented with strong arms and a six-pack she’d already imagined tracing her tongue over it. His abs led to strong legs and a very impressive and hardened cock between them.

“On the bed,” he demanded, and Erica quickly climbed back on it. Eli joined her again, placing a series of small kisses all over her body before meeting her lips once again. His hands traveled down to her heated, wet slit. He heard an audible gasp and soft moan as he began to play with her.

His mouth captured one of her breasts, tracing her nipple with his tongue before he gently nipped at it. “So beautiful,” he moaned as his fingers kept stroking her sex, “so damn beautiful.”

“Don’t stop, Eli…” She moaned. Her skin was hot to the touch and her normally calm, collected, and cool personality flew out of the window. She was always a good girl and did everything by the letter and by the book.

Then Eli…he didn’t even say a word to her. He didn’t force himself or made any snide remarks and Erica gave up the panties without a request. She could finally see what every woman in world did.

She breathed in short pants before the orgasm washed over her body. “That’s it,” his deep voice whispered as she moaned into his mouth, “that’s it.” He withdrew from her and got off the bed. He retrieved the condoms he brought with him and sheathed one on.

He pulled Erica by her ankles and ripped her panties off before he kneeled on the bed. He ran his cock up and down her wet slit before he slowly entered her. She felt so tight and welcoming like a velvet glove. He felt like heaven.

He slowly drove into her as he studied her reaction. Her full lips cooed and gasped with each thrust. Her pussy contracted and clamped down with each movement and Eli thought he was about to lose it. Erica made him feel alive and reborn, a feeling he’d long forgotten about.

Eli brought Erica up to his level and they rode each other as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They pressed foreheads together and locked eyes, moving as one and moaning into each other’s mouths. Erica was close, so close, and she wouldn’t be able to stave off the orgasm any longer. Eli felt it too and rocked her harder on his cock before she finally came. Her body shook and her screams filled her apartment.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned as he thrust a few more times and met his own release. They tightly held onto each other as her pulsating pussy milked his cock. They fell back onto the bed, still entangled with each other and lightly covered with sweat.

Erica chuckled. “You probably lost all kinds of respect for me now.”

Eli shook his head and caressed Erica’s cheek. “You saved my son’s life. I’ll never lose respect for you.”


Erica’s making a comeback….

Love is available NOW everywhere; print version coming soon.

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#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You


“You know what’s heaven?” Mariana sat up on Scott’s lap and grabbed a small handful of grapes. She leaned against his knees and began feeding him.

Scott folded his arms behind his head as he admired a naked Mariana feeding him after a lengthy lovemaking session. “What’s heaven, baby?”

“This.” A slow smile spread across Mariana’s lips. “This is heaven.”

“Explain.” He replied.

“Is this a pop quiz?” She asked.

Scott’s hands caressed Mariana’s sweat-coated torso and traveled up to her breasts, where he gently twisted her nipples. Mariana squirmed in pleasure. “It just might be.”

“Everything. The romantic date at the park, the freedom of being myself, no holds barred with you. It’s not even the fancy jewelry, the car, and all of the other nice things, which I like, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… it’s just…”

“It’s just what, baby?”

Mariana leaned down and locked lips with her boyfriend. “You have made all of my dreams come true. And I can never thank you enough.”

“Baby girl, I’ll promise to give you everything and more.” His hands caressed her arms. “I never want you to feel unsafe with me.”

“I feel totally safe with you, honey.” Mariana smiles, her eyes beaming with joy. “I want to be with you forever.”

Scott briefly thought about the engagement ring stuck in his messenger bag. It would’ve been the perfect time to propose. It was the most romantic day in the year, with a romantic picnic in the park and topped off with an incredible lovemaking session.

He then thought about the current mood. They were both naked and entangled with each other. Was that a story he wanted Mariana to share with friends and family, hopefully omitting the BDSM session they just had? Mariana was such a hopeless romantic who believed in love; she was better than a naked and sweaty proposal. She deserved a proposal in Paris, a romantic journey in Italy, or a sightseeing tour in Spain.

Something other than both of them naked and their bodies still moistened from their last romp. Was she really going to share that with her mother? “How did Scott propose?” “Well, after he bound and gagged me and fucked me ten ways from Sunday, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his slave for life!”

“Honey?” Mariana studied his sharp green eyes, wondering where his mind went. “Is everything okay?”

Scott blinked quickly and smiled back at his girlfriend. Her long ebony hair was starting to frizz. Her skin was shiny and sticky, remnants of the sessions they just had. Her eyes, however, sparkled with love and trust. He’d never felt more sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He just thought of the perfect day to propose to her—her birthday. He was going to take Jeff’s advice and whisk Mariana away somewhere romantic and unforgettable. If he can only wait another month… “Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” He adjusted his position and slid inside Mariana once again. “But for now, let’s pick up from where we left off.”

“Ooh…” Mariana slid her body down Scott’s shaft. “This is shaping up to be my favorite Valentine’s ever.”

“I can always tell when you’re somewhere else,” Elissa’s voice snapped Scott out of his daydreaming, “because you get that glassy-eyed look, like a mannequin. Am I really that boring?”

“I was thinking about tonight,” he finally answered her.

It was a day Scott Reed hated.



There weren’t enough synonyms to describe how he truly felt about that particular day of the year.

Not his birthday. He loved celebrating his birthday. Getting drunk and getting head was always a great thing.

Not Christmas. He loved spending the holidays with his family back in Georgia.

It was a holiday that made no sense to him when he was younger and damn sure didn’t make any more sense when he was older.

Valentine’s Day.

Every year at McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, Scott had to watch employees squeal in romantic delight over the flowers, chocolates, and other surprises their lovers had lined up. He had seen more than his fair share of proposals. He had witnessed one too many romantic gestures in the form of paid singers, unsigned rappers, and other hungry talent looking to make an impression with the recipient and McCormick executives.

So, it wasn’t all bad. Whatever leftover chocolate some employees had, they offered it to him. He had a smile on his face whenever an employee showed off her new engagement ring. When he overheard the ladies in the lunch room talking about their romantic evenings, he was proud that they found a great partner to share their lives with.

Still, the romantic day didn’t change Scott’s view that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. Truth was he’d always had those feelings, with the only exception being the one he’d shared with his ex-girlfriend. The moment the relationship ended, however, those feelings resurrected in full force, along with a thick taste of bitterness and regret. “I was in deep thought,” he explained.

“You work too hard and you work too much,” Elissa replied.

Scott briefly glanced up at his assistant and cracked a small smile. “You always say that.”

“And lo and behold, I’m always right,” Elissa replied. “You have plans tonight?”

“Taking her to a nice dinner and maybe a drive up the coast,” Scott played with a pen, “nothing too special.”

Her. It was Scott’s new girlfriend, if he would call her that. She wasn’t his girlfriend and she knew it as well. They were in an arrangement, both sanctioned and approved by Sanora, only on the condition that Scott returned her in the same condition that Sanora loaned the woman to him.

Her name was Dove but Elissa had another nickname for her—Suicide Blonde, just like the song. There was something about her that seemed sweet yet sinister at the same time, as if she was trying to hide who and what she really was.

All Elissa knew was she didn’t particularly care for the young woman. She’d grown quite fond of Mariana and silently hoped the ex-couple would come to their senses and finally get back together. They acted like everything was normal and kosher, as they should at work.

But there was tension—yes, sexual tension that was thick and prominent between the pair, that neither could deny no matter how far apart they both sat in meetings. “You don’t sound overly excited about it,” Elissa picked up her boss’s tone, “that’s different.”

“Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday so the chocolatiers, florists, and restaurateurs can profit off poor and stupid saps trying to impress their girls by telling her, on that one day out of the entire fucking year, how special she is when they should be telling her that every single day.” Scott finally tossed the pen on the desk.

“Yes, I know your warped view of Valentine’s Day,” Elissa smiled, “I just remember last year a certain somebody didn’t think it was a fake holiday… maybe because he was celebrating with another certain somebody.”

Scott’s heart warmed up as he remembered the elaborate Valentine’s celebration he made for Mariana. He made a call to a close New York friend, Nick, and made arrangements to have flowers delivered from the floral shop his family owned. He paid Elissa’s relatives to serenade Mariachi songs. The evening ended with the two making love in every conceivable position by the fireplace at their home.

What a difference a year made. Though Mariana returned to McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard, the dynamic between the pair had drastically changed. Mariana was no longer Scott’s would-be fiancée and intern; now she was a paid employee and ex-girlfriend. They used to sneak off into his office for afternoon quickies. Now they avoided each other whenever possible, only speaking when they absolutely had to.

It made Scott sick to his stomach. It made him even sicker knowing that he was the cause behind it. “That was last year.” He spat.

“You can always change the course of the future if the past bothers you,” Elissa suggested.

“I’m in the process of doing that now,” Scott replied. Becoming a co-owner in EMK was one of the best business and personal decisions he had ever made. He could keep tabs on Mariana’s new boyfriend while increasing his fortune. It was a win-win.

Elissa read the sudden gleam in her boss’s eyes. She had worked for Scott when he was nothing and watched him gradually become the man every guy at work wanted to be and some desperately emulated in some form and fashion. She remembered the beat-up Lexus he once drove; now he drove a money-green Maserati. She remembered the suits he had to get re-sown over and over because he didn’t have enough money to get better ones. Now his closet boasted of the biggest fashion houses and his cheapest suit still cost more than her monthly mortgage payment.

She admired his determination and persistence, starting as a wet behind the ears employee and working his way up to partner. In other words, whatever plans Scott had for getting Mariana back had everything to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with her boyfriend. If Elissa didn’t know any better, she would assume that the poor sap was just merely in the way of Hurricane Scott. “You’re up to something. I feel it.”

“I need a favor from you,” Scott began over dinner with his Mistress.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Sanora circled her wine glass with an index finger.

“I need to prove a point.” Scott’s green eyes flickered. “I need someone to help me emphasize that point.”

“Mariana?” Sanora asked and Scott nodded. “It depends on what reaction you want,” Sanora lightly shrugged. “Do you want her to hate you or hate her?”


“Dove,” Sanora said pointedly. “By the way, Mariana doesn’t hate you.”

“Okay.” He replied without emotion.

“She doesn’t. I know Mariana and I know how women are. She doesn’t hate you.” Sanora took a sip of wine. “She might, however, after this stunt you’re about to pull.”

Scott smiled as the dinner conversation faded into the background. He closed his Macbook and stood up. “I’m always up to no-good. You should know that.”


In case some of you need a reminder how it came to be that Dove was in the picture…

I Need You is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and some select libraries. Check your local library.

Stronger than Pride, the next installment in the S&M series will be out sometime this month.