Gettin’ It Cover

I would take credit for this cover but I can’t. My most wonderful partner did the design. She kinda looks like me, don’t you think?


A while ago (uh, maybe it was last week), I said the cover wasn’t sexy or remotely sexy. This cover wasn’t the original one I had in mind; I actually went through a few covers before deciding on this one. When I saw it, I thought ‘hey, this could work!’ and well, it did.

No big arguments or well-thought out plan on why we chose this particular cover. It just fit.

And there you have it,



Is that a word? I needed something creative to come up with this blog post and I couldn’t think of anything. Don’t blame me; I’ve been writing and cooking all day. I have to tell you my red chard risotto came out pretty good. I can make a mean baked mac n’ cheese too! Oh yeah, my baked chicken strips were pretty nice. You know my husband and I created a chocolate chip banana nut bread. I think I added too many chocolate chips and nuts, but it came it pretty bangin’!

So what does my cooking have anything to do with this post, let alone this blog? Well, nothing. I just wanted to tell you where my mind was today. I also wanted to tell you that the perfectionist in me changed the character names in Gettin’ It (out TOMORROW, by the way).

Yeah. You read that right. The characters in the sneak peeks aren’t the same ones in the paid version. Now let me explain:

My editor and I went through the story like a fine-tooth comb all weekend and actually made a few changes. I added a couple of scenes and further developed the main characters as you know them – Toni and Chris. After the umpteenth revision, I decided I didn’t care for the character’s names. Now, this isn’t a new thing. My characters often go through many names before I decide on a final version. (For example, in the S&M series, Mariana’s original name was Melanie, then it morphed to Christine, and I finally settled on Mariana.) Normally I don’t make a character name change this late in the game but when I really want to change something, well, it gets changed.

So for those who do read the paid version, you will notice the different names. You’re damn right I’m not telling you here. What’s the fun in that? (Smile!) You’ll also notice a very unusual thing in the paid version as well: a very personal story in the lengthy dedication. (Remember when I said if you want to read about my personal life, you have to pay for it?)

There are a few other tidbits in Gettin’ It I will reveal later this week. I will say this: you will more than likely be SHOCKED on how and where I got the inspiration for some of the things the characters do. Some of it is based on real life and some of it, well, I’ve been inspired. A lot.

And there you have it,



Gettin’ It Sneak Peek, Part II

There was an old saying: there’s a fine line between ambition and impatience. Chris’s mother always made that comment whenever he told her about his dreams. He was going to be a pilot. No, he was going to be a doctor. No, he was going to be a rock n’ roll star. Go after your dreams, Chris, she always stated, just make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.

Chris glanced at the time on his Droid phone. It was 4:15 PM. The meeting had been going on for over an hour now and there was still an hour to go. The usually quiet CEO was surprisingly talkative and Chris pretended he was interested. He could’ve been talking about pigeon droppings for the past hour for all Chris cared.

He did not want to be there.  He had to be there. He was known as the rising star, the fresh-faced “kid” at 29 years old who schooled many older and veteran players in the medical devices unit at the pharmaceutical company. He went from the overachieving product manager to global marketing director in less than four years, an astonishing feat.

He wondered if he was truly happy where he was at. Being stuck in a boardroom reminded him he needed to improve something in his life. He always hated meetings. Hated them. He could never understand why there were meetings to begin with. Maybe it was because he had the attention span of a three-year-old and even that was a stretch. If it wasn’t so obvious, Chris would play Angry Birds on his phone.

He wasn’t the only one that was bored. The marketing director looked like she was about to pass out at any moment. Several product directors tried their best to look determined and focused but they were secretly texting and instant messaging each other through their laptops. And then there were the interns. So full of life and promise with great ideas for the company. Chris had to smile. He was once that full of shit himself.

Gettin’ It Sneak Peek

So this week officially starts the insane amount of press of Gettin’ It, which will be out on January 17th. Gettin’ It also begins the flurry of new releases from my sexy/sensual print, Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment, as work on expanding my brand in different ways (more on that later).

But for now, here is the first of many sneak peeks of Gettin’ It. The book cover will debut sometime next week. The picture used below is just to bring the sexy back to the blog. 



“You know who you remind me of?” Betty pointed a finger towards her cousin. “You remind me of that Disney chick?”

Toni furrowed her eyebrows. Selena? Miley? Clearly not anyone Black. “Can you be a bit more specific?”

“You know! That one Princess.”

“Assuming you don’t mean Ariel, Jasmin, or Snow White, you’re probably talking about Tiana?” Toni asked.

“Yep, that’s the one!” Betty smiled as if she won a prize. “The one with the frog.”

Toni didn’t want to entertain her cousin but the curiosity was killing her. “Okay, I’ll bite.”

“She never went out.” Betty examined her acrylic nails. “She was always working those diner jobs to save for that restaurant, and guess what happened to her?”

“She ended up marrying a prince, opening the restaurant and living happily ever after?” Toni knew that wasn’t the answer even if it was right.

“She ended up getting cursed by some scary dude and turning into a frog, Toni!”

Toni immediately regretted entertaining her batshit crazy cousin. “Okay, Betty, I need to go to work now.”

“I’m just saying you need to have some fun! Live a little! You’re always working and shit.” Betty defended herself.

Despite her cousin’s bizarre analysis, Toni knew Betty had a point. It had been a while since she hung out with her friends, let alone go out on date. It was getting to the point where Toni felt she should invest in Energizer stocks because her vibrator was getting some serious work in. “Alright, fine. I’ll party once the semester is done. But for now, I need to head to work.”

On the way to work, Toni stopped by the drugstore and picked up some batteries. She was getting dangerously low on her supply. She thought about the banter with her cousin and shook her head.

There wasn’t a Disney fairytale about a princess who relied on a vibrator.

The Making of Gettin’ It

Originally, I had ideas for three stories this winter quarter: a short, a freebie, and a Christmas story. Somewhere along the way, real life got in the way and well, only the short is being released right now. (Never fear, the Christmas story will be released as a Valentine’s story and there will be a freebie somewhere between this story and the Valentine’s story.)

I pulled a story from the archives to write. It wasn’t an easy decision since there were so many but I chose one that I thought at the time wouldn’t take too much effort to edit. Clearly, I underestimated myself as usual. The original story was titled The Office and it centered around a girl cleaning an executive’s office at his work. Sounds familiar? Well, it is. That story was also the backdrop for a series some of you are already too familiar with:

You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.

Realizing that, I had to quickly make a decision. Should I proceed with the story as is and suffer comments and reviews on how “original” the story is? Or should start fresh and possibly delaying the release date? Well, as much as I like to take chances, I don’t like to be formulaic (that’s for you, Dan Brown) so I started semi-afresh. I twisted some things in the story and rewrote it. And rewrote. And rewrote. And rewrote.

As some of you may know by now, I’m not the typical erotica writer who releases a story every couple of weeks. I applaud those who do but that’s not my style. I guess I’m too much of a perfectionist. I also like to release quality work. The Erotic Intoxication, Vol I: Bad Girls was a good start but I also know if I had waited a bit, it could’ve been a better book. I took that very approach with the S&M series and well, the rest is history. The S&M series has been, by far, my most successful book(s).

On Monday (which would be today), I’ll release a sneak peek and maybe the cover of Gettin’ It. I had the book originally scheduled for release on Tuesday and I’m going to try to keep that deadline. If not Tuesday, definitely on Thursday. Either way, you’re getting a $0.99 book this week.

Thank you for being so wonderful and patient. I really appreciate it. I also thank those who took the time out to leave a written review for the S&M series. Your words have helped the books sell by the bundles. You totally rock my socks.