#TeaserTuesday: War #contemporary #romance

“Eli’s girlfriend called me,” Faith began as she stirred her chai tea, “she wants to come in to get her braids done.” She glanced up at her mother.

Amy softly raised an eyebrow. “Okay. How do you feel about that? Does Eli know about it?”

“I’m assuming he does. I don’t know, he refuses to talk to me still.” Faith tried to shrug off the hurt. Faith was pretty sure he blocked all of her numbers because whenever she called him, it went straight to voicemail. Any return calls from Eli were handled through his attorney. “So, it’s interesting his girlfriend wants to see me. There are so many hairstylists in Harlem and she can get her hair braided by any of them.”

“But you know why she chose you, right?” Amy pressed. “Erica’s a smart woman and she knows what she’s doing. Did you speak to her?”

“She personally called me. She was as sweet and likeable as before. Like, ugh…” Faith chuckled. “I wish I could hate her but I can’t. She’s not some ghetto bird like Simone was.” She briefly looked up at the ceiling. “Erica’s a good girl. She’s a great woman. I just…” She let out another sigh. “…I hate she’s with my ex-husband.”

“But why do you care, Faith?” Amy asked. “You’re with that basketballer…Jeremy’s his name, right? He seems like a nice guy.”

Jeremy was going to be in town for a couple of days. Faith was going to leave with him to spend a few days in Los Angeles. “He is. Jeremy’s a great guy.”

Amy reached over and grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Talk to me, Faith Marie. What’s going on? This is beyond Erica calling you up to get her hair done.”

Faith’s eyes threatened tears. “I pushed Eli to hate me. After he apologized for everything and was seemingly husband of the year, I still wouldn’t forgive him. He asked for DNA tests for all of the kids and I just lost it. I can understand E.J., but for Nate and Aubri?” She softly shook her head. “It’s like he doesn’t trust me at all. He was the one that stepped out and yet I’m the one still being punished.”

“Are you?” Amy softly countered. “Faith, you admitted you still talked to Darren while you were pregnant. Eli found out things about your relationship through the press, hun. You weren’t forthcoming about any of it and you still held a grudge against him for his affair. How much longer do you want to hold a grudge before you realize you’re the only one suffering while the other person moved on?”

“I’m not holding a grudge,” Faith met eyes with her mother, “I’m moving to L.A.”

Amy read her daughter’s eyes. Something about them changed for the worst. They used to be filled with love, hope, and maybe a bit of defiantness. Now she seemed glossy-eyed and stone cold.

Faith had always liked material things but she seemed increasingly boastful about what she owned and acquired. She spent more time away from her salon, and away from Harlem, while she traversed with Jeremy’s friends and family.

When Eli finally left Faith for good, it spurned something inside the young woman that Amy couldn’t pinpoint. Faith used to quote the Bible and lean on Him during all times. Now she barely showed up in church. When she did go, her skirts and dresses barely covered her.

That wasn’t the worse of it. Amy heard a whisper Faith might have been messing with the nose candy but she didn’t want to believe it. Seeing how thin her daughter had become – Faith didn’t look like she weighed a hundred pounds – Amy wondered what else was her daughter hiding.

“How long has this been in the works?”

“Just recently,” Faith blurted, “Jeremy wants me to move to L.A. with him.”

Faith never liked Los Angeles and preferred Harlem no matter where she went. Amy knew she wasn’t going to survive very long there – literally. “And the children?” Amy asked. “How does Eli feel about this?”

“I don’t care,” Faith shrugged, “I guess his attorney will let me know how it goes.”

Faith wasn’t just holding a grudge against Eli; she was effectively punishing him for leaving her. What better way to do that than by moving across the country and taking the children with her.

Amy remembered what the D’Amatos did to Simone and Darren and feared they would act the same – if not worse – towards her daughter. It was Amy’s cue to intervene before things became worse between them. “Okay, Faith.”


Makes you wonder what the D’Amatos did to Simone and Darren, doesn’t it?

War will be out later this spring. Release date and possible pre-order information will be available soon.

#TeaserTuesday: Zaddy (Cuffing Season) #romance #contemporary

“Truth is, I don’t deserve her. She was with me when I was poor and could barely afford lunch and stayed with me through the affair. It wasn’t easy on either one of us and we discovered a lot about each other; some good and some quite ugly. Even when we divorced, we couldn’t stand to be away from each other. Yeah, it was a break but it was too long, you know?

“And there’s a lot about her I can’t stand. I hate it when we’re trying to find some place to eat and she can’t make up her mind so I’ll choose something for us, only for her to complain she didn’t like what I chose. I hate it when I’m trying to play PS4 and she has to talk to me about some bullshit gossip about some people I don’t know and don’t care about. I hate it when she becomes extremely angry and cursing at me about every damn thing but the next minute, she gives the best blow job ever because she knew she was in the wrong. Okay, so maybe that one isn’t so bad.

“Honestly, I can’t see myself with anyone else. This woman prayed for me, for us, during our worst. Whenever I get criticism, she pulls out her Bible and shares a scripture about ignoring the haters. We lost several babies only to have God give us our blessings. We’re different, but we’re so similar, it’s nuts. And she’s the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


I’m still pushing for a Christmas release. If not Christmas, sometime around that timeframe.

More information on the other two couples in a few weeks.

#ThrowbackThursday: I Need You #romance #contemporary


Mariana took a sip of wine and lightly sighed. Maybe it was her fault for holding on to the past and not being concentrated fully on the future. B. was a great man who all but asked her to move in with him. Her family loved him. Her other friends adored him. They had a great relationship and it was never a dull moment between them.

Of course, the comparisons naturally came:

Asking her to watch over the house while he went away on a trip.

Asking her to move in a short time later.

A proposal would happen after that.

Maybe not the last one. A girl can dream, huh?

“You shouldn’t be alone tonight,” a familiar voice said in front of her.

Mariana looked up and met eyes with Scott. Damn, he was gorgeous. His emerald eyes sparkled in the candlelight and there was a slight smile peeking at the corner of his lips. She briefly inhaled and was blessed with his earthy cologne.

She should’ve been happy to see him but the anger from B.’s revelation clouded her jubilation. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing what Bernard is doing if I assume correctly,” Scott rocked back on his heels, “having dinner at a very expensive restaurant with my girlfriend.”

“You know what I mean, Scott. B. told me about his future trip overseas,” Mariana’s eyes narrowed at him, and there was no sign of elation within them, “he told me you were behind his new tour.”

“B. is very talented, Mari. He needs all the promotion he can get and I’m willing to help him with that.”

“Stop,” she was curt, “he doesn’t need your help.” Scott looked around the restaurant and then sat himself down at her table. “I didn’t invite you to sit.”

“I don’t care,” he brushed her off. He motioned to a server to bring him a drink and one was promptly served. Scott took a sip of his whiskey and chewed it, savoring the smoky flavor. He swirled the amber liquid in his glass for a short while before he turned his attention to Mariana. “Your boyfriend is passionate about something and I happened to have the right connections to make sure his dream comes to fruition. And you’re telling me you don’t want that to happen?”

“I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t you,” she clarified, not moved by his intimidation attempt, “it’s the fact you are so insistent in helping him that makes me wonder what this is really about.”

Scott took another sip of whiskey and leaned back in his chair. “And what do you think this is really about?”

“You do not want me to be happy,” she held eye contact.

“Au contraire, mi amor. I want you to be very happy.

“You don’t want me to be very happy with him,” Mariana held her ground.

Scott played with his whiskey glass. “That’s a provocative statement.”

“It’s a true statement,” she replied.

“So you think.”

“So I believe.”

“Don’t believe everything you think,” he replied and Mariana uncomfortably shifted in her chair, “your happiness is all I care about, Mariana, contrary to what you believe. I have never wanted you to be unhappy because of something I did and yes, I’ll admit I did things that made you very unhappy and I sincerely and truly regret those things. But I will not sabotage your relationship for my sake. If I didn’t want you to be with Bernard, you wouldn’t be with Bernard.”

“You may have B. fooled into thinking you fully support him but we both know that’s not the case,” Mariana revealed, “you’re keeping tabs on him like you are on me.”

“You did not have to come back to McCormick, Mari.” Scott’s fingers circled the whiskey glass. “You chose to.”

“McCormick had the best package out there and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“It was an offer you could have refused and you didn’t,” Scott pointed out. “Now let me ask you—which one of us is keeping tabs on the other?”

“Do not flatter yourself,” Mariana retorted and Scott raised an amusing eyebrow, “I wouldn’t choose a job at McCormick just to spy on you.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Scott replied back as Dove took center stage at the dance floor behind Mariana, “I would hate to think you hate me that much, to care about what I’m doing.”

“You are convinced that I hate you and truth is…” Mariana briefly closed her eyes and counted to ten. There was a thin line between love and hate, though sometimes, it seemed that line became blurred. The man she would’ve done anything for was the same man who made her disgusted with anger.

She let out a small sigh and slowly opened her eyes. “I don’t ha—” Mariana stopped speaking when she realized Scott’s attention was behind her. She turned around and saw Dove grinding against another man in the middle of the dance floor. She was slightly bent over, moving her ass against the man’s crotch before she stood up again and ground more against his body, all the while locking eyes with Scott.

“You were saying, Mari?” Scott’s voice made Mariana sharply turn around to face him. A small smile formed on the corners of his lips as his eyes twinkled in delight in what Dove was doing.

“Am I boring you?” Mariana asked with a jealous annoyance in her voice.

“No, not at all.” Scott’s eyes danced from his ex-girlfriend to his current. “Dove was simply telling me something, that’s all.”

“That she wanted you take her back to her home on Whore Island?” Mariana snickered.


S&M IV, Part 2 is about to LIT.

I Need You is available on Amazon, All Romance, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other retailers.


#SundaySnippet: Superpower (State of Affairs II) #romance #contemporary #newadult

State of Affairs - large


Every Queen needs a King.

Briana Gooding has a lot on her plate and being a full-time social activist leaves little time for romance. When the NFL’s most controversial quarterback approaches her, she suddenly finds time.

NFL standout Caleb Kelly is known for his exciting plays on the field and his messy personal life that leaves many women thirsty to be a part of his harem. When he decided to take a controversial stance against the National Anthem, he found a strong ally in Briana. It’s only a matter of time before the activists are viewed as the country’s most dangerous couple and harassment ensues.

Senator Jay Edwards and his wife, Sanora, are making big plans for Briana and Caleb and have no qualms being their private support. When their detractors threaten those plans, it’s time to use a deadly reminder to show who’s really in charge.

All is fair in sex, love, and power.

Superpower is the second book in the State of Affairs series. It deals with social justice, activism, political aspirations, and if true love conquers all. It is an erotic romance.

Unedited Snippet:

Briana was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize the other bar patrons suddenly disappeared and she was left alone. Soon, several men in business suits surrounded the bar and faced outward.

Briana stiffened as she realized what was happening. Was she about to be kidnapped? Did someone go through an elaborate setup to threaten her? Briana didn’t care a weapon on her, though she briefly thought about carrying a pocket knife. Now she wished she had it with her.

“Excuse me?” She asked aloud to no one in particular. “What’s going on?”

“All clear, sir.” One of the men spoke into a small microphone.

“Sir?” Briana repeated and she turned around. Dressed in an open collar business suit and carried a swag that was only learned with age, Senator Jay Edwards calmly walked inside the hotel bar and sat next to Briana at the bar.

Jay had an inexplicable swag about him that could only be felt, not described. He carefully wielded his power and silently dared anyone to test him. It was how he became a force to be reckoned with in Congress, and the policymaker everyone hated to love and loved to hate.

The bartender suddenly reappeared and Jay ordered a cocktail. Once the bartender returned with Jay’s drink, Jay calmly slid an Ulysses Grant towards the man, who quickly left.

Briana was impressed. Upon further research of Jay, his wealth matched his power. His parents’ net worth was around 600 million but Jay’s own wealth was around 400 million. He and a business partner made a lot of money from their winery, along with other businesses where he was a silent investor. It was heavily rumored his wife, Jessica, was a billionaire in her own right but no one could ever confirm the information.

If Briana assumed correctly, no one could confirm anything because the Edwards purposely made it difficult for anyone to find out more than they needed to know. “Hello, Senator.”

“I love it when you call me Senator,” Jay smiled at her. “How are you, Briana?”

“I’m very well,” she took a sip of wine, “I didn’t know Secret Service protected senators,” Briana glanced around.

“By Executive Order of the President,” Jay answered. He took another sip of whiskey and swirled the sweet honey liquor around in his mouth. “The last two Presidents made sure I was under protection and I’m pretty sure this upcoming one will do the same.”

Briana read between what Jay said. It was clear he was dangerous and valuable. The question was who would benefit the most from Jay’s knowledge? “You have that much dirt on everyone?”

“I don’t have any dirt on anyone,” Jay replied, his deep baritone comforting Briana’s ears. “I just make good on promises.”

“Promises of what?” She asked.

“Whatever I want them to be,” his eyes cut at her and a quick glance he eyed her attire from her feet to her earrings. She wore jeans, a black sweater, and boots. Her locs were pulled into a loose bun at the back of her neck and she went make-up free. She looked wonderful and smelled like honey and chai.

His cobalt blue eyes smoldered with a hint of sensuality and flickered with power. “And I never break a promise.”


Superpower is going to be a full-fledged novel so the release date will be pushed back a little. I will have the first three chapters or so on wattpad, hopefully, by the end of this week.

Superpower will be available everywhere (and in print!) on a release date TBA.


#ManicMonday: Scoring Chance (Breakaway V) #newadult #contemporary #romance

Scoring Chance 1400x2100

How do you art?

The camera panned to an image of Sydney, slowly painting an image of four black women in various hairstyles – an Afro, long hair, short hair, and braids. An image across the screen titled the image as “Sisterhood.”

I become my art. I like to feel the textures, the colors, and smell the surface. I like to hear it.

The camera panned to Sydney pressing her ear to the canvas.

My art speaks to me. It tells me what I should next. It tells me what to feel. If I don’t feel it, neither can you.

The next image was the jaw-dropper – Dean approached Sydney from behind and the couple began kissing. He kissed her all over her body and hoisted her against a different canvas. They began to move together in unison as they both gasped and clutched each other.

The scene was cut by an image of Sydney in front of a beach, sipping a drink out of a coconut. The next image was of her singing karaoke in front of a crowd and a homemade video of her and Dean kissing, which was spliced with another erotic image of Sydney riding Dean on their sofa.

It was clear the couple were having sex, though no images below the waist were seen. Instead, it looked like a hot scene from a PG-13 movie.

Their wedding rings were clearly shown.

The last scene was a time-lapse video of Sydney painting a new picture of now-infamous footballer Caleb Kelly, who protested against the National Anthem. It was Caleb kneeling in front of the American flag, wearing his football uniform. Behind the flag were images of the United States’ dirty history – the Native American genocide, the Japanese interment camps, African slavery, Jim Crow laws, sundown towns, anti-immigration, and Islamophobia.

The caption read, “#NeverForget.”

So let me ask you…how do you art?


Scoring Chance is available NOW! Click here for details.

Book 6 in the Breakaway series will be out in a few months.

#ThursdaySnippet: State of Affairs II

State of Affairs - large

“I sat down because I don’t believe in what the flag stands for. Think about it. The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. The Star-Spangled Banner was composed in 1814. But the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t happen until 1863. So, who was the independence for? Who was the Star-Spangled Banner written for? Not for me. Not for my ancestors. It doesn’t apply to any minority group here.

“Now, if I lose endorsements and I get hate mail, then it only proves what I did was right and I stood up for what I believe in. I’m not disrespecting the troops. I’m merely invoking my First Amendment right. If everyone else can, why not me?”

Senator Jay Edwards turned off his TV and stared blankly at the dark screen. His Facebook page was full of comments, demanding he say something. His phone rang off the hook all morning. He couldn’t even enjoy watching SportsCenter without the commentators pretending they were fake woke so they could sound intelligent for everyone else.

Jay loved it.

Famed NFL quarterback and reigning Super Bowl champion, Caleb Kelly, made a controversial protest against the American flag. It couldn’t have come at a worst time. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

In the current political climate of the country, it was no surprise the reaction was deeply divided. Other athletes came out to shame Caleb, while many celebrities supported him. What was more astounding was the number of veterans who also had his back.

As Jay’s MO, he always waited until he received more information before making any type of statement. It was why he was admired; he never became extremely angry and jumped in so he could be a trending topic.

Now that Caleb had the nation’s attention, it was time for Jay to make his move. He was pretty sure the star athlete would not say a word to him. Caleb was pretty adamant on how he really felt about anything conservative and Republican based on his IG feed.

It was time to use another approach.

“So, what do you think?” Sanora asked as she walked into the study. She showed her husband Caleb’s speech as she was rather fascinated by it.

Jay revealed a cunning smile. “I think we just found Briana’s soul mate.”


State of Affairs II will be out later this month.

#SundaySnippet: State of Affairs II

State of Affairs - large

“I’m trying to listen to the advice you two have given me but it’s hard,” Briana argued, “whenever there is a new shooting, I get people questioning why I’m not saying anything. Then I am accused of flip-flopping and not being true to the cause. Some have called me a sell-out and amongst other harsh things.”

“To your face?” Sanora questioned.

“No, never to my face but they do say it.” Briana replied. “But I’ve heard whispers.”

“Good. They’ll keep whispering.” Jay nodded. “No one likes to get punched in the face.”

“You two want me to do something I’ve never done before with very little experience. If people are attacking me now, how am I going to withstand what they’re going to do when I run for office?”

“What do you think is going to come out about you?” Sanora asked. “What is it about you now or in the past that will come back to haunt you?”

“They’re going to call into question Sisters United. They’re already saying it’s a racist and violent, though we know that’s not the truth. Not everyone supports what we’re doing.” Briana’s eyes watered. “The Black men I’m fighting for are calling me all sorts of names. The Black women I’m fighting for is telling me to go get a relaxer and not stay out in the sun so much. I’m being attacked by my own left and right. And if my own is attacking me, how am I supposed to sustain when others do it?”

Jay took a sip of whiskey before he set down the tumbler. He sat back into the plush sofa while Sanora settled into his body. “Truth is, Briana, you and I know a not-so hidden and ugly secret about society – they don’t like Black women. Oh, they love your hairstyles, they love your swag, they love your bodies and plastic surgeons are making a killing off other women who try very hard to emulate you.

“But society doesn’t like you. And furthermore, some of your own sisters don’t like you as well. If you’re doing great, someone will try to bring you down a notch. I call it hate-watching. They watch you just to hate. They need to pick something about you they don’t like because seeing you brings out jealousy, resentment, and insecurity. They don’t like your hairstyle? They’ll pick on that. They don’t like your happy life? They’ll pick on that. They don’t think you’re “all that?” They’ll definitely pick on that. And they keep poking at you until they get your attention.

“The problem with that method is while some weak people succumb to it, the strong keep getting stronger. Meanwhile, those who hate you, despise you, and blacklist you, they keep getting weaker. They don’t understand why you have so much support. They don’t understand why you’re so popular. They don’t understand…you.

“The best way to silence a troll is to ignore them. The best way to get the last laugh at your critics is to be successful and keep rising to the top. We are merely holding the ladder you’re climbing.”

Briana intently listened to what Jay said to her. He spoke a lot of truth and Briana soaked it up like a sponge. “What should I do?”

“Don’t respond to negativity. Eventually the trolls will make themselves look foolish and will seclude themselves.” Sanora sipped her wine. “What God ordains for you, no one can take away. When they go low, we will go high.”

Sanora’s and Jay’s confidence was infectious. Briana felt she could move mountains. “You really think I could be President?”

Jay and Sanora didn’t miss a beat. “Yes.”


State of Affairs II will be out sometime in September.

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#SundaySnippet: The Ex-Factor #erotica #contemporary #romance

The Ex-Factor Medium

“We never made porn,” she quietly replied, “not saying we should now but we never did.”

“We watched ourselves a lot, didn’t we?” He played with her right nipple. “I loved looking over at the mirror and watch you suck my dick. It was one of the beautiful things I’d ever seen.”

She turned to him and softly kissed his lips, savoring his taste. “Tell me more,” she said in a tone above a whisper.

He returned the kiss and gently suckled on her bottom lip. “I loved seeing you on top. I loved seeing your titties bounce as you rode my cock. I loved watching your face knowing I was the one behind that pleasure.”

She rolled on top of him and sat upright. His cock was already hard and wavering against her ass. “I’m a fan of being on top.”

“Ooh,” he purred. He stretched out his arms and cupped both of her breasts. “I’m a big fan of you being on top.”

Mariana adjusted her position and sank down on him. Even though they’d just made love, it felt like a new feeling all over again as she wrapped tightly around him. She gave a soft sigh and squeezed her eyes shut, relishing the feeling of him. He was right, their sex was more than just physical; it was definitely on a spiritual plane that neither could explain nor want to.

Scott watched her reaction as she rode him. Waves of ecstasy covered her face as she softly bounced on his cock. Mariana was never patient for her orgasm and always wanted to get off as soon as she started, but Scott taught her the power of patience. She loved and hated the orgasm denial they often participated in, but she’d come to appreciate it.

“There you go,” he placed her feet on his thighs to give her more access. The change in position shocked Mariana and she squealed in pleasure. “Lean over,” he directed and she followed suit. “Grab my wrists.” He placed his hands over his head and Mariana grabbed his wrists. “Now fuck me.”

“Oooh, fuck!” She cried. Mariana was pressed against Scott’s chest as she happily bounced on his cock. It was more than just her being on top – he was willingly her submissive for the time and she took full advantage of it. She kissed his neck and felt her pussy become wetter as he moaned in her ear. She finally met his lips again and explored the inside of his mouth, drinking from him. He tasted sweet, with a touch of bourbon, and was just as hungry for her.

Her body began to shake as her moans turned into soft coos and small cries. Scott knew she was close and he encouraged her orgasm. Seeing her face when she climaxed was what heaven felt like. “Come for me, baby,” he purred, “I want to feel you come all over my cock.”


Have you picked up your copy?

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#FlashFriday: Scoring Chance (Breakaway V) #newadult #contemporary #romance

“I’m cutting my hair and dying it,” he turned down the stereo, “something different.”

“You’re what?” She questioned. “What color and why in the hell are you ruining my fantasy?”

“Your fantasy is right here,” he chuckled, “something different. Dying it a darker color. Just something different for once.”

“You’re honestly going to keep that up during the season?” She asked. “That’s a lot of upkeep.”

“It’s for Nike,” he replied, “they want me to do an ad where different sides of me are being shown. Kinda like a stripped down and naked type of venture. Everyone keeps talking about my hair and my eyes and we thought it would be fun to do something different. Freak people out a little.” He glanced over at her. She still wasn’t sold on the idea. “I see it’s working.”

“They have wigs, you know?” She ran her fingers through his hair. It was as soft as corn silk and just as shiny. “You don’t have to cut and dye it!”

“It’ll grow back, Syd.”

“That’s what they all say,” she shook her head, “and then you’re going to be channeling your inner Britney Spears meltdown and shave it all off before you beat up a poor van with a defenseless umbrella.”

“And what the hell?” Dean laughed and Sydney joined in. He wagged an index finger at her. “No more pop music for you!”

Sydney touched Dean’s thigh and he moved his hand on top of hers. He gave it a quick squeeze before moving her hand to his lips and gave it a soft kiss. Things felt right.

They felt…normal.


To read the first snippet, click here.

Scoring Chance will be out September 6th.

State of Affairs is now LIVE! #erotica #contemporary

State of Affairs - large

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