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#SnippetSunday: Wifey (Finesse #2)


He came back into my life, but we both know he never really left. 

It’s different now – in order to protect me, I have to be under his watch. The lifestyle I wanted nothing to do with, I’m fully a part of. 

He promised he would take care of me as long as I don’t get involved. When danger knocks at your front door, you have no choice but to open it. 

Everyone knew me as Taylor. In Finesse’s world, I was simply Wifey. 


We managed to finish dinner and enjoyed a shared dessert. Daryn drove us back home and I settled in the backseat next to Cameron as he held me. My life had been a complete whirlwind and my brain is dizzy just thinking about everything. 

Three times already, Cameron saved my life. He killed the men who targeted my father and me. Those are the ones I know about. I’m sure there are others I don’t know and honestly, I’m fine if I never know about them. 

Now, I’m no longer just Cameron’s girlfriend. I’m an accessory to murder and just about every illegal activity he’s involved in. I know how long RICO charges go for and if Cameron were to ever get caught, he would be facing decades in prison unless he makes some type of plea deal. 

I already knew what side of the law I was on and I no longer struggled with straddling the fence. I’m sure Daddy is turning over in his grave at what I’m doing. Hopefully, he would understand I’m doing everything to ultimately fight for his legacy. 

My hand wrapped around Cameron’s waist as I felt his calm heartbeat in my ear. It was a serene silence between us and probably the most peace our relationship had since we reunited. 

I don’t know if the peace is because we both have an understanding of each other now or if I finally resigned to the fact this is who Cameron is and that’s it. 

Meli’sa Morgan’s “Do You Still Love Me?” softly played in the background during our ride. I closed my eyes as her soulful voice comforted me and I temporarily let go of all of the rollercoaster emotions of the day. 

I know this is my new reality – being a drug lord’s girlfriend. Cameron isn’t forcing me to be with him, yet I don’t want to be with anyone else. He’s saved my life in more ways than I can imagine and I don’t think I can ever thank him.

Warmth flowed through my body as my hand fell down in front of his zipper. I massaged his cock through his slacks and Cameron immediately hardened underneath me. A low growl escaped his lips as he rubbed my back.

I unzipped him and pulled his cock out, caressing it as it grew harder and thicker in my hands. Arousal shot through my body with an urgency I had never felt before. Taking his cock with both hands, I kissed the mushroom tip and Cameron moaned his approval.

“Suck me,” he ordered. 

I smiled at the demand and obliged. I swiped my tongue over the pre-cum that leaked out of the tip. I remembered how he taught me to suck him off and smiled at the lesson. He knew I was going to suck him off for as long as I lived and he wanted me to do it right. 

Hollowing my cheeks, I lowered my mouth around his cock. I sucked on him slow, savoring the musky taste and scent of him. My tongue played with the heavy veins that coursed around his cock, trying to find all of them in some erotic maze. 

“Ah, angel…” Cameron moaned. 

Giving Cameron pleasure aroused me and I was so eager to suck him more. I bobbed my head up and down along his shaft as Cameron pushed my head down. I became a greedy, cock-hungry whore and I couldn’t get enough of him. 

His breath became shallower as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock inside my mouth, fucking it. Cameron panted and moaned, pulling my hair to the side as he watched his cock go in and out of my needy mouth. 

“Taylor…” His voice was harsh and he tightened his grip on my head. “…I’m about to come, baby.” 

He came hard and fast in my mouth and I struggled to take all of it. I still milked him with my mouth as his cock wildly jerked inside of me. His body shuddered as he moaned my name over and over, a sign of defeat that I got him in a manner no one else was able to. 

I cleaned him off as much as I could and was surprised Cameron’s cock was still hard. He was capable of fucking me in the backseat and would’ve done so had Daryn not turned the corner leading up to his home. 

I adjusted my gown as Cameron tucked his cock back inside his slacks. He caressed my cheek before he kissed it. “Thank you.” His lips feathered my earlobe and I giggled.

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#SnippetSunday: Clouded

As I’m waiting for all of the purchase links of Wifey (Finesse #2) to be available, here is a new story I am working on. The working title is Clouded.


She’s one of the nation’s most ruthless divorce attorneys, bringing financial justice to her clients. He’s one of the wealthiest Las Vegas casino magnates who always gets his way. When their worlds collide, it’s more than just wealth and reputation at stake. 

Love is always a gamble to take. 

Unedited Snippet:

“Isn’t it the Devil himself?”

Nico smiled upon hearing Kaitlyn’s voice. It was smoky, but not whispery. Affirmative, but not bitchy. His mind instantly wandered to how she would sound beneath him but he stopped those thoughts. The last thing he needed was obvious evidence being around her. 

He turned around and quirked an eyebrow at her attire. She wore a black pinstripe business suit, with Louboutins on her feet. Past paramours often complained about their feet after walking in them. Kaitlyn looked like she could probably run a mile in those shoes, no sweat. 

Nico admired Kaitlyn’s toned legs that led up to a svelte figure and straightened dark, long hair. Her face was natural, almost innocent. Nico realized it was intentional – she wanted her opponents to think she was weak, before she destroyed them. 

Nico walked up to Kaitlyn and stood at a comfortable distance. “Ms. Dixon, pleasure to see you.”

“I would say the same.” She smarted.

“But you won’t and I oblige.” He grinned, shoving his hands into his pockets. “How may I help you?”

“I told you what you could do and refuse.” She declared as she held her briefcase tighter. “So, there’s that.”

“Refusing?” Nico chuckled and Kaitlyn became so aware of what he did to her body. “No, I didn’t refuse. I told you I didn’t care. That’s not refusing.”

Kaitlyn hated he was right. She hated the fact she was becoming more attracted to him even more. It was all the reason she needed to destroy him. “You’re protecting your old, dead boss against his family.” She stepped up to him. 

“Which one?” Nico shot back. “There are two.”

If she rolled her eyes any harder, they would be permanently stuck in the back of her head. “You know exactly who I’m referring to,” she interrupted, “his real one.”

“His real one, huh?” Nico chuckled. “I’m sure Robert thought otherwise hence his will.”

“I’m sure Robert was coerced hence the contest.” She smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. 

Nico shrugged. “You can’t prove he was.” 

“And you can’t prove he wasn’t.” She hardened her stance. “So, here we are.”

“So, there you are.” He corrected and she cocked her head at him. The valet pulled up with Nick’s car and he briefly saw the small surprise written across her face. He didn’t know she expected, but he was pretty sure she didn’t expect him to ride in a Rolls Royce SUV. 

Kaitlyn knew Nico was wealthy. Her extensive background check on him pulled up many investments and businesses that proved to be fruitful at such a young age. While some men were still figuring out what to do with their lives at 35, Nico successfully owned two casinos, in addition to a laundromat, and a dollar store. 

He was a frequent courtside guest at many NBA games and often traveled back to his native New York to watch his favorite teams along with his cousins from the famed D’Amato family. 

Despite how friendly he was, there was something underhanded about Nico Giordano. There were too many whispers of Mafioso connections for Kaitlyn to ignore. He’d never been charged with a crime, but that didn’t mean anything. With the right lawyer, anyone could get off. 

Kaitlyn knew she was going to have fun taking the notorious Nico Giordano down. No man ever intimidated her and he wasn’t about to be the first. “Do not get too comfortable, Mr. Giordano. It doesn’t look good on you.”

“You would look good on me.” He promised. 

Kaitlyn ignored her pulse throbbing through her wrist. She was immediately drawn to his allure, a sexiness that was only acquired from experience and not contrived. She also remembered why men like Nico were bad for her or for any woman. He was the type of guy who would get with a good woman who had everything together, just to ruin her life at the end. 

“I’m not flattered.” Kaitlyn pushed out. 

“Mmm…” Nico purred as he eyeballed her attire. If she looked that beautiful fully clothed, he could only imagine what was beneath everything.  “I do have to try harder.” 

Thoughts of Nico showing how much he would try immediately flooded Kaitlyn’s brain. She thought about him being naked more than she was comfortable admitting. “Your car is ready for you, Mr. Giordano.” Kaitlyn motioned. “Good-bye.”

Wifey (Finesse #2) is available at Amazon. To read an extended snippet, click here.

Clouded will be out in April 2021.

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#TeaserTuesday: Finesse

A/N: This was supposed to be live already but it’s not. So, until then, I’ll post another snippet and will send out the buy links.

Shout-out to the wonderful ladies who served as betas. You are the best!


Caught between choosing me and running his empire, I knew which way he would lean. He was the most powerful man in East Atlanta and I was his. He laced me up with the finest and I never had to ask for anything; it was just given to me. 

With every corner on lock, my mind couldn’t ignore the destruction and devastation he’d caused even in his own family. My body yearned to have him and every lonely night was a reminder of what was. 

He promised he would take care of me forever as long as I looked the other way. The other way, however, is harder to look at if blood splatters your feet. 

I knew him as Cameron but the world knew him as Finesse. 


“Is there a reason why I had to be blindfolded for this?” I hold onto Cameron for dear life as we walk down a quiet alley. I’m not a fan of being blindfolded, even though that’s Cameron’s kink. And I’m not a fan of being blindfolded in an unfamiliar place. I clearly trust this white boy too much. 

Cameron sent the driver back to the hotel to drop off my bags as we went to our last adventure. We had dinner at another great restaurant and I took some pictures for the ‘Gram to showcase my beautiful meal. 

We walked around the city with Cameron’s security not too far from us at any given time. He showed me different parts of Harlem he was very familiar with. I asked him the different places he’d visited and was very impressed by his passport stamps. 

He’d lived in a variety of places in just a short time and had that little bit in common with Laurie, my mother. He’d learned to read people well, and scope out an area before fully coming into it. He never liked being blindsided by something or someone. 

Cameron’s demeanor changed depending on whom he was with. When he was with his boys, he could be serious or playful, but never both. With me, he was boyish, funny, and romantic. With his parents, always respectful and acquiescent. 

It was something he’d learned from his father and studied very well. They were alike in many ways. They had the same charming smile, the way they could start a conversation with just anyone and have that person be enamored with them; how they knew the most random facts and completely useless information yet made it all seem like it was something everyone had to know. 

They both enjoyed a good, expensive Cuban, and Eric taught Cameron how to golf because that was expected growing up wealthy. They didn’t spend a lot of time with each other but when they did, it was always barbeques, watching a game (usually in person and always, front row seats), and taking time for the regular photo-ops for their fans.

They were also different in many ways. Eric was very traditional in his appearance and was rarely caught without wearing a polo or his Oxfords. Cameron loved his Jordans and jeans, and rarely strayed away from them. 

Eric’s friends and associates looked exactly like him, thought like him, and acted like him; Cameron was the white dot in a sea of chocolate and it seemed he preferred it that way. Cameron never spoke slang, not because he didn’t want to offend me but rather, he just didn’t want to. Eric was the probably the type that still said getting jiggy with it.

I still couldn’t help the obvious contrast in their lives. Sons rarely strayed away from their fathers in both attitude and lifestyle, yet it seemed Eric accepted it. Eric and Cameron were thick as thieves and were each other’s biggest fans.

I spent more time wondering about that more I was comfortable with. Cameron was taking me to a private place and I’m blindfolded walking down Harlem. I heard whispers and not-so private comments about what was going on. On-lookers were surprisingly respectful, though I get the feeling they had to be, not necessarily they wanted to. 

“We’re here.” Cameron’s deep voice brings me back to my senses. We’re inside a shop and I honestly can’t tell what kind it is. It’s awfully quiet and I don’t hear any other voices with the exception of one. I heard Cameron talking to someone in the distance. 

“Just lock it up when you’re done, kid.” An older man tells Cameron. “Have fun.” He leaves. 

I don’t know if I should stand or sit so I just fold my arms and hope I don’t look too stupid. “Where are we?” I finally ask after a long silence. 

“Take off the blindfold, baby.” He instructs me and I hurriedly take it off. I look around see it’s a record store. I shrug. 

“Okay?” I question. “Why are we here?”

“My, your memory is surely going at your old age.” Cameron chuckles at me and I stick my tongue out. He lays down a few blankets and I see a picnic basket to the side. He lays down on the blankets and motions for me to join him. “I do recall a certain young lady wanted to lay down and listen to records all night. So, you have your pick of the litter.” He pops open a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. “We have the whole store to ourselves. Security will be outside guarding it and we can leave anytime you want to head back to the hotel.” He hands me a glass and clinks it. “To you, baby. Happy Birthday. I hope it’s the first of many more we’ll celebrate.”

And so it began, we spent the evening listening to old records and enjoying each other. Shalamar serenaded us with “This is for the Lover in You” as we fed each other strawberries. The System warmed our bodies with “Don’t Disturb This Groove.” We talked about Prince’s genius pen when “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan was played. 

We must’ve listened to dozens of songs and yet, it felt like we just got started with our night. When I excitedly explained how much I loved “Groove Me,” Cameron didn’t make fun of my choice. Instead, we went into a lengthy discussion about Teddy Riley.

We slow danced to “Whip Appeal” and made out during “Sweet Love.” It was so romantic, so perfect, and so…everything I’ve ever wanted. 

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Scott & Mariana V is now LIVE!



When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.



“Dove is one of the best submissives I’ve had because she lets Me do whatever I want to her. She’s a bad girl and likes to be punished for her sins or sometimes, My sins. I love to inflict pain – good pain – with her and she always takes it like a dirty, little whore she is.” Scott smiled as He caressed Dove’s pussy. She twisted her body in response. “The demonstration is over, but if you want to stay and watch Me torture her pussy, you’re more than welcome.”

Kimberly looked around. No one left.

Scott took out a cat o’ nine tails and brushed it against Dove’s body. He read her reaction to see if she was okay; she was. Scott nodded and before Dove could brace herself, He slapped the implement against her midsection.

Dove bent over and Scott barked at her to stand straight. He unleashed several whips across her back, her ass, and her breasts. He stood behind her and fingered her pussy as He whispered something in her ear.

Kimberly couldn’t take her eyes off Scott as He completely owned Dove’s body. Everything He did, Dove responded to it as if she was used to it. As He fingered her with one hand, He choked her with the other. Dove looked like she was about to lose her shit.

Dove came and her body convulsed. Scott slapped Dove’s breasts again as she squirmed against His body. He whispered something else in her ear and all Dove could do was nod. Kimberly squirmed a little in her seat as she felt her panties become soaked.

She wanted to be owned by Scott.

Scott was so mechanical, if she thought, about how he acted with his family. He wasn’t fake, but he didn’t show too much emotion. She knew what the deal was – they both were raised in high-society Southern culture. Appearances were everything and they both lived that to the day.

Even as a Dom, Scott was controlled.

Scott pulled out a Hitachi and turned it on the highest setting. He stood behind Dove and rubbed it against Dove’s pussy. Dove feverishly nodded and came again, buckling against the restraints. He slapped Dove’s breasts with His free hand and kept the Hitachi on her.

Kimberly watched as Dove came again.

And again.

And again.


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#FlashFriday: Sweet Nectar is available NOW!

Vera Roberts


It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.


Soul’s back is facing me and he’s leaned over the glass window, resting his head on his forearm. I stop and stare at him for a moment and not say a word. What could I say? Am I allowed to talk? What’s the new protocol around here?

Instead, I stay within the moment. I feel his power, strength, and energy around me. This man is something addictive and I feel my body become so aware of the moment. My breasts become heavy and full. My nipples hardened and poke through the knockoff dress.

I’m speechless yet I don’t know if I would’ve been able to speak at gunpoint. My brain is confused yet my heart is in shock. They’re both telling me this is what I need. Soul is where I need to be.

“That dress you’re wearing,” his deep voice booms throughout the room, “is beautiful.” He finally turns around and my heart stops. Soul is stunningly gorgeous with dark hair and light eyes, that alternate between light blue and grey. Full lips and sculpted cheekbones complete his magnificent face.

He’s wearing a business suit and I’m surprised by the change in clothing. I’m used to him in jeans and Timbs, but that suit fits his body like it was made for it. It does nothing to hide the muscular physique underneath.

All of the Ellison brothers were easy on the eyes, but Soul has a swag that was cultivated by the streets. Two full sleeves and the tattoos even cover his hands. For any other man, it might look tacky and uncouth.

With Soul, however, they add an element of danger yet still classy. He doesn’t come off as some sort or criminal or a man with a shady past. He loves to decorate his body in both clothing and permanent ink.

He walks in long strides and before I know it, Soul is directly in front of me. His eyes darkened to a deep blue color and I feel the sexual energy transpire between us. “The dress would be more beautiful on the floor.”

I swallow hard and push the air that was holding my lungs hostage. My tongue briefly darts out to wet my lips and desire has taken over my body. “It’s only been two days, Soul. It’s also been two years.”

“I also have 28 days to convince you why you should return to Harlem with me,” he steps closer to me and slightly lifts up my dress. He then pulls my panties down to the floor and around my ankles. He lifts each leg to take them off and pockets the lacy pink underwear. “You don’t need this anymore.”

My voice is suffocated with shock and lust as they fight for dominance. Before I can fully process any thoughts, Soul crushes his lips upon mine. His mouth is so experienced and welcoming, while his tongue explores every corner.

He lifts me up and carries me over to a nearby desk. He lays me down and I watch as he slides his body down mine. He spits on my pussy, catching me by surprise, before he quickly goes down on me.

The extra lubrication did something crazy to me. It was unconventional and I certainly don’t need help getting wet. I’m more aroused than before. Soul brought out an animalistic yearning inside of me I never knew I had.

He licked me off to a mind-blowing orgasm and kisses the inside of my thighs. He produces a condom and rips it open. He takes out his hardened, thick cock and sheathes himself with the latex. “This is the last time I’m using protection with you,” he declares.

My body shivers as I think about making love to Soul with no barriers. I’m already addicted to him with boundaries set up between us, both physical and otherwise. I spread my legs wide open for him. I’m not just welcoming him back inside of me, but also back into my life.

He grabs my face and opens my mouth before he licks inside of it, letting me taste my love. He’s not being disgusting, but he’s marking me. He’s claiming me as his. I lightly spit it back, smearing it all over my mouth and wink at him. If he can be nasty, so can I.

Soul steadies himself and pushed inside of me, catching me off-guard. So thick and so full. I feel him throb deep inside of me and my cunt pulsates around him. “Soul…” My body moans.

Damn it, Ari.” He leans forward and pressed his forehead against mine. He softly kisses my lips before he pulls away. He moves slowly inside of me and I feel every inch and curve of his delicious cock. I feel like I’m about to be split into two, but I want more. I don’t think I can ever get enough.

Soul lifts up my legs and places my feet on his shoulders. He pushes all the way inside of me and I scream. “That’s my girl,” he purrs as he thrusts faster, “I want to hear you scream my name.”

“Soul!” I hold onto the desk as he rocks me. His thrusts are hard and fast, soft and slow, a combination of the above. Just when I’m used to one rhythm, he switches it up. He stroked into me, claiming me as his once again, and making sure I knew that with each thrust.

The quiver in my pussy throbbed around his cock and I was so close. I white-knuckled the desk and my back arched off it. I couldn’t stop the orgasm and it was driving me insane. Inch by inch, Soul thrust harder inside of me, splitting me apart, and owning my body.

Moments later, I finally came, screaming his name. It wasn’t a soft whimper or groan. It was a full-bodied scream from a woman who’d just received the fucking of her life. Yet, Soul didn’t stop. He still thrust inside of me.

This wasn’t a man in search of his own climax. This was a man who sending a message loud and clear to me. He owned my mind and now he was going to own my body. We both knew it, but he wanted to make sure I understood every delicious inch of his point.

I climaxed again and my body shook. Moments later, I feel Soul’s body tense up and a loud shudder from him. He gently sets down my legs and leans over me, still inside of me. He sweeps his lips over mine in a gentle way.





To purchase, click here.

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#TeaserTuesday: Sweet Nectar



It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.

Unedited Snippet: 

This tension between us was thicker than a jar of cold peanut butter.

As Soul navigated throughout traffic on our way to somewhere, he was silent. He didn’t hum. He didn’t crack a corny joke. He didn’t talk about Desiree’s performance. He didn’t say a word.

He was pissed.

Soul wasn’t hunched over his driving wheel as if he drove in a panic. His eyebrows weren’t furrowed nor were there any lines on his forehead. His jaw was easy but Soul was far from relaxed.

He showed incredible restraint when he saw Jared kissed me. I wasn’t in a position to turn him down yet Soul didn’t make any move or threat. I know it had something to do with possibly being outnumbered – Jared had three of his friends over in comparison with just Soul being there.

I also know it was a money issue. If Soul landed one punch on Jared, it would’ve been a million-dollar one and I don’t mean that figuratively. Soul has the money where any dollar amount would’ve been a drop in the bucket.

It was the biggest issue: the moment the media found out, and surely they would have, it would’ve put a bigger spotlight on whatever is going on between me and Soul. Soul is used to the media attention, both wanted and unwanted. Even if it bothers him, he never lets the detractors see him sweat.

When I was bombarded with tons of media attention, I hid inside my bedroom for three days.

I shouldn’t overthink any of this. I still don’t know what’s really going on between me and Soul, despite what happened at Desiree’s concert. For all I know, Soul is driving me somewhere to dump me and then get on a plane back to Harlem, leaving me to figure out a way home.

I know he wouldn’t do that. Despite whatever feelings Soul might have towards Jared and me right now, he has proven he would take care of me. He took care of me when I wrote that godawful article about him. He restored my faith in men and humanity.

Now he’s beyond pissed at me.

We arrive at a gated community and Soul enters a code. The gates slowly open and Soul drives inside. We travel through numerous neighborhoods before we stop at a massive estate. In front of the gates are two undeniable, cursive capital E’s.

We’re at the Ellison compound.

Soul enters another code and those gates open. He drives through the path and it’s another two miles before we actually see what looks like the Ellison estate. It’s a massive building and I’m not sure how many floors it has.

I know I’m looking at a very expensive property but my mind can’t fathom how much this estate is actually worth. I also bristle at the thought there’s a possibility I’m going to meet the parents. I don’t have to wonder if I’m Sidney Poitier.

Soul parks on the cul-de-sac in front of the home and gets out before he opens my passenger door. He has a hand out for me and I feel reluctant to grab it, but I do, anyway. We step out of the car and the L.A. breeze catches me by surprise. I rub my arms and Soul takes off his jacket to put it around my shoulder.

He stares into my eyes and I see the warmth inside of them. “You all right, shorty?” He asks and I nod. “Good.”

I stare into Soul’s blue eyes, glaze over the structure of his sharp jaw line, and my vision lands on his kissable lips. I’ve known for the past two years I was still in love with him but now it’s official.

I love that man with everything. And if I blew it again, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“Are we all right?” I carefully ask.

Soul cups my face into his hands and pulls me closer to him. Our lips our touching, but he doesn’t kiss me. “We’re perfect.”


Sweet Nectar will be out next week!

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#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.


Unedited Snippet: 

Siena was warm and smelled like baby powder. She was so soft and her dark hair laid against her skin. She briefly smiled between naps and stretched out her fingers against Krista’s bare skin.

She was in love with the little girl, and it didn’t matter Siena didn’t come from her.

If Krista wanted to be with Tony, she would have to accept Siena. She would also have to come to terms on her role in Siena’s life. Tony had a lot of help from his brothers, his mother, the other D’Amato wives, and he clearly utilized Kieran’s nanny service.

Tony didn’t have a full-time woman in his home, who could raise Siena.  Siena would have the best care in the world and no doubt the family would make sure of it. But she wouldn’t have someone teach her the basics of how to be a woman. She wouldn’t have someone give her the street smarts but encourage her to go to college, like Nicola did with all of her sons.

Siena needed a mother in the home, not a nanny who went to her family every night.

“You’re a natural at this, Kris.” He softly spoke.

Krista smiled. She had plenty of practice with Faith’s children. Even when the little girls came in to get their hair done, she always spoke to them like little adults, and never used baby talk with them.

That was different. Just like the feelings she had about Tony using a nanny, Krista effectively was a nanny to those girls at the salon. She would do their hair, get to know them, and once they were done, she didn’t see them again until the next appointment.

She knew she couldn’t separate her feelings from Siena like that. It wasn’t fair to the little girl and most importantly, it wouldn’t be fair to Tony. He deserved someone who would give his baby girl all of the attention in the world and shower her with love.

Krista knew eventually they would come to that point. She also knew it would take some time. She also had the issue of getting rid of Marc, the boyfriend who was never around because making money was more important than her feelings.

Was she about to jump back into a relationship with Tony and play stepmom to a baby he had with someone else? What if they didn’t work out? Krista would be alone again and Tony probably wouldn’t talk to her anymore.

She simply couldn’t risk that abandonment a second time. “I need to go,” Krista gave Siena to Tony and hurriedly packed her overnight bag upstairs. She came back downstairs and let out a deep sigh. “I…I just need to think about this, Tony. I don’t know if I can do this.”

Tony’s nodded. “If you can’t, I need to know soon. I don’t want to waste your time.”

“It’s not about wasting my time, Tony. You know this.” Krista looked over at Tony and felt her heart squeeze the air out of her. Fatherhood came naturally to him and seeing the way he coddled Siena made her heart jump. “I’m not the maternal type. You were with me when the doctor pretty much said if I tried to have children, I would need a lot of medical intervention and it wouldn’t come easily.” Her lips trembled in frustration. “I can’t play stepmom to your child and if we break up again, that’s it. No more Krista and Siena.”

Tony walked over towards Krista and caressed her cheek. She let him and leaned into his hand. “You think we’re going to break up again?”

“We’re dating now?” She forced a smile through salty tears.

“Yes.” He declared. “You’ve always been mine.”

He was right. Tony had owned Krista’s heart for much longer than they’d been together. He’d never lied or deceived her. If time heals all wounds, Krista wondered if there would ever be enough between them. “I have a boyfriend,” she reminded him.

“Who didn’t bother to spend the most romantic day of the year with you.” He sharply replied. “No man, no matter how much money he has, will leave his girlfriend alone on Valentine’s Day. That’s not a partner; that’s something to do.”

“I need time, Tony,” she reemphasized, “this is a lot for me. We need to go slow on this.”

“What are you afraid of?” He asked. “Of Siena?”

“Yes.” She answered. “I’m afraid I’m going to fall in love with that little girl and then we’ll be nothing. I don’t want to open my heart again to you, only for it to be crushed again. If we break up, are you going to block me from your life again? Are you going to tell Siena not to talk to me?”

Tony was quiet for a long moment. “You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“I hope you wouldn’t do it but I don’t know, Tony.” Krista finally let out the sigh that strangled her heart. “It’s not the right time.”

“It’ll never be the right time.” He pulled her close to his chest.

Krista breathed in Tony’s masculine scent. He was younger than her, yet she felt so protected by him. There was no place she would rather be than in his arms, comforting her. She smelled Siena’s fresh baby scent and fell in love with her all over again. “Maybe the past was better just left being there.”

Tony was quiet for a long time. He was so quiet, Krista didn’t know if he was still breathing. She finally looked up at him and read the hurt in his eyes. There was a lot of regret and emotion, though she wasn’t quite sure if it all had to do with her.

“If this is too soon, Kris, I get it.” He finally spoke. “But it’s not too late.”


Stay With Me will be out by the end of the year.

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#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.

Unedited Snippet: 

“You knew I couldn’t have children and you still went and got somebody pregnant!” Krista pointed out. “Why aren’t you with her now? You two broke up and now you wanna come back?”

“Me come back to you? Oh, that’s rich.” Tony’s eyes darkened. “I wasn’t the one begging for forgiveness last night. Oh, where did that Krista go? When she was all over me last night, she couldn’t wait to break up with her boyfriend so she can finally ride this dick like she promised. But this morning, she’s no longer here because I have a daughter now?”

“This has nothing to do with the child, Tony. This has everything to do with us. How you know it’ll be hard for me to conceive a baby and you got someone pregnant. That’s the part that kills me.” Tears threatened to fall down but Krista’s pride wouldn’t let them. “So, where is she? Where’s the baby mama? Why aren’t you with her instead of entertaining me?”

“Because she’s dead,” Tony’s voice was cold and low. “Have anything else you want to say about the dead mother of my child?”



Stay With Me will be out by the end of this year.

I’m also looking for beta readers/brainstorming divas to be a part of a temporary group regarding this particular story due to the storyline and numerous issues/conflicts that will come with it. I’m looking for a maximum of 10 people. If you’re interested, just shoot me a line:


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#TeaserTuesday: Watercolors #romance #contemporary


Her Ocean large


Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Aaliyah got out of the tub and prepared herself for bed. The playlist switched to Aretha Franklin’s “Wholy Holy” and Aaliyah closed her eyes to feel the spirit of the gospel hymn. Everything was going to be okay no matter what happened between her and Ocean.

Her doorbell suddenly rang and startled Aaliyah out of her thoughts. It was already midnight and she knew better to answer her door at that time. She lived in an area where many people didn’t get lost and asked for directions. She purposely chose to live some place where unless one lived or were making a delivery of some sorts, it wasn’t an area anyone would venture off into.

She checked the doorbell app on her cell phone and received the shock of her life when it was Ocean behind the door. “What in the hell?” Aaliyah quickly covered herself with a robe and raced downstairs.

She opened the door and found a smiling Ocean behind the door. “Next week?” She leaned the door jamb.

“No,” he pushed himself inside and kicked the door behind him. He circled Aaliyah’s hips with his thumbs and pressed her against the door. Her robe opened and revealed her nude body. “Tonight.”

Aaliyah felt Ocean’s smooth hands smooth over her breasts, circle her taut stomach and touch her everywhere but where she needed it the most. Her body immediately attuned to his as if he was the missing piece in the puzzle.

She was naked and bare, while he was once again still fully clothed. She recognized it was his silent way of telling her she was in control of their narrative. If she didn’t want anything to progress, it stopped right then and there. If she wanted more, he would go all night until they were both exhausted.

“Liyah…” His warm breath coated her neck as he gently sucked on it. “…I want you.”

“O…” She moaned. She closed her eyes as she felt how soft and warm his lips were. “…this is a bad idea.”

“Why?” He asked. “I don’t want to wait any longer to declare you’re mine, Liyah.”

“Because it won’t work.” She pushed him away and covered herself. “It just won’t work! You’re in D.C. and I’m here! That’s a long distance, O.”

“It’s a two-hour flight.” He stepped closer to her but kept his distance. “And I can make that flight often if need be.”

“You expect me to fly in and out every night to see you?” She shook her head. “Now I officially know you lost your damn mind.”

“I expect you to see me as often as you’re able to and if I’m paying for the flights, it shouldn’t be an issue.” He closed the distance between them and she let him. He unwrapped her robe again and let it fall down to the floor. “But I’m not leaving here until everything is settled between us.” He swept his lips over hers. “And I want you tonight. Please?”

The feeling of love, mixed in with lust became too much to overcome. Aaliyah’s breathing became hitched in her throat and the longing in her body completely took over. Aaliyah wrapped her arms around Ocean and nodded. “Take me. Now. Now!”

She pushed Ocean back and fumbled with his clothing until he was naked. Aaliyah gasped at the sight of him. Ocean had always been fit but now he was just a beautiful, muscular man. Golden skin, tanned to perfection, covered his muscles with small patches of soft, brown hair.

The air was heavy with need and want as they spoke no words. Ocean stood before Aaliyah, raw, naked, and unashamed. He never hid his emotions. He never brushed off anything. He was honest, no matter how much the truth hurt.

Now all Aaliyah wanted was for Ocean to be inside her. Her sex clenched and became slick with wetness as it wanted to be completely filled with Ocean’s thick shaft. She knew if she slept with him, she could no longer claim he was her ex, though the exact title was unclear.

Aaliyah would worry about that later as she watched Ocean produced a condom and quickly slid it on. Aaliyah felt her brain become dizzy under Ocean’s intensity. The air became thin as the sexual heat turned up between them.

He backed her against the wall and curled one of her legs around his waist. He kissed her hard, almost bruising her lips. He slid inside her and they both gasped at the delicious friction. He wasn’t completely inside her and Ocean already filled Aaliyah.

“Damn, baby.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Your pussy feels so fucking good.” He moved slowly inside her as Aaliyah softly moaned in his ear. “I thought about fucking his pussy again for so long and now I am.” He pushed in harder and faster, filling her to the brim as the gospel song became louder.

Ocean lifted Aaliyah and walked her over to the dining room table. He laid her down on the messy table full of papers and documents and didn’t bother to clear them off. He spread her legs apart and drove his thick, hardened cock inside her.

“Fuck, Liyah,” Ocean’s breath came out in ragged spurts as he moaned. He wrapped his arms around her legs and closed them against his chest for deeper penetration. Raw and ethereal emotion took over and Ocean didn’t hold anything back. He slammed into Aaliyah over and over again, causing her to have multiple small orgasms.

“O…O…” She gripped the table as she felt getting close again.

“We’re together now. I’m going to love, protect, and honor you. No more games, okay? No more bullshit.” His thrusts became harder with each word. “We’re meant to be.”

Aaliyah was in a daze. It had been a long time since a man gave it to her the way Ocean did and she never knew when it would happen again. She had to stop playing with her emotions and realize they were meant to be together. It wasn’t going to be easy and she didn’t know how long they would actually last.

They both had to try again just to say they gave it one final shot. They both deserved that of themselves and each other.

Aaliyah felt her body tightening up and the small coils of an impending orgasm. Her pussy suckled Ocean’s thick length. Ocean steadily pounds away at her, ripping more orgasms from her body.

“Come for me, baby.” He purred. “I want to feel your hot come all over my dick.”

“Fuck!” Aaliyah’s body lifted off the table and slammed hard back down. Her body shook involuntarily on its own and trembled against his relentless thrusts.

“That’s my baby,” Ocean thrust a few more times before he was met with his own powerful orgasm. His body stilled and he dropped Aaliyah’s legs around his waist. He collapsed on top of her and breathed against her body. Aaliyah wrapped her arms and legs around Ocean and neither spoke.

There was absolutely nothing to be said.


Watercolors will be out this weekend.

To read the first several chapters, click here.

And yes, this is the song they did it to:

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#FlashFriday: Her Little Secret (Boo’d Up)

Photograph by Thomas Martinsen


The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James was a known sex blogger under the pseudonym Aura Sky. A reader challenged her to spy on a couple having sex, and it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. But when she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend and boyfriend having sex, and then blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box.

Blake Hutchinson loved three things: sex, women, and cars – and not necessarily in that order. When he and his girlfriend decided to role-play one night, Blake could’ve sworn he felt another set of eyes watching from afar and enjoying the action herself. When a coworker talks about the hot sex blogger speaking about her recent voyeurism experiment, Blake discovers Savannah’s secret identity –and is determined to get to know more about her.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more sex toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


Unedited Snippet: 

A voluptuous black woman opened the front door. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t skinny. She filled out her simple attire of blue jeans and a red sweater with pushed-up sleeves. She was hipper than what her age gave away because Savannah noticed the dark pink Gucci sneakers on her feet.

She was older and her hair showed signs of her wisdom, not age. She had small lines around her eyes but no wrinkles on her clean skin, blessed only by small freckles and moles. Her hair was in locs, with a mixture of grey, blonde, and black. What would look silly on someone else, looked elegant on her.

“Well, Blake…” The older woman’s voice was smoky and inviting. “…are you going introduce me to your friend?”

“My manners,” he smiled a charming smile, “Mom, this is my friend, Savannah. Savannah, this is my mother, Alicia Hutchinson.”

Savannah blinked several times and hoped the surprise in her mind didn’t appear across her face. Alicia was clearly a black woman. Blake was about as Orange County surfer dude as they come. And they were mother and son?

“Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Alicia.” Savannah stuck out her hand.

“Oh girl, give me a hug!” Alicia pulled her in and gave Savannah one of the biggest bear hugs she’d ever had. Alicia felt like Christmas morning, Southern hospitality, and Al Green songs. Alicia pulled away and just smiled at Savannah. “Oh, you’re just so beautiful! And your hair! I just love your hair, baby.”

It was a compliment Savannah didn’t know she needed. “Thank you, Ms. Alicia.”

“Now, do you eat soul food? You see I have to ask this because the last few times Blake brought home one of his things,” her eyes cut to Blake, who quickly looked up at the sky, “they didn’t eat. One time I made chitlins and I told the girl what she was eating after she finished a plate of them. Honey, she was stuck in the guest bathroom for an hour trying to throw it all back up!” Alicia chuckled. “It was the funniest thing in my entire life. I’m pretty sure if I made potato salad with raisins and whatever weird mess they put in there, she would’ve ate it all up.”

“Hmm,” Savannah agreed, “was her name Karen?”

“Why, yes it was, actually!” Alicia laughed as Savannah joined in. “Let’s see….there was also a Becky, and a Lisa and a Michelle…” Alicia’s voice became more Valley Girl-like with each girl’s name. “….and now I have a Savannah…hallelujah, praise God!” A proud smile curved Alicia’s lips as she turned to Blake. “What did I tell you, son? What did I tell you? I told you one day you were going to bring home a girl just like your mama and look at God! He answers prayers, you know?”

Blake was thankful he had a beard because the embarrassment caused by his mother made his cheeks feel pink. “Can we go inside, Mom?”

“Oh yes!” Alicia interlocked arms with Savannah and led her inside the home. “Let me tell you all about my Blake since I’m sure that boy hadn’t said a word about where he’d come from.” She shot a glance back at him.

Blake’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. “I love my mother. I love my mother. I love my mother…”


“Coming, mama!”


Alicia’s home was just like her. Decorated in soft hues of burgundy, tan, and olive, it felt welcoming from the jump. Oversized sofas were the centerpiece of the family room, which showcased a flatscreen TV on the wall and various family pictures.

Hardwood floors led to the many carpeted bedrooms and polished bathrooms spread across two stories. The kitchen had a country, rustic theme with old Mason jars that contained grown herbs and flowers.

The kitchenette was reminiscent of an old 1950s diner with a small, flatscreen TV in the corner; perfect for watching a daytime gabfest or a cooking show. The formal dining room was just that, and Savannah could tell it was only used for special occasions. It mostly contained storage for such events.

There was a touch of expensive items but nothing so drastic where Savannah felt she couldn’t even sit on the furniture. It was clear Alicia had money, and it was possible she was wealthy, but to what extent Alicia wasn’t sure. It was also very clear Alicia downplayed her wealth every chance she had.

As Savannah looked around the home more, she noticed the walls weren’t the standard stark white but a soft mauve color. Various family photos hung on the walls and Savannah smiled as she saw the transition of Blake from childhood to adult. Every photo he had with Alicia, and her husband, Willis, there was Blake with a huge smile on his face.

You’re always welcomed herewas the motto Savannah silently picked up from Alicia. Her demeanor, her home, and even her clothing. She wondered if it had something to do with the clear differences between her and Blake and Shana. Or maybe…the siblings were really taking after their mother.

“You’re probably wondering the one thing most of Blake’s girlfriends ask so I might as well address it now,” Alicia stood next to Savannah as she looked at a photo of Blake in his Little League uniform. “Blake and Shana are adopted. I had two sons and we wanted to have more children after them but we weren’t able to. So, we went to adoption agency and requested a black baby to adopt. They didn’t have any.” Alicia shook her head and gave Savannah a look that signaled, ‘You believe that mess?’

“So, I asked them, ‘Well, what do you have?’ and the lady said, ‘we only have white babies here.’ So, I asked, ‘Is there a law I can’t adopt a white baby?’ and she said, ‘No ma’am, but we currently have twins here. We told every prospective parent they have to adopt both but many wanted to separate them.’ And Willis said, ‘We’ll take them both.’” Alicia smiled. “I’m not going to sugarcoat and say it was easy. The twins got picked on a lot at school and both Willis and I had family questioning us for adopting two white kids. But as they grew older and we became more acquainted with our neighborhood, everyone knew us as a loving family who opened up our home to anyone. Ask Blake. Many of his friends spent the night here and stayed here when they had issues with their parents.”

Savannah smiled at the warmth Alicia and Willis showed their children. She knew it wasn’t easy raising two children who clearly didn’t look anything like them, but loved them as if they came from them. “How many children do you have?”

“Just those four and trust me, it’s more than plenty.” Alicia chuckled. “My boys – Derek, Dalvin, and Blake are very close in age. They’re only a year apart each. My food bill and my clothes shopping bill went through the roof during that time.” The older woman sighed as she reminisced. “I’m so glad high school and college is over.”

Savannah smiled. Blake was built like a UFC fighter yet his demeanor was warm like a children’s pediatrician. She definitely saw why he often kept a rotating door of female conquests. She also saw why he probably had no interest in her.

She quickly changed the subject before her heartbreak became apparent on her face. “What do your other two sons do?”

“Derek is a coach for the NFL,” Alicia proudly smiled, “he just won his first Super Bowl this past year. Dalvin is a music producer and does a lot of that rap stuff I don’t listen to. He recently worked with some guy named Dolce Gabbana, but I guess they did amazing work since they both won Grammys.” She softly put her hand on Alicia’s arm. “Willis and I went with him. We were his dates for the night.”

“And what does Willis do for a living?” Savannah asked. It quickly occurred to her that why Shana was pretty open with what her family did, Blake was more quiet and reserved about it.

“He’s a fire captain for the Las Vegas Fire Department.” Alicia replied. “He was a firefighter when we met thirty years ago. Every time he gets a call, I still get shakes wondering if he’s coming home. It only gets worse during fire season.”

“How do you manage?” Savannah asked.

Alicia gave her a sweet smile. “Prayer.” She paused for a brief moment. “And lots of wine.”


Her Little Secret will be out this month. It’s an erotic new adult novella.