#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.


Unedited Snippet: 

Siena was warm and smelled like baby powder. She was so soft and her dark hair laid against her skin. She briefly smiled between naps and stretched out her fingers against Krista’s bare skin.

She was in love with the little girl, and it didn’t matter Siena didn’t come from her.

If Krista wanted to be with Tony, she would have to accept Siena. She would also have to come to terms on her role in Siena’s life. Tony had a lot of help from his brothers, his mother, the other D’Amato wives, and he clearly utilized Kieran’s nanny service.

Tony didn’t have a full-time woman in his home, who could raise Siena.  Siena would have the best care in the world and no doubt the family would make sure of it. But she wouldn’t have someone teach her the basics of how to be a woman. She wouldn’t have someone give her the street smarts but encourage her to go to college, like Nicola did with all of her sons.

Siena needed a mother in the home, not a nanny who went to her family every night.

“You’re a natural at this, Kris.” He softly spoke.

Krista smiled. She had plenty of practice with Faith’s children. Even when the little girls came in to get their hair done, she always spoke to them like little adults, and never used baby talk with them.

That was different. Just like the feelings she had about Tony using a nanny, Krista effectively was a nanny to those girls at the salon. She would do their hair, get to know them, and once they were done, she didn’t see them again until the next appointment.

She knew she couldn’t separate her feelings from Siena like that. It wasn’t fair to the little girl and most importantly, it wouldn’t be fair to Tony. He deserved someone who would give his baby girl all of the attention in the world and shower her with love.

Krista knew eventually they would come to that point. She also knew it would take some time. She also had the issue of getting rid of Marc, the boyfriend who was never around because making money was more important than her feelings.

Was she about to jump back into a relationship with Tony and play stepmom to a baby he had with someone else? What if they didn’t work out? Krista would be alone again and Tony probably wouldn’t talk to her anymore.

She simply couldn’t risk that abandonment a second time. “I need to go,” Krista gave Siena to Tony and hurriedly packed her overnight bag upstairs. She came back downstairs and let out a deep sigh. “I…I just need to think about this, Tony. I don’t know if I can do this.”

Tony’s nodded. “If you can’t, I need to know soon. I don’t want to waste your time.”

“It’s not about wasting my time, Tony. You know this.” Krista looked over at Tony and felt her heart squeeze the air out of her. Fatherhood came naturally to him and seeing the way he coddled Siena made her heart jump. “I’m not the maternal type. You were with me when the doctor pretty much said if I tried to have children, I would need a lot of medical intervention and it wouldn’t come easily.” Her lips trembled in frustration. “I can’t play stepmom to your child and if we break up again, that’s it. No more Krista and Siena.”

Tony walked over towards Krista and caressed her cheek. She let him and leaned into his hand. “You think we’re going to break up again?”

“We’re dating now?” She forced a smile through salty tears.

“Yes.” He declared. “You’ve always been mine.”

He was right. Tony had owned Krista’s heart for much longer than they’d been together. He’d never lied or deceived her. If time heals all wounds, Krista wondered if there would ever be enough between them. “I have a boyfriend,” she reminded him.

“Who didn’t bother to spend the most romantic day of the year with you.” He sharply replied. “No man, no matter how much money he has, will leave his girlfriend alone on Valentine’s Day. That’s not a partner; that’s something to do.”

“I need time, Tony,” she reemphasized, “this is a lot for me. We need to go slow on this.”

“What are you afraid of?” He asked. “Of Siena?”

“Yes.” She answered. “I’m afraid I’m going to fall in love with that little girl and then we’ll be nothing. I don’t want to open my heart again to you, only for it to be crushed again. If we break up, are you going to block me from your life again? Are you going to tell Siena not to talk to me?”

Tony was quiet for a long moment. “You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“I hope you wouldn’t do it but I don’t know, Tony.” Krista finally let out the sigh that strangled her heart. “It’s not the right time.”

“It’ll never be the right time.” He pulled her close to his chest.

Krista breathed in Tony’s masculine scent. He was younger than her, yet she felt so protected by him. There was no place she would rather be than in his arms, comforting her. She smelled Siena’s fresh baby scent and fell in love with her all over again. “Maybe the past was better just left being there.”

Tony was quiet for a long time. He was so quiet, Krista didn’t know if he was still breathing. She finally looked up at him and read the hurt in his eyes. There was a lot of regret and emotion, though she wasn’t quite sure if it all had to do with her.

“If this is too soon, Kris, I get it.” He finally spoke. “But it’s not too late.”


Stay With Me will be out by the end of the year.

#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.

Unedited Snippet: 

“You knew I couldn’t have children and you still went and got somebody pregnant!” Krista pointed out. “Why aren’t you with her now? You two broke up and now you wanna come back?”

“Me come back to you? Oh, that’s rich.” Tony’s eyes darkened. “I wasn’t the one begging for forgiveness last night. Oh, where did that Krista go? When she was all over me last night, she couldn’t wait to break up with her boyfriend so she can finally ride this dick like she promised. But this morning, she’s no longer here because I have a daughter now?”

“This has nothing to do with the child, Tony. This has everything to do with us. How you know it’ll be hard for me to conceive a baby and you got someone pregnant. That’s the part that kills me.” Tears threatened to fall down but Krista’s pride wouldn’t let them. “So, where is she? Where’s the baby mama? Why aren’t you with her instead of entertaining me?”

“Because she’s dead,” Tony’s voice was cold and low. “Have anything else you want to say about the dead mother of my child?”



Stay With Me will be out by the end of this year.

I’m also looking for beta readers/brainstorming divas to be a part of a temporary group regarding this particular story due to the storyline and numerous issues/conflicts that will come with it. I’m looking for a maximum of 10 people. If you’re interested, just shoot me a line:  eroticamistress@gmail.com


#TeaserTuesday: Watercolors #romance #contemporary


Her Ocean large


Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Aaliyah got out of the tub and prepared herself for bed. The playlist switched to Aretha Franklin’s “Wholy Holy” and Aaliyah closed her eyes to feel the spirit of the gospel hymn. Everything was going to be okay no matter what happened between her and Ocean.

Her doorbell suddenly rang and startled Aaliyah out of her thoughts. It was already midnight and she knew better to answer her door at that time. She lived in an area where many people didn’t get lost and asked for directions. She purposely chose to live some place where unless one lived or were making a delivery of some sorts, it wasn’t an area anyone would venture off into.

She checked the doorbell app on her cell phone and received the shock of her life when it was Ocean behind the door. “What in the hell?” Aaliyah quickly covered herself with a robe and raced downstairs.

She opened the door and found a smiling Ocean behind the door. “Next week?” She leaned the door jamb.

“No,” he pushed himself inside and kicked the door behind him. He circled Aaliyah’s hips with his thumbs and pressed her against the door. Her robe opened and revealed her nude body. “Tonight.”

Aaliyah felt Ocean’s smooth hands smooth over her breasts, circle her taut stomach and touch her everywhere but where she needed it the most. Her body immediately attuned to his as if he was the missing piece in the puzzle.

She was naked and bare, while he was once again still fully clothed. She recognized it was his silent way of telling her she was in control of their narrative. If she didn’t want anything to progress, it stopped right then and there. If she wanted more, he would go all night until they were both exhausted.

“Liyah…” His warm breath coated her neck as he gently sucked on it. “…I want you.”

“O…” She moaned. She closed her eyes as she felt how soft and warm his lips were. “…this is a bad idea.”

“Why?” He asked. “I don’t want to wait any longer to declare you’re mine, Liyah.”

“Because it won’t work.” She pushed him away and covered herself. “It just won’t work! You’re in D.C. and I’m here! That’s a long distance, O.”

“It’s a two-hour flight.” He stepped closer to her but kept his distance. “And I can make that flight often if need be.”

“You expect me to fly in and out every night to see you?” She shook her head. “Now I officially know you lost your damn mind.”

“I expect you to see me as often as you’re able to and if I’m paying for the flights, it shouldn’t be an issue.” He closed the distance between them and she let him. He unwrapped her robe again and let it fall down to the floor. “But I’m not leaving here until everything is settled between us.” He swept his lips over hers. “And I want you tonight. Please?”

The feeling of love, mixed in with lust became too much to overcome. Aaliyah’s breathing became hitched in her throat and the longing in her body completely took over. Aaliyah wrapped her arms around Ocean and nodded. “Take me. Now. Now!”

She pushed Ocean back and fumbled with his clothing until he was naked. Aaliyah gasped at the sight of him. Ocean had always been fit but now he was just a beautiful, muscular man. Golden skin, tanned to perfection, covered his muscles with small patches of soft, brown hair.

The air was heavy with need and want as they spoke no words. Ocean stood before Aaliyah, raw, naked, and unashamed. He never hid his emotions. He never brushed off anything. He was honest, no matter how much the truth hurt.

Now all Aaliyah wanted was for Ocean to be inside her. Her sex clenched and became slick with wetness as it wanted to be completely filled with Ocean’s thick shaft. She knew if she slept with him, she could no longer claim he was her ex, though the exact title was unclear.

Aaliyah would worry about that later as she watched Ocean produced a condom and quickly slid it on. Aaliyah felt her brain become dizzy under Ocean’s intensity. The air became thin as the sexual heat turned up between them.

He backed her against the wall and curled one of her legs around his waist. He kissed her hard, almost bruising her lips. He slid inside her and they both gasped at the delicious friction. He wasn’t completely inside her and Ocean already filled Aaliyah.

“Damn, baby.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Your pussy feels so fucking good.” He moved slowly inside her as Aaliyah softly moaned in his ear. “I thought about fucking his pussy again for so long and now I am.” He pushed in harder and faster, filling her to the brim as the gospel song became louder.

Ocean lifted Aaliyah and walked her over to the dining room table. He laid her down on the messy table full of papers and documents and didn’t bother to clear them off. He spread her legs apart and drove his thick, hardened cock inside her.

“Fuck, Liyah,” Ocean’s breath came out in ragged spurts as he moaned. He wrapped his arms around her legs and closed them against his chest for deeper penetration. Raw and ethereal emotion took over and Ocean didn’t hold anything back. He slammed into Aaliyah over and over again, causing her to have multiple small orgasms.

“O…O…” She gripped the table as she felt getting close again.

“We’re together now. I’m going to love, protect, and honor you. No more games, okay? No more bullshit.” His thrusts became harder with each word. “We’re meant to be.”

Aaliyah was in a daze. It had been a long time since a man gave it to her the way Ocean did and she never knew when it would happen again. She had to stop playing with her emotions and realize they were meant to be together. It wasn’t going to be easy and she didn’t know how long they would actually last.

They both had to try again just to say they gave it one final shot. They both deserved that of themselves and each other.

Aaliyah felt her body tightening up and the small coils of an impending orgasm. Her pussy suckled Ocean’s thick length. Ocean steadily pounds away at her, ripping more orgasms from her body.

“Come for me, baby.” He purred. “I want to feel your hot come all over my dick.”

“Fuck!” Aaliyah’s body lifted off the table and slammed hard back down. Her body shook involuntarily on its own and trembled against his relentless thrusts.

“That’s my baby,” Ocean thrust a few more times before he was met with his own powerful orgasm. His body stilled and he dropped Aaliyah’s legs around his waist. He collapsed on top of her and breathed against her body. Aaliyah wrapped her arms and legs around Ocean and neither spoke.

There was absolutely nothing to be said.


Watercolors will be out this weekend.

To read the first several chapters, click here.

And yes, this is the song they did it to:

#FlashFriday: Her Little Secret (Boo’d Up)


Photograph by Thomas Martinsen


The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James was a known sex blogger under the pseudonym Aura Sky. A reader challenged her to spy on a couple having sex, and it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. But when she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend and boyfriend having sex, and then blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box.

Blake Hutchinson loved three things: sex, women, and cars – and not necessarily in that order. When he and his girlfriend decided to role-play one night, Blake could’ve sworn he felt another set of eyes watching from afar and enjoying the action herself. When a coworker talks about the hot sex blogger speaking about her recent voyeurism experiment, Blake discovers Savannah’s secret identity –and is determined to get to know more about her.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more sex toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


Unedited Snippet: 

A voluptuous black woman opened the front door. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t skinny. She filled out her simple attire of blue jeans and a red sweater with pushed-up sleeves. She was hipper than what her age gave away because Savannah noticed the dark pink Gucci sneakers on her feet.

She was older and her hair showed signs of her wisdom, not age. She had small lines around her eyes but no wrinkles on her clean skin, blessed only by small freckles and moles. Her hair was in locs, with a mixture of grey, blonde, and black. What would look silly on someone else, looked elegant on her.

“Well, Blake…” The older woman’s voice was smoky and inviting. “…are you going introduce me to your friend?”

“My manners,” he smiled a charming smile, “Mom, this is my friend, Savannah. Savannah, this is my mother, Alicia Hutchinson.”

Savannah blinked several times and hoped the surprise in her mind didn’t appear across her face. Alicia was clearly a black woman. Blake was about as Orange County surfer dude as they come. And they were mother and son?

“Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Alicia.” Savannah stuck out her hand.

“Oh girl, give me a hug!” Alicia pulled her in and gave Savannah one of the biggest bear hugs she’d ever had. Alicia felt like Christmas morning, Southern hospitality, and Al Green songs. Alicia pulled away and just smiled at Savannah. “Oh, you’re just so beautiful! And your hair! I just love your hair, baby.”

It was a compliment Savannah didn’t know she needed. “Thank you, Ms. Alicia.”

“Now, do you eat soul food? You see I have to ask this because the last few times Blake brought home one of his things,” her eyes cut to Blake, who quickly looked up at the sky, “they didn’t eat. One time I made chitlins and I told the girl what she was eating after she finished a plate of them. Honey, she was stuck in the guest bathroom for an hour trying to throw it all back up!” Alicia chuckled. “It was the funniest thing in my entire life. I’m pretty sure if I made potato salad with raisins and whatever weird mess they put in there, she would’ve ate it all up.”

“Hmm,” Savannah agreed, “was her name Karen?”

“Why, yes it was, actually!” Alicia laughed as Savannah joined in. “Let’s see….there was also a Becky, and a Lisa and a Michelle…” Alicia’s voice became more Valley Girl-like with each girl’s name. “….and now I have a Savannah…hallelujah, praise God!” A proud smile curved Alicia’s lips as she turned to Blake. “What did I tell you, son? What did I tell you? I told you one day you were going to bring home a girl just like your mama and look at God! He answers prayers, you know?”

Blake was thankful he had a beard because the embarrassment caused by his mother made his cheeks feel pink. “Can we go inside, Mom?”

“Oh yes!” Alicia interlocked arms with Savannah and led her inside the home. “Let me tell you all about my Blake since I’m sure that boy hadn’t said a word about where he’d come from.” She shot a glance back at him.

Blake’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. “I love my mother. I love my mother. I love my mother…”


“Coming, mama!”


Alicia’s home was just like her. Decorated in soft hues of burgundy, tan, and olive, it felt welcoming from the jump. Oversized sofas were the centerpiece of the family room, which showcased a flatscreen TV on the wall and various family pictures.

Hardwood floors led to the many carpeted bedrooms and polished bathrooms spread across two stories. The kitchen had a country, rustic theme with old Mason jars that contained grown herbs and flowers.

The kitchenette was reminiscent of an old 1950s diner with a small, flatscreen TV in the corner; perfect for watching a daytime gabfest or a cooking show. The formal dining room was just that, and Savannah could tell it was only used for special occasions. It mostly contained storage for such events.

There was a touch of expensive items but nothing so drastic where Savannah felt she couldn’t even sit on the furniture. It was clear Alicia had money, and it was possible she was wealthy, but to what extent Alicia wasn’t sure. It was also very clear Alicia downplayed her wealth every chance she had.

As Savannah looked around the home more, she noticed the walls weren’t the standard stark white but a soft mauve color. Various family photos hung on the walls and Savannah smiled as she saw the transition of Blake from childhood to adult. Every photo he had with Alicia, and her husband, Willis, there was Blake with a huge smile on his face.

You’re always welcomed herewas the motto Savannah silently picked up from Alicia. Her demeanor, her home, and even her clothing. She wondered if it had something to do with the clear differences between her and Blake and Shana. Or maybe…the siblings were really taking after their mother.

“You’re probably wondering the one thing most of Blake’s girlfriends ask so I might as well address it now,” Alicia stood next to Savannah as she looked at a photo of Blake in his Little League uniform. “Blake and Shana are adopted. I had two sons and we wanted to have more children after them but we weren’t able to. So, we went to adoption agency and requested a black baby to adopt. They didn’t have any.” Alicia shook her head and gave Savannah a look that signaled, ‘You believe that mess?’

“So, I asked them, ‘Well, what do you have?’ and the lady said, ‘we only have white babies here.’ So, I asked, ‘Is there a law I can’t adopt a white baby?’ and she said, ‘No ma’am, but we currently have twins here. We told every prospective parent they have to adopt both but many wanted to separate them.’ And Willis said, ‘We’ll take them both.’” Alicia smiled. “I’m not going to sugarcoat and say it was easy. The twins got picked on a lot at school and both Willis and I had family questioning us for adopting two white kids. But as they grew older and we became more acquainted with our neighborhood, everyone knew us as a loving family who opened up our home to anyone. Ask Blake. Many of his friends spent the night here and stayed here when they had issues with their parents.”

Savannah smiled at the warmth Alicia and Willis showed their children. She knew it wasn’t easy raising two children who clearly didn’t look anything like them, but loved them as if they came from them. “How many children do you have?”

“Just those four and trust me, it’s more than plenty.” Alicia chuckled. “My boys – Derek, Dalvin, and Blake are very close in age. They’re only a year apart each. My food bill and my clothes shopping bill went through the roof during that time.” The older woman sighed as she reminisced. “I’m so glad high school and college is over.”

Savannah smiled. Blake was built like a UFC fighter yet his demeanor was warm like a children’s pediatrician. She definitely saw why he often kept a rotating door of female conquests. She also saw why he probably had no interest in her.

She quickly changed the subject before her heartbreak became apparent on her face. “What do your other two sons do?”

“Derek is a coach for the NFL,” Alicia proudly smiled, “he just won his first Super Bowl this past year. Dalvin is a music producer and does a lot of that rap stuff I don’t listen to. He recently worked with some guy named Dolce Gabbana, but I guess they did amazing work since they both won Grammys.” She softly put her hand on Alicia’s arm. “Willis and I went with him. We were his dates for the night.”

“And what does Willis do for a living?” Savannah asked. It quickly occurred to her that why Shana was pretty open with what her family did, Blake was more quiet and reserved about it.

“He’s a fire captain for the Las Vegas Fire Department.” Alicia replied. “He was a firefighter when we met thirty years ago. Every time he gets a call, I still get shakes wondering if he’s coming home. It only gets worse during fire season.”

“How do you manage?” Savannah asked.

Alicia gave her a sweet smile. “Prayer.” She paused for a brief moment. “And lots of wine.”


Her Little Secret will be out this month. It’s an erotic new adult novella.

#FlashFriday: Watercolors #romance #bwwm

Her Ocean large

Unedited Snippet:

“Irreplaceable” was a fitting song.

As Beyonce’s angry and biting lyrics blared overhead, Senator Ocean Ellison sat in his ex-girlfriend’s living room. He noticed a distinct theme with the songs she’d played.

First, there was “Not Gon’ Cry” by Mary J. Blige.

Next came “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Rose Royce.

Then there was “Apologize” by One Republic.

Followed by “I Will Survive.” Not the upbeat version by Gloria Gaynor, but the quiet storm cover by Chantay Savage.

As Ocean listened to “Cry Me a River,” it became increasingly clear he had the work cut out for him. Aaliyah Smith was not a woman who easily caved in. She also wasn’t a woman who gave many second chances. She was stubborn to a fault, but generous with her love and time to those who deserved it.

Ocean knew he didn’t deserve even being at her home.

Aaliyah was angry. She was beyond pissed. The fire in her eyes only matched what she felt inside and Ocean knew she did everything she could to restrain herself from hitting him.

She, worst of all, was heartbroken. It was Ocean’s entire fault.

He felt his stomach coil up in tight knots and guilt choked him. If he had to be on his knees all night and wear out his best pair of Armani slacks, so be it. He was not leaving with Aaliyah, point blank period.

They had more in common than what appeared to be. She was a rocker chick who loved whiskey and Guns N’ Roses. He a wealthy doctor who enjoyed Blue Magic and the Chi-Lites. She lived fast; he loved the cautious and slow approach.

Their backgrounds were wildly different but when they connected, Aaliyah and Ocean were unstoppable. He was clean-cut and dare anyone thought, innocent. She was a bad girl with a past.

The odds were stacked against them from the start and they both treated their connection as a fling. When they made love, however, all sense flew out of the window. Her mouth was skillful and her tongue was hungry. Her hands explored every crevice of his body and demanded more from him.

They made love throughout the night. They fucked in every room of her apartment and his home. Aaliyah became Ocean’s fire. He became needy for her love and touch. He anticipated her needs before she spoke them.

The fire was still there and it smoldered between them, no matter how much they both denied it. All Ocean wanted to do was go upstairs and prove to Aaliyah throughout the night how much he was sorry and how much he’d missed her.

In due time. Everything in due time.

With his security detail waiting outside, Ocean took stock of Aaliyah’s condo. Decorated in muted colors like mahogany, cream, and peach, it was a far cry from Aaliyah’s old apartment in Los Angeles. Wall sconces gave the home a light, soft feel akin to being in a spa.

Her condo had several tall windows that gave natural light, and overlooked downtown Atlanta. Dark, hardwood tiles covered the floors, leading to plush carpeting in the bedrooms.

It was an expensive condo, Ocean concluded. It was decorated in quiet luxury that didn’t come out of an IKEA showroom, but pricey items that a certain economic threshold could afford. There were quirky items like an old, colorful credenza that sat her flatscreen TV. An equally colorful Indian rug laid under Ocean’s feet. He knew it came from a trendy store in West Hollywood because he had the same rug in his home.

Ocean’s stomach churned when he realized he was sitting in a condo his father bought and furnished.


Watercolors (Ellison Brothers #4) will be out in July.

To read the prequel, click here.


#FlashFriday: Unravel Me

Short blurb:

Sometimes people need to go back to where it all started…

Unedited snippet:

“I want to be kidnapped, tied up, and fucked. Is that too much to ask?”

He stared at her eyes and read the seriousness within them. She wasn’t joking. It wasn’t a fantasy she’d vocalized before, but it didn’t surprise him where her mind was. She was his classy and sophisticated woman in public. She was his nasty, dirty whore in private.

He was captivated by her beauty, and felt a small tightness in his chest thinking about how wonderful and patient she was with him. She knew his strengths and rose up to the challenge to keep up, to be on his level. Truth was, she was always on his level, even if she didn’t believe it.

She was emotionally raw and vulnerable, yet an insatiable need existed within her. Now she was asking him not to push her, but to break her. His body became restless while his heart and mind were filled with anxiousness.

For the first time in his life, he had reservations about meeting her requests.

“If you want me to do this, I need to go full throttle. I can’t back out because you feel it’s too much or you’re at your limit.” He met eyes with her. “Do you trust me with your life?”

She blinked once, then twice. Did she trust him? He’d proven many times why she shouldn’t. He’d also proven why she should. She knew he would never put her life in harm’s way, despite the dangerous and insane request.

If she didn’t trust him, she would need to leave him alone. “I do.”

“Okay,” he replied with a tone above a whisper. “I’ll see what can be done.”


I should note this will be a very short story and it’ll be on sale for $2.99 sometime within the next week.

The couple in question is them:



I hope you all enjoy!


Her Ocean is now LIVE!

Her Ocean large


She freed her mind. He soon followed.

Aaliyah Smith never fully recovered from the devastating heartbreak her ex gave her years ago, going as far as moving out of the state and into a completely different time zone. Aaliyah knows as much as anyone, no matter how much white sage she burns, when the universe speaks to her, she needs to listen.

Ocean Ellison made the biggest mistake of his life when he left his ex without so much as saying a goodbye. Now he’s back to reclaim her and have her by his side as he solidifies his family’s legacy in the nation’s capitol.

He wants to unbreak her heart. She’s not sure if he deserves the privilege.

Her Ocean is a prequel erotic novella to Watercolors.


To purchase on Amazon, click here.

To purchase on Smashwords, click here.

To read an extended snippet, click here.

#TeaserTuesday: Her Ocean (Ellison Brothers #3)



She freed her mind. He soon followed.

Aaliyah Smith never fully recovered from the devastating heartbreak her ex gave her years ago, going as far as moving out of the state and into a completely different time zone. Aaliyah knows as much as anyone, no matter how much white sage she burns, when the universe speaks to her, she needs to listen.

Ocean Ellison made the biggest mistake of his life when he left his ex without so much as saying a goodbye. Now he’s back to reclaim her and have her by his side as he solidifies his family’s legacy in the nation’s capitol.

He wants to unbreak her heart. She’s not sure if he deserves the privilege.

Her Ocean is a prequel erotic novella to Watercolors.


Unedited Snippet: 

Ocean entered Watercolors with System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” immediately blasting in his ears. His lips curved into a sensual smile as he remembered how Aaliyah always liked heavy metal. Her playlist always consisted of Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Iron Maiden.

Ocean was more R&B and soul music and his playlist reflected his tastes, showcasing Labelle, Al B. Sure!, Jagged Edge, and Sade. Somehow during the course of their relationship, he became a fan of Guns N’ Roses, while Aaliyah enjoyed Faith Evans.

He softly chuckled thinking their music tastes should’ve been a clue they weren’t equally yoked but Ocean never listened to reason when it came to matters of the heart. Either it worked, or it didn’t.

Seeing the fire behind his ex’s eyes, he’d wished to hell he tried harder to make it work.

He pointed to the stereo system and motioned his hand downward, effectively telling Aaliyah to lower it. She huffed out her chest and stared at him for a brief moment before abiding his request, turning it off. “Is that better?” Her voice was rife with irritation.

“Much.” Ocean grinned. “I hope you could get me in for a touch-up.”

Aaliyah crossed her arms. They both knew Ocean didn’t just fly across the country for a tattoo touch-up when he had his choice of any tattoo artist in his native California to go to. “I’m curious as to why you’re here wasting my time,” she retorted.

“You’re the best in the country and it’s something we both know. Besides you did the first one and it’s only fair that you’re the one that touches it up.” Ocean pulled out a wad of cash and fanned it out. “I’m sure this will cover your time being wasted.”

Aaliyah didn’t have to count the number of Benjamin Franklins in front of her. She already knew the touch-up was not that much and Ocean was proving a point to her. If she wanted to channel her inner Maxine Waters and reclaim her time, Ocean would gladly help her with a scholarship.

She didn’t know if she wanted to fight him or fuck him. “I’ll be right back, Senator.” She turned to get her tools ready.

Ocean’s blue eyes glittered. “Thank you.”

Aaliyah disappeared into the back room and cursed the universe for taunting her. She drank alkaline water. She meditated. She did yoga. She didn’t eat red meat and just barely gave up her beloved blended iced coffees.

She smudged her home at least twice a week and always before she cooked. She occasionally divulged into gossip, but she kept to herself and didn’t participate in drama. Her skin was clear, her health was damn near perfect, and her business was booming.

And yet, the universe decided to fuck with her head just a little by sending him back to her. Fuck my life.

He’s the reason why she stayed away from bars. He’s the reason why she didn’t want to date any professional men ever again. He’s the reason why she was turned off with politics and everything that it entailed, despite what was going on in the country.

She hated the fact she still had feelings for his fine ass. If he were just a fling that she happened to see, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Ocean…just saying his name made a yearning appear between her thighs she had long forgot about.

Aaliyah blew out a deep breath and said a small prayer. “Lord help me, please.” Straight and to the point, she hoped He received the message.

She returned to the main room and didn’t bother to make contact with her ex. She felt his eyes boring into her body. His eyes always spoke for him when he couldn’t find the proper words. It was something all of the Ellison men had in common – their presence spoke before they said a word.

Aaliyah was tempted to ask how did Ocean get security detail for a first-term senator but she already knew the answer – he was an Ellison; he would get whatever he wanted no matter the cost.

“You know the routine, Senator.” She instructed.

Ocean removed his jacket and handed to a security man who appeared next to him. He removed his shirt and walked up to Aaliyah. “Is this better, Ms. Tattooer?”

Aaliyah felt the heat radiate off Ocean and felt her breath caught in her throat. He was the only man who could turn her into a bumbling fool with his mere presence. The warmth of his body, the masculinity of his touch, and the musky, almost sweet smell off his skin made her thighs quiver with anticipation.

She turned around and lightly gasped at the beauty of him. His dark brown hair was perfectly coiffed. His sparkling blue eyes stood out in the dark sky. He was muscular, toned, with some hair on his chest, leading down to his navel.

He’d always kept in ridiculous shape and being a doctor, he wanted to be the example to his patients. He would get on Aaliyah about eating McDonald’s, but whenever she made fried chicken, he always helped himself.

As Aaliyah swallowed the lump in her throat and eyeballed the ubiquitous Aaliyah tattoo that was across her ex’s chest, she remembered the details of how said tattoo came to be. He told her he was going to get it and she tried to convince him not to. He wasn’t deterred and she said if he absolutely had to get it, she wanted to be the one to put it on him.

And she did. She straddled him in that very shop, in the same chair they were both standing next to, and she branded her ex with her name. Afterwards, they fucked hard in that same chair as “Take Me to Church” played overhead.

Ocean did take her to church, making Aaliyah screamed to the heavens as he stretched her out, grabbing her ass, and forcing her back down on his cock. Her pussy suckled along his thick length with each thrust, making them both shiver. Her pussy gripped his cock like a vise, and wouldn’t let go.

Ocean encouraged Aaliyah to ride him as if her life depended on it and she came hard and fast. “Take all of me,” his deep voice moaned, “take it.”

“Ocean…” Aaliyah cried.

When they went home, Ocean again fucked her into sleep. When Aaliyah woke up, Ocean had cleaned her apartment and made dinner – honey-mustard salmon with purple asparagus and orange cauliflower with red wine. She was never a fan of asparagus before that night but she became one.

Aaliyah needed to make a mental note to throw out all of the asparagus in her fridge when she went home. “Have a seat, Senator.”


Her Ocean will be out next Tuesday, March 13th.

#TeaserTuesday: Simply Complicated

Wedding Weekend

Savior nods and kisses my neck again. This time I feel his hardened cock press into my cheeks. I want to turn around, straddle him, and ride that motherfucker until the sun goes down. Last night, Savior let me take control. I don’t think he’ll let me do it again this morning.

“What are your plans today?” I ask.

“Legal schmegal stuff,” his voice is smooth like maple syrup on a stack of pancakes, “and then gym time. I have a business dinner I need to attend but hopefully it won’t take too long.” He kisses my neck again. Arousal slowly hums like a gospel hymn between us. “Can I spend the night tonight?”

Hell, you can spend the night any night. My legs are wide open for you, boy. “Sure, that’ll be great.”

“I never did thank you for last night.” He kisses my earlobe. My body tingles each time I feel his lips on me. “I really appreciate you being there for me.”

My body is attuned to every touch of him. I feel the soft thickness of his cock nudging against my cheeks and I try to steady my breathing. “You’re welcome.”

“I need to thank you.” He rolls on top of me and I open my legs wide to accommodate him.

It’s the first time we’ve been in this position, and yet, it feels so natural. Savior is significantly taller than me, yet his frame fits perfectly between my thighs. There’s nothing awkward between us. Instead, his eyes burned with desire. His chest is heavy, like he’s trying to restrain himself.

“Gorgeous.” His voice dripped with lust and experience. His hardened cock is pressed against the vee of my sex. All he has to do is move a little to the right and he’ll be so warm inside of me.

My sofa is small. It can roll out into a futon but it’s really small fit for just two people in this position. Somehow, I think that’s perfect for Savior. “You don’t have to thank me.”

“Oh, but I do.” He kisses my neck and I gasp in ecstasy. He quickly moves down my body and pulls my panties aside. A couple of fingers brush against my wet slit and he approvingly smiles. “Your cunt is so ready and wet for me.”

“You bring it out of me,” I breathe. I’m starting to feel delirious with lust and I just need him inside of me.

“I hope I always will,” Savior hooks one of my legs before he covers my wet slit with his mouth.

My back arches off the sofa and I lose my hands in his hair. His tongue is perfect, flicking my clit so fast before slowing down to gently suck on it. He pressed his tongue into me harder, almost spearing me as I struggled not to scream.

I felt the flutters of climax in my tummy and it traveled down to my toes, curling them. With each lick, my body involuntarily shook as it tried to stave off the orgasm. I panted and cried; my legs began to shake. A few more flicks of Savior’s tongue and I lost control.

“Savior!” I gasped as the climax hit every nerve of my body, stilling it before I collapsed back onto the sofa.

I couldn’t even describe the state of euphoria I was in. My body felt like jelly. My head was in a different zone. My heart, though, was on a different plane.

Savior yawns and checks his Apple watch. “Shit, I need to go.” I move out of his way and he rubs a hand over his face. “Bathroom?”

“Down the hallway to your right.” I watch him get up and he winks at me, slapping my ass before he leaves.

My body once again craves him. He felt so warm, and just so right. My mind travels to thought of when we’ll have sex for the first time. I mean, technically speaking we’ve already hooked up but I’m thinking the actual body-rocking, lamp-breaking, continuous orgasm sex.

I wonder if I’ll be able to handle him.

The toilet flushes and Savior appears a few minutes later, already in mid-transformation of his appearance. The sultry look is still there, but more of professional Savior has appeared. He wears his appearance as a mask, putting it on depending the situation and persons, and only carefully removing it when he’s completely comfortable. I wonder if I’ll ever see all of him.

He rushes over and kisses me, not caring about my stank morning breath. His lips sweep over mine and I hold onto his muscular arms to keep from falling. Every time he kisses me, it blows me away. I wonder if it’ll always be like this.

Then I remind myself – 90 days.


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#TBT – The Nanny #romance #contemporary #diverse


He never thought he would sleep in her bed.

Kieran had only been in Tiana’s bedroom a handful of times. It was usually to get a toy for Tyson or put something away, but he never stayed longer than a few minutes. He felt he was invading Tiana’s privacy and he wanted to keep her trust in him. The last time he was in her bedroom was to put her to bed after she drank herself into a lustful stupor. For weeks, Kieran wondered how drunk he must’ve been to not take advantage of her.

His patience paid off.

The rendezvous on the couch was the start of the night. They made love throughout the night, waking each other up with kisses and grabs. They had some funny moments when Tiana accidentally fell out of the bed during one of the positions or when Kieran would use character voices when he was on top of her, causing Tiana to laugh.

It was already one of his favorite memories.

He got up from bed and headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee. The previous night with Tiana was special, romantic, and powerful. Their bodies came together again throughout the night, tasting and taunting each other. Tiana’s mouth was hungry and skillful as she repeatedly took Kieran’s cock and sucked on it. Her heat was tight and welcoming, seemingly clutching his cock with every thrust he made. Her soft legs cradling his, encouraging him to fuck her faster and harder.

The night was perfect. Well, almost. When they switched positions and Kieran wanted Tiana on top, she would get on for a few minutes before she got off. “Let’s do another position,” she would nervously smile.

She was insecure, Kieran guessed. He would have to teach her not to be.

“You seem preoccupied,” Tiana walked into the kitchen.

Kieran turned and smiled at her. Even with the bedhead and bare face, she was absolutely beautiful in the morning. “A little.”

Tiana kissed him then walked over to the pantry. “What’s on your mind? Tell me while I make us breakfast.”

“You didn’t want to get on top last night,” Kieran revealed.

Tiana dropped the box of steel-cut oatmeal she was holding and it spilled over the floor. He noticed that? With all of the position changes, tangled sheets, and orgasms, Tiana didn’t think too much of it. “Uh-huh.”

“Is there a reason why?”

Great, now he wanted an explanation on top of noticing what she did. Why was it that the movies always had the morning after be so romantic and beautiful instead of the harsh reality of bullshit and bad breath?

She was about to get a broom to sweep the mess when Kieran beat her to the punch. “Allow me,” he offered as he began to sweep.

Tiana looked down at him sweeping her floor. He was quiet and still waiting for an answer from her. She finally conceded and came clean. “I don’t know how to ride,” Tiana admitted.

Kieran cleaned up the floor and walked over to the trash can. “You don’t know how to ride?” He emptied out the dust pan.

“Ride…ride…” Tiana felt her cheeks were on fire with embarrassment. “I don’t know how to ride your penis.”

A slow smile formed on Kieran’s lips. He put away the broom and dust pan before proceeding to wash his hands at the kitchen sink. “Okay, um, Tiana, if you’re going to talk dirty to me, you need to cut out the medical jargon.”

Was it possible to become more embarrassed? Tiana thought so. She wanted to crawl underneath the deepest rock and stay there. “I never really talked dirty before.”

“You just need to practice and let it roll off your tongue,” Kieran approached her and snaked an arm around her waist. His lips lightly nibbled her ear while a free hand caressed her neck. “I can’t wait to taste your pussy again. I love how tight you felt around my cock and you got so wet for me. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to have bragging rights.”

Tiana’s tongue darted out to quickly moisten her lips. Kieran didn’t just whet her appetite; he created a heat between her thighs that slowly spread throughout her body. She felt her pussy contract in anticipation. She swallowed a few times and let out a breath. “Um, that’s nice…”

“Mmm…” Kieran moaned as his hands climbed up to Tiana’s breasts. He softly squeezed them as he continued. “You want to give me that pussy again, don’t you, bella?”

“Whew…” Tiana breathed. If she concentrated enough, she could possibly get the involuntary contractions her pussy was making to suddenly stop. How was it that he was able to make her want to get down on her knees and service him in just a matter of seconds? “I think I need a glass of water. Aren’t you thirsty? I’m thirsty.”

“Say it, Tiana,” Kieran kept caressing Tiana’s breasts as he softly kissed her neck, “tell me how much you want me.”

Tiana closed her eyes and leaned into Kieran’s body. “Yes…yes, baby.”

“Say it, Tiana,” Kieran whispered as he softly kissed her neck, “tell me how much you want me, bella. Tell how much you want me inside you. Tell me how much you want to put your legs on my shoulders.”

Tiana took a few more breaths. Her lips slightly parted as a moan escaped. She was no longer aroused. She was just horny and wanted to fuck. No soft love-making, no sweet kisses and romantic music. There was no time for that shit. She wanted to be bent over the kitchen counter as she held onto anything that was nailed down.

“I want you to fuck me, baby,” the words flowed out of her mouth, “I want you buried deep inside me.”

Kieran pulled Tiana’s top over her head and kissed the back of her neck, before trailing his lips down her bare back to the beginning of her pajama shorts. He slowly slid them off her waist and down her legs, kissing her ass and the back of her legs as he did it. He stood back up and bent Tiana over the counter. He spread her legs with his. “Don’t move,” he whispered to her before he left.

Tiana caught herself in the reflection of her glass door refrigerator. She never thought she would be so raw…so sexy. Kieran brought out a side in Tiana that was beyond freaky. She didn’t know what it was, to be honest. All she knew was she liked it and couldn’t get enough of it.

Kieran returned a short time later and quickly undressed. He tore open the condom wrapper and quickly slipped it on his hard cock. He stood directly behind Tiana and slid inside her, emitting a sharp breath from them both. “Steady, bella,” Kieran moaned as she adjusted to his size. “Steady.”

Tiana nodded as she gripped the counter harder. Kieran slowly began to move inside her and her pussy welcomed him with each stroke he gave her. His cock felt so thick, so wonderful, and there was no doubt she was addicted to him already. It seemed with each movement he made, the wetter she became, and she gripped him like a tight fist.

“Fuck, Tiana…” Kieran moaned as he moved faster inside her, his balls tickling her wet slit, “do you not know what you do to me? Do you not know?”

Tiana adjusted her position a little, slightly standing up as Kieran drove inside her. He had one hand firmly on her waist while the other one squeezed her breasts. She loved the way he filled her, her walls accommodating and pleasing him, encouraging him to fuck her faster, deeper, and forever. “Kieran, fuck me,” Tiana begged him.

Kieran drove deeper and faster inside Tiana and she could no longer keep quiet. She used to be a silent lover, murmuring and whispering because it wasn’t polite or ladylike. Deep, voracious moans escaped her lips. They started at the pit of her stomach and traveled up to her mouth, until she could no longer contain them.

Kieran wanted to fuck Tiana more, but his orgasm was approaching soon. “Are you about to cum? I don’t know how much longer I can hold it off.”

“Cum, baby,” Tiana panted, “worry about me later.”

Kieran held onto Tiana’s hips as he came inside her, her pussy clenching and milking his cock. “Fuck, Tiana,” he moaned as he kissed her sweat-covered back. He eased out of her and disposed of the condom. He then turned to Tiana and smiled. “Sit on the counter.”

Tiana briefly looked back at the counter and then to Kieran. “I’m naked and wet, Kieran. I’m not sitting on the counter.”

“Sit on it,” he demanded, “I’m not repeating it.”

Tiana was taken aback by Kieran’s change in his voice. He demanded her to do something. It was dark, sexy, and authoritative. But what confused her was she was turned on by it. It had been a while since a man took control like that. Kieran was turning her out with each passing day.

Tiana sat on the counter and waited for his next instruction. Kieran walked over to her and kissed her lips, playing with her tongue. He then moved down to her breasts, with the dark cherry rosebuds at full attention. He licked and nibbled on them before he made his way to her heat. Her folds were still glistening and he could smell how intoxicating she was. Her clit was peeking out through the folds, begging to be licked and played with.

“Place your legs on my shoulders,” Kieran instructed as Tiana complied. “Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

Kieran dipped his head to Tiana’s pussy and began to lick it. Her pearl rolled around his tongue while a free hand spread her folds for easier access. His tongue was quick, making flicking motions on her clit.

Tiana squirmed and writhed beneath Kieran, wanting to ride his tongue. Her pussy began to contract again and Tiana knew she was going to cum. Her pussy was so hungry, so greedy for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, his hands…all of Kieran. Kieran’s cock had filled her to the brink and now his tongue was going to send her over the edge. Her legs began to shake and the orgasm soon spread from her thighs to her belly to her chest to her face.

She screamed Kieran’s name and pushed him away from her satisfied pussy. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and for a brief moment, Tiana forgot where she was.

Kieran picked up Tiana and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He placed her on the bed and covered her with the sheets. He then joined her.

He’d teach her how to ride later that night.