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Normally, I wouldn’t do a cover reveal of a free short story but I love this so very much. My hubby really slays these covers, huh?

Beauty Is Her Name - medium

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Here I Am


“Say, if you’re available this weekend, I was wondering we could go out and get some coffee? Or catch a flick?” She suggested.

“I’m busy Saturday morning but I should be available around two if that’s okay with you?” He responded.

“Sure thing,” Mariana hesitated to ask but pursued it anyway, “what’s going on Saturday morning?”

“Um,” Scott’s eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed, “just a little something, that’s all.”

Mariana’s mind went a mile a minute. A little something…as in a date? As in dropping off the next thot at her home? As in having a sex marathon that morning? It certainly wasn’t business because Scott made it a personal rule to never conduct business on weekends. “Oh,” was all she could muster.

It was like there was an ongoing fight inside Mariana’s head for dominant thoughts and it was clearly expressed on her face. He may not know exactly what she was thinking but he could tell it were thoughts that weren’t great and put him in the worst light. She’d always wondered why he was able to beat her at strip poker. “Say, if you want, you could meet me. I’ll be at CHOC during that time.”

CHOC was Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Mariana wondered what Scott would be doing there. “Um, okay.”

“You should probably wear a pantsuit with your hair in a bun. And maybe some frames.” He suggested. “Caution on the heels. The hospital floor is slippery.”

“What’s going on?” She asked and wondered why she had to look professional when it wasn’t clear what her visit was for.

“Just trust me on this,” he flashed a charming smile, “you won’t regret it.”


I totally regret this.

Mariana took out her Hello Kitty compact mirror and admired her face. She was lucky she had a pair of hipster frames just for this purpose. She glanced down at her attire one last time – slacks, white blouse, her finest pearls, and her hair in a loose bun.

Just as Scott wanted.

She walked inside the hospital and went to the visitor’s check-in. “I’m looking for Scott Reed.”

“Oh yes,” the volunteer said behind the desk. She prepped a visitor’s sticker and handed it over to Mariana. “Just go around that corner and take the elevator to the second floor. You can’t miss him.”

Mariana found the older woman’s words to be odd but she remained silent. She headed to the second floor and was at a loss for words at the long corridor. There were so many rooms available and she wasn’t about to peep her head into each one, terrifying a sick child and their families.

She finally located a nurse and asked her if she knew where Scott was. “Oh, Superman? Why, he’s in that room right there!” The nurse pointed and sighed. “What a dreamboat!”

Superman? Mariana silently questioned. “Yes, thank you.” She took another quick glance down at her outfit and slowly walked towards the room. From the outside, she overheard Scott reading a children’s tale.

“Music Man Stan says that he has a potty I can use…right in the music shop!” Scott exclaimed as he read from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. “I can go potty right away!” He briefly looked up and locked eyes with Mariana. “Well, look who’s here, Max! Lois Lane came by to visit!”

Looking like a dead ringer for Superman, Mariana walked over to Scott and gave him a hug. He was dressed in the full Superman gear, with a cape that draped over his chair. Mariana noticed he wore blue contacts. “Why hello, Superman. And hello to you, Max!”

“Hi Lois!” Four-year-old Max waved from his bed.

“Say Lois,” Scott’s eyes twinkled, “can you get Max and I some juice from the nursing station? Just ask them and they’ll show you. Get one for yourself as well.”

“Sure thing,” Mariana set down her purse and hoped that would somehow make her heart stop pounding against her chest and her ovaries to relax on their breakdancing. “What did you two want?”

“Apple juice!” Max exclaimed.

“Two please,” Scott added.

“Okay, two apple juices coming right up!” Mariana hurried out of the room.

“Lois Lane is pretty,” Max giggled.

“Yes, she is,” Scott smiled, “she’s very pretty.”

“Is she your girlfriend, Superman?”

“No, she’s not my girlfriend,” Scott flipped a page, “but she’s definitely my kryptonite.”

Author’s Note: This will probably be the last S&M snippet I’m going to post in a while since I’m finalizing a release date for Part 2 (yeah, it’s coming out a lot sooner than you think.) Stay tuned.


S&M IV – Scott


Dove and Aileen were godsends.

Dove was an immaculate beauty with intricate tattoos all over her body. Pear-shaped with a knockout body and submissive attitude to match, she was willing to please her Masters, no matter the task. Long, blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and sweet eyes, Dove was the epitome of a submissive.

Aileen was a vixen with an hourglass shape and quiet demeanor. She had long, wavy brunette hair, soft brown eyes, and full, pouty lips. Her thick, long legs were often hidden under work attire but when her Masters wanted her to show them off, she never hesitated.

They were the perfect medicine for Scott.

The women helped Scott off the sofa and escorted Him to His bedroom. They undressed Him before leading Him into the shower, where Dove turned on the water. They all stepped inside and bathed each other, sneaking in kisses as they pressed their soapy bodies against one another.

“What do you want us to do, Master?” Dove asked.

“Everything.” He replied.


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Author interview – Areya Branxton-Chase @AriBChase!

In continuation of supporting the latest S&M book, I present to you another good friend and fellow erotica/BDSM author, Ms. Areya Branxton-Chase.

Areya and I go back several years; ten, actually! So we know each other pretty well. Believe it or not, this is our first author interview together. She’s going to share a little bit about herself, what she really feels about the 50 Shades phenomenon, and why people should mind their own damn business when it comes to how she parents her daughter.

Ms. Chase…the floor is yours.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a simple girl I think. In fact in a lot of ways, I’m pretty normal. I’m 32, mom of 1, a reader, a writer, an entrepreneur, a friend, daughter, a sister. I sell sex toys and other adult accessories and I write erotically. I can say I’m not that complex a girl.

What made you become involved with the Lifestyle?

There’s the textbook answer of I always knew I was different and in a way I did. But I was told that people of color did not do the things I like to do sexually. I was told that the lead that I wanted the men in my life to take, the amount of control I wanted to give was not conducive to a grown woman. When I found a group of my peers that replicated what I wanted I ran in head first. I wouldn’t that though.

There are different dynamics – Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, polyamorous, etc. Explain why you chose your particular one and why it’s a great fit for you.

I chose the polyamorous Master/slave dynamic. Being a collared slave is freeing to me. The boundary is the sky for us. It’s a good look that someone has the confidence to push me the beyond my comfort level but it is also scary to have someone make the decisions that would affect me the rest of my life but He does it well. I don’t want the burden of life without structure. I can admit it was hard finding a Master that was in harmony with a polyamorous heterosexual female slave…but He understood my needs to have more than one love and respected it as I respected His need for more than one slave. I don’t have to me one man’s everything I can be strong where I am strong and don’t have to worry about whether or not His needs will be met they will be, within the safety of our family…and He doesn’t have to be everything for Me though for right now He is….He’s always going to be my number 1 though and He knows that.


There is a lot of misperception of erotic humiliation. Some find degradation of a person to be a horrible act, while others find it empowering. Could you explain your experience with it? Be as detailed as possible.

There is a huge difference between erotic humiliation and erotic degradation. Erotic humiliation takes what embarrasses a person most and sure they face it, often, consistently and blatantly. Erotic degradation strips a person, it is debasing and yes it is a dark and desolate. It takes what someone is most afraid of and throws it in their line of vision at the most inopportune times. It’s scary and it’ll do one of two things…break down or break through. I have been through both…humiliation I enjoy thoroughly. Degradation left me dazed and confused and horny as hell. It’s not on the top of my list of things to do again but it made for one hell of a hot scene.

Describe your Master. For those who have never met Him, how would you describe Him?

He is tall, dark and handsome. Thick, muscular with a voice that would put Barry White and Joe Morton to shame with piercing brown eyes and incredibly sexy lips. He’s witty and intelligent, silly and confident to a fault. He has the kind of aura that makes panties wet from across the room, I call it a quiet aggression. He reminds me of a first generation vampire…silent, deadly and sexy as fuck. He’s gentle and comforting, strict and structured, demanding and talkative as hell. He has a savage tenderness I crave.


What is a typical day like in your dynamic?

Wow it depends. We have a very hectic life with four adults and multiple children, so it depends on what we have going on. We get up, we the kids together, we check our respective itineraries and report back to Him. We have our assignments for the day and we go to work. We are all working professionals. We make sure we eat as a family as often as we can as well as support our local BDSM community.

You have a young daughter who you take care of full-time. I know you’ve personally told me that some people have given you some flack for ‘exposing’ your daughter to the Lifestyle. What do you say in response?

I tell them to not stand in judgment of which they cannot conceive. If by exposing her to the lifestyle they mean I am exposing to her to a stand up man, who takes care of her, who shows her what responsible men do in terms of taking care of the family, if they mean having a house full of people who care for her, love her, honor her, help her and teach her then yeah…I think more kids could benefit from it. I think people think that we are swinging from the chandeliers every day, that is an unrealistic thought process to have. Most days, sex is the last thing on anyone’s mind when they have school, work, kids, PTA, booster club and extra curricular activities only to have to come home and get our domestic on. We are normal, we are no different than any other family with multiple people living under one roof. We expose no child to what happens in our bedroom any more than vanilla people…so don’t speak unless you know is always been my motto.

In the writing world, particularly those who write BDSM, there’s the argument based on 50 Shades of Grey, whether we should entertain or educate. Some say it’s possible to do both, while others, like myself, say you can focus on one really well and possibly sacrifice the other. Where do you stand?

We can definitely do both. The issue with 50 Shades is it is a double edged sword. The complete and utter lack of research that EL James did in terms of what it is we do cuts one way for it did NOT shed us in the best of light, it cuts the other ways because it did shed light on an underground lifestyle….we are invited to the table where we once were not even allowed in the room. We can now educate as well as entertain. I like to think I do both in my series.

I’ve read a couple of books in your Days series. D’Aren a very complex character and even I had to admit, I wondered why in the hell was she still with Master when it wasn’t clear He was just as devoted to her as she was to Him. (I’m referring to the part re the canceled vacation.) Can you explain the mindset behind her devotion to Master?

Her devotion to Master should be like any slave’s devotion: deeper than the skin. A lot of people hear Master and envision a man or woman with a willing and pliant subject that will do anything to please, and they are right. But they usually also envision that the Master will do anything to amuse themselves, think the Coming to America scene when Eddie meets his new queen, which is furthest from the truth. When one decides to dedicate all that they are to someone, to be used and molded and presented to One’s liking, they must understand they may not always like it. This is not all fun and games, it is work. And sometimes Masters will test to see how deep one’s devotion goes and the canceled vacation was a test…did it suck? Like a well paid stripper…was it to prove a point? Absolutely. Lord knows I don’t agree with everything my Master does, I don’t have to. I have to trust that everything He does is to my betterment and the betterment of this family. De’Aren had to learn that same lesson, granted a canceled vacation was minor and she should’ve kept her cool, I wanted to illustrate how sometimes life can suck for a slave. And I can’t say that De’Aren’s Master isn’t as dedicated to her as she to Him, it merely looks different.


Last question – Many people, like yourself, live and breathe BDSM 24/7. For those who are interested but don’t know where to start, what advice can you give them?

Read. Read until your eyes cross, and then, uncross them and read some more. Get out and into your local community and around some people who have done this longer than five minutes. Vet your ass off…vet often and vet thoroughly. There are a LOT of people coming up off the sidewalks talmout…yep…talmout LOL, they have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years and yet no one in the lifestyle has ever heard of them. Ever. Especially in the BDSM hot spots, LA, Vegas, the DMV, Atlanta, Florida, Texas…you’ve been participating in this lifestyle and no one, not one soul can vouch for your as a Master…or as a slave? Haul ass! Experienced Dominants and Masters, submissives and slaves come with a community behind them, no matter how small, to be able to vet with. They usually suggest people you should talk to to vouch for their character. If they cannot? Run…quickly.

This can be a great lifestyle for those of us that honor the traditions and protocol and rich history associated with it. It can be disastrous for those that think that what they see in porn is a way of life. Learn first, this lifestyle has been here for years…it’s not going to tuck its tail and run any time soon. Take your time.

Thank you to Areya for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to chat with me!

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Breakaway #2 #newadult #romance #contemporary #nook #kindle #ebook

Author’s Note: Cover reveal coming very soon…

“That is so cool!” Sydney rushed over to the ice skating rink in the middle of the entertainment complex known as LA Live. It was a city block of buildings that housed the Convention Center, Staples Center, Nokia Theatre, Grammy Museum, and a flurry of small shops and restaurants. She looked down at the rink and smiled as she saw it was real ice. The ice was so white, it was almost clear. She could faintly make out her reflection within it.

Dean slowly strolled behind his girlfriend and watched in delight as she looked down at the ice-skating rink. It was amazing how things he often took for granted was truly brand-new to her. He loved experiencing moments like that with her already. “Have you ever tried?”

“What? Ice skating?” Sydney shook her head. “My coordination is off. I never even roller-skated.”

He wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his body against hers. “Oh, I think your coordination is just perfect,” he whispered in her ear.

Despite just having an impromptu sex session that was hotter than the Equator in Dean’s SUV, Sydney suddenly felt she could go for another round. “You are awful.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dean nibbled on her earlobe, “I think I’m just right for you like you’re just right for me.”

Just when Sydney was about to suggest they head back to home so she could channel her inner porn star yet again, Dean surprised her. “Come on, let’s go.” He stepped from her and started towards the gate to the rink.

Sydney looked at the rink and then back at her boyfriend. “What?”

“You never went ice skating before? There’s a first time for everything.” He suggested. “You said you wanted to take more chances with your life, right? Here’s one now.”

Sydney felt like she was eating crow. She did want to take more chances with her life; that is true. Hitting her ass on hard ice wasn’t one of them.

Breakaway #2 will be out the week of May 25, 2015. 

Breakaway snippet #newadult #romance #contemporary #ebook #nook #kindle


In Chicago, she was pretty sure it was some insane degree below zero and she didn’t dare to think how far below it was. Just feeling her teeth clack inside her mouth told her plenty about the weather.

Now there she was, looking like a California snow bunny with as much snow gear anyone could possibly put on, watching Dean built a makeshift snowman in between snow-covered cars. “You’re actually building a family?” She commented.

“Hell, yeah!” Dean smiled as he put the finishing touches on the bigger snowman. It was a family of four and he was thankful he was able to convince the hotel kitchen to give him the spoiled carrots and olives he needed for the eyes and nose. Next time he would ask for tomatoes to complete the mouth. He stepped aside and nodded at his creation. “What do you think?”

Sydney shook her head. She watched with awe and a bit of amusement how serious Dean was about his snow family. They weren’t big but that was beside the point. He took care into building them as if he was creating a masterpiece. It was charming. “You’re insane. That’s incredible.”

“You should try.” He glanced over to her. “Just gotta create a couple of snowballs and stack them on top of each other. “

“I never made snowballs before.” She shrugged.

“What?” Dean had a disgusted face as if he tasted some horrible food. “What do you mean?”

“I just never had the opportunity.” She shrugged again, wondering why what she said was so shocking. “I can’t miss something if I never did it.”

“All right, we’re changing that today.” He walked over to her and picked up a small pile of snow. He nodded to her to do the same and Sydney complied. “Just watch me. You move your hands like so as if you’re molding dough.”

Sydney watched Dean make a snowball and followed his lead. When he placed his snowball on the ground, she placed hers on top of his. “Like so?”

“Yeah, like so!” He smiled. “You’re a natural already!”

“Not bad for a roo –whoa!” Sydney slipped on some snow and lost her footing before Dean caught her.

Dean looked down at Sydney. Her cheeks were flushed with a deep pink color, though he couldn’t tell if it was the weather or her makeup doing that. He did know, however, she looked like a snow goddess to him. “Are you okay?”

Dean felt so wonderful and comforting. His strong arms cradled her body and she quickly got used to how amazing he felt. His eyes glittered in the sunlight and he looked amazingly hot. While she loved, highly admired, and respected the fact he was being a perfect gentleman, Sydney was getting a little tired of the gesture. “I’m good. Thanks.”


Breakaway is available NOW for 99 cents at Amazon, All Romance, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Can U Believe


“I’m a commoner.” She tried to stave off the attraction. “I’m just a plain Jane.”

“You were on the cover of Vogue,” his green eyes twinkled, “I don’t think that’s something a plain Jane would do.”

Akira was exhausted. It felt like Dimitri was prepared for her line of questioning and battled back with answers of his own. “Do you do this with every woman you court?”

“No, not all.” He finally kissed her, sweeping his lips across hers. Akira opened her mouth to accommodate his tongue and she melted into his arms. Her body was set aflame and heat rushed to her inner thighs. The pounding of her heart almost made her deaf and her head was spinning with many emotions, pulling her in all directions.

A prince actually wanted her? Her? She only completed high school and she was sure the prince already had college under his belt. It had been rumored he was supposed to be in an arranged marriage with another royalty figure to combine kingdoms. He had access to a world Akira had only dreamed about and now he wanted her to live in it with him. There were women, she was sure somewhere in the thousands, who were probably jealous of her because of what she was doing.

It was simply too good to be true. She pulled away and Dimitri was stunned. “I apologize for moving so quickly. I couldn’t help myself.”

“I refuse to be one of your whores,” Akira spat. “I don’t know you but I know your reputation. I refuse to be one of your playthings.”

Dimitri chuckled and his laughter only irritated Akira further. Did he take her as a joke? She didn’t find the funny in what he did. “I don’t see you as a plaything. If I wanted one, I certainly could get one.”

“Oh, you are not helping the situation…” She began to walk off before he grabbed her. His strong hand brought a small heat to her cold, bare arm. She would’ve been annoyed with him if it wasn’t for the fact she liked his touch.

“I brought you here because I wanted you here. I don’t want anyone else.” He pleaded his case. “I knew from the moment I saw you, you were going to be mine.”

“You’re very confident,” she smirked.

“And you’re very beautiful,” he replied. He caressed her face with a hand. “Come, let’s go inside and enjoy my birthday. We have plenty of time to get to know each other later.”

Akira followed him back inside the palace. “I’m not spending the night with you.”

“I know this.” He glanced at her with a smile. “I wouldn’t want you to.”

“Reverse psychology.” She noted. “I’m well aware of the game you’re playing, prince.”

Dimitri stopped walking and turned to Akira. He kissed her again, softly holding onto her lips. “It’s Dimitri, my queen. Enough of this prince bullshit.”


IV will be released in May. Final price to be determined but it’ll be between $6.99 – 7.99. It’ll be the final S&M book for a while. 

ETA: The final price of Part 1 will be $9.99

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*Unedited snippet*

“I want you to look at me.”

His demand forced her eyes open and Sydney locked them with Dean. She watched as he slowly removed her bra and cupped her breasts. A hastened sigh escaped her mouth as she anticipated his touch. His hands carefully moved down her torso and he pulled the lacy fabric down her legs.

When he stood back up, his mouth rested against her neck. His eyes never moved from hers. “You’re incredible,” his voice came out hard and husky. “Absolutely fucking incredible.”

Sydney felt like a goddess and behind her was her king. She didn’t know if he said that to other woman and at the moment, she didn’t really care. All she knew that it was just them in an unknown world outside and heated desire inside a small room.

Breakaway is a FREE short story that’ll be released very soon (probably this week) on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. Will work out details to get it free on Amazon (still need assistance with that…any volunteers?)

Cover reveal this week.

#ThirstyThursday: Breakaway snippet #romance #contemporary #nook #ebook #kindle #fiction

This is an unedited snippet for the FREE story I’m releasing next month to coincide the release of S&M IV, Part 1. I’m still trying to figure out how to release a free story on Amazon so it might be a while before the short story shows up there. (If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.)

I’m not sure how long Breakaway will be. Actually, no, let me correct that. I’m not sure how long the e-book version will be. It won’t be a full-length novel, but rather, a short story that’s probably less than 60 pages. Hence why it’s free.

It’s a contemporary New Adult romance.

Um, that’s about it. Cover reveal coming soon once I figure out what these characters look like.

Three weddings in one year. I think that’s enough to last me a few lifetimes.

Sydney Walker finished packing her suitcase and double-checked she had everything. The four-inch stilettos that cramped her pinky toes? Check. The too-tight bridesmaid dress that required her to wear one of those ‘sucker inner’ panties? Check. The fake eyelashes along with the caked-on makeup that accompanied the equally hideous hairpiece she needed to wear that required she had a little extra ‘oomph’? Oh, hell, no. She made sure those were in the trash bin. If she weren’t in her hotel room, she would’ve burned that shit.

The things a girl would do for her fellow sorority sisters.

She only graduated from college just a couple of years ago and it seemed she was the very last one of the bunch who was still single. It got to the point that her fellow sorors felt so sorry for her, at the last wedding, the bride simply handed the bouquet to Sydney.


She wasn’t single because of choice, but rather circumstance. She’s had many relationships, some of them long-term. But when it was clear marriage and children were not in the picture, she simply bounced. There was no point of wasting her time if both parties didn’t share the end goal.

In her mind, she was probably too young to get married. She just barely turned 21 a month ago and she wanted just a bit more experience before she became someone’s wife and mother. She wasn’t sure what experience she was looking for but something more than what life currently gave her, which was little to nothing.

Nevertheless, the many weddings turn Sydney into a miniature expert in crisis management. Whenever a maid of honor failed to do the very basic of duties, Sydney stepped up to the plate. If something was missing, Sydney seemed to find it. If the bride was getting cold feet, it was Sydney that convinced her the man waiting for her at the altar was the very best she was going to get.

She was a godsend in the land of Vera Wang bridal gowns, monogrammed napkins, and Jordan almonds.