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Closet bound (via Erotixx photoblog)

Because you know the BDSM freak in me loves these photos.

Closet bound by ~nitropet … Read More

via Erotixx photoblog

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Playboy Model Karin Taylor (NSFW)

It’s been a while since I posted one of these (if you want to be technical, it’s been a while since I posted period), so I figured what way to make a comeback of sorts is bringing it back to why some of you liked to visit the blog to begin with…

Say hello to Karin…

Karin will be the Playboy model spotlight for this week. You’re welcome.

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Candy bondage (via Erotixx photoblog)

This is so cool and very sexy at the same time.

Candy bondage Well, how sweet can one be… by ~RavenLeFaye … Read More

via Erotixx photoblog

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Amazing black girls: Janet Jackson

Janet has been one of my favourites for a long time as well, her Rolling Stones cover is among one of the best ones so far. Go Janet.


And to get some little vintage touch to at least one of these posts Smile enjoy this music video:


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The Sunday goodie bag of ebony queens

Ok it’s the last day for me at Vera Roberts blog. I thought the last day is a good day to post some of my absolute favourite black girls, mainly singers though.

And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

fixing the hairhip girl

Some vintage and some hip above…

and the girl below, I think she would be great in my harem…

ryan lue clarkesportythe forms (2)tumblr_ljxatr3qPJ1qh2x1so1_500 l7EpuxYtNq20la1nPS9yuXOLo1_500tumblr_ln3zqblNiI1qh2x1so1_500

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Sexy Kennita decorating the tree

kennita lavonneI know, I know… xmas is over but better be early than to late right but couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous tree decorating nymph.Sexy Kennita Lavonne from Los Angeles, I wish you a merry christmas.

Her myspace page here.

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Feeling naughty?

naughty schoolgirl




This is sexy model Monee Wess in a lovely school girl outfit but just to show she is definitely not one, have a gander at the photo at the end, hubba hubba… Open-mouthed smile