Quench My Desire

QuenchMY Desire



He summoned me to write a song for him. He ended up giving me so much more.

The media’s image of him was something crazy and completely different from the battered soul, who was mischievous and completely dynamic than anything I had ever encountered.

I was flawed and damaged; a consequence from having success at a super young age when most girls would’ve been playing with their Barbies and Bratz dolls. I was exposed to a lot before I old enough to get my driver’s license.

Yet, he was my savior. His age and experience showed me to be happy in an unknown world. My youthfulness and naiveté taught him there was still innocence in the world.

He was bad for me. And just maybe, I was bad for him, too.

Bestselling and USA Today featured author Vera Roberts brings a hot new novella with Quench My Desire, a sexy venture into the music industry, May-September romances, and vibin’ with one’s true spirit.


It was a long, tiring recording session.

Jax nailed “Make Me Cry” and “Quench My Desire” in just one or two takes. We spent the rest of the time just mixing and smoothing out the sound. We then worked on my track, which we co-wrote and co-produced together.

Well, after we made out.

I can still feel his lips on mine. I remember his large hands wandering up my shirt, tweaking my nipples, before he sucked on them. His hands explored almost every crevice of me. He loved to feel, touch, and wonder at my body as if it was the most incredible thing he’d ever seen. I remember grinding against him, feeling his massive erection underneath me, and anxious to ride it.

And then…it was nothing. We went back to work as if nothing ever happened.

I swallowed my pride and put on my big girl panties as we poured all of the energy into “Thirsty.” It’s a song that people would play as they ride in their cars, or kick back at their homes. It’s a slow song, but not a slow jam.

Jax convinced me to have the song start off with the acoustics before it led into a heavy bass line and hip-hop beat. It’s a funky idea and I’m not entirely sure if it’ll work. Jax is promising not only will it work, but it’ll be a smash hit. I can only hope.

I decide to retreat to the cottage and take a nap before dinner that night. Jax is having a few friends over and it’s a kickback type of deal. I’m not sure how many people are coming over, but I doubt it’ll be a completely intimate affair.

I’m annoyed yet relieved. Things were becoming too much for us too soon.

I sound like a helpless teenage girl who just found out the high school quarterback likes her. Jax is a player and he’s made it very clear he doesn’t do relationships. Honestly, neither do I.

I also know I don’t like the feeling of being sprung on a dude who’s in the middle of a comeback tour. It’s not a surprise he’s collaborating with me, Dolce Gabbana, and a new rapper out of South L.A., Young Femcee.

Fuck it. I’ll worry about completing my song and leaving in two days. I step inside the cottage and make a beeline to the bathroom. I leave all of the blinds open because I know it’s just me in this home and people would have to travel a distance to see me.

I strip off my clothing and turn the water on to the highest setting to create a steam setting before I turn it back down to a comfortable level. Standing in this rainbath, the water softly falls down on me.

I wet my hair and rinse off my face, washing away the frustrations of the day. I didn’t think the entire recording session was going to go smooth and simple, but the today was more than I’d expected.

I like Jax, I can admit that. Falling for him is tricky because I’m not sure if I’m falling for the image of him, the insane work ethic he has, or if it’s truly deeper feelings that are coming out.

I do know, however, the sexual tension between us has reached a peak and I don’t know how much longer I can act like I’m not attracted to him at all. I’ve been putting on a brave front for the majority of the time since I’ve been here. Maybe I need to accept I’ll just be one of his thirsty groupies but nothing more.

I turn around to face the outside and my heart drops to the pit of my stomach. I cover myself and wonder if I should attempt to close the privacy screens or if I truly just don’t care.

Standing before me is no other than Jax.

He’s staring at me through the window, and he’s intently watching me. Do I beckon him to come inside and join me? Do I hurriedly cover myself in embarrassment and shame? What should I do?

The move I ended up deciding sealed our fate. I walk closer to the window so I can see him. Removing my arms from my chest, I press my breasts up against the glass and hold his gaze. I’m sending him a loud and clear signal on what I’m doing and who I want.

Jax licks his lips and takes a step forward before something stops him. He reaches into his pocket and glances at his cell phone. His heated expression quickly turns to anger and annoyance as he answers the call. His eyes never leave mine.

He doesn’t say many words but his facial expressions says it all: he has to go and he doesn’t want to. He puts away the phone and walks up to the bathroom glass where he puts his hands where mine is. He presses his body against the glass and says only one word to me:


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