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State of Affairs COVER REVEAL!

State of Affairs - large

Sexy, isn’t it?

I’m waiting for this story to become live so that’s why you haven’t seen it on Amazon (it’ll be exclusive on there). So, until then, you can enjoy the first few chapters over at wattpad (click here).

It’s an erotic short and has the potential of being a series (at least according to my betas). If it does go the series route, it’ll be a trilogy. Of course, I say all of this and I constantly change my mind.


In other news, I decided to finish the last Jackson and Liane book. It’ll be a soft release so I won’t promote it (I doubt I’ll even mention I released it). I didn’t like it doesn’t have a conclusion so there’s that. So, it’ll just show up on the usual sites sometime soon.

That’s about it. Tomorrow, I’ll post another snippet of the next book I’m releasing called Way Back Now. It’s a sensual romance so no erotic/erotica fiction. It’s also a new twist on a May-December romance. For a teaser of that fic, click here.

I hope you’re all doing wonderful and great. Stay beautiful and blessed! xoxoxo


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#MidWeekTease: State of Affairs #erotica #contemporary #kindleunlimited

“I’m not trying to do anything to fuck up my future coins.” She explained.

“Your coins?” Jay repeated. “You have a coin collection?”

“No, it’s slang for money,” Briana explained, “I’m not trying to do anything that will mess up my money.”

“Funny,” Jay stated, “broke people speak in coins while wealthy people speak in dollars.”

“I get the feeling you’re making fun of me.”

“I’m trying to get you to change your mindset.” Jay explained. “You can keep it real while you think of the master plan.”

“People will question how I received the money. They’re going to start looking into who I associate with. They’re going to follow me.” Briana explained.

“They follow you now.” Jay countered. “I know more about you than you think I do.”

Briana faced Jay. “What do you know about me?”

“Your favorite color is green because you wear it more often the others. You’re an only child of two parents who never married. Your mother works at Enterprise Rent-A-Car while you’ve held a series of temporary jobs, frustrating you can’t use your degree.”

“That’s nothing,” Briana dismissed him, “anyone can figure that out –”

“I also know you clean your kitchen every night before you go to bed because you can’t stand seeing dirty dishes first thing in the morning. You favor your left side when you sleep and use about a couple of pillows to get just right. You have a few sex toys but the rabbit seems to be your favorite. And you love to binge-watch Intervention because you love seeing a person beating the odds.” Jay rolled on top of her. “Is that better?”

Jay said it with such sincerity, Briana almost forgot how shook she was. “You want me to shut up, don’t you?”

“Au contraire,” Jay replied, “I want you to be as loud as you can right now.”

“You want me to shut up about other things,” she didn’t back down.

“No to that as well.” Jay replied. “People will listen to you before they will listen to me. I want you to keep protesting and uplifting your community.”

“And in exchange, you want me to be your whore?” She countered.

“I really don’t like labels but if you feel comfortable calling yourself that then do you, boo.”


State of Affairs (formerly Power) will be on sale this week at Amazon. Kindle Unlimited subscribers will read it for FREE.

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Regarding Scott Reed’s Past Girlfriends

The Ex-Factor Medium
Reader submitted Question:
Re-reading the series, I have a question –
Both Deborah and Jeff mentioned Scott wasn’t bringing home “the church type” to his family. Since Scott declared his love for Black women in IV, were his past girlfriends also Black?
Yes and no.
When Scott started actively dating in college and even in grad school, he dated pretty much anyone who threw some tail at him. Seeing Scott as his Frank White persona, I imagine he received plenty once it was known he was a Nupe. He probably didn’t get as much as his transformation post-Sanora, but he wasn’t a starving man.
I need to paint a picture of Scott Reed first. He’s a cultured man. He speaks three languages (Italian and Spanish being the other two), traveled around the world, and is an avid reader. He loves sports, has gone to an opera or two, and probably has season tickets to the Pantages theater in L.A. He loves going to art galleries.
The same Scott Reed will also drive to Inglewood for fried catfish, will get his fade lined up just right by a barber there, and will meet Jeff at Leimert Park to play bones (dominoes). He will also get into a friendly debate about how R. Kelly jacked Aaron Hall’s style.
So, were some of the unsavory women he brought home were Black? I imagine so. Scott was probably dating what I like to refer to as the IG Baddies – the dollar tree doorknockers, long fingernails, tattoos all over (you noticed he liked Dove’s tats?), mouthy, and colorful chicks. Scott probably dated a stripper or two or five.
The only exception being Tiana Morris (The Nanny) (but even with their declaration it was more of a friends with benefits situation). Christine being told off by a Black woman Scott brought home wouldn’t be the first occurrence. Mariana might have shut her up this last time.
As cultured as Scott is, there is a part of him that does like ratchetness.

The Ex-Factor is available NOW. To purchase, click here.
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#SnippetSaturday: Untitled #romance #ebook #kindle #nook

Because this book still doesn’t have a title. Offer still stands for whoever gives me the best title chosen by readers will receive a free copy of this book.

Unedited Snippet:

“I don’t care if people love me,” he once confided to her, “but they will respect me.” “It’s just…” Mariana carefully chose her words. “…it’s hard to be gracious when really, you just want to be a cunt.”

Bella grinned. “Well, Scott can bring out those emotions as well.”

“It’s not how he is as my boss. I’ve known that and I expect it as well. It’s how he is as a person.” An overwhelming amount of sadness entered her heart. “Sometimes I wonder if I came back because I wanted to see what he was up to and not because I really needed the position.”

“You wonder?” Bella raised an eyebrow.

Mariana held up her hands in defeat. “I know that’s why I came back.”

“What do you want, Mari? Be real with me. What is it that you want? He’s single, you’re single, what do you want from this cat and mouse game you both are playing?”

“Scott is the first interracial relationship I’ve been in. I’ve dated outside my race before but Scott was the first serious one. The first White guy I ever brought home to my parents was also the first White guy who made me curl up into the fetal position and bawl my eyes out. Recent events have made me do a lot of thinking,” Mariana looked up at the sky and pondered. She’d followed several news stories and reports regarding Black Lives Matter and the misogynoir quality of it as stories of black women were heavily underreported or flat-out ignored. She didn’t consider herself a keyboard warrior but she definitely didn’t just sit back and did nothing. “And I’m just wondering if it’s time I stick with my own.”


Well, maybe she should.

Untitled release date, etc. will be posted in due time.

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Beauty Is Her Name


Okay, normally I don’t spam your inboxes like this so I truly do apologize.

Anyway, I’m starting a free and short story (short as in less than 9K words short) over at wattpad. It’s my first time doing a modern take of a fairytale so I’m super jazzed about it:

The Blurb:

Does true love really exist?

Beautiful “Beauty” Whalen was born with the world in the palm of her hand. The daughter of the world’s most famous pop singer and a high-profile director, everyone has seen her grow up via social media and via a few roles in her dad’s movies. As she celebrated her 21st birthday, a curse placed on her by an evil spirit takes hold. Unbeknownst to the all, a special fairy godmother amended the curse, with only a special Prince to relieve it.

Prince Martinez is a popular Vine star and creator of Swipe!, a new dating app. His dashing good looks and changing girlfriends make him a tabloid favorite, though that is far from his real personality – a stay at-home geek. When he hears about Beauty’s sudden illness, Prince makes a special visit to her in hopes to spread goodwill.

Can Beauty be saved by Prince’s visit? Or will it be too late?

Beauty Is Her Name is a modern-day fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. It is a New Adult romance.

Once I’m done with the first couple of chapters, I’ll update everyone so they can read.


As always, I’m heavily influenced by music:

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Thank YOU!!!


Seriously, you all are amazeballs!! The reaction so far to Power Play has been astounding so I’m so glad you like the story! It’s something different from what you’re used to but I think change is good. It can be very good.

So, now for a bit of an update.


Originally, I had a contest idea for the first 7 people to figure out all of the Prince references in Power Play (and there are a ton!). After consulting with my best friend, we figured that quite a few of the references will probably fly over people’s heads unless they are diehard Prince fans like yours truly.

Well, there’s been a change to that.

For the first 7 people to figure out 7 Prince references, you will score a free copy of the next book in the Breakaway series. That is all.  There are about 20 references, give or take.

Have fun and good luck! E-mail your findings at


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#ThrowbackThursday: Wait for Love

Wait for Love cover web

Ryan’s jaw clenched and his fists curled tightly as he studied the woman and her actions. Her full lips hugged the straw while her pink tongue darted out in a fleeting moment. It reminded Ryan of the time when those same lips hugged around his cock and…

“You know that chick, bro?”

He knew she had an older brother. He knew she was passionate about veganism and spoke something of never touching red meat for the rest of her life. She also mentioned something about having her own line… what was it… ah yes, a natural hair and body care. Her favorite song was “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo. Her favorite show was Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite food was vegan nachos. He knew he wouldn’t forget that because he wondered how did one make vegan nachos, and Alyssa explained it to him in acute detail.

He knew everything but the woman’s blood type and even then, he was pretty sure she might have shared that information sometime during their tryst.

Ryan snapped out of reminiscing about the woman he only knew intimately. He had spent countless nights wandering into the same bar looking for her and wondering if she’d show up. Whenever he didn’t find her, there was someone else—less suitable—for him to take home and entertain.

But his thoughts always went back to her. The not-so mysterious woman. “I’m familiar with her, yes.” Ryan finally answered after a prolonged silence.

“You’re familiar with her,” Aaron smiled as he prepared a cappuccino for a customer. “It sounds like you’re a little more than just familiar with her.”

“It’s all that it is,” Ryan answered, his eyes not moving from the woman’s face. He didn’t know her, per se, but he knew her body like an artist knew paints and oils.

Aaron walked over to Ryan and looked over at the woman. She was curvy in the way Aaron would describe as being “thick” and had a smooth medium-brown complexion. Soft pink lipstick graced her lips, and she wore leopard frame glasses. Her hair was naturally kinky-curly with a bunch of tight ringlets, and she looked very studious.

It was then Aaron knew why his best friend—a man who never stayed with the same girl for longer than six months and had more one-night stands than he could count or want to remember—was stuck on the mystery woman; she was the antithesis of what his friend was used to. Ditzy and skinny were more of Ryan’s type. Race and ethnicity wasn’t a factor.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you hung up on a woman you were only with for one night…” Aaron pushed.

Because I never haveRyan shook the thought from his head. “Don’t you have some coffee to serve?”

Aaron ignored him. He’d known Ryan since their high school days and could tell when his best friend was being real and when he was full of it. There was no question which side of the equation Ryan was on. “So, you know her?”

Ryan knew the woman, all right. He knew certain positions made her sing like a songbird. He knew the rhythmic sway of her hips when she was on top. He knew the glazed look her amber eyes had after an explosive orgasm.

Then it all ended when Alyssa left without a peep. No number, no ‘thanks for the good time’ note, nothing. It was as if she disappeared into the air. If it wasn’t for the numerous used condoms in the wastebasket, Ryan would’ve thought she was a figment of his imagination and left hand.

Oh, he knew her. Quite well, even if he did say so himself. It didn’t mean he knew her personally. He didn’t know what made her tick or what pet peeves drove her nuts. He didn’t know what made her so scared that it kept her up at night. He didn’t know what made her so passionate it was the reason she got up in the morning. That was an entirely different subject. He wouldn’t mind, however, getting to know her more with their clothes on. “I’m familiar with her, yes.” He repeated.

“Sounds provocative,” Aaron smirked.

Ryan turned to his best friend and co-owner of the coffee shop they operated. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Bullshit.” Aaron coughed into his arm.

“She probably doesn’t remember me,” Ryan reasoned, though he hoped it wouldn’t be true. Not after that night.

Downing shooters at the bar

Showing battle scars of past failed relationships

Flirty exchanges morphing into intense heavy petting sessions

Wrapping her legs around his taut waist as he entered her

Kissing the hollow of her neck as she arched off the bed, over and over…

The cold and empty space on his bed when he discovered she had escaped sometime during the early morning.

She was standing with a group of friends when she briefly looked up and their eyes met. Her studious eyes instantly recognized his, and widened upon the realization. A bit of a faint smile appeared on her lips before she hastily looked away again.

Ryan wasn’t sure at first if it was really her he saw, and briefly thought it was a case of mistaken identity. But, once he had confirmation that it was Alyssa, he knew right then and there that she wasn’t going to escape from him again.

Not if he could help it.


“Fine, isn’t he?” Jordin prodded.

Fine? Fine couldn’t even begin to describe Ryan. Smooth, tawny skin that glistened with each step. Cobalt blue eyes that made one wonder what he was really thinking. A chiseled face that could probably cut glass and bedhead that boasted of dirty blond stripes. He was muscular and toned, a result from much time spent in the gym. And his voice was a deep baritone, a smooth rumble. His shaft was of porn star legend and his sex game was every bit of fantasy come true.

It was a wild night, Alyssa remembered. She had been stood up by an online suitor and decided to nurse her anger at the bar, figuring she would catch a cab later. No more men, no more dating, she swore to herself. Every man she’d dated started great, until the asshole came out and then the fantasy turned into a cold and tasteless reality.

She’d taken her profiles off every dating website she’d signed up for—a blistering five—so she could have the most options and best suitors. Yet, it seemed each website, no matter how promising it was, offered the same men in different shapes and sizes and all ethnic groups.

Then she met Ryan.

“You look like you need a drink,” he sat next to her at the bar.

Alyssa finished off her Glenfiddich and turned to the guy who invited himself next to her. Attractive. Very attractive. She knew he was trying to be friendly, and she shouldn’t take his kindness for a sign of him wanting to get into her pants; even if she wanted him to. The fact he was so close to her she could smell his cologne, with notes of earth, musk, and wood, didn’t help the dirty thoughts from implanting themselves in her mind.

“If you’re buying, I’m drinking,” Alyssa’s tongue glided over her lips and ended with a smile.

Several shots and battle stories of disastrous first dates and failed relationships later, Alyssa and Ryan were grinding to Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”, promising each other to do exactly what the song promised—fucking like animals. They made good on the promise later that night with a variety of positions that twisted each other’s body and tested the limit of how far they wanted to go.

Alyssa lightly sighed as her clit pulsed in reminiscence of that night. She’d had good sex. She’d had great sex. But Ryan made her shout like she was in church. All that was missing was a Holy Ghost dance. It wasn’t a far-fetched idea. Ryan had a tongue that was worth praising. His cock made her get down on her knees to worship it.

Jordin glanced between Alyssa and Ryan. The way they looked at each other was more than just two strangers sharing a fleeting glance. “Do you know homeboy?”

Alyssa knew Ryan woke up every morning at seven to work out. She knew his favorite color was blue. She knew he had two brothers, and he was the middle child. She knew he scored less than a 1000 on his SATs. She knew he didn’t quite know how to pronounce quinoa but she somehow found that to be endearing.

She knew Ryan like a locksmith knows keys. She discovered the details about Ryan that fateful night and for whatever reason, it was stuck in her head. Not that she was trying to erase it. She wanted to remember it, savor it, and somehow hold onto it for all time. “Kinda?”

Jordin leaned in closer as she kept her eyes focused on Ryan. “Serial killer? Rapist? He kicks puppies?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Alyssa enunciated each word. She turned to her other friend in the group, Perry Michaels. He was a gay man who was convinced every straight man was hetero because they hadn’t met him yet. “Do you know who he is?”

“Ryan Jeffers. Owner of the Caffeinated chain, along with his best friend, Aaron Jacobs. His comes from old money; you may have heard of the Jeffers name in the forms of buildings, streets, and everything else under the sun. Parents live in neighboring Sugarloaf. He came from a very wealthy family and did pretty well for himself. Mid-thirties and plays the field a lot. Never known to have a girlfriend but a fleet of one-nighters and an occasional bed buddy if she’s really good.” Perry added. “Not to mention he’s finer than the Louis Vuitton collection I have at home.”

“Thank you, for that,” Alyssa winked.

Jordin kept her attention on Ryan. He may have been looking in their direction but it was clear his eyes were only on Alyssa. “There are some details you’re not sharing, Lyss. He stood you up?”

“Actually, it was the other way around,” Alyssa finally revealed. She briefly thought about sharing exactly how and what way she stood up Ryan, but it was best to keep those details private. Jordin knew more than she needed to know.

“Ah, so the truth comes out…” Perry stroked his goatee in hopes to hear some delicious gossip. “…the player got played and he’s mad.”

“You stood that up?” Jordin asked. “I mean, what?”

Was leaving without a trace considered to be ditching, Alyssa silently wondered. Maybe it did fit the definition. She knew how awkward morning after sessions were—sharing a sloppy hung-over breakfast, trying to make conversation while promising to ‘keep in touch’ or ‘see you around’. All of it was bullshit, and she’d used those lines more times than she wanted to admit.

Moreover, no form of contact was ever exchanged, so Alyssa had no way of trying to seek Ryan out, though she could silently admit she did visit the same bar a few times just to see if he would be there. Instead of seeing Ryan’s face, Alyssa had been propositioned by drunken wonders. She realized, again, why she ditched the bar scene to begin with.

“Um, it seems like mystery man is heading towards this direction,” Perry motioned for Jordin to follow his lead. “I guess it’s time for us to leave the two lovebirds alone, now.”

“What?” Alyssa looked at her friends. She was in a public place with Ryan, but she felt very much trapped in a situation she wasn’t sure how to execute. After all, she was in his coffee shop. “Please stay.”

“Please handle your business, and call me with all the deets later!” Jordin said excitedly. “I want to know everything!”

“Great.” Alyssa replied as she watched her friends leave. Almost on cue, Ryan started toward her direction. She took a sip of her mocha coffee and let the cool liquid ease down her throat before blowing out a sharp breath.

This could be really good, or really bad.


Wait for Love is a standalone novel. It’s available at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes.

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Throwback Thursday: Blow by Blow II

medium 2

I’m at a table with Ran-asshole while Ms. Sam is drunkenly serenading us with Sex Shooter. Apollonia would be so proud. Maybe it’s the dire hard Prince fan in me but I love this song. Not sure if I love who’s singing karaoke to this particular version, though. After the Cheesecake Factory, all three of us piled into Randall’s Hummer and drove to a dive bar down the street to continue our newfound “friendship.”


Meanwhile, Randall is lovingly admiring Sam. It’s actually endearing to see him be so enchanted with her. I totally understand why he’s an actor now; he can play the role of loving, attentive partner and cheating bastard with amazing fluidity. “She’s amazing, isn’t she?” He asks.

She’s amazingly naïve is my thought. “She sure is.”

Randall scoots his chair a little closer towards me and on instinct, I scoot a little farther from him. It’s our version of Musical Chairs. Without even taking his eyes off Sam, he whispers to me. “I meant every word I said, Maria.”

I nod and clap my hands to Sam’s performance as I mouth the lyrics. The last thing I need is for her to be suspicious about what’s going on. Ran-asshole isn’t going to fuck up my enjoyment of classic Prince. “I know you did.”

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” He prods. Wow, someone’s fishing.

“What do you want me to say, Keith?” I keep clapping and hollering at Sam. She’s pointing at Randall and gyrating her hips with wild abandonment. She’s actually quite the entertainment.

I feel him lean closer to me and his lips tickle my earlobe. My stomach is twisted in tight knots and my panties just got uncomfortably damp. I remember how his lips would dive into my honey and suck my pearl before his tongue would flick back and forth on it. Oh yeah, I taught him how to eat pussy. He’s still not that great at it, but he’s getting there. “At least let me know how you feel.”

Oh, I’m feeling a certain kind of way right now. After Sam finished the song, I stand up and applaud her. Randall follows my lead. “I’ll show you in a minute.”

“How was I out there?” Sam asks as she approaches us. “Was I good?”

Awe, she’s adorable. “You were, Sam!” Once again, I flash my plastic-ass smile. My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling so damn much.

“Did you like my serenade, baby?” She wraps her arms around Randall’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. I’m a little jealous because I’ve been teaching Ran-asshole kissing lessons and he’s improved. Now Sam is reaping the benefits. Bitch.

“I loved it, baby.” Randall smiles as he felt all over her body. “I can’t wait to kiss your gun tonight.”

Bullshit! You know how men always say women cock block them? Well, guys, here’s one for you: don’t be a wuss to the puss. We don’t like talk and no action. Randall kissing Sam’s gun? Yeah, right. He ain’t going to kiss shit.

Sam breaks away from Randall long enough to get some air. “Maria, it’s your turn!” She giggles. “Show me what you got!”

I have the perfect song for this little situation. Randall wants to know how I’m feeling and I’m about to let him know in not-so subtle terms. I smile and walk on the stage. I choose a song and sway to the music. What I’m doing is bold and could cost me my job at SBG. But do you honestly think I give a fuck right now? Not really. Clearing my throat slightly, I begin my special version of “Darling Nikki”—except I call it Bastard Randall.

I knew a boy named Randall
I guess u could say he was a sex fiend
I met him in a hotel room
And he was playing with his wedding ring
He said how’d u like to waste some time
And I could not resist when I saw Randall grind

The crowd loves my performance. Sam is smiling and clapping, totally having a great time. And Randall? Well, he’s stuck on stupid. He doesn’t know how to act and the motherfucker looks like he’s about to jump out of his chair and bolt. But you’re not going to do shit, are you bastard? Nope, not going to do shit. And with that, I continue with my serenade.

He then took off his pants
And I just couldn’t believe my eyes
His dick was so big and pussy was
Everything that money could buy
I said sign your name on the dotted line
The lights went out
And me and Randall started 2 grind

So picture this: I’m on a karaoke stage, pretty much telling Sam that I just fucked her fiancée and she’s so drunk, she thinks it’s a clever song. Meanwhile, Randall is pursing his lips together because he knows what I’m doing.

As always, there’s a lesson to be learned: you break my heart and I’ll embarrass your stupid ass in public. Ask Johnny, he’ll tell you. After my performance, I get cheers and shouts for encores. I never knew I could love “Darling Nikki” so much.

Life is a lot easier to deal with when you’re blasted.


Blow by Blow II is available NOW at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

The third and final part in the trilogy will be out later this spring.

In memoriam:


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#ThrowbackThursday: Hot Like Fire #nook #kindle #sweetromance


Erica returned home to her townhouse and barely made it a few steps before she collapsed on the sofa. She managed to kick off her shoes but she didn’t want to move any time soon. In fact, she didn’t want to move anytime period. It seemed everyone in the neighborhood came in to the veterinary that particular day, and she’d barely had enough time to swallow her lunch before another appointment came in.

But she wouldn’t trade her career for anything for the world. She loved what she did. She loved taking care of the animals and having the families put their trust in her. She loved her staff and the neighborhood. She couldn’t complain.

Now, if she could get the hunky cat-owner out of her head, she would be just fine.

Tino. She wouldn’t forget his name because it sounded unusual and she had a penchant for unusual names. They were easy to remember for whatever reason. She would also never forget him because he didn’t look like a cat-owner. No, he looked like the type who would own a Great Dane, a pit bull, or a Doberman. He certainly didn’t look like the type that would own a small tabby named Ga Ga.

He looked like a cross between a model and mixed-marital arts fighter. She probably had seen him in a ring somewhere. Of course, his chosen profession of being a firefighter didn’t surprise her. He was built like a god and had those hypnotizing brown eyes. His ebony hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and he boasted a few tattoos and pierced ears.

And that voice of his. It was like molten butter and mesmerizing. It was deep, raw, and sexy. She could already imagine hearing his voice in her ear as his lips tickled her jawline.

Wait, what?

Erica shook her head to banish such thoughts. She didn’t know Tino, but already knew he was bad for her. He was a bad boy who had a soft side. He was the type that seemed rough and tough but deep inside, he was a cream puff. He was every woman’s fantasy—good enough to bring home to the parents, but naughty enough to put it down in the bedroom, and have a girl singing show tunes in the morning. He was going to be Erica’s fantasy if she didn’t stop her mind from racing.

She was convinced the light-headedness and small perspiration she felt earlier were a result of the examination room and not of Tino. It was summertime and the temperatures were nothing short of ridiculous. She would have to place a call to get the air serviced soon.



Remember that time I wrote a sweet and clean romance novel?

Hot Like Fire is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, and Smashwords.

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#FlashFriday: SIC – #YA #Sci-Fi #fantasy


The agents briefly looked at each other before Agent Williamson spoke. “It’s imperative we find her.”

“For what purpose other than isolate and instigate her and her friends?” Scott questioned.

“It’s important so we can test her. She might have some infectious disease that isn’t incurable.” Agent Matthews stated.

“An infectious and incurable disease?” Scot repeated. “Did you just imply they have AIDS?”

“No, we don’t know what they have.” Agent Williamson interjected. “But we need to make sure they’re safe and okay.”

“They’re safe and okay,” Scott assured. “In fact, you know they’re safe and okay but that’s not why you want to find them, is it?”

“Mr. Reed, you don’t understand the delicate position we’re in. The teens could’ve been negatively affected by the radiation from the comet.”

“But the problem is they weren’t, were they?” Scott questioned. “In fact, you know exactly what happened to them. You just don’t know if they’re going to use their powers for good or evil. You want them to help you or you’re going to hurt them.”

The agents looked at each other and remained silent.

“You’re asking me to give you whereabouts where my daughter and her friends could be,” he revealed a cunning smile, “even if I did know such information, you’re pretty bold in believing I would tell you about it.”

“We believe your daughter and her friends might be at risk,” Agent Smith countered, “it’s crucial we find them.”

“Why?” Scott played with a pen.

“Excuse me?”

“Why are they at risk?” He finally looked up and held his gaze at the agent. “You keep saying they’re at risk but you’re not saying what risk it is.”

The agents look at each other and Scott sighed. “Let’s keep it real here. You don’t want my daughter and her friends because they’re at risk from some other force in the world. You’re the risk and you want them contained.”

“Mr. Reed, if you will…”

“Gentlemen, I do believe we’re done here,” Scott blew out a small sigh, “now, this is the time you leave before you’re escorted out.”

The agents stood up while Agent Underwood buttoned his jacket. “Don’t make this harder than it should be, Mr. Reed.”

“You should take your own advice,” Scott warned, “The worst thing you can do is tap all of my phones and devices. I have a daughter who has magical powers and she can make you disappear if you even think about doing something to her Daddy. Is this a game you really want to play?”


Soul Infinity Crew (SIC) is a diverse YA, Sci-Fi/Fantasy book in progress. Release date TBA soon.