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#ThrowbackThursday: Daddy’s Angel #romance #contemporary


“I wish you were my mom, Miss Celia,” a thirteen-year-old Jackson once said to her.

“Now that’s not a nice thing to say, Mr. Jackson,” Celia tucked him into bed, “your parents are doing the best that they can.” It was a lie but Celia had to play the role of supportive house servant, and not therapist. She knew Jackson’s parents mistreated their son by doing the worst thing a parent could do—ignore. Nothing hurt a child worse than having an absent parent—emotionally and physically.

Celia sighed and said a small prayer. “Your parents are good people.” That was another lie. She’d found Jacqueline drugged up to the point of incoherence more times than she could remember. She’d discovered Don’s infidelities by doing the laundry and seeing empty condom wrappers fall out of his trousers. She’d worked for the couple long enough to know they barely could stand each other and only appeared as a loving couple in societal functions. Their marriage was very much in name only.

Jackson smiled at his caretaker. She was never a good liar but he knew better than to argue with her. The last thing he wanted was to get swiped with a wooden spoon. “I love you, Miss Celia.” He hugged her.

“I love you, too, Mr. Jackson. Now, go get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow at the game. You’re going to hit a homerun for Miss Celia?”

“I’m going to hit several of them!” Jackson smiled.

“That’s my boy!” Celia got up and turned off the light. “Sweet dreams, Mr. Jackson.”

“Sweet dreams, Miss Celia.”

The memory faded into the background as Jackson stared at the photo of him and Miss Celia he carried in his wallet. He briefly wondered how she would react if she knew what he had become.

No kid grows up and dreams about becoming a pimp. Sure, it sounds fun and it’s the latest thing in pop culture to declare something as cool and hip. Men wearing long fur coats with fingers full of jewelry, a single feather in their hats, and a Cadillac full of scantily-clad women with heavy makeup and the same amount of jewelry as the driver—the pimp—in front.

That wasn’t Jackson, not by a long shot.

He grew up in Calabasas, home to CEOs, Hollywood stars, and famous athletes. His father, Don, was a busy CEO who was never home and traveled twenty days out of the month and entertained his mistresses the remaining time. His mother, Jacqueline, was a socialite who spent more time keeping up the perfect image of loving mother and devoted wife, while nursing a prescription drug and alcohol habit, rather than partaking in any interest in her only child. Jackson could frequently recall the numerous Botox parties his mother had hosted at his home, charming the equally-plastic mothers of his classmates.

It wasn’t always that way. From what he understood from other family members, Jacqueline and Don were brought up in humbled beginnings and were partiers when they were young. Then Don got a fast-track to an investment firm straight out of college and that’s when it all started. He worked his way up from being mailroom boy to CEO within twenty years. During that time, he and Jacqueline conceived their first and only child. Don wasn’t too concerned about being a father as he was about potentially ruling the world and poured all of his energy into the firm. He felt his multimillion dollar paychecks he was bringing home every year was sufficient enough to keep everyone happy and quiet.

It was no surprise that Jackson toed the line of sweet angelic son in front of his parents and hell raiser in the community. With his mother emotionally absent, and his father physically gone, it was money that had really raised Jackson. Whenever Jacqueline wanted him out of the home, she literally threw dollars at him so he could go ‘be busy somewhere and out of her sight.’ Don would shower Jackson with expensive and rare gifts whenever he felt guilty about his actions and, fortunately for Jackson, that was often.

It was his nanny, Miss Celia, an older Southern Black woman who nourished him and taught him right from wrong. She was the one who took him to his baseball games on the weekends and picked him up from school during the weekdays. She helped with his homework and found tutors for him when the assignments were beyond her reach. If Jackson was being rowdy, she was the first to swat him with the wooden spoon she kept tucked away in her apron. Jackson felt closer to her than to his own mother—a fact that had never left his thoughts once he reached adulthood.

When Celia died years ago, Jackson was crushed; crying for days and huddling in his room. He cried at her funeral and found comfort in Celia’s family when his mother shunned him, stating she didn’t want him to ruin her cashmere sweater with his tears.

Jackson shouldn’t have been so surprised when the very next day, a new caretaker by the name of Ana, showed up at his front door as if Celia and her many years of service had never existed. Jackson could honestly say it was that moment troublemaker Jackson died and a new, rebellious, Jackson was born.

He was in and out of trouble starting in his late teens—smoking pot, staying out past curfew, and petty theft. Each time he had gotten caught by the police, Jacqueline would simply roll her eyes and drag herself back upstairs to consume more pills. Don sweet-talked whatever police officer caught Jackson and offered some bribes. And Ana played the role of good house servant and kept her mouth shut.

Jackson decided to get even bolder with his antics, going so far that he needed an attorney to answer charges of DUI while joyriding in his father’s fancy cars. All the attorney did was keep him out of jail and running an expensive tab for Don.

Some called it White privilege or affluenza. All that Jackson knew was he was a rich White kid who had a lot of money and time.

It also made him feel invincible and untouchable.

He grew up watching many of his classmates grow up to become reality stars or famous in some other aspect. Whoever didn’t become famous, became lawyers, doctors, or executives.

And then there was Jackson—rich and bored. His MIT-worthy intelligence could’ve gotten him into any prestigious school in or out of the United States and his trust-fund wealth would’ve kept him afloat forever. Jackson didn’t want to be like everyone else. He just didn’t know what it was that was his passion.

He could vividly recall the moment his life changed forever. One of his friends became a world-famous actor, and hired Jackson to be his personal assistant. Jackson ran errands and did whatever his friend wanted; from grabbing lattes to picking up designer suits for award ceremonies to making late-night drug runs. In exchange, Jackson had unlimited access to other celebrities. He quickly discovered that behind the stage makeup, designer wardrobe, and numerous awards were people who were broken and battered, fragile egos damaged by horrible childhoods and haunting career choices.

He also discovered the same people had kinks that needed to be met.

It was one night after a sex marathon with a Hollywood starlet that a new untapped resource was born. “Jackson,” the young woman moaned and writhed beneath him as he kneaded his hands into her supple flesh, “you have the hands of an angel. I would pay to keep you around just to massage me.”

It was an idea Jackson wished he’d thought of sooner. He loved sex and he loved massages. What better way to combine them both?

So it began—a quest to make his prostitution business legit. First, he would have to become certified in massage therapy. Then, he would have to find the perfect women. They would have to be weak, down on their last dollars, and desperate. Mentally-strong women wouldn’t do because he didn’t want to keep a rotation. No, he wanted these girls to need him and be their brain when they didn’t want to think. He would also have to approach these girls as someone who would legitimately help and not hurt them.

It was by luck that he looked like a Ken doll—blond hair, cobalt blue eyes, a muscular, tawny build, and a schoolboy charm that would make any woman want to drop her panties for him. Many of the items he owned—clothing, cars, and expensive trinkets—were given to him for free, simply because of his looks.

No woman would look at him and think he was a fast-talking pimp who had hoes on a corner. Instead, they looked at Jackson as the guy next door. He was convincing, letting the girls know that he was only trying to help, and if they wanted to leave, they could anytime they wanted. He was the shoulder to cry on, the counselor whenever there was a problem, the disciplinarian whenever there was an issue with the girls. With the perfect smile and soft dimples in his face, Jackson looked endearing and safe.

Of course, being reckless in bed didn’t hurt, either. Jackson had a reputation of bringing his conquests to multiple orgasms and making them sore for days long after a night with him. His oral skills were as legendary as his cock, making a woman sing as she held his face down in her nectar and rode his tongue to many orgasms throughout the night.

He wasn’t a pimp. He was a stockbroker, if you will. Just as a person would watch the stocks to see how their money is doing, Jackson eyed his girls to make sure they acted right. To him, he was merely a protector of his investments.

And his investments were managing his personal massage business. High-class executives, Hollywood actors, musicians, athletes, and regular Joe Schmoes would call up Jackson’s service to set up an appointment. The girls would go to the client’s house, render any services, and return home to Jackson, with a large wad of cash in tow. It was always discreet and untraceable, especially back to Jackson.

He was sure some person in a white coat with a couple of letters at the end of their name would tell him that his issues with women were related to his mother and the massage business was a fuck you to her in some form. They were probably right.


The first book of Daddy’s Angel is FREE on All Romance, Smashwords, and iTunes. I don’t know if it’s free on Amazon yet. I’ve been trying to make it free there. The full book is available is at all sites, including Barnes & Noble.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Fire We Make #nook #kindle #ebook #romance

Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

She knew it was a special occasion when Jackson chartered a private jet for her.

She wasn’t a fan of small planes. Too small and the thought of being in a crash clouded her reasonable judgment. However, the Gulfstream was very nice. She didn’t know if Jackson owned it and wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he did. The thought that he went beyond to cater to her made Liane feel like she was the queen of the world.

She’d already gotten accustomed to it.

The flight from L.A. to Vegas was relatively uneventful. Just when Liane was getting ready to stretch her legs and relax, the light came on indicating they were about to land. She was so relaxed, sipping out of a small flute of champagne and had personal service with her only flight attendant. The crew referred to her as Ms. Chang and never once addressed her by her first name. Liane would like to think it was out of respect and they all do that. It then occurred to her they were under instruction from Jackson. It was treatment she’d already gotten used to.

When she arrived at the airport, she didn’t have to walk too far when she saw him. Her breath became lodged in her throat and her heart slammed against her chest.


His name came out like a harsh breath, as if she’d been holding it for a while and waited for the right time to finally release it. He stood in front of her, his physique fully filling out an open collar black dress shirt and matching slacks. Aviator sunglasses covered his intense blue eyes and his blond hair had the just right amount of bedhead to it.

It was then Liane knew she didn’t just like Jackson. Her body craved him, her heart desired him, and her soul needed him. Her mind that told her he was no good and Liane didn’t have to count the many ways that he wasn’t. They both knew. That’s what made it the love between them so good.

It was what made the love between them so forbidden.

“There’s my girl,” he purred as she walked up to him. He opened his arms and Liane practically leapt to him. “How was your flight, baby?”

Liane briefly closed her eyes and relished the feel of him. He felt like an unexpected and perfect, sunny day in the middle of winter. His cologne tickled her nose with its notes of musk, wood, and sandalwood. His embrace made her feel at home.

She was home.


Fire We Make is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes for 99 cents. It is the first part in a two-part story (When Love Calls is the follow-up and final book.)

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When Love Calls is now available! #ebook #nook #kindle #romance #suspense

When Love Calls Large

Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she realizes she’s in too deep and there’s no turning back. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


It is available at Amazon here. It’ll be available at All Romance, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble soon.

The first part in the trilogy, Fire We Make, is on sale for 99 cents!

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When Love Calls cover reveal! #ebook #nook #kindle #romance #contemporary

When Love Calls Large

As you may have noticed, the cover is the same as the first book:

Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

Because the series is really, an extended novella, it made no sense creating different covers.

Once the third and final book is released, I’ll make the first book free (as I did with the Breakaway series). Fire We Make is (or should be by the time this is posted) 99 cents.

When Love Calls should be available later today.

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When Love Calls #ebook #nook #kindle #fiction #romance

“It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the most powerful men in Los Angeles,” Enzo commented as they sat down at Mélisse restaurant. “Even I had to wait for a table to open up here.”

“It’s amazing,” Angela took in the restaurant views. Located in the heart of Santa Monica and close to the beach, Mélisse boasted of deep purple walls, white overhead lights, and cream and brown chairs. “I never thought we would get a table here.”

“Well, baby, I plan to make all of your dreams come true,” Enzo kissed her, playing with her bottom lip and gently sucking on it. “Just watch me work.”

“I’m more than happy to do so.” She smiled.

“Hello, Angela.”

Angela slightly jumped in her chair when she saw Jackson stand before her. Looking gorgeous as ever in an open collar shirt, black slacks and matching blazer, he personified Old Hollywood style with a debonair that could not be manufactured. Either a man was born with it or he simply didn’t have it. “Hello…” she cleared her throat. “…Jackson.”

Enzo’s eyes hardened. Jackson knew what he was doing and it was becoming more impossible to figure out his next move. “Greetings,” he mustered to say.

“I didn’t expect to see you two kids here,” Jackson grinned, “what a lovely surprise.”

“Yes. Lovely.” Enzo deadpanned. “Did you bring any of your women here tonight?”

“In fact, I did.” Liane walked up behind Jackson and he kissed her cheek. “Just the only one that matters. Let’s say we put a couple of chairs together and have a nice meal, shall we?”

Angela stiffened in her chair as she locked eyes with Liane. She briefly opened and closed her mouth to a small ‘o’ as she tried to gather her composure. Was her husband’s best friend really on a date with her former pimp?

“I don’t think they’ll be able to do that here,” Enzo began, “the restaurant probably has strict rules and –”

“I own the place,” Jackson motioned to the servers, who promptly followed his orders. After they were seated, Jackson smiled. “Now that we’re all together like a big, fake happy sitcom family, let’s get it all out in the open.”


When Love Calls will be out on December 15th for 99 cents.

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#SexySunday: When Love Calls #romance #nook #ebook #kindle #romance

Enzo got up and poured two glasses for him and his nemesis. He handed a glass to Jackson before he sat down before him. “What’s your purpose with her?”

“I love her,” Jackson answered as if he made a declaration, “and you’re a pain in my ass I hope to get rid of.”

“Oh, that won’t ever happen, my friend.” Enzo replied as he leaned back in his leather seat. “You deal with Liane, you deal with me as well.”

Jackson took a sip of whiskey. “Is that right?”

“That’s right.”

“How so?” Jackson challenged. “You don’t own her and you’re not her daddy.”

The use of daddy wasn’t lost on Enzo. “You don’t own her as well.”

“I never claimed I did,” Jackson smiled, “but the way you’re acting, I must say my dear Enzo…people call me a pimp, but clearly you are one.”

“Your little rhetoric may have impressed all of those silly girls who wished to be with you but a grown man doesn’t play those games,” Enzo replied, “stay away from Liane.”

“Or you’ll do what?” Jackson challenged.

“I’ll make your life a living hell,” Enzo met Jackson’s challenge with one of his own. “What happened years ago will just be child’s play.”

Jackson laughed and licked his lips. “You see, you’re in what I like to call a conundrum.” He leaned back in his chair. “Two women you love and both hold a special place in your heart. Only one you can protect, however, and that’s a position you don’t like to be in. Therefore, you are forced to decide who is going to get the proverbial last life jacket on the sinking ship – your best friend or your wife.”

Enzo’s eyes hardened at Jackson, who remained unbothered. “You hurt Liane and I’ll destroy you.”

Jackson took a sip of his whiskey. “Speaking of destroying people, I like you how used those words because I was thinking more or less along the same lines. You interrupt my relationship with Liane, and I will destroy Angela.” A slow smirk spread across Jackson’s lips. “Hmm…conundrum.”

Enzo was about to say something but Jackson held up a finger. “Choose. Choose wisely. You cannot have both and honestly, you don’t want both. You couldn’t give two shits what Liane does with her life.”

“When it comes to you, she’s my only concern,” Enzo replied.

“Mmm…” Jackson tightened his lips. “…funny how when it comes to me, Liane’s your only concern. I thought you’d mentioned your wife first.” His eyes twinkled with delight. “I’m glad to see where your priorities are.”


When Love Calls will be out on December 15th for 99 cents.

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Ch. 3 When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #ebook #romance #nook #kindle

“You know, you’re free to stay here forever.” Jackson leaned against the doorway.

Liane smiled as she packed up her suitcase. A few days with Jackson was way too short and she hoped the trip was long enough to subside any longing feelings she had. Truth was, the trip made the feelings deeper and more longing than before. She wanted to be with him but she didn’t know if he would be worth everything she would have to sacrifice.

It wasn’t just her career. Their relationship would be taboo amongst her family and friends. Jackson and Enzo hanging out? That would never happen. She couldn’t even imagine them being in the same room together.

Still, a girl could dream. “J, we’ve had this conversation already.”

“We haven’t,” he walked over and sat on the bed, “we haven’t talked at all about our relationship.”

Liane chuckled. “What relationship? I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Oh?” The news was a surprise to him. “You sure acted the role the past few days.”

Liane zipped up her suitcase and rubbed her hands over it. Her other suitcase was fine but Jackson felt the need to upgrade her to Louis Vuitton. She didn’t mind it, though. She loved the way he took care of her and spoiled her. Fine dining, VIP access, and a few nice pieces of jewelry were forever keepsakes given by him.

So, maybe she was his girlfriend. The role wasn’t a hard one to accept even if she had a hard time swallowing the title. “Let’s talk about this, then.” She said after a brief silence.

“Come here,” he beckoned.

Liane climbed on the bed and snuggled against his warm and hard body. It was incredible, she thought, he could arose her and he didn’t say a word or do anything to her. She told herself to keep her hands above his waist and not wander down below. It didn’t help that Jackson’s hand currently rested on her ass.

“Talk to me,” he purred.

His low baritone rumble shocked Liane to her core as notes of pine and musk from his cologne wafted in the air. She swallowed and breathed a small sigh. “We can never work out, J.”

“You keep saying that as if you’re trying hard to convince yourself and not me,” he softly replied.

“You don’t see the obvious differences between us? You have this,” she motioned to the home, “and everything that comes with it. You have a notoriety that follows you.”

This, you didn’t mind one bit this weekend.” He mentioned.

“Because I didn’t have to think about my reality when I get back to L.A.” She defended. “I have a career in law enforcement. Would you actually give up all of this to be with me?”


Liane sat up and looked at her pseudo boyfriend. He said it so fluidly without a smidgen of hesitation, she truly thought she misheard him. “What?”

“You asked me if I would give up everything to be with you and the answer is yes,” he repeated, “but something tells me that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. You want me to say no so it’ll be easy for you to disregard your feelings and what we have. If I said no, it’ll be easy for you to move onto somebody else and pretended this weekend never happened. The problem is, it’s not that easy. I love you, Liane, even if you don’t love me back.”

“I do, J.” She admitted. “I do share those same feelings.”

Jackson smiled. Liane couldn’t even admit she loved him even though she felt the same. He wondered when she’ll finally realize it and stop trying to fight him and what they had. “Okay,” he pulled back to him and nibbled on her neck, “one more for the road, shall we?”

Liane’s clit fluttered with want as Jackson’s tongue traveled from her neck to her ear. “I’m going to be late for my plane, J.”

“I’ll charter a plane for you.” A free hand reached up her blouse and softly squeezed a breast. “You won’t be late. You will, however, be very happy when the pilot sees you.”


Billy Ross could taste the million-dollar payout before it appeared before him.

He’d entertained offers from the National Enquirer, Star magazine, and a host of other gossip sites before finally deciding TMZ would be the winner. They offered the most money and he needed to pay off those Mafioso guys he owed a significant debt to.

Everyone was curious to know about Angela and the life she had before the sudden fame. There wasn’t much to tell – a torrid love affair, the lost of their child, and a permanent separation. Billy, however, could milk it for millions. He already wrote a book about it and was currently shopping it to the highest bidder.

All of his money problems will become a distant memory.

Of course, he had Angela to thank. He hadn’t thought of her in years and she was suddenly worldwide famous. He watched her TV show, The Oval Office, and wasn’t that impressed by the string of movies she’d starred in. If it were up to him, she would’ve been a leading lady opposite Gerald Butler or some other doofus actor women go gaga over. She would not be a Sci-Fi superhero. That was a role strictly for white men only.

Regardless of his personal feelings of her professional life, he was glad she was able to land back on her feet. The way he left her was so bastardly and almost shameful, he wondered what had become of her. Had he known she was going to be an international superstar, he would’ve stayed.

“Billy?” The man before him asked and Billy shook himself out of his fantasies. “Nice to meet you.”

“I’m sorry, you are…?”

“Enzo De Laurentiis,” he sat before him with Felipe, “and you have some information you’re going to stop sending out to people.”

Billy narrowed his eyes as they bounced between Enzo and Felipe. “Your name sounds familiar.”

“I’m Angie’s husband,” Enzo replied, “I have about fifty thousand in cash right now to hand over to you on the condition you stop shopping your story.”

“Fifty thousand? That’s it?” Billy scoffed. “Fifty thousand doesn’t even start to cover what I know.”

“You don’t know shit,” Enzo cut him off, “and whatever story you’re shopping isn’t going to fly, anyway.”

“Oh, I see what’s going on here,” Billy chuckled, “Angela sent you here on her behalf to scare me, huh? She always was an afraid bitch and this just proves my point.” Enzo and Felipe looked over at each other. “Okay, I’ll humor you. Fifty thousand is the starting price. I’m going to raise you by—”

Suddenly Billy was lifted from his chair by two giants of men, who blindfolded, gagged him, and stuffed him into an awaiting van that sped off.

Felipe looked down at his watch. “Less than a minute before he said something stupid and we had to call in backup,” he pulled out a wad of cash and handed it over to his best friend, “you were right.”

Enzo sipped his bottled water and blew out a breath. “He’s lucky I didn’t knock him out.” He stuffed the money in his pocket. “The guys will be okay with him?”

“Yeah, yeah. They’ll just hang him over a ledge until he cries like a baby and then this whole thing will be long forgotten about.” Felipe smiled. “Enough about that, though. Have you spoken to Liane yet?”

“Not yet,” Enzo felt his heart rate rise, “I will soon. I’m not sure if she’s back in town yet.”

“She is,” Felipe replied, “one of my contacts at the airport saw her arrive a few hours ago on a private jet.”

“A private jet, huh?” Enzo shook his head. “If that doesn’t tell me they’re in a relationship, I don’t know what does.”

“’Zo, I’m speaking to you as a friend here. Leave this alone.” Felipe warned. “You don’t want to get involved.”

“Liane’s my best friend. I care about her and I just want to make sure she’s okay,” he defended himself.

“And I’m telling you, Liane’s a big girl. She wouldn’t be involved with Jackson if she wasn’t sure about what she was doing. Leave this fight alone and let her handle her.” Felipe suggested. “This won’t end well if you get involved.”

“I’m not going to get involved,” Enzo took another sip of water, “I just want to ask her questions about what she’s doing.”

“’Zo, don’t,” Felipe replied, “If Liane wanted you to know, she would’ve told you. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it was just a one-time thing. My point is don’t get involved in this. You won’t win, Enzo. You just won’t.”


When Love Calls will be released on December 15th for 99 cents.

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Ch. 2: When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #ebook #nook #kindle #romance


Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she discovers not just Enzo but a blast from her past followed her. In order to protect herself, she needs to save Jackson first. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


Chapter 2

He was tensed, Angela could tell.

As Enzo flipped her over and entered from behind, she fiercely grabbed the bed sheets and braced herself. Enzo was a very skillful and passionate lover, bringing to Angela to multiple orgasms almost every time during their trysts. Tonight was different.

He was trying to fuck the aggression out.

Her husband relentlessly pounded into her, grabbing her ass hard and occasionally smacked it. She felt yet another orgasm forming and tightly clenched around his cock, screaming in ecstasy as it flowed through her. For Enzo, it was just full-steam ahead and he drove harder into her until he once again switched positions with Angela underneath him.

Their bodies rocked and collided with each other, slapping, and smearing sweat. Enzo drove deeper into her until he finally came, a low guttural moan escaping his lips and he collapsed beside her.

Angela waited a few moments before she turned to her husband and carefully studied his face. His eyes were closed but his mind was busy with a steady stream of thoughts. He wasn’t thinking about her or even the email hack scandal that brought Hollywood down to its knees.

Something was clearly bothering him. “Is everything okay, baby?”

Enzo slowly opened his eyes and was brought back to earth by his wife’s voice. Ever since he received news Liane was making a personal visit to Jackson, the couple had consumed his thoughts. What was Liane doing there? How long had she been dating Jackson? What was she thinking?

He already knew the answer as to why she’d lied to him. Why would she want to admit that? She knew it wouldn’t go over well and didn’t expect Enzo – or anyone else, for that matter – to understand. They were on opposite sides of the law and Enzo knew firsthand how sweet forbidden fruit was.

“I have a lot on my mind,” he finally answered, “just a lot of things going on.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything, honey.” Angela caressed his chest, “we can talk about this and figure out a plan.”

Enzo bit the inside of his cheek. Not sure about that. Normally he would confide in his wife about anything and everything, however, the situation with Jackson and Liane was a potential trigger for Angela. While she wasn’t treated horrible by Jackson, she was in a captive situation with him. Oh, she could’ve left anytime she wanted as long as everything stayed in the home. Everyone knew she would’ve been back on the streets and under the forceful guide of another not so friendly pimp.

Truth was, Jackson saved Angela in many ways and it wasn’t for him, she never would’ve met Enzo and have the Happily Ever After. If anything, Enzo and Angela owed a lot to Jackson. Then Enzo quickly remembered the heroic efforts employed to get Angela to leave and he felt his chest tighten.

Enzo knew Jackson well – too well – and knew a leopard doesn’t change its spots; they just become better at being sneaky. “I’m still working out a plan,” he finally revealed.

“Is it regarding another role? A new starlet? I know you have a keen eye for talent,” she softly laughed.

Enzo grinned. He wished it were that simple. “I need to figure out what’s going on with some other deals. I hope to have it all solved and figured out soon.” Truer words have never been spoken. Enzo needed to know what Jackson was up to with his best friend.

“Well, just rest on it.” Angela snuggled up to her husband and he wrapped his arms around her. “You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Enzo breathed a sigh of frustration. Just when he was one step ahead of Jackson, Enzo was really 10 steps behind. He would have to beat him at his own game. “I certainly hope so.”


Sinful Nightclub was advertised as the nightclub that would put all other nightclubs to shame. As Liane sat in the VIP suite and looked around, she could see why.

The nightclub smelled, tasted, and felt like Jackson. It may not have been his name but it was definitely his influence.

The inside of the nightclub had a soft lavender lighting against the dulce de leche walls. An enormous bar was center of the club with as many as 10 bartenders serving drinks at any given time. The dance floor was about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. From the white bungalows with matching sofas and pillows, to the leather sofas flanking the wood tables with the crystal chandeliers adding a touch of sophistication, it was clear Sinful didn’t just have Jackson as an investor.

If Liane didn’t know better, she’d assumed Jackson also owned a share of it. He probably did.

“What do you think?” He asked as they snuggled against each other on a sofa.

Liane glanced around. The dance floor was packed and the champagne flowed freely between the guests. Several A-list celebrities were also in attendance and they all stopped by to say hello to Jackson. It was then Liane realized Jackson had a lot of power and influence.

She wondered what else about him she’d pleasantly discover. “It’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s so packed for an opening night.”

“It always happens in Vegas. The next big club will have the same thing. Everyone always wants to go to the new thing.” He mentioned. “With Vegas, you have to constantly keep up to stay on top.”

“Yet, I don’t see you doing any of the sort,” she smiled.

“Au contraire. I have to do a lot behind the scenes,” he reflected, “the reality show just made me work smarter.”

“Work smarter,” she nodded, “I like that.”

“I like you,” he caressed her cheek, “I like you a lot.”

Liane felt the familiar butterfly flutters in her tummy and squeezed her thighs together. No, this couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t be falling in love with a pimp. No, no, NO! It seemed the harder she fought against the feelings, the more intense they became. How was she going to explain to her family what Jackson does? What about her career? What about her reputation?

Thank God for a great DJ. “I love this song!” Liane moved in her seat.

“Let’s go,” Jackson set down his drink and grabbed her hand, leading them out to the dance floor. Liane began to grind against her love as she mouthed Aaliyah’s lyrics.

Jackson tightly held onto Liane’s waist as she pushed against him. He turned her around and lifted one of her legs as their bodies moved in unison. Their fingers interlaced while they maintained eye contact only with each other.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this thang…” Liane lip-synched. Jackson only smiled in response.

He turned her around and held her arms in the air as he ground against her, creating a small sensual wave between them. His hardness pressed more into her behind while his lips caressed her ears with bedroom promises.

“I’m ready for it,” he spoke.

Liane shook her head as she kept dancing. “Ready for what?”

Jackson turned her back around to face him. “All of it.”

It felt the world stood still and it was just the two of them at that moment. Her position with the police department wasn’t a concern. His proclivities didn’t matter. She truly saw him for the first time and read his vulnerability. He was raw. He was open.

He was about to do what she’d asked him to and without hesitation. He was ready to give it all up for her. Liane didn’t know if she felt the same. “I need to go to the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.” She hurried off to the nearest bathroom.

She grabbed an available empty cup and poured water in it. She took a long gulp and slammed the cup down. She stared at herself long and hard in the mirror. It was her last night with him and tomorrow morning, she’ll cut everything off. No more contact. No emails. No phone calls. No Skype sessions. Nothing. It was getting to be too dangerous and she needed to keep her sanity before…

“You’re tense.”

Liane recognized Jackson’s voice and saw him standing by the door. “J, what are you doing? You can’t be in here!”

“Yes, I can.” He locked the door behind him and slowly walked towards Liane. His eyes were hungry for her. “I can do whatever I want and you’ll let me.”

He picked her up and set her on the bathroom counter, standing in between her legs. He ran a hand through her hair an just stared at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Caramel supple skin. Light amber eyes. High cheekbones. Full pouty lips. He’d memorized her face in many masturbation fantasies but it was nothing compared to the exquisiteness of her beauty in front of him.

He claimed her lips with his, pushing his tongue inside her needy mouth. It was then Liane realized how much she needed J, and didn’t necessarily want him. Desire coursed through her body as his lips trailed down to her neck, lightly sucking and biting it before moving back to her lips.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said in a way that told Liane he wasn’t asking for permission. “Do you want me to?”

Liane’s mind was spinning and she felt clouded. She was afraid to say the words. She was afraid of what the request really was. She was afraid…

…of falling in love with him.

Just a minute ago, she wanted to break up with him and cease all communication. Now she wanted him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

“Please,” her breath came out just above a whisper.

She gasped upon Jackson’s sudden thrust inside her. Her pussy clamped down around his cock and guided him in as he drove hard into her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and they moved together as one, creating a natural rhythm. In and out. Push and pull. Coming together over and over, forgetting about the past and even the future, only focusing on the moment.

He fucked with reckless abandon, claiming her with each thrust and almost daring her to say otherwise. They both knew what it was between them and he was willing to walk away from it all just for her. Liane couldn’t imagine giving her career for any man yet one was willing to do it for her.

It made her feel vulnerable.

They panted and moaned against each other as they moved faster and faster. Liane held onto Jackson tighter as the emotions took over her body. Elation. Worry. Orgasmic. Denial.

Did she want this?

Did she want him?

Could she handle everything?

The orgasm crashed into her body like numerous big waves and she cried out Jackson’s name, shuddering as she came down. He drove into her a few more times before he reached his own climax, a low moan escaping his lips. They quickly cleaned up and got dressed again.

“Now what?” Liane asked as he led her out of the bathroom, a long line of women and curious eyes following them.

“I don’t know,” he answered, “you tell me.” He turned to her and kissed her. “Now what?”

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Chapter 1: When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #ebook #nook #kindle #romance #fiction


Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she discovers not just Enzo but a blast from her past followed her. In order to protect herself, she needs to save Jackson first. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


Chapter 1:

It was official – Enzo was a boil on the asshole of life.

Jackson calmly sat at his mahogany desk as he peered out the window. Years ago, Enzo pulled out all of the stops to destroy him and he nearly did. He had to pack up and leave Los Angeles, starting afresh on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Now Enzo was back.

It was comical, Jackson thought. He and Enzo were the same and yet both men had a thick contempt for each other. It wasn’t about Angela and if Jackson wanted to be honest, it was never about her.

It was about power.

Enzo was the most powerful man in L.A. and he’d spent several years to maintain that title. His resume boasted of huge box office returns and everyone on his roster was an A-lister in some way, including Angela. She’d recently landed a new starring role in a political drama that became an instant hit.

It wasn’t enough for Enzo and that was clear. He hated the fact Jackson bounced back and became even more popular than before. In addition to the brothels, he’d opened up a nightclub and was expanding his reach once again to L.A. He was going to open an adult bookstore. He was sure Enzo was well aware of it.

Jackson was powerful in his own right – catering to politicians, law enforcement, actors, musicians, and athletes. Everyone knew who he was and spoke in hushed tones about what he could offer. Drugs? Not a problem. Jackson knew dealers. Fetishes? Not a concern, he had girls that catered to every kink.

On second thought, maybe Jackson was a pimp; he’d certainly pimped out Los Angeles for everything she had to offer.

As long as Enzo minded his business and kept out of Jackson’s, there were no problems. Now there was one – Liane.

Jackson never inquired if she was still friends with Enzo and honestly, didn’t care. Liane wasn’t his girlfriend and he had no right to tell her who she should associate with. Now Enzo was inserting himself in business that had nothing to do with him. If Enzo wanted to play games with Jackson, he’d better make sure he was going to win or it was going to be a very embarrassing loss.

Fuck this, Jackson promptly got up and stretched. There was a gorgeous woman entertaining herself in his living room and he was currently moping in his office. He was going to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying her company. Then come Monday, he was going to pay a nice visit to Enzo.


He lied to her.

Something was definitely wrong with Jackson and the phone call he’d received proved that very fact. When they arrived back at his home, Jackson headed straight into his office and stayed in there a long time while Liane kept herself entertained with TV. She was curious about the urgency of Jackson’s phone call and how a switch seemed flipped on after he’d received it.

Her paranoia made Liane wonder if the phone call had something to do with her. No, that couldn’t be it. No one knew she was there and she went through many safeguards to make sure no one could trace her to Jackson. She never kept his phone number stored and if she did call him, she used a burner and quickly got a new one at the end of the week.

Still, the questions exploded in her head. Was Jackson purposely hiding something from her? Was she involved in some way? Did she need to leave?

She decided to turn on Maury and immerse herself in some baby mama drama. It would at least take her mind off any troubles with Jackson.


“You never told me why you needed all of this space.”

Jackson’s glacier blue eyes did a quick scan around his estate. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms. A swimming pool and sauna. Mediterranean-style with many items imported from other countries. A man cave for him, his friends, and a small barbershop.

Truth was, all of his homes were designed in similar styles. The million-dollar apartment in New York. The beach house in Miami. The summerhouse in the Hamptons. They all had plenty of room for Jackson and his guests, though sometimes he’d traveled alone when he went out of town.

He knew the real reason for the space – in the off chance he would finally settle down, become a faithful husband, and have a gaggle of kids. He still held onto the fantasy, though Jackson could admit he didn’t know how realistically his dreams were.

“I like the room,” he finally answered her.

“Do you really need all of this space?”

“I probably could downsize, but I think it’s perfect. My friends and family often come to visit me and I want everyone to be comfortable.”

“Your family comes here to the ranch?” She pointed out.

“Never to the ranch but here, yes. They stay here. My little brother and sister stay here, though they’re not so little anymore. They’re practically grown. Aiden just graduated from high school and Kayla is about to start her senior year.”

“Has Aiden expressed an interest in what he wants to do?”

“He wants to go into the family business,” Jackson smirked.

“Let me guess,” she smiled, “not your father’s?”

“He doesn’t realize how much hard work I put into this. I have accountants, bookkeepers, several employees, and subjected to random visits from the authorities to make sure no laws are being broken. He sees the money, fun, and bitches. He doesn’t see the hard work.”

“It’s because you make it look flawless. It’s a well-run ship, J.” Liane admitted. “I would’ve never guessed how much work that goes on behind the scenes.” His revelation did more than open her eyes about his business. It made her wonder if he was really wiling to sacrifice everything that consumed much of his energy on a daily basis.

“Like I’ve said, it’s hard work.”

“I see,” her eyes sparkled, “that’s why you invited me here specifically?”

“You were more interested in seeing what I was about, baby,” his words were coated with honey, “I wanted to accommodate.”

Liane didn’t like it when Jackson called her baby. It made her thighs tingle with pleasure and a jolt of sexual current raced up her spine. “Thank you,” was all she could muster.

“Anytime,” he smiled.

“So do you want to tell me what all of that was about?” She asked. “I know it wasn’t just business.”

Jackson’s chest pinched in anger as he thought about the phone call and how it practically ruined a perfect weekend. He didn’t want Liane to worry about it, at least not yet. Not until he was solid in his plan. He needed to make a trip to L.A. anyway and Enzo simply made it easy for him. “It’s being handled,” he answered.

Liane smiled as a manicured fingernail circled the wine glass before her. Jackson knew how much to answer without giving away too much or in some cases, hardly anything at all. He built a wall around himself and barely let anyone in. Liane knew enough about his past to understand why.

Yet, she wondered if he’d always be like that with her – let her in the front door but she wouldn’t be able to explore the home. “Okay,” she dropped the subject. She knew she wasn’t going to get any answers and there was no point in debating him.

“Let’s go out,” he suggested. “One of my friends is opening his club tonight and he invited us to the grand opening.”

“You do clubs?” Liane raised an arched eyebrow.

“No,” Jackson shook his head, “but I know you love to dance.”

A soft smile formed on Liane’s face. She knew Jackson didn’t do nightclubs or bars. Despite his public persona, he very much preferred staying indoors and entertaining at home. “I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

Jackson smiled. A few minutes meant he’d better get comfortable on his sofa. “Sure.”

After a few minutes, Jackson could no longer wait. He went into his bedroom and heard the shower running in the bathroom. She stripped off his clothing and joined Liane in the shower. “I think I need to get ready.”

Liane laughed as she rinsed off her hair. “Ready for what?”

“Our date tonight,” he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple, “I want to look good for my girl.”

His girl. She loved the way it sounded. She hated how her heart jumped for joy. “You always look good, J. You know this.”

“I try,” he kissed her cheek, “I certainly try.”

Liane stepped aside so she could let Jackson rinse off. She loved how the water clung to his washboard abs, muscular thighs, and impressive cock. She felt her mouth water and softly bit her lip. She’d always enjoyed sex but her drive became insatiable since being with Jackson as if she could never get enough of him.

She stood behind Jackson and grabbed the soapy loofah. She spread it all over his body, paying careful attention to his waist, legs, and private area. With her free hand, she began to stroke him with the soapy water while her other hand caressed his body. She quickened her strokes as he became harder and thicker in her hand.

“Damn, baby…” Jackson breathed as Liane continued to stroke him. “…fuck, don’t stop.”

“I’m not going to,” she stroked him and walked in front of him. She rinsed off his cock before she lowered herself down to the floor. With Jackson steadying her, she began to suck the engorged head. She licked the underside of the thick length before wrapping her lips around him. Slow and hard. Fast and light. She alternated between ministrations and just when Jackson thought he could predict what she would do next, she surprised him again.

She briefly looked up and saw Jackson’s head resting against the shower wall. His jaw clenched while he took deep, long breaths. He was in ecstasy and it was because of her.

She relaxed her muscles, and inhaled the full length of him until he hit the back of her throat. She withdrew from him and a loud hiss emitted from Jackson. “Shit, Liane,” he breathed.

“I want to taste your cum,” she stroked him with her hands, and took him back into her willing and hungry mouth. She wrapped her lips around him again, taking the full length of him, and Jackson lost control. She swallowed all of him, continuing to suck and stroke him until he stopped her.

He helped her stand up and promptly kissed her, tasting himself on her tongue. “You’re incredible, Lee.”

“I don’t necessarily like giving blow jobs but for some reason, you made me a believer.” She winked.

“I hope I can convince you to do other things,” He smiled.

“Maybe,” she smiled before she turned around to rinse off, “so what’s the game plan for today?”

Jackson grabbed the loofah and began to wash Liane. “You have a spy here.”

Liane laughed as Jackson scrubbed her body. “Oh really? A Double-O Seven is here?” When she was met with Jackson’s silence, she turned around. His cobalt blue eyes hardened. “Are you serious?”

“Someone spotted you with me and reported back. It’s still unclear if they followed you here or they just happened to see you. But your people know you’re here.”

Liane felt her heart almost pound out of her chest. Her people could mean her family, her colleagues, her boss, and her friends. “Who?”

Jackson almost didn’t want to say his name but he had no other choice. “Enzo,” his baritone echoed in the bathroom.

Liane felt relief. She also felt incredible anger. The lunch conversation she had with him just before she left started to make more sense. “I don’t understand…why would he—”

“Trust, it makes perfect sense,” Jackson felt his anger boiling and sharply exhaled to release the frustration. Enzo got what he wanted with Angela and now he was interfering with Liane’s life. That was a no-no in Jackson’s book. “I’m going to talk to him.”

“Jackson,” she warned, “I don’t want trouble.”

“You will have trouble regardless if you want it or not,” he countered, “I’m going to make sure you won’t have anymore of it from him.”

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#SexySunday: When Love Calls #fiction #kindle #nook #romance #ebook

Liane hated Cupid and wished she could sock him in the face.

It had been a long month since she’d last seen Jackson. Her bed was cold and empty; her soul, even more so.

As she studied the curious details about her face in the mirror, she didn’t have to wonder where the sudden light in her eyes came from. She smiled more and even on hard days working cases, she managed to think about the good in her life.

She had nice possessions – a pricey MacBook, two flat-screen TVs that adorned her walls, and a few pieces of jewelry that cost a small fortune. The way Jackson spoiled her when she saw him and paying attention to every detail to her needs, made Liane realize how much she’d been depriving herself all this time.

He fulfilled a need she never knew she had and in turn, she opened herself to him. They didn’t have long therapy sessions with boxes of Kleenex on deck, but they had an understanding about each other that couldn’t be matched with anyone else. Before Jackson, Liane never thought about dating someone less than her worth.

She met her equal and then some.

He was the reason why a woman getting a dickdown from a dangerous man was never in her best interest. She was sprung – painfully so – and being in a tabooed relationship didn’t help matters.

Flashbacks of how he kissed the nape of her neck while he drove into her from behind clouded her thoughts and Liane quickly shook them away. They were quickly replaced by how he licked her pearl, making it bounce on his tongue, and continued until she had multiple orgasms. Or when he stuck his fingers in her mouth as she rode him and he encouraged her orgasm with more words, thrusts, and actions. He played her body like a fine-tuned instrument, strumming along just to hear the right ‘oohs,’ ‘ahhs,’ and Jackson’s personal favorite, ‘fuck yes!’


Liane sighed as she leaned against the bathroom counter. You stupid bitch. She could not get involved with him. It was too risky. It was not going to be worth it. They were on opposite ends of law enforcement. Was Liane really going have Jackson around her family for Thanksgiving? Were they really going to trim the tree for Christmas? Was Jackson going to be a soccer coach for little kids?

None of that was going to happen – ever. She’d long accepted that notion and was okay with it. Now, she just needed to convince her heart to be okay with it.

Screw Cupid and his stupid little arrow.


When Love Calls will finally (seriously, this time!) be released in mid-December. Special Christmas price at 99 cents.