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Behind the Pen: S&M IV – They Call Her Sanora


When I started writing S&M, I really had no idea it’ll be a major serial. Sometimes I really don’t think that far ahead when I write a story. It occurred to me, I believe, when I was writing Vol. II, that there needed to be a Part IV.

I wanted to tell a story that was different from anything that was currently out and would be different from anything that would be out. No one can say the S&M serial is like anything else; there is no comparison. The story was purposely dramatic because in real life, there is drama – whether that drama involves you or another person. You are surrounded by it in some form. Dramas are often the highest-rated TV shows; people like to watch it.

It was that very idea that made me go, ‘I want to create a story where people could read this as if they’re watching it on TV.’ With that, the S&M serial was born. I wanted to create a hero that was different. A millionaire Dom? Been there, done that. A millionaire Dom who loves Black women? Hmm…intriguing but not original. A millionaire Dom who loves Black women, but has also experimented with his sexuality? A-ha! Bingo. Let’s face it – how many women are this excited about a straight man who once had a boyfriend?


A part of my creative process was to see how much I could get away with while a part of it was telling a story. I think my favorite comment has been, ‘Oh, I already know what’s going to happen in the next story’ to which I always reply, ‘Please tell me so I can stop writing it.’ (Some readers seem to be confused when I say that to them and always backtrack what they said shortly afterward. Funny how that works…). I’ve received a lot of flak, if you will, about how I was doing the serial. The most notable complaint was I shouldn’t have to do the books the way I did them – releasing one at a time. It’s easy for those to comment when they’re not the ones writing. They’re also not the ones releasing full-length books, and not novellas, one at a time. Please keep in mind, I did put out five S&M books all within a year. Can a sista have a break? LOL

S&M IV will be Sanora-based. It was important for her story to be told and how She became who She is. She’s this powerful and wealthy Mistress but really, how did She become that way? What was the moment where She went from being royalty and in the public eye, to being hidden and away from the cameras? And what is up with the fact She has to wear a wig and prosthetic nose when She’s out with Her husband? Obviously, he knows all about Her. What was that arrangement like? How did Dove and Aileen get involved? What do the submissives do when they’re not with Sanora? Do they have lives of their own?


If you’ve followed the story, you will see a pattern – Mariana’s story was I and II, Scott’s and Caprina’s story was Vol. I and II. It only makes sense for Sanora’s story to be Part IV. There are two S&M groups – those who love the story as a whole and those who are just in it for Scott & Mariana. Part IV is for the lovers of the serial. This is for y’all.

Sarah will have a redeeming quality in Part IV as well, but this post is about Sanora. Sarah will get her own post later.

As quite a few of you know, I’m a woman of my word. As I stated with the release of Where I Wanna Be, if you left a positive review of that book, you could either receive a free copy of S&M IV or the WIWB sequel, your choice. All you have to do is email me. (And don’t tell me your review name or what you said; I go by the honor system. If you lie to me, that’s between you and God.)

Quite a few are anxious for the final S&M IV. Well, so I am. It’ll be fun. I don’t know how long it’ll be but I imagine it’ll be epic.  If by chance, it’s quite big, the story will be broken up into two books and will be released at the same time.

Of course, I can’t leave this without sharing a snippet. As always, I’m available via e-mail –


“Can we stop by the pharmacy on the way back?” Mariana asked B. as they got into the car.

“Sure thing. Is everything okay?” He inquired.

Mariana knew the truth. Everything was not okay. Everything was pretty far from being okay. She wondered how Scott knew she was at the club. She didn’t see him or his friends. Security wouldn’t have recognized her. The servers didn’t know her. Yet, Scott knew she was there. He specifically knew she was in that particular bathroom. But that wasn’t the only thing that bothered her.

She still loved that man. She was still in love with that man. Her body missed him being inside her. Her heart fluttered when she saw him. And he felt the same way by the way he took her in the bathroom. Her back was still a little sore from being banged against the stall door. Her sex slightly contracted upon the thought of Scott. The worst part was the tight pull of her heart, yearning for him. “Um, yeah. I just need to pick up a prescription. That’s all. They’re open twenty-four hours so it’s good.”

“Okay, darling,” B. kissed Mariana’s hand. “Anything for you.”

B. drove to the nearest pharmacy and Mariana quickly got out of the car. She went straight to the pharmacy desk. “Yes, I was wondering if you have Plan B? Thank you.” Mariana cleared her throat. Plan B was an emergency contraceptive. She didn’t know what Scott’s game plan was but it was best she had one of her own. She didn’t want a fleeting moment of carelessness to result into something both she and Scott would regret. If she couldn’t be his wife, Mariana was not about to settle into being his baby mama.

(Makes you wonder exactly when did Mariana get pregnant if it wasn’t at the nightclub….)

And there you have it,


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Behind the Pen: Blow by Blow

notepadBlow by Blow was a story I was sitting on for a while now. Six years, to be exact. I started revising it back in 2009 and kept going back and forth with it, debating a couple of things: 1) if this was a book I really wanted to release and; 2) if I wanted to release this book under the Vera name. 

The thing about writing an escort/call girl story with a Black female lead is being prepared for the backlash of it and I’m positive I will receive plenty. That wasn’t the reason why I was sitting on the story for so long. The real reason is Blow by Blow is not a Pretty Woman-type of story, where after a while you forget homegirl was a hooker. It’s very clear throughout the story that Mariah, the main character, is a call girl and she doesn’t have any plans to give up her ‘career’ anytime soon. Not to mention there is plenty of graphic sex descriptions and profanity that could easily turn people off.

Still, I have never censored myself for the sake of making nice or ‘playing the game’. I think it’s a bit unfair to Black writers to always include positive images of Black women, without also showing the not-so positive images as well.  For every Michelle Obama, there are about fifteen Tami Romans (Vh-1’s Basketball Wives). And even when there is a positive image of a Black woman in a romance story, it seems we, the reader, are too busy picking her apart with a fine-tooth comb. But then, and you’re going to love this, we will also complain how she’s too perfect and has no flaws and blah blah blah…we can’t make up our minds if we want our heroines perfect or flawed and I wonder if that has to do with our own self-image with what we see when we look in the mirror than anything else. 

I figured by now in my short publishing career, you should know I don’t stray away from controversial topics. After all, this is the same girl wrote the hero using nigger bitch and nigger pussy in S&M III fantasy scenes and no one batted an eye to that. (Funny how the same people had an issue with a hero stepping out on his wife in Where I Wanna Be. I have to admit, that was very telling of people’s morals and what they will tolerate when I saw that.)

Anyway, back to Blow by Blow. It’s originally 70K words but I’m breaking it up into two stories, just to test the waters to see how it does. It’ll be priced at 99 cents. Yes, you’re getting a 35K word story for 99 cents. I say that’s pretty generous. 

In conclusion, if you decide to pick up the story, I hope you read it for what it’s worth: a romantic-comedy with a twist. Nothing more, nothing less. Mariah is not out to save the world. She’s not running for president. She’s not trying to become a doctor. She just wants to have sex and get paid while she’s at it. 

And there you have it, 


Bonus Blow by Blow snippet:

I placed small kisses on his dick because I know he probably likes the tease. His cock twitched at the feeling and Randall moaned a little. I licked my lips one last time, before I take the mushroom-tip inside my hot mouth, creating a sharp hiss from Randall. You like that, don’t you, motherfucker? Damn, I’m good.

I placed most of him—hence, I said most—into my mouth and let the sucking begin! Up and down I go and I add my hands to it, creating a twisting motion. I spit a few times to get him lubricated but I don’t make it obvious like those hoes do in those ghetto pornos.  It’s good so far. I’m sucking and he’s enjoying; we’re keeping pretty good company. But then he does the dreadful bullshit that knocked him off his Adonis status.


Oh no, he didn’t. I know he’s not trying to stumble through Sharon! I had the same problem with Mariah and now it’s with Sharon! Motherfucker! Now I need to get a new name. Suggestions, anyone?

But then Ran-asshole here decided he’s going to help me by placing his hand on my head like I need the assistance when I’m trying to suck. Just because my head is naturally bobbing up and down, it doesn’t mean I need your help, asshole. Why must guys feel the need they gotta push down our heads, anyway? Don’t they realize we’ll bite that shit off if they keep at it?

And to top it off, Randall here is a screamer. Oh Lord. I’m going to hear it from Aaron in a couple of hours.

Randall lost his mind and I continued to suck, damn near getting locked jaw because I’ve been down there for so long and then it happened – he exploded in my mouth. Wow. This is one really short date.  I always swallow and don’t think it’s because I prefer, neither. It’s in the contract. Yeah, believe that shit? Briana put in the fucking contract.

So I swallowed and climbed back to Randall. I laid beside him and gave him a moment to collect his thoughts. He’s all heavy-breathing and sweating like he just ran a damn marathon. He looked over at me and I giggled for him.

“Did you like that?” I smiled.

“Hell yes, I liked it,” Randall winked back, “give me ten minutes, though. I’m a little worn out.”

I’ve heard this before. Give me ten minutes, baby and I’ll tear you up.  Bull-motherfucking-shit. You ain’t going to tear a goddamn thing up, Limpy. You’re better off rolling over and calling it a night.

Reaching for the remote, I quickly find the Cartoon Network and begin watching cartoons. Hell, I gotta do something while Limpy’s taking a breather. Might as well enjoy Tom and Jerry.  


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Behind the Pen: The D’Amato Brothers series



When I got the idea for the D’Amato Brothers, I was inspired by a book I was reading, Dane by Liliana Hart (click the link, the book is free, btw). It’s the first book in the Mackenzie Brothers series. As I read the short novella, I wondered if there have ever been a book of brothers who loved Black women? And I don’t mean one or two, but a whole group? Like many of them?

Thus, the idea of the D’Amato Brothers was born.

Realistically, the series wouldn’t exist. Let’s face it – a group of five brothers who all love Black women? Let’s be real. However, it’s fantasy and in my fantasy, if I want five brothers to have Black life partners? Guess what? They’re going to.

Writing about five brothers is difficult. You have to keep them separate, keep them in chronological order (which even I get confused at times), and make sure they all have their unique identity. Nick is the more serious brother. Kieran is sensitive. Eli is Mr. Dependable (for the time being). Joey doesn’t want to be tied down to anyone. Tony, poor sweet Tony…his heart is in the right place but sometimes the things that come out of his mouth…

It’s also a challenge to make sure their stories, while connected to each other, are completely separate and stand-alone. You don’t have to read one book to understand the other, however, you might be confused by a few situations if you didn’t read the book(s) that came before it.

Since there are two books out, let’s talk about the two. Below is a copy and paste from earlier Behind the Pen Facebook postings so if they sound familiar, it’s because I’m too lazy to recreate the same thing.



From December 2012:

I think the biggest challenge in writing several stories is making sure those wonderful heroes are similar but not exactly like one another. The Nanny was a fun story to write because I actually got to write a guy who was sexually dominant, but not a Dom.

I was inspired by Melody Hobson, the vice-president of Ariel Investments (she’s also the lady friend of George Lucas) for Tiana’s character. I think as women, we have gone through a stage where who we are and wanted to be wasn’t “acceptable” in society’s eyes or worse yet, our parents’ view of what we should be. I wanted to show that even though Tiana had enormous support from her friends and Kieran’s family, she really wanted her parents to approve and be happy for her. The one scene where she has a Come-to-Jesus meeting with her mother is indicative of that.

Kieran’s character was a nice change from the alpha males I’ve written in the past. He’s sensitive but he’s not a punk, and he will walk away from a situation if need be. I also wanted to show that the devastation from his first marriage still played a role in all of his relationships and his personality, forcing him to not have anyone get too close to him. As Zoe mentioned to Kieran, “It’s okay to fall in love.”

The love scenes between Kieran and Tiana (both real and fantasy) were very different from anything I’ve written before as some of you may have noticed because they were more sensual than erotic. I wanted to show that while the love scenes were pretty hot, there was more to it than just two people in lust with each other just ‘doing it.’ I wanted to show Tiana was getting rid of her judgmental past, her divorce, and being free while Kieran was welcoming the possibility of a new and wonderful relationship.

I’m shocked, still, by the response of The Nanny. It’s been my most successful single-title to date and I’m just floored by the response. I took a huge, huge risk by writing a couple who aren’t the typical hero/heroine and it paid off. I sincerely thank all of you for your ridiculously wonderful support of me and The Nanny.

to love - web

From February 2013:

Scott and Mariana v. Nick and Zerrin.

The biggest challenge in writing a new BDSM story with different characters will be the comparisons to S&M, which has a pretty strong following. And when people read about Nick and Zerrin, there are similarities to Scott and Mariana: a D/s interracial relationship, the hero being rich/wealthy, the Black female submissive, the off-the-chain sex.

I will say, however, that’s when the comparisons will stop.

The biggest difference readers will find when they read Nick’s and Zerrin’s story is how ‘grown up’ their story is. And when I mean ‘grown up’, I don’t mean boring. If anything, their story has its fair share of drama. But you will see two people, both in academia, and probably an unlikely pairing to begin with, come together in a way that tests them both – Zerrin was looking for a Dom to cultivate her and Nick was exploring the possibility of being in a relationship.

Zerrin is also different from Mariana: she has a little more world experience. She’s traveled, she’s in grad school, and she also has prior experience in being a submissive. You will get to see more of Zerrin’s thoughts as she will have a diary and written assignments.

Nick is different from Scott mainly because of their professions and income level – Scott is ridiculously wealthy (at least for the time being) and Nick is considered to be rich, even though he doesn’t like to think of himself that way. Nick is a little more intense than Scott, if that’s even possible. Readers will see that when they read the submissive training Zerrin goes through in order to submit to Nick.

Nick chooses not to be in a relationship because he takes academia very seriously. It’s not that he’s been scorned or doesn’t like relationships; if anything, he’s open to the idea of being in a relationship and starting a family. But he also feels he would rather teach the perfect class than have the perfect woman.

The readers will also discover when they see how Nick is a Dom, is how similar he is to Scott. And that’s because they were trained by the same Domme. 🙂


Soon, within the next couple of weeks, I will host the first-ever chat regarding The Nanny on the Facebook page. I will have reminders leading up to it but mark your calendars for the May 5th Facebook chat date.  Per the announcement last week on Facebook, I’ll be on ‘vacation’ for a while as I recover from upcoming surgery. As of now, I cannot give a release date for any books that will come out after Where I Wanna Be (which will be out soon, I promise) because I don’t know how long my recovery will take. 

And there you have it,


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Behind the Pen: Til Tomorrow

Hello Everyone,

In between writing the S&M books, I have managed to finally write others and will be releasing them pretty soon, starting with one in the next couple of weeks. I thought about delaying it to June but why wait?

This story is different from other short novellas I have written for it’s a romance story. Not erotic romance, not erotica. Yeah. So you won’t see cock, pussy, and other explicit euphemisms in this story. There’s no particular reason why I decided to write a romance story. I just wanted to do something different and something that no BDSM in it. I also wanted to expand my readership and show other people that while I’m mostly known for erotica/erotic romance and the ridiculously successful S&M books, there’s more to Vera.

Enter Til Tomorrow….

Til Tomorrow, as a few of you may recognize, is a reboot from an old story I wrote a while ago. I kept the same premise (Broadway star dates professional wrestler) but changed the names and other details. I also had to rewrite the story quite a bit. After all, I wrote the story six years ago.

Anyhoo, enough babbling…here’s a snippet of the sweet and sensual story:

Julian stood out on the balcony and admired the view of Central Park from Abigail’s apartment. Her apartment had sweeping views of the city and was in a relatively quiet area. “Beautiful view, Gayla,” he complimented.

“When I saw this place, I had to get it despite it costing an arm and a leg,” she replied as she fixed dinner, “my parents were generous enough to give me money for a down payment but the rest is up to me.”

“I didn’t know Broadway stars make this much,” Julian looked around at Abigail’s apartment. It had high-ceilings, a comfortably sized kitchen, and hardwood floors. African statutes flanked the large flat-screen TV. African-American artwork hung on her walls. There were a few pictures of family and friends throughout the living and dining room areas.  Abigail’s apartment was nicer than his house.

“I’m pretty frugal with my money,” Abigail set out dinner. “But I occasionally splurge here and there. Dinner’s ready.”

Julian sat down at the table and admired the pasta dish in front of him. “And you cook as well,” he was impressed, “I’m starting to wonder what’s wrong with you.”

“I’m not perfect,” Abigail sat across from Julian, “I just pretend to be when I hit the stage. Now give me your hand. There’s prayer in this house.”

Over dinner, the pair got to know each other on an intimate level, sharing stories of their professions and respective childhoods. Julian realized how much he had in common with Abigail while she was impressed by how knowledgeable the gentle giant was about current events. He finally put the rumor to rest that not all jocks were stupid.

“It’s getting late,” Abigail glanced at the clock on her cable box. It was already 10 PM. “You should probably be heading back to the hotel now. I’m sure you have a big day tomorrow.”

Truth was Julian didn’t have any plans the next day. He wanted to stay longer but he also knew his boundaries with the young beauty. “You’re right. I do need to get going.” He got up and put his chair in. “Thank you for the wonderful evening, Gayla.”

Abigail already loved her new nickname. She hoped Julian was going to make a move on her. She had been used to other men coming up with creative ways to get into her pants, she felt silly to expect the same from Julian. He treated her with kindness and respect. It was treatment she had to convince herself it was normal. “Thank you for coming over on such short notice,” she stood up and led him to the front door, “I hope we can see each other soon again.”

Julian stopped by the door. He softly caressed Abigail’s cheek and pulled her face close to his. “I think we will.” He kissed her forehead. “We’ll be in touch.” He left her apartment.

Abigail watched Julian walk down the long corridor to the elevators. She re-entered her apartment and closed the door behind her. She chuckled as she thought about the possible romance. “Broadway star dates professional wrestler…” She thought aloud. “No one would ever believe that. Hell, I don’t believe that.

She walked back to the dining room area and saw that Julian left his dinner jacket. “Crap! Maybe I can still catch him!” She grabbed his jacket and rushed to her front door. “Juli…”

“Yes?” Julian stood at the entryway. His eyes were smiling and he was wearing a sexy smirk.

“Um…” She breathed as their lips were inches from each other. “You forgot your jacket…”

Julian grabbed Abigail by her waist and pulled her close to his body. Her lips tasted like heaven and sweet wine.  They were warm, confident and welcoming. The heat between their bodies rose as their lips melted and their tongues danced.  “That’s not the only thing I forgot…” He led her back inside.

Their clothing magically disappeared from their bodies as their lips explored each other. Julian picked Abigail up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid beside her and looked into her eyes as his fingers carefully touched her body. Her breasts were small but felt perfect in his hands.  He gently squeezed them before dipping his head to savor and explore them. The tiny buds rolled around his tongue and became harder by the second.

Abigail closed her eyes and let Julian’s mouth and fingers assault her body. She had never felt a need, a longing like this before him. A wanton need took over Abigail’s being and she no longer wanted Julian. She craved him. She desired him. She wanted to be underneath him.


Release date will be announced soon.

And there you have it,


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Behind the Pen: Making of Dear Diary

I’m starting a new series on the Intoxication called Behind the Pen (heavily borrowed from Behind the Music). Sometimes people ask me how I come up with ideas for books or storylines and I like to show you a little (just a little or I’ll frighten you) what was going on in my brain when I came up with a certain book.

We’re going to take a look at Dear Diary. It’s about a woman who shares with her diary, her encounter with a famous actor because no one else would believe her if she told them. I got the idea from several places: a gossip message board I regularly visit, a TV show, a previous encounter, and well, just my weird brain. It seems to work out pretty well, I think.

I chose to write the short in first-person because I wanted the reader to experience what the main character, Renee, is thinking and feeling when she meets up with certain A-list celebrity actor/musician, Clay. She’s not giddy, even though she acts like on the inside. Instead, she’s in a perpetual state of ‘WTF?’, which I felt was more reasonable and believable. If your favorite celebrity asked you out on a date, how would you react? 

So I needed an alpha male as Clay. I described a Black male, tale, chocolately, and just oh-so-wonderful. The more I wrote, the more I thought about I was actually describing this guy:

Lawd have mercy…

I’ve always had a crush on Idris Elba  since me and Mr. K. had become big fans of The Wire. And then we saw him on Luther, and it just solidified my little girl crush on him. Of course, he was an inspiration for the actor, Clay, in Dear Diary (brownie points if you can figure out the connection between the character name and Idris).

Another part of this story is an encounter I had years ago with a certain WWE wrestler. No, I didn’t sleep with him but he very politely propositioned me. Come to think of it, if I didn’t have company with me at the time, I probably would’ve jumped on him and rode him into the sunset. I still think of said wrestler very fondly even though I no longer look at him as a piece of cock (well, maybe I still do…)

So that’s pretty much it. Not as convoluted as one would expect. I’m pretty simple when it comes to characters.

And there you have it,