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#TeaserTuesday: A Boy is a Gun (Finesse Series) #amazon #irromance #contemporaryromance #newadultromance


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him. 

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and so do I. 

To protect my sanity, I had to break free from him finally. But now the question is, for how long? 


Cameron pulls his chair over to me and has me sit on his lap, facing him as he feeds me. I feel every inch of him pressing against me, but he’s not aroused yet. We’re so intimate, and shame on me for wearing yoga pants instead of a skirt. 

I swallow the fruit tart and feed Cameron one. His face is euphoric as he takes a bite. His face is the same look as he enters inside me every time. “How do you know Ayesha?” 

“I didn’t. She came as a recommendation from Tesh. I trust Tesh more than anyone, so I didn’t question it.” He takes a bite of the cream puff with hazelnut. “She lives in another guest house on the property. She also likes her own space, but she and Tesh often hang out. They’re best friends.”

There’s a closeness in Cameron’s home that cannot be unmatched. Everyone gets along, and they have a close kinship outside Cameron. I imagine it’s just the way he wants it. “Everyone’s family here,” I mention, and Cameron nods.

“You’re still young, but you’ll understand that sometimes family isn’t who you’re related to, but who has your back no matter what.” His voice is low and sexy, though I know that wasn’t his intention. “Some people will be down with you forever, and some will be down with you because they benefit in some way.” He feeds me another tart. “But family will never turn their backs on you, and family will never sell you to the highest bidder.”

I can’t help but think of the apparent contrast between his street family and his blood family. I don’t doubt Eric and Heather love Cameron, but it’s a little different when the son can give them a lifestyle they could only dream of. “Is that why you’re still loyal to your parents even though they’re questionable?” I carefully ask, and he nods. 

“I don’t like what they stand for, and sometimes, I’m not entirely sure I like them. But they are my parents. My mom sometimes gets on my nerves with her bullshit, but she does mean well. My father drives me crazy with his antics, but if I need him, he’s there.” He takes a breath before he continues. “It’s like what you and Laurie had before you two made up. You didn’t hate her, but it took time to say you loved her.” 

The last few days I spent with my mother seemingly made up for all the years she was gone. We got incredibly close in just a few weeks; it was like we had always been that close. 

And just as quickly, she was permanently gone. “But you love your parents.”

Cameron winks at me. “At times.” He feeds me a cream puff. “You like that, baby?” He studies my face and watches my reaction. “How does that taste?”

“Delicious,” I moan. Fuck. Cam may not be aroused, but I sure am. I squirm a little on his lap, trying not to make it too obvious, and he holds me steady with a free hand. His cock hardens, and I don’t doubt this is about to be a quick dessert.

“Good,” he feeds me the Jamaica rum cake. His lips trail my jawline, and his free hand goes up my shirt and rubs my back. He leaves a trail of kisses down my neck and gently sucks on it. “I want to make you feel good.” 

I grab the back of his head and give him more access to my neck. I know Hayley is going to tease me about the hickey. “Is this about food, still?” 

He smiles back with a wink. “Maybe.” 

I look around to see his bodyguards posted. They turned their backs to give us privacy like they had all night. I’m sure they’re also scoping out for any potential threats. I wouldn’t mind being a little freaky with my man in public, but the underlying thought is making my coochie dry. “Here? With them?”

“They will not watch, and no one else will see this but us.” He pulls my shirt off. “Now that we’ve had dessert, I’m in the mood for something more.” 

Before I could protest, Cameron covered my lips with his, and our tongues tangled. My mouth yields to his, and let him take control as he has for the duration of our relationship. 

I feel many emotions: vulnerability, eagerness, and arousal. Cameron’s lips are soft, yet demanding. I’m lost within him, yet I still have all of my faculties. Now, I don’t even care about the guards or the cameras. I want Cameron. 

I press my body against him, wanting more, and Cameron chuckles at me. “My angel is anxious,” he teases. “Be a good girl and take your panties off.” 

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  1. So I finished book 4 it was fantastic I don’t want to seem greedy but how many more books are in this series and when does book 5 drops ??????!!!!!!

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    1. Just one more! And it’ll be out next month. That’ll be the conclusion and happy ending to it all. 🙂

      I know some readers wanted a prequel, but I’m still undecided.

      1. Thanks this series has me on the edge of my seat and can I add I’m soooo tired of big momma😂😂😂

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