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A Boy is a Gun (Part I) is LIVE! #kindle #amazon #smashwords #hoodnovel #interracialromance

And it’s LIVE: (not available on Kindle Unlimited since this is a wide release):


The devil didn’t drag me to hell; I willingly went with him.

Being the baby mama of Atlanta’s notorious drug lord comes with unexpected perks. I’m protected at all times, and I have a nanny at my disposal so I can run my coffee shop. The other apparent setback, Cameron, aka Finesse, always has a target on his back, and so do I.

To protect my sanity, I had to break free from him finally. But now the question is, for how long?



“Ethan is a longtime family friend, Cam. He practically raised me alongside my dad. They were best friends. He went to every game and every performance, gave me a police escort on prom night, and was there at my graduation. He gave me money for my college graduation. He’s like another uncle to me. I can’t just turn my back on him.”

“I’m not asking you to,” Cameron eats another bite of cheese. “I’m telling you, your uncle ruined one of the best days of our lives because he wanted to get me in handcuffs in any way possible, and there’s a price to pay when you’re wrong.”

The question is on the tip of my tongue and my heart. I know Cameron is capable of anything, but I have to know for sure. I have to know for my sanity. “Are you going to kill him?”

“That’s not a question you ask, angel,” Cameron locks eyes with me, “it’s also not a question I would answer.”

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