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#WIPWednesday: Tesoro Mio

This is the continuation of a short story I posted on Medium, featuring many reader’s favorite couple – Nick and Zerrin.


She knew Nick D’Amato. She did not know Saint Nick.

When Zerrin Campbell-D’Amato discovered an illicit secret about her husband, she doesn’t feel jealous or betrayed. Instead, she feels intense arousal. She also knows her husband is reluctant to fulfill a new request unless she asked.

Professor Nick D’Amato is renowned as Saint Nick, one of the best Doms in the world. He’d trained many submissive and Doms and was well-respected. When his wife finds out a secret of His, He wonders if she could really handle everything she asks for.

Did Zerrin bite off more than she could chew? Can Nick treat her like He has with His other submissives?

Tesoro Mio is an erotic novella; a continuation of To Love and Obey. It’s about trust, love, and the Dom/sub dynamic.

Unedited snippet:

“I never tried it with you, Zerrin, because I didn’t think you would like it. It has nothing to do with some weird Madonna-whore complex you think I might have.” He clarified and Zerrin raised a brow. “I didn’t do it simply because I didn’t think you would be able to handle what I wanted to do.”

Zerrin was annoyed; pissed-off, even. Everything her husband, her Dom, wanted her to do, she did without hesitation. Now He questioned if she was really about that life? “Sir, I allowed You to use knives on me. I allowed you, Sir, to mummify me to the point I couldn’t even walk. Now, you’re questioning if I would’ve been able to handle a little violence?”

“It’s different, tesoro, and we both know this.” His voice was firm, but soft. “It’s different when I order you to do a bootblacking session for a fellow Dom. It’s another different ballgame if I want to use a rose vibrator on you while you’re being choked.” 

To read an extended snippet, click here.

Tesoro Mio will be out later this month.


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