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And it’s LIVE! Hurricane! #kindleunlimited #ebook


Home is where one starts from. And sometimes, it’s where one ends. 

Hunter Calhoun is the antithesis of his father, Foster, an old-school cowboy with old-school ways. When Foster died and made Hunter and a co-executor in charge of the family ranch, Hunter had to reassess what home actually meant to him. 

Larissa “Lari” Belvedere has seen her fair share of cowboys, ranchers, and city slicking-know-it-all. When her mentor/surrogate father left her in charge of the family ranch along with his eldest son, it made her wonder if there was still a spot at the place she’s called home for years. 

Worlds collide and sparks fly when Larissa and Hunter realize they are each other’s definition of home, even if they don’t realize it. 

Hurricane is an erotic romance novella about death, forgiveness, and moving on. 


“In case if you haven’t read the will, we’ve been ordered to run Silverlake together. It’s in our best interest to get past the uncomfortableness of the other day and work together as a cohesive unit.” Larissa chuckled and Hunter’s faced hardened. “Did I say something funny?”

“You’re not giving up Malibu to live in Montana,” she shook her head. “I don’t know why you even entertained that idea. You know you won’t give up living next to the Pacific and your fancy neighbors to shovel horse shit and get back down to basics. There’s no pretentiousness here, Hunter, in case you’re confused. The nearest Starbucks to get your soy latte with light foam is in the next town over and that’s a good 30-minute drive. To get better sushi, go even farther.” Her voice was flat. “And you didn’t give two rat’s ass about our business until you did your research and suddenly you were all about the Benjamins, weren’t you?” Larissa leaned in. “So, what’s your offer, Hunter?”

She was so close to him, he could smell the floral notes of her perfume. He focused on the outline of her full lips and imagined how they would feel wrapped around his cock. Hunter blinked the fantasy out of his head. “I’m staying. I don’t know for how long, but I’m staying long enough to understand how the ranch operates, how the Sweetness brand is run, and what our family has to do with it. And also, because Lari…” Her eyes narrowed at him. “… that is what my father wanted. He stated that in the will and I’m going to honor his wishes regardless of what the hell you think of me.” The food arrived, and both pulled back for the server set the plates down. “So, it would behoove both of us if we were on the same page and actually try to get along.” He leaned in again. “Do not make this harder than what it is, Lari.”

Every time Hunter said her name, there was a disgust that came with it. If he was going to call her by her nickname, she had no choice but to accept how he was going to, despite how much of a disrespectful prick he was. 

Hunter was going to get under her skin one way or another and Larissa was more than ready for the challenge. “Fuck you.”

“In due time,” Hunter promised with a slight smirk, “I’ll lick your pussy so good you won’t stop creaming all over my tongue.” Larissa gasped with widened eyes as Hunter sliced his steak and took a bite. “Don’t drool over your meal. It won’t taste good like that.” 

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