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New short release – Hurricane!

As I’m writing Finesse #4 (there will be five books total in that one), I decided to release a series of shorter works in the meantime.

I posted a snippet of this book on Medium (click here), and the extended snippet is on wattpad (click here). So, here’s the blurb and a sexier snippet here:


Home is where one starts from. And sometimes, it’s where one ends. 

Hunter Calhoun is the antithesis of his father, Foster, an old-school cowboy with old-school ways. When Foster died and made Hunter and a co-executor in charge of the family ranch, Hunter had to reassess what home actually meant to him. 

Larissa “Lari” Belvedere has seen her fair share of cowboys, ranchers, and city slicking-know-it-all. When her mentor/surrogate father left her in charge of the family ranch along with his eldest son, it made her wonder if there was still a spot at the place she’s called home for years. 

Worlds collide and sparks fly when Larissa and Hunter realize they are each other’s definition of home, even if they don’t realize it. 

Hurricane is an erotic romance novella about death, forgiveness, and moving on. 


Being the CEO of a very successful brand had its challenges. There were no more than thirty different types of honey on the market and Larissa always had to justify why anyone should shell out money for her premium honey. Why was hers so different from the store-bought ones? Why was hers better than the other organic brands? 

More often than not, she was challenged. Competitors thought she was overhyped. Partners wanted her to be nicer in the boardroom. No one could believe everything was her idea and not Foster’s.

Larissa was bored with all of it.

She’d spent most of her life proving people wrong to the point it was a regular pastime for her. Dare she thought, she also spent time proving Hunter wrong. 

Still, she loved the way he made her feel. She didn’t know the stark difference between being wanted and needed until him. Did she want him? Of course. But did she need him? Even Larissa couldn’t deny that.

She’d plenty of money to walk away and not look back. She chose not to. She loved Silverlake too much. Furthermore, she wanted to see where everything would go with Hunter. Could they stay professional, even if things didn’t work out? Or would he leave the first moment things became too hot? 

“May I bother you?” Hunter asked as she turned around. He stepped out into the balcony with a glass of wine and a bottle in his hand. “You were just too damn beautiful to be here alone and I wanted to interrupt you.”

“By all means.” Larissa watched him take her glass and refill it as he poured one of his own. “How was your day, baby?”

The way she said baby made Hunter’s cock twitch. Sultry, smoky, and breathless. “It was…” He clinked glasses with her. “…an adventure. I’ll meet with Savior in the morning about my role in the firm. I’m prepared to give up everything if I have to.” 

The news surprised Larissa. Hunter didn’t seem like the type to give up a career so easily. “Really? I thought you loved being a lawyer, Hunter?” She scrunched her forehead. “What about the families involved and other cases?”

“I do love being a lawyer. I’ll still handle their cases, but I wouldn’t take on new ones.” He revealed. He leaned over the balcony and breathed in the salty air. He would miss it but not as much as he already missed the quietness and peace Lockridge gave him. “But the ranch is my home. It’s my life. Working alongside you at Silverlake and learning about Sweetness did something to me. It made me realize there’s more to life than just paperwork and lawsuits.” He curled a lock of her hair behind her left ear and Larissa kissed his inner wrist. “I just…I need to be with you, Larissa.” 

“I’m not a California-type of girl, Hunter.” She replied, her voice was soft. “I came from here, but this is not me anymore. It’s fun to visit but that’s all I’ll do.” 

Hunter felt his heart about to leap from his chest. “I don’t mind that all.” 

“You’re going to give up this home?” She looked towards the mansion. It was three stories tall with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Every room had a different theme but it was aligned with the home. “It’s a beautiful home, Hunter.”

“I can rent it out or keep it for vacations.” He stepped closer to her. He put their wine glasses down on the table and turned his attention back to her. “I just want to be with you in Montana.” He eyeballed Larissa’s hair. “I never asked this because it’s truly none of my damn business, but it is okay I yank your hair tonight?”

Larissa’s eyes widened as pleasure hummed underneath her skin. A carnal need took over, making her grab Hunter by his neck and kissed him hard. He returned the favor by picking up Larissa and carrying her inside to the living room and laying her down on the sofa. He reached up her dress and pulled down her panties, tossing them over his shoulder. 

He looked down at Larissa and saw how beautiful she looked, spread out just for him. Her pussy had a light covering of hair. The folds were nice, slick, and tight. He reached up and unbuttoned the yellow sundress, exposing her full breasts, and he unclasped the bra. They fell right into his hands. 

Larissa let out a soft moan when she felt Hunter’s mouth cover one breast and then the other. Her body tingled with anticipation when she felt his hand crawl down to her sex and played with her budding clit. She gasped at the invasion of one finger inserted, then another.

“So fucking tight for me,” Hunter moaned before he sucked on Larissa’s neck, “so unbelievably tight.” He fingered her softly. “Did you want to feel my cock inside there, baby?”

Oh, fuck!” Larissa moaned as her body writhed underneath him. It was a pleasure she’d never felt before, and her mind was on overload.

“Is that a yes?” Hunter inserted another finger as his thumb massaged her clit. “I need a yes, baby.”

Ohmygod!” Larissa arched her body off the sofa. The orgasm seized her body before she could even get a response out. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. Damn that man and his fingers. 

“I take it as a yes,” Hunter chuckled and turned her over. He flipped her dress over her ass and quickly undid his slacks, pulling out his hardened cock. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet slit before he slid inside. Her pussy gripped so tight, so warm. “Fuck, Larissa…” 

Hurricane will be exclusive on Kindle Unlimited for a short run before made available everywhere else.


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