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News You Can Use

Hello Everyone!

I would say Happy 2022, but it’s already on that bullshit. So, I will say, I hope your 2022 is wonderful and prosperous.

I had a rather difficult 2021. I’ve always been a private person so I won’t divulge what it was, but it was very tough year. But now things maybe on the up and up so now, let’s get into it.

Short stories:

I started writing short stories again and it’s been hella fun. For now, I’m releasing them on Medium (click the link to view). Just something to do as I write the longer stories.

Scott & Mariana:

After a long hiatus, this couple is coming back and nastier than ever. A lot of current events will be worked into the story such as race relations, social justice, and BDSM with the Master/sub dynamic. It’ll be explosive.

This series will be wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

State of Affairs:

Briana Gooding is finally coming back this year. She was supposed to out last year but offline issues prevented that. Expect this series to be racially-charged, sexy, and full of surprises.

This series will be wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

D’Amato Brothers:

Tony/Krista: They will not have a full conclusion. I attempted to give them a book – Stay With Me – that was going to be the first part of a two-part series. I wanted to explore Krista’s background and how she came to be how she was and then, I wanted to explore the changes of sudden motherhood did for her in the follow-up. Well, my plans were great but the execution, not so much, lmao. That book didn’t do well at all. At all. So, they won’t have a legitimate story conclusion.

Faith/Eli: I only plan to have one more book of this couple. I’ve been told by a few readers my books are too long (not sure what that means since other authors write much longer works but it is what it is), so I’m breaking up Faith and Eli into smaller novellas, short stories. The good news with that is the stories will come out much quicker and they’ll be in succession, meaning you can’t really read one without reading what came before it.

The bad news: they’ll cost more and no, they will not start at 99 cents.

The Faith/Eli books will be available wide and not exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.


I fixed the issue with Book 2 (the wrong manuscript was uploaded so it’s all good now). The short story novella I just released – Run This Town – is doing so-so. I’ll have to wait and see if it picks up. If it does, A Boy is A Gun will come out as scheduled this spring. If it doesn’t, it stops at Run This Town. I’m okay with that.

New couples/new stories:

I have a lot of new stories coming out. A lot of it will not be as hardcore as some of the others. Think The Nanny, think the Breakaway series. I’m very excited about these super brand-new characters.

That is all. I hope you all are doing wonderful and great.




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