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Scott and Mariana turns 10!

It’s so crazy to think back at 10 years ago where I was in my writing career. I was literally just starting and S&M was the second book I put out.

I couldn’t have predicted the mind-blowing success of the series and I decided it was time to introduce one of my favorite couples to everyone.

So, for the rest of the year, Scott and Mariana will be on Kindle Unlimited exclusively.

Yes, for the rest of the year.

All of the books.

All of them.

I hope you enjoy reading Scott Reed and Mariana Harlow. Thank you all for your support! xoxoxo


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One thought on “Scott and Mariana turns 10!

  1. 10 YRS??? TIME FLIES!!! Congratulations on the longevity not only of S&M but everything. I always look forward to your books and am never dissatisfied. Too bad I have all their books but to anyone who doesn’t take a weekend and download them all on KU… they are the bomb!

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