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#SundaySnippet: Why Don’t We?

It just occurred to me I haven’t posted on here since March! yikes! I’m sorry about that. I’ll be more frequent from this moment on.

Anyway, I released a new short story last week. It’s a two-parter, but no cliffhangers. And it’s only 99 cents! I hope you enjoy! xoxoxo


When you wish upon a star…

Kaitlyn Dixon knows fairytales only exist in Disney movies and her life is far from one. She’s one of the nation’s most ruthless divorce attorneys, bringing financial justice to her clients. The only wishing Kaitlyn hears about is how her opposition wishes she were dead. 

Domenico “Nico” Torres is one of the wealthiest Las Vegas casino magnates who always gets his way. Coming from a long line of an organized crime family, Nico wishes his opposition wouldn’t make his life so hard with their threats.

When their worlds collide, it’s more than just wealth and reputation at stake. Will Kaitlyn realize her dream man comes in the form of a ruthless executive? 

Why Don’t We… is an erotic novella and is part of the Torres Crime family series. 


Pleasure vibrated through Kaitlyn as hunger and desire reached a fever pitch within her. Nico teased her, taunted her with his tongue, then his fingers, before sucking on her swollen clit. Her legs shook and her mouth screamed with pleasure while her body violently quaked under Nico, climaxing. 

Kaitlyn shook her head and tried to get a bearing on her senses before she opened her eyes again. She saw Nico naked from the waist down. He produced a condom seemingly out of nowhere, and sheathed his long, thick cock with it. 

Without warning, he sharply entered Kaitlyn, and she gasped. Her pussy quivered along the thickness of his cock, and her thighs shook. He held her hips with his powerful hands and rocked into her with fast strokes. 

Kaitlyn struggled to accommodate Nico. He was too thick, too long for her to handle. There was searing pain. There was undeniable pleasure. He didn’t make love to her, and it wasn’t what she wanted, anyway. Kaitlyn wanted to be fucked, to be owned by him. 

He moved faster inside of her, reaching up to squeeze a breast while the other hand held her legs open. He pushed more inside of her, almost through her, and didn’t relent with any strokes. 

Kaitlyn opened her eyes and saw the pleasure on Nico’s face. His eyes were closed and his head was slightly tilted back. His body glistened with sweat and his lips were pursed together. He was in ecstasy, and she was the reason behind it. 

Their eyes met when Nico opened his and neither was prepared for the emotions that followed. The connection was raw, ethereal, and deep. Their walls were suddenly coming down, brick by brick, as they gave into each other. 

It was emotions Kaitlyn had never felt with anyone before, yet they felt like she needed to guard them. She needed to protect herself. She strangely felt she needed to protect Nico. He saved her life and now she needed to save his. 

Kaitlyn closed her eyes again and braced for another climax. She gripped Nico’s arms, digging her nails into his skin as her body shook beneath him yet again. Nico continued to thrust inside her until he reached a climax of his own. 

He collapsed on top of Kaitlyn as his cock jerked inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and stroke his hair. His body trembled, and Kaitlyn knew it wasn’t because he was cold. 

He was just as scared as she was about what was happening between them.

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