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I took over my Daddy’s coffee shop after he died and thought everything ran smoothly. That was, until the new owners decided to jack up my rent at an unbearable cost.

Just when I was about to close down the shops and let go of the employees, I received numerous checks to keep me afloat. Everything was going well until he showed up.

After I cashed the checks, he demanded the payment in full as he reminded me what he signed on the memos:

The first one: You.

The second one: Belong.

The third one: To.

The last and final one: Me.

I knew my guardian angel wasn’t that generous without some invisible and thick strings attached. He doesn’t want money; he wants me. Unless I have something to say about it, he will have me.

Unedited Snippet:

Cameron never told me exactly what he did for a living, but I naturally assumed all of the money he spent was just he making withdrawals from his Daddy’s bank account. One night we were out at a club, living it up, and a fight broke out between Cam’s group and another.

Shots were fired and I ducked. People screamed and ran out of the club. I hid under a table. When I managed to look up, I saw Cam pointing a loaded gun at a man’s face and he cocked it back.

It wasn’t any ordinary man; he was someone who simply went by Lexus, and at the time, he was the most ruthless drug lord in the city. He controlled all of West Highlands, Carey Park, Grove Park, and Center Hill. It was rumored he was making his way towards Bankhead.

Lexus dressed just as nice as the car he took his name after. I never saw him looking like a regular dude. He was always fitted in Timbs, dark jeans, and a tight shirt that outlined his muscular body. He also had a perm on his head that was laid just right.

He was a charming man and that was why no one would believe he could take out an entire family and not even blink an eye. He was admired and feared at the same time. He was also taunting Cameron with his beautiful smile and calm demeanor.

“You ain’t got the balls to do it, white boy.” He sneered.

Cameron smiled. “Funny you say that.” He pointed the gun to Lexus’s crotch and fired off a round. “Neither do you.” As Lexus crouched over in pain, Cameron squatted in front of him. “Every rock, every benzo, every zanie, I’m getting fifty percent of.” His voice was calm as if he were telling someone what time it was. “If I’m short-changed even just by ten cents, your baby girl is going to be an orphan.” He got up and motioned his boys over to Lexus, and they dragged him out.

I stayed hidden under a table, paralyzed. That’s what Cam was doing? He was the son of a Senator! Why in the hell did he need to get caught up in the drug game? I swear rich white boys and their boredom is a thing to behold.

Cameron looked around and didn’t see me before he hurriedly left. “Where’s Tay?” He shouted to someone.

“I don’t know.” I recognize the voice as Cameron’s best friend, Messiah. He was a milk chocolate brotha who looked like he belonged more on a basketball court than running a drug operation. “I haven’t seen her.”

“Find her.” Cameron barked.

I heard silence and then the sirens. I quickly escaped through a back entrance and took the long way home back to my apartment.

I’m dating a drug dealer. A freaking drug dealer. Actually, no, I’m not dating a drug dealer. A drug dealer would stand by a corner and hustle rock. I’m dating a drug lord and that’s a special type of dangerous.

Who knows what connects Cameron has all over the world? I kept hearing hushed murmurs about Colombia and Mexico, but I didn’t think Cameron was a part of that. Then again, I didn’t know what Cameron’s association was up until a minute ago.

The type of man who has pursued me in the past and the type of man I never gave two thoughts about, I was currently in love with. I want no parts of that lifestyle. I want no parts of him.

And now that I’ve seen what Cameron was capable of, how could I break up with him without the thought of him possibly killing me? My daddy owns a coffee shop; will Cameron and his boys make my daddy’s business a new target?

As I turned the corner and headed home, I wouldn’t have to wait for my answer.  Right there in front of me, leaning on the side of his slick BMW, was Cameron.

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