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#TuesdayTeaser: Scott & Mariana V


When you wish upon a star…

Mariana Harlow knows her situation isn’t a great one. She’s with a great man, but pregnant with her ex’s baby. She is also is working for her ex again. The two promised to be co-parents and professional, but why does that feel like one big ol’ lie?

Scott Reed really messed up with his relationship with Mariana and hopes to hell he can fix it before it’s too late. Until they’re able to see eye-to-eye, His submissive, Dove, will just have to do.

Sanora has plotted her revenge on supermodel Caprina Waters for a long time. But her desire turned into an obsession. Could her senator husband, Jay Edwards, help her before she wrecks havoc?

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Even if you have to kill someone for them.

S&M is a BDSM interracial love journey that deals with romance, murder, revenge, and second chances. It is the fifth part to the S&M series and a prequel to The Ex-Factor.



“That’s all I have for you now.” Chris gave Mariana that sympathy gaze she hated. “So, that’s all kiddo.”

“No, that’s not all kiddo,” Mariana lamented. “Why am I only working on yogurt and cat shit sand? I had major companies I worked on before…” She took a breather. Before she lost everything and had no idea who she was anymore. “…I had major clients I was in contact with.”

“And those have been reassigned. They understood and they’re working with your colleagues. These new brands need new ideas and a fresher face to help them. You would be perfect for them.”

“Obscure brands that no one will buy and would probably be gone in a few years?” Mariana let out a small sigh.

“It’s out of my hands, Mari.” Chris offered. “I was given this instruction for you.”

Scott. Of course he did. Why would Mariana honestly think Chris was behind all of this? “That’s all I need to know. Thank you, Chris.” She grabbed the yogurt and the cat litter. “I’ll get started on this right away.” She walked out of his office, dropped the items on her desk, and promptly walked to Elissa’s desk. “I need a word with your boss.”

Elissa smiled at Mariana. “He’s expecting you.”

Mariana felt her hands curl up into tight balls. Of course, Scott was. “Thank you.” She promptly walked into Scott’s office and found him casually leaned against his oak desk with his arms casually folded.

He looked, smelled, and embodied sex. Mariana didn’t know if she wanted to fight or fuck him. He wore a dark green V-neck sweater and khaki pants. His shoes were sneakers. He normally wore a variety of shoes, but it was clear Scott went for comfort that day.

His cologne was musky, with notes of earth and wood. It was a faint smell in the office, but strong enough to make Mariana walk closer to him instead of standing at a safe distance like she normally did.

Scott Reed. Her boss. Her former lover. The father of her dead child. And she currently hated him. Maybe he thought he was trying to help, but for Mariana, she was never too sure. Every time she thought Scott would finally trust her, he proved to her why he didn’t.

She wondered if this would be an ongoing battle between them forever. “Thank you for showing me once again how much you don’t trust me.” She walked up to him. She wanted to look him dead in his gorgeous eyes. “Thank you for taking away all of my major accounts and give me obscure brands that no one will ever fucking buy. Thank you for all the faith you’ve ever had in me to come back stronger. Much appreciated it.”

Mariana always looked sexier when she was angry. The way her body flexed underneath her work attire of slacks and blouse made Scott’s dick stir with attention. Her ebony hair was down in long waves. Her lips were painted in a shimmering brown color.

Scott was being polite and gentlemanly but even he could admit he just wanted to fuck Mariana until she couldn’t walk. “If this is your way of saying thank you, you’re welcome.” He countered. “Anything else?”

Mariana wanted to slap Scott and she was sure he wouldn’t have stopped her. “You’re giving me simple ads a teenager with an IG account and Tik-Tok could do!” Mariana lamented. “I wanted something juicy. Something I can sink my teeth into. I don’t want to tell pet owners what brand of cat shit sand Mr. Fluffy would like!”

“You were in charge of Old Navy, Mariana.” Scott answered her. “You saw the ad with the family and you flipped out, and rightfully so. You’re not ready for something bigger than that right now.”

“No, I am ready for something bigger than that.” She argued. “I need to be distracted and not constantly reminded why I don’t have a child and why my child’s father thinks I need to be handled with kid gloves!”

“You’re doing the brand strategy for Artisan Yogurt and Cute Kitty sand.” Scott countered. “Those are nationwide brands, Ms. Harlow. Not everyone gets those opportunities.”

Ms. Harlow. Whenever Scott was annoyed with Mariana at work, he always addressed her as Ms. Harlow, as if just calling her by her given name was too much for him to do. Mariana was almost positive Scott addressed her as Ms. Harlow so the real word he wanted to say – bitch – wouldn’t come out. “So, you’re saying I should be grateful that I’m doing the brand strategy for some goddamn cat food and yogurt?”

“Your last job had you being an underpaid administrative assistant whose highlight of the day was making sure there was enough foam on someone’s skinny soy latte.” Scott folded his arms and leaned against his oak desk. “And you’re saying me putting you in charge of two major accounts is a step down?”

Putting it like that did make Mariana sound like an ungrateful little…she folded her arms and huffed. “Fine, Mr. Reed. I’ll do the ads.”

“I’ll help you with the ads, Mari.” Mariana noticed Scott’s attitude towards her changed. Now he was softer and referred to her nickname. He stopped short of calling her baby, and Mariana didn’t realize how much she’d longed for him to address her as so. “I will never give you anything to see you struggle or have you purposely fail. That doesn’t benefit me in any way. I wouldn’t make life harder for you.”

“Except sometimes you do, Scott.” She emphasized his name and he raised an eyebrow. “You were always so difficult to read. Like you purposely built this Teflon exterior around you so no one can get in. And when things don’t go your way, you shut people out like they never existed at all. And you wonder why things ended up the way they did between us?” She gave a slight smile. “You are truly your worst enemy.”

“I’m not difficult to read, Mari,” he countered, “you’ve always read me very well. You just didn’t like what you’ve read. In terms of what happened between us, I’ve owned up to it several times and to your face. Yet, you are so bent on being angry with me as if your anger towards me is feeding some unmet need in your life.

“You see, if your ex apologizes for all of the wrongs he’s done, well, that’s boring. But if you hold some sort of resentment against him, hmm…things are juicy now, aren’t they?” He got up, walked over to her, closing the distance, and backed her against the wall. He caressed her cheek and stared into her brown eyes, as a thumb softly played with her lips. “Aren’t you tired of always being so angry with me?”

Mariana took a few small breaths and hardened her eyes. His six-foot plus frame towered over hers. She read his eyes; they’d softened to a light green. He wasn’t angry with her, that she could tell. He was, if she dared thought, rather amused by what she was doing.

She didn’t like how his spicy cologne filled her nostrils, nor did she appreciate the fact she could see a small patch of hair peeking through his open collar. She felt his raw, sexual energy and her panties dampen with need and not the usual want.

She needed to keep this…whatever this was…professional. She came back to McCormick under the pretense that they would be professionals, despite any personal connections. They were never alone together and any group functions, they purposely stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible. For a while, it worked like a charm.

Now, she wasn’t so sure. She wanted to feel him inside her, on top, behind, and underneath her. She wanted to scream his name and beg for climax. Damn being nice for appearances sake. Damn their professionalism and keeping it strictly business. Damn it all.

She was about to open her mouth to welcome a kiss when he suddenly pulled back and opened the door for her. “We can meet at my home to discuss the ads.”

His home. Where Scott currently had a not-so permanent roommate. Come to think of it, when was the last time Mariana saw Dove? Furthermore, why did she even care? “Will she be there?”

“No.” He replied. “I wouldn’t put you two in that position.” Scott knew the answer to that was not yet but he kept that private. “Seven? I’ll make dinner and we’ll discuss the ads.”

Scott was a wonderful cook and Mariana did miss his meals. “Seven it is.”



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