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#FlashFriday: Stealing Home

A Vera Roberts Novel


First rule of being a sports physical therapist: Do not sleep with an athlete.

The second rule of being a sports physical therapist: Do not fall in love with an athlete.

The third rule of being a sports physical therapist: Ignore Rules #1 and #2.

Bobbi Gibson has enough on her plate with her new position of being a physical therapist to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dealing with egos and injuries, and sometimes not sure which is the bigger headache, the last thing she needs is distraction from the rising pitcher who simply goes by The Answer. Yet, he’s the only sane human in her crazy world.

Quinn “The Answer” Riordan knows he’s not like most pitchers. After all, most pitchers don’t know every Backstreet Boys song by heart nor do they sleep with a stuffed giraffe at night.

He also knows most pitchers can’t easily throw a record-breaking and break-neck speed pitch of 100 mph on a regular basis. But what Quinn does know is he’s head over heels in love with the new physical therapist. Now just he has to convince her she feels the same.

Stealing Home is a standalone baseball romance. It features an *NSYNC v. Backstreet Boys battle, late-night drive-thru runs, more giraffes than Geoffrey at Toys R Us, and how Legos are the best invention ever.


Bobbi hardly knew anyone on the team other than the president and her supervisors. Quinn truly was her only friend and she was a long way from L.A. It wouldn’t hurt to hang out a little with a guy she still had feelings for but denied him like a maxed-out credit card.

“What did you have in mind? Besides, a movie?” She asked.

“We can take a walk around Glendale. The other teams would be arriving today and tomorrow so it’ll give us a chance to just have some quiet time before it becomes crazy.” He offered. “We don’t have to go to each other’s rooms.”

“That works.” She agreed. “You wanna meet downstairs at seven?”

“Sure, seven, it is.” Quinn walked up to Bobbi and stared into her eyes. Her eyes were warm. Her lips slightly parted open with a small grin forming on the corners. She was happy and he wanted her to stay that way.

“I’ll be on my best behavior tonight. I promise.” He caressed her cheek.

Bobbi bit back a moan that threatened to come out. Her body loved the way Quinn touched her, no matter how innocent it was. “You were on your best behavior the other night and you still got me underneath you.”

“Maybe I can be two for two?” His eyes twinkled.

Bobbi sighed. Just being in Quinn’s presence had her mesmerized. He demanded her attention and wouldn’t stop until he had her again. When he was off the field, Quinn was all fun and games. When he was on it, he put the fear of God into every opponent.

When it was time for getting what he wanted from a woman – specifically, her – there was no need to play around.

Bobbi could admit if they weren’t colleagues and she was a run of the mill groupie, she would acquiesce to Quinn. His willing tongue. His long, and thick cock. His strong, big hands. His long and skilled fingers. The way he sounded as he first entered her and how his body shuddered when he climaxed.

They made love several times that night, with each experience hotter and animalistic than the last. They fed each other. They loved one another. He gave her life. She gave him hope and need.

Bobbi had to act like none of that ever happened. Quinn’s attitude screamed arrogance, yet Bobbi found herself to be even more attracted to him. “I have a hard and fast rule I don’t sleep with athletes I treat. I just treated you so there goes that.”

“Hard and fast, huh?” He stepped closer to her. “If I remember correctly, that’s how you fucked me, wasn’t it? You got on top and you rode me as if your life depended on it.”

Bobbi swallowed and blew out a sharp, soft breath. Her head spun. Her breathing became more sporadic. No man ever made her feel that way and she didn’t want it to stop, no matter how much trouble they both would be in. “Quinn…” Her voice came out as a whimper.

Quinn put his hands on her waist. He leaned down and tickled her earlobe with his mouth. His voice was deep and rich with lust. “I’ll be good tonight. I won’t disrespect you in any way and anytime you want to go home after I finish beating the breaks off you at karaoke, we can do it.” Quinn stepped away and winked at Bobbi before he left her room.

Bobbi leaned against a wall and grabbed her chest. Every time she was near Quinn, she became dizzy and little goosebumps formed on her arms. Her hands were a bit clammy and her mouth felt like she ate cotton balls for all three square meals.

She still smelled his cologne in the room and on her. The citrusy fragrance suddenly became a new favorite of hers. Bobbi didn’t even agree to the outing – it most certainly wasn’t a date – because Quinn knew she would. He left her a speechless, bumbling fool.

It wasn’t until five minutes later when Bobbi understood the depth of what Quinn stated. “KARAOKE?”


Stealing Home will be out next week. Finally.

For a sneak preview, click here.


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