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Vera Roberts


It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.


Soul’s back is facing me and he’s leaned over the glass window, resting his head on his forearm. I stop and stare at him for a moment and not say a word. What could I say? Am I allowed to talk? What’s the new protocol around here?

Instead, I stay within the moment. I feel his power, strength, and energy around me. This man is something addictive and I feel my body become so aware of the moment. My breasts become heavy and full. My nipples hardened and poke through the knockoff dress.

I’m speechless yet I don’t know if I would’ve been able to speak at gunpoint. My brain is confused yet my heart is in shock. They’re both telling me this is what I need. Soul is where I need to be.

“That dress you’re wearing,” his deep voice booms throughout the room, “is beautiful.” He finally turns around and my heart stops. Soul is stunningly gorgeous with dark hair and light eyes, that alternate between light blue and grey. Full lips and sculpted cheekbones complete his magnificent face.

He’s wearing a business suit and I’m surprised by the change in clothing. I’m used to him in jeans and Timbs, but that suit fits his body like it was made for it. It does nothing to hide the muscular physique underneath.

All of the Ellison brothers were easy on the eyes, but Soul has a swag that was cultivated by the streets. Two full sleeves and the tattoos even cover his hands. For any other man, it might look tacky and uncouth.

With Soul, however, they add an element of danger yet still classy. He doesn’t come off as some sort or criminal or a man with a shady past. He loves to decorate his body in both clothing and permanent ink.

He walks in long strides and before I know it, Soul is directly in front of me. His eyes darkened to a deep blue color and I feel the sexual energy transpire between us. “The dress would be more beautiful on the floor.”

I swallow hard and push the air that was holding my lungs hostage. My tongue briefly darts out to wet my lips and desire has taken over my body. “It’s only been two days, Soul. It’s also been two years.”

“I also have 28 days to convince you why you should return to Harlem with me,” he steps closer to me and slightly lifts up my dress. He then pulls my panties down to the floor and around my ankles. He lifts each leg to take them off and pockets the lacy pink underwear. “You don’t need this anymore.”

My voice is suffocated with shock and lust as they fight for dominance. Before I can fully process any thoughts, Soul crushes his lips upon mine. His mouth is so experienced and welcoming, while his tongue explores every corner.

He lifts me up and carries me over to a nearby desk. He lays me down and I watch as he slides his body down mine. He spits on my pussy, catching me by surprise, before he quickly goes down on me.

The extra lubrication did something crazy to me. It was unconventional and I certainly don’t need help getting wet. I’m more aroused than before. Soul brought out an animalistic yearning inside of me I never knew I had.

He licked me off to a mind-blowing orgasm and kisses the inside of my thighs. He produces a condom and rips it open. He takes out his hardened, thick cock and sheathes himself with the latex. “This is the last time I’m using protection with you,” he declares.

My body shivers as I think about making love to Soul with no barriers. I’m already addicted to him with boundaries set up between us, both physical and otherwise. I spread my legs wide open for him. I’m not just welcoming him back inside of me, but also back into my life.

He grabs my face and opens my mouth before he licks inside of it, letting me taste my love. He’s not being disgusting, but he’s marking me. He’s claiming me as his. I lightly spit it back, smearing it all over my mouth and wink at him. If he can be nasty, so can I.

Soul steadies himself and pushed inside of me, catching me off-guard. So thick and so full. I feel him throb deep inside of me and my cunt pulsates around him. “Soul…” My body moans.

Damn it, Ari.” He leans forward and pressed his forehead against mine. He softly kisses my lips before he pulls away. He moves slowly inside of me and I feel every inch and curve of his delicious cock. I feel like I’m about to be split into two, but I want more. I don’t think I can ever get enough.

Soul lifts up my legs and places my feet on his shoulders. He pushes all the way inside of me and I scream. “That’s my girl,” he purrs as he thrusts faster, “I want to hear you scream my name.”

“Soul!” I hold onto the desk as he rocks me. His thrusts are hard and fast, soft and slow, a combination of the above. Just when I’m used to one rhythm, he switches it up. He stroked into me, claiming me as his once again, and making sure I knew that with each thrust.

The quiver in my pussy throbbed around his cock and I was so close. I white-knuckled the desk and my back arched off it. I couldn’t stop the orgasm and it was driving me insane. Inch by inch, Soul thrust harder inside of me, splitting me apart, and owning my body.

Moments later, I finally came, screaming his name. It wasn’t a soft whimper or groan. It was a full-bodied scream from a woman who’d just received the fucking of her life. Yet, Soul didn’t stop. He still thrust inside of me.

This wasn’t a man in search of his own climax. This was a man who sending a message loud and clear to me. He owned my mind and now he was going to own my body. We both knew it, but he wanted to make sure I understood every delicious inch of his point.

I climaxed again and my body shook. Moments later, I feel Soul’s body tense up and a loud shudder from him. He gently sets down my legs and leans over me, still inside of me. He sweeps his lips over mine in a gentle way.





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