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#TeaserTuesday: Love’s Burden (H.E.R. 2)


Caught in the clash of two warring families, Romeo Torres will be forced to decide between protecting the woman he loves, and being loyal to the game. With time running out, Romeo must get creative with his girlfriend’s survival, even if it means he’llbecome a target himself by his own family.

Love’s Burden is the second part of the H.E.R trilogy. It deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals. It’s a modern-day remix of Romeo and Juliet.



Rodney scanned over his daughter’s IG page and could only shake his head. Julia was in London with Roman as he’d predicted. He wondered how she managed to leave her apartment undetected. He also briefly wondered if she had anything to do with Santiago’s recent murder attempt.

Rodney shook his head. Julia? His princess? There was no way she would’ve been able to get close enough to Santiago to shoot him. She would’ve been shot on sight by a litany of Santiago’s security, both public and hidden.

No, whoever shot him was someone he knew and someone who was able to get close enough to him. If Julia had been in London all this time, there was no way she would’ve been able to execute such plan.

He softly chuckled at the thought. His Julia being a killer? That was ludicrous. This was the same girl who wore loud colors, had a curious Gilmore Girlsobsession, and could recite facts about everything Michael Jackson.

Why would a girl who could dissect a song like “Stranger in Moscow” be a cold-blooded attempted murderer?

Rodney put his phone down and sipped his cappuccino. There was something unnerving about what was going on with his daughter, but each time he’d spoken with her, she gave no illusion there was anything sinister going on.

He knew the stress of losing her mother caused Julia to lose an extraordinary amount of weight. Her blog and vlog continued to be popular and Julia seemed to go on with her life.

There was something amiss about the whole ordeal, Rodney silently admitted. Things with Julia were too perfect. Not that he wanted her to be stressed out and defiant by seeing Romeo against his wishes. No, there was something more. There was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on but Rodney knew whatever it is, things might get worse.


The familiar smooth voice of his old friend greeted Rodney and he took a sip of his cappuccino. He nodded a seat for Santiago to sit down and a server came by to take his order.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the pair as they just stared at each other. Whatever brotherhood and kinship they had was long over.

“I’ll make the visit short and sweet. Thank you for the recent deposit of funds. I would like to continue to be a part of your business.” Santiago cautiously said.

Rodney slightly shrugged. “I have no problems with that. Is that all?”

“No, it’s not.” Santiago greeted the server as she delivered his meal of a croissant and a coffee. She quickly left. “Our children are dating again.”

“There’s nothing I can do about that. I told Julia to stay away from Romeo and she refused to listen.”

Santiago briefly looked up at the sky and decided how badly he wanted to play Russian Roulette with his life. He’d never been a punk so he wasn’t about to start. “When was the last time you’d physically seen Julia?”

“Why is this any of your business?” Rodney’s defenses went up. “You got your money and now you’re questioning my daughter’s motives for being with your son?”

“You’re not listening to me,” Santiago’s voice was low, “Vanessa was killed six months ago. Julia has been in London for a week now and I’m pretty sure she’s not going to return. What was she doing between the time of the funeral and before she left?”

“Whatever it is you want to say, Tee, you need to say it with your chest,” Rodney warned him, “I’m not repeating myself.”

“The person who tried to kill me – if that was her attention – was your daughter,” Santiago stated. “And I want to know what role did you have to play in that.”


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