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#TeaserTuesday: Sweet Nectar



It had been over two years and I haven’t spent one day I haven’t thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I’m still in love with him.

Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life.

I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn’t expecting him to come back.

He did. With a vengeance.

Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn’t want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine.

Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he’ll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we’re strong enough to protect each other.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.

Unedited Snippet: 

“Soul…” I don’t want to disconnect quite yet but I don’t know why I’m still entertaining him when I have to be up very early. “…out of all of the pictures you chose for the ad? The ones the kids took…why did you choose that one with us? You have never highlighted yourself in your ads before.”

“I still haven’t,” he calmly replied, “you’re the highlight.”

The compliment soothes me like a warm blanket on a freezing day. “Hmm…” I want to believe him but I don’t see the purpose of him coming back into my life years later. “Okay.”

“Why?” He studies my face and there’s a look of concern on his. “You honestly think I’m inveigling you?”

“Wow, you really did have a perfect SAT score,” I counter.

His baritone laugh covers my body. “I’ll never lead you on into believing something when it’s something else I’m after. If I want you, that’s all I want.”

“Why do you want me?” I cut to the chase with no chaser.

“Because I love you.” He doesn’t hesitate to answer and it’s loud and clear. “Should I not?”

“It’s been two years, Soul.” I reply. “Two years and it was a brief fling.”

“Fling?” His eyebrow rose. “You lived with me, Ari.”

“I temporarily stayed with you,” I correct. “We weren’t a couple.”

“We did couple things.” He replied. “I treated as if you were someone I was interested in.”

Soul showed me nothing but love and respect the time I stayed with him. I could only imagine how the treatment would’ve been if things progressed further. “I need to go to bed, Soul.”

“Good night, baby.” He blows me a kiss and I lightly sigh at the simple yet potent affection.

“Good night,” I pause for a moment before I speak again, “Soul?”

“Yeah, baby?”

I know I’m playing with fire with this next request and I know he’ll know it, too. But if I’m going to pursue this man, I need to have some say on what goes on. “If you’re going to surprise me again, I don’t want an international audience to see it.”

It was the answer Soul’d been looking for and his smile reflects that. “Not a problem.”


Sweet Nectar will be out in early April. It’ll be the last book in the Ellison brothers series.

In other news, after some contemplation, I decided Stay With Me will be the final story in the Tony and Krista series. I have my reasons for why I’ve made that decision that I won’t make public. It was a great book to write and I’m glad Tony has his story told.


Stay With Me, however, is NOT the final book in the D’Amato Brothers series.


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