#TeaserTuesday: Stay With Me



Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single man who loves two women.

Juggling his barbershop, a reality show, and countless soap opera episodes, Tony is looking for the special one who understands why he loves Passions and doesn’t try to argue it. As he becomes older, Tony wonders if there is a difference between a first love and a true love.

There is Krista, the woman he’d loved since he was a teen. Despite a friends-with-benefits type of relationship that went nowhere, Tony still hopes Krista would give him a chance. Krista’s troubled past prevents her from being too close to anyone.

And then there is Ana, the woman who is perfect for him, but she doesn’t want to be second-fiddle to anyone, including Tony. She has dreams and aspirations that go beyond being Mrs. Tony D’Amato.

Which woman will keep his heart? And which one will be relegated to a special guest star role, but never a recurring cast member?

Stay With Me is the second part in the One More Chance three-part series. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.



Krista already dreaded going into MillionHair salon.

It was her first day back from California, she just knew her friends, and coworkers were going to ask numerous questions about her time in Los Angeles. She knew Faith’s nosy-ass would have a lot to say.

She swore to secrecy until her dying days she would never reveal she participate in a kinda threesome with two of the hottest Doms in the world – Saint Nick and Master Scott.

Krista, for all eternity, didn’t want Tony to know what’d transpired between her and his brother. She just knew Tony would never forgive her and would probably disown Nick. She reasoned she wanted to try BDSM and while it was not for her, she still had the time of her life. At least the sexual parts. The discipline and tasks, she didn’t care for.

The sexual experiments made Krista realized she was finally going to stop wasting Tony’s time and give him a chance. She’d been pleased sexually by a number of men and she inwardly cringed at how high the number was. It was time for her heart to heal and the only man who was able to do that was Tony.

He was the only one who could make her laugh, make her smile, and would bring her favorite ice cream whenever she had a bad day. They would talk on the phone for hours at a time about anything and everything. He knew just about everything about her, except for the really nasty bits that she purposely kept from him.

It was time to give him a chance. Maybe they would be New York’s power couple. Or maybe, it was just another disaster. Now she was back in New York with a bit of pep in her step and nothing could ruin her day.

As she parked in the shared parking lot that held the Truth and MillionHair, she saw noticed Tony stood at the back of his SUV with some woman.

Krista couldn’t be mad. Tony often changed girlfriends like he did his underwear. She was happy he’d found someone, although knowing Tony, the girl was temporary until the next one came along.

He was young and had his own business. Plus, being filthy rich and drop-dead gorgeous didn’t help matters. What girl wouldn’t have wanted him?

She parked her car next to Faith’s SUV and did a glance over of her looks. She was particularly happy on how well she beat her face that morning. The red lipstick complimented the brown eye shadow, and her long, black weave bounced against her back. No one could tell her anything.

She stepped out of the car and began to walk to the salon. She waved to Tony, who waved back. “Good Morning, Tony!”

“Good Morning, Kris!” He pulled away for a second.

“Good Morning, Krista!” His companion waved to her.

Krista’s eyes narrowed and she stared at the woman behind Tony. She looked familiar but she couldn’t place who she was. As Krista walked over towards Tony and his new friend, the woman’s face became clearer on who it was:


Krista gulped as she noticed Ana for the first time in years. Her hair was a straightened shiny, dark color. Her body was a little fuller, and she was curvy in the places that mattered. Her light eyes sparkled under the Harlem spring and she epitomized the IG baddie look to a tee.

Apparently, her and Tony reconnected while Krista was away.

Krista swallowed her emotions and held out a hand. Jealousy coursed through her body like slow river and she felt her other hand clench up to a tight fist. “Ana! Nice to see you again!” She put on a brave face. “How are you?”

“I’m doing well!” Ana smiled big and pulled Krista in for a big, bear hug. “It’s so good to see you! How was California? I’m sure your new man tricked you out something nice!”

Whenever Ana spoke to Krista, there was always an element of shadiness in her voice, even though it came out sweet. “It was a lovely trip, thank you.” Krista cleared her throat. “What brings you out here?”

“I’m handling some family business and this one decided to keep me company as well as letting me have very little sleep.” She giggled as Tony kissed her neck. “So, I’ll be gone soon to head back to L.A.”

Tony and Ana had made love the entire time Krista was gone; a full seven days. Krista didn’t have to wonder why Ana was all over him. Tony could turn out the most innocent woman with his tongue. His cock was legendary porn star status.

The way Tony was loved up on Ana, Krista felt the boils of jealousy. She had no else to blame but herself. She turned him down several times. It was only a matter of time before he got the hint. “I see.”


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