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Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single man who loves two women.

Juggling his barbershop, a reality show, and countless soap opera episodes, Tony is looking for the special one who understands why he loves Passions and doesn’t try to argue it. As he becomes older, Tony wonders if there is a difference between a first love and a true love.

There is Krista, the woman he’d loved since he was a teen. Despite a friends-with-benefits type of relationship that went nowhere, Tony still hopes Krista would give him a chance. Krista’s troubled past prevents her from being too close to anyone.

And then there is Ana, the woman who is perfect for him, but she doesn’t want to be second-fiddle to anyone, including Tony. She has dreams and aspirations that go beyond being Mrs. Tony D’Amato.

Which woman will keep his heart? And which one will be relegated to a special guest star role, but never a recurring cast member?

Stay With Me is the second part in the One More Chance three-part series. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.



“Well, after I’ll help you finish packing up everything and help Drea move in, I’m going to spend as much free time with you as possible. Starting now.” Tony led Ana to his barber chair. He pressed a button and all of the blinds automatically came down.

Sensuality passed between the pair and Ana became aware of what Tony was doing. Her nipples hardened and her breathing became sporadic. Tony didn’t even say a word or did anything sexual, yet Ana’s body was already primed for him. “Oh?”

“You need a wax job,” he turned on slow, R&B music. “So, I’m about to give you one.”

The air shifted as Keith Sweat’s voice crooned over the speakers. “There’s a compliment somewhere in there,” Ana’s eyes narrowed. “I was too hairy last night?”

“You were perfect.” He prepared the wax at a nearby station. “I’ve always wanted to do a wax job on someone I cared about. It’s too weird doing it on my mother or Faith.”

Ana chuckled. “I understand.”

“So, I figured I’ll do it on someone who means just as much as my mother does.” He walked over to Ana and reached up to undo her jeans. She lifted her hips for easy access and Tony pulled them off along with her pink panties. She was left bare and willing in front of him.

He stared at her slit for a long moment as he his cock stirred in his jeans. Fuck, she looked so beautiful in front of him. So raw, so pure, and so anxious. There was never any hype with Ana or false pretenses. She wore her emotions on her sleeve, though she’d often joked she wished her face would use its quiet voice.

He loved that about her, regardless of how she felt. It was why he named his shop after her. It was also why she would always have a special place in his heart. She kept it real, no matter what.

“I need to prepare you for the wax.” His deep voice filled the room. “Usually, I would tell you to take deep breaths. I probably would’ve advised you to take an Advil or something before you came.”

“But you’re not going to do that, are you?” She smiled.

“Not really,” Tony pulled up a stool in front her and stared into Ana’s eyes. “You remember how this tongue felt like.”

“Shit…” Ana hissed. She watched Tony spread her legs and hooked one of them over his shoulder. She sucked in a deep breath and exhaled it.

Without warning, Tony sucked on her swollen clit. Ana gripped the arm chair rests as a squeal pushed out of her throat. They’d just spent the prior night making love in various positions yet, Tony was hungry for more.

His tongue delved deeper into her slit, kissing her pussy, and feasting on her like a man starved. He was sensual, he was anxious. His tongue explored, while he seemingly held back.

Ana’s thighs began to tremble and the familiar orgasmic coils feathered against her body. She gripped Tony’s head tight and rode the waves of ecstasy coursing throughout her. He continued to please her until she came a second time against his tongue and she finally had to push him away.

“Now, you’re ready for the wax…” He murmured until Ana shook her head. “No?”

“I won’t be able to have sex for hours after the job.” She pulled him up and kissed him. “Fuck me as if your life depended on it.”

Ana was normally a good girl who didn’t even like saying the word pussy. Whenever she had sex with Tony, an animalistic, wild woman came out. Tony secretly missed ‘lady in the streets and whore in the sheets’ Ana. “I don’t have condoms here at the shop,” he replied. “I wasn’t planning on fucking you here, honestly.”

“I’m on birth control,” she replied, “are you clean?”

“Very.” He hesitated. “We don’t have to do this right now. We can just wait until tomorrow.”

“That’s fine,” her fingers crept to her pussy and she inserted one inside, “I’ll make myself come and you can ask yourself tomorrow when you’re nursing your blue balls why you didn’t do it a third time.”

Tony’s eyes were glued on Ana fingering herself. Her nails weren’t very long but seeing the French manicure playing with her slick heat made his cock chafe his jeans. “Ana…” He swallowed. “…I thought you were sore?”

“Yeah…” She licked her lips. “…you thought.

“Okay, fuck this.” Tony pulled down his jeans and freed his cock from his boxer briefs. He removed Ana’s hand and swiftly replaced it with his hardened cock. He briefly paused, feeling her tight heat wrap around his cock like it was the first time. Like it would be the last time.

Ana gasped, then moaned. The latex provided a barrier yet it was nothing feeling how velvety hard he was. Every time they made love, it was new and raw, and she lost a little of herself. He filled her, but not just physically. Tony filled a void Ana had.

“Hold on,” he directed and she clutched his arms. He stroked deep inside of her, possessing all of her body. They were barely naked from the waist down, but that was all was needed. They connected in another way they both had forgotten about until she came back.

Ana’s eyes widened when Tony hit her spot and she cried in delight and awe. His flesh slapped against hers and she moved along with him, not wanting it to end but anxious for the third orgasm of the night. She knew it was only a teaser for many more.

Tony’s thrusts became harder and faster as he pounded into her. His grunts matched her moans. He surged forward and gripped the chair tight. Ana brought out a fever in him no other woman could match. Not even the woman who’d constantly rejected him.

“Say my name, Ana…” He demanded. “Say my name when you come.”

She could only moan and cry as her response. He was so deep inside her. She felt his cock pulsating and twitching with every stroke; she knew he was very close and was merely waiting on her.

She locked eyes with him and saw the smile and almost smug look flash across his irises. He had her. She was his no matter what the distance said. It was something they both knew. He would forever own her body and she would let him.

Ana’s body quivered and shook beneath Tony. Her orgasm was about to shake her to the core and there was no way she could stop it. Not that she wanted to. She wanted to feel his orgasm just as much he wanted to feel hers.

Her breathing became shallow, her moans louder and sharper, and finally she went limp as Ana finally gave Tony what he wanted: “Tony!” She cried.

A proud smirk settled across Tony’s lips. His thrusts became harder and deeper until he released streams of come inside her. He wanted to brand Ana and he did. He wished to hell she wasn’t on birth control and she would’ve been forever tied to him with a baby. It wasn’t fair to her or to them and the timing was all wrong.

Still, the thought of Ana having his baby made Tony wished they would’ve found a way to make their love work.

His chest heaved along with hers. They pressed foreheads together like they always did after their lovemaking and sweetly kissed each other. Tony moaned against Ana’s neck when he felt her gently milking his cock with her pussy. His body shuddered and she softly caressed him.

“Mine,” she whispered. “Everything belongs to me.”

They only had a few days left of Ana’s New York stay and that was it until their paths cross again.

They had to make the most of it.


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